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detailed to form an armory. He had the mechanical skill inherited
by his sons. His son Daniel bought the right of the heirs of John
Fitch, and with his partner Ogden had a celebrated controversy
with Fulton.

262. PHEBE 5 Caleb * Samuel,M3. in Mendham, K J.; she m.,
about 1773, Rev. Thaddeas Dod, b. March 9, 1740, brother of the
husband of her sister Mary. He graduated at Princeton College,

340 Baldwin Genealogy.

m 1773, and became a Presbyterian clergyman at Ten Mile, or
Amity, Washington county, Penn., where he died. May 20, 1793.
She died Nov. 3, 1829. It is said that he was for a time Professor
or Tutor of Mathematics, in Queen's, now Rutgers' College, in
New Brunswick, N. J.

610. Sarah, b. March 20, 1774, at Newark; m., 1791, David Morris, M.D., and
d. December, 1823.

611. Cephas, b. Aug. 18, 1776, at Mendham; d. about 1778.

612. Cephas, b. at Ten Mile, Penn., Oct. 12, 1779; d. Jan. 16, 1858; was a
a phj^sician and clergyman at Amity; m. and had ch.

613. Hannah, b. Jan. 3, 1782; m. Jonas Condit, and had six ch.

614. Mary, b. March 14, 1784; m. Joseph Riggs, and d. April 5, 1818. It is
said her ch. d. y.

615. Stephen Baldwin, b. Nov. 2, 1787; d. at Martinsburg, Knox county.. Ohio,
Sept. 7, 1831, leaving a family.

[For a fuller account of Thaddeus and Lebbeus Dod, and their
descendants, see Dod Family Genealogy, from which volume this
account is abridged.]

293. AARON ^ Aaron ' Timothy .3

633. Aaron. I only know that, according to Mr. Congar, he had a son (1072)
John C.

297. NATHANIELS Elijah* Nathaniel ^ John'^ John,^ b. in
New Jersey.

636. Jared R., b. about 1798, in Newark. +

637. Charles, in 1875, living in Newark.

638. Elizabeth, m. Smith, and living in Newark, in 1875.

299. CORNELIUS 5 Elijah* Nathaniel,^ b. in Elizabethtown,
N. J., in 1751. Graduated at Princeton College ; graduated in
medicine, in Philadelphia, Penn. He settled in Winchester, Ya.
He was a Surgeon in the army throughout the Revolutionary war.
He died at Winchester, in 1827, aged 76 yrs. He was a most
popular and skillful physician, and a polished gentleman of the
highest character and social position. There have been numerous
eminent gentlemen among his descendants, a part of whom de-
scended from his dau., who m. Clarke Baldwin, are to be found
under his descent.

He married three times: 1**' Mary Briscoe, dau. of Col. Gerard
Briscoe, of the vicinity of Winchester. Col. Briscoe had two

John, of MUford, Connecticut. 341

other dans.: Elizabeth, m. Judge Hugh Holmes, of Winchester;
and Eleanor, m. Judge Archibald Stuart, of Staunton, Va., the
lather of Hon. Alexander H. H. Stuart, formerly Member of Con-
gress from Virginia, and Secretary of the Interior under President
Fillmore. Mary d. Sept. 26, 1808, aged 41. He m. 2^'^' May, 1813,
Mildred, dau. of Dr. Throgmorton, of Berry ville, Clarke county,
"Va., by whom he had one dau.; she. d. September, 1816. He m.
S""''' Miss Susan Prichard, of the vicinity of Winchester, who sur-
vived him several years; they had no ch.

639. Margaret, b. about 1785; m. Judge William Daniel. +

640. Eliza C, m. Joseph Clarke BaldwiuJ s. Clarke 6 Daniel 5 James* Daniel 3
Daniel 2 Nathaniel, i of Milford.

641. Briscoe G., January, 1789.-f

642. Cornelius E., b. 1791. +

643. Robert T., b. 1793.+

644. Archibald S., b. 1797. +

645. Hugh Holmes, a lawyer of fine talents : he died young in Winchester.

646. Mary B., b. Nov. 16. 1800; m. William W. Donaghe.+

647. William Daniel, b. 1803. +

648. Alexander G. , b. 1805. Educated at West Point, and a Lieutenant in the
United States Army. His constitution, naturally delicate, was injured by study.
He w'as unusually amiable and pious. He d. , aged 33, at Fort Towson, in Arkansas.
His brother officers testified their regard for him l)y handsome marble monnment
to his memory. He was unm.

649. Cornelia, m. Rev. William H. Mitchell ; she d. , leaving a s. and two daus.

307. ZADOC 5 Robert 4 Nathaniel,^ b. in ITew Jersey about 1752.
He m. Mehitable Warner, of Orange, N^, J., and lived there. He
was for a >jhort time in the Revolution, and received a pension to
his death.

655. Elijah. +

656. Robert, about 1774. +

657. Bethuel.+

658. Silas. +

659. Calvin, lived and d. in Newark, N. J. ; m. thrice, the 2nd being to Mrs.
Tuttle, and had a s. George, d. y.

660. Elizabeth, m. Major William Stevens. +

661. Sarah, m. Samuel Carr, of Newark, N. J. Both arc d.. leaving (1149)
William, a Congregationalist minister, settled in Camlnldgeport, Mass., wiio m.
Miss Noyes, and had three ch.

319. EZRA'' Joseph^ is athaniel,'^ of Newark, IN". J.; he was b.
May 30, 1773, and d, March 27, 1826 ; buried at Orange. His
widow Lillis d. Feb. 24, 1831, aged 55 yrs. 11 mos. 6 days.

342 Baldwin Genealogy.

673. Daughter, m. Thomas P. Norris, a wealthy and prominent citizen of
Newark. He d. and left ch. : (1148) Thomas, dead; (1149) Clara; and two daus.,
one of whom m.

674. Joseph, m. Margaret; d. September, 1874; and his widow's address, in

1874, is Danbury. (Is it Danbury, 111. ?) They had a s. Alexander Paradise, who m

and had two sons, who are dead. They had three sons, and one dau. unm. and one
dau. m.

675. Daughter, m. Nathan Bowles, of Newark, a wealthy gentleman, who d,
about 1872, leaving (1158) Ezra, thrice m. ; (1159) Townsend, m. ; (1160) Nathan,
unm.; and (1161) Mary, m. Augusta Crane, of Morristown, N. J., a merchant.

676. Daughter, m. Clapp.

677. Esra, d. y.

Ezra's father is said, by the widow of Joseph, to have died not
far from 1795, and Joseph before his son had children ; so that for
four generations there has been no grandfather living.

340. MATTHIAS 5 Matthias^ Jonathan ^ John "^ John,i was, I
presume, the father of

680. Matthias W., Philadelphia, who was the founder of the Baldwin Loco,
motive Works.

349. SAMUEL^ Samuel^ Samuel,^ b. in that part of :N'ew Haven,
Conn., now Woodbridge, April 10, 1731; m., Jan. 8, 1753, Abigail
Humphreys, of ]^ew Haven, who d. ISTov. 9, 1753, in her 22nd year,
buried in Woodbridge, and called the wife of Mr. Samuel. March
29, 1759, his wife Temperance joined the Church in Amity; Dec. 8,
1783, adm. of his estate was given her, but JM'ch 5, 1784, to Barnabas
Baldwin, on unadministered estate. His 2'"^ wife Temperance* was
dau. Barnabas Baldwin^ Barnabas- Richard.^ He is perhaps the
Samuel whose death is recorded in Milford Record without date,
but between April 4, 1778, and Feb. 5, 1780. He is said, by his
grandson, to have been killed by the British while assisting in the
defence of New Haven.

691. Samuel, lived in Woodbridge, Conn., or its vicinity, and had ch. : Rhoda,
who m. Orrin West, of Orange, Conn., and lived there in 1874; Temperance m.
Bunnill, and, in 1874, lived in New Haven, Conn. ; Nancy, d. unm.; William; and
Daniel. One of the sons is said to have gone to Stratford, Conn.

692. Josiah, b. 1763. +

693. Joel, b. in Woodbridge, 1772. +

694. Asa, son of Samuel, in 1790, had for his guardian Richard Baldwin. In
the distribution of his grandfather's estate, he is ctdlcd Axe.

695. Abigail, d. unm. before Dec. 15, 1783, when her share went to the others.

696. Rebcckah.

697. Pliebe.

Jolin, of Milford, Connecticut. 343

350. JARED^ Caleb ^ Samuel,^ b. Jan. 30, 173^, in Milford^,
Conn.; m., Sept. 18, 1753, Damaras Booth, of jN'ewtown, Conn.,
where his father settled when he was a child. In 1775, he has a
deed from his parents, and is then of New Milford, Conn.

698. Jarod, b. iu Newtown, Oct. 13, 17o4.+

699. Ami.

700. Huldali, b. Marcb 20, 17-8; m. Keller, and had fourteen eh., of whom
some lived iu Bridgeport, Conn.

701. Sarah, 1). Dec. 4, 1759, iu New Milford.

702. Prue, 1). Nov. 6, 1761; m. Jacob Allen; some of their ch. lived in Paines-
ville, Ohio.

703. Galn-iel, b. Jan. 29, 1766.+

704. Tibbals, b. Nov. 17, 17G8.+

705. Johu, b. Nov. 17, 1768. He m. Brinsraade, and settled iu AVeston, Conn.,
and had ch. : Eli, .Josiah, Brinsmade, Nathan; Lymau, 1). iu Westou, Conu., March
29, 1802; Abel, Edwiu, Clarissa and Esther.

706. Amos, b. Oct. 26, 1769, iu New Milford, Couu. He appears, iu 1796,
among the taxables iu Plymouth, Luzerne county, Peuu., haviug gone there with
his father. He afterwards settled (perhaps iu consequence of the Peunimite War)
iu Pitcher, Cheuaugo county, N. Y., and d. there not far from 1855. In 1875, a
child of his. Electa, was said to be still there.

707. Luce, b. ^lay 3, 1773; m. Mack, and had ch. She m. 2"ii. Vosburg, and
d. iu Wyoming county, Peuu.

708. Jude.+

709. Priscilla.

His grandson says he was in the Revolutionary army, and
thought to be an officer. He moved from Connecticut not long
after the Revolution, to Luzerne county, Penn. (Wyoming county),
and settled on a large tract of land under title from the State of
Connecticut. His wife died in 1816, in the Wyoming Valley, and
he in 1817, at the residence of his son. Dr. Gabriel, in Connecticut.

352. THADDEUS ^ Caleb ^ Samuel,^ b. in Milford, Conn., Feb.
16, 173f ; m., July 15, 1762, Sarah. He bought land in the parish
of Newberry, in New Milford. In his will, he is called of Brook-
field. His will, dated Jan. 3, 1802, was proved July 27, 1815.

710. Thaddeus ElmcT, b. April 9, 1764; not iu his father's will, and likely d. y.

711. Lemuel, b. May 24, 1766; adm'r Nov, 9, 1816, is Joel

712. Rube, b. May 30, 1769: m. Samuel A. Botsford, of Brooktield, Conn.
She had ch. : Timothy E., iu 1874 living, paralyzed, iu Cohuubus, Ohio, who m. aud
has a son; Sarah, m. Deacou Clark, of Skaneateles, N. Y., who had a sou living in
1874, in Akron, Ohio ; and other ch.

713. Jeru.sha, July 26, 1770; m. Wait Northrup, of Brooktield, Conn., and had
ch. : Elmer, b. aud d. there; Anna, m. Capt. Charles llawley, of Brooktield, there

344 Baldwin Genealogy.

- in 1874; and a daughter, m. Hiram Fa irchild, of Brookfield. (Was slie Sarah, wlio
with Anna was legatee of their great aiint Sarali?)

714. Joel, b. Oct. 29, 1773, in that part of New Milford afterward Brookfield,
where he continued to reside. He m. 1st, June 18, 1797, Mabel Sanford, of New
Milford, and had eh.: (1230) Stanley Sanford; (1331) Samuel; (1333) Minerva, who
m. Charles Briggs, and in 1874 lived in Brookfield, no ch. ; (1333) Mabel d. unm. ;
and two ch., who d. y. He m. 3id, Tamer Smith, dau. George C. Smith, of Brook-
field, by his w. Sarah. Joel had by her (1336) Catharine, who m. William Blynn;
(1327) Thomas Smith, 1831; (1338) Mary Ann, in 1874 unm., in Haysville, Ohio;
(1339) George C, d. unm. in New York City, aged 28 yrs.; (1230) Harriet; (1381)
Edwin J. ; and (1332) Henry S.

715. Isaac, b. Jan. 5, 1775. It is said he ran away to sea in his young days,
but he returned and lived in Brookfield; his w. was Hannah. He had ch. : (1233)
Eliza, m. William Bristoll, of Brookfield, and in 1874 was in New Milford with her
son, who kept the hotel there ; (1234) Maria, m. Singer, of Danbury, and had many

716. Sarah, b. March 3, 1777. m. John Northrup of Brookfield, brother of
Wait, and had ch. : Lemuel, m. Keliogg, had three ch. ; Burr, m. Maria Benedict,
and living, 1874, in Skaneateles, N. Y. ; Flora, m. a resident of Brookfield, said, in
1874, to be living in Peekskill, N, Y. ; and Sarah Ann, d. aged about 35 yrs.

717. Martha, b. .Tune 26, 1780; m. Lemuel Warner, of Brookfield, and had ch.:
Solomon, there in 1874; Luzon, moved to Ohio; and Elmer, m. twice, and d. not

- far from 1810, in New Milford, Conn.

718. Solomon, b. Aug. 31. 1783, in Brookfield, Conn., where he lived, and d.
Oct. 3, 1816; his brother Joel was his administrator. His nephew says he graduated
at Yale College, and was a good geologist — I suppose he means for those days. He
had a dau. Juliet, b. in 1814.

719. Amarillis, m. Thaddeus Clark, of Oswego, N. Y., and was left a widow,
with no ch.

355. MATTHEW^' Caleb* Samuel ,3 b. in i^ewtoAvn, Conn.,
April 18, 1748, where he m., Feb. 12, 1778, Mary Northrup, and
there were born :

734. Ambrose, June 39, 1780, who m., January, 1808, Abigail Camp, and d.
Sept. 13, 1816. His estate was administered in Danbury Probate Court. He had
ch.: (1343) Mary Ann, Aug. 2, 1813: (1344) Isaac Ambrose, Jan. 3, 1814, d. June 11,
1838; and (1245) Francis Treat, July 25, 181-.

735. Eli, Nov. 30, 1783. +

Rev. Burr calls him Deacon Matthew.

357. HIEL or JEHIEL ^ Peleg* Samuel,^ bapt. in Milford, Conn.,
Oct. 19, 1735. He settled in Washington, Conn., and is the Jehiel
said, ill Barber's History of Connecticut, to have d. there, 1831,
in his 102nd year; he was probably, not so old. He is identitied
by the independent knowledge of his descendants.

738. Jehiel. -+-

John, of M ({ford, Connecticut. 345

364. ASHBELMoemSamuel,=^bapt. ill Milford, Conn., Marck
31, 1751. In 1777, paid commutation there for not procuring a
man for the Continental Army, accordino- to act of Con2:ress, to
Lieut. Samuel Peck. He had ear mark in Milford, in 17l>4. By
tradition of his descendants, he m. Deborah Tibbals, of Milford,
and lived there until "after Jefferson's election as President,"
when he moved to Warren, Litchtield county, Conn.

733. Jolm Tibbals. +

733. Esther.

734. Urania.

735. Lulve.

736. 3Iarli, m. Soplirouia "Waiigli, of Litchfield. South Farms, C'oiiu., who d.
Nov. 7, 1877, at the home of her sou James, in Raciue, Wis., aged 86. Children :
(1267) Lewis: (1268) Daughter, m. Browu; (1269) Samuel; (1270) James; (1271)
Daughter, m. Smedley; (1272) Dwight H., of Ciuciunati: aud (1273) William H., of
Xew York C'it}'.

366. JOSIAH^^ Josiah* Josiah ^ Josiah- John,^ b. in Killing-
vi^orth, Conn.; Feb. 27, 1736. He lived, after he m. Martha Stan-
nard, in that part of the town now Westbrook, where he d. Dec.
5, 1819, said to be aged 84 — as often happens, a little too old. He
was, 1790, adm'r of his father, whose estate was thirty acres in
Westbrook. I think he m. V^' Elizabeth Redfield, of Killing-
worth, no ch.; aud 2'"^- Martha Stannard.

737. Elizabeth, bapt. Dec. 27, 1795: m., as his 2n«i wife, Edward Deunisou,
who m., as his 1st wife a sister of William H, Buell, Esq., of Clinton, to whom I
am much indebted for information as to that vicinity. Denuison"s 1st Avife d. in
1822; the 2'|«^' is living, October, 1877. Her ch. : Mary Ann, m. Hamlin, aud lives,
1877, in Naples, Ontario county, N, Y. and George Miner, d. vmm. in California,
about 1853.

738. Dense, bapt. Sept 3. 1797; m. 1st, Simon Wilcox, Jr.. of North Killing
worth, who d. about 1830; aud she m. 2nd, David Dowd, of Madison. She had, it
is said, seven ch. by Wilcox, and one by Dowd.

739. Josiah. bapt. Oct. 29, 1800; reported, about 1857, to be living in Green
Bay, Wis.

Josiah was private in the Frencli war, 1759, and made Captain
by the Connecticut Legislature, in 1777. He was afterwards in
command of Coast Guards. He was First Lieutenant in 1775,
and served to the "northward," probably Tieonderoga. He is
highly complimented for his loyalty, tact aud splendid address.
He was a blacksmith ; occasionally practicing as a country


346 Baldwin Gcnealoijy.

381. FREDERICKS Eleazer^ Josiab,3 b. or bapt. Jan. 20, 1748,
in Killingworth, Conn.; bad tbe following cb. baptized:

740. Jolin, Oct. 30, 1768, impressed from a merchant ship upon a British man-
of-war, and not lieard of afterwards, although souglit for.

741. Catharine, .June 30, 1771, m. and d. early. Thought to have had no ch.

742. Mary, June 19, 1774; m. 1st, Buell, 2>h1, John 3Iiller; she had one s. hy
Buell, and lived and d. in Rutland, Vt.

743. Sarah, Sept. 1, 1776; m. Johnson, and left one s. (1276) Timothy.

744. Clarissa, Nov. 15, 1778; m. l^t. Ritchie, and 2"J, Benjamin Browuell, by
whom she had (1277) Charles, the father of Francis E. Brownell, the avenger of
Col. Ellsworth, and (1278) Edward.

745. Frederick. In the War of 1812; in the New York ^lilitia; after that a
lawyer; settled in Georgia, and became Agent of the Creek and Seminole Indians,
about the time of their removal to the West. He d. about 1832 with yellow fever.
He m. and left two sons, Lafayette, and another who remained South.

746. 3Iatilda, d. y.

747. Fanny, m. John Betts. +

748. Goodrich, b. Dec. 23; 1804, in Clavarack, Columbia county, N. Y. -f

749. Lucretia, b. July, 1807. m., Feb. 4, 1847, Peter Davidson; d., no issue.
They lived at Palmyra, Lenawee county, Mich. She d. Jan. 15, 1876; he, April
20, 1875.

Frederick died April 30, 1825. He wa;? twice m.; by bis l^Hvife,
he bad two s, and four daus.; and m. 2"^'' Lucretia Goodricb, b.
about 1768, and d. Marcb 26, 1834, in Catskill, N. Y. Frederick
was in tbe Revolution, serving in the ISTaval Department along the
southern coast, and olf New York Harbor.

384. LOIS^ Caleb ^Josiah,^ b. in Killingworth, Feb. 1, 1763;
m., June 12, 1782, Ambrose Redtield, who d. June 30, 1830, and
she in 1804, My account is from the Redtield Genealogy, which
does not tell where they lived, but likely in New Hampshire, not
far from Capt. Caleb.

751. Heman, b. Sept. 13, 1783; d. unm., Feb. 12, 1810.

752. Charles, b. Fel). 14, 1785, of Deny, N. H. ; m., 1814, Elizal)eth Adams.

753. Jane, b. Feb. 21, 1787; m. Luther Keyser.

754. Caleb, b. April 19, 1789, of Derry, N. H.; m., Sept. 4, 1817, Frances C.

755. William, b. Oct. 30, 1792, of Canada; m. Susan Prentiss.

756. Lucius, b. May 14, 1795.

757. Ambrose A. ; b. May 12, 1799; d. May 28, 1813.

758. Wyllis, b. Sept. 22, 1801, West Clermont, N. H. ; m. Martha G. Woods.

385. ELEAZER5 Caleb ^ Josiah,^ b. in Killingw^orth, Conn.,
Oct. 21, 1764. He entered the Revolution as his father's servant;

John, of M iff or (I, Connecticut. 347

as soon as old Gnono:li, he was enrolled, and drew a pension to bis
death, lie m., May 8, 1785, Jane Redtield, of Killingworth, Conn.,
b. Dec. 19, 1759, dau. George and Trial (Ward) liediield. They
settled in Southern Ohio, in 1811. She d. in 1827. He lived in
many ditt'erent places, being, according to his grandj^on Erostus,
"a roving planet."

759. Woostcr, b. Nov. 29, 1785; lived iu Hensoii, Vt., in a siiuiU liouse upon
. the sliore of Lake Chaniplain, and had a hxvge family.

760. Barbai-a, b. in Wilmington, Vt.

761. Erastus, b. May 3, 1790.4-

762. Philander, b. Aug. 31, 1792.+

763. Eleazer, b. Sept. 26, 1796.+

In 1785, he moved from Killingworth to Wilmington, V^t.; a
vear or two after to Richmond, Mass.; thence to Killiiio:worth ;
thence, in 1798, to Clermont, IST. H.; a few years after to ISTewport,
!N". H.; thence to Croydon ; thence to Benson, Vt.; in 1819, to
Rochester, !N". Y.; a few months after to Cincinnati.

390. CALEBS Caleb ^Josiah,3b. Aug. 9, 1770, as a citizen of
Killingworth, Conn.; settled in Clermont, ilT. H., with his father,
and remained there, where he d. in 183G, aged 60 yrs.

773. Sylvender. +

774. Lysander. He d. in Southport, near Kenosha, Wis., and had ch. : (1312)
Charles Lysander, in 1875, of Chicago; and (1313) Francis E.

775. Orison, d. in Kenosha county. Wis. ; had three ch., two s. and one dau.

776. William I., settled in Knowlesville, Orleans county, N. Y. In August,
1843, he left.for the West, and is supposed to have been lost on a steamer. He had
a son Oscar, who d. in the army, in 1864.

777. Josiah R., 'living, 1875, in Lyndonville, Vt., and has two ch. : (1315)
William Clarke, and (1316) Harriet J., m. A. C. Harvey, at St. Johnsbury, Vt.,
and live there.

391. PHILEMON '•> Caleb ' Josiah,^ b. Oct. 9, 1778, iu Clermont,
N. H. He was a miller and farmer, who settled at an early period
on Flat street, and on what was afterwards the Weed Farm, in
Penn Yau, Yates county, N. Y. He was a man of shrewd and
pointed wit, noted for fun and joviality. The name, Penn Yan, is
attributed to him. After long discussion of the name, he proposed
"Pang Yang" as a compromise between the Pennsylvanians and
Yankees. This proposal was not received with enthusiasm, but
was tinally adopted. In Carey & Lee's Atlas, of 1822, the name
is " Penyauk." While living at the foot of Cayuga Lake, he killed

348 Baldwin Genealogy.

one year tweuty-five bears, mostly in the lake while crossing, and
many deer. He died about 1857.

778. Asa.

779. Philemon H. , several years Steamboat Captain on Cayuga Lake.

780. Amos.

781. Caleb.

782. Rune.

783. George.

784. Mary, m. Chissom, and only child remaining, 1873, in the coimty of Yates.

785. Sally Ann.

786. Elizabeth.

787. Esther.

410. ESTHERS jol^^4 Elnathan^ Joseph ^ John,i b. Oct. 17,
1707; m. John Benedict^ John* James '^ John- Thomas,^ b. March
7, 1753.

788. Josiali Baldwin, h. Nov. 6. 1773, who had by his grandfather Baldwin's
will, 1809, lands in Ridgefield, and in Westchester count}', N. Y. He m., 1799.
Esther Turrel, of New Milford, and his descendants will be found in the Benedict

789. Abigail, b. Feb. 3, 1780; m. Samuel Hoyt, of New Canaan.

790. Esther. 1). Oct. 2, 1787; m., Dec. 29, 1808, Matthias Hubbell. and died
July 8, 1850.

791. Sarah, b. Feb. 22, 1789; m. Abrani Nash, of Troy, and d. Dec. 31, 1862.

792. Polly, b. Aug. 16. 1792; m., Nov. 30, 1831, Peletiah Richards, b. 1786,
and d. Feb. 11, 1870, s. Peletiah, s. Dr. Samuel. She d. Dec. 13, 1868, and their
only ch., Charles Benedict Richards, resides at Fort Dodge, Iowa, President of the
Fu-st National Bank there.

793. Katy, b. Aug. 7, 1795; d. March 20, 1804.

411. JOHX= Jonah* Elnathan,^ b. in Amity Parish, Isqw Haven,
Conn., Sept. 10, 1743 ; lived in Westville, New Haven ; lived on
the "Old Baldwin Farm" there.

794. Loammi, 1776. +

795. William, said to have settled in Ohio at an early date, and raised a large
family of boys.

796. Daniel, d. in St. Croix, West Indies.

797. Timothy, d. in New Haven.

430. JOHN ' John * John,^ b. in Branford, Conn., Sept. 13, 1750,
He m., Oct, 20, 1772, Alethea Hobart. In 1804, he was of Har-
winton, and thence he removed to Deerfield, Mass., where he died
Jan. 3, 1817.

799. Jeremiah, b. March 4, 1774. He sailed from Branford, Oct. 17, 1796,
and was lost at sea; unm.

800. Edward, b. Oct. 18, 1776. +

John, of Milford, Connecticut. 349

801. Ircuo, b. March 3, 1T79; m. Sanuiel Frisbie. +

802. Statira, b. Jan. 31, 1783; m. Aslier S. Boach.+
8('3. Augustus, b. April 20, 1784.+

804. Xancy, b. Nov. 28, 1786; m. Cook.+

805. Maria, b. Aug. 1, 1787; m. Anson Hungerford. 4-

806. John, b. Jan. 18, 1793. He m. in Rome, Ga., and lived in that State
many j-ears. He d. in New York City, Oct. 19, 1831 ; and his monument is in New
Haven, erected by his w. Martha, of Monticello, Ga.; no ch. She m. 3"<l, Matthew

807. Julia, b. Oct. 3, 1794; m. Nimms of South Deerlield, Mass., and had
many ch., one of whom m. Bromley.

808. Louisa, b. May 31, 1798; m. Anson Hungerford, of Harwinton, Conn.,
as his 2"^' wife, and had (1351) Sarah, who m. Ives, of Bristol, Conn., and living,
1873; (1352) Henry, living .1873, in Harwinton; (1353) John, a jeweler in Newark,
N. J. ; (1354) James, d. unm. ; (1355) Theodore, thought to be in Chicago; and
one other.

439. ZACCHEUS ^ James ' John,^ b. in Branford, Conn., Jan. 9,
1754. He continued in Branford, where he was Deacon. He m. l**-
Oct. 17, 1776, Sarah Bradtield, of Branford, who d. May 29, 1784;
2"^!' Feb. 10, 1785, Hannah Sheldon, who d. Aug. 9, 1820 ; S''^' Nov.
12, 1821, Mrs. Welthian Jones. He d., May ^23, 1831. He was
elected Deacon Dec. 3, 1795, "with great unanimity."

813. Samuel, b. Aug. 28, 1777. +

814. Lucinda, b. July 23, 1779; d. Sept. 30, 1807.

815. Timothy, bapt. Dec. 31, 1786. +

816. Ammi, Aug. 34, 1788; m., Dec. 24, 1810, Mercy Hoadley, of Branford.
He d. there Sept. 1, 1857, of apoplexy. He lived near Pine Orchard. In April,
1866, Joel P. Lund was adm'r of his widow. Children: (1375) Eunice, May 32,
1811, and d. leaving no ch ; (1376) Lucinda, Oct. 18, 1812, who m. David C. Bishop,
of Branford; (1377) Serene Caroline, m. lst> James Harrison, and had one eh.;
3nJ. .Joel P. Lund, and had one ch. ; (1378) .James Colvin, June 29, 1823, who d.
April 24, 1826; and (1379) .James Colvin, 1826, who d. .July 19, 1844.

817. Infant, d. Jan. 4, 1790.

819. Betsey, bapt. March 10, 1795; m. Amaziah Hall.

440. NICODEMUS ^ James ^ John,^ b. in Branford, Conn., Aug.
4, 1755 ; m., June 9, 1778, Martha Harrison, whose mother before
marriage was Mary Tyler. He d. there, June 9, 1799, of con-


819. Mercy, b. Jan. 17, 1779.

820. Tryphene, b. Jan. 29, 1781.

821. James, b. April 33, 1782; living in 1799.

822. William. +

823. Infant, d. July 15, 1788.

823*. Laura, added by report of her grandson, George R. Hoppen; m., in 1811,
Willys Russell, and d. in 1827.

350 Baldwin Genealogy.

450. ISRAEL '• Israel* Israel,^ b. in Branford, Conn., aiid con-

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