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Allen sold to Roger Newton and John Hine, and Roger ISTewton's
claim came to Fletcher N'ewton — then follows an agreement for
partition, deed, &c. The partition was carried out, 1727, by sons
of Barnabas, to whom their father had conveyed liberally of his
property — one can but think — not wishing them to have the
uncertain struggle his life must have been.

This history has come down in tradition in Woodbridge. Dr.
Goodsell, an aged and intelligent physician there twenty years
ago, told me that Sylvanus (son of Barnabas) was born after his
father's death, and left out of the inheritance — that his brothers
and sisters, ashamed to leave him nothing, conveyed to him Hogg
Meadow, then a swamp ; but as the country Avas cleared up, Syl-
vanus was richest of all. I soon found that it could not be true
of Sylvanus, but long after, by Milford records, that it was sub-
stantially true of his father. Hogg Meadow, originally a swamp
in the southwest part of AVoodbridge, is by far the best part of
the township.

The will of Barnabas does not mention Mary or Henry, but does
mention the rest as "all my children." He leaves "to y® College
at New Haven, fourty shillings." He was one of the grantees of
the charter of Derby, and in 1738, one of the fifteen inhabitants
of ^lilford incorporated, with others of New Haven, to make the
parish of Amity. He was a Selectman of Milford, a collector of
Rev. Samuel Andrews' rates, and, with Samuel Clark, Senior, an
appraiser of Gov. Treat's estate, in 1710. In 2 Sept., 1688, he
was, with his brother Theophilus, witness in Milford to a deed
from Sylvanus to Zachariah. About 1(392, he had from Milford,
on distribution, the 90th lot, nine- acres (M. Ree. 2, p. 72, and p.
126.) 1 March, 169|, he conveys land to Joseph Peck, Jun'r, and
William Fowler. He had children :

58. Thomas, bapt. 1 Jan'y, 169f • +

59. Barnabas, bapt. 1 Jan'j. 1691-+

60. Timothy, 1695: bapt. 1 .Tftu'y. 169|.+

61. ]Mary, bapt. 1 Jan'y, 169f ; d. before May, 1740, leaving no issue.

62. Theophilus, bapt. 22 Oct., 1699. +

63. Henry, bapt. 14 .Tune, 1702; died before May, 1740, leaving no issue. I
have no doubt he was the one who graduated at Yale College, 1736, and is supposed,
in the account kept thereof the alumni, to have died next year. He appears as
deceased in the Yale catalogue of 1733.

64. Sylvanus. 17 Sept., 1706; bapt. 15 Nov., 1706.+

JRichard, of MUford, Connecticut. 95

15. ELIZABETH =^ Sjlvaniis 2 Richard/ bom 29 M'cL, 1673,
iu Milford. She m. Woodruff, and has by lier father's will, dated
3 May, 1727, all his lands in Waterbury. lie remembered also
his grandsons.

65. Sjivanus.

66. Matthew.

22. J0HN"=^Sylvanns2Richard,ib 26 M'ch, 1693, in Milford;
was iinm. as late as 8 Sept., 1730, when as John, Senior, of Mil-
ford, he conveyed land (half an acre) in Milford to Daniel Munn
(see Sylvanus), in consideration of Munn having disbursed half
the charge of building a dwelling on the land, "defeasible only
upon condition that I, John Baldwin, do hereafter marry a wife,"
and "in 12 months after eifectually convey to Daniel Munn ^
acre of my hamlet." He married Sarah, dau. Daniel Stephens, of
N'ew Haven; and 9 May, 1734, Munn quit-claimed the homestead
to John. He joined the church 3 Sept., 1735. He left no children;
and his will, dated June, 1757, proved July, 1758, gave his prop-
erty to his wife Sarah, save what he gave to David Hecok. 26
Nov., 1731, he conveyed to "Left. Geo. Clark, lands in the Two
Bitt Purchase (IS". W. Woodbridge), the allotment of his brother
Richard, deceased."

36. MARTHA =^ Theophilus^ Richard,i b. in Milford about
1690; m. Enos Camp, of Milford, whose will is dated 1768.

67. Enos, eldest, settled in New Milford.

68. Israel.

69. Jonah.

70. Abel.

71. Martha, m. Nathaniel Camp.
73. Elizabeth, ni. Jesse Smith.

37. ABIGAIL 3 Theophilus-^ Richard, i born in Milford about
1694; m., 14 Jan'y, 1704, Joseph Peck, of Milford until 1714; then
removed to Newtown, Conn., where he was town clerk.

73. Joseph, 2 Oct., 1707.

74. Abigail, 24 June, 1709. (Peck genealogy says b. 32"d; d. 1720.)

75. John, 28 March, 1713; d. in Newtown, 22 April, 1768.

76. Mary, 39 Oct., 1715: d. 19 Nov., 1718.

77. Elizabeth, 29 M'ch, 1717.

78. Moses, 28 Dec, 1719.

79. Mary, 18 May, 1721.

80. Abigail, June 17^1732; m., 7 Nov., 1745, Vincent StiLson.

96 B<il<hrhi Genealogy.

38. TIIEOPHILUS ^ Theophiliis^ Richard, ^ b. in Milford, about
1644; settled in New Milford among the first settlers; m. there, 5
June, 1722, Jerusha Beecher; was admitted to New Milford ch. 19
June, 1727 ; d. 1 Ma}', 1745. His widow m. David Noble, and d. 22
Aug., 1790, aged 84 yrs. 11 mos. He was captain for many years,
and doubtless the office was a responsible one in the serious
troubles this frontier then had with the Indians.

81. Jerusha, 23 Aug., 1723, joined ch. 7 M'ch, 174^.

82. Elizabeth, 10 Sept., 1725; m., Feb'y, 175f, Samuel Comstock, of -New
Milford. They resided iu New Milf. , and in 1782 moved out of the house of her
brother Isaac, and it is thought removed to Middlefown, Ct.

83. Theophilus, 16 .Jan'y, 1728. +

84. Martha, 26 M'ch, 1730, m. Ithiel Stone.+

85. Hezekiah, 26 Sept.! 1732.+

86. Isaac, 17 Mch, 1735.+

87. Israel, 19 M'ch, 173y, s. of "Lieut."+

88. Asel. 27 June, 1739, son of "Capt."-{-

89. David, 5 Dec, 1741. +

90. Anne, 24 Nov., 1744; m. Reverius Stilson.-|-

In 1738 and '39, affairs looked ominous in the colony as to war
with France and Spain; and in November, 1738, Thophilus was
made, by the Assembly, captain of the company or train band in
New Milford; and from 1735 to 1741, he was member of the
Assembly, seven sessions, at three of which he met, as his fellow
in the Assembly, his second cousin, Theophilus Baldwin, of

.41. ZACHARIAIP Zachariah-^ Richard, ^ m., in Milford, 25
Aug., 1708, Sarah Marvin, or Merwin. He owned land in Water-
bury, Conn. In 1710, he was accepted there as a bachelor
proprietor, but soon sold out and returned to Milford. 22 June,
1714, he purchased land in Stratford, Conn., of Ephraim Warner,
and settled there 1723. He and wife deed to brother Samuel
Merwin, the names Marvin and Merwin being then quite inter-
changeable. He lived in that part of Stratford, now Huntington,
at the close of his life, it is said, upon " Walnut Tree Hill.'" Oct.,
1723, upon his petition of Oronoque, in the township of Stratford,
he had leave from the General Court to set up a ferry there, being
about four miles north from Stratford Ferry, and received the
right during the pleasure of the court. His death is recorded
6 Nov., 1766, in the record of the Episcopal church in Huntington.

Richard, of Jlllford, Connecticut. 07

lie was earlier a member of the Episcopal church in Stratford,
where his children were baptized.

91. Zachariab, b. in Milford G Sept., 1T09; bapt. in Stratford 12 Aug., 1722.+

92. AbralKiin, bapt. 12 Aug., 1722.

93. Isaac, bapt. 12 Aug., 1722.

94. .Jacob, bapt. 12 Aug., 1722. +

95. Sarah, bapt. 12 Aug., 1722; m., 10 Nov., 1737, John Mitchell, of Stratford.

96. Israel, bapt. 12 Aug., 1722.+

97. Patience, bapt. July, 1726.

42. S0L0M0X3 Zachariah^ Richard,Mived in Milford. He
was a "cordwainer" (shoemaker). His brother Richard was, in
1743, his adm'r.

98. Anna, ni., 16 Dec, 1741, Amos Northnip, of New Milford.-}-

99. Martha, minor in 1743, yet, in 1740, conveys to Abner Baldwin, 5 Dec,
and also Uncle Stephen, 23 May, rights under her father and grandfather.

100. Ester, minor in 1744.

43. EBEK'EZER ^ Zaehariah '' Richard, ^ bapt. in Milford 6 Aug.,
1693. He settled in New Milford, Conn., among the first settlers.
He and his wife Mary were admitted to the church there, 1 April,

101. Mary, 11 Feb'y, 17ll; m. David Corastock.+

102. Ebenezer, 2 Dec. 1716; d. in New Milford, 28 May, 1739.

103. Thankful, 18 April, 1719; m., 29 Feb'y, 174|, Ebenezer Buck, of New

104. Susanna, 6 Feb'y, 172i.

105. Simeon, 14 Jan'y, 1724. +

106. Betsey, 9 Jan'y, 172^; m., 24 Oct., 1751, Thomas Brunson.

107. Hannah, 30 Nov., 1730; d. 13 M'ch, 174J.

108. Reuben, 24 April, 1734; d. 9 May, 1737.

Ebenezer m. 2'"^' Mar}" Dalon, of Newtown.

109. Phebe Dalon, d. 25 Apl, 1737.

110. Phebe, 21 .June, 1738; m. .Joseph Lines. -j-

44. ELIZABETH ^ Zaehariah ■' Richard,^ bapt. 21 Jan'y, 169|;
m., 8 May, 171G, John nine,^ of Milford, John - Thomas, ^ b. 1G85.
She d. July 1725; and hem., 2"'^> 31 Dec, 1725, Mehitable Waters,
of Hartford. He d. 2(3 Feb'y, 1777. The following ch. received
conveyance in 1737 and 1739, and were probably hers:

111. Joseph.

112. Jonathan.

113. John.

114. Benjamin.

98 Baldvnn Genealogy.

46. STEPHEN ^ Zachariah^ Richard, ^ bapt. in Milford, 31 Dec,
1699 ; m., 15 Sept., 1730, Eunice Fowler, ot Milford, and continued
to reside there. She d. 18 Oct., 1740, in her 48th year. He d. in
March, 1788, according to Milf. Records, on the 29th, and accord-
ing to his tombstone, the 30th.

115. Elizabeth, bapt. 3 Oct., 1731; m. Treat.+

116. Isaac, bapt. 4 Nov., 1735.+

117. Solomon, bapt. 19 Feb'y, 173i.+

49. RICHARD 3*Zachariah 2 Richard,! b. in Milford, 10 Sept.,
1709. He was Richard, Junior, of Milford; R., Senior, being son
of John, Senior, 26 March, 1733. He acquired, by deed from
Stephen, the homestead left by their father to the two.

1735, 28 Oct., he bought a farm in Xew Cheshire Parish
(Cheshire, Conn.,) of Thomas Brooks, and the same year another
of Stephen Osborn. He removed to Cheshire, and lived there
until 22d Dec, 1752, when, in consideration of £3,600 money, old
tenor, he conveyed the farm he lived on to Elnathan Beach. He
removed to Dutchess county, N. Y., and of that county, in 1759,
conveyed to his son Alexander, of Salisbury, Conn., his interest in
the estate of his father Zachary. The records of the church in
Cheshire, of the first pastor. Rev. Samuel Hall, are kept with
great carelessness, and in a handwriting very remarkably bad, so
that it tells little, but the AVallingford records tell something also.

118. Alexander, 5 Aug., 1732, in Milford; in 1759, of Salisbury, Litchtield
County, Conn.*

119. Hannah, 3 M'ch, 173f , in Milford.

120. Cibbel, bapt. M'ch, 1737, in Cheshire Parish.

121. Sarah, b. 8 Oct., 1740 (Wallingford Records).

122. Elizabeth, 20 Oct., 1742, in Cheshire Parish, town of Wallingford.

123. Francis, b. July, 1748, Wallingford.

124. Ann, bapt. 25 Aug., 1751, Cheshire Parish.

125. Child, bapt. l)etween Dec, 1751, and June, 1752, in Cheshire; perhaps
same as

126. Mary, died 17 May, 1752, in Wallingford.

58. THOMAS 3 Barnabas 2 Richard,! b. before 1692, in Milford,
when he received from his grandfather Buckingham gift of land.

* I have succeeded in tracing this line no farther. In the records of Saratoga county, N. Y., under date
of 27 June, 1S12, is a petition by Peter D. Treehorne, of Ballston, g-uardian of Reuben Baldwin, under 21»
and "the child and heir of Alexander, of Argyle, in Washington Co." The mother was also dead. I notice
it because, as I now remember, these are the only instances of the name of Alexander.

Richard, of M'dford, Connecticut. 99

purchased of Lieut. Sylvauus. He m., 17 Jan'y, 17|4-, Jerusha
Clark. He was a tailor, and lived in Milford township, though
possibly that part of it now Woodbridge, when he received lands
of his father, in 1720, in "Hogg Meadow;" and he had frequent
deeds of land in the same vicinitv. He and his wife were admitted
to full communion 19 June, 1714. He w^as Thomas, Senior, the
Junior being Thomas ^ Richard- John '^■

127. Enoch, 29 Nov., 1713; d. y.

128. Sarah, 29 Aug., 1715; m. John Woodiuff.+

129. Deborah, 25 Jan'y, 1716; ni. Samuel XeAvtou.4-

130. Anna, bapt. 12 Ap'l, 1719; m. 1st. Richard Hollingsworth ; 2»'1> Jahleel

131. Martha, bapt. 8 Dec., 1723; not unlikely m. Clark, and d. before 1773, as
her father in his will, dated 12 Ap'l, 1770, proved j\Iarch, 1773, omits her, but
mentions his gr. ch. Martha Clark.

Is said, by his descendants of the Watertown branch, to have
been deacon.

59. BAR^'ABAS'^ Barnabas 2 Richard,! b. in Milford, as early
as 1692; bapt. 7 Jan'y, 169f. He m., 13 Jan'y, 172f, Mehitable
Beecher, of New Haven, Conn., widow of John Beecher. She
was dau. of Thomas Tuttle, Jun., of Xew Haven, and b. 14 June,
1699. She m. 1^*- John Beecher, 7 Dec, 1721, and had one s.
John by her first husband.

Barnabas settled in Xew Haven, buying out widow and heirs of
Chatterton, but sold out again and returned to Milford, settling
on Hogg Meadow, on lands conveyed him by his father, in 1720
and 172|. Was Lieutenant Barnabas.

132. Barnabas, 31 Aug., 1726, in New Haven. +

133. Mehitable, 17 Dec, 1728; m. .lames Thompson. -f-

134. Ester, 26 M'ch, 1731; m., 22 Dec, 1748, Benjamin Bull, (Milf. Rec.)

135. Else, 20 Ap'l, 1733; d. Jan'y, 1813,* between 4 & 6, aged'80, and then
called Alice.

136. Temperance, 20 May, 1736; m. Samuel Baldwin. -f-

137. Sarah, 16 March, 17*3^.

138. Thomas, 10 July, 1742.+

139. Burwell, 11 July, 1745; d. in Woodbridge, Ct. (set off from Milford);
17 Feb'y, 1823, uum. ' .

In 1738, he was one of the fifteen from Milford, set oflf with
others of New Haven, to form the Parish of Amity; and in 1742,
one of the first members of the church there (now Woodljridge).

100 Baldwin Genealogy.

In 1742, as agent of the Society of Amity, he made memorial to the
Legislature, praying Amit}- to have liberty to imbody into church
estate; granted with leave of the neighboring churches. 1739, he
was made ensign of the sixth company in Xew Haven; 1740,
lieutenant; and 1749, he was made by the Assembly captain of the
company for Amity.

60. TIMOTHYS Barnabas 2 Richard, 1 b. 1695, in Milford,Conn.;
d. 25 Nov., 1766. Lived and d. in that part of Milford now
Woodbridge, or more likely in the east part of Derby adjoining —
his land lying in both townships. He joined, 1742, in the forma-
tion of the church at Amity (Woodbridge). He m. 1'*- 22 July,
1719, Zurinah Johnson, of Derby, and 2"*^' Mabel.

140. Timothy, 13 Dec, 1722.+

141. Andrew, 1 JM'ch, 1724.+

142. Mary, 10 Feb'y. 1726.

144. Elizabeth, m. Jedediah Andrew.-|-

145. Abiah, m., 28 Dec, 1763, Joel Alwater, of New Haven, living in 1768.

146. Hannah, m. Thomas Mix.

147. Enoch, 6 Oct., 1736. +

148. Elijah, 11 Sept., 1740.-f-

Elijah is, in 1777, adm'r of his mother Mabel; and as such,
exhibits .the receipts of the other heirs, Hannah and Enoch,
leading to the conclusion that the other children were by the first

62. THEOPHILUS'^ Barnabas-^ Richard, ^bapt. 22 Oct., 1699;
d. 1 Aug., 1784, aged 85. He was deacon in Society of Amity (now
AVoodbridge), Conn., from 1743 until his death. His wife was
named Dorothy. She d., says her tombstone, 10 Oct., 1790, aged
eighty; but the church record says she d. Aug., 1790.

149. Henry, 1734.+

150. Theophilus, 27Xov., 1735.+

151. Eunice, 26 Ap'l, 1738; m. .Jonathan Andrew. -f-

152. Isaac, 18 April, 1740. Milford record calls him Israel, but that Isaac is
the proper name appears from his father's will, and his after history.+

153. Alsop, 1 Feb'y, 174^.+

154. Mary, 28 Dec, 1743; m. Josiah Strong, of Southbury, Conn. No cli.

155. Richard, bapt. 1 Dec, 1745. +

Richard^ of 3Iilford, Connecticut. 101

64. SYLVANUS ^ Barnabas '^ Richard, ^ b. 17 Sept., 1706, in that
part of Milford, now Woodbridge, in the Hogg meadow tract: and
the large, old-fashioned, two-story, square house built by him is
still standing, and until lately occupied by his descendants. It is
now vacant.


f^^^^^^^aytu^ /let^c

He m., 18 Ap'l, 1734, Mary, dau. of Francis French, of Derby,
Conn. She was b. 6 Feb'y, 17||, and d. 1802. Her father was b.
11 Nov., 1677; s. Francis French, one of the first settlers of Derb}^
who emigrated at the age of ten in ship "Defence," to Boston, in
1635, with others of the name. Francis, Senior, d. 14 Feb., 169^,
His wife, Lydia Bunnill, survived, and d. 7 Ap'l, 1708. She
was dau. William, of !N'ew Haven, by w. Anna, dau. Benjamin
TVilmot. Francis, Junior, m. Sept., 1703, Ann Bower, dau. Rev.

/f V rb of Derbv, by Bridget, his w., dau. Anthony

^/ Ihompson, ot JNew Haven. Kev. John Bow-

ers was s. of George and Barbara, of Plymouth colony. Francis
French, Jr., d. 11 Sept., 1751 ; his wife, 11 Jan'y. 174i. He is called,
in Milford Records in 1739, " Serg't."

Sylvanus, d. 2 Jan'y, 1785, and is buried in the cemetery in the
southwest part of Woodbridge ; and his epitaph reads : " In memory
of Mr. Sylvanus Baldwin, who d. Jan'y 2nd, 1785, in the 79th year
of his age. A kind husband, a tender parent. He had a great

102 Baldwin Genealogy.

veneration for religion and morality." Next lies his wife: "In
memory of Mary Baldwin, wife of Sylvanus Baldwin, who died
March 29th, 1802, aged 90."

156. Mary, 16 Oct., 1735; is said to have m. Dr. David Beebe, of Trumbull;
1791, they are named as of Stratford, probably of the north part, now Trumbull, Ct.

157. Dorcas, 18 Aug., 1738; m. Silas AliiDg.+

158. Elisha, 1 M'ch, 1741. +

159. Sarah, 16 M'ch, 174f ; d. 23 Jan'y, 174f.

160. Hezikiah, bapt. 14 Feb'y, 174f ; d. 2 M'ch, 174f.

161. Sarah, 1 Feby, 174|; m. William Burrit.+

162. Charles, 8 May, 1751. +

163. Hezikiah, 24 Aug., 1756.+

83. THEOPHILUS^ Theophilns^ Theophilus^ Richard, ^ b. in
E'ew Milford, Conn., 16 June, 1728, and lived there until his death,
1 M"ch, 1804. He m. l^*- 2 ISoy.. 1748, Mary Noble. He m. 2"<i>
30 Dec, 1762, Eunice Noble, who d. March, 1778, leaving no
children. He m. 3"'- Martha, widow Sherwood, who d. 20 M'ch,
1828, aged 83, said to hav& been a native of Milford, Conn. He was
a captain of militia, and was also in the Revolution. His last wife
is said, by one of her descendants, to have had eight children, of
whom three died young.

164. Theophilus, d. before his father, leaving heirs. -|-

165. Mary, m. 1st, Asahel Sherwood, and 2n(i, Thorp. -}- /

166. Unia or Eunice, m. 1st, David Lockwood. and 2!«i. George Sherraan.-f-

167. Annah, 11 M'ch, 1781; she m. Amos Clark, of New Milford. They
removed to Hinesburgh, Vermont, where they died. They had no ch., save an
adopted daughter. Amos Clark was uncle to Homer Clark, who m. Elvira,6 Eli, 5
Theophilus. •*

168. Martha, ra. Abel Gunn.+

169. Eli, about 1782.+

170. Son, buried Nov., 1783. (Narrative of Davis.)

171. Daniel, 20 Nov., 1786.+

84. MARTHA^ Theophilus 3 Theophilus, 2 b. in New Milford,
Conn., 26 March, 1730; m., 6 June, 1753, Ithiel Stone, and resided
in the north part of New Milford.

175. Julius, and perhaps others.

85. HEZEKIAH ^ Theophilus ^ Theophilus,- b. in New Milford,
Conn., 26 Sept., 1732. He m. Abigail Peet, 5 April, 1759. They
had children in New MiJford.

176. Jerusha, 9 Sept., 1760.

177. Hezekiaii, 25 M'cli, 1762.

Richard, of Milford, Connecticut. 103

He is called, in the record of IsTew Milford, "Lieut/' lie was,
by tradition. Lieutenant, in the French and Indian war, with
Abercrombie, aVid said to have been at Crown Point and Ticonde-
roga. His nephew Noble had a very large powder-horn, taken by
him from the body of an Indian shot by him in that war. In 1795,
he revisited NeAV Milford with his son-in-law, Mr. Fox, but my
authority (Davis Narrative) is silent as to his residence.

86. ISAACS Theophilus^'Theophilus,-^ b. in New Milford, 17
M'ch, 1735; m., T. Rec. says, 2 Jan'y, 1765, Ch. Rec. says 28 Sept.,
1764, Hannah Davis, who was b. 9. June, 1742, They resided in
New Milford, where he d. 16 Dec, 1811; she, 15 June, 1830.

178. Pamele, 11 Nov., 1765; d. 2 Oct., 1766.

179. Nathan Gaylord, 27 April, 1767.+

180. Hannah, 10 Aug., 1769. She joined the .sect of Jemima Wilkinson (Uni-
versal Friend), went with her to New York State, and d. there unm.*

181. Isaac, 10 June, 1771 ; d. 27 Feb'y, 1781.

182. Patience, 3 July, 1773; d. unm. about 1825, at Noosuch Falls.

183. Prudence, 3 July, 1773; m. Troop Murdock.-f-

184. Martha, 6 Aug., 1775; m. Mr. Palmer, of Vermont. Returned to her
father's house, and died there insane.

185. Davis, 8 Aug., 1777. 4-

186. Noble, 25 Dec, 1779.+

187. Elizabeth, 25 Jan'y, 1782. Davis calls her Eliza. Joined Baptist Church
1814; m. Robertson Mumford, of Moukton, Addison county, Vt. Both d. there,
leaving no ch.

188. Lois, 11 M'ch, 1785; m. Charles Churchill. +

Isaac was in the battle of Danbury, in the Revolution.

87. ISRAEL^Theophilus^TheophiiuSj^b. in New Milford, 19
M'ch, 173f, and continued to live there. He d. 16 M'ch, 1778, of
small pox, and is buried in one corner of the cemetery by himself,
as if his grave was infectious. He m., 25 Feb'y, 1761, Elizabeth
Warner; and they joined Ch. 4 July, 1762. She d. 13 M'ch, 1811,
in Hinesburgh, Vt., aged 73.

189. Pamelia, 4 Oct., 1761; d. y.

190. Daniel, 18 Ap'l, 1763; d. y.

191. Edmond, 9 July, 1765: d. 28 Sept., 1766.

192. Pamelia, 2 July, 1767; m. 1st, Reuben Gillett. 2ncl, Joseph Stearns. +

* This denomination was a local one, called "Jemimaites," who settled in a body in Ontario county, N. Y.,
having sold their private estates, and moved there with their leader, named above. They were otherwise
called the " Friends." (Barber's Hist. Coll., Conn.)

104 Baldwin Genealogy.

193. Daniel, 8 Nov., 1769. Davis' Narrative says: "1781, Daniel, who IFved
with uncle Theophilus, came to work at our barn ; was taken sick ; d. 29th, in the
13th year of his age. He was son of Israel, who d. three years before."

194. Annis, 21 Ap'l, 1772; m. Milton Clark.+ ' ^

195. Edmond, 6 July, 1774. +

196. Orange, 15 Nov., 1776. -f-

Israel is said to have been in the Revohition. He was no doubt
the Lieut, of Col. Silliman's regiment, appointed 14 June, 1776, to
be marched directly to N'ew York and join the Continental array.

88. ASSEL* Theophilus 3 Theophilus,'^ b. in New Milford, 27
June, 1739; continued to live there; m., 13 Aug., 1766, Esther
Baldwin, b. 30 Aug., 1746, of Kew Milford, dau. Samuel,* Serg't
Samuel, ^ David, - Joseph.^ They joined Bapist Church in North-
ville, 1816; settled in i^ew Milford, west of the village.

197. Ann. 30 M'ch, 1767: d. 31 June, 1777.

198. Sarah, 10 Jan'y, 1769; m. Cyrenus Stiisou.+

199. Esther, 15 Nov., 1770; m. Garland. +

200. Joel, 32 Aug., 1772.+

201. Phebc, 11 July, 1774; m. Pelatiah Bailey.+
203. Asahel, 24 Ap'l, 1777. +

203. Israel, 17 Oct.. 1779; d. 11 Sept., 1790.

204. Lucretia, 3 June, 1783; m. Samuel Goodsell -|-
305. Isaac, 16 June, 1787. +

89. DAVID * Theophlilus ^ Theophilus,- b. 5 Dec, 1741, in :N'ew
Milford. He was a Congregational clergyman. He is thought by
some to have settled in New Jersey, in the vicinity of Dover,
where his descendants are said to have been seen, not many years
since. Rev. Burr Baldwin thinks he settled in Cattaraugus
county, N. Y.

90. ANNE* Theophilus 3 Theophilus, ^ b. 24 Nov., 1744, in
New Milford; m., 6 Aug., 1767, Reverius Stilson, of New Milford,

206. Son, 18 May, 1768; d. 30 Dgc, 1768.

207. Polly, 17 M'ch, 1770.

208. Anna, 9 Feb'y, 1772; m. Rev. Daniel Hine, of New Milford (Northville),
last minister of the Separatist Church. She d. 3 Oct., 1851.

209. Tamor, 23 Aug., 1774; d. 6 Sept., 1777.

210. Nicanor, 3 May, 1776.

211. Tamor, 17 M'ch, 1778.

313. Urania, 14 Sept., 1781; m. Elihu Marsh, of New Milford.
213. Aurelia, 23 May, 1783.

Richard, of Mil/ord, Connecticut. 105

91. Z ACHARIAH * Zachariali ^ Zacliariali ^ Richard, ^ b. in Xew
Milford, 6 Sept., 1709; bapt. 12 Aug., 1722, in Episcopal Church in
Stratford. The hite S. H. Congar, Esq., of Newark, N. J , sup-
posed this to be the Zachariah who was of Parsippany (Hanover),
New Jersey. That one is said to have died 17 Nov., 1755, aged 52 ;
and Mr. Congar presumed some of the dates to be incorrect. This
did not, in the outset, look probable to me ; but I am now inclined
to think him the same — after a very thorough search. I can find
no other Zachariah of any branch to match either. John Ogden,
Esq., of Parsippany, writes me, in 1874, that one of the descend-
ants of that branch, now deceased, told him "the original ones
were Zachariah and Abraham, who came to this region to preach
the Gospel to the Indians, and did so with great success." At that
time, it was not known that the Zachariah I am now placing had
a brother Abraham ; but a visit to Stratford and Huntington dis-
closed that fact, that descendants of this branch, now in Hunt-
ington (two quite old ladies), had never heard of Zachariah and
Abraham, showing that they must either have died young or
settled at quite a distance. While they were young men, and
members of the church, the Rev. David Brainard, the zealous
apostle to the Indians came to Huntington and studied theology

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