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276 Baldicin Genealogy.

war, Member of tbe Legislature in 1791, &c. (See liis Memoir,
page 94, Iliintingtoii Famil}^ Memorial, by bis accomplisbed
grandson, Rev. E. Baldwin Huntington, of Stamford, Conn. His
ch. by his first wife were :

Auua, b. June 4, 1767; m. Capt. Oliver Fitch; and
Isaac, b. Oct. 2, 1769: «1. .Tune 13, 1770.

By his 2"^^ wife, he had :

68. Rebecca, b. Jan. 11. 1772; m., Dec. 19, 1796, Ezra Latlirop. (For ch., see
Huntington JMemorial, page 143.)

69. Eunice, b. Dec. 28, 1773; d. 1802, unm.

70. I.saac, b. Nov. 7, 1775; m., Nov. 27, 1807, Hannah Maple, who d. 1888, and
he m. 2ih1, Mrs. Esther, widow of Dr. Scott, of Bozrah. (For ch., .'^ee Huntington
Memorial, page 214.)

71. Elijah, b. Dec. 10, 1777; m. 1st, 1803, Lueretia, dau. of Elisha Lefhugwell,
and2n'i, 1821, Olive, dau. of Joshua Stark, of Bozrah. (Forch., see Huntington
Memorial, page 315.)

72. Wealthy, b. Jan. 8, 1780; m., 1807, Jo.seph W. Tracy, s. Jaredof Norwich,
and has .several ch. Settled in New York City. (See Hunt. Mem., page 146.)

73. Nehemiah, b. April 20, 1782, Deacon; m. 1st, Sept. 8, 1814, Nancy, dau. of
ElLsha Leffiugwell, and sister of Lueretia. She d. Jiily 12, 1835, and he m. 2nd,
Dec. 21, 1841, Anne, wid. of Jacob Hough, dau. of Timothy Hinckley, of Lebanon.
He had four ch., all by his first wife.

31. JABEZ ^ Thomas » Thomas ^ John,i b. Jan. 18, 1743, in that
part of Norwich, Conn., now Bozrah. He m. Lydia Barker, of
!N'orwich, Jan. 29, 1767. She was sister of Br. Barker, an eminent
physician of New Haven, Conn. Jabez removed from Bozrah to
Westfield, Mass.

74. Jedediah, b. March 29, 1768; m., April 18, 1791, Miss Nabby .Jones, both
of Norwich, Conn. He settled at Hanover, N. H., as a jeweler.

75. Anne, b. Feb. 5, 1770; probabh^ d. y. ; not named in will.

76. Abigail, b. Oct. 15, 1771; m. Elisha Searl, of East Hampton.

77. John, b. Jan. 11, 1773; likely d. y. ; not named in will.

78. Thomas, b. Dec. 17, 1775.

79. Jabez, b. April 4, 1788 (1778?) in Norwich, Conn.+

80. Nancy, m. Reuben Harrison, of Westfield.

81. Lydia. m. Lyman, and had at least a son (181) Jabez Baldwin, living not
many years since.

82i. Sally.

Some of his children, and perhaps all, removed to New Hamp-
shire. His will, dated April 10, 180(3, was proved Oct. 2, 1817.
He was of Westfield.

John, of Norunch, Connecticut. 277

32. ELIPHLET^ Thomas^' Thomas^ John,^ b. April 3, 1747, in
Norwich, Conn., in that part now Bozrah, where he continned to
live. He m, Sybil Wood, b. 1757, daii. of Zebulon, of Norwich.
He d. May 16, 1826 ; she, 1833.

83. Octiivia.

84. Rachel.

85. Harriet.

86. Thomas, 1). June 27, 17—,+

33. RUFUS* Johns Thomas 2 Jahn,! j^, -^^^ Norwich, Conn.,
March 16, 1735. He m. in Norwich, June 6, 1759, Eunice Leffing-
well. He was for a while in Mansfield, Conn.

87. Rufus, 1). June 27, 1760, iu Mansfield; d. without issue.

88. Samuel, b. Nov. 8, 1762 (Noi-wich Record); moved to Hanover, N. H.',
with his father; thence to Tioga count}-, Penn. ; thence to Bradford county, where,
in 1876, it is said, some of his descendants remain, others moving west.

89. Eunice, m. John Drew.

90. Eleazur.+

91. Daughter, m. at Hanover, N. H., Mr. Davenport, and d. there, leaving a
sou, (190) Col. Samuel, b. about 1798, who emigrated to Tioga county, Penn., where
lie resides in 1876.

Rufus moved, about 1800, to Tioga county, Penn., and his sons
also. Eunice moved there from Maine about 1815.

45. OLIVER * Ebenezer ^ Thomas - John,^ b. in Norwich, Conn.,
Dec. 2, 1747. He m., Nov. 5, 1767, Mercy Copp, of Norwich, and
four children are entered to him on those records, where all w^ere
born, I believe.

92. Sarah, b. April 26, 1768; m. Doc. Harris. +

98. Hhoda, b. Aug. 10, 1770; m. Fuller, and had cli.

94. Dorothy, b. June 6, 1773; m. Culver, and had ch.

95. Ebenezer, b. Nov. 26, 1775, in Bozrah, Conn.4-

96. Oliver. +

97. David, d. unm.

98. Erastus, b. Jan. 1, 1784. +

Oliver lived in that part of Norwich now Bozrah, on a farm
which had belonged to his ancestors ever since its acquisition
from the Indians. He was lame, and on that account enrolled, at
Revolution, among the minute men, only to be called out in case
of invasion.

278 Baldwin Genealogy.

48. SIMEOK" 4 Ebenezer ^ Thomas ^ John,i b. in Norwich, Conn.,
Dec. 14, 1701. At thirteen, he came under the tuition of his
brother,' Rev. Ebenezer, of Danbury. A rumor having reached
Danbury of the Battle of Bunker Hill, he was sent oa horseback
tifteen miles to the clergyman of iTew Milford, to borrow a paper
containing the account of it. On his return, the inhabitants
assembled to hear it read. His brother d., in 1776, of exposure in
the Revolution. In 1777, he entered Yale, and graduated in 1781,
and was the last survivor of the class. When the British attacked
ISTew Haven, he and a company of fellow students joined the
forces to resist them at "Neck Bridge." In 1783, he became Tutor
at Yale. In 1786, he was admitted to the bar. Four years after,
he became Clerk of the United States Court, and continued an
extensive practice in the State Court until 1803, when he became
Representative in Congress. He declined a re-election in 1805.
In 1806, he was appointed, by the Legislature, Judge of the Supreme
Court of the State, and continued by annual appointment (then
the custom) for eleven years. In 1822, he was President of the
Farmington Canal; in 1826, Mayor of New Haven. He declined
further public office, but practised law until within a few years of
his death. He m., in 1787, Rebecca Sherman, dau. of the Hon.
Roger Sherman.

103. Rebecca, May 30. 1788; d. unm. in 1861.

104. Eljenezer, 1790; d. 1837, uuin. ; a lawyer in Alliauy, iu profitable jsractice.
He 'iva.'^ a Master in Chancery, Surrogate, Recorder, and Military Aid to Gov. Clin-
ton. He returned to his father's house, and d. there, Jan. 26, 1837.

lOo. Roger Sherman. 17, 1793. +

106. Simeon, 1794; d. 1795.

His wife Rebecca d. September, 1795, and he m. 2"'^- Elizabeth,
sister of Rebecca, and widow of Sturgis Barr.

107. Simeon, 1801. +

108. Elizabeth, 1804; d. unm. 1822.

109. Martha, 1808; d. 1809.
no: Charles, b. 1805; d. 1807.
111. Charles, b. 1810.

49. BENJAMIN 5 Benjamin* John ^ John "^ John.i b. about
1758, and the oldest son, was the Rev. Benjamin, of London, now
Otis, Mass., adm. Sept. 4, 1810, "Clerk deceased," to Jairus Bar-

John, of Norwich, Connecticut. 279

ker, then of Otis. Distribution was made, in 1812, to the widow
Eunice and to children.

112. "William, settled in Ridirway. Orleans county, X. Y.

113. Abigail, ni. Hiram Cruttemlou. lie d. before 1841, and in 1842 had a son
in St. Louis ; trader in a paper warehouse.

\U. Polly, in 181 1, above 14.

115. Sally, June IC.iTOO; in 1811, above 14; m. 1st, Frary, and 2>iJ as 2"'l wife
Ely Strong.

IK). Betsey, b April 13, 1798, and all l)elow in 1811, under 14; m. Ely Strong. +

117. Katharine.

118. Benjamin. Bela Bancroft, of Granville, is guardian, June 3.j, 182C, to
him, over 14, son and heir of Benjamin, late of Otis.

119. Lucy.

120. Orphana.

Eev. Lewis White sajs," in his History of Sandisfield : "Having
been useful in life, he was greatly lamented. During his ministry,
there were several revivals, and two hundred and eleven added to
the Church." He was ordained June 9, 1790, over the Second
Baptist Church in Sandisfield, and d. July 24, 1811, aged 52. The
wife before m. was Eunice Herrick.

50. JACOB ^ Benjamin^ John.^' of Ballston, ]S". Y. Samuel, b.
1794, told me that his father, Seth Cogswell, had a cousin Jacob
at Ballston. By independent inquiries afterward made, I tind the
Jacob here given, who is assigned to Benjamin with a quere, to
preserve in proper connection the intormation given me. He m.
Hannah Hull, dau. of Eliphlet and Huldah (Patchen) Hull, who
settled, in 1771, in Ballston. Hull was from Connecticut. In
the spring of 1792^ the Hulls emigrated again to Benton, Yates
county, N. Y. Jacob and his wife settled in the north part of the
Hull homstead, where both d. aged.

121. Marj', m. "Wakeman Burr, of Ballston, X. Y., who bought the farm in
Benton, Yates county, N. Y., formerlj^ of Salmon Hull. After the death of Mr.
Burr, she moved to Italy, in the same county, with one of her sons, and died there.
Her eh. : (220) Mary A., m. Lyman Griswold, of Italy; (221) George, unm. in 1872,
a soldier in the late war; (222) Nelson, m. and in Italy in 1872; (223) Huldah, m.
Simon Stevens and moved West; (224) Hannah; (225) .John.

122. Daniel, 1787. +

123. Alfred, about 1796. +

124. Delorville, m. Lydia, dau. Nathaniel "Wheeler, and emigrated to Lake
coimty. 111.

125. Eliza, m. Sherwood S. Ball, of Penn Yan, where she d. ; no. ch.

126. Emellne, m. Peter C. Anderson, and in 1872 they reside on the Hull Farm
in Benton, Yates county, N. Y. Children: (231) Mary T.: (232) Isadore A.; (333)
Charles A.

127. Huldah, d. unm.

280 Baldirin Genealogy.

51. ASA^ Benjamin^ John,=^ b. 1772, in Loudon, Mass. He
settled in Salisbury, Conn., and bad cb.:

128. Dauiel, 1). 1802, in Salisbury, Coun.+

129. Silas, d. 1817.

130. William, a. 1821.
Vdl. Homau, d. about 1866.
182. Laura, d. about 1833.

133. Persa, m. Zilpali Hanchett, und living (1875), it is said, in Cortland Village,
N. Y. , but I get no letter from her.

52. SAMUEL ^ Benjamin ^ Jobn,^ b. about 1760. Moved about
1810 to Granville, Licking county, Obio, and bad at least a son:

134. Benjamin.

January 6, 1806, he was Deacon at Sandisfield.

In February, 1880, after writing the account of Samuel and his
father, and having, after much labor, and two or three changes of
opinion, placed Benjamin in this line, I am furnished by C. W.
Bryant, Esq., of Granville, with extracts from a History of Gran-
ville, by Rev. Jacob Little, D.D., published not far from 1850, in
the ^^ Observer,'' of Hudson, Obio.

In Granville, Feb. 17, 1823, Deacon Samuel Baldwin died, aged
63 yrs. He was descended from a pious family in Lebanon, Conn.
He removed to Otis, Mass., when he was five years old ; when
thirteen, his father died, and he took care of the family till he was
twenty-four. When converted, " he thought he could not live in
a world so wicked, and meditated the life of a hermit." " He
sometimes had such strong views of heavenly things as to take
aAvay his strength." The Church at Otis had no pastor, elected
him Deacon, and enjoyed a revival. He seems to have filled, in a
great degree, the pastoral office. He removed to Granville, Lick-
ing county, Obio, in 1810. In 1813, he was elected deacon. Very
few people seemed to live so near to God, and his modest, unas-
suming manners gave great eiiect to his prayers and exhortations.
Sometimes, when praying for his children or the church, he would
be so overcome as to stop. As be advanced in life, he grew in
grace, yet he saw but one of a large family of cl\ildren the subject
of grace. He often said, I leave them in the hands of God, who
will do them no injury. Within ten years after his death, all pro-
fessed their faith in Christ. He was sick for a long time with
consumption. He requested his wife to tell him when he was

John, of yoririch, Connecticut. 281

dying, saying he feared it no more than going to sleep. When
the time came, he was lying with the palm of his hand under one
cheek. Some said, " How sweetly he sleeps ! " In a moment he
was gone. All the family left Granville many years ago, and I
have failed to trace them.

54. LEVI^ Daniel "• John,^ came from Connecticut to JiTorwich,
A"t. He m. Anna Waterman.

135. IchabodiDec. 8, 1771; d. Aug. 17, 1775.

136. Rebecca, Aug. 10, 1773; m. Dauiel Waterman, and lived in Orange, Vt.

137. Daniel, April 17, 1776; d. unm.

Dec. 10, 1777, he lived in Orange, Vt., and m. Knox.

138. Mary, Dec. 28, 1781; m. Feb. 28, 1802, Ezekiel Goodrich, and lived in

139. Samuel. .Tune 26, 1783. +

140. Simon, June 26, 1783; m. Maria 3IcClelland; settled in Thetford, Vt., and
tlien went West.

* 141. Anna, April 22, 1785; m. Thomas Currier in Orange, and settled in Iowa.

142. Bradford, Fclj, 24, 1787; d. June 30, 1790.

143. .John, Dec. 11, 1788; m., Dec. 7, 1812, Minerva Grove, of Norwich, and
died there.

144. 3Iyra, Oct, 24, 1790; m. Stephen Clark, of Thetford, Vt. ; had daughters.
He lived perhaps, at 3Iontpclier, Vt.

145. Lyman, March 28, 1793; m. Olive Sea very, dau. Calvin and Mary (Howe)
Seavery. Living a few j^ears ago, and has ch.

His descendants, by tradition, give him also :

146. .James, who, the Norwich Record says, m., Jan. 29, 1806, Laura (?)

147. Nancy, who, by the Norwich Church Record, m., May 15, 1807, Andrew

55. DANIEL ^^' Daniel^ John s John -^ John.i Settled with his
father in ISTorwich, Vt. At Norwich, Oct. 12, 1775, he m. Hannah
Havens, of Roy alto n, Vt.

148. Bet,sey.

149. Sylvauus, settled in Columbus, Ohio, and died there, leaving a family, it
is said. Another says he settled in Truro ; probably Truro, 111.

150. Hannah, m. (Norwich Rec.) .Jan. 1800, BeJijamin Kelly.

151. Abel, settled in Clarkson, N. Y.+

152. Martha.

153. Louisa.

154. Daniel, b. Jail. 21, 1791. +


282 Baldwin Genealogy.

56. ELIJAH 5 DanieP John ^ John'^ John.^ Settled in Nor-
wich, Vt., where he m. Jan. 31, 1783, Lydia ]!^ewton.

155. Ezra, b. July 1, 1785.

156. Lois, b. June 21, 1788; m. George Nye Johnson, s. of Capt. William
Johnson, and lived in Salem, Vt.

157. Dimmis, b. Dec. 18. 1791; m. David F. Slafter.+

158. John, b. April 31 1797.

57. SETH COGSWELL 5 DanieH John,^ b., it is supposed,
about 17(32. M. !«*• Nov. 22, 1789, Ruth White, who d. April 9,
1805. He m. 2"'i' AbigTiil Kellogg, who d. April 24, 1818. Euth
White was of Ballston, Saratoga county, N. Y., w^iere Seth C.
settled. The history of Saratoga county says he was one of the
early residents of Ballston, his pioneer home being the well known
Col. Young farm ; that he was an active, useful citizen, filling im-
portant public positions for many years. He was member of the
Assembly, Sheriff and County Clerk in succession, holding the last
position nine years. He settled in Cleveland, Ohio, in 1817.

159. Thomas Pahner, b. Dec. 26, 1790. +

160. Seth Cogswell, b. Nov. 24, 1792. +

161. SamuelV., b. Sept. 22, 1794 +

162. Charles Nicholas, b. Dec. 5, 1796. Lives, 1860, in Iowa.

163. Edward, b. Jan. 12, 1799. +

16-4. Ann Eliza, b. Sept. 21. 1800; m. James Strong. +

165. Ann Olvira, b. Nov. 20, 1802; m. .John Doan, of East Cleveland, Ohio.
She d. Feb. 25, 1821 ; no cli. He lives, 1874, in East Cleveland.

166. Ruth Mary, b. March 3, 1805; m. Henry Cam]), who died, and she m.
2"d; Robert Marsh, of Mexico, Mo., where she lives in 1874. Her ch. Avere all by
her Isfc husband; a dau. m. Horatio Slade. In 1874, was of Euclid, Cuyahoga county,
Ohio; and three sons reside in Dubuque, and one in New York City.

167. Dudley, b. Aug. 23, 1809. +

168. Abigail Caroline, b. Sept. 17. 1811; m. Rev. Mr. Wood.

59. THOMAS'^ Thomas* Thomas ^ Thomas 2 John,i Rev. and
D.D., b. in Bozrah, Conn., Dec. 23, 1753. His father died when
he was young. His mother m. 2'"^' a " very worthy and pious man
by the name of Eames, and removed to Canaan, IS". H. His mother,
says the author of his memoir, was remarkable for talent, and a
woman of eminent pietj'. He early read sermons in Canaan, and
before he was thirty was elected to the General Court from that
town. At the age of twenty-two, on the 22nd of September, 1775,
he was m. to Miss Ruth Huntington, of Norwich, Conn., who died
Feb. 11, 1812 ; they had six children. He m. 2'"i' Miss Margaret
Duncan, of Haverhill, Mass., who survived him. He became an

John, of Norioich, Connecticut. 2-83

eminent Baptist clergyman. He was settled in Boston, Nov. 11,
1790. He was in his ministry faithful, affectionate and devoted,
and very successful. In 1803, he commenced the publication of
the '•''American Baptist Magazine,'' of which he was sole, and then
senior editor until his death. A controversial work, in answer
to Rev. Samuel Worcester, is considered his ablest effort. In
1803, he received the degree of D.D. at Union College. He was
long Trustee of Brown University, and of Waterville College,
Maine. He died while on a visit to Waterville, Aug. 28, 1824.
He died almost instantly. " Spared the pain of death, and agonies
of separation, he was not, for God took him." He was rather
above the usual size, firmly built, and as he grew old inclined to
corpulency. His countenance was dignified, mild and engaging ;
his hair in later years white, so that his appearance was very
venerable. A memoir, by Rev. Daniel Chessman, was published
in Boston in 1826, eighty-four pages ; appended is a list of publi-
cations, thirty-one sermons, and six other works. Miss Caulkins
says the native vigor of his intellect was equal to all demands
made upon it, and he exerted a powerful inHueuce in favor of his

169. Sou, d. y.
• 170. Sou, d. y.

171. Daughter, d. aged 16.

172. Sou,\i aged 21.

173. Ruth, m. Holt, probably Bcujamiu, as his son iu 1835 is Junior, and had
the ch. (278) Benjamin, (279) Mary, (280) Jerusha, and (281) Emeliue, who, in 1825,
with their mother, were legatees of Rev. Thojnas.

174. Daughter, m. Kelly; and her .son (282) Thomas Baldwin was, iu 1825, a
legatee of her father.

79. .JABEZ5.Jabez*Thomas,3 b.iuKorwich, Conn., April4,1788,
(1778?). At an early age, he removed to Westfield, Mass.; thence
to Hanover, l!^. H., to engage in the jewelry business with his
brother Jedidah ; thence to Boston, where he was of the eminent
firm of Baldwin & Jones, now Shreve, Crump & Low. The firm
continued until the death of Mr. Baldwin. He was very fond of
military life, and on duty on Washington Square when he took
the fatal cold. He d. ]N"ovember, 1819. He m., September, 1804,
Ann Briggs, only dau. of Thomas. His family, after his death,
resided in Salem.

175. Mary Ann, d. aged 14.

176. Harriet, d. num.

284 Baldwin Genealogy.

177. Marianne, m., in 1831, George Wood, of Washington, D. C. She d, Dec.
20, 1831, aged 22. Wood is the well-known author of "Peter Schlemihl."

178. Augusta Maria, d. uum.

179. Caroline. Living in Salem, Mass., unm. in 1876.

180. Thomas, d. y. from fall from a carriage.

86. THOMAS 5 Eliphlet^Thomas,3b. in Bozrah, Conn., June
* 27, 17 — . He m. Sarah Backus, of Bozrah, dan. Oliver. He was
living in 1858. She d. Aug. 15, 1854.

182. Charles Backus, Oct. 3, 1811. +

183. Jahoz Backus, b. Dec. 7, 1815. Living, 1858, unm.

184. Marion Arabella, b. April 3, 1824. Living in 1858, and called, in Peck
Genealogy, ]\Iartha A.

• 185. Sarah Maria, b. Jan. 28, 1828; m. Sept. 17, 1856, Gerrard Gibbons Pitcher,

b. June 18, 1821, and sou Daniel, of Lebanon, Conn.

90. ELEAZUR= Rufus^ John 3 Thomas -^John,! moved about
1800 from Bradford, Pa., to Lawrenceville, Tioga county, Pa.; m.
Betsey Stevens, from Tolland, Conn. He d. 1831.

186. Eunice, dead; m. Dyer Inscho; left two daus. and one son who are dead.

187. Buel.+

188. Moses Stevens. +

189. Thomas L.+

92. SARAH 5 Oliver * Ebenezer ^ Thomas "^ John,i b. in Nor-
wich, Conn., April 26, 1768; m. Sept. 17, 1798, Benjamin Harris^
M.D., b. July 28, 1754, and son of Benjamin, of Norwich. They
settled at Canaan, N. H.,and Preston, Conn. He d. Jan. 19,1822;
she, April 30, 1 836.

191. Elizabeth Johnson, b. Maj' 24, 1799. Living unm. in 1860, in Royalton,
X. Y.

192. Lydia Lathrop, b. Sept. 30, 1800; m. Jan. 19, 1829, Dudley Dennisou
Williams, b. Feb. 19, 1800, s. of Peleg, of Stonington, Conn.' In 1860, living in
Royalton, N. Y.

193. Thomas Jefferson, b. July 19, 1802; M. D. ; d. Sept. 10, 1826, at Mobile,
Ala. ; unm.

95. EBEXEZER5 Oliver * Ebenezer ^ Thomas"^ Johu,^ b. in Boz-
rah, Conn., Nov. 26, 1775. Sept. 6, 1781, the British under Arnold
attacked and destroyed New London, and assaulted FortGriswold
on the opposite side of the river. The men of the neighborhood
rallied, but before their arrival the garrison had surrendered, only
to be massacred by their captors. Ebenezer vividly recollected

John, of Norwich, Connecticut. 285

tlie event, Tlis father had arrived too late to take part in the
combat, but the father of his future wife was among the slain ;
and her mother, who had stationed herself on a rock in sight of
the fort, witnessed the entire tragedy. Her tombstone in Yonkers,
X. Y., is said to bear the inscription : " She was made a widow, at
the surrender of Fort Griswold, b}' the traitor ArnoUl." He was
a carpenter and builder. lu 1804:, he first visited Yonkers, to
erect a spire upon a church, and remained there. There was no
school. He was active in securing one, and his brother, Erastus,
was the first teacher. At the breaking out of the second war with
Great Britain, he was appointed Lieutenant of a company of rifle-
men with the 12th Regiment. In March, 1814, he became Cap-
tain, and in 1816, after the war was over, was promoted to be
Major. He remained inactive business until he was over seventy.
His last enterprise was the erection in Broadway of a block of
brick buildings, known as " Baldwin's Block," and after the sale
of this property he lived in retirement.

An interesting sketch of Mr. Baldwin, two columns long, ap-
peared in the Yonkers Statesman for Dec. 31, 1863. He m. 1**-
Susannah, dau. of Ezekiel Bailey, killed at Fort Griswold. She
d. 1836, at age of nearly sixty. He m. 2"'^' dau. of John Williams,
who d. in 1862, at age of eighty-one. She lost at the fight at Fort
Griswold her father, grandfather and three uncles. Ebenezer d.
Dec. 24, 1863.

194. Anson; b. :March 12. 1800, at "Bean Hill." near Norwich. Conn.+

195. Snsan, b. in Yonkers, X. Y. ; m. William C". Waring. -h

196. Jane. b. in Yonkers; m. Alexander Smith. -h

197. Ebenezer, b. in Yonkers. +

96. OLIVERS Oliver^ Ebenezer,^ b. in Bozrah, Conn., and
lived there. The Hyde genealogy gives him

198. Harriet, m. Edward L. Rogers.

98. ERASTUS 5 Oliver ^ Ebenezer,=^ b. Jan. 1, 1784 ; m. Catha-
rine Morgan. Lived in New York City. He died there, Jan. 6,
1841, and his wife died three days after. *

199. Catharine. Living, March, 1877, in Yonkers, N. Y.

105. ROGER SHERMAN^ Simeon ^ Ebenezer =^ Thomas ^ John, i
b. in Xew Haven, Conn., January, 1793. He graduated at Yale,

286 Baldwin Genealogy.

1811 ; studied law at the celebrated Litchfield School, and com-
menced practice in New Haven, where he continued to reside
until his death, in 1863. In 1837 and 1838, he was chosen to the
State Senate. In 1840'-41, he was Representative. In 1841, he
was associated with John Quincy Adams, in the argument in the
United States Supreme Court in the case of the Africans of the
Amisted. In 1844 and 1845, he was Governor of Connecticut,
and in 1847 was elected United States Senator, serving until 1851.
He continued after that in his professional duties at JSfew Haven,
recognized by the State as a lawyer of eminent ability. He m.,
October, 1820, Emily Perkins, dau. of Enoch Perkins, of Hartford,
Conn.; she died 1874.

200. Edward Law, d. July 5, 1848.

201. Elizabeth Wooster, 1>. 1824; m., 1856, Prof. William D. Whituey.-t-

202. Roger Sheriiiau, 1). 1826; graduated at Yale 1847; was a lawyer, and died
in 1856, unm.

203. Ebenezer Simeon, b. 1828; d. April 28, 1836.

204. Henrietta Perkins, b. April 2, 1830; m., 1850, Dwiglit Foster. +

205. George William, b. 1832; graduated at Yale, 1853. He is, in 1879, a law-
yer in lucrative practice with his brother-in-law, Judge Foster, of Boston, and a
bachelor. The readers of this book are under great obligations to him for his
learning, skill, time and money used in the study of the English Baldwins, and are
principally indebted to him for the account of them iTerein. — ^

206. Emily Frances, b. 1834; d. April 27, 1836.

207. Ebenezer Charles, b. 1837; d. Dec, 1837.
308. Simeon Enoch, b. 1840. +

107. SIMEON-^ Simeon* Ebenezer,^ b. 1801, in New Haven,
Conn. He settled in New York as a shipping merchant. He m.
Oct. 7, 1830, Ann Mehitable DeForest, dau. of Lockwood DeFor-
est. He d. 1873.

209. Henry, b. 1832. +

210. Simeon, h. 1836. -+-

116. BETSEY 6 Benjamin 5 Benjamin * John ^ John ^ John,i b.
April 13, 1798, in Otis, Mass.; m. Feb. 11, 1818, Ely Strong, b.
March 15, 1795, s. Eleazer and Mary (Pratt, dau. Bernard, of San-
disfield, Mass.) Strong ; Joel and Eunice (Bascom, dau. Daniel, of
Lebanon and Mary Bliss Bascom, dau. of Rev. John Bliss, of He-
bron); Eleazer and Abiah (Ingersoll) Strong; Jedidiah and Abiah
(lugersoll, dau. John and Abigail Bascom Ingersoll, of Northamp-
ton,) Strong; Jedidiah and Freedom (Woodward) Strong; Elder
John and Abigail (Ford) Strong, of Northampton.

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