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809. Minerva, m. Mr. Oakes, of Rockport, in Cape Ann, Mass. Has two or
three ch. She is supposed to be dead.

810. Sarah, m. W. Upson, of Humphreyville, Conn. In 1855, was in New
Britain, Conn.,, and had ch.

345. LEWIS 5 Isaac *Theophilus,sb. in Derby, Conn.; m. l^'-
Anna Maria Somers, b. May, 1788, and dan. Jonah and Mary
(Hard) Somers, of Southbury, Conn.; she d. May, 1810..

811. AUetta, Sept., 1807. After the death of her mother, Alletta lived with
her maternal gr. ijarents; m. Smith Clark. +

Lewis m. 2°'^'' Lorinda Baldwin,^ of Oxford, Conn., dau. Stephen "^
James" Silas ^ James"* SamueP John- John,^ Sen., of Milford, and
removed to ]!N"ew York City a few years after the second marriage.

812. Albert L. , m. Delia Youngs.

813. George W., said, in 1874, to have a shoe shop in New York.

Richard, of Jlllfon/, Connecticut. 1-il

Lewis had several other eh., whose names I get just as this goes
to print, in January, 1880. They were

Anu Maria, m. Edwiu llj'de, of New Haven.
Mary, in. Thomas Cypher, of New York.

Editha, m. Allen, of New ilaveu.


346. ELTPHLET^ Isaac* Theophilus,^ b. in Derby, Conn., about
1785; m., 1812, Rebecca Burritt, and settled' in that part of Derby
now Birmingham. He was in war of 1812; held some office; d.
of consumption.

814. Sarah, 7 Nov., 1813; m. Daniel F. Beach.

815. Harve\ , 24 May, 1816. +

816. Eliphlet, 8 Sept., 1817, in Colebrook, Conn.; m. Marietta S. Chatficld,
dau. Anson, of Oxford. They settled in Derby, and d. there; no ch.

817. William Burritt, 28 Oct., 1820; m., 10 June, 18.50, Charlotte Smith, of
Milford; b. 1833. He d. of consumption, 3 Dec, 1853; no ch. He was a locksmith.

818. Julia Ann, 3 Nov., 1822; d. unm., 4 Sept , 1847, with consumption.

819. Charles, 28 April, 1825; d. num., about 1864, with consumption. Was a
cabinet maker.

820. Lucius, 28 July, 1827; m. widow Piatt, born Laura Smith, of Milford,
Conn. Was a painter; d. with consumption ; no cb.

821. Mary, 12 Jan'y, 1830; living at Birmingham. Conn.

822. Hiram, 19 Nov., 1832: d. with consumption, aged 15.

347. LYMAX^^ Isaac -^Theophilus,3b. in Derby, 1 Aug., 1786;
bapt. in Oxford, Conn., 5 Xov., 1786. He d. 3 July, 1869, at
Monticello, N. Y. He m., 5 April, 1812, at Oxford, Conn., Xancy
Candee,6 b. 13 Dec, 1790, dau. Moses ^ Caleb ^ Caleb ^ Captain
Samuel - Zaccheus,Mvho settled in New Haven as early as 1670;
she d. 27 July, 1875, in Youngsville, Sullivan county, X. Y.

823. Julius Augustus. 20 Nov., 1814, at Southbury, Conn.+

824. Sarah Amanda, 13 Oct., 1816; m. >Ir. Cushman.-h

725. Edwin Candee, 8 March, 1817, at Southbury, Conn. He is a physician in
Baltimore, and m. To him I am much indebted for aid in the family genealogj^

826. Mary Ann, 16 :May, 1818, at 0.\'ford, Conu.; m. Nelson Huntingdon.-H

827. Emily Maria, 23 Jan., 1S21. at Youngsville; m. Eleazor Olmsted. +

828. Alvan Burr, 17 Sept., 1824, at Humphrej-sville, Coun.+

348. AMOS^ Alsop* Theophilus,3 b. in Watertown, Conn., 26
March, 1775; m. Sarah Law. He lived in that part of Waterbury
now Watertown, Conn. He was Representative in 1818.

829. Alsop, 17 Nov., 1800. +

14-2 Baldwin Genealogy.

His w. was sister of William, of Cheshire, and a descendant of
Jahleel and Ann Baldwin^ Law, dau. Thomas^ Barnabas ^ Eich-
ard.i His will, dated 10 June, 1839, was proved 29 July, 1839.
His w. survived.

350. THEOPHILUS ^ Eichard^ Theophilus,^ b. in Milford,
Conn., Amity Society, 21 July, 1772. He settled in Middlebury,
Conn., and in 1823, received the farm from his father, which was
bought of Amos Scott, with the buildings thereon. He m. Esther

830. Amos, b. 8 July, 1800. +

831. Isaac M., 27 Nov., .+

833. Maria, b. 33 July, 1798; m. Samuel Baldwin. +

833. Esther, b. 31 3Iarch, 1803; m. Truman St. John,+

834. Horace, b. 13 April; d. y.

835. Nancy Abia, 18 Dec, ; m. Jonathan Stiles. +

He m. 2'"^' Polly Porter and had one ch. :

836. Lewis W., b. 17 Feb'y, 1831.+

He m. 3''''' Milicent Porter, by whom he had no ch. His will,
dated 21 Aug., 1839, was proved 6 Nov., 1839. He d. 21 Oct., 1839.

351. ADA 5 Eichard ^ Theophilus,^^ b. in Amity Society, Milford,
Conn., probably 21 July, 1772; m. Mr. Hickox, and had a

837. Daughter.

352. IEA5 Eichard^ Theophilus,^ b. in Amity Society, Milford,
Conn., 5 Feb'y, 1775. He settled in ^ew Hartford, Conn., in
1800, and by his father's will took, in 1823, all his lands there.
He d. there, 19 Jan'y, 1832, of small pox. He m. Lydia Hotchkiss,
of Woodbridge, dau. Deacon Hotchkiss, and sister of w. of Abner
Baldwin, his brother.

838. Noyes.+

839. Ira ]\Ierritt.+

840. Lydia Caroline; m. David Camp. +

841. Sophia; m. .Jonathan Deming.+
843. Julius, 4 Oct., 1811. +

843. Royal. +

844. Harriet, living in Medina, O., in 1874, with her sister, Mrs. Demiug, unm.

354. XEHEMIAH ^ Eichard * Theophilus,^ b. in Amity Society,
in Milford, Conn., 1778. He m., April, 1803, Huldah Hine, dau.

Blrhard, of Miff or d, Connecticat, 14-3

Eeul)en, of Woodbridge, Conn., Amity. He removed to ITarwin-
ton, Conn., where he d. 20 Dec, 1808, in liis tliirty-third year, as
per tombstone.

845. Julia, 27 .Tuly, 180."): in. Samuel Wilsou +
84(5. Cornelia. 2:5 Dec. 1806; m. Sheldon Catlin.+

847. Nehemiah Addison, 23 Oct., 1808. +

His w. survived. She was left an orphan at an early age, and
then lived with Mr. Xewton, of Woodbridge, father of Sanmel,
missionarv to the Indians. She was 2:nardian of the children.
She m. 2"*^' Ephraim Barker, of Harwinton, s. of Eliasaph, of
Plymouth, Conn., s. of Uzal; moved from Brauford, Conn., to
Plymouth, about 1748, and had numerous descendants. She had
bv her 2"'^ husband:

Hart Barker, 7 Sept., 1812; in 1871, living in Harwinton, on the place once his
stepfather's. It is to his courtesj^ that 1 am indebted for the quite complete knowl-
edge of Nehemiah and his descendants.

]Mabal Sophronia, 26 March, 1814.

Huldah Selina, 18 Nov., 1816.

Emily Jennet, 19 Jauy, 1820.

Nelson, 13 June, 1824. All living in 1874.

She d. 29 May, 1840.

355. DAVII)-^ Richard^ Theophilus,3b. in Milford, Conn., So-
ciety of Amity, 28 Xov., 1779. lie m., 1 Jan'y, 1807, Ruth
Stanley, b. 19 Sept., 1784. She was of Berlin, Conn., and dau.
Elijah and Elizabeth (Peck) Stanley. He settled in that part of
Wallingford, Conn., now Cheshire. His father's will, dated 1815,
gives him a farm in Middlebury, with buildings, bought of Abel
Bassett, and all his lands in Cheshire Society, in Columbia. But
David had some bad luck, and the codicil of 1817 makes less
provision for him, as, since his misfortune, his father had " paid a
good deal for him." They removed to Forest Lake Center, Sus-
quehanna county. Pa., where they lived to a happy and prosperous
old age, with a large and fortunate family. He. d. 10 Sept., 1857;
his w., 2 Jan'y, 1869.

848. Elvira, 31 Dec, 1807, in Woodliridgc; m. Luther Kallam. +

849. Alonzo, 18 Oct., 1809, in Cheshire; d. 14 Aug., 1S35, unm.
8."j0. Stanley. 31 Aug., 1811, in Cheshire; d. 16 Aug., 1833, unm.

851. Bertha, 6 Sept.. 1813; m. Asor Warner. +

852. Lovinia, 17 Sept., 1815; m. Frederick Brock. +

853. William C, 2 July, 181 7.+

144 Baldwin Genedlogij.

834. Elizabeth R, 26 June, 1819; m., 15 Jan'y, 1845, James Wylie.
855. Adah B., 4 3Iarch, 1821; m. Thomas Peat.+
. 856. Henry J., 14 Jan'y, 1823. +

857. Emeline C, 26 Aug., 1825; m. Nelson R. Cole.+

356. ABXER 5 Richard^ Theopliilus,^ b. in Milford, Conn., So-
ciety of Amity, 1781. He lived in the same place which became,
in 1786, the town of Woodbridge, named after the clergyman
preaching there. He m., 1805, Eleanor Ilotchkiss, dan. Deacon
Hotchkiss, of Woodbridge, though my informants differ whether
Mr. Hotchkiss' name was Dana or Harvey. Abner d. 25 March,
1863. She d. 4 Feb., 1860, aged 77; she was sister of the wife of
his brother Ira.

858. Emma, 10 Sept., 1806; m. ISToyes Thomas. +

859. Thu-za, 21 April, 1808; m. James Stow.4-

860. Abner Spencer, 16 Dec., 1810.+

861. Tamer Abiah, 2 Aug., 1813; m. Willuxm Plumb. +

862. Rumanah, 4 Aug., 1815; d. 30 Oct., 1845, unm.

863. Richard Hector, 9 July 1818. +

864. Jeremiah Jeptha, 2 Sept., 1820; went South, and d. 1 Aug., 1872, in
Georgia, unm.

865. Miriam, 4 Nov., 1823; m. Samuel Fitch Sperry.+

866. Eleanor, 20 Feb'y, 1826; m. Samuel N. Beecher.+

867. Abigail, 19 Feb'y, 1828; m. Gilead Kimberly.+

367. PHILO ALLING^ Elisha* Svlvanus^ Barnabas ^ Richard,^
b. 6 March, 1775, in Southbury, Conn., and there m., 7 May, 1794,
Eunice Mallory.

868. Daughter, name illegible.

869. Harvey, 19 March, 1797.

371. CHARLES \VYLLIS» Charles^ Sylvanus,^ b. in Wood-
bridge, Conn., 4 N"ov., 1792. His father settled in Meriden, Conn.,
soon after. He m. Sarah Stevens, 21 Nov., 1821, who was b. 7
Dec, 1798. They settled in New Britain, where he was all his
life a manufacturer. He was a leading member of the Methodist
Church. He d. 12 Jan'y, 1856. His widow is (1875) living there.

870. Charles Lucius, 18 Aug., 1822. +

871. Amos Sherman, 29 June 1827. +

872. Sarah E., 3 Dec, 1831; m. Henry M. Dates. +

873. Jane Diantha, 12 Feb'y, 1837.

Bh'/iord, of ^I'djord, Connecticut. 145

372. LUCIUS '" Charles * Sylvaniis,^ brought up in Merideii,
Conn.; m., 29 May, 1828, Maria Willard, b. 27 June, 1810, dau.
Rev. Elijah AVillard, a Methodist preacher, tlien of Winchester,
N. 11.

874. Jeriisha .ALiria, 1 .Tunc, 1859; m. Thomas K. Small. +

875. Lucius ]\Ionroe, 12 July, 1881; m. 14 March, 1854, Elleu Frances Chap-
man, and in 1859 lived in Naugatucli, Conn. Farmer; no ch.

876. Edwin Soule, 20 March, 1833; d. in Meriden, 1 Oct., 1833.

877. Hcrvey Watson, 4 Aug., 1834. In 1874, a builder in Naugatuck, uum.

878. Amelia Ann, 31 3Iarch 1836; m. George Walker. +

879. Lewis Sheiwood, 3 Jan'y, 1838; d. 13 Jan'y, 1863, leaving a widow, but
no cb.

880. Esther Sophia, 22 :\rarcli, 1839; m. J. F. Brown. +

881. Frances Adelaide, 16 Oct., 1840; m. Seth D. Bingham. +

882. Henry Chalmers, 15 Sept., 1842; in 1878 a successful lawyer in Naugatuck,

883. Celia -Josephine, 13 Oct., 1844; m. Emory Whitehead. +

884. Matilda Augusta, 16 Sept., 1846; d. June, 1866.

885. Albert Warren, 29 Sept., 1849; d, 19 Jan'y, 1868.

886. Charles Willard, 24 Xov., 1851. Is a mason, and, 1874, living, unm., iu

887. Eleanor Florence, 7 April, 1854; iu 1873 unm., and living in West Meri-
den, Conn.

375. ELIAS5 Charles^ Sylvanus,=^ b. 23 May, 1799; lived and d.
in Meriden, Conn., on a portion of the homestead of his father,
being the only son who remained there. He m., 7 Oct., 1821,
Lodemia Hart. He died. He was a manufacturer, and unfor-
tunate in being very deaf.

888. Vincent L., 17 .June, 1833. +

889. Elias W., 15 Sept., 1824; d. in childhood.

890. Sarah E., 28 Aug., 1826; d. in childhood.

891. Truman W., 20 Dec, 1828. Was in the 18th Connecticut Cavalry in all
its campaigns. Was taken prisoner by the Confederates near the close of the war,
confined in prison at Florence, Ala., and died soon after.

892. Ellen R., 11 3Iarch, 1831; m. Alonzo Gallop. +

893. Luther W., 25 Feb'y, 1834; m. 1858. Hannah Whitney, of Washington,
Conn. Was three years in the last war. Resides, 1874, iu Naugatuck, Conn.

894. Noah E., 1 Feb'y, 1836. +

370. :srAEY AXN^ Charles^ Sylvanus,^ b. 20 Feb'y, 1801; m.,
10 April, 1823, Eliphlet Bailey, b. 30 April, 1800, s."^ Edward, of
Haddam, Conn., and w., Amy Smith, both b. in Haddam. They
settled in Masonville, N. Y., where, in 1875, they are both living.

146 Baldwin Genealogy.

895. Alfred, b. 20 Kov., 1824, in Meriden, Conn.; m. 29 Oct., 1846, Lucy A.
Kueelaud, of Masonville, N. Y. Had one s. b. 11 Aug., 1864; d. 29 July. 1865.

896. Jane C, 10 May, 1827, in Meriden; m. Jotham Davis, 20 June, 1850; one
s., Morton, b. 20 July, 1853.

897. Selden E., 24 Aug., 1829, at, Meredith, N. Y. ; m. Anne Hendricks, 16
Aug. , 1855, in Gaines, Mich. ; have ch. : Mary, Ella, May, Emma, Marquis and

898. Adelaide Maria, 1 May, 1832; d. 18 Dec, 1887.

899. Charles Vincent, 12 Aprd, 1835; m. Harriet Hager, 1853. Ch. : Minnie
A., 17 June, 1860, in Masonville, N. Y. : Charles Edward, 7 Feb'y, 1862; Frank
Hager, 18 Feb'y, 1864; Mary E., 4 Jan'y, 1868; Seymour Baldwin, 15 Dec, 1870.

900. Mary Adeline, 3 July, 1838, in Meredith, N. Y. ; m. Harlan Hendrick, b.
Sept., 18 — ; s. Francis, b. 11 Feb'y, 1872. Living, 1874, in Gaines, Kent county-,

901. Edward A., 17 Oct., 1841; d. 9 May, 1873.

902. Harriet E., 30 Nov., 1844; d. 12 March, 1847.

877. JESSE GARRETS0N5 Charles'^ Sylvaims,M3. 17 March,
1804, in ]\Ieriden, Conn.; ra., 14 April, 1830, Lydia Rice, b. 5
Feb., 1800, dan. Ezekiel, of Meriden. His name, from the two
famons preachers, Jesse Lee and Freeborn Garretson, shows his
father's predilection, and he has been all his life an active, zealous
Christian; a Methodist, hut not sectarian in feeling. He was very
active in the Anti-Slavery cause, when to be active required
courage, and in 1835, was mobbed with Garrison, in his home at
Middletown, Conn. He resolutely used none but free-labor goods,
and outside of his regular business, kept such goods for others.
He was a candidate on the Anti-Slavery ticket for Governor vf
Connecticut. He has lived to see no more to he done for the
Anti-Slavery cause. He has always been as strong an enemy to
drunkenness, and in 1876 was the Prohibition candidate for Gov-
ernor of Connecticut, a candidacy he had previously tilled, and
thirty years after he was the Anti-Slavery candidate.

He commenced business as a merchant and manufacturer of
silver spoons, with his brother Seymour, in the little town of
Oxford, Conn, — the sales being partly by peddlers sent around the
country under the firm of J. & S. Baldwin. In 1832, they moved
the business to Middletown, Conn. In 1835, Se^ymour moving-
west, he continued the business, and then went into the profitable
manufacture of plated ware. Being severely attacked by con-
sumption, he resolutely gave up his business entirely and warred
with the disease w^ith the same steady courage he has exhibited
in politics, and in a few years was entirely recovered. In 1858,

Richard, of 3Iilford, Connecticut. 147

he became President of the Central Bank of Middletown, the
stock of which, under his management, rose from |55 to ^105 per
share, par being $75. He is still the President of the Central
I^ational Bank. ]Ie has been also President of the People's In-
surance Company of Middletown, an unambitious and successful
institution since its foundation in 18(37.

908. Mary Ann, 18 Feb., 1S81, iu Oxford, Conn. ; resides in Middletown, Conn.,
where she is noted for her musieal talent cultivated here ami abroad. She is
wedded to the piano.

904. Harriet Eice, 8 Oct., 1883, in ]\Iiddleton, Conn. She was a person of fine
mind, excellent education, a good classical scholar, and a person of thorough,
intelligent religious convictions. She was a teacher, from the desire to be useful.
After the recent war she Avent South in that capacity to the freedmen, and fell a
victim to the climate. She d. num. at Eufala, Ala., 28 March, 1870.

905. Maria Antoinette, 22 Nov., 1835; d. num., July, 1861. She was a charm-
ing person, with an excellent, well trained mind, and great and quick intelligence.
She exhibited at times a high poetic temperament. She wrote seldom, but her
minor pieces are worthy to live. She liked only the short ones, written spontan-

906. Lydia Elizabeth. 10 Nov., 1837; d. 27 July. 1839.

907. James Garretsou, 17 June, 1841. +

908. Lydia Elizabeth, 24 May, 1844; d. 4 Oct., 1863. Her life, to quote a
Middletown paper, was singularly adorned by an even, happy temper, her character
was strong and harmonious.

Mrs. Lydia Baldwin d. 18 May, 1876. Her life was one of very
great usefulness and active charity. She seemed to the writer as
goed a woman as he ever knew, and withal of an excellent good
judgment in all matters of life: her kindness was beyond all

382. .SEYMOUK WESLEY - Charles^ Sylvanus,^ b.iuMeriden,
Conn., 29 July, 1807. He was educated at district school, and at
the Episcopal Academy at Cheshire, Conn. Some time before
manhood, he commenced life as a Yankee peddler, lirst in the
^STorth and then in the South. When twenty-one, he became a
merchant in Oxford, Conn., with his brother Jesse as J. & S.
Baldwin, selling goods there and sending out peddlers. They were
also engaged in the manufacture of silver spoons. There he m.,
15 l^OY., 1881, Mary E. Candee,*^ dau. David ^^ David* Caleb =^ Sam-
uel - Zaccheus.^ She was b. in Oxford, Conn., 2 Aug., 1818, and
educated partly there and partly in New Haven. Her first ancestor
was Zaccheus Cande, of New Haven, b. about 1640: m. 5 Dec,

148 Baldwin Genealogy.

1(370, at JSTewIIaven, Rebeckah Bristow, or Bristol, b. 4 Feb'y. 1650,
dau. Henry, of that place. His son Samuel,- b. 24 July, 1678: m.,
28 April, 1703, Abigail Pineon, of '^qw Haven. She was dau.
Thomas Pineon,- of Sudbury, 1661, thence to N^ew Haven, by w.
Marj'. Thomas- was likely s. Xicholas,^ of Lynn, 1647. Caleb
Cande,^ s. Capt. Samuel, was b. about 1722. He m. Lois Mallory
and his s. David^ was b. 1747. He m., 5 Feb'y, 1772, Dinah Bristol,
of West Haven, and lived in Oxford and Harwinton. Their s.
David Candee'* wasbapt. 1782, who m. Hannah Catlin, dau. Abijah,
of Harwinton, and their dau. was Mary E.

Hannah Catlin was b. 13 Sept.', 1788. She was a descendant of
Thomas Catlin,^ of Hartford, in 164|; his w. was Mary. His s.
John Catlin- m. Mary Marshall, sister Thomas, of Hartford, and
likely dau. Thomas, of Middletown. Their s. Samuel Catlin'^ was
b. Nov. 4, 1673, and m. Elizabeth Norton,^ of Farmington, dau.
John Norton,^^s. John- and Hannah (Clark) Xorton, s. Thomas^
and Grace, of Guilford. Their cli. Abijah Catlin, b. 1715, m. Cook ;
and their s. Abijah Catlin m.. 24 Nov., 1774, Huldah AViard, and
their 6*^ cli. was Hannah, who m. David Candee. Huldah Wiard
was dau. of John, by w. Martha^ Xewell, m. 1755. Martha* was
dau. John ^ and Elizabeth (Hawley) I^ewell, s. Samuel- and Mary
(Hart) N^ewell. Mary Hart was dau. Thomas and Rebecca (Haw-
kins, dau. Anthony) Hart. Samuel Xewell- was b. 1660, s. Thomas
Xewell,^ hj w. Rebecca Olmsted, sister of John and Richard, and
niece of James, in shi[) Lion, to Xew England, in 1632, and said
to be from Suffolk.

A fuller account of the Candees will be found in the genealoo^V
of that family, by the author.

In 1831, the firm of J. & S. Baldwin moved to ^[iddletown,
Conn., and Sej'mour in Ma}', 1835, to Elyria, Lorain county, Ohio,
Mr. Baldwin has been a man of great power of endurance, energy
and ability in his business as amerchant. He adopted and insisted
upon the one-price cash system, and, by the small margin at which
his mercantile skill and system enabled«him to sell goods, has done
much to enrich the countv where he has lived. His business has
been very large for a country merchant.

In 1847, having ac(|uired such a competence as he had fixed
upon when he first went to Elyria, he returned to Meriden. He
was there soon engaged in various business, being President of

Richard, of 3Iilford, Connecticat. !1

the Meriden Macliiue Coinpanj, the tirst President of the IIoi
Bank, now Home National Bank, as well as a partner in a l>ai
ing firm in Cleveland, Ohio.

In 1856, he resigned the presidency of the Home Bank, ai
retnrned to Eh'ria and his original business, his firm also esta
lishing a branch store in Wellington, in the same county. Attl
two stores, the sales reached over four hundred thousand dolln
per annum, besides produce, in which a large business was don«
p.aying cash, or goods at cash price, as the farmer preferred. Tl
two firms continue under the name of Baldwin, Laundon & C
in Wellino-ton, and Baldwin, Lersch & Co. in Elvria. Mr. Baldw.
has been contented with modest profits; but, on the other banc
has never done business at a loss. He has been a model merchant
He still resides in Elyria, interested in business, but not giving il
his own time, but at the present writing giving his time to th'
building of a church, for which he has donated a fine lot, facing
the public square.

His 1** w., Mary Candee, d. 23 Sept., 1836, leaving two young
ch. She is described as being a bright, intelligent young woman
aged only twenty-three years at her death. He m. 2"*^' Sept., 1837
/ Fidelia Hall, dan. Theophilus (M. D.) and Bertha (Merriam) Hall,
of Meriden, Conn., b. 20 April, 1810, and still living. The writer
takes this opportunity to testify to the sterling worth and great
kindness of as good a stepmother as ever lived. For a further
account of her ancestors, see Appendix. ~_

909. Charles Candee, -2 Dec, 1834. +

910. David Candee, 28 Sept., 1836, is a verj' successful merchant in Elj-ira,
firm late D. C. Baldwin & Co., now Baldwin, Lersch & Co. He m., 1 Maj', 1878,
Josie Staub, b. in Circleville, Ohio, 19 Oct., 1852. She is dau. of Henry Staub, Avho
was b. in Frankfort, Germany, 22 April, 1809, s. of Peter Staub, b. in Frankfort,
23 May, 1779, who d. 22 March, 1822. The w. of Peter Staub was Margaret
Guildner, b. in Shafheim, near Darmstadt, 34 Feb'y, 1781 ; she d. 25 Dec, 1825, in
Frankfort. The w. of Ilenrj' Staub, and mother of Josie, was Hannah Mary
Haines, b. in Ortenberg, Germany, 30 Sept., 1818, dau. Henry Karl Haines, who
was b. in Wiesbaden, Dukedom Nassau, Germany, 4 March, 1777, and d. in Orten-
berg. 7 April, 1828. His w. was Hannah Mary Eisner, b. in Ortenberg, 18 March,
1780; d. in Baltimore, ^Ld., 12 May, 1844. Mrs. Baldwin's parents came to the
United States in 1831 ; were m. 17 Maj% 1832, and her mother d. in Dayton, Ohi(
28 April, 1854.

He had a very brief experience in the late war, as Lieutenant of an Oh
Company in the hundred days service, which however included, curiously enong
a lively skirmish with the Confederates upon the farm hired by .John Brown, wh
he first went to Virginia.

Baldwin Genealogy.

911. Joha Hall, 16 Aug., 188S; m., 10 July, 1S67, Sarah Elizabeth Spader, b.

May, 1844, iu New York City, dau. John and Sarah Elizabeth Spader; she d. 5

ov., 1878, in New Jersey. He m., 3 Dec, 1879, Ella E. Wing, b. in New York

ity, 23 Aug., 1862. He is engaged in importing and selling at wholesale drug-

ists' articles and brushes, at 167 Williana street, New York, firm (1880) of Baldwin

; [Mitchell. He lives in Moutcliar, if. J. He has no children.

912. YVilbur Rice, b. 12 Sept., 1841. +

379. NATHANIEL ^ Ilezekiah ^ Sylvaiuis,^ b. 13 Feb'y, 1783, in
'oodbridge, Conn., where be lived and d., as a farmer, upon the
I ancestral tract given to the family by '' Tontonimo." He m.,
02, Snsan York, who d. 8 May, 1837, aged 58. He d. 1 Aug.,

;28, says the tombstone and Ch. Rec, which are wrong, however,
1 saying he was 46 ; while differing as usual in Woodbridge, the
'am. _Rec., in this instance wrong, makes his death in 1826,

913. Stiles, bapt. Oct., 1803. +

913i. Eliza Ann, 3 May, 1805; m., 2 April, 1824, Capt. James J. Baldwin, 5 s.
Thomas •* Barnabas^ Barnabas 2 Richard. i

914. Cornelia Ann, bapt. 2 Oct., 1807; m. Ezra Thompson. +

915. Starr. +

916. Garwood .AlilLs, bapt. 15 Oct., 1805. +

917. Charles L., b. Aug., 1822. +

918. Susan Emeline, entered in Ch. Rec. as Susan Caroline, bapt. 20 Oct.,
•1818; d. 11 Sept., 1824, aged 6 yrs., 9 mos., 9 days.

919. Charity Jane, bapt. 22 Oct., 1820; d. 6 Sept., 1824, aged 4 yrs., 28 days.

380. XANCY ^ Hezekiah ' Sylvanus,^ b. 22 July, 1785, in Wood-
bridge, Conn.; m. 19 Dec, 1805, Joseph Bradley, b. 26 May, 1782,.
in Bethany, Conn., where they resided. He d. 27 May, 1859; she^
10 April, 1871.

920. Daughter, 14 Dec, 1806; d. .Jan'y, 1807.

921. Elizur T., 4 Sept., 1808; d. 10 Nov., 1852. His w. resides (1873) in New
Haven, Conn.

922. Mary Ann, 25 Oct., 1810; ra. Isaac Hine, living in New Haven, Conn.

923. Marcus W., 1 Nov., 1812, unni.; living in Prospect, or Bethany, near
Prospect, Conn.

924. Catharine E., 11 Dec, 1814; m. Henry A. Smith, in 1873, of 382 West
Madison street, Chicago.

925. Susan E., 30 Jan'y, 1817; lives unm. in Prospect, Conn.

926. Betsej^ 18 March, 1819; d. unm.. May, 1852.

927. Charity B., 3 April, 1821; is widow of Samuel French; lives in West
laven, Conn.; no ch.

928. Nancy, 12 May, 1823; d. 15 Sept., 1838.

Richard, of Milford, Connecticut. 1

929. Alalia A., 22 Jan'y, 182G; lives mini, in West Haven.

930. Joseph L., 31 Nov., 1H28; d. March, 1829.

9;}1. Charlotte B., 14 Feb., 1880; m. William Kimball, of Prospect, Conn.
9;i2. Joseph L., 2:} 3Iarch, 1882; lives in New Haven, Conn.

382. TIEZEKIAII HARVEY ^ Ilezekiah ^ Sylvanus,^ b. i
AVoodbridge, Conn., 17 Feb'y, 1790. Graduated at Yale Collegf

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