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death of Sir John Baldwin made vacant his office, which had now
acc^uired the name of 'pillow,' from its allowing its possessor to
be pat to sleep by the somnolent pleadings of the Sergeant, in
conducting real actions without any excitement from criminal or
political trials. Eor profit, it was superior to the Chief Justice-
ship of the King's Bench; and most of those who had the good
luck to lay their tripods upon it remained contented with it for
life. Yet being inferior in rank, etiquette forbade the Chief
Justice of England to accept it. But Montague, a few days after
Baldwin's death, solicited and obtained the office. He was ap-
pointed 6 :N'ov., 1546."

His probable age would make it unlikely that he was grandson

of William Dormer. Dormer died 1506, but probably not very

old, as his brother. Sir Michael, was Sheriff of London 1529,

Lord Mayor 1541, and died 20 Sept., 1545. Sir John had a

grandson born as early as 1523. If Sir John, whose home was

Vylesbury, was the John born in 1470, he was only fifty-three at

he birth of this grandchild, and was even seventy-five at the

Bath of Sir Michael in 1545. The genealogical situation is here

Sir John Baldwin. 17

quite iuteresting. In 1485 Richard dies, leaving his brother John
as his heir. In 1506, William Dormer remembers Richard and
John, and we shall find, further on, that Richard of Dundridge, in
1552, dies leaving a brother John. The last Richard and John
were ancestors to most of the Baldwins of America.

Dundridge, which was granted to Sir John, and also the Braies
which subsequently belonged in fee to the Richard branch, had
belonged before to Sir John. It will be seen also that the Bald-
wins of Dundridge descent took very kindly to the law as a pro-
fession. I think the probability very great that Richard and
John, who were living in 1552 when Richard died leaving a family
of seven children, were nephews of Sir John. The fact that both
families had considerable property, living close together, lends
additional color to the supposition.

Sir John died 24 Oct., 1545, as appears from Co.'s Inquisition
post mortem, taken 22 Dec, 1546, (37 Henry VIII.) His next
heirs were his grandchildren, Thomas Packington and John Bur-
lacy. He left a large estate. The manor of Aylesbury at Domes-
day survey included, besides Aylesbury and Walton, the parishes
of Bierton, Boughton and Halcot, and belonged to the King until
1204, when King John gave it to Geoffrey Fritz Piers, Earl of
Essex. After several genei'ations, a Joan carried it by marriage
to Theobald de Boteler ; with some generations intervening, it
came to James (Butler), Earl of Ormond. Then came two James,
Earls of Ormond; then Thomas, Earl of Ormand, d. 1515, from
whom it came to his daughter. Lady Margaret Butler, who m. Sir
William Boleyn, who d. 1505. Their son. Sir Thomas Boleyn
(father of Ann), Earl of Wiltshire, sold it to Sir John Baldwin,
from whom it went to the Packingtons. How completely the town
was under the control of the Packingtons appears from a letter
preserved among the Parliament returns of 14 Elizabeth, printed
by Brayley and Britton (Beauties of England). I give it, it shows ''
such a consciousness of owning a member of Parliament:

" To all Christian people to ■whom this present witness shall come: I, Dame Doroth}' .,
Packington, late wife of Sir John Packington, Knight, Lord and owner of the town ^'
of Aylesbury, send greeting. Know ye me, the said Dorothy Packington, to have V,
chosen, named and appointed my truly and well beloved Thomas Litchfield and
George Burden, Esqr's, to be my burghers of my said town of Aylesbury; and what-
ever the said Thomas Litchfield and George Burden, burgesses, shall do in the service
of the Queen's Highness in that present Parliament to be held in Westminster, the
8th of May next ensuing the date hereof, I, the said Dorothy Packington, do ratify 'fe

18 Baldwin Genealogy.

and approve to be of ray own act, as fully and wholly as if I were witness or present
there. In witness whereof to these presents, I have hereunto set my seal, this 4th
day of May, in the 14th year of the reign of my Sovereign Lady Elizabeth, by the
grace of God, of England, France and Ireland, Queen," &c.

Dugclall's Monasticon Anglicannm, Vol. 8, ]^. 1509, gives an

account of the Convent of Gray Friars in Aylesbury, founded

1387 by James, Earl of Ormond. It was surrendered to Henry

VIII., and granted by him (1539) to Sir John, and became his

country seat. The Packingtons lived there until the time of the

great civil war, when it was so much injured that it was never

afterward inhabited. The commissioners ot Henry found the

monks very poor^ in debt, their garments very coarse, and very

little stuff of household. So they only sold the glass windows,

and their ornaments and utensils, leaving the house whole, only

defacing the church.



J^omrr ^Ji itrerjfr/

Map of Part of County Bucks, England,


20 Baldwin Genealogy.

Richard Baldwin, of County Bucks,, England,


1. RICHARD BALDWIN, described as of "Donrigge," in the
Parish of Aston Clinton, County of Bucks, yeoman, made his will 16
Jany,, 6 Edward VI., that is 155f . In the body of the will his name
is spelled "Bawldwyn" and "Baldwyn." The following is an ab-
stract of the will, to be buried in the churchyard of Aston Clinton :
"To daughter Alis, 20 marks when married; to daughter Agnes,
£12 when 19 ; to daughters Cicely and Letise, each 10£ when 19 ;
te son John, farm at Dungrove, in parish of Chesham, when 23, but
if he die before that, to son Henry; to son Richard, my tenements
in Cholesbury, and the lands belonging thereto, when 23: to wife
Ellen and son Henry, the rents of his said houses and lands to-
wards bringing up his children ; to Hughe Baldwin, his brother's
son, £6 13s. -Id." He gave small bequests to his godchildren,
tenants and servants; to his son Henry, ten silver spoons and a
maser;* the rest of his personal estate, to his wife Ellen and
son Henry equally, who are his executors. He makes the over-
seers of his will, his brothers John Baldwin and John A^-puke.
The will was proved in the Court of the Archdeaconry of Bucks
Co , 21 Feby., 155f , by the executors named.

The original will of his widow is among the records of that Court,

but the date of probate is missing. The date of the will is 24th

(month torn or eaten off), in the 8th year of Queen Elizabeth;

The date then was the 24th of some month, from 24 Nov., 1565,

o 24 Oct., 1566. The parish records at Aston, Clinton, begin

aarriages 8 July, 1561; baptisms, 3 Dec, 1565; burials, 12 Eeby.,

560-1. The burial of Ellen does not there appear. She may

ave lived with her son John and been buried at Chesham. She

ay have been sister of John Apuke, named by her husband as

other-in-law. If so, her family name is represented by the

lern Pooke.

* Maser. Wriyht says: "A bowl or g'ob'.et of wool."

Richard, of County Bucks, England. 2


In the name of God, Amen, the XYIth daj^ of January, in the sixt yere of the
lioigue of o»" Souuraige L id King Edward the sixt, etc., I, Richard Baldwyu, of
Dourigge, iu the parishe of Aston Clyuton, in the Counte of Bucks, yeoman, being
sike in bod3% but hole in mynde, Lawde and prayse bee unto allniightie God, do ordevn,
Constitute, declare and make this my present testament, conteyninge therein my last
will. ffirst and principally, above all earthlj^ things, I do give, bequethe and
recomend my soule unto allniightie God, my maker and Redemer, and mj' body to
be buried m the Churchyard of Aston Clynton aforesayd. Item: I will that all .suche
detts the w<-h I do owe vnlo anj- p son or p .sons of right be well and truly contented
and payd. Item. I give unto the pourc men's box of Aston Clyuton iiii"'- Item: 1
do give to Alls, my daughter, xxti marks sterling, to be payd at the tyme of her
mariage. Item: I gyve to Agnes, my daughter, xii'i, to be payd when she cometh to
the age of xix yeres. item; I will to Cicelly and Letise, my daughters, either of them,
x'i. to be likewise payd to them when they come to the age of xix yeres; & yf it so
forteyn that either of them do departe trome the worlde and die before this legacie
be payd, then I will their parte to be equally divided betwyne the other sisters being
alyve. Item: I will to John, vaj sonne, my farme at Dongrove, in the parishe of
Chessara, wth all the landes to the same belonginge to hyme and to his heires forevei-,
when he doth come'to the age of xxiii yeres; and if it so fortune that the sayd John
do departe fi'om this worlde and die before he come to the sayd age without yssue,
then I will the sayd farme to return to Henrj^, my sonne, and to his heirs forever.
And also, I gyve to Kiel i aid, my soue, my ten 'ts in Cholesbury, with all lands be-
longing to the same, with the re.^ydue of mj' yeres, the wch shall remaj^ne in my
lease, the wch I hold of Master X pofer iVshetyld, gent., by indenture, the said ten'ts,
w^ii their apptnces, to have to hyme and to his Eyres and assignes forever, when he
shall come to the age of xxxiii yeres; and yf he fortune to departe this world and die
before he shall come to the age of xxiii yeres without issue, then I will the sayd howse-^
and lands to remayn to the next heires. And in the meaue tyme, I gyve to Ellen, n
wiffe, and to Henry, my sonne, the proffits of the Rents of my sayd howsses a
lands towards the bringing up of my children jointly together. Item; I will
Hewghe Baldwyn, my brother's sonne, vili xiiis iiiid-, to be paid to him wth in iiii yei
after my decease. I will to every godchild that I have alyve iiiid. Item; I give
every servant w-h bath dwelt wth me xii months, iiiiJ- Item ; I give to every
tenants, iiii^- Item; I will to every of the children of John Straces, ever}^ of tl
a yewe & a lambe. Item : I will that Henry, my sonne, shall have the lease ol
farme in his custodie. wth out any lett or interruption of Ellyn, my wiffe. Ite
will to Henry, my sonne, x sylver spones »& a maser. Item; I will that Ellyn,
wiffe, & Henry, my sonne, shall have the occupation of my farme jointly toge
during her lyffe, kepyng her selffe sole; & yf it so fortune that Ellyn, my wiff*
marie, then I will that she shall avoyde & depart from the occupation of the ,'
farme before the daj' of mariage, & then she to have lialfe the corn, cattail & /

[sie] of the household stuffe at the sighte and payment of my overseers of th
will ; & yf, in case that neade shall so require that this my testament in trul
forminge be not like to be performed according to the true meanyng thereof,
will that my overseers of this my present will shall have full Authoritie & p'
staye such goodes & cattalles being upon the sayd farme, wth the appt'ces, U'
due order be taken that this my will made be truly performed. The Resy'
my goods & cattalles unbequeathed after my body buried & this my present
fullilled, I gyve to Ellyn, my wife, & to Henry, my sonne, eqnally to \ i


2 BaUhiiin Genealogy.

l)etwyne them, whome I do constitute & my exec. & they to dispose for the health of
my soule as they shall thinke best. Also, I do put in tru.ste my welbeloved brothers,
John Baldwyne & John Apuke, to be my overseers of this my present will, & they
to have for their labor, either of them, xs; thes witness Thomas Barnard, John Hut-
low, Henry Byrche, Will'm Derely, wth dyvers others, being present.


In the name of God, Amen. The xxvth day of [torn away], in the year of our Lord
MvLXVi, and in the viiith yere of the Reigne of oure sovereign Lady Elizabeth by
the Grace of God of England, France & L'eland, queue, defender of the flfaithe, etc.,,
I, Elyu Baldwyn, of Donrig, in the p ish of xAston Clynton, in the couutie of Bucks,
wedowe, being syck in body, but hole in mynde, th inkes therefor be vnto Almyghty
God, do ordene and make this my present testament [torn away] my last wyll: tfirst
and principally, above all erthely things, I give, bequethe & comend my soule unto
Almighty God, my maker & redemer; and my body to be buried in the Churche
yarjje of Aston Clynton aforesaid. Item : 1 give to the mother Churice of Lyncoln,
iiJ- Item: I will to the Chancell of Aston Clynton, ii'i- Item: I will to the pore
people of Aston Clynton, xii^'- Item; I will to the pore people of Cholesbury, xiid.
Item: I give and bequethe to eovy [i.e. every] Godchylde of myne, iiiifi- Item: I
gyve to eny childe's childe, iiiiti- Item. I give & bequethe to my daughters, Cecilye
& Lettys, all those p cells of goods folowyng: that is to say, x paire of slietes, ii cur-
tains ct iiii pillowe beres (pillow-case, Wright), one fustyan pillowe, a canvas pillowe,
ii bolsters & iiii table napkins; in pewter, viii platters, iiii pewter dishes, one bason of
1 pewter, a lattyne bason, and a chafying dyshe of lattyne (a mixed metal resembling
[brass, Wright), a pott of brasse, a pan, ii posnetts (a small pot or skillet, Wright),
nne chafer (sauce pan), xii kyttles wth ye covers, and a blanket, iiii coffers, a spitt, a
pair of pott hoks, and a iron hanger over the tier. Item: [gone] Sylver pyn, and a
fcaires of sylver hoks, all whiche p cells of goods above reiiersed I will ihat my [gone]
all delyver onto my said ii • Doughteis, Cecilye & Lettyce, att the day of mariage
me], equally devyded between them. Item: I will that if any of my saide ii.
ighters dye before [gone] of ther mariage, that then ther pte or porcione to
aayne onto the rest of ther systers, then [gone]. And further, I will that my said
doughters shall take the advise and counsell of my cosyn, George Baldwyn, of the
e, and other of ther brethern, in chosyng of their husbonds. And if they [gone]
hem do refuse to be rulyd in chosying ther husbonds by the said George & other
brethern then lyvyng, that then ther pte & porcion of Goodes by this my last
"ci testament onto them bequethed to remayn onto the rest of my doughters then
ig. Item: I gyve and bequethe unto Rychard Baldwyn and to Sjivester Bald-
my son Henry Baldwyn's children, each of them, xiid. The Resydewe of all
•oods & catalls unbequethed, my will performed [gone], I gj've onto John Bald-
my son, whome I do make my sole executor of this my last will & testament.
I do appoynte my son, Henry Baldwyn, to be my overseer of this my will and
lent, desyryng him to se the same performed, and for his paynes I do gj've onto
s- These witnesse George Baldwyn, Henry Baldwyn, Willm Putnam, Rychard

y had children :

Henry. -|-

'^ohn. At the date of his father's will in 155f, he was not yet twenty-three

1, and when he arrived at that age was to have the farm at Dongrove, in

He was named as his mother's executor in 1565 or 1566, and as the

Bichard, of County Bucks, England.

overseer of the will of his brother Henry, dated 2d Jany., 1599 or 1600, but Mr.
Chester finds no further trace of him, and feels certain he left no will, unless he
went into some other part of the country and it was proved elsewhere.

4. Richard. He was under twenty-three years old in 1552-'53, and was to have
the tenements and lands in Cholesbury. He is not named in the wills after that of
his father. Quere: Whether he was the Richard who resigned, in 1561, as vicar of
Cropperly, Bucks County.

Richard Baldwin, of Cholesbury, weaver, made his will, dated
23 May, 1630, of w^hich the following is an abstract. He gives
to his wife Isabell one-third of his goods and chattels; to his
son Nathaniel, £10; to his son Joseph, when twenty-one, one-
half acre of laud, called Hunt's Wick; to his daughter, Mary
Pratt, 6s. 8d. ; to her dau. Mary two sheep, and to her other two
children each a sheep; to his dau. Hannah =£13 6s 8d., and to his
other daughters. Christian and Sarah, each £10 when twenty-one
or married; all the rest to his son Timoth}-, who was his executor,
and proved the will in the Court of the Archdeaconry of Bucks,
16 May, 1633.

In the name of God, amen. I, Richard Bauldwin, of Cholsbury, in the County of
Bucks, weaver, being weake in body, but of p feet and good remembrance, blessed
be God therefore, do make and ordayne this my last will and testament, in maner and
forme following: First, I comitt myself, soule and body, into the hands of almighty
God, &c. I give unto Isabell, my wife, one-third pte of all my goods, cattel, chattels
and the like. Item : I give unto Nathaniel, my sonn, the sum of tenn pounds, to be
pajd him wth in one yere next after my decease. Item: I give unto my sonn Joseph
one meade platt called by the name of Hunt's Wicke, by estimacon half an acre, more
or less, Ij'ing and adioyning to my cottage, y* John Dorrell now dwels in, for him to
take possession of at his age of 21 yeres. Item : I give unto Mary Pratt, my daugh-
ter, vis. v"id- Item, 1 give unto her daughter Mary two sheepe, and to her two other
children each of them one sheepe. Item: I give unto Hanna, my daughter, xiiiLi.
vis- viiid., and to my 2 other daughters. Christian and Sara, xii apiece, to be pd at the
age of 21 yeres, or at the day of mariage. wch com frst. Item: I give to the pore oi
Cholesbury xs-, and to the Church 3s- 4d. Item: 1 give unto Mr. Holl, the minister,
xxs- Item: All the rest of my lands, goods, cattell, chattels, moveables, households,
and whatsoever else myne is here unbequethed, I give unto Tjmiothy, myue eldest
sonn, whom I make my full and whole executor to this my last will and testament.
In witness whereof, I have hereunto sett my hand and scale, the 23 of December,

Witness hereunto: /-« • xr N /T^ As,

Richard Cripps ^/?~^C^ <^^ ' 2j C\y^d' ^^^V V^

Richard Baldwyn. (J Cy

Although the last Eichard evidently could not have been the
one who had the Cholesbury lands in 1552 or 1553, it seems not
unlikely he was his son. Mr. Chester can find no traces of the

Baldwin Genealogy.

three sons, Timothy, Nathaniel and Joseph, after the probate in
1633. He thinks there can be but little if any doubt that they are
the ones who emigrated to New England, appearing in 1639 in
Milford, Connecticut, with the other Baldwins from Aston Clin-
ton. The Cholesbury register commences in 1583, and Mr. Ches-
ter suggests an examination of it might perhaps clear up this
matter. In 1870, I examined that register somewhat hastily to a
period considerably after 1658, but failed to find anything of them

Other children of Richard and Ellen were:

5. Alice. Unmarried in 155|^. As she was not named in her mother's will, in
156|^, she probablj' died and was buried at Aston Clinton before lo-|-2-. when the
register commences.

6. Agues. Unmarried and not 19 in 155|^. She married at Aston Clinton,
18 Nov., 1566, William Grange, but lived less than four months, and was buried
there 10 March, 1t6=. He remarried and was tinalW buried at Aston Clinton, 14
Nov., 1582. In his nuncupative will, dated 26 Sept., 1582, he named his wife
Isabell, and his sons Henry and Thomas, and made Henry Baldwin, his first wife's
brother, his executor.

7. Cieely. Unmarried in 155f , and in 1565 or 1566, not named in the will of
her brother Henrj^ ^e^^-

8. Lettice. Still unmarried in 1565 or 1566, but named in the will of her

brother Henry, Iff |, as wife of Foster. In the will of her nephew, Robert

Baldwin, son of her brother Henry, dated 22 March, 161f, she is mentioned as
living in Tring, County Herts.

2. HENRY 2 Richard \ He was his father's executor in 155|,
and in 157| become owner in fee of Dundridge. His will, as
"Henry Baldwin, of Dundridge, in the Parish of Aston Clinton,
Co. Bucks, yeoman," was dated 2 Jany., Ifff. The will was
proved at London, in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury, 2
July, 1602, by Richard, his son and executor. He was buried at
Aston Clinton, 1 June, 1602. In the New England Historical
and Genealogical Register, for July, 1872, I published a brief
synopsis of it from a copy I had then obtained.


In the name of God, Amen. The second daye of Januarye, in the year of our
Lord God one Thousand Ifive Hundred nynetj'e-nyne, and the two and fortieth j-eare of
the Rayne of our Soveraigne Ladie Elizabeth by the Gi'ace of God of England, fFrauce
and Ireland, Queene, Defender of the ffaythe. I. Henry Baldwin, of Dundridge, in
the parish of Aston Clinton,. in the County of Buck, yoman, beinge of whole mynde
and good and perfect memorie, laude be given to Almighty God, revoking and disan-
nulling all other my former wills heretofore mede, doe meke, ordeyne, appoynte and

Hiehavf, of Count)./ Bxch, Enr/land.

declare this my last will am! testament, as well concerniiiu' the dispositiou ol al:
lands, Tenements and Ileieditaments as of all and singular my goodes and diet,
in manner and fforme flfoUowing: that is to say, ffirst comeud raj' sowle to Almi
God. my maker and redeemer, and my bodie to be buried in decent sorte, accon
to the discietinn of my executor, hereafter named. Item: I give and beqnethe \
the poore people of Aston Clinton, in the Conntie of Buck aforesayd, the sumnu
Twentie shillings. Item: I give and bequeathe unto the poor people of ChoUesbi'
Tweutie Shillings. Item: I give and bequeathe unto the poor people of WeudoA
the somme of Twentie shillings. Item: I give and bequeathe unto the poor peop
of Great Missenden three shillings, ffower pence. Item: I give unto Edmond Stoi
hill, of Saint Leonard's, two shillings. Item: I give unto Thomas George, of Sain
Leonards, twelve pence. Item: I give unto widow Tomkius, of Saint Leonards, two
shillings. Item: I give unto Thomas Chapman, of Saint Leonards, twelve pence.
Item : I give unto widdowe pratte, of Saint Leonards, t . elve pence. Item : I gwi
and bequeathe unto John Baldwyn, my Sonne, all those my fow'er croftes or closes o
ground, with ther appurtenances, situate, lyinge and being in Wendoverl in th
countie of Buck, called or knowne by the name or names of Stybbings; to h^ive anc
to howld the said croftes or closes, with ther appertenances, unto the same JohD
Baldwyn, his heires and assignees, to the onelye propper use and behoofe of thiv same
John Baldwyn, of his heires and assignees forever. Item: I give and bequeathe unto
the sayd John Baldwyn, my sonne, Ten poundes, to be payd within one yeare next
after my decease. Item: I give and bequeathe unto Robert Baldwin, my sonne, all
those mj^ messuages. Lands, Tenements, Rents, reversions and hereditements, with
all and singular their and ererie of their appurtenances, situate, lying and being in
Flaundeu and Hempstead or elsewhere within the county of Herts; to have and to
hold the sayd messuages, lands, tenements, rents, reversions and hereditaments, with
all and singular t .eir and everie of their appurtenances, unto the sayd Robert
Baldwyn, his heirs and assignees, to the propper use and behoofe of the same Robert
Baldwin, and of his heires and assignees forever. Item: I give and bequeath unto
the sayd Robert Baldwyn, my sonne, the somme of fortye pounds of good and lawfull
moneye of England, to be payd unto him, his executors or assigns in manner and
ifourme followinge: that is to say, that twentie powndes to be within one year next
after my decease, and the other twentie poundes within one yeare next following.
Item: I give and bequeathe unto Agnes, my daughter, the somme of one hundred
poundes, of good and lawfull monej'e of England, to be paj'd unto the sayd Agues,
her executors or assignees, at the daye of her marriage or within two j'eares next
after my decease, which shall ffir.st happen. I give and bequeathe unto James Bonas
the somme of fEortye poundes, of good law^full money of England, to be payde unto
Him in manner and forme ffollowing, viz: Twentie poundes thereof within sixe
months next after my decease, and the other tw^enty powndes within eighteen months
then next following. Item: I give and Ijequeathe unto Richard Baldwyn, mj' sonne,
one cupboard, Twoe Tables, two fformes and all the stooles in the Hall, the Ii'on Barr
in the Chimney in the Hall, and two of the Hangers over the ffyer there; the great
spilt; the greatest cobj'erns (the irons which support the spit); a ^payr of andyearns
in the parlor, with topps of brass, and the ffyer shovell and tonges sortable there-
unto; the great pott, the great Brewery Cawderne with rings, the yettinge ffatt;
the Towe feather bedes. whereon the same Richard lycth. with the boulsters, and
I furniture thereunto belo'nginge; Twoe bedsteades standing in the servants' cham-
ber; and the wool bedd, and all the furniture ludouging unto the same; the press

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