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A List of Books
and References to Periodicals

in the
Brooklyn Public Library

Published by

Brooklyn, New York


A List of Books
and References to Periodicals

in the
Brooklyn Public Library

Published by


Brooklyn, New York



This list includes the books and a selection from recent
periodical literature on this subject in the Brooklyn Public

For the most recent developments in aeronautics, the
current issues of the magazines and technical journals,
SUPPLEMENT, should be consulted by means of the Readers'
guide to periodical literature.



II. BOOKS. (Arranged alphabetically by authors.)

(a) Popular works.

(b) Scientific and technical works.

(c) Fiction.

III. References to periodicals, 1905-08. (Arranged alphabetically
by authors.)


Adler, C. Partial bibliography relating to aerial locomotion, (fn
National Geographic Mag., v. 18, p. 33-34; appendix
B to Bell's " Aerial locomotion.")

Arranged by authors; concludes with list of articles on aeronautics
published by Smithsonian Institution, 1863-1904.

Answer to Lieut. -Col. Scrivin's inquiry on aeronautics. T. Nel-
son & Sons' Reseach Bureau for Special Information.




Brockhaus, F. A., ed. Konversations-lexicon (1898). Brief
bibliography to article Luftschiffahrt, v. n.


Chatley, H. (In his Problem of flight. 1907. p. 113-114.)


^Encyclopaedia Britannica. Brief bibliography to article Aero-
nautics, v. i. ("Most important works " up to 1871.)


Meyer, H. J. Grosses konversations-lexicon (1902-1909). Bib-
liography to article Luftschiffahrt, v. 12.


Nelson's encyclopaedia. A few titles given under article Balloon.


New international encyclopaedia. Bibliography to article
Aeronautics. Ref.031I6lGi

New York Public Library Bulletin, v. XII., No. n, Nov., 1908.
List of works relating to aeronautics, p. 628-643.


Salem (Mass.) Public Library Bulletin. Reading List on aerial
navigation. Nov., 1907. Ref.

+"'' Turner, C. C. Aeronautical bibliography. (In his Aerial Navi-
gation of to-day. 1910. p. 320-21.) 533T94
Selected list with some annotations.

Turner, C. H. ( In his Astra castra.) " Books hitherto published
on aerostation." p. 463 ff. Ref.533T95

"A list of books and papers on aeronautics which seems fairly
complete up to the date 1864." Encyc. Brit.


(a) Popular Works.

Aero Club of America. Navigating the air. New York, 1907.


A collection of short articles, some popular and some scientific or

Alexander, J. Conquest of the air. New York, 1902. 533 A27
" In this little publication, we have in one hundred and sixty pages
the whole history of the subject." (From preface by Sir H. S. Maxim.)

Bacon, G. Balloons, airships and flying machines. New York
and London, 1905. 533B128

A brief illustrated history of aeronautics.

Record of an aeronaut. London, 1907. BB1284B

Biography of Rev. J. M. Bacon, a famous English aeronaut, by his
daughter. Illus.

Bacon, J. M. By land and sky. London, 1901. 533B12

Ballooning experiences (day and night ascensions) and scientific
experiments (meteorology and acoustics). Highly spoken of by The

Dominion of the air: being the story of aerial

navigation. London, n.d.; New York, 1902.

An extremely well-written history of aeronautics.

Cox well, H. My life and balloon experiences. London, 1887.


A "gossipy anecdotal" autobiography of a part (1819-53) of the
life of a professional English aeronaut.

Dyke, A. L. Airships. (In his Anatomy of the automobile.
St. Louis, 1904.) 621.4D99

Chiefly devoted to accounts of Knabenshue's flights at the World's
Fair, St. Louis, 1904, with illustrations.

Fijnje van Salverda, J. G. W. Aerial navigation. Translated

from the Dutch by G. E. Waring, Jr. New York,

1894. 533F47

"A comprehensive summary, mainly in a popular form, of the

development of aerial navigation." Translator's note.

Glaisher, J., and others. Travels in the air. 2d and revised

edition. 125 illustrations. London, 1871. 533G54

Part I., accounts of Glaisher's ascents for scientific purposes; part

II., Flammarion's accounts of his ascents; part III., aerial travels of

MM. de Fonvielle and Tissandier, separately and jointly.

Hall, G. B. Balloon ascension at midnight. San Francisco,

1902. 533H17

A graphic description of a night ascent at Paris. Illus. with

Hartwig, G. Aerial world: a popular account of the phenomena
and life of the atmosphere. 1875. 551H33

Has chapters on aeronautics, esp. ballooning.

Hildebrandt, A. Airships past and present. Translated from
the German by W. H. Story. N. Y., 1908. 533H64
Deals chiefly with balloons. Illus.

Lachambre, H., and Machuron, A. A. Andre*e's balloon expedi-
tion in search of the north pole. New York, 1898.


Contains brief biography of explorer, description of his balloon and
accounts of his two expeditions to Spitzbergen. Illus.

Lougheed, V. Vehicles of the air: a popular exposition of
modern aeronautics with working drawings. ci9O9.

Very comprehensive; well illustrated.

Marion, F. Wonderful balloon ascents, or the conquest of the
skies. New York, 1870. 533M34

Interesting history of ballooning. [The library also has the French
original of this, (I,es) Ballons et les voyages ariens.]

Marshall, A. W., and Greenly, H. Flying machines, past,
present and future. London, 1907. 533M36

Illustrated account of dirigible balloons and flying machines.

Mason, M. Aeronautica, or sketches illustrative of the theory
and practice of aerostation. London, 1838. 533M41
Chiefly devoted to an account of a famous aerial voyage f?-om
England to Germany, and to an " analysis of the phenomena of
aerostation." "A crude literary performance, but a mine of informa-
tion to the historian of aeronautics." (Alexander, Conquest of the

Moffett, C. Balloonist. (In his Careers of danger and daring.

p. 87-129. New York, 1901.) J910M69

Balloons described and ballooning experiences related, for children.


Powell, B. F. S. Baden-. Ballooning as a sport. Edinburgh &
London, 1907. 533P88

Experiences of an amateur balloonist. Has a chapter on the navi-
gation of the balloon.

Rotch, A. L. Conquest of the air; or, The advent of aerial navi-
gation. Present Day Primers series. New York,
1909. 533R84

A concise survey of the entire subject by the professor of meteor-
ology in Harvard University.

Santos-Dumont, A. My air-ships. New York, 1904. 533S23
Interesting account of the construction and flights of his dirigible
balloons. Fully illustrated.

Sazerac de Forge, A. F. H. L. (L')Homme s'envole; le passe", le
present et 1'avenir de 1'aviation. Paris, 1909.

Brief popular illus. survey of aviation, in French.

Tournachon, F. (Nadar, pseud.) A terre et en 1'air. Me*moires

du Gant. Paris, 1864. F533T72

An exaggerated account in French of the two ascents of "Nadar,"

a Paris photographer, in an enormous balloon called " Le Gant."

" Nadar 's ascents had not the remotest connection with science,

although he claimed that they had." Encyc. Brit.

Turner, C. C. Aerial navigation of to-day: a popular account
of the evolution of aeronautics. London, 1910.


Compendious; 70 illustrations and diagrams; glossaries and biblio-

Turner, C. H. Astra castra. Experiments and adventures in

the atmosphere. London, 1865. Ref.533T95

Large, profusely illustrated book, dealing with all aspects of the

subject as developed up to his time. Full bibliography. " Consists

chiefly of extracts from other works and writings, and it is useful as

affording data for a history rather than as a history itself." Encyc. Brit.

Valentine, E. S., and Tomlinson, F. L. Travels in space. New
York, 1902. 533V15

Historical account, mostly of spherical ballooning. Illus.

Wise, J. System of aeronautics. Philadelphia, 1850. 533W81
" Designed as a history for the common reader and guide to the
student of the art."

Through the air. 1873. 533W81T

An enlarged edition of the foregoing.


(b) Scientific and Technical Works.

Several of the books listed under the preceding heading contain
more or less scientific or technical matter, while some listed here are
partly popular.

Berget, A. Conquest of the air. Lond. & N. Y., 1909. 533B49
English edition of a work by a Paris professor. Aims to be "an
introduction to the study of aeronautics." Deals comprehensively
with dirigible balloons and aeroplanes.

Chanute, O. Progress in flying machines, n. d. (preface, 1894.)

Critical discussion of principles and features of many machines.

Chatley, H. Problem of flight; a text-book of aerial engineer-
ing. 1907. 533C49
Illustrations, tables, diagrams, and bibliography.

Ferber, F. (I/) Aviation. Pref. 1908. F533F34

A French artillery captain's story of his and other inventions, with
theoretical discussion of problems. Many illustrations.

Graffigny, R. H., Marquis de. (Les) Aeroplanes; historique,
calcul et construction. Paris [1909 ?] F533G73

Chief forms of aeroplanes, etc., described and their principles, con-
struction, etc., and the laws of aviation dealt with scientifically.

R. P. Aerial warfare. London & New York, 1909.


Gives technical description of various dirigible balloons and aero-
planes, chiefly with reference to their use in war. Illus.

Lanchester, F. W. Aerodynamics: constituting the first volume
of a complete work on aerial flight. London, 1907.


This volume and the next form a comprehensive, scientific treat-
ment of flight, natural and artificial, mainly on non-mathematical
lines. First volume deals with theory of the support of bodies mov-
ing in air and resistance of bodies in motion in a fluid; second, treats
of forms of natural flight path, questions of equilibrium and stability,
and "soaring." Numerous diagrams, formulae, etc.

- Aerodonetics : constituting the second volume of a

complete work on aerial flight. London, 1908.

See preceding volume.

Hyatt, T. The dragon fly, or reactive passive locomotion. A
vacuum theory of aerial navigation, etc. London,
1882. 533H99

Explanation of a theory of flight advanced by the author.

Maxim, Sir H. S. Artificial and natural flight. London, 1908.


" It has been my aim ... to give a description of my own experi-
mental work and explain the machinery and methods that have
enabled me to arrive at certain conclusions regarding the problem of
flight." 95 illustrations.

May, G. Ballooning. London, 1885. 533M46

Brief historical and technical treatment of the subject.

Moedebeck, H. W. L., and others. Pocket-book of aeronautics.

Translated by W. M. Varley. London, 1907. 533M69

A very comprehensive, practical hand-book, treating of all phases

of the subject and provided with numerous illustrations, diagrams,

tables, etc. "It is without doubt the best book that has appeared

on the subiect." Aeronautical Journal.

Newcomb, S. Outlook for the flying machine. (In his Side-
lights on astronomy. New York, 1906.) 520N53S
The impossibility of constructing a practical machine by which men
shall fly long distances seemed to the writer to be completely

Pettigrew, J. B. Animal locomotion. International Scientific

Series. New York, 1874. 591P51

Has a chapter treating of the flight of insects, bats and birds, and

a dissertation on aeronautics dealing especially with the subject of

artificial wings.

V., G. (La) Navigation aerie*nne. 1908. F533V1

A French artillery captain's brief treatment of dirigible balloons,
aeroplanes, etc., with diagrams.

Walker, F. Aerial navigation. New York, 1902. 533W17

"A practical hand-book on the construction of dirigible balloons,
aerostats, aeroplanes and aeromotors."

(c] Fiction.

Kipling, R. With the night mail, a story ol 2000 A.D. New
York, 1909. A reprint of a story originally published
in McClure^s Magazine, 1905.

A characteristic account of a trip on a night postal packet airship
from I/ondon to Quebec.

Stifter, A. The balloon ascent. (In Zimmern, H., and Zimmern,
A., ed. Half-hours with foreign novelists, v. i.)


A short tale giving a graphic description of an ascent at early dawn .
The author was an Austrian novelist (1806-68).

Verne, Jules. Five weeks in a balloon. Translation. V531F
Story of the adventures of three persons in an aerial voyage over
Africa in a sort of double balloon.

Hector Servadac. Translation. V531H

The characters of the story escape from a comet, a fragment of the
earth, in a balloon.

Wells, H. G. War in the air, and particularly how Mr. Bert

Smallways fared while it lasted. New York, 1908.
A war carried on by means of airships becomes worldwide and
causes a general collapse of civilization. New York is destroyed by a
fleet of German airships, on one of which Smallways, the narrator of
the story, is an unwilling prisoner.


Poole's index may be consulted for earlier articles, the Readers'
guide for later ones.

Bell, A. G. Aerial locomotion. National Geographic Mag.,

v. 18: 1-34 (J an v '07)-

Chiefly an account, illustrated, of the experiments of Lillienthal,
Langley, and the Wrights, and of his own experiments with tetra-
hedral kites.

Bronson, E. B. An aerial bivouac. American Mag., v. 64:

624-33 (Oct., '07).

The last survivor's story of a 26 hours' trip in the balloon "Bar-
num " in 1874.

Bryan, G. H. Progress in aviation. Nature, v. 78: 668-72

(Oct. 29/08).

Chronicles recent achievements and summarizes the discussions of
the problems connected with flight by various writers of books and
periodical articles.

Campello della Spina, Countess di. Ballooning by moonlight.
Century Mag., v. 74: 3-9 (May, '07).

Spirited illustrated account of a night trip over the Apennines.

Casson, H. N. At last we can fly. American Mag., v. 63:

616-24 (April/07).
Popular illustrated article on Wright brothers' achievements.

Chanute, O. Aerial navigation. Smithsonian Institution Re-
port, 1903: 173-81.

Sketches advances in ballooning beginning with motor balloons, and
recent experiments with flying machines.

Clayton, H. H. Record-breaking balloon voyage. Atlantic
Monthly, v. 101: 361-71 (Mar./o8).

A graphic account of the voyage of the " Pornmern " from St. Louis
to Asbury Park in the international balloon contest of 1907.

Gilbert, B. S. Coming of the flying machine. Living Age, v.
253: 218-28 (April 27, '07); reprinted from Monthly

Discusses the types of machines; the highway; war; and the wider

Guy, G. H. Real navigation of the air. Review of Reviews,
v. 38: 310-22 (Sept., '08).

of aeronautics.

Hersey, H. B. Experiences in the sky. Century Mag., v. 75:

643-55 (Mar., '08).

Describes some of his ascents, especially those with I/ieut. Lahrn in
the Paris and St. Louis international balloon races.

Rowland, H. J. Sons of Daedalus. Outlook, v. 90: 153-69
(Sept. 26/08).

Sketches recent developments in ballooning and describes the vari-
ous flying machines. Illustrated, especially with pictures of flights.

KaempfFert, W. Problem of air flight. Cosmopolitan, v. 43:
583-95 (Oct./oy).

Illus. article on dirigible balloons and flying machines. Notices
especially I/angley's and Bell's experiments.

Lahm, F. P. Ballooning and aerial navigation. Outing, v. 51 :

34-43 (Oct./oy).

Deals with the sport of ballooning, especially as practiced in France.
Illus. from photographs by the author, who took part in the interna-
tional balloon races at Paris and St. Louis.

Langley, S. P. Experiments with the Langley aerodrome.
Popular Science Monthly, v. 73: 462-74 (Nov./o8).

Designed to correct misapprehensions derived from newspaper

Loomis, C. B. Next craze. Century Mag., v. 74: 346-48


Humorous portrayal of the dangerous conditions which will prevail
when aerial navigation is well established.

Meiklejohn, B. Conquest of the air. World's Work, v. 13'

8283-96 (Dec./o6).
Finely illus. article, sketching history of aerial navigation.

Moffett, C. Winning the first international balloon race.
McClure's Mag., v. 29: 637-48 (Oct. ,'07).

Account of Lieut. Lahm's victoiious flight of 410 miles in the bal-
loon " United States," from Paris in 1906. Illus.

Newcomb, S. Problem of aerial navigation. Nineteenth Cen-
tury, v. 64: 430-42 (Sept./o8); Living Age, v. 259-
195-205 (Oct. 24/08).

He believed that the physical difficulties in the way of aerial navi-
gation's ever becoming of any practical use are insuperable.

Prospect of aerial navigation. North Amer. Rev.,

v. 187: 337-47 (Mar., '08).

Another article of the same tenor as the preceding.

Palmer, F. For the honor of the balloon corps. Scribner's
Mag., v. 43: 131-37 (Feb., '08).

Story of a lieutenant who informs his army by a wireless message
from a balloon of the position, etc., of the enemy, and is mortally
wounded when descending in a parachute.

Powell, B. Baden-. Advent of the flying machine. Living
Age, v. 249: 629-31 (June 9/06); reprinted from
National Rev.

Tells of recent notable steps in aerial navigation and glimpses at
the changed conditions its establishment will produce.

Air-ships and M. Santos-Dumont. Fortnightly Rev.,

v. 83: 946-50 (May/os); Living Age, v. 245: 786-90
(June 24/05).

Criticises views of Santos-Dumont as to future of motor ballooning;
believes flying machine more promising.

Problem of aerial navigation. Nineteenth Century,

v. 64. 777-85 (Nov./o8).

Reply to Newcomb. Takes " diametrically opposite view"; thinks
aerial navigation will become of considerable practical use in peace
and war,

Rolker, A. W. Sky sailing, the new sport American Mag., v.

63: 65-72 (Nov./o6).
Ballooning and its sensations described.

Santos-Dumont, A. Future of air-ships. Fortnighly Rev., v.
83: 442-54 (March, '05); Living Age, v. 245: 129-38
(April 15/05).

An enthusiastically sanguine view of the future of motor ballooning.
Replied to by Baden-Powell.

Pleasures of ballooning. Independent, v. 58: 1225-

32 (June 1/05).

Describes a number of his ascensions and the different sensations of
the spherical balloonist and the dirigible balloonist.

Stedman, E. C. Prince of the power of the air: aerial naviga-
tion a menace to British supremacy. Century Mag.,
v. 76: 18-26 (May/o8).

The author recalls the prophecies made by him in an article, "Aerial
navigation (a priori)," published in 1879, and believes them to be
coming true. He thinks Great Britain to be most vitally affected by
the progress in aeronautics, because of the passing of the sea power.


Thomas, J. P. Perils and pleasures of ballooning. Cosmo-
politan, v. 42: 179-87 (Dec./o6).
Experiences of an amateur aeronaut. Illus.

Todd, F. Airship is here. World's Work, v. 16: 10659-80
(Sept., '08).

Illustrated article describing the construction and operation of the
various aeroplanes, dirigible balloons,, helicopters, etc.

Man in the air. World's Work, v. 16: 10802-19

(Oct., '08).

Details personal experiences of Wrights, Farman, Curtiss, Baldwin,
and others; explains different kinds of aircraft; tells the Wrights'
story of how they learned to fly. Illus.

What war will be with flying machines. Worlds

Work, v. 17: 10911-22 (Nov., '08).

Military experts expect fighting methods to be revolutionized and
are making plans for meeting the changed conditions. Illus.

Turner, G. K. Men who learned to fly. McClure^s Mag., v.
30: 443-52 (Feb., '08).

"The Wright brothers' story of their experiments, the sensations of
flight, and their estimate of the future of the aeroplane." Illus.

Wright, O. & W. The Wright brothers' aeroplane. Century

Mag., v. 76: 641-50 (Sept., '08).

Popular account of their experiments prepared by the inventors,
with pictures from photographs supplied by them. Tells of manner in
which results were attained.

Zeppelin, Count. Practical use of airships. Independent, v.

65: 637-9 (Sept. 17/08).

He believes airships will be of great use in war and in traveling
over land.




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