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John, of Norwich, Connecticut. 287

•211. 3Iary Iivui", :\Iay 23. 1820; m. ^[arch 10. 1839, Porter Fuller, of Lowell,
Mai^s. He d. 1854. Had uo th.

312. Eleazer Horriek, June 26, 1821 ; m. April 5, 1843, Elizabeth E. Cowles-
(dau. Asa F.. of East Hartford, Conn.) He beeame, in 1850, a paper manufaeturer
in Cuyahoii-a Falls, Summit county, Ohio. Has ch. : l^t, ]\ray Catherine, June 20,
1845; m. Feb. 14. 18(5(). Clinldu llogue, s. Moses, of Cuyahoga Falls, resides in
Waterville, Marshall county, Kansas, and two ch. : Jenny INIary Hogue, Jan. 16,
1867. and Frank Henry Hogue. Aug. 16, 1868. 2>"1, Benjamin Franklin, ^Fay 13,
1847; in Missouri since 1868. S"!, Oscar Henry, May 20, 1851. 4th, Ednunid lieau-
mont, March 3d, 1854; d. Sept. 27, 1858.

213. Caroline, Feb. 12, 1823; m. 0.sgood Sawtelle, of Petersham, Mass. He
d. about 1854.

214. Daniel, 3Iay 21, 1824; m. Elizabeth Gabriel, of Suffield, Conn. She d.
October, 1853, and he m. 2n(i, 1856, Elizabeth Ashcroft. Ch. by first wife: 1st,
Clara Stockbridge, Oct. 9, 1849; 2'«l Eliza Jane, April 24, 1853.

215. Lucy Ann, May 12, 1826; m. David Chapin, of Leyden, Mass.

216. Asenath, Aug. 8, 1827; m. Mr. Wodice, of South Brookfield, Mass.

217. Claris.sa S., Feb. 14, 1829; m. Mr Skinner, of Barre, Mass.

218. Joel W., April 17, 1830. ILannibal, Mo.

219. Benjamin Owen, Feb. 25, 1832, Plymouth, Mass; m. Dec. 9, 1855, Betsej^
Jane Chute, and had one child: C'harles Alexander Strong, June 23, 1858.

Mrs. Betse}' d, Sept. 23, 1833, and her husband m. 2"''- Dee. 26,
1833, widow Sally Frary, b. June 16, 1796, sister of Betsey. She
had no ch., and d. Feb. 1, 1849, and he m. 3«^' Sept. 8, 1849, Caro-
line 0. Sheldon. At the writing of the Strong genealogy, he was
a farmer in Granville, Mass.

122. DAIN'IEL^ Jacob^ Benjamin,Mn. Anna Peck, of Benton,
and settled, 1813, at Italy Hill, Yates county, N. Y., where both
died; he, in 1849, aged 57; she, in 1852, aged 58.

226. Alfred.

227. George, m. Mary Gorham, and lives, in 1872, in Gorham, N. Y.

228. Amanda, m. O. Guernsey, of Jerusalem, and moved to California.

229. Julia, m. Thomas Sanders, of Jerusalem, N. Y. (1872.)

123. ALFRED^ Jacob ^ Benjamin.* He was a physician, and
long a prominent citizen of Benton, Yates county, 'N. Y. He was
a man of strict integrity, though noted for his disbelief in revealed
religion. He m. Mary Jacobs, who left

230. Mason L. +

Alfred afterward m. jSTancy Whitehead, of Saratoga, X. Y., and
d., 1865, in his 70th year. She survives.

288 Baldwin Genealogy.

128. DANIEL c Asa 5 Benjamm,M). 1802, in Salisbury, Coun.;
m. Cornelia Devoe, and living, 1875, in Auburn, IST. Y.

234. Leonard, b. 1838, in Washington, Penu.

235. Edwin. I). 1847, in Jersey City, N. J. In 1875, a lawyer in Auburn, X.Y.

139. SAMUEL e Levi^ Daniel* John^ John ^ John,i b. in Nor-
wich, A^t., June 2t3, 1783; m. Currence Currier, of that place.
Settled in Barre, Yt., and d. in 1868, aged 85.

236. Bradford.

337. Sauford, b. in Norwich, Nov. 22, 1810. +

238. Daniel. +

239. Simond.

240. Samuel.

241. Jerusha.

242. Jane.

243. Mary.

244. Daughter, ni. John Cams, of Lima, Ohio.

151. ABEL ^' Daniel ^ Daniel,^ b. in Norwich, Yt., and settled in
Clarkson, N. Y.

245. Laura Ann, m. Henr^- Rogers Selden, the well-known Judge of the New
York Court of Appeal.'^. +

154. DANIEL 6 DanieP Daniel,M3. in Norwich, Yt., July 21,
1791 ; m., Jan. 3, 1820, at Hanover, N. H., Emily Wheelock, niece
of President Ebenezer Wheelock, of Dartmouth College. He has
resided for many years in Montpelier, \t., and was President for
many j^ears of the Yermont Mutual Life Insurance Company.

246. Edward Wheelock, dead; no ch.

247. Emily Eliza, July 22, 1822; m. Charles Reed.+

248. Maria Malleville, May 24. 1824; m. M. D. Gi]man.+

249. Lucia Louisa, dead in 1873.

250. Sarah Sabrina, dead in 1873.

157. DIMMIS« Elijah ^^Daniel,M). Dec. 18, 1791, in Norwich,

Yt.; m. Feb. 10, , David Frost Slafter * (Anthony ^ Moses '^

John 1), b. March 1, 1784, and d. May 31, 186(3 ; she d. Aug. 15,

1819. He was cousin of the father of Rev. E. F. Slafter, of Boston,
Secretary of the N. E. Genealogical Society, and to whom I am
indebted for information of Norwich, Yt. He m. 2'"'' Jan. 18,

1820, Emeline, dau. Kev. Timothv Richardson.

7 7 ^j

251. Dimmis Eveline, Dec. 12. 1812, d. April 28, 1830.

252. Edmond Baldwin, 1815, d. Aug. 27, 1821.

253. Chastina, Aug. 15, 1817, d. Aug. 28, 1821.

John, of Norwich, Connecticut. 289

159. THOMAS TALMER « Setli Cogswell '•> Daniel/ b. Dec. 26,
1790. Settled in l^almyni, N. Y. He' m. 1818, Eleanor Cuyler,
widow, whose lirst hnsband was killed at Sackett's Harbor in the
war of 1812. She was of Palmyra.

2o4. Ruth Mary; ni. and living (1874) in IJrooklyu, N. Y., with two ch., it is

1(30. SETH C.« Seth Cogswell ^ Daniel,^ b. Nov. 24, 1792. Set-
tled in Caldwell, IST. Y., and in 18(30 is said to be dead. He m. l^*-
1811, Asenath S. Beach, dan. Zerah, of Ballston, IST. Y.; no ch.
He m. 2'"'' Laura Hooker. He settled in Warrensburgh, Warren
county, N. Y., and d. at Glens Falls, N. Y.

255. Elizabeth.

256. Maiy.

These daus. m. two brothers Anderson, one of whom was John, and lived in
Brooklju, N. Y., as a teacher.

161. SAMUEL WHITE 6 Seth C.^ Daniel,* b. Sept. 22,1794.
He m., Oct. 15, 1816, Lydia Miller, dau. Elisha, of Ballston, X. Y.,
who was born Oct. 16, 1794. He settled in East Cleveland, Cuya-
hoga county, Ohio, where he died, 1876 or 1877.

257. Ruth Harriet, b. Oct. 6, 1817, in Masonville, Delaware count}', N. Y..
and d. April 14, 1836.

258. Julia Eliza, Sept. 9, 1826, in Masonville; m. Abner Tripp. -t-

259. Dudley Miller, Sept. 31, 1835, (25?) at Masonville. In 1876, unm. and

163. EDWARD 6 Seth C.-^ Daniel,* b. Jan. 12, 1799 ; d. Dec. 20,
1843. He m., Jan. 14, 1820, Mercy P. Doaii, dau. of Kathaniel,
and cousin of John, who m. Ann, his sister. He settled early in
Cleveland, Cuyahoga county, Ohio, and was Sheriff there, and for
several years County Treasurer.

260. Ann Eliza, d. Aug. 15, 1826.

261. Dewittt Clinton, m., Nov. 23, 1845, Laura May Wheeler.

262. Seth Coffswell. 4-


164. ANX ELIZAS Seth C. ^ Daniel,* b. in Ballston, K Y.,
Sept. 21, 1800 ; m., in Cleveland, Ohio, Sept. 19, 1819, James ^
Strong, b. 1784, s. Judge John H. ° and Elizabeth (Cary) Strong,
of Euclid, in the same county, s. of Josiah*and Mary (Harris)
Strong, Jonah ^ and Hannah (Fuller) Strong, Jonah- and Joanna
(Gillett) Strong, John ^ and Elizabeth (Warring) Strong. Shed.

290 Baldwin Genealogy.

Marcli 11, 1827, and he m. 2"*^' Laura Miles, by whom he had three
dans. He was Sherift' of Cuyahoga county. By his first wife, he
had three children, who d. v., and

263. Ann Olivia (says the Strong Genealogy; relatives say Lydia). Living
iinni., 1874, in Olmsted Falls, Cuyahoga connty, Ohio.

264. .James Harris. Living, 1874. in Berea, Cuyahoga county, Ohio.

167. DUDLEY « Seth C.^ Daniel,* b. Aug. 23, 1809, in Ballston,
i^. Y. When a mere lad, he came to Cleveland, and in course of
time became clerk for Mr. Peter M. Weddell, a leading merchant,
with whom he became a partner. Mr. Weddell died in 1847.
Some time afterward, Mr. Baldwin commenced the manufacture
of agricultural implements. About 1857, he retired from that
business, owing to ill health. He still resides in Cleveland, a
genial, kind, intelligent and enterprising gentleman, of well-
deserved wealth. He has been somewhat prominent in business
as Bank Director, and Director of the Cleveland and Mahoning
Railroad. He is well characterized, in a book upon Cleveland,
"as a man of quiet, unassuming manners and sterling worth."
He m. Mary Hine, dau. of Homer Hine, of Youngstown, Ohio, an^
has children :

270. Mary.

271. Homer Hine, who was in nearly all the great battles of the late war, from
Gaines' Mill to Grant's closing campaign. He d. June 11, 1870, a First Lieutenant
in the oth Regiment United States Artillery.

272. Anne Weddell, m. First Lieut. Thilo Auguste Schultze, of the United
States Army, who was a distinguished young officer in the war, and died Oct. 5
1874. They have a child, living with her in Cleveland.

273. Peter Weddell.

274. Henrietta, m. Gouveneur Morris, .Jr., of New York.

275. Henry Wick.

276. Dudley, .Jr.

277. Sherman Finch, d. .June 15, 1875.

182. CHARLES BACKUS « Thomas ^ Eliphlet * Thomas ^
Thomas"^ John,MD. Oct. 3, 1811. Settled in Bozrah, Conn.; m.,
Feb. 19, 1840, Frances D. Hough, dau. Guy and Hannah (Bailey)
Hough, of Bozrah. He was living in 1858.

283. Henry Thomas, b. .July 16, 1842.

187. BUEL 6 Eleazur "> Rufus ^ John '^ Thomas "^ John.i Resides,
1876, in Tioga, Tioga county, Penn. He m. Miss Charity C.

John., of Norwich, Connecticut. 291

284. Jenetto Betsey (now deceased); m. Hou. John J. Mitchell, now, 1877,
Member of Congress.

285. Sarah Cordelia.

286. Frank Davenport, m. T. A. Lane, of Buffalo, N. Y.

287. Eleazer (deceased); m. Jane Hull.

288. Emily Blanche; m. Coburn.

289. Buel Stevens.

188. MOSES STEVENS 6 Eleazer^ Riifiis * Johii^ Thomas'^
Jobn,^ m. Miss Millisent II. Wylie. His laraily live, 1876, on the
old homestead in Laurenceville, Tioga county, Penn. He is dead.

290. Mary Elizabeth, M.D., a physician in Xew York City.

291. Moses Stevens; m. Miss Seely.

292. Kate Wylie.

293. Dan. Wylie.

294. Lucy Davenport.

295. Lemuel Grant.

189. THOMAS L.^ Eleazer ^ Rufus ' John ^ Thomas '^ John,i m.
Miss Jerusha Baldwin De Pui, dau. Elijah, Esq. A direct
descendant of the Hngenot De Pni, said to have settled at the
Delaware Water Gap before Penn settled Philadelphia. Her
mother was Eunice^ Thomas^ Isaac* John ^ Benjamin - Henry

296. Thomas De Pui.

297. Annie De Pni.

298. Coleman Wickham, dead,

299. Vine De Pui.

300. Coleman W., dead.

301. .TabinBush.

302. Edward Maynard.

303. Mp'a Maynard, deceased.

304. Henry Louis.

In 1877, he is a general merchant in Tioga, Pa.

194. ANSON 6 Ebenezer 5 Oliver* Ebenezer^ Thomas ^ John,i
b. March 12, 1800, at " Bean Hill," near Norwich, Conn. His
father settled in Yonkers, N. Y. He m., in 1826, Armenia Pal-
mer, dan. Alderman James and Elizabeth (Banks) Palmer, of N.
Y., who d. 19 March, 1873, aged seventy-three.

305. Janet, m. John T. Waring, of Yonkers. +

306. Cornelia Anna, in 1876, unm.

307. Julia, m. Ethan Flagg, of Yonkers. +

308. Susan Elizabeth, m. Prof. Henry Martyn Baird. -h

309. Hall Faile. +

310. Eben, in 1876, unm., and of the firm of Hall & Baldwin, Commissioa
Merchants, New York City.

292 Baldwin Genealogy.

195. SUSAN « Ebenezers Oliver* Ebeiiezer^ Thomas ^ John/
b. iu Yonkers, N.Y.; ra. William C. Waring; d. Dec. 28, 1855.
Her family, in 1877, live in Yonkers.

311. Armenia Baldwin, deceased.

312. Chester Crosbj', deceased.

313. Armenia Baldwin, d. 1856.

314. Edna, m., 1873, Henry Grimwood ; in 1877, of New York City.

315. William C, m., 1873, Ella Cooper.

196. JANE*^ Ebenezers Oliver* Ebenezer^ Thomas^ John,i b.
in Yonkers, K.Y.; m., Nov. 16, 1842, Alexander Smith, of the
firm of Alexander Smith & Sons, carpet manufacturers. She died
July 10, 1875.

316. Eva, m., Feb. 4, 1869, William F. Cochran, and has ch. : Anna, Eleanor,
Alexander, William F.

317. Warren Baldwin.

In 1877, all this family lived in Yonkers. Mr. Smith m. 2"^^'
Oct. 12, 1876, Mary Lewen Bell.

197. EBENEZER^ Ebenezer ^^ Oliver* Ebenezer ^ Thomas ^
John,^ b. iu Yonkers, N. Y.; m. Sarah Erwiu Cooper, and d. De-
cember, 1871.

318. William Bell.
., 319. .Jane.

201. ELIZABETH WOOSTER ^ Roger S.^' Simeon * Eben-
ezer^ Thomas- John,^ b. in New Haven, Conn.; m. Prof. William
Dwight Whitney, Ph.D., LL.D.; since 1854, Professor of Sanscrit
in Yale College; the well-known author of "Language and the
Study of Language," " Oriental and Linguistic Studies," as well
as other learned works. He was b. Feb. 29, 1829 ; s. of Josiah D.
and Sarah (Williston) Whitney. Graduated at Williams, 1845 ; m.
Aug. 28, 1856.

320. Edward Baldwin, Aug. 16, 1857.

321. Williston Clapp, April 2, 1859; d. March 11, 1861.

322. Marion Parker, Feb. 6, 1861, (by misprint in the Prescott Memorial,

323. Roger Sherman Baldwin, Jan. 6, 1863; drowned while skating on Mill
ri^er. New Haven, .Jan. 17, 1874.

324. Emily Henrietta, Ang. 29, 1864.
^25, Margaret Dwight, Nov. 19, 1866.

(I am obliged to Dwight Genealogy for dates.)

John, of Norwich, Connecticut, 293

204. HENRIETTA TERKINS" Roger S.-^ Simeon * Ebonezer ^
Thomas- Joliu,^ b. April 2, 1830, in New Haven, Conn. She m.,
Aug. 20, 1850, Dwight Foster, of Boston, Mass., b. Dec. 13, 1828,
son of Hon. Alfred Dwight Foster, of Worcester, Mass. He
graduated at Yale in 1848. He was, in 1863 to 1866, Attorney
General of Massachusetts, and for several years one of the Judges
of the Supreme Court of the State.

326. Alfred Dwight, April 37, 1852. Lawyer in Boston.

327. Emily Baldwin, Feb. 17, 1854.

328. Boge'r Sherman Baldwin, April 21, 1857.

329. Mary Rebecca, May 6, 1859.

330. Bnruside, May 7, 1861.

331. Reginald. Jan. 2, 1863.

332. Henrietta Baldwin, Aug. 8, 1865; d. Jan. 23, 1867.

333. Elizabeth Skinner, Jan. 10, 1868.

208. SIMEON ENOCH" Roger S.s Simeon^ Ebenezer^ Thomas ^
John,^ b. in New Haven, Conn., 1840 ; graduated at Yale College
in 1861. He m., in 1865, Susan, dau. of Edmund and Harriet
Winchester, of Boston. He is a leading lawyer in New Haven,
Conn.; was one of the Commissioners who revised the Statutes of
that State, author of the Connecticut Digest, and has been for
years Professor in the Y^ale Law School — a very busy and efficient

334. Florence Winchester, b. Jan. 3, 1868; d. Sept. 16, 1872.

335. Roger Sherman, b. Jan. 17, 1869.

336. Helen Harriet, b. Jan. 27, 1872.

209. HENRY" Simeon s Simeon^ Ebenezer^ Thomas ^ John, ^
b. 1832. He m. Cornelia Hoskins, of Philadelphia, Pa. He
•resides, 1875, in New Haven, Conn.

337. Francis Hoskins, b. 1874.

210. SIMEON*^ Simeon 5 Simeon^ Ebenezer^ Thomas "^ John, i
b. in New York City, 1836. Graduated at New Y'ork University,
1856; m. Mary Marvin, of Woodstock, N. B. He is a banker in
New York City.

338. Henry.

339. Charles.

340. Blanche.

230. MASON L.7 Alfred « Jacob ^ Benjamin ' John ^ John ^
John;^ m. Catharine, dau. of Jacob Meserole, and resides (1872)
on the homestead in Benton, Yates county, N. Y. He has been

294 Baldwin Genealogy.

Assistant U. S. Assessor several years, and is, in 1872, engaged in
banking in Penn Yan.

341. MaiyT.

237. SANFORD " Samuel ^ Levi ^ Daniel * John ^ John ^ John,^
b. in Norwich, Vt., IN'ov. 22, 1810 ; m. Betsey Richardson, b. Oct.
9, 1810, in Orange, Vt. He is living, in 1874, in Orange, Vt., and
is a carpenter.

342. Daughter, b. April 7, 1856, and d. Oct. 9, following.

238. DANIEL " Samuel ^ Levi,^ b. in Norwich, Vt. He m.
Hannah Smith, of Barre, and lived successively in Barre, Orange,
Wolcot, Newport, Craftsbury. Living (1874) in Wolcot.

343. Alger ,J., 1840; in 1874, Limaville (N. Wolcot), Yt.
.844. Henry C, 1848.

345. Abby Jane, 1850.

346. Seymour L., 1853.

245. LAURA ANNE' Samuel <5 Levi,M3. in Clarkson, N. Y.
She m., Sept. 25, 1834, Henry Rogers Selden, b. Oct. 14, 1805, s.
of Calvin, of Lvme. Conn. He settled in Rochester N. Y. as a
lawyer, and has been very successful, and his wide ability is suit-
ably acknowledged. He was for a while the well known reporter
of the Court of Appeals of New York, Lieutenant-Governor of
..New York, and Judge of the Court of Appeals of that State ;
LL.D., Yale, 1858.

347. Julia Clark, Sept. 24. 1835.

348. Louisa, Oct. 27, 1837.

349. Mary G., Aug. 22, 1839.

350. Augusta, Sept. 36, 1841, d. .Tan. 1, 1843.

351. Henry Baldwin, June 24, 1844, d. Aug. 29, 1845.

352. George Baldwin, Sept. 14, 1846.

353. Laura Augusta, Oct. 7, 1848; d. Aug. 25, 1850.

354. Arthur Rogers. Oct. 5, 1850.

355. Percy Lee,'' March 1, 1853, d. Oct. 2. 1857.
356.' Jessie F. , July 2, 1855, d. Jan. 29, 1858.

357. Samuel L., April, 1859.

247. EMILY ELIZA' Daniel '^ Daniel ^ Daniel* John ^ John 2
John, lb. in Moutpelier, Vt., July 22,1822; m., June 5, 1842,
Charles Reed, a lawyer of that place, graduated at Dartmouth
College in 1835, and died March 7, 1873.

358. Charles Baldwin, Oct. 20, 1845; d. Sept. 28, 1847.

359. Elizabeth Burnap, April 17, 1848; m., .Tune 27, 1871, Joel Haywood
Lucia, a lawyer. In 1878, resident in Vergennes, Vt., and have three ch. : Daniel

John, of Norwich., Connecticut. 295

Baldwin, May 8, 1872; Kose Elizabeth, >Iay 29, 1874; and Emily Wheelock, July
4, 1876.

860. Emily Wheelock. Feb. 13. 1851; d. April 36, 1860.

361. Sarah, Jan. 33, 1853; d. May 13, 1854.

363. Maria Oilman, Dec. 3, 1855.

248. MARIA MALLEYILLE ' Daniel*' Daniel/' b. in Mout-
pelier, Vt., May 24, 1824; m., May 10, 1843, Marcus Davis Oilman,
of that place. He was born in Calais, Vt., Jan. 28, 1820, son of
John, of Gilmantou, X. H., son of Jonathan (and Susan Dudley,
descendant of Gov. Thomas, of Massachusetts), descended from
Edward Oilman, who came over in 1638, and settled in Hingham,
Mass. In 1845, they settled in Chicago, where he was a merchant,
until 1868. He is, in 1878, resident in Moutpeiier, Vt. He is
Secretary of the Vermont Historical Society, and a member of
several others.

368. John Baldwin, July 5. 1847. He graduated at Harvard in 1868; imme-
diately sailed for Germany, where he studied medieine and surgery; was Assistant
Surgeon in the Franco-Prussian war, and complimented with the Iron Cross of the
Emperor William, of Germany; returned, and commenced practice in Topeka,
Kansas. In the winter of 1872-'73, he was tiiken down with varioloid, followed by
pneumonia, and died at Montpelier, May 18, 1873.

364. Emily Eliza, June 10, 1849; m., April 13, 1868, Rev. Henry Irving Cush-
man. of Chicago, Avho settled, 1878, over the First Universalist Church of Provi-
dence, R.I. Children: Ruth, May 39, 1870; RoT)ert, Sept. 18, 1873; Marcus
Gilman, July 35, 1875; Earl Baldwin, May 5, 1878, d. 35 same month.

365. Sarah Alice. March 31, 1851; d. March 19, 1853.

366. Marcus Edward, June 26, 1853; d. Nov 9, 1853.

258. JULIA ELIZA' Samuel W.« Seth C.-^ DanieP John ^
John^John,^ b. in Masonville, X. Y., Sept. 9, 1822 ; m. Abuer
Tripp, a tailor.

367. Libby Eunice, d. imm.

368. Howard Lewis. In 1874, a doctor, in Aubvn-u, X. Y.

In 1874, Mr, Tripp is living in Cleveland, (Jiiio.

262. SETH COGSWELL" Edward « Seth C.=^ Daniel,^ b. in
Cleveland, Ohio ; m. Helen Seymour, dau. of Alexander, of Cleve-
land. He has filled various important business positions: as
Superintendent of the Railroad at Escanaba, Wis.; and at present
(1879) is Superintendent of the Cincinnati and Marietta Eailroad,
and of the Vallev Railroad. He lives at Cleveland.

369. Anne, m. William Liudsley, s. of Randolph Lindsley, of Meridon, Conn. ;

in 1879, Superintendent of Railroad; resident at Escanaba. They have a

dau. Helen.

296 Baldwin Genealogy.

370. Kate Lyon, m., Jan. 1, 1879, James Daliba, of Cleveland.

371. Mary.

372. Laura.

305. JANET 7 Anson <5 Ebeuezer^ Oliver^ Ebenezer^ Thomas 2
John,^ b. in Yonkers, N. Y.; m., June, 1850, John Thomas War-
ing, of Yonkers ; in 1875, of the firm of J. T. Waring & Co., hat

373. Arthur Baldwin.

374. Grace, m., Oct. 5, 1875, Louis H. Roberts, Jr.
370. .John Thomas; d. y.

37(3. .John Thomas.

377. Cornelia Baldwin.

378. Pierre Crosby.

379. Susan Baldwin.

380. James Palmer.

381. Anson Baldwin, d. y.
383. Janet Baldwin.

307. JULIA ^ Anson ^' Ebenezer^ Oliver* Ebenezer^ Thomas 2.
Johni b. in Yonkers, N". Y.; m., March 7, 1854, Ethan FLagg, of
that place ; in 1875, of the firm of Baldwin & Flagg, hat manu-

383. Susan Baldwin, d. y.

384. Marcia.

385. Janet.

386. Elizabeth Palmer.

308. SUSAI:^ ELIZABETH ' Anson « Ebenezer ^ Oliver * Eben-
ezer^ Thomas 2 John.^ b. in Yonkers, IT. Y.; m. Aug. 15, 1860,
Henry Martyn Baird, Ph.D., Professor of Greek Language and
Literature in the University of New York, third s. of Rev. Rob-
ert Baird, D.D., and Fannie, his wife.

387. Armenia Palmer.

388. Fermine Du Buisson.

389. Julia Flagg.

390. Susan Baldwin, d. 1870.

391. Henry ilartyn.

392. Maraaret.

309. HALL FAILE ^ Anson ^ Ebenezer ^ Oliver * Ebenezer-S
Thomas "2 John,^ b. in Yonkers, K". Y. He is, in 1875, of the firm
of Baldwin & Flagg, hat manufacturers. He m. Feb. 22, 1870,
Susan Elizabeth Punchard, of Andover, Mass.

393. Martha Prenchard.

394. Anson.

John Baldwin, of Milford, Connecticut,


1. JOHN BALDWIN, Senior, of Milforcl, Conn., came to Con-
necticut with the other Milford Baldwins, with the New Haven
Company. His relationship to the other Baldwins cannot be
determined with certainty. Mr. Savage says he was the son of
Sylvester, the son of Richard. This cannot be, as will be seen in
the account of John, of Stonington, It has been suggested that
he might be the brother of Sylvester. It will be seen in the ac-
count of the English family, iirst published by me in the "N. E.
Historic Genealogical Register," in July, 1872, that Sylvester had
a brother John, Sylvester, it will be remembered, died on the
passage, in 1(J38, and his nuncupative will was testiiied to by John
Baldwin. I am not personally conversant with the then law of
testimony in Massachusetts, but have as high authority as Mr.
William H, Whitmore for saying that John, the witness, could not
have been John, son of Sylvester, on account of his interest. Nor
could it well have been either him or John, of Norwich, on
account of their tender years, making them hardly competent to
remember a will, and very unlikely witnesses in a well tilled ship
of grown and friendly people.

It seems probable that John, the witness, was John, Senior, of
Milford. I doubt whether he was John, the brother of Sylvester,
for the reason that in the will of their grandfather he names his
grand-children, John and Henry, sons of Sylvester, I conclude
that John was probably the elder. If John was the elder, he must
have died young, as in the will of the Uncle Richard he speaks of
Henry as his next heir. He is more likely, I think, to have been
a cousin of Sylvester, or, not unlikely, a nephew; in fact, his
apparent age would hardly permit him to be a brother.


298 Baldwin Genealogy.

People then married young. Sylvester's son Richard was bap-
tised 1622 ; John's four children were baptised 1648, and the old-
est born, probably, about 1641, (Mr. Savage says, 1640.) The
name of John Baldwin was very common in Bucks at ihat time.
I presume it likely he will be found to be a nephew or cousin, for
I believe the matter ma}' in the end be determined with reasonable
certainty. That he was of Bucks county and some relative of

«/ h V

Sylvester I have little doubt. It may not be without interest that
the names of his children, John, Samuel, George and Richard
were common among the Baldwins of Bucks ; but there were so
many Johns in Bucks that they are very difhcult to identity.

In February, 1639, Milford was purchased of the Indians. The
settlement Avas made during the year, and Nov. 29, 1639, the
names of the "Free Planters" appears in the Milford records.

The name of John Baldwin is one of those following after this
list, as being a settler, but not a free planter. This was because
he was not a church member. Milford was a religions community,
or colony, for it was at first a separate settlement, with an inde-
pendent government of its own. This government was organized
November 20, when it was voted that the officers and voters should
be church members. It was also voted " that they ^vould guide
themselves in all their doings b}' the written word of God, till
such time as a body of laws should be established." He, however,
joined the church, March 19, 1648. He was buried in Milford,
June 21, 1681. His first wife was named Mary, and by her he
had children :

2. Johu, b., says Savage, 1640, bapt. March 26, 1648. +

3. .Josiah, b. 1642. +

4. Samuel, b. 1645. He is not mentioned, nor any descendant, in the full
will of his father, made in 1681. A Samuel, of Milford, was drowned in Fairfield,
in 167:}, leaving a family in Milford, says tlie Worcester Mss., (letter of .Judge Sim-
eon Baldwin.) He must be the Samuel whose estate was appraised at Milford, 1673,
leaving a home lot sold by his widow to Alexander Bryan, as appears by Brj-an's
will, dated July 22, 1679. That if he left children, they died without issue is shown
by a deed in 1696 by his brother .Joseph as co4ieir of his father John, of Milford,
deceased, of part of the estate of his brother Samuel, of Milford, deceased. Samuel

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