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1859. Resides, 1877, in Norwalk, Ohio. In 1858, he was Clerk
of the Court of Luzerne county; re-elected in 1861, with the help
of the army vote, which was declared unconstitutional. lie was
LTuited States Assistant Assessor several years. He was one of
the founders of the Union or Loyal League, at first local and in
Luzerne county, but soon national in its operations.

2148. Nellie P., b. -July 5, 1860, in Wilkesbarre, Peun.

2149. Louisa, b. Sept. 24, 1863, in Xorwalk, Ohio.

2150. Eva A., b. Feb. 10, 1865, in Luzerne county, Penn.

2151. Emma, b. Nov. 23, 1868, in Norwalk.

2152. Lusena, b. Oct. 31, 1871, in St. Clair county, Mo.

1871. GRIFFIN LEWIS s Abed ■Jude,«b. in Huntsville, Lu-
zerne county, Penn., Aug. 27, 1837; m., June 25,1867, in the
same countv, Anna D. Harrison.

2153. Son, d unm.

2154. Glenn Abed, b. Aug. 30, 1872, at hi.'^ parents' farm, "Pleasant View,"
Caroline county, Va.

He was three years in the late war ; was a private and non-
commissioned officer ill Company K., 7th Pennsylvania Reserves.
His occupations have been mercantile, farming and lumbering.
He resides, December, 1877, in Big Prairie, Wayne county, Ohio.

1878. Almon H. ^ Ambrose ^ Jude *^ Jared ^ Caleb ^ Samuel ^
Josiaii- John,^ b. 1837; lives in Kansas; m., 1864, at Ottawa,.
Franklin county, Kan., Martha E. Scott. He is a merchant, at
Ottawa, Kan.

2155. Ambrose, b. 1865.

2156. Scott L., b. 1867.

2157. Elfreida, b. 1869.

2158. Almonia 31., b. 1871.

402 Baldwin Genealogy.

1967. AMMis Almond P." Samuel ^ Zacclieus^ James* Jolin ■'
George"^ John, ^ b. in Cincinnati, Ohio, Dec. 13, 1828; m. in Cin-
cinnati, Ohio, June 6, 1854, Mary Eliza Riddle. In 187(3, he
resides in Cincinnati, and is Assistant Cashier of the Third Na-
tional Bank, of that place.

2161. Harry Wliittridge, b. July 7, 1855; m. Harriet, dau. William Wiswoll.
His murder iu Cincinnati (found in the street) ,in ]\Iarch, 1879, caused much excite-
ment there. Hs wife d. Jan. 29, 1880, leaving a posthumous ch., three months old.

2162. Albert Le Compte, b. Oct. 26, 1858.

1969. JAMES B.8 Almond P.^ Samuel,« b. in Cincinnati, Ohio,
April 7, 1835 ; m. in Cincinnati, June 2, 1858, Lizzie Horton.

2163. Luella, b. in Cincinnati, March 2, 1861; d. Feb. 12, 1869.

2164. Jesse Gertrude, b. Oct. 2. 1865.

In 1877, in a bank, in Warren, Ohio.

1970. THEOPHILUS PITCIIIEs Almond P." Samuel,^' b. in
Cincinnati, Ohio, Oct. 17, 1837; m., April 13, 1861, at Cincinnati,
Clayanna M. Schultz.

2165. Matilda Annette, b. Dec. 7, 1861.


He m. 2"^!' May 9, 1867, Annette Schultz.

2166. Conrad Jeffersou, b. May 26, 1874; d. Nov. 15, 1874.

He resides, 1876, in Cincinnati, and is Toller in the Third Na-
tional Bank.

Timothy Baldwin, of Milford, Connecticut,


1. TIMOTHY BALDWIN, of Milford, Conn., one of the lirst
settlers, in 1639 ; joined the Church there in 1643, with Mary his
wife, who died July 31, 1647. In 1640, " Itt is ordered (New
Haven Colonial Records), that Tynio. Baldwin's lott shall have
land laid to itt for 6 heads, and 500 I, and reserved for an elder."
This was ordered, 1644-5, to be bought in by the tow^n. He was
the eldest son of Eichard Baldwin, of Cholesbury, Buckingham-
shire, England, whose will was made in 1633, and Timothy was
executor. An account of Richard, and copy of the will, will be
found in the early part of this volume, under Richard- Richard^-
of Bucks county. That he was a brother of Nathaniel, appears
from an entry from the long, narrow book of Milford Records,
transcribed in 1700 by Richard Bryan, b}' order of the town. In
this, it appears (page 118), "12 Dec, 1649, Timothy Baldwin
bought of his brother Nathaniel one parcel of land." Timothy
lived for a while in Guilford, Conn., about 1650, having married,
March 5, 1645, Mary Mepham, widow of John, of Guilford. She
was a relative of Gov. Fen wick, who married Frances Appleby,
daughter of Sir Edward. About 1651 or 1652, they sold the
Mepham property, and moved back to Milford. Her son John
Mepham moved to Southampton, Long Island. She joined the
Church in Milford, December, 1653. He died the night following
Jan. 17, 1664. His widow then married Thomas Tapping, of
Milford, the contract for the marriage being made Oct. 20, 1666.
Tapping was a leading man. Captain, Representative and Assist-
ant, who survived her and married, in 1678, a third wife, as she

404 Baldwin Genealogy.

had a third husband. It does not appear that she had any chil-
dren by Tapping. Savage says, John Mepham was remembered
in Timoth3'"s will. In 1656, he was witness to the will of Rev.
Peter Prudden, of Milford. Timothy Baldwin's homestead was
on the west side of Milford Main street, just south of where the
IS". Y. & N. H. R. R. crosses the trestle work.

2. 3Iary, bapt. April 2, 1648; m., Oct. 21, 1660, Beiijamiu Smith, s. William,
of Huntingtou, L. I. She was Iniried Aug. 8, 1680, and he m. 2"'!. Sarah, Avidow
of Eobert Houghton, dau. Gamaliel Pliippen, and was living in 1700. Her cli.
were: Mary, 1662; Hannah, 1664; Benjamin, 1666; Abigail, 1638, d. soon; Timothy,
1669; Sarah, 1671; and Samuel, 1678.

3. Hannah, bapt. in August, 1644; m., as 2"d wife, Elnathan Botsford, s.
Henry, of Milford, and b. Aug. 14, 1641. He lived there and had oh. by her; Esther,
1668; Samuel, 1670; Mary, 1673; Joanna, 1674, d. before 1691; Henry. Joseph,
Timothy, John, Hannah and Sarah. All but Joanna we.e named in his will, of
Aug. 4, 1691. He m. 1st, Dec. 12, 1664, Elizabeth, dau. John Fletcher, and had
only Elizabeth, 166o.

4. Sarah, bapt. in August, 164.'5; m., Dec. 14, 1663, Samuel Buckingham, bapt.
in 1641, s. Thomas, of Milford. Children: Sarah, Jan. 8, 1664; :\rary, Oct. 3, 1666,
d. y. ; Samuel, Oct. 1, 1687, d. y. ; Samuel, Nov. 1, 1668; Hannah, March 27, 167o.
buried May 2, 1671; Thomas, June 2o, 1672; Anne, .June 17, 1674, probably d. unm. ;
Mary, March 13, 1676; Hester, May 4, 1677; and Ruth, bapt. May 16, 1681.

5. Abigail, 1)apt. Dec. 29, 1650; d. 1660.

6. Anne, b. .Tuly 1, 16oo; d. 21st, same month.

7. Timothy, b. .June 12, 1608.+

7. TIMOTHY -^Timothy,! b. in Milford, June "12, 16j^8 : he d.
there Dec. 8, 1703, and his wife Mary d. iS'ov. 27, 1703. He was
Sergeant Timothy, of Milford. He was a farmer, as appears from
a deed made by hira.

35. Marie, bapt. Xov. 26, 1684.

36. Billing, bapt. May 16, 1697.

37. Timothy, bapt. Jan. 21, I'jjl^; d. February, 1-S"9

•'' '■ ,00 -''700

The account generally given of this Timothy has ended here,
leavino- out Billinfi:.

After considerable search of the Milford Records, I have been
nuable to clear up satisfactorily the history. Timothy had aright
in iSTew Milford, and in 1706, among the proprietors there was
Billing, in the right of her father, Serg't Timothy, late of Milford,
deceased. Jan. 19, 1719, (Milford Records C, page 74,) Billing
Baldwin conveys to her brother-in-law, Samuel Camp, a tract or
parcel of land, " formerly my honored father, Timothy Baldwin,

Timothi/, of 3Iilfor(l, Connecticut. 405

late of Milford," and since his death set to her. The same year
she conveys to Xathaniel Fenn one-third of the right of her father
in certain lands, looking as if she might be only one of three heirs.
Samuel Camp, Jane 17, 1708, makes conveyances to his brothers,
Daniel Baldwin (probably Daniel,- XathanieP) and Joseph Camp.
If Timothy left a third heir, I do not think it was a son, as, after
thorough and repeated search among all the early Baldwins of
Connecticut, I find no male who could be heir of this Timothy.
There mav have been a third daughter, whose identitv mav bo
concealed by marriage. Perseverance in the Milford Keeord of
deeds would likely disclose. In October, 1703, the General Court
at Hartford appointed "Sergeant Timothie Baldwin "" one of the
committee "for the regulation of the township purchased by the
inhabitants of Milford, lying at Wiautonuck, they bearing the
charges." A patent was just before provided for the town, to be
named " Xew Milford." In October, 1(398, Sergeant Samuel Camp,
was appointed Lieutenant of the 2nd Company in Milford. In
1716, Samuel Camp was a proprietor of Durham.

Nathaniel Baldwin, of M^lford, Connecticut,


1. NATHANIEL BALDWHLN" was one of the first settlers of
Milford, where he was a free planter," Nov. 29, 1639. He was
probably the brother of Joseph, and was certainly the brother of
Timothy, as, in 1650, he conveys land to his brother Timothy.
(Milford Records.) The three settled in Milford together. I place
Nathaniel second in the list beeanse such was the apparent order
of ages of the children. Nathaniel was a cooper, and removed to
Fairfield; he was there in 1641. He married Abigail Camp, who
joined the Church at Milford, June 9, 161:4, and died there,
March 22, 1648. He had children by her.

3. .John, bapt. .June, 1644.-1-

3. Daniel, bapt. June, 1644.-1-

4. Nathaniel, bapt. January, 1645.-1-

5. Abigail, bapt. March 19, 1648, and d., say.s Dr. Talcott, in 1668.

He married 2"'"' Joanna Westcoat, widow of Richard, of Fair-
field, Conn., and moved there, perhaps the second time. By her
he had children.

6. Sarah, 1). 1650.

7. Deborah, b. 16.->2.

8. Samuel, b. 1655.-1-

Thus had I written before the report of Mr. Chester, from
England, which leaves no reasonable doubt that Nathaniel was
the second son of Richard, of Parish Cholesbury, Buckingham-
shire, England, and brother of Timothy and Joseph. (See the
discussion of the English part of this genealogy, under Richard^'
of Bucks county, Richard.^ Ante page 23.)

Sathanid, of 3Iilford, Connecticut. 407

He died in 1G50, and the Proloate of his estate appears in Fair-
tield. It is given to his ehlest son John, a donble share; to the
three children of his last wife, eqnal to each other; and the chil-
dren of the former wife, now living at Milford, are to have a share
equal to the three. Mr. Savage, in his Genealogical Dictionary,
makes his widow marry Thomas Skidmore ; but Mr. Byron A.
Baldwin, a careful genealogist, descended of this line, states that
she made a contract with Skidmore in res-ard to marriag-e, which
was recorded, but did not marry him. She married S""^- George
Abbott, of Fairfield, and died in 1682. Mrs. Baldwin, or " Good-
w^ife Baldwin," was a witness in 1654, in so curious a lawsuit that
I will mention it. "Knapp's wife" had been executed as a witch
In Fairtield, and Roger Ludlow, of that town, had reported to
Rev. John Davenport and others that Goodwife Staplies was a
witch, and so reported by Mrs. Knajjp before her execution.
Ludlow was a man of note, choseu Assistant in London, of Massa-
chusetts Colony; in 1634, Deputy Governor of Connecticut ; from
1651 to 1653, Commissioner of the United Colonies. Thomas
Staphes, the husband, with courage sued Ludlow for the slander,
and the case appears in full in the New Haven Colonial Records.
Davenport had thought his letter testimony enough, but Ludlow
requiring an oath, so Davenport " lookes at an oath in case of
necessity for confirmation of truth, to end strife amoung men, as
an ordinance of God, according to Heb. 6: 16; he thereupon
declares as followeth." Thomas Shermington and Christopher
Comstock and Goodwife Baldwin were all tot^ether at the Minor
house, where Goodwife Knapp was ; and y'' said Goodwife Bald-
win asked her whether she, the said Knapp, knew if any other
(witch), and she said there were some or one that had received
Lidian Gods, that were very bright. The said Baldwin asked her
how she could tell, if she were not a witch hereself ; and she said
the party told her so, and her husband was witness to it; and to
this they were all sworn and doe depose." It appeared, by another
witness, that Goodwife Baldwin then, in Knapp's prison, had said
Knapp told her there was a woman in who would ' X'anged

for a witch and clear the p^^'" -r^-a^ ~ the

woman had told Knap] \:

Indian, which are shii "•

day." It appeared 1 ^

408 Baldwin Genealogy.

Goodwife Staplies Avas the one, and received the shining Gods ;
and the Indian told her, if she would keep them, she should be
so big rich, all one God." In justice to Goody Staplies, it should
perhaps be said, that Knapp admitted Staplies said she had given
them back. The Court at Xew Haven mulcted Ludlow ten pounds
for the slander, and live for the plaintiffs' cost. Ludlow had already
taken steps to go into Vriginia, in disgust, it is said ; perhaps not
desiring longer to live where his efforts against the heinous sin
of witchcraft were not appreciated.

An unusual number of the descendants of Nathaniel have been
eminent, and the family generally of high respectability, lum-
bers of his descendants have made substantial progress in tracing
this family, among whom I may mention the late Lewis M.
Norton, of Goshen, Conn. Dr. Talcott, of Guilford, Conn., and
Byron A. Baldwin, Esq., of Chicago. The latter gentleman printed
in the "New England Historical and Genealogical Register," for
April, 1871, a partial Genealogy, entitled "Nathaniel Baldwin and
one Line of his Descendants." The late Hon. Ralph D. Smith,
of Guilford, had procured from various sources a list of descend-
ants second only to that of Dr. Talcott. Mr. Smith says Nathaniel
went to Branford to live, but soon left.*

2. JOHN -2 Nathaniel,^ bapt. at Milford in 1644; m. there, Nov.
19, 1663, Hannah, dau. Richard Osborne. He removed to Newark,
N. J., and was there known as John, Jun., the senior being John,
son of John, Sen., of Milford. Mr. Savage says he had a son,
born in Milford, in 1665, perhaps Richard. There were so many
Johns in Milford, (John,^ Sen.; John,"^ his son ; John,^ son of Na-
thaniel ; John,^ brother of Richard, and John,Mn8 cousin,) that
it is much easier to tell what children were left by the Johns, than
with certainty what children they may have had die young. This
John, or John, Jun., made his will, dated Dec. 25, 1688, at Newark,
in the Government of New England, and Avhich remembers his
son John, and dau., Hannah Ticheuor.

9. f 1). in 1675. + ./

1^' 'u. .Idl' ' '• f" Tichenell, s. Martin, of New Haven. His

^vi' ^•- 1). 1688, d. 1732, aged 44 yrs.

ly," New Haven, 1838, makes th'
th much search, found any des
Nathaniel at that time with t. e

Nathaniel, of 31ilford, Connecticut. 409

He made his uncle William Camp and Setli Tompkins overseers
of his estate, June 20, 1G91. The Justices of Newark were con-
vened to "give their sense and approbation of what might be
most suitable to the settling what land belonged to the heir."

3. DAXIEL2 Nathaniel,! bapt. in Milford, Conn., 1644, and
continued to reside there. He m., June 27, 1665, Elizabeth Bots-
ford, dau. Henry, one of the original settlers of Milford. He and
his wife joined the Church June 27, 1669.

11. Dauiel. b. July 2, 1666, and d. the same mouth.

12. Daniel, b. May 3. 1S68. +

13. Elizabeth, b. April 24, 1670.

14. Mary, b. August, 1672. and the entry of her birth states that she "is now

15. Samuel, b. Dec. 26, 1673: d. March 26, 1674.

16. Nathaniel, b. 3Iay 14, 1676; d. July 14, 1676.

17. John, b. 3[arch2'6, 1679: l)apt. March 30, 1679.

18. Samuel, Ijapt. March 6, 1684.

Daniel, the father, is said to have died in 1711, but I have not
the proof.

4. NATHANIEL ^ Nathaniel,^ b. Jan. 2, 1645, in Milford ; bapt.
in 1646. The Nathaniels of the second and third generations, in
Milford, are more difficult to trace satisfactorily than any other
name, and I have spent more time upon them. This Nathaniel
was a weaver, and married, March 12, 167^, Hannah, dau. Henry
Botchford, of Milford, sister to the wife of his brother Daniel.
There was a second Nathaniel, cooper, who was the son of John,
Sen.; but that Nathaniel, son of Nathaniel, was the weaver, ap-
pears from the fact that Nathaniel, weaver, was also senior. He
is supposed by some, among others the late R. D. Smith, to be the
one said to have been killed in the Swamp fight of 1675. All
agree that he married, as stated above, and was a weaver; yet,
April 12, 1678, Henry Botchford conveys to his son-in-law, Na-
thaniel, Sen. — and in the ancient book of deeds of Milford it is
indexed to Nathaniel, weaver — a deed, May 20, 1678, to Nathaniel ;
June 20, 1678, to Nathaniel, Sen.; and May 20, 1678, to Nathaniel,
Sen., son-in-law to Henrv Botchford. He was made freeman in
1671. His father-in-law made a will, dated July 1, 1685, remem-
bering his "son-in-law, Nathaniel Baldwin, and the four children


410 • Baldicin Genealogy.

he bad by my dangbter Hannab." Tbese four cbildren were Ebza-
betb, Hannab, Ester and Samuel :

19. Elizabeth, b. June 9, 1673; she m. Stephen Pavmelee, of Milford, who, in
1714, Avas of Newtown, Conn. He had at lea.st a son Noah, to whom, in 172 9, ]ie
conveyed land. He perhaps had otlier cli. , and a sou or grandson was probably
Stephen, of Newtown, who had a wife Betsey, and cliildren: Jehiel, 1742; Auor,
1746; Lideah, 1748; Sibbel, 1750; Betty, Oct. 10, 1753; and wlio, by 2»'i wife
Hannah, had Phebe, 1757; Hannah, 1759; and a daugliter, named Armiual, 1765.

20. Hannah, July 11, 1674; bapt. July 12, as dau. of sister Hanuali Baldwin;
m. Samuel Sanford, of 3Iilford.

21. Ester, b. Nov. 14, 1676, as dau. Nathaniel, Sen. ; bapt. Nov. 19, 1676, and
buried 21st, as dau. of "sister Avife of Nathaniel."

23. Ester, b. :May 25, 1683, as dau. Nathuuiel, Sen. ; bapt. Dec. 19. 1686, as
child of "sister Hannah, now deceased." She m. Samuel Sanford, of Newtown
Conn. +

23. Samuel, 1). Jan. 14, 1684 (5, New Style;) bapt. Dec. 19, 1686, as child of
"sister Hannah, now deceased." He no doubt d. y.

Natbaniel m. 2"'^' Martba, dau. David Mitchell, of Stratford ; she
d. April, 1691. Oct. 14, 1GS8, Nathaniel, bis wife Martba and
dau. Hannah were all admitted to Milford Church, and the same
day were baptized.

24. Daniel, Iwpt. Oct. 14, 1688, as sou of "Brother Nathaniel, weaver." He
d. Jan. 6, 1711, as son (Town Record) of Nathaniel, Sen.

I had given him a child, Samuel, b. Jan. 14, 168|, but he must
have been the son of Nathaniel, cooper, as shown by sharing part
of his estate, and age at death. In the list of 1686, our Nathaniel,
as weaver, has £87; in 1712, as senior, he has £74 14s.; Jan. 22, 1676,
he draws, as Nathaniel, a lot next to the Common, on the east side
line fence, while Nathaniel, Jun., draws on the west side. In 1697,
he is Surveyor. April 25, 1692, as weaver, he received a deed
from Nathaniel, cooper. April 11, 1709, Samuel Sanford conveys
to bis father, Nathaniel Baldwin, indexed to weaver; and January,
1710, Nathaniel Baldwin, Sen., conveys to his son-in-law, Samuel
Sanford, of Milford ; and in 1713, like deeds appear. His will,
dated June 8, 1714, proved in New Haven Probate, June 22, 1714,
gives to his present wife Elizabeth, which must be at least his
3'''- To son, and dau. Elizabeth, and Stephen Parmelee, on con-
dition of a payment to Samuel Sanford, of Newtown ; to his son
Samuel Sanford, of Newtown; to his son Samuel Sanford, of Mi^
ford, who is sole executor. The mention of two Samuel Sanfoi ^

Nathaniel, of Miff or d, Connecticut.

seemed sit first like a mistake ; but I subsequently found, in
Milford Records, a deed from one to the other.

8. SAMUEL-^ Nathaniel,! b. in Fairfield, Conn., 1G55 ; m. Abi-
gail, b. Xov. 16, 1658, dau. John Baldwin, Sen., of Milford. He
was a blacksmith, and was invited from Fairfield to Guilford, in
1675, by a vote of the town of Guilford,* "to work upon his trade
of smithing, upon trial "' The trade was then in high repute, as
many Town Records show. I have met with numbers of instances
of similar solicitation, of wealth acquired, and positions of honor
filled by the "smith." The present one no doubt proved satisfac-
tory upon trial, as he continued to reside in Guilford, accumulating
a handsome property, and raising a hirge family to be prosperous
and well married. We shall see that his grandson, a blacksmith,
numbered among his children a Senator of the United States and
Governor of Georgia, a Judge of the Supreme Court of the United
States and the first Speaker of the Plouse in Ohio, while the daugh-
ters were equally well mated.

The town of Guilford granted him, July 15, 1676, half an acre
upon the Green, opposite John Bishop's house, for his shop, "for
his encouragement and accommodation of his trade," with the
promise that if he left, it should return to the town, they paying
for buildings, fences and orchard. lie died Jan. 12, 1696. The
distribution was to his widow and eldest son, and to each of the
others, being five in number.

•2~). Abigail, h. Dec. U, 1078; m., June 24, 1697, .Joseph Starr, s. Comfort, of
^liddletown, Conn., and b. Sept. 33, 1676. They lived at Middletowu. Children:
.Joseph, Sept. 26, 1698; Daniel, .Jan. 18, 1701; Samnel, .Jan. 5, 1704; Thomas, Sept.
14, 1706; Nathaniel, .June 19, 1709; Abigail, Oct. 16, 1711; Elizabeth, Xov. 11,
1715; .Jehosaphat, Sept. 20, 1718; and Comfort, Oct. 20, 1722.

26. Deborah, b. April 8, 1681; d. Dec. 5, 1681.

37. Dorothy, b. Dec. 27, 1683; m.', September, 1708, Ziba Tryon, of Weatiiers-
tield, Conn.. Children: James, July 26, 1709; Kowland, July 13, 1711; Dorothy,
.July 1. 1713; and Oliver, Dec. to, 1715.

28. Joanna, b. May 18, 1686; m. 1st, Samuel Rose, of Branford; 2"^. Sept. 13,
1715, Ebenezer Frisl)ie, of Branford, and d. 3Iarcli 21, 1751.

29. Samuel, b. Jan. 13, 1689.+

30. Timothy, b. April 14. 1691. +

31. Nathaniel, b. Xov. 28, 1693. +

■ Rev. Lyman Beecher alludes to this in his Autobiography. He thinks the Guilford setClers were gen-
tlemen, "and not a merchant or inechanic among- them; and it was with much trouble and expense that
the.v secured even a blacksmith." The trade of blacksmith was then \ery honorable; and no dojbt much
more jjolitics of Church and State were discussed and settled at the village blacksmith shjp than on
a farm.

Baldwin Genealogy.

His widow Abigail m. 2"*^' as his second wife, John Wadhams,
of Weathersfield, who d. aged 63, June 30, 1718. She had chil-
dren by her second husband.

Mary, b. Aug. 2, 1698.
Martha, b. June 22, 1701.

9. JOHN ^ John ^ Nathaniel,^ lived in Newark, N. J.; he m.
Lydia Harrison, b. in 1683, d. Feb. 11, 1738, aged 48. He d. Dec.
21, 1732, aged 47.

32. Sylvanus, b. 1712. +

33. Ebenezer, b. 1724. +

34. Jonas, b. 1725. +

35. Hannah, m. Lyon.

36. Moses, b. Nov. 5, 1732. +

12. DANIEL 3 Daniel 2 Nathaniel,^ b. in Milford, Conn., March
3, 1668. His name very often appears elsewhere in Milford Rec-
ords as Sergeant Daniel. His wife Sarah joined the Church
June 28, 1691 ; she d. Dec. 18, 1710. His will was dated March 8,
1719, and proved May 2, 1725. He leaves to his sons Enos of
Newtown, Nathan, John, James, Caleb and Jeremiah ; and as
diligent search finds no trace of his other children, I conclude he
probably survived them.

38. Daniel, bapt. Oct. 5, 1690.

39. Nathan, bapt. Nov. 23, 1691. +

40. John, biipt. March 26, 1693.+

41. Gideon, bapt. April 14, 1695.

42. James, bapt. Nov. 8, 1696. +

43. Enos, bapt. Oct. 30, 1698. In 1719, he was of Newtown; Aug. 19, 1721, the
inventory' there taken was presented at Fairfield, and his widow Dameras made

44. Sarah, bapt. Nov. 17, 1700.

45. Caleb, bapt. Nov. 29, 1702. +

46. Jeremiah, b. September, 1706. +

He perhaps in. Sarah Camp, as in 1708; Samuel Camp conveys
to his brothers, Daniel Baldwin and Joseph Camp.

22. ESTER 3 Nathaniel 2 Nathaniel,M). in Milford, Conn., May
25, 1683; m. Samuel Sanford, who settled in Newtown, Conn. She
had a brother-in-law of the same name, who remained in Milford
at least after she left. In 1712, her husband had liberty from the
inhabitants of Newtown (Potatuck), Conn., to put a grist-mill

Nathaniel, of 3Iilfor(l, Connecticut. 413

upon the Pond Brook. In 1714, he has a grant of land for his
mill upon the Potatiiek Brook.

48. Nathaniel, b. Dec. 3, 1702, in :N[ilford; d. April 14, 1768.

49. Samuel, b. April 1, ^lilford Record says 1704, but Newton says April 1,

1703, and makes him die 7, 17o8, aged 55. He had ch. at Newtown: Samuel,

bapt. Aug. 17, 1745 or 1740;* and Hannah, d. 3Iarch 4, 1758, aged about 15.

.50. Ester, b. Feb. 10, 1707.

51. John. b. Oct. 17, 1709; d. ^Farch 17, 1793, aged 84, it is said, but in his
84th year. He m. July 17, 1760, widow Abiah Dunning, and his s. John was b. in
Newtown, March 33, 1762.

.52. Daniel, b. Nov. 1, 1711.

53, Job, b. Jan. 10, 1715.

All the above were born in Milford.

54, Hannah, b. June 6, 1717, in Newtown.

55, Rachel, b. June 13, 1720; m., Dec. 6, 1739, Ebenezer Booth, and had ch.
in Newtown, Conn.: Ann, 1742, d. 1748; Ebenezer, 1743; Elijah, 1745; "Asaiel,"

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