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A List of Lincoln's Writings

and Works Relating to Lincoln

in tne

Brooklyn Public Library

Publiflhed by


Brooklyn, New York



A List of Lincoln's Writings

and Works Relating to Lincoln

in tne

Brooklyn Public Library

Published by


Brooklyn, New York



This list contains all the titles of books by Lincoln and

works relating to Lincoln in the Brooklyn Public Library.

No periodical articles are included, and no attempt has been

made to include a complete list of the many readers, speakers

and collections containing the Gettysburg and Inaugural

addresses, as these can be easily found by consulting Granger's

Index to poetry and recitations.

The arrangement is alphabetical, by authors, under the
following divisions :




LINCOLN. Pages 10—22



Fish, Daniel. Lincoln bibliography. (In Lincoln. Com-
plete works. 12 v. N. Y. 1905. "Gettysburg edi-
tion." v. xi, pp. 135—380.)

Illinois. Historical Library. Bibliography of the Lincoln-
Douglas debates. (In its Semi-centennial of the
Lincoln-Douglas debates. Springfield, 1908.)

McCurdy, R. M., and Coulter, E. M. Bibliography relating
to holidays. Boston 1907.

Contains good references for Lincoln's birthday.

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raphy, pp. 378-80.

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List of books cited, pp. 427-428.

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of Congress. Compiled by G. T. Ritchie. 1903.
Same. Revised and enlarged ed. 1906.


Complete works. Ed. by J. G. Nicolay and John Hay. 2 v.
N. Y. [C1894.]

Complete Works. Ed. by J. G. Nicolay and John Hay; with
a general introd. by R. W. Gilder, and special ar-
ticles by other eminent persons. 12 v. N. Y. [1905].
(Gettysburg edition.)

Vol. xi, pp. 135-380, Lincoln bibliography, by Daniel Fish.

Life and works. Ed. by Marion M. Miller. 9 v. N. Y. 1907.
(Centenary edition.)

Vol. 1 contains "Lincoln the citizen," by H. C. Whitney.

Abraham Lincoln; his book; a facsimile reproduction of the
original, with an explanatory note by J. M. Davis.
N. Y. 1901.

[Addresses] (In Charm. Lincoln, the man of sorrow. 1908.)
Contains: Temperance speech; Inaugural addresses; Emancipa-
tion proclamation; The Gettysburg address.


Autobiography of Abraham Lincoln [written in June, i860].
Selected from his complete works. Edited by
Nicolay and Hay. 12 v. N. Y. 1905. (Gettys-
burg edition). Contains "House divided" speech
at Springfield, 111., June 17, 1858.

Cooper Institute speech, New York, Feb. 27, i860. {In
Gilder, comp. American idea.)

Same {In Old South leaflets, v. 5. no. 107.)

Dred Scott decision. Speech at Springfield, 111., June 26, 1857,
{In Johnston, ed. American orations, v. 3.)

Early speeches; Springfield speech; Cooper institute speech,
etc. Introd. by Bliss Perry. N. Y. 1898. (Little

Emancipation proclamation. {In Gilder, comp. American

Same. {In Hill, Mabel, ed. Liberty documents. 1901.)

Extracts from his speeches. With biographical and critical
sketch by H. W. Mabie. {In Warner's Library of
the world's best literature, v. 16. N. Y. 1897.)

The first Lincoln and Douglas debate at Ottawa, 111., Aug. 21,
1858. {In Old South leaflets [general ser.] no. 85.)

Gettysburg address. Delivered at dedication of National
cemetery Nov. 19, 1863. {In Arnold & Gilbert, ed.
Stepping stones to literature, v. 7.)

Same. {In Baldwin. School reading by grades, v. 6.)

{In Bellamy and Goodwin, ed. Open sesame, v. 2.)

{In Burke and others. Orations and arguments by
English and American statesmen. 1894.)

{In Carrington, ed. Beacon lights of patriotism.)

{In Davis and Bridgman, ed. Three minute declama-
tions for college men.)

{In Fobes, ed. Five minute declamations, pt. 1.)

{In Ford, comp. Great words from great Americans.)

{In Gilder, comp. American idea.)

Gettysburg address. (In Ideals of the republic.)

Same. (In Johnson, R., ed. Little classics, v. 4. Life.)

(In Lee and others, ed. World's orators, v. 10.)

(In Modern eloquence, v. 8.)

(In Norton, ed. Heart of oak books, v. 6.)

(In Schurz, Abraham Lincoln. N. Y. 1871.)

"House divided against itself cannot stand." (In Shurter,
E. D., ed. Masterpieces of modern oratory. C1906.)

Speech at Springfield, 111., June 16, 1858.

Inaugural, First. (In Bellamy and Goodwin, ed. Open
sesame, v. 2.)

Same. (In Ford, comp. Great words from great Americans.)

(In Gilder, comp. American idea.)

(In Ideals of the republic. N. Y. Putnam.)

(extract.) (In McCaskey, ed. Lincoln literary col-

Inaugural, Second. (In Cole, comp. Choice readings.)

Same. (In Davis and Bridgman, ed. Three minute declama-
tions for college men.)

(In Ford, comp. Great Words from great Ameri-

(In Gilder, comp. American idea.)

(In Harper's School speaker, v. 1.)

(In Ideals of the Republic. N. Y. Putnam.)

(In Lee and others, ed. World's orators, v. 10.)

(In McCaskey, ed. Lincoln literary collection.)

(In Norton ed. Heart of oak books, v. 6.)

(In Speakers' Garland, v. 1, or One Hundred Choice
Selections, no. 3.)

Inaugurals, March 4, 1861, March 4, 1865; Preliminary proc-
lamation of emancipation Sept. 22, 1862, etc. (In
Old South leaflets, general ser. v. 1, no. 11.

Letters and addresses. Ed. by Mary McLean. N. Y. 1907.

Includes a bibliography.

Letters and addresses. N. Y. 1905. (Unit books.)

Includes a bibliography.

Lincolnics; familiar sayings of Lincoln. Collected and edited
by H. L. Williams. N. Y. 1906.

Chronological list of events in his life. Sayings in no apparent
order. Lacks an index.

Martyrs Monument. Being the patriotism and political wis-
dom of Abraham Lincoln. N. Y. [1865].

On his nomination to the U. S. Senate. At the Republican
state convention, Springfield, 111., June 16, 1858.
(In Johnston ed. American orations, v. 3.)

Passages from his speeches and letters, with introduction by
R. W. Gilder. N. Y. 1901.

Pen and voice : being a complete compilation of his letters,
addresses, messages, inaugurals, etc., by G. M. Van
Buren. Cincinnati 1890.

Speech at Springfield, 111.; Gettysburg address; Second inau-
gural address. (In Lee, G. C, and others, ed.
World's orators. 1901. v. 10.)

Speeches and letters, 1832-1865. Introd. by James Bryce.
London and N. Y. [1907]. (Everyman's library.)

Speeches. Compiled by L. E. Chittenden. N. Y. 1895.

Table talk. Edited by W. O. Stoddard. N. Y. C1894.

Wisdom of Lincoln. Edited by Marion M. Miller. 1908.

Words of Lincoln, including several hundred opinions of his
life and character by eminent persons of this and
other lands. Compiled by O. H. Oldroyd. Wash-
ington 1895.

Lincoln, Abraham, and Douglas, S. A. Political debates
in the celebrated campaign of 1858 in Illinois includ-
ing the preceding speeches of each at Chicago,
Springfield, etc. Also the great speech of Mr. Lin-
coln in Ohio in 1859. Cleveland 1894.

— The Lincoln and Douglas debates ... of
1858 . . . containing also Lincoln's address at
Cooper Institute. Introd. and notes by A. L. Bou-
ton. N. Y. 1905

Bibliographical note, p. xlvi.

The first Lincoln and Douglas debate at Ottawa,

111., Aug. 21, 1858. (In Old South Leaflets, ser. 4,
no. 85.)


Abbott, J. S. C. Abraham Lincoln. (In his Lives of the
Presidents of the United States. Boston 1867.)

Arnold, I. N. Life of Abraham Lincoln. Chicago. 1887.

Sketch of the life of Abraham Lincoln. Compiled

in most part from his History of Abraham Lincoln
and the overthrow of slavery. N. Y. 1869.

Atkinson, Eleanor. Boyhood of Lincoln. N. Y. 1908.

Written from an interview with Dennis Hanks, a cousin of Lin-
coln's. First published in American Magazine, February, 1908.

Baldwin, James. Abraham Lincoln, a true life. N. Y.

Dedicated to the schoolboys of America.

Story of Abraham Lincoln. (In his Four great

Americans. N. Y. C1896.)

Bancroft, George. Abraham Lincoln; a tribute by George
Bancroft. N. Y. 1908.

Memorial address on the life and character of

Abraham Lincoln delivered at the request of both
Houses of Congress before them in the House of
Representatives at Washington, on Feb. 12, 1866.
Wash. 1866.

Banks, L. A. _ Abraham Lincoln. (In his Youth of famous
Americans. C1902.)

Lincoln legion, the story of its founder and fore-
runners. N. Y. 1903.

Barrett, J. H. Life of Abraham Lincoln; presenting his
early history, political career and speeches. N. Y.
Written as a campaign biography and enlarged in 1865.

. Abraham Lincoln and his presidency. 2 v. Cin-
cinnati 1904.
This is a deliberate and more complete biography than his Life
of Lincoln, 1865.


Bartlett, D. W. Life and public services of Abraham Lin-
coln. Cincinnati i860.

Bates, D. H. Lincoln in the telegraph office. N. Y. 1907.

From the point of view of one who saw him daily, as he came to
receive dispatches.

Beveridge, A. J. Lincoln the conservative. (In his Mean-
ing of the times. C1908.)

Binns, H. B. Abraham Lincoln. N. Y., 1907. (Temple

"First serious attempt made by an Englishman to portray the
greatest of the popular statesmen of the last century."

Blaine, J G. Twenty years in Congress from Lincoln to
Garfield. 2 v. N. Y. 1884.

Blaisdell, A. F. Lincoln and the war for the Union. (In
his Story of American history. 1900.)

Bland, T. A. Abraham Lincoln. (In his Pioneers of prog-
ress. Chicago 1906.)

Bolton, Mrs. S. K. Abraham Lincoln. (In her Lives of
poor boys who became famous. N. Y. 1885.)

Written for young people.

Boston (Mass.) City Council. Bronze group commem-
orating emancipation: a gift to the city of Boston.
Boston 1879.

Memorial of Abraham Lincoln, late president of

United States. 1865.

Proceedings. April 17, 1865, on the occasion of

the death of President Lincoln. Boston 1865.

Boutwell, G. S. Reminiscences of sixty years. N. Y. 1903.

Brockett, L. P. Life and times of Lincoln, including his
speeches, messages, inaugurals, proclamations, etc.
Phil. 1865.

A very laudatory life written shortly after his death.

Brooks, E. S. True story of Abraham Lincoln, the Ameri-
can, told for boys and girls. Boston 1896.


Brooks, Noah. Abraham Lincoln and the downfall of
American slavery. N. Y. 1899^1894]. (Heroes of
the Nation series.)

Abraham Lincoln, his youth, early manhood, with

a brief account of later life. N. Y. 1901.

Aims to present a life-like picture as the author and others knew

Abraham Lincoln. (In his Men of achievement —

Statesmen. N. Y. 1901.)

Abraham Lincoln. (In his Statesmen. 1893.)

Historic Americans. N. Y. 1899.

Washington in Lincoln's time. N. Y. 1895.

The author was a newspaper correspondent in Washington during
the war.

Brooks, Phillips. Abraham Lincoln. (In his Addresses.
N. Y. 1893.)

Same. (In Modern Eloquence, v. 7.)

Funeral address delivered in Philadelphia, April 23, 1865.

Browne, F. R, ed. Everyday life of Lincoln. N. Y. and
St. Louis 1886.

Same. St. Louis i896[ci886].

Browne, R. H. Abraham Lincoln and men of his time.
2 v. N. Y. 1901.

Interesting for accounts of contemporaries.

Bullock, A. H. Abraham Lincoln, the just magistrate, the
representative statesman, the practical philanthro-
pist. Address before the City Council and citizens
of Worcester, June 1, 1865. Worcester 1865.

Burrage, H. S. Gettysburg and Lincoln; the battle, the
cemetery, and the national park. N. Y. 1906.

Carpenter, F. B. Inner life of Abraham Lincoln. Six
months at the White House. N. Y. 1877.
The same work as "Six months at the White House," published


Six months at the White House with Abraham

Lincoln. N. Y. 1866.

A portrayal of the man as he was revealed in daily intercourse,
to the painter of the "First reading of the Emancipation Proclama-

Carr, C. E. Lincoln at Gettysburg. An address [delivered
before the Illinois State Historical Society, at
Springfield, Jan. 25, 1906.] Chicago 1906.

Written by the only survivor of the commission in charge of
the National Cemetery when the dedication ceremonies were held.

Cathey, J. H. Truth is stranger than fiction: or The true
genesis of a wonderful man. [Bryson City, N. C.

Chafin, E. W. Lincoln, the man of sorrow. N. Y. 1908.

Includes Inaugurals and other speeches.

Chittenden, L. E. Personal Reminiscences, 1840-1890. N.
Y. 1893.

"Including some not hitherto published of Lincoln and the war."

Recollections of President Lincoln and his ad-
ministration. N. Y. 1891.

Written by his Register of the Treasury. Personal touch very

Choate, J. H. Abraham Lincoln. N. Y. 1901.

_ An address delivered before the Edinburgh Philosophical Institu-
tion November 13, 1900.

Coffin, C. C. Abraham Lincoln. N. Y. 1893.

Sketch of life and times rather than a biography.

Coggeshall, W. T. Lincoln Memorial. The journeys of
Abraham Lincoln, 1861 as President elect; 1865 as
President martyred. Columbus 1865.

Crosby, Frank. Life of Abraham Lincoln. Phil. C1865.

His early history, political career, and writings.

Curtis, W. E. True Abraham Lincoln. N. Y. 1903.

Collection of sketches in which an attempt is made to portray
Lincoln's character as the highest type of an American.

Cuyler, T. L. Recollections of a long life. N. Y. 1902.

Chapter II, "Civil war and Abraham Lincoln."

Dana, C. A. Lincoln and his cabinet. Cleveland 1896.

A lecture March 10, 1896, before the New Haven colony histori-
cal society by Lincoln's Assistant Secretary of War, 1863- 1865.

Recollections of the Civil War. With the leaders

at Washington and in the field in the sixties. N. Y.

Deems, Rev. E. M., comp. Lincoln's birthday. (In his
Holy-days and holidays. N. Y. 1902.)

Duyckinck, E. V. National portrait gallery of eminent

Americans, v. 2. N. Y. 1862.

Eaton, John and Mason, E. O. Grant, Lincoln and the
freedman. N. Y. 1907.

Eggleston, G. C. American immortals. N. Y. 1901.

"The record of men who by their achievements in state craft,
war, science, literature, art, law and commerce have created the
American Republic and whose names are inscribed in the Hall of
Fame," [New York University].

Emerson, R. W. The Emancipation proclamation; Re-
marks at funeral service held in Concord April
19, 1865. (In his Miscellanies. Boston 1884.)

Everett, Edward. President Lincoln. (In his Orations
and speeches, v. 4. Boston 1868.)

Field, M. B. Memories of many men... during the last
thirty years. N. Y. 1874.

Forney, J. W. Abraham Lincoln. (In his Anecdotes of
public men. N. Y. 1873.)

Foster, Ernest. Abraham Lincoln. N. Y. 1890. (Worlds
worker's series.)

Written in a simple easy style; good book for young people.

French, C. W. Abraham Lincoln the Liberator. N. Y.
1891. (American reformers.)

Frost, John, and French, H. W. The presidents of the
United States from Washington to Cleveland. Bos-
ton 1889.


Gallaher, J. R Best Lincoln stones tersely told. Chicago

Only such stories as bear impress of truth.

Garfield, J. A. Works. 2 v. Boston 1882-83.

Gaston, E. P. General Porter's recollections of Grant and
Lincoln. (In Johnson, W. E. and others. True
stories of heroic lives. N. Y. 1899.)

Gilliat, Edward. Abraham Lincoln. (In his Heroes of
modern crusades. Phil. 1909.)

Gilmore, T. R. (E. Kirk, pseud.) Personal Recollections
of Lincoln and -'vil war. Boston 1898.
Notes of conversations.

Greeley, Horace. Greeley on Lincoln; with Mr. Greeley's
letters to C. A. Dana, and a lady friend. Ed. by
Joel Benton. N. Y. 1893.

Record of a busy life. n. d.

Interesting autobiography by editor of New York Tribune.

Gridley, Mrs. Eleanor. Story of Abraham Lincoln. C1900.
Written for the Abraham Lincoln Log-cabin Association.

Guerber, H. M. A. Lincoln's youth; Lincoln's vow; Lin-
coln stories; Lincoln's rebukes. (In his Story of
the great Republic. 1901.)

Habberton, John. Abraham Lincoln. (In his Poor boys'
chances, C1900.)

Hamilton, Mary A. Story of Abraham Lincoln. N. Y.

An English work, for young people; with many inaccuracies.

Hamm, M. A. Abraham Lincoln. (In his Builders of the
republic. N. Y. 1902.)

Hanaford, Mrs. P. A. (C.) Abraham Lincoln. N. Y.
Written just after Lincoln's death.

Same. Chicago 1895.

Hapgood, Norman. Abraham Lincoln, the man of the
people. N. Y. 1899.

The personal history of Lincoln.

Harris, T. M. Assassination of Lincoln. History of the
great conspiracy and review of the trial of J. H.
Suratt. Boston 1892.

Written by a member of the military commission.

Harrison, Benjamin. Abraham Lincoln. (In Blackstone,
H., comp. Best American orations. 1903.)

Hay, John. Abraham Lincoln. (In Wilson, J. G. ed.
Presidents of the U. S. 1902.)

Life in the White House in the time of Lincoln.

(In his Addresses. 1906.)

Lincoln's faith. (In his Addresses. 1906.)

Herndon, W. H. and Weik, J. W. Lincoln; the true story
of a great life. Chicago 1889.

Same. 2 v. N. Y. 1892.

Foremost authority for Lincoln's early life.

Hill, R T. Lincoln the lawyer. N. Y. 1906.

First attempt to sum up Lincoln's legal career.

Hitchcock, Mrs. C. H. Nancy Hanks: the story of Abra-
ham Lincoln's mother. N. Y. 1899.

Holland, J. G. Life of Abraham Lincoln. Springfield
_ 1866.

A sincere admirer of Lincoln, the author tries to paint his char-
acter from the view of one who knew him intimately.

Hubbard, Elbert. Abraham Lincoln. (In his Little jour-
neys to the homes of famous American statesmen.

lies, George, ed. Abraham Lincoln. (In his Little master-
pieces of autobiography, v. 1. 1908.)

Illinois. Historical library. Semi-centennial of the Lin-
coln-Douglas debates. Springfield 1908.

Ingersoll, R. G. Abraham Lincc.n. N. Y. 1907.

"The grandest figure of the fierce civil war; the gentlest memory
of our world."

Jones, E. R. Lincoln, Stanton, and Grant. Historical
sketches. London [1875.]

Kelley, W. D. Lincoln and Stanton. N. Y. 1885. (Ques-
tions of the day.)

A study of the war administration of 1 861-2, with special con-
sideration of some statement of Gen. G. B. McClellan in Century
Magazine, May, 1885.


Ketcham, Henry. Life of Abraham Lincoln. N. Y. [1901],
Same. N. Y. 1904^1901.] (Makers of American history.)
Kotik, A., ed. Abraham Lincoln. 1902.

Text in Yiddish.

Lamon, W. H. Life of Abraham Lincoln from birth to

inauguration. Boston 1872.

Deals with his early life and character as it appeared to the

Recollections of Abraham Lincoln, 1847-65; ed.

by Dorothy Lamon. Chicago 1895.

Written by one who was his law partner for years and his con-
fidential friend while president.

Leland, C. G. Abraham Lincoln and the abolition of
slavery in the United States. N. Y. 1879.

Lincoln memorial, record of life, assassination and obsequies
of the martyred president. N. Y. 1865.

Lodge, H. C. and Roosevelt, Theodore. Hero tales from
American history. N. Y. 1895.

Lincoln, pp. 3 2 3-335-

Lord, John. Abraham Lincoln. {In his Beacon lights of
history, v. 7. 1894.)

Lowell, J. R. Abraham Lincoln. {In his My study win-

Same. {In his Political essays. Boston 1888.)

The election in November, 1864 — McClellan or

Lincoln? {In his Political essays. Boston 1888.)

Lyon, Nathaniel. Our cause — our candidate. {In his Last

political writings. N. Y. 1861.)
McCarthy, C. H. Lincoln's plan of reconstruction. N. Y.

McClure, A. K. Abraham Lincoln and men of war-times.

Phil. 1892.
McClure, J. B., ed. Abraham Lincoln's stories and speeches.

Chicago 1900.
MacCracken, H. M. Great Americans: Abraham Lin-
coln. {In his Hall of fame. N. Y. 1901.)
McMurry, C. A. Lincoln's early life in Kentucky, Indiana

and Illinois. {In his Pioneers of the Mississippi

valley. N. Y. 1904.)


Marble, Manton. Letter to Abraham Lincoln. N. Y. 1867.
Maynard, N. C Was Lincoln a spiritualist? Phil. 1891.
Minor, C. L. C. The real Lincoln. Richmond 1904.

Quotations from many biographers showing what the man really
was, adversely critical; author a Southerner.

Morgan, James. Abraham Lincoln. N. Y. 1908.

A good brief life.

Morris, C. Abraham Lincoln, the emancipator of the
slave. (In his Heroes of progress in America.
Phil. 1906.)

Morse, J. T. jr. Abraham Lincoln. 2 v. Boston 1893.

(Amer. statesmen series.)

Same. (Library edition). 2 v. Boston 1899.

Orderly and serious account of Lincoln's relation to the princi-
pal public questions.

Mowry, W. A. and Mowry, A. M. Abraham Lincoln. (In
their First steps in the history of our country.
N. Y. C1898-1907.)

New York City. Athenaeum association. Commemorative
proceedings on the death of Abraham Lincoln, n. d.

New York City. Common council. Obsequies of Abraham
Lincoln in the City of New York. N. Y. 1866.

New York State. Legislative honors to the memory of Presi-
dent Lincoln. Message of Gov. Fenton. Albany

Nicolay, Helen. Boy's life of Abraham Lincoln. N. Y.

Nicolay, J. G. Short life of Abraham Lincoln. N. Y.

Condensed from Nicolay & Hay's Abraham Lincoln, for the
Indiana Teachers' Reading Circle.

Nicolay, J. G. and Hay, John. Abraham Lincoln: a his-
tory. 2 v.

The pages of the Century Magazine, 1886-1887.

Abraham Lincoln. 10 v. N. Y. 1890.

Official biography by his secretaries, containing much valuable
material not to be found elsewhere.

Oberholtzer, E. P. Abraham Lincoln. Phil. 1904. (Amer.
crisis biographies.)

Written by one who knows him only for what he did and can
give an unbiased and just impression; includes a biography.


O'Connor, T. P. Abraham Lincoln and his wife. (In his
Some old love stories. London 1895.)

Compiled from material found in Herndon and Weik's Life of

Oldroyd, O. H. Assassination of Abraham Lincoln. Wash.

"Facts recorded have been gathered with greatest care and are
both new and interesting."

Oldroyd, O. H., comp. Lincoln memorial. . .and sketch of
the patriot's life, by I. N. Arnold. N. Y. 1882.

Written to obtain funds for a Memorial Hall.

Lincoln's campaign or the political revolution of

i860. Chicago [C1896.]

Page, C. A. Obsequies of Lincoln. (In his Letters of a
war correspondent. Boston 1899.)

Pearson, C. W. Lincoln. (In his Literary and biograph-
ical essays. Boston 1908.)

Perkins, R B. The picture and the men; being biograph-
ical sketches of President Lincoln and cabinet. N. Y.

Phillips, Wendell. Lincoln's election. (In his Speeches,
lectures and letters. Boston 1863.)

Fraternity lecture delivered in Boston, Nov. 7, i860.

Piatt, Donn. Memories of men who saved the union. N.
Y. 1887.

Pinkerton's national detective agency. History and evi-
dence of the passage of Abraham Lincoln from Har-
risburg, Pa., to Washington, D. C, on the 226. and
23d of February, 1861. n. p. [1868.]

Poore, B. P. Recollections of Abraham Lincoln. (In
Parton, J. ed. Some noted princes of our time. N.
Y. [1885L)

Power, J. C. Abraham Lincoln. His life, public service,
death and funeral cortege: with a history and de-
scription of the national Lincoln monument. Chi-
cago 1889.

Pratt, S. G., ed. Lincoln in story. N. Y. 1901.

Life of the martyr President told for young people in authenti-
cated anecdotes.

Putnam, M. Louise. Children's life of Abraham Lincoln.
Chicago 1892.


Raymond, H. J. History of the administration of President
Lincoln. N. Y. 1864.

"This biography by the editor of the N. Y. Times aims to aid in
forming a judgment of the policy of Lincoln."

Life and public services of Abraham Lincoln. N.

Y. 1865.

Contains also State papers, and "Anecdotes and reminiscences,"
by F. B. Carpenter.

Reed, T. B. Lincoln. (In Modern eloquence, v. 10.)
Rice, A. T., ed. Reminiscences of Lincoln by distinguished
men. N. Y. 1888.

Compilation of personal reminiscences of such men as Grant,
Washburne, Douglas and others.

Riddle, A. G. Recollections of war times. N. Y. 1895.

Reminiscenses of men and events in Washington, 1860-1865.

Rothschild, Alonzo. Lincoln, master of men; a study in
character. Boston 1906.

List of books cited; good notes.

Russell, W. H. My diary north and south. Boston 1863.


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