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a farmer, residing at the homestead in Springfield. They had:
6927 Libbie (Walrath), b. Oct. 19, 1866.
-I-6928 Silas Rawson,' b. July 11, 180S; m. Nancy Hart.

6929 Irenus Greene.' b. Apr. 23, 1810; m. Sept., 1838, Marietta Brown of York,
N.Y. He lived in Perry Center, N.Y., and d. Feb. 25, 1846. They had :

6930 Wallace Fay? b. June, 1839; d. young.

6931 Irena^h. 1846; d. young.

6932 Ira Jerome,' b. March 3, 1813; m. 1836, Adaline Eaton of Broome Co., N.
Y. ; she died Feb., 1858. He was a nurseryman in the suburbs of Ad-
rian, Mich., and a balloonist; he ascended from Adrian Sept. 16, 1858,
on the occasion of a county fair, accompanied on his trip by W. D. Ban-
nister, also a citizen of Adrian. They had a successful send-off and
came down a few miles away. As the men stepped from the basket, the
net-work peeled off the balloon and the air-ship started to rise. They
both seized it, and while Bannister clutched the netting, Thurston
grasped the silk and was lifted off his feet. While thus hanging, the
neck of the balloon was wrapped around his legs and feet, and he was
thus held and carried away. The hunt for his remains was maintained
for weeks, and thousands of people were intensely interested. The next
spring his remains, watch, boots, and other relics were found in a piece
of woods in the town of Deerfield, Mich. Children:

6933 Helen? b. Jan., 1838; m. Dec. 28, 1859, Bradley Miller; d. Oct., i860.

6934 Orlando? \s. May, 1842; d. Sept., 1848.

+6935 Cyrus,' b. Aug. 13, 1815; m. ist, Mary Ann Pickens; 2d, Mrs. Nancy M.
6936 Serena,' b. July 20, 1817; m. ist, April, 1842, Dea. Silas Rawson of Perry,
Wyoming Co., N. Y. ; he died June 25, 1850; 2d, Jan. 23, 1853, Alpheus
Sylvester Simmons of Perry Center ; no children.


Charles Thurston " of Cooperstown, N. Y. {Edward,^ George,^
Edward,^ yonathan,^ Edward'^), brother of the preceding, and son of
Edward ^ and Thankful (Main) Thurston of Springfield, N. Y. ; born
in North Stonington, Ct, July 2, 1780; married, in Springfield, Dec.
5, 1805, Margaret Fish, born in Starkville, N. Y., Oct. 21, 1786,
daughter of John Christopher and Margaret (Deusler) Fish of Dan-
ube, N. Y. He died Dec. 2, 1870, aged 90; she died Jan. 11, 1871.

Mr. Thurston, with some of his neighbors, left home when he was
ten years old on foot, carrying his clothes and a peck of walnut meats
in a pack, and settled as a farmer in Springfield ; his father came
some years after, and the locality came to be called Thurston Hill.
He removed to Cooperstown and continued farming till 181 7, wheii


he sold, moved into the village, and followed painting and turning.
He was a good mechanic; was a Free Mason, and a Universalist.
She was a member of the Baptist church. Mr. Thurston was always
an ardent democrat, and a true and faithful Mason, as iyill be seen
by the following :

"At a regular communication of Otsego lodge, No. 138, F. & A. M.,
held at their room on Tuesday evening, Dec. 20, 1870, the following
resolutions were adopted :

" Whereas, the death of our beloved brother, Charles Thurston,
has been mourned in our lodge ; and whereas, we have paid the last
sad rites to his memory; and whereas, we have deposited over his re-
mains the emblem of our faith in the immortality of the soul ; and
whereas, during the dark days of masonr}', our aged and revered
brother stood a landmark of the fraternity, bearing himself a masonic
pyramid among the ruins of masonry in this state, around whose base
the waves of anti-masonry beat and roared in vain, and around whose
summit the faithful clung with hope ; and whereas, he lived to see the
once despised order raising itself. Phoenix-like, from its own ashes,
and its members honored and revered by the great and good of the
country ; and whereas, he has been cut down in the fullness of his
years; therefore,

" Resolved, That we, as members of the lodge whose existence our
deceased brother perpetuated, when others faltered and fell back, and
whose loss we now deplore, do hereby express our heart-felt sympathy
with those of his family who survive him, and mingle our tears with
theirs ; and that the lodge shall be draped with mourning for thirty

" Resolved, That a copy of these resolutions be sent to the family
of the deceased, and that they be published in the village papers.
Theodore S. Sayles, Jerome Fish, J. A. Lynes, committee."

Children :

-I-6940 Hiram,' b. Dec. 25, 1806; m. Luanna Simons.

6941 Bille Randall,' b. April 20, 1809; m. May 16, 1837, by Rev. O. Whiston,

Alvira E. Bates, youngest daughter of Charles and Charity Bates of
Cooperstown; she died Oct. 12, 1837; he died Nov. 30, 1S41, in North
Bainbridge, N. Y., where he was just perfecting himself in the art of
portrait painting.

6942 Delos,' b. Sept. 20, 1813; d. Jan. 22, 1816, buried on Thurston Hill.

6943 Amelia Caroline,' b. Aug. 21, 1817 ; m. Aug. 22, 1851, by Rev. George W.

Gates, Edmund Shattuck, of the firm of Shattuck & Co., book bmders,
Hartford, Ct. ; he died in New York city July 19, 1859. He was of the
seventh generation of his family in this country, and in his death they
became extinct. He attended the Episcopal church, and was baptized
in his last sickness by Rev. Ferris Tripp, and the funeral services in New
York were conducted by Rev. J. F. Young, now bishop of Florida; his
remains were carried to Cooperstown, and services there by Rev. S. H.
Sinnott, and by E. P. Byram, master of Otsego lodge of Free Masons.

6944 Cornelia Carey,' April 22, 1820 ; m. Feb. 2, 1858, by Rev. Lot Jones, church

of the Epiohany, New York, Henry Slade Walker, son of George and
Hannah (Benton) Walker of Rochester, N. Y., a compositor on the In-
dependent, New York city. They are members of the Episcopal church,
and have: o^ • o^

694 ■; AfflWa Zoau^ (Walker), b. Oct. 21, 1861 ; bap. Feb. 2, 1862, in St.

John's chapel, Varick street, New York city, by Rev. Sullivan H.



6946 Celia Miranda,' b. Dec. 25, 1826; m. Feb. 22, 1852, Nathan Wilson Cole,
b. Oct. 21, 1826, son of Nathan and Nancy Cole of Little Falls, N. Y. ;
he commenced dry goods business in Cooperstown in 1851, and is now,
1879, a prosperous wholesale grocer, owning his residence and doing a
large business. They had:
6947 Florence Vienna (Cole), b. Sept. 15, 1853; d. Nov. 27, i85i.


Cyrus Thurston " of Springfield, N. Y. {Edward,^ George,^ Ed-
ward,^ jfonathan,^ Edward'^'), brother of the preceding, and son of
Edward^ and Thankful (Main) Thurston of Springfield; born in
North Stonington, Ct., March 9, 1788; married, Feb. 12, 1809, Sarah
Spencer. He died Aug. 24, 1814. She married, second, Francis
Porter, and moved to Watertown, Jefferson county, N. Y., where she
died, May 3, 1874.

Mr. Thurston was a farmer on Thurston Hill, in Springfield.

Children :
4-6952 Philander,' b. Jan. 29, 1810; m. Jane Cleveland.

6953 Achsah,' b. June i, 1812; m. April 12, 1836, Oliver Anthony, a farmer at
Evans Mills, Jefferson county, N. Y. , and had:

6954 Francis Porter (Anthony), b. Jan. 15, 1841.

6955 Sarah Ettie (Anthony), b. Oct. 5, 1843; d. Jan. 14, 1867.


Jeremiah Thurston" of Hopkinton, R. I. {George^ George,^ Ed-
ward,^ Jonathan,''' Edward''-), eldest son of George^ and Dolly (Cot-
trell) Thurston of Hopkinton; born there May 29, 1768; married,
March i, 1801, Sarah Babcock, daughter of Rowse Babcock of
Westerly, R. I. He died March 21, 1830; she died Feb. 27, 1841",
aged S9-

Mr. Thurston was a successful merchant and was lieutenant-gov-
ernor of Rhode Island in 1816.

Their children were :
6960 Eliza Rathbone,' b. Jan. 26, 1802; m. Nov. i, 1824, Courtland Palmer, a
merchant of New York city, b. in Stonington, Ct. ; he commenced life as
a barefooted boy ; had great energy and business tact, which, united with
an affable manner, enabled him to work his way up to a millionaire.
She died Sept. 27, 1827; he died 1875; no children.
+6961 Benjamin Babcock,'' b. June 29, 1804; m. ist, Harriet Elizabeth Deshon;
2d, Frances Elizabeth Deshon.

6962 Horace,' b. July 21, 1806; d. Aug. 21, 1812.

6963 Mary Ann,' b. Jan. 7, 1809; m. Sept., 1830, Asa Potter, b. at Rhinebeck,

N. Y., Oct. 13, 1802, son of Asa Potter, formerly of South Kingston, R,
I., afterward of Rhinebeck, where he died. He graduated from Brown
university 1824, studied law in the office of Hon. John Whipple in ProV'
idence, R. I., and afterward at Judge Gould's law school in Litchfield^
Ct. ; admitted to practice in Rhode Island in 1827; went to New York
and was in business under the firm name of Brown, Potter & Co. ; re-
turned to Rhode Island and was secretary of state three years, 1851-3,
She died Dec. 25, 1857; he died Oct. ir, 1872. They had:

6964 Eliza Palmer (Potter), m. her cousin, Maj. James B. M. Potter, pay

master U. S, A., stationed at San Francisco, 1879.

6965 Sarah Thurston (Potter), ra. George T, Rice of Worcester, Mass, ; d,

Dec, 29, 1862, leaving one daughter.

6966 Carrol Hagadorn (Potter), b, Oct, 25, 1838; captain U. S, A.

6967 Caroline,' b. March 13, 1812; m. Mar, 15, 1832, Dr, Wm, Torry Thurston
[see no. 6639],
+6968 Franklin,' I twins, born ) m, ist, Laura M, Hawley; 2d, Margaret Reece.
-j-6969 Horace,' ) Mar. 4, 1814; j m. Caroline Louisa Quimby.



Nathaniel Thurston" of Exeter, R. I. {George,^ George,^ Ed-
ward,^ yonathan,^ Edward^), brother of the preceding, and son of
George 6 and Dolly (Cottrell) Thurston of Hopkinton, R. I.; born
there July 16, 1772; married, Feb. 12, 1795, Mary Whitman. He
died Apr. 14, 1824 ; she died Apr. 22, 1859, aged 84. He was a saddler.

Their children were :
+6975 Whitman,1 b. Oct. 22, 1795; m. Elizabeth Phillips.

6976 Deborah,' b. Feb. i, 1797 ; m. March 12, 1815, Stephen Dexter o£ Exeter,
and after of Oswego, N. Y. They had :

6977 Horace (Dexter), b. Jan. 22, 1816; m. Martha Cotton, of Starkey, N.

¥., and had Josephene and Harriette (Dexter).

6978 Francis B. (Dexter), b. Oct. 26, 1817; m. April 11, 1849, Adelia An-

derson of Owego, N. Y. ; one child, Edwin (Dexter).

6979 Hiirriei {Dexter), b. May 16, 1819; m. Oct. 28, 1841, Frederick Par-

mele. They had:

6980 Charles Frederick (Parmele), b. Oct. 11, 1842.

6981 Stephen R. (Parmele), b. March 31, 1844.

6982 Ella (Parmele), b. July 5, 1849; d. Sept. 15, 1854.

6983 George D. (Parmele), b. Feb. 12, 1854.

6984 Nathaniel Thurston (Dexter), b. March 30, 1821 ; m. ist, Feb. 6, 1850,

Harriet Thurston [see no. 7822] ; she died April 8, 1857 ; 2d, 1867,
Sarah Farnham, and had Fanny Thurston (Dexter), b. 1869.

6985 Alfred (Dexter), b. Dec. 29, 1823 ; d. Dec. 30, 1824.

6980 Anna Thurston (Dexter), b. June 24, 1826; m. July 12, 1849, Charles

L. Truman; he was killed in battle Sept. 20, 1863, leaving Asa H.,
b. Aug. I, 1850, and Catherine (Truman), b. Jan. 2, 1852.

6987 Mary Whitman (Dexter), b. May 26, 1828.

6988 Abby A. (Dexter), b. Aug. to, 1830; m. 1866, Theodore Coddington.

6989 G^^?-^^ (Dexter), b., Aug. 26, 1834; m. 1st, Nov. 27, 1855, Priscilla

Nelson; she died Nov. 8, 1865; 2d, Sept. 12, 1866, Cornelia Bick-
nell. He had, by first wife, Everett (Dexter), b. Aug. 12, 1858.
6990 George N.,' b. July 5, 1799; m. Dec. 25, 1821; Sarah Reynolds. They
lived in Exeter; he died Sept. 11, 1832. They had:

6991 Alfred,^ d. in infancy.

6992 Mercy Mary,^ d. in infancy.

6993 Linzeyf d. in infancy.

6994 Harriet,' b. April 29, 1801 ; d. May 5, 1801.

6995 Abby A.,' b June 26, 1802; m. June 17, 1821, Albert Sherman of Aurora,

111. They had:

6996 Abby F. (Sherman), m. Frederick Goodrich.

6997 Albert (Sherman), m. Sarah Farnham.

6998 Susan (Sherman), m. Osborn Parmele.

6999 Ann E. (Sherman), m. Alonzo David.

7000 Maria (Sherman), m. Wade.

7001 Emmeline (Sherman), m. Cornelius Taylor.

7002 Adelaide (Sherman), m. Miller.

7003 Sands,' d. young.

7004 Mary Ann,' b. Feb. 12, 18I0; d. June 19, 1810.

7005 Alfred,' b. May 25, 181 1 ; m. 1830, Amy Wilcox. He lived in Exeter, and

died 1868. They had :
7006 Mary Frances^ b. 1831 ; m. Sept. 8, 1851, Job T. Stanton of Newport,
R. I. ; d. Sept. 28, 1866, having had:

7007 Nathan F. (Stanton), b. Jan. 31, 1856.

7008 Walter (Stanton), b. Nov. i, 1857.

7009 Edwin R.,' b. June20, 1812; m. Sarah Gurley; d. in Indiana Oct. 3,
i8i;o; no children.


Benjamin Taylor Thurston' of Norwich, Ct. {Gardner,^ George,^
Edward,^ jfonathan,^ Edward'^), eldest son of Gardner^ and Lydia
(Taylor) Thurston of Hopkinton, R. I.; born there Aug. 29, 1787;


married, Nov. 28, 1811, Mary Button. He died March 29, 1847;
she died Jan. 10, 1856, aged 66. Mr. Thurston was a farmer.
TI:ieir children were :

7014 Abby Hazard.'' b. Aug. 23, 1814; m. Oct. 3, 1832, John Brown Clark, an
extensive farmer in Norwich, but for several years past retired and liv-
ing independently. She died Nov. 21, 1865, having had :
7015 John Thurston (Clark), b. Dec. 12, 1839.

7016 Joseph Taylor,' b. in Preston, Ct., Jan. 22, 1816; m. in Newark, N. J.,
April 10, 1854, Elizabeth Sly, b. in Lisbon, Ct., May 19, 1822, daughter
of John and Mary (Mowry) Sly of Norwich. He was a prominent busi-
ness man and a successful teacher in the public schools; d. Jan. 11, 1865.
They had :
7017 Josephene^ b. in Norwich May 28, 1855.

7018 Mary Ann,' b. Dec. 6, 1817 ; ra. Dec. 31, 1836, Charles Pendleton Bennett,
a farmer in Ohio; she d. 1875, ^"<i ^'^ ^ daughter residing in Warren,
Ohio. Children:

7019 Abby L. (Bennett), b. Oct. i, 1837.

7020 Lydia M. (Bennett), b. March 8, 1845.

7021 Ella H. (Bennett), b. April 4, 1850.

7022 Charlieana (Bennett), b. Feb. 10, 1856.

7023 Harriet Kinney.' b. Feb. 4, 1820; m. Nov. 20, 1848, Francis Gates Brown,
b. Oct. 27, 1810, son of Asahel and Lucia (Gates) Brown of Colchester,
Ct., a farmer in Norwich. Children :

7024 Frank Thurston (Brown), b. Feb. 27, 1853 ; graduated from Yale 1872 ;

a lawyer in Norwich.

7025 Charles Sumner (Brown), b. Aug. i, 1856; a farmer in Norwich.

7026 Oliver Winslow (Brown), b. March 7, 1859; graduated from Yale 1878;

a student at law in Norwich.
7027 Lydia Button,' b. Sept. 6, 1823; m. Dec. z, 1846, Abel Rathbone, b. Mar.
30, 1810, son of Abel and Alice (Brown) RathlDone of Colchester; he is
a farmer in Norwich; has been state representative three sessions, school
visitor, and justice of the peace. Children:

7028 Mary Alice (Rathbone), b. Nov. 8, 1850; m. Oct. 28, 1875, Joseph

Clifford Hendrix, graduated from Cornell university 1873, and is fol-
lowing the profession of journalism, residence Brookljm, N. Y.

7029 John Fuller (Rathbone), b. Aug. 30, 1852; graduated from Cornell

university 1876; city editor of Morning Bulletin, Norwich.

7030 Caroline Louise ('R3X\\hon&),h. Nov. 17, 1854; d. I3ec., 1877.

7031 Jennie Sophia (Rathbone), b. Sept. 8, 1863; n.m. ; resides in Norwich.
7032 Lucy Caroline,' b, March 8, 1825; m. Nov. 4, 1849, Leonard Hendee Ches-
ter, a merchant in Buffalo, N. Y., b. Oct. I, 1825, son of Joseph and
Prudee (Tracy) Chester of Norwich; he is councilman, member of board
of education, and vestryman in the Episcopal church. Children:

7033 Carl Thurston (Chester), b. in Norwich Aug. i, 1853; A.B. Yale 1875,

LL.B. Columbia 1877 ; a lawyer in Buffalo.

7034 Arthur Thurston (Chester), b. in Norwich April 9, 1857 ; d. Aug. 2,



Robert Thurston^ of Livonia Center, N. Y. {Gardner^ George,^
Edwa7-d,^ ^onathan,'^ Edward'^), brother of the preceding, and son of
Gardner^ and Lydia (Taylor) Thurston of Hopkinton, R. I.; born
there April 5, 1790; married, in Livonia, Nov. 25, 1825, Eliza Han-
nahs, born in Bethlehem, Ct., Jan. 25, 1805, daughter of David and
Susan (Sanford) Hannahs. Mr. Thurston was a harness maker.

Children :

-4-7040 George Gardner,' b. April 2, 1827 ; m. Abigail Almira Fairchild.
-I-7041 Henry David,' b. Sept. 25, 1828; m. Frances Adams.
7042 Mary Eliza,' b. April 13, 1831 ; d, Aug. 14, 1856.



Jeremiah Thurston'* of Hartford, Ct. {Gardner,^ George,'' Ed-
ward^ Jonathan,^ Edward'^), brother of the preceding, and son of
Gardner ^ and Lydia (Taylor) Thurston of Hopkinton, R. I. ; born
there Oct. 17, 1797; married, Oct. 9, 1822, Maria Southworth.
He died March 8, 1852 ; she died Oct. 23, 1867, aged 66.

Mr. Thurston was a manufacturer in Norwich, Ct., many years;
subsequently moved to Hartford.

Children :

7047 George,' b. Feb. 19, 1824; m. July 25, 1855, Mary F. Weir of Glastenbury,

Ct., where he resides ; no children.

7048 Mary Maria,' b. May i, 1825: m. Oct. 27, 1851, George Weir; no children.

7049 William,' b. June 14, 1828; m. July 12, 1852, Maria Gladding; d. Aug. 25,

1859, leaving:
7050 Adia^ b. Aug. 9, 1858.

7051 Charles,' b. July 5, 1829; m. Mar. i8, 1863, Melissa L. Evarts; no children.

7052 Elizabeth,' b. June 27, 1831 ; m. April 6, 1848, Nathaniel Taylor of Hart-

ford. They have :
7053 George N. (Taylor), b. Nov. 17, 1850.
7054 Jane,' b. June 3, 1834; m. Sept. 30, 1853, Geo. Smith; d. Nov. 23, 1861,
leaving :
7055 Mary (Smith), b. July 24, 1854.
+7056 Albert,' b. Sept. 17, 1837; m. Catharine M. Johnson.

7057 Martin,' b. April 6, 1839; m. Feb. 16, 1863, Honore B. Granius; they re-

side in Weathersfield, Ct.

7058 Martha A.,' b. Dec. 22, 1840; m. June 5, 1859, Charles Russell ; d. Oct. 19,

1865, leaving:

7059 Minnie (Russell), b. Jan. 10, i860.

7060 Nellie (Russell), b. Jan. 17, 1862.


ICHABOD Thurston^ of Mount Morris, N. Y. {Gardner,^ George,^
Edward^ yonathan,^ Edward'^'), brother of the preceding, and son of
Gardner^ and Lydia (Taylor) Thurston of Hopkinton, R. I.; born
there Sept. 27, 1802 ; married, Sept. 26, 1829, Sarah B. Spink. He
died Sept. 12, 1870; was a harness maker.

Children : '

7065 William R.,' b. Aug. 27, 1830.

7066 Robert Henry,' b. Oct. 18, 1834; m. Jan. 18, 1869, Ada B. Maher of Chi-

cago, 111.


William Thurston^ of Livonia, N. Y. {Gardner^ George,^ Ed-
ward,^ Jonathan,^ Edward'^), brother of the preceding, and son of
Gardner ^ and Lydia (Taylor) Thurston of Hopkinton, R. I. ; born
there March 23, 1805 ; married, March 7, 1833, Abby Hannahs. He
died Sept. 20, 1857 ; was a harness maker.

Children :
7070 Ellen Eliza,' b. Dec. 7, 1833; m. Oct. 16, 1855, Lemuel Gibbs, a farmer of
Litchfield, Hillsdale Co., Mich. They have :

7071 Marietta D. (Gibbs), b. July 22, 1865.

7072 William Thurston (Gibbs), b. April 19, 1867.

7073 John Barton,' b. Sept. 26, 1835; m. Sept. 20, 1858, Martha A. McPherson
of Livonia ; is cashier of a bank. They have :
7074 William,^ b. March 25, 1870.
+7075 Dudley Sullivan,' b. Jan. 27, 1839; m. Sarah Emily Wiggin.


• 6372

Job Thurston' of East Greenwich, R. I. {Joseph,^ George,^ Ed-
ward,^ jfonathan,^ Edward^), third child of Joseph ^ and Sarah (Tay-
lor) Thurston of Hopkinton, R. I.; married, May 15, 1807, Susanna
Andrews, daughter of Capt. Jonathan and Susanna Andrews of rev-,
olutionary memory of East Greenwich. He died Sept. 23, 1819; she
died June 19, 1820.

Mr. Thurston was a prosperous grocer. The children were taken
by their maternal grandparents. His will was proved Oct. 21, 1819.

Children :
-I-70S0 William Andrews,'' b. Dec. 29, 1808; in. Una Lay Pratt.

7051 Sarah Perry,' b. in Newport, R. I., Aug. 27, 1810; d. in East Greenwich

Jan. 24, 1829.

7052 Phebe Langworthy,' b. Aug. 6, 1812; Coventry, R. I., Jan. 26, 1837,

John Hanckins Hart, b. on Warwick Neck, R. I., May 26, 1814; went

to Iowa as a farmer in 1839. She died at Pleasant Ridge, Lee Co., Iowa,

May 12, 1851 ; he d. at Butler, DeKalb Co., Ind., Sept. 13, 1870. Children :

7083 Jane Frances (Hart), b. in E. Gieenwich Nov. 22, 1837 ; graduated from

Denmark academy June, 1865; m. Aug. 10, 1866, Robert C. Henry,

b. Dec. 4, 1841, a lawyer of Iowa City, Iowa; he was in the army

against the rebellion two years; in 1878 was chosen district judge of

the eighth district of Iowa. She is a member of the Baptist church.

They reside in Mount Ayer, Ringold Co., and have :

7084 Loriii Lane (Henry), b. April 28, 1868.

7085 Iowa Inez (Henry), b. Sept. 7, 1870.

7086 Mary Mabel (Henry), b. Aug. 24, 1872.

7087 Jennie June (Henry), b. July 19, 1874.

7088 Baby (Henry), b. Nov. 8, 1878.

70S9 Thomas Henry (Hart), b. in East Greenwich April 4, 1839; served out
three enlistments in the war against the rebellion, as private, cor-
poral, sergeant, and veteran ; m. June, 1864, Emily Hill ; she died
April, 1871, having had:

7090 Susan Luna (Hart), b. April, 1867.

7091 Phebe (Hart), b. Feb., 1869.

7092 Charles (Hart), b. July, 1870.

Born at Pleasant Ridge, Iowa :

7093 Ray Sans (Hart), b. Aug. 30, 1841 ; served three years in ist Iowa

cavalry against the rebellion; m. Oct. 7, 1878, Celia Stiles; is a
farmer in Denmark, Iowa.

7094 George A. (Hart), b. March 26, 1843; served one year in ist Iowa cav-

alry against the rebellion ; is a carriage and wagon builder and black-
smith in Denmark; m. at Fort Madison, Iowa, Oct. i,*[867, Leonora
Cynthia Burton, b. at Glover, Vt., Feb. 24, 1845. They have :

7095 Glen Thurston (Hart), b. Nov. I, 1869.

7096 Dorr (Hart), b. May 23, 1S73.

7097 George Emmet (Hart), b. March 28, 1875.

7098 Nellie (Hart), b. Sept. 14, 1878.

7099 John Thurston (Hart), b. Jan. 5, 1845; was in the 41st Missouri regi-

ment, and died in hospital at St. Louis Oct. 12, 1864; a Baptist.

7100 Ariadne (Y{.-xx\),\i. Sept. 28, 1846; m. Oct. 4, 1868, Timothy Fox

Whitmarsh, a farmer near Denmark, and has John, b. Nov. 24, 1869,
and Ariadne (Whitmarsh), b. May 16, 1878.

7101 Lorin (Hart), b. March 12, 1848; served one year in the war against

the rebellion, and is a farmer in Minnesota.

7102 Lewis (Hart), b. May 4, 1851; d. Aug. 26, 1851.

7103 Mary Greene,! b. Dec. 29, 1814; m. in Whitehall, Mass., Dec. i, :836,
Rev. William Perkins Apthorp, b. in Quincy, Mass., March 23, i8e6; he
graduated from Yale 1829, studied at Andover two years, and graduated
from Princeton 1832; preached for a Presbyterian church in Raleigh, N.
C, a few months ; after marriage went to Fort Madison and Denmark a


few months, and then took charge of a branch of the Mission Institute,
founded b^ the late Dr. Nelson, at Quincy, 111., for ten years ; spent most
of his life in the "West till Dec., 1869, when he went to Tallahassee, Fla.,
where he now resides, 1879. She died at Port Byron, 111., Dec. 15, 1852,
a lovely woman of devoted piety. They had :
7104 William Lee (Apthorp), b. in Lee Co., Iowa, Aug. 31, 1837 ; graduated
from Amherst 1859 ; enlisted in the war against the rebellion in 1861
was promoted to be a corporal, sergeant, captain of a colored com-
pany, and lieutenant-colonel. He m. at Beaufort, S. C, while in
the army, Charlotte Childs, b. at Eton, Eng., Mar. 27, 1843. After
the war he was stationed at St. Johns river, Fla., as Bureau agent,
and after at Tampa in same capacity. From 1869 to 1S77 was chief
clerk in the surveyor general's office at Tallahassee, when he re-
moved to a farm in Springfield, N. Y. Children:

7105 Charlotte Elizabeth (Apthorp), b. in Iowa City July n, i856; d. at

Tampa Aug. 26, 1866.

7106 Emma Matilda (Apthorp), b. at Tampa Dec. 14, 1867.

7107 George Henry (Apthorp), b. at Staten Island, N.Y., Dec. 26, 1871.

7108 Ellen Wentworth (Apthorp), b. at Tallahassee Feb. 8, 1875.

7109 Grace (Apthorp), b. at Staten Island July 31, 1876.

Born in Adams county, 111. :
7110 John Perkins (Apthorp), b. Sept. 7, 1839; graduated from Amherst
1861 ; taught the academy in Conway, Mass.; enlisted in the war
against the rebellion, and after the war closed taught again in Massa-
chusetts; went to Jacksonville, Fla., and taught a while, then to
Tallahassee in 187 1, where he was appointed county superintendent
of schools and county surveyor. In 1873 "'^^ ">■ i" Ipswich, Mass.,
to Ellen Osgood of Fryeburgh, Me. Children, b. in Tallahassee:
- 711 1 Frederick George (Apthorp), b. Feb. 18, 1874; d. Sept. 27, 1874.

7112 Mary (Apthorp), b. April 3, 1877.

7 1 13 Annie Osgood (Apthorp), b. Feb. 22, 1878.

7114 George Henry (Apthorp), b. Aug. 9, 1841 ; enlisted in the war against

the rebellion ; was ist lieutenant in a company of colored troops,
and was killed in a charge on the enemy near Decatur, Ala., Oct. 29,
1864. His captain says : '" His men almost worshiped him, and he
was much endeared by his companionable and christian qualities to
his brother officers and to all who knew him." His body was sent
home and buried at Port Byron, near his mother.

7115 Amia H^««to(7;-//; (Apthorp), b. Nov. 19,1843; withher father in Florida.

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