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had no ch.

1037. Oscar, called by another Noah O. ; living, 1874, in Caldwell, N. J. He
m. Emily Gould, of Patterson, X. J., and has a son Edward.

1038. Mixi-cus Y., 1874, in Caldwell. He m. Catharine Dobbins, and had a son
•drowned in 1873.

1039. Zenas, m., and had several ch. in California.

1030. Elizabeth, m. Samuel O. Harrison. She is dead; he, living in Caldwelj
1874, with two ch.

1031. Hannah Maria, m. Samuel Dobbins, of Caldwell; and her dau. Mary
Louisa ni. William Price, of that place.

1033. Esther, in 1874, smgle, in Caldwell.
1033. Louisa, in 1874, living unm. in Caldwell.

592. HANNAH ^ Caleb ^ Caleb * Samuel ^ John ^ John,i b. ;

m. Henry Wick, of Young.stown, Mahoning county, Ohio. He
was s. of Lemuel and (Lupton) ^Yick, and is grandson of, as sup-
posed. Job Wick, a family from Long Lsland, where Henry was
born. He lived for a while in Ten Mile, afterward Amity, Wash-
in2:ton countv, Penn., and settled in Youno;stown in 1804. He d.
in 1845, and his wife in 1847 or 1849. He was a merchant in
Young§town, and one of the richest men in the neighborhood.
He invested largely in lands, whicli, by the development of coal,
have brouo'ht lar<j:e sums to his children.

1039. Caleb Baldwin, m. 1st, Rachel, dau. of Jared Kirtland, and had a son
Henrj- Kirtland, who m. and had one dau. ; he d. a young man, and his widow m.
Henry Morse, of Poland, Ohio. Caleb m. 3n<i, Delia Griffith, and had ch. : Caleb
Baldwin ; Rachel, m. R. W. Tajior, lawyer, Cashier Mahoning Count}- Bank, State
Auditor of Ohio, First Comptroller of the United States Treasury at Washington,
d. in 1878; Henry Kirtland ; Hannah, m. Charles Ames, of Youngstown; Laura,
imm. ; Charles, and Eliza.

1040. Thomas, d. num., aged 30.

104L Betse}-. m. Robert Leslie, of Youngstown; she d. soon after, and he m.
the 2nd time.

John, of 3Iilfo)-d, Connecticut. 361

1042. LcmiK'l, m. Aim Jane DuttDii, dau. Dr. Charles Duttou, of Youngstown.
He wa.s for many yetirs President of the City Bauk and City National Bank of
Cleveland, Ohio. His eh. wen-: diaries D., m. Amy Byard, of Pittsburgh; his
widow andch. now. 1876, reside in Philadelphia. Cynthia Dutton. m. C. S. Bissell,
and resides in Cleveland, in one of the linest "palaces" of Euclid avenue. They
have several eh., and a dau. died unm.

1043. Henry, b. Feb. 18, 1807; ui., Dec. 10, 1828, Mary S. Hinc, dau. Homer
Hiue, of Youngstown, from New Milford, Conn. ; and his w. Mary Skinner, dau.
Capt. Abraham, of Paincsville, Ohio. Henry Wick has been for many years a
prosperous banker of Cleveland, Ohio, for many years Director, and for some time
Treasurer of the Bellefoutaine and Indiana Railroad. His children are: Henrietta
Matilda, who m. Frederick Judd, a merchant in Flint, IVIich., and has ch. : Alfred
Henry, a banker in Cleveland, m. Mary Tennis, dau. John, of Cleveland; Mary
Helen, m. "William H. Corning, of Cleveland, and has ch. ; Florence, m. Dexter B.
Chambers, of Cleveland, and has a ch. ; Dudley Baldwin, banker in Cleveland, m.
Emma (Steele) Hill, widow, dau. Horace Steele, a banker of Painesville, Ohio; and
Henry C, a member of his father's firm.

1044. Hugh Brisou, m. Lucretia Winchell, of Y'oungstowu, b. in New Haven,
Conn. He is a banker in Y'"oungstown, Conn. His ch. are: George, d. y. ; John
C, m. Bouuell, and has ch. ; Lucretia, m. H. W. Scott Bonuell, of Y'oungstowu;
Henry Y""., m. dau. Myron Arms, of Y'ouugstown; Emily, m. M. Bonnell. Hugh B.
d. April, 1880. He was a very successful business man, and much esteemed.

1045. Matilda, m. Dr. Thomas Luftou Bain, of Y'ovmgstowu, and left ch. ;
Lycurgus G., m. and d., had no ch. ; and Thomas L., d. about 1875, and left ch.

104S. John, lived and d. in Pittsburgh, leaving a widow Emily, who m. Arms,
of Y'oungstown. He left ch. : William, living near Y'oungstowu ; James, John
and Emily, all in Y'oungstown.

1047. Mary Ann, m. William B. Foster, and he d. soou after; had no ch.

1048. Thomas Lufton (2nd), m. Mar}' Foster, and lived in Youngstown. He
had three ch. : Henry, Mary and Eliza, d. leaving issue. The widow m. Jesse
Thornton, of Cleveland, Ohio.

1049. Paul, of Y^ouugstowu, banker, m. Susan Bull, and hasch. : 1st, Mjtou;
2nd, a dau. ; 3rd, George ; and one or two j-ounger.

598. NEHEMIAH'5 Caleb ^ Caleb,^ b. in Wasbhigtoii county,
Penn., Oct. 24, 1797; still, August, 1875, living in Council Blufts,

1061. .John T.. b. in Washington coUuty, Penn.. Oct. 12, 1820; Vice President
of the Pacilic National Bank, Council Bluffs.

1062. Sarah T., b. July 1, 1822.

1063. Caleb, b. April 3, 1824. He was appointed one of the Judges of the
Court of Alabama Claims, and d. in Washington, 1877. He is described, in a
Washington letter to the Cleveland iiferrtW, "as a geuial-soided man. weighing at
least three hundred pounds, and whose face is as ruddy as a Baldwin apple," and
withal as a man of decided ability.

1064. Ruth Dodd, Sept. 2, 1829.

All living save Caleb.

362 Baldwin Genealogy.

599. BENJAMIN PITNEY ^ Caleb ^ Caleb,^ b. in Youugstowru
Mahoning county, Ohio, March 26, 1802. He m., July 5, 1822,
Martha Panley. They live, 1875, in Newton Falls, Trumbull
county, Ohio.

1065. James Panle}^ XcAvtou, TrumljuU couuty, Ohio.

1066. Linus Caleb, Pittsburgli, Peuu., 12 Smithfield street.

1067. Lois Rebecca, b. April 28, 1833; m., ^Vlarcli 8, 1859, M. S. Dupree, of
St. Louis, Gratiot county, Mich.; therein Deceiuber, 1875. Children: Charles C,
b. March 21, 1861, in Milton; Scott M., April 3, 1863, at Jasper, Mich., and d. there,
Aug. 30, 1867; Willie B., June 11, 1865; and Martha C, b. at Milton, Dec. 21, 1872.

1068. Harriet, m. Alexander Pow; lives, 1875, in Salem, Columbiana comity.

1069. Henrj^ Boyd, same place.

1070. Nehemiah Scott, Milton, Mahoning county, Oliio.

1071. Benjamin Pitney, same place.

His wife died Jan. 2, 1871, and he m., Feb. 16, 1873, Mrs. M. S.
Parmelee, and he has since resided at Newton Falls, He has,
Nov. 15, 1875, twenty grandchildren.

636. JARED R.<^ Nathaniel Elijah ^ Xathaniel-^ John'^ John,^ b.
in Newark, N. J., about 1798; m. Miiy Baker, and settled in
Jackson, Luzerne county, Penn., where he lived in 1875. His
w-ife d. about 1845.

1073. p. B.

1074. A. J.

1075. C. B.

1076. E. B., b. 1838, youngest of eleven ch., it is said, of whom three d. infants,
lie m. Lucinda Heilmer, dau. of the late Sanuiel Heilmer, of 3Iinersville, Schuyl-
kill county, Penn. He lives, 1875, in Kingston,, in the same comity. Children:
one d. infant, and a dau. living, 1875, in Wilkesbarre.

1077. Matilda W. , m. Isaac Deremer, d. 1865.

1078. Elizabeth J., m. L. Hakes, lately deceased, of Wilkesbarre, Penn.; she
d. 1862; she left no ch.

1079. Jeannette L., m. Samuel Wilkins, and living 1875.

All but Mrs. Hakes had children, and some grandchildren.

639. MARGARET « Cornelius 5 Elijah,-' b. about 1785, in Win-
chester, Va.; she m., in 1804, Judge William Daniel, of Lynch-
burg, Va., and died in 1826.

1080. Mary Cornelia B., b. 1806, in Cuml)erland comity, Va. ; d. 1844, in
Union Plill, Nelson couuty, Va. She m. Mayo Cabell, of that place, and had ch. :
1st. Margaret Baldwin Cabell, b. 1827, m. Robert L. Brown, s. Gen. Brown, of
Nelson, in 1853, and has seven ch. ; Roliert L., Cornelia B..^'William Cabell, Joseph

John^ of Milford, Connecticut. 363

.C, Elizabctli, Danirl ami Mayo Cabell, '^lul. William, Daniul, A.M., University
of Virginia, Principal of the Normal High School, Nelson county, Va.; ni., 1854,
Betty Nicholas Cabt'll, who d. in ISG.'j, leaving two ch., Annie and Mary. He m.
3ik1, July, 1867, Maria Virginia Ellet, dan. Com. Charles Ellet, and has by her four
ch. : Elvira D., Charles Ellet, William Daniel and Niza Ellet. 3rd. Joseph Car-
ringtou Cabel, b. 1837; d. unm. in 1834; was Lieutenant in the Confederate army.
4th. Cornelia M., b. 1839, m. Rev. Ferdinand ^lartin. Episcopal clergyman, at
Perrysville, Clark ctmnty, Va., and lias eight ch. : Mayo Cabell, Charles Stuart,
."\rargaret, Eliza, Cornelia, Briscoe, Alice, Annie Carringtou.' - 5ith. _Stuart Cabell,
b. 1842, m.. Miss Alice Boyd, of Nelson, who d. 186- with her tlifee'^^cfitrJi^l'<5t.
Joseph and Alice; he was a Lieutenant in the Confederate army, and lost a leg-
in battle.

1081. William, b. 1808; d. 1873. 3Ie:nber of the Legislature, and Judge of
the Supreme Com-t of Virginia; m., 1843, Sarah A. Warwick, dan. of John W.
Warwick, of Lynchburg, who d. in 1843, leaving eh. : 1st. Col. John W., b. 1844:
Member of the Legislature, and Adjutant of Early's Brigade, in the Confederate
Army. 3nd. Sarah A., ni. , 186S, Daa P. Halsey, a ) eminent lawyer, of Richmond,
Va., and has three ch., Caroline, Daniel a:id Julia.

Col. John W. Daniel, m. Miss Julia Munell. dan. Dr. Munell, of Lynchburg, in
1868, and has two daus., Jidia and Caroline. He was wounded several times, and
is a cripple for life, using crutches. He is a distinguished lawyer, and author of
the law book, "Daniel on Attachments," and that very leading work, "Daniel on
Negotiable Instruments." In 1876, he is a Member of the Virginia Senate, and lo.st
the nomination for the United States Senate by three votes.

Judge William, m. 2»il. Miss Cabell, dan. Judge William H. Cabell, of the Court
of Appeals of Virginia, who survives; no issue.

1083. Eliza, b. in Cumberland; m. Lewis Cabell, Esq., of Lynchburg, Va.,
and d. in 1831 ; no ch.

1083. Elvira Augusta, b. 1817; m., Oct. 31, 1838, Com. Charles Ellet, Jr., of
Philadelphia, who d. June 29, 1862, leaving four ch. : 1st. Mary Virginia, b. Jan.
24, 1839; m. William D. Cabell, June 9, 1867. 2nd. Charles Rivers, b. June 1,
1843, in Philadelphia, and d. Oct. 31, 1863, in the United States Navy. 3rd. Cor-
nelia Daniel, b. Oct. 2, 1849, in Wheeling; m. A. Moore, Jr., of Berry villle, Va.,
Sept. 10, 1873, and d. June 25, 1874. 4th. William Daniel, b. Aug. 4, 1854, iu
Richmond, Va., and d. a student in Gottengen University, Germany, Nov. 24, 1874.

1084. 3Iartha, b. in 1819; m. Judge Wood Bouldin, of the Supreme Court of
Virginia. Children: 1st. Elvira Daniel. 2ad. Martha, m. Dr. Fleuraey, and has
two ch., Mattie and Fanny. 3rd. Ann Lewis. 4th. Charles Ellet. ot'i. Briscoe
Baldwin, Otli. Alice Haxall. 7th. Frank Deaue. 8th. Virginia Stcv.-art. 9tli.

641. BRISCOE GERARD^Coraelms^ Elijah/ b. Jany, 1789,
in Winchester, Va. Edacated at AYiiliain and Mary College; he
studied law, and settled in Staunton, Va.; m, Mai'tha Brown, daii.
of Chancellor John Brown, a lady of great vivacity and intelli-
gence. He was frequently a Member of the Legislature, of the
Constitutional Conventiou of 1830, and Judge of the Supreme
Court of Appeals of Virginia, lie was, it is said, regarded as one

364 Baldwin Genealogy.

of the ablest Judges ever on that bench, and a man of great purity
and generosity of character. He was also an eloquent advocate.
He established, in 1839, a Law School in Staunton, which he
conducted for several years with much success. His Lectures,
comprising the whole body of common, statute and equity law,
still exist in Mss. They were highly prized by his students, and
he was often solicited to publish them. He was for many year's
Presiding Judge of the Court of Appeals, and has been widely
known through his masterly expositions of law contained in
Grattan's Reports. He died May, 1862; his widow died January,

1085. Frances, ni. Hon. Alexander H. H. Stuart. +

1086. Mary, m. Col. James M. Rawson. +

1087. John B., b. Jan. 11, 1820, near Staunton; m., Sept. 20, 1842, Miss Susan
M. Peyton, dau. John H. Peyton, Esq., and d. without issue, Sept. 30, 1874. He was
a graduate of the University of Virginia. At twenty-one, he commenced the practice
of law in Staunton, Va., as partner of his brother-in-law, Hon. 'A. H. H. Stuai't.
He soon achieved eminence as a law3-er and political debater. As soon as eligible
by age, he became a Member of the House, aud of marked ability in del)ate. He was
opposed to Secession; and in 1860, in favor of Bell and Everett, he commenced the
canvas in Richmond. The Richmond papers characterized the speech as a " mas-
terly and extraordinary effort." In the State Convention of 1861, he displayed
"transcendant ability ■" in oppo.sition to Secession. He visited President Lincoln
in behalf of the Union members. Secession being determined upon, he supported
his State. He became Inspector General; then Colonel of the 52nd Va. Reg. ; then
Member of the Confederate Congress. The debates of that body were .secret, but
Baldwin is understood to have maintained his reputation. His speech against the
suspension of Habeas Corj^us has often been described as one of the noblest
defences of liberty ever pronounced in this coiuitry. After Lee's surrender, he
took part in what is believed to have been the first meeting for the re-establishment
of the government. He was Speaker of the next House of Delegates. He was
afterward of marked influence in Conventions; and President of one, which,
although he deeliued, nearly nominated him as Govei'nor. Although bold in his
course, he seems to have been regarded with extraordinary affection bj- the people
of Virginia, as " sans jieur et suns rep roclie."

1088. Margaret, m. Dr. Chapman Johnson Stuart, and d. leaving one cli. (1734)
Mary, who m. Capt. William L. Clarke, of "Winchester, Va., and has five ch.

1089. Briscoe G., b. 1828; twin to James. Colonel; Chief of Ordinance in
the Army of Northern Virginia; a laborious and al)le officer, highly approved bj-
his commander. Gen. R. E. Lee.

1090. James B., twin, b. in 1828; m. Miss Garber, dau. Mr. Albert T. Garber,
of Staunton, A'a. Oct. 26, 1875, he was droAvued at Richmond, Va. He left a
widow, but no ch.

642. CORNELIUS E.« Cornelius ^ Elijah,-* b. 1791, in Winches-
ter, Va. M.T). of the vicinity of Middletown, twelve miles south

* John, of MUford, Connecticut. 365

of AViiichester. He m. iS'ellie Hite, daii. of Major Isaac Hite, of
Belle Grove, near Middletown, whose wife was the only sister of
President Madison. Mr. Madison gave each of Dr. Baldwin's
three daughters a handsome legacy.

1091. Eleuer, m. 'Lewis Davidson, of Winchester, and moved to Missouri,
where she d. leaving two cli.

1092. Mary B., formerly a Missionary of the Protestant Episcopal Church, at
Athen.s, Greece; now, 1875, in Jaffa.

1093. Hite, M.D., formerly a Surgeon in the United States Navy; iu 1875, a
jihysician near Middletown.

1094. James, a farmer near Middletown; m. but has no ch.

1095. Kobert, a Surgeon in the Confederate Army, and M.D. Children: (1735)
Robert, a lawyer, and two daughters.

1096. Ann, m. Mr. Hay, a lawyer, of Missouri, and d. leaving one ch. (1788)
Baldwin; in 1875, United States Consul at Jaffa, in Turkey.

643. ROBERT TIIOMASe Cornelius ^ Elijah/ b. in Winchester,
Va., 1793. He was an eminent and successful physician in that
place, and Surgeon in the War of 1812. He m. 1**- Sally Mackey,
by whom he had children, who d. y. He m. 2"''- Portia Lee Hop-
kins, dau. John and Cornelia (Lee) Hopkins. He died 1863, in

1097. Cornelia Lee, m. John Peyton Clark, son of William J. Clark, of Win-
chester. She d. near there, in 1869. Her ch. are: (1739) Portia Baldwin; (1740)
Iraogene; (1741) John Peyton; and (1742) Robert Lawrence.

1098. Mary Briscoe, m. Rev. John Mayo Pleasants Atkinson, iu 1875, President
of Hampden Sidney College, Va. She d. in 1866, leaving two daus. : Portia Lee
and Betty Carr,

1099. Robert Thomas, b. 1840; unm. in 1875.

1100. Daughter, d. y.

1101. John Hopkins, b. in 1844. hi 1876, he is an adjuster of Insurance losses
in Baltimore, 113 Rialto Building. I am obliged to him for a long and intelligent

1102. Daughter, d. y.

1103. William Ludwell, b. about 1848; unm. in 1875, and liveswith his mother
in Alexandria, Va.

1104. Daughter, d. y.

Dr. Robert T. Baldwin was, it is said, a successful farmer, and
wrote much and ably on the subject of agriculture. He was the
author of what is called "The Shade Theory."

644. ARCHIBALD STUART « Cornelius ^ Elijah,-* b. in Win-
chester, Va., 1797. He m. Kitty Mackey, a sister of the wife of
his brother Robert. He was an M.D., practicing at Winchester

366 Baldwin Genealogy.

with his brother Eobert; they were devotedly attached. He was
President of the Valley Bank, and a Presidential Elector.

1105. Mary, ni. Tidball, a lawyer of California; she has ch. : Susan and Willie.

1106. Margaret, m. Robert AVhitehead, a lawyer, of Nelson Court House, Va. ,
and has live ch.

1107. Catharine, m. Dr. S. S. Neil, of Frederick county, Va. She has four
ch.: Kate, Annie. Mary and Sigismund.

1108. Robert F., M.D.+

1109. JohuMackey, M.D.+

1110. Cornelius, an M.D. in Winchester. Va. He m. Miss Jones, dau. Mar-
shall Jones, of New Orleans, who d., leaving one ch. (1759) Marshall.

1111. Sallie.

1112. Fannie.

John H. calls him Alcxavdei^ Stuart.

646. MARY B.^' Cornelius ■' Elijah," h. in Winchester, Va., ^ov.
11, 1800; she m. William W. Donag-he, who died in Staunton in
1872, where she lives in 1875, the sole survivor of her fathers

1113. Margaret D., m. Rev. Dr. Rol)ert White, an eminent Presbyterian min-
ister, author of " The Gospel its Own Witness;" in 1875, of Warrington, Va. She
d., leaving four ch.: Mary, Robert, Arabella and Willie. Mary and Willie only

1114. Briscoe Baldwin, M.D. ; m. Miss Brooks, dau. Robert S. Brooks. They
have had six ch., of whom there survive Mary B. , Florence and Virginia.

1115. Marj' A., unm.

1116. Annie, m. Dr. Douglas Gray, of Harrisburg, Va., and have ten ch., of
whom eight are living : Isabel, Douglas, Virginia, William, Henr3% Mary, Lockhart
and Margaret.

1117. William W., m. Miss Calahan, of Botetourt county, Va. He d. in
Staunton in 1872, leaving four ch. : Ella, who m. Meade White, a lawyer, of Staun-
ton, and has three ch. : Mary B., Eveiett, and Annie Gray.

647. WILLIAM DAXIEL 6 Cornelius ^^Elijah,M). in Winches-
ter, Va., 1803, M.D.; m. Miss Margaret Sowers, dau. of John C.
Sowers, a wealthy merchant of Staunton, and died in Winchester
in 1830.

1118. Cornelia, m. Mayo Cabell. Children: William D., Stuart, Joseph; a
daughter, who m. Robert Brown; and a daughter, who m. Rev. i\Ir. 3Iartin (?), an
Episcopal clergyman. y^ ' "

1119. Mary Julia, Principal and founder of the Augusta Female Seminary at
Staunton, one of the largest and best schools in the South.

Her father, as all the other Doctors Baldwin of this line, were
graduates of the Medical Department of the University of Penn-

Joloi, of 3HJfnriK (Connecticut. 367

655. ELIJAH c Zadoc'' RobeiV Nathaniel ^ Jolm- JoliiuMj. in
Xew Jersey; settled in Montville, Morris county, N.J,, and died
there. He m. Ann Canipl)cll.

1\2'6. Aarou, d. num.. in Montville.

1124. Eilward (or is it Alfred?) lives in ]Montville, and lias cli.

1125. Mar}-, ui. T. Condit, and has ch. : Ann; Edward, m. H. Mitchell; Elijah,
Harriet and Isabella.

656. ROBERT ^ Zadoc ^ Robert ' b. in New Jersey, about 1774 ;
he in. Mary D. Gould, b. about 1780, and dau. of Gen. William D.
Gould, of Caldwell, N. J.

1126. Johnson G. +

1127. Lucius D.. b. Sept. 4, 1815; still living, 1876, in Xewark, N. J. ; a single
gentleman, of wealth and position, to whom I am indebted for attention and ser-
vices in the matter of preparing the present work. He has filled various positions
of trust, and been President of the City Council.

1128. William W., d. num.

1129. Phebe H., m. William II. Harris, of Montclair, N. J.+

1130. Hettie E., m. .J. Smith Crane. He d., and she lives, 1875, in Newark,
N. .1. Children: ]\Iary, m. Dr. John Bromlej', of Newark, and d., leaving no ch. ;
Sarah F., d. unm. ; ]\Iargaret C., d. unra. : and Anne. d. num.

Some other children, who d. y.

657. BETHUEL c Zadoc-' Robert,* b. in New Jersey; lived and
died in Newark, N. J.; he m. Nancy A^anhouten.

1131. Abby, d. unm.

1132. Henry, settled in Mass., and had a family.

1133. Elijah.

1134. Phebe, m. Daniel Tompkins. Children: Watkins, m. A. M. Alison;
Elizabeth, Frederick, Theodore and Phebe.

1135. Elizabeth, m. D. Campliell.

1136. Eobert. Children: Harriet and Emma.

1137. William, m. ; lived in Newark. N. J., and has a family.

1138. George, lived in Caldwell, N. J. ; had a wife, and s. and dau.

1139. Harriet, m. W. Clark.

658. SILAS <5 Zadoc ^ Robert * Nathaniel ^ John '- John,i lived in
Newark, N. J.; m. Sarah , and had a son

1140. John L., m. Elizabeth Powlas; said, in 1873, to be a merchant, living in
Newark, with a son (1793) Silas.

660. ELIZABETH'' Zadoc=' Robert,* b. in New Jersey; she m.
Major "William Stephens, of Newark, an Englishman.

368 Baldwin Genealogy.

1142. Harriet, m. Dr. D. S. Ferrand, of Montville; she is living, 1874. but no
ch. living.

1143. Ann, m. James Newell, of Chicago; living, and has four s. ; two of her
ch. are named Hemy Clay and Anna.

1144. Eliza, m. E. N. Ball, of Newark, who is d. ; she and one dau. are living
in 1874.

1145. Henrietta, m. Munroe Howell, of Morris county. A prominent gentle-
man, and one of the "proprietors of New Jersey;" living in the township of
Roxbury, village of Troy. They have a s. Benjamin, and a dau. Molly, unm.

692. JOSIAH« SamiieP Samuel,* b. in Woodbridge, Conn., 1763^
d. Dec. 19, 1829, aged QQ, in which statement the Church Records
and tombstone accord; an nnusnal event in Woodbridge. He m.,
Nov. 7, 1786, Theresa Thomas, who survived, and died May 14^
1847, aged 81.

1167. Maria, m., ]\Iay 6, 1819, Eli Ailing.

1168. Philo.-t-

1169. Julia, m. , Aug. 1, 1820, Isaac Buckingham, who was his adm'r, and
wliose ch. were heirs, their mother being dead.

1170. Amy, m. Smith.

1171. Mary, bapt. Oct. 2, 1808; m. Cowell.

693. JOEL« Samuel '' Samuel,* b. in Woodbridge, Conn., 1772 ;
m., Nov. 6, 1797, Abigail G. Northrup, of that place.

1172. Ezra, b. in Bristol, Conn., Nov. 5, 1798. +

1173. Hiram, b. April, 1800. +

1174. Betsey, b. March 17. 1802; m. Ely Johnson, of Lyons, N. Y. He d.
about 1860; she, December, 1872. They had a ch. who d. infant, and Eli B., b. in
1832, and d. in 1863.

1175. Charlotte, b. .June 2, 1804; m., in 1826, Justus P. Hurd, of Bristol, Conn.
In 1875, they live in Farmiugton, Ohio. Children: Eliza Ann, b. in Bristol, Jan.
4, 1828, and Helen, b. in Fannington, Aug. 28, 1832, and d. in 1842.

1176. Elmira, b. Aug. 30, 1806. She taught the High School in Lyons, N. Y.,
several sessions, giving universal satisfaction. She m., November, 1838, Rev,
Daniel Gibbs, a graduate of Middlebury College, Vermont; and of Andover Theo-
logical Seminary, then of Hartford, Vt. ; but in 1875, of Hartford, Conn. She d.
at East Hartford, March 6, 1869, mucli lamented as one wlio had spent a useful life.
They lost three ch. in infancy.

1177. Isaac, b. Oct. 2, 1808; was a young man of promise. He entered Yale
College with the ministry in view. His health failing, he left. He afterwards
taught a High School in Lyons, N. Y., a few sessions, and d. January, 1835.

698. JARED « Jared^ Caleb* Samuel ^ Josiah- John,i b. in A^ew-
ton, Conn., Oct. 13, 1754. May 17, 1780, then of Xew Milford,
Conn., he m. Rachel Barns. He settled in AVyoniing Valley, Penu.,
and in 1796, appears among the taxables of Plymouth, Luzerne

Jo/)/?, of Mi If or d, Connecticut. 36^

1178. Jared, b. March 30, 1783.

1179. Amasa, Fob. 8, 1784. He d. in Luzerne county, not far from 1846 to
1851. I think he must be tlie Amasa Barns Baldwin, of Washington, Conn., minor
in 1798, aged 14. (See Probate of Woodbury, Conn.)

703. GABRIEL « JarecP Caleb,M). Jan. 29, 1766, in Newton,
Conn. He studied with Dr. Williams, of Weston, Conn., in which
town he settled as a physician. He spent a laborious life in his pro-
fession, and died aged 60, of typhoid fever, a disease of which he
is said to have cured hundreds. He m. a dau. of Deacon Burr, of
Beading, Conn., who was brother of President Burr, of Princeton

1180. Burr, b, Jan. 19, 1798.+

1181. Ann, m. Josiah Hall, a merchant, of Bridgeport, Conn., who d. aged 80,
leaving no ch.

1182. David, b. March 10, 1793. +

1183. Stephen, d. aged 3 yrs.

1184. Summers. In early life, he bought a large tract of laud in Western
Pennsylvania, above Kittanuing. While down the Ohio River on business, he was
taken sick at Pittsburgh, and d. suddenly; unm.

1185. Charles, a physician, in Union, Monroe county. West Virginia, for forty
years; retired from practice, aged about 70; d. Feb. 17, 1874.

1186. Ira, d. in middle age, about 1864. He was a tanner and cim-ier, and
then merchant on the Pennsylvania Railroad between Philadelphia and Pittsburgh.
He had eight children.

1187. Alonzo, went to live with Summers, and d. in middle age, leaving ch.

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