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their lawful commands gladly obey; to them she shall do no
damage, nor see it done by others ; nor play at unlawful games,
nor absent herself from Servis ; but in all things behave herself as
a faithful prentice ought to do." Wooster was bound to teach her
to "read, knit, spin and sow, and all manner of work, business or
learning, both of Religion and common business proper for such
an apprentice." He was also bound to support her, and at the
end of the term (ten years) furnish her two suits of apparel,
"linnen and w^oollen, for all parts of her body suitable for her,
and one good winter gown more, and a Bible."

39. JOSEril 3 Nathaniel-^ John,ibapt. in Milford, Conn., May
15, 1687; first Monday of March, 1753, adm. on his estate to his
son Jacob, widow being under conservator, by order of Court.
Nov. 2, 1716, as Joseph, Junior, with his wife Hannah, he deeds
to Samuel, Senior, the other Joseph being his uncle. It appears,
from a deed made by him in 1718, that he was, like his father, a

133. Sarah, b. Jan. 10, ITlf.

133. Hannah, b. April 10, 1716.

134. Jacob, b. Jan. 20, 17U. +

135. Justus, about 1727, was of Milford, Conn. He m. Martha Nettleton,
Nov. 26, 1771; and Oct. 28, 1793, his w. Martha was exec, of his estate. His brother
Jacob was made his residuary legatee. His wife's will was dated March 7, 1799.

136. Phcbe, m. Warner. In 1799, the wife of her brother Justice died, leaving
property to the grandchildren of this Phebe, deceased, to wit: Sarah, Laura and
Phebe Hicock.

He m., March 26, 1711, Hannah Briscoe. In 1717, as son of
Nathaniel Cooper, " lately of Milford," he conveys land in Milford.

40. SAMUEL 3 Nathaniel ^ John,i I3, i^ Milford, Conn., Jan. 14,
1689. He continued to reside in Milford, but in the Society of
Amity. He m. Rebecca. Nov. 2, 1742, he was one of the original
members of the Society of Amity, and d. there, Jan. 21, 1764, and
aged 75, as appears by his tombstone, in Woodbridge, Conn. This
would seem to fix his identity. With the perverseness which
belonged to his brothers, he left few records of his family history.



10 Baldwin Genealogy.

His will, dated Marcli 28, 1763, says that having before given his
older children what he was capable of giving them, he now gives
to his five younger children : Jabez, Levi, Rebecca, Eli and Joseph.
He was Samuel, Sen., of Amity, in 1742, the other being Samuel *
Samuel^ Josiah - John.^ He was likely the Samuel who, in 1722,
received from his cousin, of Killingworth (Josiah), a deed of his
rights in the Indian Purchase. I think he must be the Samuel
who had, as per ISTew Haven Record:

137. Anue, b. Nov. 29, 1736.

138. Abigail, b. April 6, 1788.

[Of whom Abigail may be one of the other children.]

139. Jabez, living in 1763.

140. Levi, living in 1763.

[Hereafter, in this volume, will be found a Levi from Connecti-
cut, to Vermont and Canada, who not unlikely was this one.]

141. Rebecca, m., Oct. 16, 1764, Ricliard Speriy, of that part of Woodbridge,
Coun., tlicn New Haven; slie was his 2nJ wife, the 1st being Abigail, dau. of Capt.
Joel Northrup, m. Dec. 9, 1755, and d. May 23, 1764. Richard was, in 1755, called
Jr. ; (400) Richard, b. Aug. 17, 1765.

142. Joseph, bapt. in Amity, Jan. 8, 1744; d. y.

143. Anne, bapt. .June 23, 1745; d. y.

144. Eli, bapt. Feb. 14, 1747; d. y.

145. Eli, bapt. Jan. 17, 1748. In 1773 was of New Haven, no doubt that part of
Woodbridj;;e then New Haven. He must have been, I think, the Eli of Bethlehem,
Conn., estate (1794) letters to Samuel. He left a wife, Doroth}-, and ch. : (401)
Samuel, (402) Rebeckah, (403) Lucy, m. May 28, 1805, C. Minor; (404) Jabez, (405)

Darius, (406) Aaron. Is it his widow who, as "widow B ," d. February, 1824,

aged 74?

146. Israel, bapt. .Jan.' 4, 1750, d. y.

147. Joseph, bapt. March 8, 1752. In 1773 of Milford; d. in Bethlehem, Conn.,
Jan. 21, 1811, aged 59. His w. was received into the church there. May 6, 1792; d.
there Jan., 1820, aged 69. Her estate in Woodbury Probate District went to (407)
Leonard, (408) Keziali Benedict.

March 1, 1773, the Sperrys, Eli and Joseph, convey to Joseph
Beecher, having apparently waited for Joseph to be of age. Levi
was executor of Joseph. Farther on in this volume will be found
a query whether one of the older children was not Matthew.

42. ELN ATHAJs" ^ Joseph ^ John,i bapt. in Milford, Conn., Oct.
11, 1691; m. Oct. 25, 1716, Elizabeth Watson, dau. John Watson.
He was in that part of IlTew Haven, Conn., now Woodbridge.

John, of Milford, ConntcUcat. 311

Had ear mark in New Haven in March, 172|. He had a farm at
Chestnut Hill from his father. He deeded land of his wife's in
174f, then both living. Like his father, he undertook to make a
nuncupative will.

148. Joliii, 1). July 6, 1717. +

149. Jonah, b. Oct. 12, 1719. +

150. Mary, h. April 28, 1722.

Chestnut Hill was in that part of jSTew Haven now Woodbrido-e.

43. JOSEPHS Joseph 2 John,i b. in Milibrd, Conn. In 1719,
had an ear mark given him in New Haven, and had with Ephraim
a deed from his father of land in Milford. He had his father's
moveable estate. I do not know what became of him after. A
Joseph, whom I cannot place, appeared in Saybrook, Conn.,
where he and his w. Sarah owned the covenant, 1740; had c-h. :

151. Elisha, bapt. Aug. 24, 1742, d. Dec. 16, 1742.
153. Sarah, bapt. July 8, 1744.

153. Joseph, bapt. Juue 14, 1746. I thought at one time he might be Joseph,
of Southbury; but I conclude J., of Southbury, to be Josephs Joseph- William. i
of Stratford.

44. EPHRAIM^ Joseph^ John,ib. in Milford, Conn. He has
a deed from his father in 1719, and ear-mark in 1720. His father
died in 1719. He and Joseph were to maintain his mother by his
father's nuncupative will. I think he Avas Ephraim, of Bethlehem
Conn.; d. Feb. 10, 1796, aged 95, and father of

154. Ephraim, Jr., of Woodbury, whose estate in 1777 as Ephraim, Jr., went to
his wife Sarah, and ch. : (423) Ephraim Warner, (424) Joseph, (425) Mary, and (426)

51. JOHN 3 George ^ John,i b. in Branford, Conn., Jan. 13, 1090,
and remaining there. He m., Oct. 26, 1713, Hannah Tyler, who
survived him. His will, dated 1761, was proved Oct. 3, 1765. He
had his father's lauds,- near the Mill (Mill Plain) ; joined the
Church in 1714.

155. Hannah, b. Kov. 7, 1714; m. March 9, 1732, EdAvard Barker.

156. John, b. May 9, 1717. +

157. Abigail, b. May 1, 1720.

158. Samuel, bapt. Dec. 9, 1725. +

159. Sarah, b. Sept. 3, 1728; m., Aug. 20. 1747, Jonathan Harrison.

160. James, b. about 1731.+

312 Baldwin Geyiealogy.

53. ISRAEL 3 George- John/ b. in Branford, Conn., Dec. 13,
1694, and remained there. He m., Dec. 10, 1718, Dinah Butler.
He was a husbandman. He joined the Church in 1715. He be-
came Deacon prior to 1745. In 1748, and perhaps other years, he
was Town Clerk, yet his Family Record has two more children
than the Town Record.

169. Mary, b. Sept. 6, 1719.

170. Israel, b., says the Town Record, Dec. 21, 1721 ; while the Family Record,
still in existence in North Branford, in an old account book, says Dec. 25.+

171. Aaron, b. Sept. 3, 1724.+

172. Dinah, b. Nov. 15, 1726; m., Feb. 13, 1749, Daniel Page,'of Branford,
and had ch. : (465) Esther, Sept. 11, 1749, d. Sept. 10. 1751; (466) Dinah, jMarch 14,
1752; (467) Esther, Oct. 10, 1754; (468) Daniel, Sept. 18, 1757; (469) Mary, Nov. 5,


173. Tryphena, b. Aug. 12, 1729; d. Aug. 25, 1751.

174. Deborah, b. Oct. 19, 1731; not in his will, and probably d. y.

175. Joel, b. May 21, 1734: d. Feb. 13, 173-.

176. .Joel, b. June 25, 1735; d. Aug. 5, 1735.

177. Martha, b. Aug. 5, 1736.

178. Samuel, b. Aug. 14, 1739. +

179. Ephraim, b. Oct. 7, 1743. +

He received from his father land at " Sibbes' Hill," in Branford.
His will, dated Nov. 9, 1762, proved Aug, 20, 1765, remembered
his wife, and all his children, except Deborah.

57. DANIEL 3 George 2 John,i b. in Branford, Conn., July 1,
1705. He m. 1**, Thankful ; she d. Jan. 23, 1754. May 23, 1754,
he m. 2"''' Sarah Harrison, widow of Joseph Harrison, and b. Oct.
4, 1706, dau, Stephen Foote, of Branford. He d. in Branford,
Jan. 28, 1765. By division of his father's estate, he had land at
"Sibbes' Hill,"' Branford. He was a husbandman. His wife sur-
vived. His will is in Guilford Probate.

180. Daniel, b. Oct. 18, 1731. +

181. George, b. Sept. 9, 1733.+

182. Jacob, b. Jan. 7, 173|-; d. y.

183. Thankful, b. June 29, 1738; m. Jan. 7, 1773, Joel Rose of Branford.

184. Phebe, b. Dec. 7, 1740.

185. Elizabeth, b. April 18, 1746.

59. NOAH 3 George 2 John,i b. in Branford, Conn., March 20,
1710; be m. March 21, 173f, Rebecca Frisbie. He lived in Bran-
ford, and d. there Nov. 23, 1799, (Church Record says 24th,) of old
age. His wife survived.

John,of 31ilford, Connecticut. 313

186. Kebecca, b. Maj- 20. 1734; m. May 19, 1757. Jolm Blakistoa, Jr., of

187. Noah, b. Nov. 18, 1738. +

188. Ebenezer, b. Sept. 38, 1741. +

189. Luce, b. Feb. 19, 174f : m. July 4, 1765, Thomas Rose.

190. Lydia, m. Nov. 19, 1761, Jouathau Foote.

191. Abigail, b. Dec. 15, 1749; m. July 4, 1765, Brintuall Hall, of Wallingford,
Coun. He is called in Davis' History of Wallingford, and more properl}', no doubt,
Brentou Hall. He was s. Rev. Samuel and Ann (Law) Hall, of Cheshire, s. John
and JIary (Lyman) Hall, s. Samuel and Hannah (Walker) Hail, s. John and Jane
Hall. He was b. April 2, 1738; m. Feb. 18, 1762, Lament Collins, and settled in
the east part of present ]\Ieriden, where he d. Nov. 25, 1820; Abigail d. May 5, 1837,
By his 1st w. he had William Brentou, May 31, 1764, and l)y his 2"J- unless the date
of her marriage is wrong, (501) Collins, Jan. 8, 1766, m. and ch. ; (502) Samuel, June
10, 1768; (503) Lament, July 14, 1776; (504) Joab.

66. THOMAS'^ Richard ^ Jolin,i b. in Milford, Conn., bapt.
March 27, 1692; m. Jan. 7, 1724, Abigail Baldwin, who must have
been, I think, dan. Joseph - John,^ minor in 1719. He was
Thomas, Jr., of Milford, Thomas, Sr., being s. Barnabas- Richard. ^
Administration of his estate was given to his widow, March, 27,

196. David, b. March 10, 172|;.d. June 21, 1789, aged 63, says Milford Reeord,
and I find no further history.

197. Abigail, b. Feb. 1, 1721.

198. Eunice, bapt. Oct. 3, 1736.

199. Ann. bapt. May 6, 1741.

67. JOHN michard 2 Johu,i b. in Milford, Conn.; bapt. April
14, 1695. He m., as appears by records of Branford, Conn., Oct.
3, 1716, Joanna Goodrich, of that place ; and 2"'^'- Eleanor Barnes,
dan. of Deacon Barnes, of Branford. John was his only child by
his first wife. His identity is shown by a deed, in Milford Records,
to his brother Phinehas (Yol. 10, page 166). He was John, Jr.,
John, Sen., being John ^ George ^ John,^ becoming afterwards
John 2"^- The Branford Records are quite systematic about the
Johns, as need be, when Johns "l«t>" "2"'^'" "3''^" and "4*^" were
all doing business at one time.

He lived in Northford Parish, in Branford, becoming a member
of that Church, June 13, 1750. * He d. July 18, 1774, aged 79. His
wife survived, and her estate was distributed by Probate Court, in
Wallingford, Conn.

200. John, b. Dec. 29, 1717.4-

201. Richard, b. Oct. 17, 1721. +


314 Baldwin Genealogy.

203. Ann, b. Oct. 14, 1724; m. Samuel Howd, of Branford, and had at least
(516) Edmund, who left ch., Edmund and Sylvester, Avho were devisees of her
brother Phiuehas, in 1817.

203. Abigail, b. July 1, 1726; probably d. y.

204. Benjamin, b. July 15, 1728.+

205. Gideon, b. Aug. 3, 1730.+

206. Phinehas, b. Feb. 23, 173f ; remained in that part of Branford now North-
ford, Avhere he w^as Deacon. He d. Jan. 10, 1817. He m., Sept. 6, 1759, Mary
Harrison, of Branford, Avho d. May 30. 1760, aged 25; and he m., Jan. 7, 1761,
3Iartha Peck, of Wallingford, who survived him. His estate went by will (Wal-

I lingford Probate) to w. nephew Phinehas, s. late brother Gideon, two gi'andchildren
of sister Anne, and to Amos, Jemima and Edward Jamison.

207. Eleanor, b. March 29, 1735; m. Solomon Seward.

208. Ebenezer, b. March 28, 1737; d. in Northtield, unm. Dec. 2, 1760.

209. Hannah, b. June 8, 1739; m. Solomon Munson, perhaps as 2nd wife Solo-
mon, of Wallingford.

210. Dorothy, b. April 5, 1742.

69. PHIXEHAS3 RicharcP John,i b. in Milford, Conn.; bapt.
March 1, 1700. He remained there. He m., Aug. 25, 1727,
Rebeckah Baldwin,* dan. Samuel ^ Josiah ' John,^ of Milford. He
and his wife joined the Church June 29, 1729. His will, dated
May 4, 1759, was proved July, 1768. His wife survived.

211. Freelove, b. Dec. 5, 1728; bapt. June 29, 1729; m. Stephen Stow.+

212. Katharine, b. Nov. 1, 1731; m. Isaac Miller. +

213. Phinehas, b. Nov. 6, 1733.+

Mr. George F. Tuttle states there was another dau. m. Harpin,
who had a dau. m. Dickerson, who had a dau. m. Pond, and was
mother of Lieut. Gov. Pond, of Milford.

70. JERJAII^ Ricliard^ John,^ b. in Milford, Conn.; bapt. Jan.
19, 170^. He was received to the Church there Oct. 17, 1741, with
his wife (Ann, or is it Mary?) when his two dans, were baptized.
Was she sister of Jonathan Ingersoll ? The children, in 1749-'50,
held land in common with Jonathan Ingersoll. Jerjah's will,
dated Aug. 16, 1748, was proved Aug. 24, 1748. He gave his son
his looms and homestead, desiring him to remember his dans.
Mary and Ann. His wife was apparently dead, and the children
inherited the land from her held with Ingersoll, Aug. 4, 1752.
Darius. Lobdell, of Litchfield, Conn., was guardian to Ann. His
executor was his brother Charles.

215. Ann, bapt. Oct. 17, 1741.

216. Mary, bapt. Oct. 17, 1741.

217. Jared.H-

John^ of 3IiIford, Connecticut. 315

71. CHARLES 3 Riebard'^ Jolin,M). in Milford, Comi.; bapt.
Jan. 24, 170i; resided in Milford. He m., Aug. 6, 1730, Sarah
Baldwin,^ b. June 9, 1706, as per Town Record, but Family Record
says 1705, dau. Zachariah - Richard Baldwin.^ He was a tailor.
He d. Jan. 31, 1783, remembering in his will his dans. Sarah and
and Susannah, and s. Abraham.

218. Sarali, b. April 2, 1731; bapt. May 18, 1735; d. y.

219. Abraham, b. Feb. 18, 173|.+

220. Aune, b. Sept. 7, 1736; bapt. 12tli, same iiKJiitli; probably tl. y. She
receives nothing from her father.

221. Elijah, bapt. July 8, 1739; d. y. (Information of Iiis nephew.)

222. Sarah, b. Sept. 17, 1741; bapt. 20th, same month; m. James Fenn.

223. Susana, bapt. April 17, 1746; survived her fatlier.

73. EDWARD 3 Richard"^ John,i b. in Milford, Conn.; bapt.
Oct. 5, 1707. He m., Dec. 6, 1733, Elizabeth riine,=5 b. Nov. 17, 1712,
dau. Samuel,- of ^Milford, Thomas Hine,^ of Milford. They joined
the Church in Milford, April 5, 17^t- Rebecca, w. of Edward,
joined the Church May 7, 1768. He d. April 4, 1778, of con-
sumption, and the 19th of next month adm. was granted, on his
insolvent estate, to Amos Baldwin, in right of his wife Sybill,
dau. of deceased.

224. Sybill, b. July 15, 1740; m. Amos Baldwin.

225. Martha, b. Feb. 2, 174i.

226. Elizabeth, b. July 2, 1750.

74. JOSIAII* John =^ John Mohn.i He is mentioned, in 1761,
in the Road Book of Rockaway, iST. J.; had been in Hanover, K. J.
By tradition, he d. about 1800, aged 99 to 100, and had a son
Thomas, who moved to Vermont, and took his aged father with
him. I have found in several quarters trace of quite an emigra-
tion from the vicinity of Hanover to Vermont.

227. Thomas. +

, 76. JOllW John 3 .John,2 of ITewark, jST. J. His will, in 1758,
names his four daughters :

232. Doreas.

233. Joanna.

234. Mary.

235. Elizabeth. <

According to a genealogical tree of Mr. Cougar's, he had also

236. Joseph. +

316 Baldwin Genealogy.

77. OB ADIAH * John ^ John.^ My information about him is
limited. He and liis wife Susan had

237. Martin. Buried at Wbippany, N. J., 1742.

He is mentioned in Rockaway Road Book, in 1761, and, by
tradition of descendants, had a son

238. Stephen. +

78. JAMES* SamueP John,^ b. in iS'ewark, K J., March 6,
170|. He m., Feb. 21, 1726, Deborah Porter, dau. Daniel Porter,
of Waterbury, Conn. He is identified by the remarkably thought-
fnl early Record of Waterbury, which generally, as in this instance,
state whence came the settlers. His birth is taken from that
Record. He settled at .Judd's Meadow, in "Waterbury, in 1727.
Lived at Fulling Mill Brook, perhaps the brook where, a few
years ago, I found one of his descendants in a fulling mill. In
1740, he had a grist mill. He was a soldier in the French and
Indian War, and Deputy in 1747 and 1748. He died in Derby,
Conn., and owning property in each place.'

239. Phebe, b. Dec. 25, 1727: m. Stephen Warner, of Waterbury, b. Sept.
30, 1731.

240. Silas, b. April 4, 1729. +

241. Estlier, b. Oct. 14, 1731.

242. James, b. Dec. 4, 1733. In 1758, lie was intestate, and his estate went to
Iiis brotliers and sisters here nanaed.

243. Prudence, b. April 27, 1736.

244. Reuben, b. about 1740. +

245. Jesse, on authority of hi.s gr. nephew Riley T. , left a family in Seymour,
Nov. 11, 1763. Reuben is his adm'r, and he is called of Derby. Among his
property was some at Fulling Mill Brook, Waterbury. He is said to have been in
the old French War, as well as his father.

80. STEPHEN^ Samuel ^ John,^ b. in Kewark, N. J., about
1707. He was of Il^ewark. He m. Rebecca Ball,^ dau. Joseph, "^
of I^ewark, Edward Ball,^ of Branford, Conn., to Newark. He d.
Oct. 30, 1783, aged 76. He was Deacon of the First Presbyterian
Church in Newark, and one of the Trustees for that Church, under
the will of his wife's uncle, Moses Ball.

249. Hannah, b. 1733; d. May 2, 1735, aged one yr. and 6 mos.

250. Joseph. +

251. Daniel (one authority says David). Was he the Daniel whose relict died
September 1, 1815, aged 89?

John, oj- llilford, Connecticut. 317

252. Stephen, was Deacon of the First Clun-ch of Newark. Epitaph: "Erected
in memory of Deacon Stephen Baldwin, who departed this life in the hope of a
blessed immortality, Feb. 1, 1810, in the 74th year of his age.

"His oftlce made the Church his care;
Her interest was his daily prayer ;
In holy fear his days were led ;
By faith he lived, in faith he died.

Rest here, dear dust, till Jesus comes, and claims His favorite from the tomb.'
His funeral sermon lies before me, (Newark, 1816,) by his pastor, James Richards,
D.D., from the text: "Our friend Lazarus sleepeth."

253. Rebecca.

254. Susanna, m. Ward, of Newark, N. J., and had a son (583) Stephen, who
had a son, J. Mortimer Ward.

81 . JEREMIAH ' Samuel ^ Jolin;^ b. in Newark, and lived tliere ;
m. as 2"^^ wife, Mehitable, who was mother of Methusaleh. He
died about 1778.

255. Methusaleh, b. Dec. 16, 1763. +

256. Nehemiah S.. says Mr. Congar; though one of his Mss. pedigrees says
Jeremiah. +

257. David, used to visit Rev. Methusaleh, it is said.

258. Jeremiah, is added in one of Mr. Cougar's charts.

82. CALEB ^ Samuel ^ John ^ John,i b. in Newark, N. J., about
1718. He d. April 20, 1775, aged 57, and was buried at Mendham,
N. J.; m. Hannah, probably a Beach, as his will mentions a brother-
in-law of that name. He according to his gravestone, "A pillar
in this house of God, was taken out while green." The four ch.
below survived him :

259. Jabesh.+

260. Caleb, b. October, 1752. +

261. Mary, b. July 9, 1744; m. Lcbbeus Dodd.-i-

262. Phebe, b. in 1747; m. Rev. Thaddeus Dodd. +

83. NEHEMIAH * Samuel ^ John,^ b. in New Jersey about 1722.
He m. Mary Congar,^ dan. Jonathan,^ John Congar. ^-^ He died
Nov. 28, 1765, aged 43, called Esquire, and his tombstone says:

" He, crowned in honor, ruled in Church and State,
With wisdom, faith and jvistice, truly great."

* John Congar, in 1670, sold a meadow, and "he did deliver a twig and turf ol the same, declaring that
he delivered that part in relation to the whole." I remember to have seen early instances of such passing
of property in Connecticut, and am sorry I carmot tell where. This carries us back to the old forms of
early law.

318 Baldwin Genealogy.

I am sorry I cannot tell more of him and Ills descendants. The
children below, save Nehemiah, were named in his will :

363. Nehemiah, b. about 1753; d. Nov. 20, 1765, aged 12.

264. Isaac.

265. Joel.

266. Samuel.

267. Jesse. Lived in New Jersey, and had (616) Jesse.

268. Caleb. Lived in New Jersey, and had ch. : (617) Samuel, (618) Caleb, and
(619) John.

269. Hannah.

270. Eunice.

271. Sarah.

272. Phebe.

84. ESTHEK* Samuel ^ John,^ m. Samuel Parkhurst, of ^^ewark,
N". J., s. Benjamin of Newark ; was buried the day before the
British armv entered Newark, in 1776. He died in 1783.

273. Stephen. Settled in Springfield, N. J., and had ch.

274. Caleb, m. Lydia Lyon, who d. Aug. 15, 1785, aged 40. He d. Feb. 7,
1817, aged 73. He had 2nd wife. Eunice Brown: d. October. 1778.*

275. David, d. October, 1778, and had John, Samuel, David, and Mary, who
m. Abner Woodruff.

276. Samuel (Rev.), graduated at Princeton; d. at Blooming Grove, N. J., in
early life, leaving ch. : Nathaniel and Way}'.

* In possession of Lucius D. Baldwin, Esq., of Xewark, is a Genealogical Chart of the descendants of
John, Sen., of Newark, made for him by Mr. Congur, containing his additions to his book, and also
additions made by Mr. Baldwin, who has taken more pains than any other to complete it. As it is in Mss.
and too valuable to be lost, I give these lines fuller than usual.

I. CALEB PARKHURST, had children :

1st. Henry L., who had ch.: Almira, m. William Garthwaite; Henry L., m. Antoinette Drake!
and Hannah J.; m. the late Samuel H. Cons,^r, the noted genealogist.

2nd. Jabez, who had a son William.

3rd. Nehemiah.

4th. John.

5th. Samuel.

6th. David.

7th. Stephen, who had ch.: John, Samuel, Da\id, Abraham and Samuel Cynis. David, last
named, had four sons : Herman, Abner W., Ward and Archibald. Abraham had Jonathan and Charles.
The ch. of Caleb differ from Mr. Cougar's book.

The Chart gives, as descendants of MARY CRANE, children as follows :

1st. Esther, m. Joseph Baldwin, entered in its proper place.

2nd. Sanuiel Crane, had Nathaniel and Duryea, twins ; C.vrus and H. Crane, twins ; Zena, m. A.
Grover; Caleb L., and three daus.

3rd. Joseph Crane, had Eliezer; Daniel, m. H. Crane; Noah, m. Grover; Nathaniel, Harrison,
and fonr daus.

John, of Milford, Connecticut. 319

85. MAEY^ Samuel 3 Joliu,- m. Xoali Craue.

277. Esther, m. Joseph Bakhviu,5 probablj' s. i^rou* Timothys jyim 2 Johu.i

278. Samuel.

279. Joseph C.

280. Elizabeth, m. John R. Craue.

281. Caleb C.

282. Mehitable, m. Gen. "William Gould.

[For the lines further, see Note.]

98. A'AEON^ Timothy^ John,- of New Jersey, and I suppose
of Xewark. He m. Dorcas Camp, and d. May 21, 1764, aged 45.
His will was proved in 1765. His wife survived.

291. Joseph.

292. Justus. It appears by his will that he had Johu, Isaac, James, Jacob,
David, Samuel, Charles, Sally, Elizabeth, Ann and Catharine. He had, also, Aaron,
d. April 21, 1781, aged 7 mos., and Samuel, d. June 17, 1791, aged 7 ja's.

293. Aaron. +

294. Daughter, b. about 1738; m. 1st, Joshua Bruen,4 of Newark, N. J., son of
John 3 John 2 Obadiah Bruen. i He d. Aug. 24, 1776, aged 38. They had ch. : (634)
John, and (635) Esther; and .she m. 2utl, James Bruen.

295. Martha, d. Sept. 24, 1748, aged 1 day.

296. Timothy, d. Jan. 16, 1749, aged 19 days.

4th. Elizabeth Crane, ni. John K. Crane ; had Marj% m. A. Canfieki ; Nehemiah, m. P. Jones;
Henry ; Sarah, m. Stagg ; Hetty ; Nathaniel, m. N. Taylor.

5th. Caleb Crane, had Gypsoni, ni. L. Crane; P , ni. Hedges; Zenas, ni. -M. Harrison ; Maria,

Lydia, Steele and Betsey.

€th. Mehitable Crane, m. Gen. William Gould, and had ch.:

I. Mary, ni. Robert Baldwin, father of Lucius Da\id.

n. Johnson N., m.'Elizabeth Reeves, and had a son Lucius D., wliohaJ ch.: Anne, George and

Frank; a son William, m. Catharine E. : a son Stejihen, m. E. Gould ; and a son Edward.
HI. Phebe Gould, ni. Moses F , and had ch.: Sarah, ni. E. Higgins, and Edward, m. H.


IV. Betsey Gould, m. Dr. Abner Reeves.

V. Stephen, d. y.

VI. Emily Gould, d. imni.

VII. Charlotte Gould, m. Joseph Harrison, and had ch. : Abl)y G. and Henry Kittridge.
vin. Nathaniel Gould, m. Mary Ward.

IX. Harriet, d. unm.

X. William, m. Charlotte Ward.
Ki. Stephen Gould, in. Sarah.

The gentleman last named is President of the very consenative and successful "Americau Insurance
Company*' of Newark.

320 Baldwin Genealogy.

99. ELIJAH 4 Nathaniel =^Jolin,2b. 1717,iat E^ewark, K J.; d.
Jan. 8, 1766, aged 48 yrs. 3 mos. 13 days. His will names cli.:

297. Nathaniel. -f-

298. Elias. Was lie the Capt. Elias whose wife Mary d. Nov. 4, 1788, in her
39th year, buried at Morristown, N. J. '?

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