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tinued there. Hem., Jan. 26, 1775, Elizabeth Hatch. By tradition,
she was fifteen, and the match a runaway. He was a farmer and
shoemaker, and fifty years Deacon in North Branford. He d. in
New Haven, his will, dated June 30, 1829, being proved April
14, 1831.

830. Lj'dia, b. .July 21, 177o; m. Samuel Foote, and liei" ch. are in the Foote
Genealogy, not now at m_y command.

831. Josiah, b. June 21, 1778. +

833. Israel, b. June 22, 1780. He resided in several plaees. Children : Lydia,
m. 1st, Lyman Hall, and 2nd> Alcott, of North Haven; Mary. m. (says John R.
Baldwin) Dick; Jedidiah (?) C. Carew; and Betsey, d. y.

883. Eliada, b. July 1, 1783. +

834. Elizabeth, b. Oct. 28, 1785; m. Sylvester Jones, M.D., of New Haven,
Conn., and had six ch., four of whom were living in 1873; one, a dau., b. about
1814, m, J. L. Gill, of West Haven. Conn., and is a widow since 1872. Dr. Jones
m. 2'id, Assintha, sister of Elizabeth, but had no ch. by her.

835. Elijah, b. Oct. 6, 1788.

836. Micah, b. Nov. 2, 1790; he m. Hannah Wells, and settled in New Haven,
where he built in York Square one of the well-known handsome residences. He
d. childless.

837. Miner, b. April 1, 1793; d. May 18, 1796.

838. Simeon. 1). Oct. 11, 1795; d. num.

839. Assinthy, b. March 31, 1798; m., as his 2'h1 wife, Sylvester Jones, M.D. ;
no children.

840. Wealthy, was b. Nov. 19, 1799; so called in the Town Record, l)ut in the
will of her father. Wealthy Ann — a more probable name, though the other also
occurs to another person, on a tombstone in Branford.

841. Miner, b. Nov. 24, 1801.

451. HEMAN^^ Israel* Israel,M3. in North Branford, Conn.; he
m. Miss Irene Eussell, of North Branford, dau. Jonathan Russell,
sister of Augustus, father of Miss Martha Russell, the writer, my
informant. Heman moved to Whitestown, N. Y, and afterward to
New Hartford, six miles from Utica, in that State.

842. Jaco]).+

843. Heman, lived and d. in New Hartford, N. Y., where his widow still was
in 1873. Children: Henry, supposed to live in Wisconsin; and Heman, who m.
Miss Rathbun, of Oswego county, N. Y.

844. Polly, living, 1873, in New Hartford, unni., with the widow of Heman.

845. Augustus Russell, m. Miss Angler, of Mas.sachusetts, and settled in Lake
county, Ohio, supposed in Painesville; said to l)e living in 1872, and to have a son
and daughter.

453. MOSES-' Aaron* Israel,3b. in Branford, Conn., Dec. 17,
1749; he continued there. He m. !**• Lois Wheeler, who d. Feb.
1(3, 1772; 2"'^' June 4, 1782, Mary Rotter; and 3'''- Lucretia.

Job IK of 3L1 ford, Connecticut. 351

846. Lois, b. Feb. 14, 1773; in., May 21, 1793, Peter Appels; and luid (1414)
Silvia, who was b. :\Iay 29, 1796, in Brauford.

847. Eli, b. Jan. 22, 1783. He had several eh., and llien removed to Ohio,
(one authority says to Lorain eounty, and one to the northwol town in the State.)
I tind no trace of him in Lorain, wliere I lived several years myself. Children:
Giles, Oliver, Aaron, ISLaria and Minerva.

848. Moses, b. Aug. /15, 1787, .settled in Bloomfield Geue.see county, N. Y.,
and had a son (1420) Charles.

849. Aaron, .settled iu the State of New York (one says Bloomfield, Genesee
county, and one says Orleans county), and had ch. : Lucy, who m. Downs in
Genesee; Dwight;and Polly.

850. Sally, m. Daniel Linslej', of Branford; and had cli. : (1424) Sophronia, b.
June 30, 1793': (1425) Polly Hall, b. July 25, 1795.

851. Lucretia, m. Northrop.

852. Mary, m. Potter.

853. Susan.

854. George, bj- Srii wife (as likely others also), m. Betsey Harrison, of Bran-
ford, who d. about 1867. Children: Thomas, b. about 1841, and d. July 4. 1859,
aged 18; Edwin, d. unm. ; Susan (Did she marry Noah Foote, as one dau. is said
to have done?) George "Walter, a blacksmith in Branford; John, Newton, Clifford,
Harrison and Leonard.

Administration on his estate was granted in Guilford, March
24, 1823, to Eli.

456. AAROX^ Aaron ^ Israel^ b. in Branford, Conn., January,
1754 or 1755; he m. Temperance Fowler, and d. in Brauford,
March 24, 1800.

855. Clara, m. 1st, Samuel Foote, and 2111, IMr. Todd, of Massachusetts; iu
1874, living in Branford village.

856. Aaron. +

857. "William, for a time, near North Brauford, Conn.; thence t > Granville or
Blandford, Mass. ; no ch. Such is the account I get from Bi'anford. He owned
covenant in Clinton (joining at Branford), Mav 15, 1785; and according to the
Redlield Genealogy, m., Sept. 22, 1792, Lucy Pvedtield, and d. July 18. 1803. She
d. aged 33, Oct. 80, 1804. Clara is called Clarissa, and there is added

858. Lucy.

457. JOSEPH 5 Aaron ^ Israel,^ 1). in Branford, Conn., Dec. 26,
1758. He settled in Harwinton, Conn., after the birth of liis
children. Adm. was, on his estate, Oct. 13, 1825, granted to John,
and distribution to the children named below. He m , June 11,
1781, Rosanna Malle^', who died, as appears from Harwinton
Church Records, in 1843. Joseph was a blacksmith.

859. Wyllis, b. March 10, 1783. +

860. Erastus, b. in Branford, moved with his father to Harwinton, Conn . and
in 1860 lived there on the "old homestead." His wife was named Electa. CUiildren :

352 Baldwin Genealogy.

(1451) Erastus, a "traveler;" (1452) Aaron, living, 1860, in the east part of Litclitield,
Conn.; (1453) Samuel; (1454) George; (1455) Electa; and (1456) Joseph. The last
four, in 1860, were in Harwinton.

861. Joseph, 1798. In 1835, he joined the Church in Harwinton, and d. Feb-
ruary, 1856, leaving a widow Pollj', who continued there. Of his children, (1457)
Lyman, settled in Kansas; and (1458) Henry L., joined the Church in Harwinton
in 1846, and settled in Kansas. It is said there are four other sons remaining in

862. John, b. 1799. +

863. Statira, m. Moss.

458. JOXATIIAX ^ Aaron ^ Israel ,3 b. in Branford, Conn., Dec.
9, 1760, and continued in Xorth Branford, in a house, in 1873, still
occupied by his dau. Lydia. He m., Xov. 24, 1793, Keziah Rose.
He d. Xov. 2, 1733 ; she d. Sept. 13, 1849, aged 85.

864. Anson, b. July 9, 1794; d. Jan. 29, 1860. He was m., but had no ch.
In Probate Record, in 1833, he is called Capt. Anson.

865. Lydia, in 1873, living single and alone, in the old homestead, where she
showed me the Family Record of Israel, b. 1694.

476. BEN.JAMIX -^ Samuel^ IsraeP George- John,^ b. in Braiv

ford, Sept. 2, 1780; lived in Xorth Branford.

867. Lo Ammi, called by other authorities Benammi, and Ammi d. y.

868. Beri, bapt. July 10, 1808; said, in 1873, to be a lawyer near Chicago, and
by another to be a Judge. He m. Marietta Parmelee, dau. Rossiter Parmelee, of

• Guilford.

869. Giles T.+

870. LouLsa.

871. Damaris.

477. AUGUSTUS^ Samuel^ Israel,^ b. in North Branford, Conn.,
May 20, 1782, and lived there. He in.. May 4, 1808, Miss Sally
Monroe, of Guilford, Conn.

872. Jane Lucy, b. March 2, 1810; m., it is said, Moses Hall, of Wallingford,
Conn., and living there in 1873. Another authority says William M. Hall. (Can it
be William Mosely Hall, b. Feb. 11, 1806, in Wallingford?)

873. William Augustus, b. Sept. 1, 1812; said to live in Franklin, near Vine-
land, N. J. Lived in North Branford, Conn., until 1870. He m. Miss Merriman,
of Meriden, and has a dau. m. and living West,

482. JAMES ^ Ephraim^ Israel,^ b. in Branford, Conn,, March
13, 1776; m. Philomela Bunnell. He remained there, and his
estate. May 9, 1825, went to his wife and following named ch.
(Guilford Probate.)

John, of Milford, Connecticut. 353-

874. Ilfinnah.

875. Lucius, of Fair Haven, .slicniakor. has no sons.

876. Heury, d. at sea, young.

877. Allen, ran away and left w. and eh., sons and dans., at Fair Haven.

878. George, of Fair Haven, ship liuilder.

879. Rutli.

484. JESSE "^ Epbraim* Israel,^ b. in Branford, Conn., Septem-
ber, 1780; the Town Record says 16th, while his son says 8th.
He m. Phebe Pardy (Pardee). He settled in Fowler, Mahoning
county, Ohio, where he d. June, 1850 ; she, December, 1857. He
lived for awhile, in business, in Vienna, Trumbull county, Ohio.

880. Julius, b. Nov. 18, 1799. +

881. Ephraim, b. April 9, 1802,+

883. Nancy, b. March 18, 1804, in Avon, Conn. : m. in Vienna, Ohio, perhaps
in 1822, Allen C. Sutleff. Lives in Cedai', Johnson county, Iowa.

883. Eunice, b. Jan. 20. 1806, in Sim.sbury, Conn. ; m. Hiram Beebe, in Vienna,.
Ohio. and d. in Lynn county, Iowa.

884. Decius, b. Feb. 6. 1808, in Simsbury, Conn.; ni. Arthusa Hurlburt;
reside in Howland, Trumbull county, Ohio.

885. Dennis, b. Jan. 28, 1810, in Simsbury, Conn. ; lives in Cedar, Johnson
county, Iowa, *

886. Phebe, b. Nov. 23. 1813; d. July 9, 1851; she m. Alanson Smith, in
Vienna, Ohio. He survives in Fowler, TrnmbuU county, Ohio.

887. Jesse Nelson, b. March 28, 1816, in Brooktield, Trumbull county, Ohio;
m. Maria Scovill, of Vienna, Ohio, and, in 1873, lives there.

488. JOEL 5 Daniel* Daniel ^ George- John,^ b. in Branford,
Conn., July 16, 1759 ; he m,, April 28, 1783, Sarah Gorham, of
Xew Haven. He had the followins: ch. in Branford. Went»with
his familv to VVhitestown, N. Y., and then further w^est.

890. Polly, b. Aug. 11, 1784.

891. Benedict, b. Feb. 25, 1787. +

892. Timothy Gorham, b. Dec. 14, 1788.+

893. Thankful, b. Oct. 11. 1792; d. aged 58.

894. Sarah, b. Oct. 7, 1794; d. aged 70.

895. Joel.+

896. Bronson.+

He is said to have been a Revolutionary soldier under Putnam,
and a Christian. His sons were all farmers.

492. DAyiD 5 Daniel* Daniel,3 b. in Branford, Conn., Aug. 12,
1772; d. in North Branford, March 3, 1806. He m. Nancy, by
"evidence," whatever that may mean; perhaps the mode of

S54 Baldwin Genealogy.

proving to the Town Clerk. He went, it is said, to Riga, N. Y.,
but returned with his family, save Charles.

• 898. Eunice Parmelee, b. Dec. 15, 1801.

899. Charles, b. Oct. 9, 1803; said to live in Michigan, and to be "very

900. Peter, 1). Dec. 14, 1805; perhaps d. y., as John R. Baldwin's minutes do
not show him.

901. James.
903. Sophronia.

It is said one of the daus. m. Homer Chidsey, of Avon, Conn.

493. STEPHEiS^s George* Daniel,^ b. in Branford, Conn., April
30, 1770. He settled in Goshen, Conn., and his estate is in Litch-
field Probate, 1811, w. Hannah and Isaac Wells adm'rs : distribution
to w. and two ch. below. He Avas killed by the fall of a tree,
while chopping it. His w. was Hannah Burgess.

903. Edmund, b. about 1805; drowned in North Pond, near the family resi-
dence in Goshen.

904. Junius, b. Sept. 15, 1807. +

He is identified for me by Rev. Samuel Orcutt, of Torrington,
Conn., where the children settled.

494. HEZIKIAII5 George * Daniel b. in Branford, Conn., May
4, 1771. He settled in Washington, Conn., and in 1811 adm. was
^iven to his wife Sally and only child.

905. Stephen Smith, said to be a leading man in Sabbath Schools and other
good works, in Washington, Conn. He has been mentioned several times to me as
likely to give information as to the family; but my repeated letters have failed to
bring an answer.

498. ED WAPvD "^ Noah * Xoah ^ George ^ John,i b. in Branford,
Conn., 1763 ; he lived in North Branford, Conn. He m.. May 20,
1787, widow Desire Hegars, dau. Harrison ; she d. July 14, 1846,
aged 99. He d. Oct. 4, 1823, of fever ; was buried in Pine Orchard
Cemetery: "In memory of Capt. Edward Baldwin, who died Oct.
21, 1823, aged 60. The memory of the just is blessed."

906. Noali, b. 1787.+

907. Twin infants, d. Sept. 19, 1789.

908. Twin infants, d. July 12, 1781.

939. Abigail, m. Jesse Linsley; both d. before 1878. and their s. (1514) Samuel
is then living in North Branford.

910. Sally, m. 1st, Philo Harrison; and 2n'l. Jonathan Pvose, no ch., and 1873,
widow living with John R. Baldwin.

John, of 3Jilford, Connecticut. 355

507. ELIIIU^ Jolui^ Johu=^ Richard 2 John,' b. in Braiiford,
Conn., Jan. 21, 1745, and continued there. He m., Nov. 18, 1773,
Abigail Kogers. His estate is distributed, in AVallingford Probate
Record, to liis tive children.

912. ]Mary, b. Oct. !(:<, 1174; ni. Dr. Ilcnian B. Brooks, and has. in 1874, it i.s
said, a sou iiviiio- in Northford, Conn.

913. Susaunali, b. March 9, 177G; m., April 10, lyil, Natlianiel T. Cook, of
Northford. (Wallingford Church Records.)

914. Eunice, b. Feb. 28, 1778.

915. A])i.uail. b. Fel). 5, 1780: ni., Fel). 29. 1804, John Hall, of Walliugford,
Conn. +

916. Lydia, b. Sept. 11, 1783.

509. AMBROSE ^ John * John, ^ b. in Branford, Conn., Oct. 29,
1750. In 1783, he describes himself, in a deed, as of Wallingford,
Conn., where, as Lieut. Ambrose, his estate was settled, June,
1789 (£355). This branch of the family were of North Branford,
and entries seem to be indiscriminately in the Records of Branford
and Wallingford. His wife Sally, and Capt. Isaac Dart were his
adm'rs. His wife was a Foot, whose mother, in 1775, was Mary
Foot, of Branford.

917. John, b. Feb. 14, 1771.

918. Sally, b. Aug. 4, 1773.

919. William, b. Jan. 24, 1780, Avho became, says John R. Baldwin, a noted
physician in New York City.

' 920. Lois, twin to Rebecca, b. Jan. 11, 1782; m., Feb. 6, 1804, Thaddeus
FoAvler, of Guilford, Conn.

921. Rebecca, tAvin, b. Jan. 11, 1782; m.. May 1, 1801, Caleb Finch, of North-
ford, Conn.

529. PHIXEHAS-'Phinehas^PhinehasS Richard ^ John,M3. in
Milford, Conn., in 1751; he continued there, and d. as early as

929. Phiuehas, b. 1783. +

930. Mehitable, b. 1785; m. Enoch Clark, of Orange, Conn.; had scA'en s. and
four daus. ; four grandsons in the late war.

931. Phebe, b. 1788; m. Selah Steele. +

932. Meritt, b. 1791; d. unm.

933. Harriet, b. 1793; m. Charles Hubljell. of Stratford, Conn. She died,
leaving two s. and three daus.

934. Nehemiah, b. 1796; settled in Bethlehem, Conn. He is dead, and his w,
survives in 1873. His tAvo daus. d. Avith consumption.

935. Harvey, b. 1798; in 1873, living in North Corn Avail, Conn. ; no ch.

936. Abigail, b. 1802; d. in 1872, unm.

356 Baldwin Genealogy.

530. THADDEUS5Phinehas*Pbineha8,3b. in Milford, Conn.,
April 27, 1760 ; lived in Milford ; m. Catharine, who d. Sept. 7,
1833, aged 71. His will was proved April 21, 1825.

937. Tliaddeus.+

938. Mehitable, d. unm.

939. Louisa, living, 1874, in Milford; address, care Clarke Smith.

940. Violette, m., March 25, 1824, Miles Davidson, of Milford, and had (1583)
Samuel, and others.

941. Mary Ann, m., Oct. 18, 1821, William Piatt, of Milford. Children: (1536)
George, (1537) Albert, (1538) Laura, in 1873 all of Milford; (1539) Catharine, dead;
(1540) Samuel, dead; and (1541) Louisa, who m. Wilmot.

942. Samuel G., b. about 1794; d. unm. in Philadelphia, .July 22, 1822, aged 28.

534. JOEL ^ Jared ^ Jerjah,^ b. in Milford, Conn., and continued
there; he m. Sarah Ehodes.

951. John. +

952. Mary, m. Daniel Hine, of Milford, and supposed to have moved to Iowa.
Said to have (1552) George, living in Stratford, Conn., a dau. and several other eh.
in Iowa.

953. Charles, m. He was killed in the 3Iexicau war, leaving ch. supposed to
be living in New York City, where his widow removed.

954. Joel, removed to Michigan, and lived, it is said, in Marshall, Cahoon
county. He d., it is said, in California. Had two s. and two daus., the eldest son
named John.

955. Lucy, m. Munson Curtiss, of Stratford, Conn,, and had ch. : Carrie and
Fannie, both imm. in 1874.

956. .Tared, had several ch., of whom his eldest dau. m. a s. of Dennis Bristol!,
of Milford ; a second dau. m. Prince, of Orange, whose first name is perhaps Noble.
•Tared d. in Orange, leaving other ch.

957. Charlotte, m. Isaac Hine, of Milford, Conn., and had ch. : Luke and
Charlotte. (?)

535. JOXATITAN-^ Jarod ^ Jerjah,^ b. in Milford, June 25,
1787; when young, went to Bethlehem, 1801, and learned black-
smithing of his brother Jared. He d. April 5, 1847.

958. Albert, b. .Tan. 22, 1819; remained in Bethlehem; m. Abigail , and

had a dau. Esther, who is dead, and ch. living: Esther, Myra, Dwight, Alice and
Augusta H., who, in 1871, is my informant.

959. Frederick, b. Nov. 23, 1821.

960. Judson, m. Martha, and had three ch.

961. Lewis, b. Sept. 28, 182- ; thought, l)y a relative in Milford, to have settled
in Cincinnati.

962. William, b. Feb. 13, 1827.

536. ETHEL -^ Jared ^ Jerjah,^ b. in Milford, Conn., and con-
tinued there; he m. Susan Ford.

John, of 3Ii{fonl, Connecticut. 357

963. Ethel P., m. Mary Smith, and lived iu Milford; he is dead, and she living
in 1874; no ch.

964. Lewis F., b. 1809.4-

965. Susan Ann, b. 1817; m. Elliot W. Beach, of IMilfonl, s. John. In ls74,
she survived him. Children: (1577) Oscar, m. Lsabell Potter, of New Haven, who
d.. Icavinii- a dau. Emma, and (1578) Elliot W., who d. iu the army. unm.

540. BEARD ^ Abraham ^ Charles =^ Richard ^ Johii,M). in Mil-
ford, Conn., June 9, 1771 ; m. Sjbill, who was b. Aug. 21, 1777.

973. Elijah, b. March 2, 1797.4-

974. Charles, b. March 10, 1799. -h

975. Amj', b. Feb. 14, 1801 ; m. Samuel "Woodruff Downes, of Milt'drd, as his
1st wife, and had a dau. IMartha Ann, who m. Treat C. Botsford, and has ch.

976. Joseph Beard, b Xov. 29, 1802.

977. 3Iary. b. Jan. 2, 1805; m. Mark Stow. 4-

978. Comfort, b. July 14, 1807: m.. May 5, 1887, Jouah Piatt, of Milford;
living there in 1874, Children: Henry, m, a Miss Treat, and has three ch.

979. William Clark, b. April 11, 1810. In 1874. living in New Haven: m.,
but no ch.

980. Abigail Ann, b. Feb. 3, 1812; m. Samuel Woodruff Downes as his 2"J w.
Thej- lived afterward but six weeks, died within fifteen hours of each other, and
were buried in one grave.

981. Abraham, b. June 8, 1815. He d. in New Haven. He m. and had ch. :
(1596) Nellie, m. John Kennedy, of New York City; aud has several ch. ; (1597)
Fannie, and (1598) Lizzie.

982. Sybil, Elizabeth, b. Sept. 29, 1818; m, William Brotherton. In 1874,
living in Milford. Children: Nathan d. y. ; and William B. , b. July 24, 1840: in
1874, of Milford.

983. Natliau Andrew, b. Aug. 17, 1821: d. Nov. 1, 1847, unm,

545. JOSIAHf' Thomas^ Josiah * Johu -^ John - John/ b. in Xew
Jersey, about 1740; removed to Bridport, Addison county, Vt.;
said by his grandson Joseph to have been '•artiticer'' iu the Revo-
lution ; moved, it is said, from Morris or Sussex county, N. J.
(Morris county.)

984. Thomas, b. iu New Jersey. Oct. 27. 1785. 4-

985. James, b. 1787, aud his grandson thinks in Connecticut. Had three ch.
in Vermont; then settled in Cayuga couuty, N. Y. ; theuce, iu 1834, to Lorain
county, Ohio, where he lived iu 1836. He removed thence to Oakl.vnd county,
Mich., wdiere he d. iu 1839; aged 74. He had five daus. and two son^; one (1610)
Harrison, b. 1824, iu New York, m., in Oxford, Oakland county, Mich., in 1856,
Martha Langworthy. He is a furniture dealer there, with two sous and a ilau.

986. David.

987. Madisou

988. Ehoda, m. Vorce, of Port Byron, N. Y.

989. Daughter, said to be living iu California.

990. Daughter.

Die 1, by tradition, in Mentz, Cayuga county, N. Y., about 1840,
aged about 100 ; no doubt younger.

358 Baldiciii Genealogy.

552. JOHN J.^ Joseph ^ John ^ John^ John - Johii,^ according to
Mr. Congar's Table, with Notes by. Mr. Edward F. Baldwin, of
Newark, he m. l*^- May 28, 1805, Lydia, b. Aug. 13, 1779, dau.
David Dodd, m. l"*- Keuben Dodd. She d. Feb. 10, i821, and he
m. 2'"'' Sarah Dodd.

991. Reuben D.+

992. .Joseph 11., of 3Ioutclaii', N. J. ; m. Lydia Muim; has no sons.

993. Sarah D., m. Anthony D. Ball, now deceased, of Montclair, N. .J., widower
of Aljljy E.

994. Abby E. , deceased, m., as his !»* wife, Antliony D. Ball, of Montclair, N. .J.

558. CALEB '^Joseph^Johu.^

995. Calvin S., deceased, leaving ch. : (1G20) Emmons, living, March, 1875, in
Newburgh, N. Y. : and (1631) AlmanzaM., deceased.

996. Alnuinaza M., nnm., in Montclair, N. J.

567. JAMES ^ Silas -^ James ^ Samuel ^ John "^ John,i b. probably
in Kidgefield, Conn., but early to Derby. On information of his
nephew, I state that he d. in Seymour, Conn., leaving one or two
sons and a dau.

998. Stephen, settled in Oxford, Conn., near Seymour line, and had several ch. :
one (1622) George, in 1874, lives near the line, in one town or the other. Stephen
was a mason, but not the one who built the church in Watertown.

999. Rinda, m. Lewis Baldwin.

571. JESSE « Silas 5 James, ^ b. in Derby, Conn., Feb. 15, 1771.
His nephew, Riley T., says he left a family in Seymour. I do not
know of them, except that his daughter

1001. Lucy m. 1st, Durand, and lived in New Haven. He d., and she m. 2"^U
Oct. 12, 1831, Nehemiah H. Hoyt, of Hebron, N. Y., b. Feb. 25, 1808. +

572. SILAS « Silas ^ James,^ b. in Derby, Conn., Aug. 25, 1774,
or, says a descendant, 1775. He lived in that part of Derby called
Humphreysville, now Seymour; m., Aug. 25, 1800, Tabitha Perry,
b. .March 11,177(3, and d. March 4, 1861. He d. Feb. 27, 1855.
He was a shoemaker. He celebrated his golden wedding in the
same house without ever moving out of it.

1002. Merrit Plumb, b. Dec. 2, 1802. +

1003. Riley, b. Aug. 22, 1804. +

1004. Nathan, b. April 16, 1805; d. April 20, 1805.

1005. Orriu, April 30, 1806. +

1006. .Jeannette, 1). March 11, 180S; m. .Lames Slieldon Greene. +

Joh}^ of Illlford, Connecticut. 359

1007. , Mariti, b. Dcf. ol, 1811; m. Jolm William Bassett, and live, 1877, in
. Seymour, Conn. Children : Mary Minerva, d. y. ; Frances Maria, m. and has
several ch. ; Wilbur ^I. ; \\'illiam Marcus, d. y. ; and Charles.

1008. Rossette, b. March 27, 1814. m. Capf. Peter Ward Post, b. IMarch 4, 1790,
who d. Dec. 21, 1859. They liad one ch., which d. aged a few liours, and one
Alanson Brainard, b. May 28, 1854.

1009. Mary Plunili, I). .luuc, 8, 1816; in 1873 unm. and living with Rossette ; is
a dressmaker.

1010. AValcs, b. April 4, 1820; m. Rebecca Dickermau. He d. in New Haven.
Dee. 24 or 25, 1849 and his widow is in New Haven in 1877. Children: (16G5)
Ellen Tabitha, m. ; and (1660) Charles Dickerman, m.

577. KEUBEX^ Keubeii ^ James,^ b. in Derby, Conn., about
1784. He was a joiner. He went to Winsted, Conn., about 1804
or 1805, to superintend the finishing of the meeting house in the
east village, and continued his residence in the Society until his
death, Dec. 15, 1855, aged 79. He lived in the story-and-a-half
frame house near the lake outlet. He m., July 13, 1807, Nancy
Wheeler, b, Sept. 5, 1788, dau. Xathan. She died Feb. 7, 1854,
aged 65.

1011. Emeline, b. Sept. 20, 1808; m., Sept. 27, 1832, William F. Hatch, and
d. Sept. 22, 1870. He was b. March 4, 1801, s. Capt. Moses, of Weathersfleld. He
m. 2nd, Sept. 20, 1871 ; Lizzie M. Eells, and lives in Winsted.

1012. Lyman, b. March 12, 1810; m., Nov. 30, 1837, Rebecca C. Mather, of
INIiddletown, Conn. He lived in Winsted. Children: (1667) Sarah Gray, b. July
16, 1852.

1013. Matilda, b. Feb. 15, 1816; m. Miles Smith, who d. .July 27, 1851. He
was b. July 6, 1817, s. Deacon Elisha, s. Capt. Zabina, from Goshen to Winsted. I
suppose they live in Winsted. (1668) Martha Bertram, b. May 6, 1848; m., April
23, 1872, King T. Sheldon.

ISTathan Wheeler was s. Beiijamin, Sen., of Woodbury, and his
wife, the mother of Nancy, was Mary, dau. Jesse Doolittle.

580. STEPHEN "^ Joseph ■' Stephen,^ b. aud lived in Caldwell,
N. .r. He m. Betsey Kitchell, dau. Obadiah Kitchell.

1017. Lydia Kitchell, b. Feb. 8, 1802; m. John Young, of Columbia, Morris
county. N. J. She is dead. Children : Elizabeth, d. y. ; Henry, Hettie and Elizabeth.

1018. .John, b. Nov. 21, 1803; m. Eliza Crane; botli dead, leaving no ch.

1019. Julia Caroline, b. April 2, 1806; m. Jolm C. Wilkin.son, of Newark; are
both there in 1874. They have lost several ch., and have living PJiebe, Ann and

1020. Sally, b. July 26, 1808; m. David Anderson, and removed to Clinton,
Iowa, where she d. Nov. 3, 1874. Children: Maria, Priscilla and Aaron.

1021. Maria, b. .Jan. 9, 1811; m. Josepli Wilkinson, a cousin of .John C. He
is dead, but she living, 1874, in East Orange, N.J. Children: Elizabeth, John,
Hannah, Maria and Mary.

S60 Baldwin Genealogy.

1023. Ira, b. Aug. 27, 1813: d. in hospital in the late war. Hem. Emeliue
Dobbins, of Caldwell, and had ch. : (1681) John, living in Caldwell, and three dead,
Harvey, Elizabeth and Esther.

1033. Stephen Y., b. March 24, 1817. +

1034. Aaron G., b. Aug. 18, 1830. +

581. NOAH « Joseph ^ Stepheu,* b. and d. in Caldwell, N. J. He
m. Naomi Baldwin,^ of Montclair, jS". J.; Joseph^ John^ John -

1035. Joseph, 1874, in Caldwell, N. J. He m. Ann Eliza Harrison, dan. Henrj'
W., of Wattsville, in the same town, and has ch. : Walton, Frank, Annie and Fred.

1036. Caleb, Post Olfice address, Verona, N, J. He m. 1st, ]Malvina Potter, bj-
whom he had Milton, Frank and ^lary. He m. 3n>i. Abbj' Swain, by whom he

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