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was accepted to full commimion, June 25, 1671. After the baptismal entry of 1648,
oppos'ite the name of Nathaniel, is the entry, "deceased Jan. 16, 1671 " (old style —
new, 1672). It cannot mean Nathaniel, who survived his father, and had children
as early as 1676. It must be by error placed one line too low, and be reallj' meant
for Samuel.

5. Nathaniel, b. 1648. +

6. Elizabeth, bapt. July 19, 1649; m. Porter, but I cannot tell what one.

7. Joseph, bapt. Nov. 9, 1651. +

John, of Milford, Connecticut. 209

He in. 2"''' Mary Briieii, of Peqnot, sister of Obadiab, and dau.
John of Bruen Stapleford, Cheshire, England. (See Appendix.)
She d, Sept. 2, 1670.

8. Mary, bapt. Sept. 17, 1654.

9. Sarah, b. Dec. 25, 1655.

10. Abigail, b. Xov. 15, 1658; bapt. in New Haven, March 27, 1659; m. Samuel
Baldwin 2 Xathaniel.i

11. Obadiah, b. October, 1660. +

12. George, b., it is said, 1662. +

13. Hannah, b. Nov. 20, 1663; m., Jan. 17, 168^, Dr. .John Fiske 3 John, 2 of
"Wenham, Mass., son of Phinehas Fiske, i of Salem. Dr. John resided in Wenliam
for a time, where, says Savage, his children were born. According to Lambert,
he settled in Milford in 1695. He was a physician there. Their ch. were: (61)
Ebenezer, who joined the Church in Milford in 1714, and in 1719 was administrator
to his father, exhibiting an act of the Assembly authorizing sale, etc. ; (62) John,
(68) Phinehas, graduated at Yale College in 1704; Rev. (64) Benjamin, bapt. 1696.
Ebenezer and John are placed, by Savage, as probable children of Dr. John.

14. Richard, b. 2nd week of June, 1665. +

I have found no authority for the dates of birth of the first four
children: but the dates given by Mr. Savage are very probable,
yet I think more probable than certain. The four were baptised
March 26, 1648. John Baldwin's homestead was original lot No.
13, in Milford, on the Avest side of the river, a little northwest of
the Town Hall, on the premises now or lately occupied by Rev.
Asa M. Train.

His 2"*^ wife died Sept. 2, 1670, and he was buried June 21,
1681. His will, dated May 24, 1681, gives to his eldest son John,
sons Josiah, Il^athaniel and Joseph, dau. Elizabeth Porter, dau.
Abigail Baldwin, two daus. Sarah and Hannah, son George, and
sons Obadiah and Richard ; with provision, if either dies before
marriage or unmarried. John Baldwin's descendants are very
numerous, more so than any of the branches, unless it may be

Savage savs this John removed to ]^ewark a vaar or two after
1666, but returned to Milford. There were, in i!^ewark, John
Sr. and John, Jr. Both remained there, one being John- John, ^
and the other John - ISTathauiel.^ In correction of errors, I may say
further, that Mr. Cougar, in his unusually accurate book, says Eliza-
beth married Peck. My own transcript from the Milford Records
agrees with Savage, showing Porter, though with a mark indi-
cating dimness of record. His heirs, Joseph, Obadiah, Sarah
and Hannah, Nov. 11, 1691, submitted to the arbitration of the

300 Baldwin Genealogy.

" honored Deputy Governor Major Robert Treat, Mr, Daniel Buck-
ingham and Samuel Eells," a difference as to "the articles in the
inventory of John Baldwin, deceased." The decision was given,
Richard consenting.

2. JOHX 2 John,i bapt. in Milford, Conn., March 20, 1648, eldest
of four, and no doubt born some years before ; Savage says 1640^
which I think must be a guess. The first few pages of the Milford
record of births is gone. He was accepted to full communion, in
Milford, Oct. 8, 1662. He m. Hannah Brewen, or Bruen, dau. of
Obadiah, of New London, niece of his stepmother (see Appendix),
Oct. 3, or 30, 1663. She d., and he m. 2"^'' before 1686, but I cannot
tell when, Ruth Bottsford, dau. of Henry Bottsford, of Milford.
He was John, Sen., of Newark, IST. J. Many descendants of the
various lines in this volume are in New Jersey, whose ancestors
were among the first settlers.

The settlement w^as first broached, in 1661, by the Deputy Gov-
ernor of New Haven Colony, Matthew Gilbert, a Milford man, who
wrote to Governor Stuyvesant that " a Companie of considerable
that came into N. E. that they might serve God w*^ a pure con-
science, and enjoy such liberties and privileges, both Civill and
Ecclesiasticall, as might best advantage unto" * * * "and they,
being desirous to provide for their posterities, so as their outward
comfortable subsistence and their soules' welfare might, in the
use of suitable means through the blessing of the Almightj^, be
obtained." A committee of Milford men had been appointed to
treat and select land. This ended in the settlement of Newark,
which was expected to be under the jurisdictiou of the Dutch.
They were to enjoy many freedoms, being especially desirous
"for the enlargement of the Kingdom of Christ Jesus in a congre-
gational way."

Their local laws "being found to concur with the Holy Scrip-
tures," were to be confirmed; "but in dark and dubious matters,
especially in witchcraft," people were not to be put to death with-
out approval of the Director General and his Council.

John Baldwin w^as of the Milford people who first settled New-
ark in 1666, when the fundamental laws were shown to be in
accordance with Scripture by the marginal references.

See as to this interesting Colony, Vol. 6, N. J. Hist. Soc. (Town
Record of Newerk), and Supplement containing W. W. White-
hall's oration.

John, of Milford, Connecticat. 301

John Baldwin was one of four who bought " The Neck," in 1674,
for which tliey were to pay the town £310. lie was a shoemaker.
He was, in 1G79, a "sealer of leather." Jan. 1, 1682-'83, he was
chosen at town meeting "to look that the Young People carry
themselves orderly in times of Divine Worship." In 1678, "After
lecture," it was voted to send letters about the expenses of the
Neck. His will, dated 1702, names his children Sarah, Hannah,
Elizabeth and John, by his 1** wife, and Samuel, Daniel, Joseph,
Timothy, Elnathan, Nathaniel and Jonathan. Mr. Cougar infers
from their ages not all children of Ruth. Likely Samuel was sou
of 1** wife.

l-j. Richard, b. in Milford, Dec. 24, 1666, as sou of Jolm, Jr., and no doubt d. y.

16. Sarah.

17. Hannah.

18. Elizabeth.

19. John.+

20. Samuel, b. about 1674. -f-

21. Ruth, in., as 2nd wife, Eleazer Brueu,3 of Newark, N. J., s. of John, 2 s.
of Obadiah Brueu.i Elcazer's will, 1711, names his children Eleazer, Obaditdi and
Timothy. She d. in 1717, leaving Obadiah in the care of her brother Nathaniel, and
Timothj^ with Jonathan, "to learn their trades," being seven years of age; (86)
Eleazer, perhaps s. of 1** wife, m. Charity Gilbert, and had ch. : (87) Obadiah, b.
in 1710, m. 1st. Dorca.s Brown, and 2'id, Hannah Wood, and hadch., he d. June 4,
1774, aged 64; (88) Timothy, b. in 1710, m. Phebe Cantield, and had ch., he d. in
1778, aged 68. (For a further account of descendants, see Settlement of Newark,
N. J., Hist. Soc. 1866, Cougar's Genealogical Notices.)

22. Joseph, b. in Newark, about 1680, and d. there, March 14, 1724. aged 44,
iind called Mr. Ensign. His will names his ch. following and w. Elizabeth. By
tradition, he m. a sister of the husband of his sister Ruth, dau. of John - Obadiah
Bruen.i His ch. named were: (89) Joseph, (90) Abigail, (91) Elizabeth, (92) Sarah,
find (93) Hannah.

23. Elnathan. +

24. Timothy, b. about 1687. +

2o. Daniel, bapt. in Milford, April 11, 1689, as the son of "In-other .John, of
Newark," and d. y.

26. Nathaniel, b. about 1690.4-

27. Jonathan, b. about 1691.4-

3. JOSIAH^ John,M3apt. in Milford, Conn., March 20, 1648,
probably born about 1644. He remained there, and m. June 25,
1667, Mary Camp, perhaps dau. of Edward Camp, ot New Haven^
Conn., and b. there, April 21, 1652. He was received to full com-
munion Jan. 30, 1671. He died about 1683, as Nov. 2, 1683, the

302 Baldwin Genealogy.

inventory of his estate was presented at New Haven. Mr. Savage
says he left a wife and seven children, whose names he "sees not."

28. Sarah, b. March 29, 1668.

29. Mary, Sept. 14, 1670.

30. Elizabeth, b. Sept. 19, 1672.

31. Samuel, b. March 14, 1674.+

32. Josiah, b. March 21, 167^. 4-

33. Remember, b. Feb. 29, 167 a.


34. Child, on authority of Savage.

His adminisratrix seems to have been his widow Mercy, yet she
was mother of Josiah. Is the name of Mary and Mercy con-

5. NATHANIEL-^ John,ibapt. in Milford, Conn., March 22,
1648, and probably b. in 1647 or 1648. He was Nathaniel Cooper,
of Milford, as Cooper had a division of land in 1677. He was in
the lists of 1686 and 1712. Mr. Lambert says he removed, in
1702, to "Cohansee;" and in 1704, Obadiah and Eichard speak of
him as their brother, and gone to live there; but he soon after
returned, as in 1705, ond several years after, he and Obadiah are
for several years grave-diggers, their brother Richard being Sex-
ton. In 1676, he drew a lot on the west side of Milford Kun.
Aug. 31, 1717, his son Joseph is called s. of N. Cooper, lately of
Milford, meaning, I presume, that Nathaniel was dead. In 1732,
his son Nathaniel is called s. of "Left. N. B., deceased, distin-
guished by being called Cooper. Nathaniel re.sided for a time in
Stratford, where some of his children were for a time. His wife
Sarah was admitted to Milford Church in October, 1681 ; he, July
16,1682. She was no doubt Sarah, born about 1652 or 1653, dau.
of Benjamin- and Wilmot his wife — David Phippen.^ She was
born in Boston ; and as appears by the Boston records, she and her
husband joined, July 4, 1697, in a deed, with her sister Sarah,
w. of Benjamin Sherman, of Stratford, and Mary, w. of Nathaniel
Sherman, of Stratford, and their husbands.

85. Nathaniel, b. Sept. 6, 1676. Nov. 8, 1732, he makes the deed last men-
tioned. He d. July 5, 1748, and adm. was granted July 13, 1748, to his nephew
Jacob, bond £1,000, and his estate went to Samuel or his heirs, to Benjamin or his
heirs, to Elizabeth, wife of Caleb Galpin, and to the estate of Joseph ; showing that
he left at death no ch. Yet I find no other Nathaniel to have had dau. Mar3% b.
July 12, 1714; Nathaniel, Jrme 13, 1715; Nathaniel again, Dec. 12, 171 «, although
I have searched much. Perhaps they were ch. of tliLs Nathaniel, and d. y.

36. Benjamin, bapt. in Milford, Jan. 26, 1681. +

John., of Milford, Connecticut. 303

. 37. Jolm, bapt. Nov. 5, 1683, ass. of brother N., of Stratford: d. iu Milford,
and bis brother Natlianiel was his admin'r, Nov. 10, 1704 (Fairfield Probate), lie
left uo ch. to take part of the estate of Nathaniel in 1748.

38. Samuel, bapt. Nov. 29, 1685; probably d. y.

39. Joseph, bapt. May 15, 1687. +

40. Samuel, b. Jan. 14, 1689. +

41. Elizabeth, bapt. Nov. 5, 1693; m. Caleb Galpin, of Stratford; there in
1748. She was bapt. as dau. of brother N., Jr.

7. JOSEPH-^ John/ bapt. in Milford, Conn., I^ov. 0, 1651. He
m. Elizabeth Botsford, dau. of Elnathan Botsford, of Milford,
who survived him. He joined the Church in 1691, and was
excommunicated in 1692. I am afraid, from that to 1695, he fell
somewhat from grace. Alarch 13, 1719, then of Xew Haven, he
deeds to his sons Joseph and Ephraim. His nuncupative will
was proved the same year by the oath of Elizabeth Baldwin, Sen.

42. Elnathan, bapt. 1691. +

43. Joseph. +

44. Ephraim. +

45. Elizabeth.

46. Abigail, minor in 1719 and chose her brother Joseph as her guardian; m.
her cousin Thomas Baldwins Richard 2 John.i

47. Judali, minor in 1719; d. before .January, 1729, without issue, leaving the
estate to his aunt Hannah Priugle. Was she not Hannah, dau. of Elnathan Bots-
ford. A deed from him, in Derby, is dated July 4, 1726.

Joseph may have had other daughters.

11. OBADIAH-^ John,i b. in Milford, October, 1660. His wife
Abigail was received to the Church there June 22, 1701, and was
living, in 1741, to release dower. Obadiah in 1696, in the division
with his brother Richard, has lands near Dreadful Swamp near
Indian Hill, and New Meadow near Stratford river. He appears
in Milford laud records to Feb. 27, 173i, but was dead by 173^.

48. Mary, bapt. June 22, 1701; m. Peter Johnson, of Derby, Conn; there
in 1741.

49. Ebenezer, bapt. June 32, 1701; d. Aug. 26, 1740, in his 41st year (Milford
Cemetery), and without issue, as appears by a deed Sept. 29, 1740. from his sisteis
to Lazarus and Isaiah Gun,* for a consideration received from their father,
Daniel Gun. ,

* The grantees in this deed were victims of the stern parental authority of old times. When young

men, they visited "their girls" one Saturday night, and were severeh' whipped by their father on the

following Monday, which shamed them so much that they withdrew from all company, and died unmarried.

(Lambert Hist. New Haven Colony.) Their father seems to have granted them after kindness, possibly

hearty regret of his former severity.

304 Baldwin Genealogy.

50. Mehitable, b. Feb. 25, 170|: m., April 13, 1726, Benjamin Bunnill, of
Milford, and there in 1741.

Obacliali was elected by the town, in 1705, to the responsible
office "to look after the boys in the gallery." He conveys land,
June 13, 1692, to Nicholas Camp, with the consent of his brothers
Richard and Joseph. His widow living in 1741.

12. GEORGE 2 John,M). in Milford, Conn., it is said, in 1662.
He settled in Branford, Conn., as early as 1686, and joined the
Church there in 1693. He m. Deborah Rose, dau. of Deacon
Jonathan Rose, of Branford. He d. Oct. 26, 1728, and she sur-
vived. He was a blacksmith, and like many of the trade in that
day, held in high esteem. He was, before 1715, Deacon. He left
a large estate.

51. John, b. Jan. 13, 1090. +

52. Phebe, b. Nov. 7, 1692; m., Oct. 26, 1713, Benjamin Bartholomew, of
Branford, and had ch. there: (161) Mary, Sept. 17, 1714; (162) Gideon, Sept. 25.
1716; (168) Phebe, Oct. 15, 1718; (164) Abner, Feb. 1, 1720; (165) Rachel. Aug. 31,
1723; (166)Lydia, Sept. 8, 1725; (167) Benjamin, Feb. 1, 1728; and (168) Joseph,
.June 26, 1731.

53. Israel, b. Dec. 13, 1694. +

54. Elizabeth, b. Dec. 20, 1697; m., Nov. 20, 1717, -Jonathan Butler.
■ 55. Deborah, b. Dec. 27, 1699; m., Feb. 21, 172J, Edward Johnson.

56. Martha, b. Jan. 13, 1702; m., Sept. 29, 1725, Josiah Butler.

57. Daniel, 1). July 1, 1705, on a "Sabbath day, about sunrising. " + ,

58. Rebeckah, b. Oct. 28, 1707; m. Jan. 9, 173f, Natlian I.indsley. f^ Wfy^^

59. Noah, b. March 20, 1710. +

60. Zillah, bapt. January, 1712; m., Feb. 16, 173|., Nathaniel Page, of Bran-
ford. and had ch. : (192) Nathaniel, Dec. 29, 1737; (193) Noah, March 1, 17|9 ; (194)
Jonathan, Sept. 23, 1743; and (195) Rebecca, March 20, 174A.

A good share of the inhabitants of Branford are among the
descendants of George, in male and female lines.

14. RICHARD- John,^ born in Milford, second week of June,
1665. Has sometimes been confounded with Richard, s. John, Jr.,
b. 1666. He was admitted to the church there Aug. 16, 1691.
Anne, his wife, joined the church July 22, 1711, and d. May 28,
1728, in sixty-second year, aitd called on the tombstone, " Mrs.
Arney," w. to Richard. He was a " cordwainer " (shoemaker),
and for many years sexton. His will is dated Dec. 25, 1742, and
in the Probate Record he is dignified vrith the title of " Mr." He
was a man of standing and means.

John, of Milford, Connecticut. 305

65. John, 1)apt, IfiOO, who d. jMaroh 19, 1694, "struck byahov.se in the fore-
head and broke hi.s skull."

66. Thomas, bapt. March 27. 1692.+

67. John, bapt. April 14, 1695.+

68. Richard, bapt. June 27, 1697; d. before his father, and probably unm.

69. Phinchas, bapt. iAIarch 1, 1700. +

70. Jerjah, bapt. Jan. 19, 170^.+

71. Charles, bapt. Jan. 24, 1704. +

72. Auiiustus. bapt. Feb. 22, 1706; d. before his father, and probabh' unm.

73. Edward, bapt. Oct. 5, 1707. +

His will gives bis homestead to his eldest son, and the remainder
of his property to his iive sons, John, Phinehas, Charles, Jerjah
and Edward. He had nine s. and no dans.

19. JOHN^^ John- John,^ b. probably not far from 1670, and in
ITewark, N. J. He was living April 2, 1743, and then had living
and of age the following four children, who of Hanover and New-
ark entered into bond in the sum of ,£200 to support him for life.
(Dod papers — from papers left by Sam'l H. Congar.)

74. Josiali.+

75. David. In 1743 was of Hanover, Morris county, N. J., and iu March.
1778, (information of late careful and accurate John R. Burnett,) his four sons-in-law
were compelled by the Court of Common Pleas of that county to pa}' each weeklj'
for his support ten shillings, probablj' in depreciated currency. Tlie sons-in-law
•were: Timothys Ward, of Newark, probably s. Caleb'- John Ward, Jr., of Newark;
Nathaniel Dickerson, of Elizabeth, N. J. ; Walter Smith, of Elizabeth, and Silas
Hathaway, of Pequonnock, N. J.

76. Johu.+

77. Obadiah.+

20. SAMUEL 3 John •' John,i b. in Newark, N. J., about 1074 ;
d. Nov. 24, 1734, aged 60. His will, dated the 22nd of that month,
names his ch.:

78. .James, b. March 6, 170f. +

79. Samuel, b. about 1706. Settled in Morris, N. J. His will of 1764 names
his son and son-in-law. His widow, Elizabeth, b. about 1717, d. 1781. Ch. were:
(246) Elizabeth, b. 1730, d. Jan. 15, 1739, aged 8 yrs. 6 mos. ; (247) Samuel, and (248)
a dau., m. Boyce Prudden.

80. Stephen, b. about 1707. +

81. Jeremiah. +

82. Caleb. +

83. Nehemiah. +

84. Esther; m. Samuel Parkhurst. +

85. Marv ; m. Noah Crane. +

306 Baldwin Genealogy.

23. ELNATHAN ^ John 2 John,i b. in Newark, K J., about
1687 ;* m. Iveziah Pnulden,^ dau, of Rev. John,- of Newark, s. of
Rev. Peter Prudden,^ of Milford, from Yorkshire, England. About
1780, he moved to Hopewell (Pennington), Hunterdon county,
N. J. His will was proved Aug., 1739, dated 1738. It names ch.:

94. Moses, of Hopewell, Hunterdon county, N. J. His will, dated Jan. 5,
1783, names his w. Maiy, brother Thomas, Keziah, w. .John Morgan, deceased;
grandch. : .lames and Deborah Baldwin and ch. : (283) David, (384) Daniel, (285)
Mary Hunt, (286) Elizabeth Titus and (287) Hannah Allen.

95. Thomas, living in 1783.

96. .Joseph, of Hopewell. His will (1770) names his av. Elizabeth and ch. :
(288) Nathaniel, (289) Elizabeth, and (290) Jemmima.

97. Elnathan.

24. TIMOTHY ^ John ^ John,i b. in Newark, N. J., about 1687 ;
d. there, Sept. 4, 1739, aged 52. Mr. Congar says he was ancestor.
of the Baldwins of "Neck Gate." Eleanor, widow" of Timothy,
died March 25, 1742, aged 43.

98. Aaron, b. about 1719. +

26. NATHANIELS John^John,! b. in Newark, N. J., about
1690; d. in Newark, Aug, 10, 1750, aged 60. He m. 1**- Mary, dau.
of Samuel Congar. She d. May 5, 1729, aged 26. His 2"*^ wife,
Esther, survived him, and d. Oct. 24, 1763, aged 74.

99. Elijah, b. about 1717. +

100. Robert, b. about 1718. +

101. Marj^ Lyon.

102. Keziah, m. Crane, and had three cli. : (311) Samuel, (312) Timothy, and
(813) Esther m. Riggs.

103. Abigail, m. Crane, and had two ch. : (314) Elias, and (815) Joanna, who
m. Vreeland.

104. Abner, b. about 3Jay, 1726; d. Oct. 4, 1747, aged 21 yrs. 4 mos.

105. .Jo.seph, b. about 1729. +

106. Jonathan, b. about 1731. +

107. Eunice, m. Beach, and had three ch. : (828) Nathaniel, who had a

son Aaron; (329) Joseph, who had ch., Abner, .Jacob, Isaac and Abraham; and
(830) Elias, w^ho had ch. , Ephraim, Caleb and David.

108. Jane, m. Samuel Clizbie, of Newark, and had ch. : (881) James, (332)
Samuel, (333) Joseph, (334) .Jonathan, (385) Rhoda, (886) Hannah, (887) Mary,
(338) Rachel.

27. JONATHANS John ^ John,i b. in Newark, N. J., about
1691 ; d. there Aug. 9, 1726, aged 35. His will names children :

109. Matthias, 1719. +

John^ of M'dford, Connecticut. 307

110. Joanna, m. Isaac Xutnian, son of James, who m. as his 2'"' wife, Saiali
Pruddeu, but I do not know if she was the mother of Isaac. They settled iu
Elizabethtown, N. J. He d. before 1760. She had ch. : (344) John, m. Tryplienia
Baldwin, and had ch., Aaron, Ebenezer B. and Oliver; (345) Phebe; and (346)

31. SAMUEL3 Josiab^ Jolin,ib. in Milford, Conn., March 14,
167|. The Samuels have given me more trouble than any name
but Nathaniel, much more than the numerous Johns. It is pleas-
ant to liud the identity of this Samuel established, who died Jan.
8, 173|, by the statement on his tombstone, in Milford, that he
died in his 63d year. Some of the descendants of this Samuel
make him son of Daniel^ Nathaniel,^ the one b. Dec. 26, 1673; but
that Samuel was bapt, the same month, and iu the Church Record,
it appears he died March 26, 1674, and Daniel had another Samuel
bapt. March 6, 1684. He was, after 1711, Samuel, Sen. He was a
wheelwright. He m. Eebecca Wilkinson,- b.l676,dau. of Edward ^
and Rebecca (Smith) Wilkinson, of'^VIilford; Rebecca Smith being
dau. of Henry Smith, of Stamford. He and his w. and his eldest
two ch. were bapt. Aug. 1, 1703. His will, dated Feb. 14, 1734,,
mentions all his ch. who survived him.

111. Samuel, b. Feb. 17, 1700.+

112. Rebeckah, b. Nov. 10, 1702; m. Phinehas Baldwin 3 Richard 2 John.
Baldwin,! of Milford.

113. Caleb, b. July 26, 1704. +

114. Peleg, b. Feb. 18, 1708. +.

115. .Joel, b. .July 11, 1711. +

By his will he gives his son Samuel £140, and land at Chestnut
Hill, so called, as well as other property, with his other three sons.
He had previously liberally distributed by deeds.

32. JOSIAH^ Josiah^John,^b. in Milford, Conn., March 21,
167| ; was granted land in Derby, Conn., by the town, in 1699,
where he resided for a while. He was for a time Town Treasurer.
He m., Sept. 19, 1700, Mary Person (Pierson), of that place, who
d. July 25, 1726. In 1702, he lived in Derby, as a blacksmith.

116. Josiah, b. Sept. 17, 1701, say the Derby Records; the Killingworth
Records say Sept. 1.+

117. Mary, b. Oct. 11, 170-; d. Oct. 28, 1703.

118. Hezekiah, b. Aug. 20, 17—; d. Aug. 29, 1703.

119. Jared, b. March 23, 1704; bapt. in 3Iilford, June 8, 1707; d. Nov. 6, 1707>

120. Remember, b. Aug. 20, 1708; m., Feb. 3, 1732, Thomas Stevens.

121. Hezekiah, b. Jan. 15, 1710; d. March 12, 171^.

308 Baldwin Genealogy.

122. ]\Iary, b. Jan. 16, ITll; m. Israel Turner, of Killingwortli, Conn., aud
liad (367) Submit, b. there Dec. 21, 1749.

123. ]Merc3% b. Jan. 10, 1714; m. Aug. 19, 1736, Philip Chatfield, of Killiug-
T\-orth. Ch. :' (368) Sarah, Oct. 8, 1737; (369) Eleazer, Jan. 7, 1740, d. 21st same
mouth; (370) Abigail, June 29, 1741, and (371) Stephen, Oct. 5, 1742.

124. Abigail, b. June 5, 1716; m, July 6, 1741, Joseph Waterous, of Killing-
worth, Conn., and had ch. : Elizabeth, April 24, 1742; James, Nov. 13, 1744; Sub-
mit, March 3, 1746; John, Jan. 19, 174S; Hepzibah, Aug. 22, 1752; Josiah (twin),
April 8, 1755; Eleazer, April 8, 1755, aud Asa, Nov. 13, 1757.

He removed to Killingwortli, Conn., where

125. Eleazer, wash. Aug. 31, 1717. +

126. Daughter, Sept. 12,^1720.

127. Caleb, b. May 2, 1723. +

128. Hezekiah, b. Nov. 12, 1725, presumed to have d., as by trarlition Caleb
had but one brother, Josiah, called " Capt. Sigh."

His will, dated 1761, remembers his w, Elizabeth, and ch. Josiah,
Mercy Chatfield, Abigail Waterous, and grandsons, sons Eleazer.
He was a blacksmith (1722) of Killingworth. He conveyed to
Samuel Baldwin, of Milford, his right in the " Indian Purchase."

36. BENJAMIN 3 Nathaniel ^ John,i bapt. Milford, Jan. 26,
1682; m. April 14, 1702, Sarah Sanford, of that place. Jan. 11,
169|, he renewed the covenant in Stratford, Conn., but, Oct. 13,
1706, his wife joined Milford church.

129. Judith, b. July 14, 1702, Stratford Rec.)

130. Abiah, b. Oct" 13, 1706, (Milford Rec.)

He was of Stratford, Conn. In 1708, then of Stratford, was one
of the proprietors of Durham, Conn. He seems to have been
there for a short time, as, in 1710, he and his w. of Durham join
with Saufords aud others in convejing land in Milford. It would
appear from this deed that he m. Sarah Sanford,^ b. 1682, dau. of
Samuel,- of Milford, s. of Thomas Sanford.^ He does not continue
to appear in Durham, and I think he retui-ned to Milford,' and,
perhaps m. 2'"^ time, Hester, and had ch., the name of only one of
which I can give.

131. Sarah, b. 1758.

Jan. 19, 1761, the Selectmen of Milford make an indenture with
Arthur Wooster, of Derby, by which they "have taken to I*ren-
tice, and bound and put Sarah Baldwin, child and dau. of Hester
Baldwin, relict of Benjamin Baldwin, late of Milford, deceased,

John, of Milford, Connecticut. 309

of 8 years 5 Apl. next, being very needy and poor, and already
maintained, with her family and mother, by the town." Sarah
"her master and mistress shall faithfully serve, their secrets keep,

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