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with Rev. Jedediah Mills, of that church, and afterward preached
to the Indians in New Jersey. James H. Woodruff, Esq., of
Hanover, writes me that in the expense-book of the Rev. Jacob
(Ireen, first pastor at Hanover and Parcippany, appears twice the
name of Zachariah as furnishing board. The problem is one that
has interested me much, but I have been disappointed in the
paucity of information about the missionary efforts in New Jersey.
Mr. Congar gives to Zachariah the following children, very likely
not the onlv ones:

214. Jacob, b. about 1733. -f

215. Job, b. about 1738. +

216. Silas, b. about 1749. +

Azariah Crane, Jr., in 1733, grants three acres at the "Mountain
Plantation," to his "well-beloved s. in 1. Zachariah Baldwin."
The wife of Crane was Rebecca; and Rebecca, the wife of Zacha-
riah Baldwin, was buried at Parsippany, 15 June, 1791, aged 84.


106 Baldwin Genealogy.

94. JACOB ^ Zacliariali^ Zacliari ah,- bapt. in Stratford, Conn.,
12 Aug., 1722, but b. probably several years before. He lived in
Stratford, on Walnut Tree Hill, in that part of the town now
Huntington; m., March, 1738, Sarah Merchant, widow of John.
His ch. were bapt. in Episcopal Church.

217. Elias, Feb'y, 1739.+

218. Hannah, Nov., 1742; thought to have d. y.

219. Sarah, May, 1744; d. unm.

220. Huldah, Se^:)!., 1747; thought to have d. y.

221. Jacob, June, 1750; said to have d. y.

96. ISRAEL^ Zachariah^ Zachariah,- bapt. in Stratford, Conn.,
12 Aug., 1722. The last named of children born, says his son
David, in 1721. I am satisfied from several independent evidences,
that he was the Israel who settled in Wolcott, Conn. By tradition
in Huntington, he settled in that direction; the age corresponds;
and by tradition in Wolcott, he came from the direction of Strat-
ford, i.e. Milford, joining Stratford, his father being the ferryman
between the two places. Lastly, I find no other Israel for this
place, or other place for this Israel. He was not unlikely in Xew
Haven for a while — is said to have m. 2"''' widow Chatterton, of
Xew Haven, whose first husband was a ship carpenter, and worth
considerable property. By his second w. he had a dan.

222. Hannah, m. 12 Aug.. 1779, Judah Frisbee, who left a family which has
the tradition as to wlience came Israel. Frisbie was b. 1744, and a leading man in
Wolcott, leaving descendants. He was a soldier in the Revolution.

Israel, m. ^'■''' in Wolcott, and had by his third marriage,

223. David, b. 27 May, 1787, in Wolco«.+

Israel d. 13 jSTov,, 1805. Frisbie kept a journal, but^the informa-
tion of the family is confused. He says, under date of April,
1786, Mary Chatterton came to live with them. She d. 17 Oct.,
1825, aged 95. She is supposed to be sister of Israel's wife Hannah,
who was then not likely widow Chatterton. Under date of 1783,
he records the death of mother Baldwin, aged 80, more likely
Israel's step-mother than his wnfe. He would hardly have m.
after the death of a wife at 80, and had children.

Richard, of 3I(l/ord, Connecticut. 107

98. ANXA^ Solomon=^ Zachariah,- b. in Milford, Conn.; m,, 16
Dec, 1741, Amos Xorthrup, of ISTew Milford, Conn.

224. Solomon, 29 Dec, 1744.

225. David, 27 Jan'y, 1746; living 1797.

226. Lois, 17 Sept., 1748; m. Aljncr Benedict.

227. Ann, 3 Ap'l, 1751; m. Nathaniel Ta^dor.

228. Joel, 27 Jan'y, 1753.

229. Amos.

She was admitted to X. Milford Church, by letter from Amity,
25 Aug., 1748. He joined church 19 Jan'y. 1757. His will is dated
1 Oct., 1788; proved 2 July, 1790. His wife had the furniture of
every kind and "my negro man Hary." He remembers his gr.
ch. Thomas Groat, Amos and Sally, who were children of Amos,
Jun'r. His dan. Anna got his "• negro wench, named Hagar."

101. MARY^ Ebenezer^ Zachariah,^ b. 11 Feb'y, 171|, in Kew
Milford; m., 20 January, 173|, David Comstock, of IsTew Milford,
only s. of Jeremiah, of Milford, by w. Judith Mallory, and gr. s.
of Thomas of Milford. In 1756, he was exe'r of his father.

105. SIMEON^ Ebenezers Zachariah,.2 b. in Xew Milford, 14
July (his son Eli says 24 July), 1724, and continued to reside
there. He is said, by his descendants, to have been Commissary
and Paymaster in the Revolution, and to have lost his property
through Continental money, received for beef and provisions fur-
nished the army. He was active in his service, acting for a time
as collector of provisions and other taxes,'^ as a commissary for
purchases, and in the care of families of drafted men. He was
also injured, in his advancing years, by the fall of a tree, so that
he was unable to do much to recuperate his fallen fortunes. He
m. l*"*' 20 Dec, 1753, Mercy Bronson, who d. 15 June, 1763. He
m. 2'«'> 4 Jan'y (31 Dec, says Eli,) 1764, Rebecca Buck, b. 18
June, 1741. He d. 7 June, 1808, aged, town record says 86, family
record says 88, but according to his entry of birth, it must have
been less.

* When Continental money had become worthless, and the people were well nigh disheartened, "Congress
resolvetl, Feb'y 25, 1780, to call on the States for 3j)ecifif supplies — beef, flour, Indian corn, hay, salt,
tobacco, rum, rice — those articles most needed for the use of the anny. These things were apportioned
among the .States at stated prices, according to the natural advantages of e.ach — New England to furnish
most of the rum ; and what is not a little remarkable, about four gallons of this popular beverage were
required for each barrel of flour." (Historical Account of Connecticut Currency, by Henry Bronson, p. 124;)

108 Baldwin Genealogy.

230. Jonah, 26 Oct. , 1753 ; lived unm. , and d. aged—, in New Milf ord ; was noted
as a teacher. Was in the war of the Revolution, it is said, as Quartermaster. He
was, it is said, under Montgomery, at Quebec.

231. Ebenezer, 1 Feb'y, 1755, says T. Rec. ; Fam. Rec. 21st.+

232. Mary, 12 Aug., 1756; m., but no ch.

233. Lois, 11 Jan'y, 1758, says T. Rec. ; 13th says F. Rec. ; m. Philo Porter. -f
2;f4. Sarah, 21 Sept., 1760, says T. Rec. ; 29th says F. Rec.

235. Hannah, 12 M'ch, 1763; d. same day, T. Rec; F. Rec. says 7th, and d. in

236. Amos, 31 Dec, 1764.+

237. Mercy, 22 Sept., 1767; d. unm. She was a teacher, and is said to have
published a little Grammar for scholars. Hugh Getson, Esq., of Sherman, writes
me, she lived there for many years ; taught thirty or more years, and was much
respected. Member Cong. Ch., and d. 4 Dec, 1835, aged 68.

238. Asa, 21 Ap'l, 1769.+

239. Eli, 22 May, 1777. +

240. Rebecca, 27 M'ch, 1779; m. Beach Hungerf ord. +

109. PHEBE ' Ebeuezer ^ Zachariali, '- b. in Xew Milford, Conn.,
21 June, 1738; m., 11 Sept., 1758, Joseph Lines, of tlie same place.

241. Clarissa. 12 M'ch, 1759.

242. Reuben, 21 Jan'y, .1761.

243. Asunta, Jan'y, 1763; d. y.

244. Daniel, 3 Jan'y, 1766.

245. Philo, 15 Jan'y, 1769.

Her husband d. 29 July, 1792.

115. ELIZABETH* Stephen ^ Zachariah - Pvichard,i bapt. 3 Oct.,
1731, in Milford; m. Treat. She d. before 1778, leaving daus. :

246. Elizabeth.

247. Mary.

248. Eunice.

249. Sarah; dead before 1788.

116. ISAAC 4 Stephen 3 Zachariah, 2 bapt. 4 Nov., 1735, in Mil-
ford, Conn. Removed to Farmingtou, Conn., and died before 10
Nov., 1770, leaving children :

250. Elizabeth.

251. Eunice.

Remembered in their grandfather's will.

117. SOLOMON 4 Stephen ^ Zachariah, 2 b. in Milford, 19 Feb'y,
173i. His father's will, dated 10 Nov., 1770, proved April 1, 1788,

Hichard, of Jlilford, Connectieat. 109

gave him all bis father's lands in Milford, Conn., and all in Nor-
walk, Conn.; provided he made certain payments to Elizabeth and
Eunice, daus. of Isaac. His w. Philene d. in Milford, 23 April,
1785, aged 46, of a fit. His will is dated 2 July, 1798, and he d.
at Milford, -1 July, 1798.

253. Infant dau„ d. 30 Oct., 1773.

253. Eunice.

He leaves to his son-in-law, Daniel Baldwin ^ (Isaac, ^ John, ^
Daniel,^ Daniel.- JS'atbaniel,^) and his children ; but whether Eunice
was the dau. who m. Daniel, I know not. He lived at Burwell's
Farms, some miles between Milford Village and Xew Haven.
There is there a very handsome cove, and a convenient landing-
place. Solomon's house commanded a view of it ; and, by tradition,
he sorely annoyed tories who tried to use the cove for contraband
trade with the enemy. He has, in a general way, a high revolu-
tionary fame. I was sorry not to find papers, or more accurate or
precise traditions. His descendants living are all young. His
grandson was named Isaac Stillwater, said in memory of his being
at that battle.

128. SARAH ^ Thomas 3 Barnabas^ Eichard,i b. in Milford,
Conn., 29 Aug., 1715; m. Capt. John Woodruff, s. Capt. John.
His will is dated 1767; proved S""'^ Monday, March, 1768. She sur-
vived, and was living in 1773. They resided in Milford.

254. John.

255. Samuel.
25P. Enoch.

257. Matthew.

258. Isaac.

259. Jonah.

260. Benjamin.

261. Hannah, m. Stephen Piatt.

262. Abegail, m. Filch Kimberly.
363. Sarah.

264. Jerusha.

265. David. (For descendants, see Candec Genealogy.)

His son David was left out of the " distribution and inheritance
of reversion." The Avill provides that if any one tries to break
up the will, that child has five shillings, "as the law directs." He
seems, by his inventory, to have had considerable land in Oxford,

110 Baldwin Genealogy.

129. DEBORAH * Thomas ^ Barnabas, 2 b. in Milford, Conn., 25
Jan'y, 171.6; bapt. 25 Dec, 1716; m. Samuel Newton, of Milford.
She d. before 1773, leaving children, whose names appear in the
will of her husband, dated 1769.

266. Eunice.

267. Deborah.

268. Samuel.

269. Enoch.
270.- Isaac.

130. ANNA or ANN^ Thomas^ Barnabas, ^ b. in Milford, Conn.,
about 1717; bapt. 12 April, 1719; m., 16 June, 1735, Richard Hol-
lingsworth, of Milford. He was a sea captain, and lost at sea,

271. Daughter.

272. Child.

She m. 2'"!' about 1746, Jahleel Law, s. of Gov. Jonathan Law,
of Milford. The}' are said to have lived on an eight-hundred-acre
farm of Gov. Law, about a mile from Milford Church, and had
children :

273. Abigail.

274. Andrew.

275. William.

Thence they removed to Cheshire, Conn., where she d. 1756, in
her fortieth year. (Law Mss.)

132. BARNABAS^ Barnabas ^^ Barnabas,^ b. in New Haven,
Conn., 31 Aug., 1726. He m. Mary Turrell, of Milford, who d.
15 Jan'y, 1803, aged 74, says the Cem. Rec; Fam. Rec. says 75.
He lived in that part of Milford now Woodbridge. He d. 24. Dec,
1804, and as usual the Cemetery and Family Records disagree
as to his ao'e.

276. Silas, 19 Oct., 1748; d. y.

277. Mary, bapt. 10 Feb'y, 1751 ; d. y.

278. Sarah, bapt. 3 June, 1753; probably d. y., as the descendants of this branch
know nothing of her.

279. ,Jared.+

280. Barnabas, 1760.+

281. Mary, 18 ]M arch, 1765; m. Ebenezer Beecher.-|-

282. Ephraim, 1766.+

283. Silas, 1770.+

Richard, of Mllfonl, Connecticut. Ill

He had, in accordance with the mild slavery at that time exist-
ing in Connecticut, slaves, the deaths of two of which are recorded
22"Feb'y, 1792, and 6 Jan'y, 1799, in the Church Records.

133. MP]niTABLE^ Barnahas^ Barnabas,^ b. 17 Dec, 1728; m.,
6 March, 1751, James Thompson, of New Haven as his 2"^' wife.

284. Elijah, 16 Dec, ITol.

285. Hannah, 15 Jan'y, 1754.

James Thompson m. 1***' 6 Feb'y,- 1744, Sarah Puuderson, and
s. David, b. 28 May, 1747, d. 3 July, 1747.

13(3. TEMPERANCE* Barnabas 3 Barnabas, 2 b. 20 May, 1736;
m. Samuel Baldwin, of .Woodbridge, s. Samuel,^ Samuel,* Sam-
uel, ^ Jonah," John,^ of Milford.

286. Rhoda.

287. Temperance.

288. Nancy, d. unm.

289. William.

290. Daniel. <

138. THOMAS* Barnabas^ Barnabas, ^ b. in that part of Milford
now Woodbridge, 10 July, 1742 ; d. 24 July, 1833, says the Family
Record. The tombstone and Church Record for once asrree in
saying 14 July, 1834; but the other must be right, as adm. of his
estate was granted 10 March, 1834. He m. 1'*' Eunice, who d. 18
June, 1780, aged 33; 2'^^, Hannah, who d. 17, June, 1829, aged m.

291. .James, bapt. 1 April, 1787; d. 17 Juh^ 1791.

292. Elizabeth, bapt. 1 May, 1794; m. Glover Bassett.-j-

293. George. +

294. James Judson.-l- .

295. Hettie.

296. Eunice, dau. 1st wife; m. 1st, John Woodruff, and 2nd, Joseph Northrup.-f-

140. TIMOTHY* Timothy ^ Barnabas,^ b. 13 Dec, 1722, in
Derby, adjoining that part of Milford now Woodbridge; was, in
1768, Captain Timotli3\ He lived in the same localit}-, and d. 22
Dec, 1800, aged, says his tombstone, b}' error as usual, 81. Hem.
Sarah Beecher, 15 Jan'}", 174i, who d. 1794, in her seventy-fourth
year, as per Derby Records.

297. Sarah, 11 Ap'l, 1746: m.. 10 Oct., 1764, Simeon Wheeler, of Derby, b.
Ap'l 15, 1741, s. James and Sarah (Johnson) Wheeler. They had ch.; Ruth, Sept.

112 Balchcin Genealogy.

17, 1765, m. Dea. Bradford Steele, and d. 20 Feb'y, 1850; Nathan, m. Experience
Washburn; Timothy; Sarah, m. Eli Sanford; David, d. Dec. 21, 1829, aged 53, unm.
(The descendants of Dea. Steele are in Sharp's History of Seymour, Conn., p. 204-5.)

298. Timothy, about 1749, lived in Derby; d. 30 Aug., 1822, aged 78 years
according to Derby cemetery, 74 according to the T. Rec. He m. Sarah, dau.
Murray Lester, of Poughkeepsie, N. Y., who d. 21 Dec, 1812, aged 65, giving to
her three sisters, Margaret Baldwin (w. Elijah bro. Timothy), Bertha Lester and
Mary Marshall, and others, including her husband, who m, 2n'l. Charity Somers.
He d., leaving widow, but no ch. In 1789, he was one of the signers of the paper
organizing the Congregational Church, at Seymour, Conn.

299. Thaddeus, 22 June, 1751.+

300. Anne, 24 Feb., 1757, m. Edmund Clark, of Derby, who, 24 May, 1785,
bequeaths all his estate to his wife, making his fatherun-law his executor.

He had his slave Peter bapt. 23 Dec., 1790. He was, 27 Dec,
1779, committee for soldiers' families.

141. ANDREW* Timothy 3 Barnabas, ^ b. 1 March, 1724, in
Milford, Amity Parish; m. 1***- 23 May, 1753, Ann Merwin, who
d. 7 Sept., 1759, in thirty-fifth year. He m. 2"''' Mary Hine, of
Milford, 2(3 March, 1760.

301. Miles. 22 Ap'l, 1754. +

302. David, 10 Nov., 1755. +

303. Ann, 3 Sept., 1758.

304. Abigail, 20 Aug., 1760; d. Jan'y, 1800,

305. Sarah, 4 Aug., 1763.

306. Caly, 2 Sept., 1764 (Caroline).

307. Eunice, 25 June, 1707; m., 16 Aug., 1780, Linus Beecher, of Wood-
bridge, s. Eliphlet.

144. ELIZABETH* Timothy ^ Barnabas,^ m. 18 Oct., 1746, Jedi-
diah Andrews, of New Haven, Conn., as his 2"'' wife. He was b.
26 April, 1708; s. Gideon. He m. l^*- Hannah Thomas, 23 Feb'y,
1730, and had children: John, 20 May, 1731 ; Mary, 15 Jnne, 1733;
Lydia, 16 Jan'y, 1735; Gideon, 2 March, 173-; Jedidiah, 1 May,
1741 ; Hannah, 17 Oct., 1743. I do not know of any by the 2"*^ w.

147. ENOCH* Timothy 3 Barnabas,-^ b. Oct., 1736, in Derby,
Conn., where he continued to live.

308. Huldah, 17 Feb'y, 1764, said to be only ch. by 1st w. ; m. Capt. Barnabas
Baldwin, s. Barnabas*. Barnabas 3, Barnabas 2, Richard i-

309. Enoch.4-

310. Alexis, 1778.+

311. Amos, 1779.+

312. Parsons, 1782.+

Richard, of Jlilford, Connecticut. 113

313. Susannnh, 1788; bapt. 24 May, 1789; d. (i Sept., 1794

314. Infaut son, bapt. 1 June, 1794; d. 14 Sept., 1794.

315. Abiah, about 1800; m. Clark Sperry.-|-

316. Sarah Ester; ni. Laurin Peck.+

317. Erastus, bapt. 1786; d,, aged about 16 or 17, on Iward vessel returning'
from the West Indies, where he had gone for recreation.

148. ELIJAH* Timothy =5 Barnabas, ^ 1). in Derby, Conn., 11
Sept., 1740; d. 18 March, 1816; his tombstone, diifering as usual
from other records, says aged 78. He lived in Derby, and was a
physician. He m. Margaret Lester, dau. Murray Lester, Esq., of
Poughkeepsie, N, Y.; she d. 16 Aug., 1823, aged 79. Murray
Lester was of an old and leading family at Poughkeepsie.

318. Timothy, 1784 +

319. Abigail Aiken, 1787; d. 16 Aug., 1794

320. Margaret, d. unni. in Derby, in Oct., and about 1853.

321. Mable, m. Abel Burritt.+

322. Sarah, m. Fitch Smith. +

323. Murray L.+

149. HENRY* Theophilus^ Barnabas^ Richard, ^ b. 1734, iu
Milford, Conn., Amity Parish, He m., 23 Feb'y, 1757, Lydia
Botchford, of Milford (sister of Alice, w. of his brother Richard).
He and his w. joined church in Amity, Feb'y, 1758. He d. 18
Feb'y, 1801, aged 67; his will is dated 12 April, 1798; his wife

324. Comford, 19 Dec, 1757; m. John Hine.+

325. Henry, 7 Aug., 1759.+

326. Cloe, 17 Jan'y, 1761 : m. Job Northrup.+

327. Anna, m. Charles Hine.+

150. THEOPHILUS* Theophilus^ Barnabas/^ b. in Milford,
Parish of Amity, 27 Nov., 1735. He settled in Waterbury, Conn.,
Parish of Westbury, near Watertown. He was Ensign in the
Revolution. He d. Jan'y 7, 1826. He m., 24 April, 1776, as
appears from Waterbury Records, Sarah Strong, dau. Mr. Adino
Strong, of Woodbury, or Southbury, says another authority. He
had two wives; the name of the other I cannot tell. "When 'his
will was made, his w. was Sarah, who is said to have had the two
children, Eli and Cyrus. His will, dated 10 April, 1809, is proved
14 Jan'y, 1826, and his children are remembered therein.

114 Baldnnn Genealogy.

328. Treat. +

339. Leverett, m. Martha Seymour, of Paris, N. Y. ; settled in Perrysville,

N. Y.; d. June, 1830. Had no cb. of his own; adopted A. S., son of Jared.

330. Anor, 16 Feb'y, 1777.+

331. Truman, Nov., 1778. +

332. Theophilus, 12 Nov., 1780.+

333. Jared, about 1782. +

334. EIi.+

335. Cyrus, 5 Dec, 1787. +

151. EUmCE^ Theophilus 3 Barnabas, 2 b. in Milford, Parisli of
Amity, 26 April, 1738; m., 20 April, 1758, Jonathan Andrew.

336. John.

337. Eunice.

338. Elizabeth.

152. ISAAC 4 Theophilus 3 Barnabas,^ b. 1740, in Milford, Conn.,
Parish of Amity. He m., 24 Dec, 1766, Philene Pardee, of
Derby. He lived, say his grandchildren, in Woodbridge (Amity),
Bethlem and Derby, Conn. He d. 4 Jan'y, 1799; his w. Philene,
July, 1826. He was one of the original signers, Nov. 3, 1789,
of the paper organizing the Congregational Church, in Seymour
(joining Woodbridge). He was a miller, killed by accident in his
own ffrist mill, on the west side of the l^ausratuck, on Little Eiver.
He was, says W. C. Sharpe of the Seymour Record, a devout and
studious man, reading his Bible while his mill was running.

339. Rachel, 30 Sept., 1767; d. aged about 19, unm.

340. Sarah, 2 May, 1769; m., 1812, Amos Dormon, a widower with eh., but
had none herself.

341. Isaac, 24 Nov., 1770.+

342. Ellas, 16 Jan., 1773.+

343. Elizur.+

344. Eunice, m. Philo Terril.+

345. Lewis. 17 Nov., 1780. +

346. Eliphlet, about 1785. +

347. Lyman, 1 Aug., 1786.+

153. ALSOP^ Theophilus 3 Barnabas, 2 b. in Milford, Parish of
Amity, 1 Feb'y, 174i. In 1773, was of " Westbury," a parish of
Waterbury, Conn., now Watertown. He received by his father's
will a farm there, and d. there 23 June, 1824. He m. P*' 13 Oct.,
1773, Elizabeth Sherman, dan. Amos, of Amity; she d. 7 Aug.,
1775, in her twenty-fourth year. He m. 2'< 16 Sept., 1778, Bath-

Richar/I, of 3IiIford, Connecticut. 115

sheba Stone, clan. Ebenezer, of AVoodburj; she d. 15 June, 1815,
of bilious colic, aged 63. His only child was

348. Amos, 2G March, 1775. +

155. RICHARD^ Ihcophilus ^ Barnabas, '^ bapt. in Milford,
Parish of Amity, 1 Dec, 1745, continued to live there (it becom-
ing, in 1785, the town of Woodbridge), until his death, 2 April,
1823. He was chosen, 80 June, 1791, Deacon in the church. He
was prominent in the church and town, and a man of position and
wealth. He m., 31 Oct., 1771, Alice Botchford, of Milford, sister
of Lydia, w. of his brother Henry ; his 2"'^' w. Abiah d. 23 Oct.,
1805,*^ aged 58. His will, dated 29 Dec, 1815, proved 21 April,
1828, makes liberal provision for his children in the various towns
where they were located.

340. Nehemiah, b. 1 Jan'y, 1770; d. y.

350. Theopbilus, b. 21 July, 1772. +

351. Adah. b. 9 Sept., 1773; m. Hickox.+

352. Ira, 5 Feb'y, 1775.-1-

353. Hester, 31 Aug., 1777: d. 30 March, 1848, iu Woodbridge, uum.,aged 72,
says the record, wrong as usual.

354. Xehemiah, 1778. -|-

355. David, 23 March, 1779. +

356. Abuer, 24 Jau'y, 1781 -|-

357. Abiah. 4 Nov., 1782: d. 1799 or 1800 (the records varying as usual), aged
17 years, say the records. Tradition says she went to a ball dressed iu the manner
of later days, ''beautifully, but nut warmly;" caught cold, and died four days after.
The dress was an heirloom in the family of Ira.

358. Jeremiah, 9 July, 1783: d. unm. 18 Dec, 18 J7. By his father's will, he
had farm in Woodbridge, where he died. By his Avill, his property goes to his
sister Ester (Hester) for life, and after her death to his brothers and the 1st Society
of Woodbridge.

157. DORCAS^ Sylvanus^ Barnabas, 2 b. 18 Aug., 1738, in Mil-
ford, Conn.. Society of Amity; m. Silas Ailing, of Orano-e.

359. Rebecca, m. Hull, and had ch., Algernon and Isaac.

360. Amos, of Orange; ch.: Willis, of Orange; Bela, Sheldon and Albert.

361. Edward, of Orange, had 11 or 12 ch., among whom was Zenas, who m.
Sarah Harriet Baldwin; dau. Silas » Barnabas^ Barnabas 3 Barnabas 2 Richard. i

362. Asa, m. Clarissa Umberfield, of Bethany; ch.: Ebenezer, of Orange (1874);
Harriet, m. Wm. Treat, of Orange; Ester, m. Wm. Andrews, and is now dead;
Chai-lotte H., m. Marcus Baldwin, s. Chauucey^ Thaddeuso Timothy* Timothy 3
Barnabas -2 Richard, i

363. Silas, of Orange, had two sons: David and Silas.

364. Lewis, removed to Ohio; had two sons: Ethan, late of Twinsburgh,
Summit county, and a leading citizen ; and Lewis.

365. Anne, m. Mr. Gilbert, of New Haven.

116 Baldwin Genealogy.

158. ELISHA^ Svlvanus 3 Barnabas, 2 b. 1 March, 1741, at Mil-
ford, Parish of Amity. The late Dr. Goodsell, of Woodbridge, an
aged and very intelligent resident of Woodbridge, told nie, iu
1856, that Elisha was lame, and taught the first school in that part
of Woodbridge where he lived. His niece, the late Mrs. Harvey
Riggs, informed me that he lost a leg, before marriage, by the
falling of a tree. He m., 20 Oct., 1768, Jerusha Coe, of iSouthbim*,
Conn., where he bought a farm. The following children appear
to him upon Southbury Record :

366. Polly, 27 Sept., 1769.

367. Philo Ailing, 6 March, 1775.+

368. Anna, 19 Oct., 1776; d. 1 May, 1777.

369. Anna, 1 May, 1778; m., 20 Dec, 1796, Abiud Lattin, of Southbury.

By his father's will he had, over and above what he had already
received (£20), twelve acres of land in New Haven, and Sylvanus^
right in the Susquehanna Purchase being one-half right. Elisha
sold out his lands in Southbury, and he and his whole family
disappear from Southbury. I have not, after many years' search ^
been able to find out where — tradition says to Tioga county, N.Y.;
to Chenango county, X. Y.; and to Pennsylvania — possiblj' to try
the right in Susquehanna Purchase, but not very likely, as he
deeds in 1790 to A. H. .Wheeler, to son Philo in 1795. Philo
deeds to Griswold in 1800; and Elisha and Philo join in several
deeds in 1805. A brief account of the Susquehanna Purchase,
and the romantic attempt to establish the jurisdiction of Con-
necticut over a part of Pennsylvania, will be found under John, ^
Senior, of Milford, Josiah - Samuel ^ Caleb ^ Jared.^ Elisha bought,
16 April, 1793, of William Preston, of Woodbury; Elisha is then
described of Southbury.

161. SARAH 4 Sylvanus^ Barnabas- Richard, ^ b. in Milford,
Society of Amity, 1 Feb'y, 174|; m. William Burrit, of Derby,
and they resided there and had ch.

370. Daughter, m. Nehemiah Tyrrel, of Derby; living 1866.

162. CHARLES^ Sylvanus^ Barnabas,- b. in Milford, Conn.,
Society of Amity, 8 May, 1751; bapt. 23 June, 1751. He m., 19

Richard, of 3IUfo7-d, Connecticut. 117

March, 1792, Susannah Hine/' of Stephen * of Woodhriclge, Am-
brose 3 Stephen - Thomas.^ *

lie was a man of standing in Woodbridge, and in the year of
his m. was Selectman. His father by his will, dated 1779, proved
10 Jan'y, 1785, gave to him eighteen acres of land east of the river,
three-fonrths of his dwelling, the other one-fourth to Hezekiah,
and all the remainder of his property, having made ample previous
provisions for his other children, to Charles and Hezekiah.
Charles and Hezekiah for a long time conducted farming in part-
nership, upon a portion of the same premises w^hich came to
Richard^ from Tawtanimo, the "Indian Sagamore;" and the
records of AVoodbridge, in their further purchases in company,
bear witness to their enterprise. He lived with his brother as a
bachelor, and m. the half-sister of his brother's wife. 10 April,
1800, he bought of A. Bray a farm of two hundred and seventy-
three acres, in that part of Wallingford, Conn., now Meriden;
and subsequently made some additions to it, so that it contained

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