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1747; Daniel, 1754; Amos, 1760; and Mary, 1762. Her husband d. Aug. 9, 1773,
aged about 68.

The homestead of Samuel, in Kewtown, remains. May, 1880, in
the possession of his descendant, F. Sanford.

29. SAMUEL^ Samuel-^ Kathaniel,M3. Jan. 13, 1689, in Guil-
ford; he went to Branford, and thence, in 1734, to Litchtield. He
m. 1**' March 14, 17}^, Elizabeth Frisbie, of Branford; 2"^. Jan. 8,
1711, Lydia Sperry. He joined the Church in Branford in 1711 ;
his wife Lvdia, in 1715. He became Deacon of the Church there.
He and his wife are recommended, July 25, 1735, to the Church
in Litchfield, Conn., and are marked as gone.

69. Samuel, b. Jan. 4, 171f.

70. David, Jan. 25, 1714- His father, in 1735, was recommended to the
Church in Litchtield, Conn. ; and after much search among all the lines, I have bvit
to suggest that he is very probalily David, of Cornwall, Conn., near Litchtield.
Estate inventory, July 4, 1785, and distribution after to Isaac's heirs: David,
Samuel, Stephen, Joseph, John, Asa, Anna, Sarah, 3Iary, Hannah, Elizabeth and

71. Elizabeth, b. Jan. 13, 172^; bapt. March 24, 1722.
73. Caleb, b. Feb. 27, 172|; bapt. May 3, 1724. +

73. Ebenezer, b. Nov. 5, 1723, at night; bapt. Dec. 1, 1728.

74. Rebecca, Dec. 16, 1729; bapt. June 23, 1734, as child of Deacon Samuel.

* Samuel Sanford, bapt. in 1745 or 1746; m. and had ch. in Xewtown, Conn.: Avis, 1766; Isaac, 1768;
Josiah, 1709, d. 17S0; Betty. 1771, ni. Mr. Deiinis; Sarah, 1773, m. Thomas Lyon; Joel, 177.i; Renah, 1777,
died in 1779; Azubah, 17S1, m. .Andrew Winto.V; Artiiiisia, 1783, in. W. Winton; and Abigail, 1785; d. 1792.

He m. 2nd. the widow of Elias Bristol (Cliarity Foster), and had: Ahiah, 1790; Josiah, 1793; and Philo
1796. She had by Bristol: Anna, 1773; and Jerueha, 1776. He d. Nov. 26, 1817; she, November, 1825.

414 Baldwin Genealogy.

It will be seen that I have no account of t'liis Samuel at Litch-
field, although some of his children appear to have settled in that

30. TIMOTHY ^ Samuel ^ K^thanieh^'b. April 14, 1691, in Guil-
ford, Conn.; m., Dec. 24, 1713, Bathsheba Stone, b. Aug. 10, 1605,
dau. Samuel and Sarah (Taintor) Stone, of Guilford. He d. in
Guilford, Aug. 4, 1757 ; his widow, July 20, 1776. In 1753, when
administrator of his son Timothy, he is called Ensign.

75. Timothy, b. July 27, 1714: d. March 2, 1720.

76. Bathsheba, b. February, 1716; m., Oct. 22, 1735, Joseph Chidsey, of Guil-
ford, b. Aug. 8, 1710, s. Joseph, of New Haven, Conn. He d. May 19, 1790; she,
Sept. 15, 1792. Their ch. were: .Joseph, June 11, 1738; Lois, July 3, 1741, m.
.July 2, 1760, John Bartlett; Samuel, Dec. 4, 1743; Asenath, July 15, 1746. m., July
16, 1774, Selah Dudley. Jr.; Sarah, Aug. 24. 1748; Mary, Oct. 14. 1751. m.. Jan. 29,
1779. Luther Dudley; and Nathan. March 4. 1755.

77. .Michael, b. April 2, 1719. +

78. Timothy, b. Oct. 29, 1721. +

79. Abigail, b. March 5, 1724; m. Benjamin Rossitur. +

80. Stephen, b. Aug. 10. 1726. +

81. Elisha, b. April 6, 1729; d. May 9, 1729.

82. Deborah, b. April 15. 1730; m. Samuel Russell. +

83. Abraham, b. April 17, 1732; d. June 12, 1754.

84. Sarah, 1). .July 24, 1735; m. Nathan Rossitur,+
S5. Mary. b. May 2. 1739; d. ^^lay 4, 1739.

He was known as Ensign Timothy, Nov. 7,1757. His children,
Michael and Stephen, are his executors. He had two rights (53rd)
in Goshen, but never lived there, and his son Michael "settled his

31. Is'ATHANIELs SamueP iTathaniel,^' b. K'ov. 28, 1693, in
Guilford, Conn.; m., April 8, 1718, Elizabeth, dau. Isaac Parmelee,
of Guilford ; removed from Guilford to Litchfield, Conn., in 1733;
thence to Goshen, Conn., in 1739. He d, Oct. 18, 1760; his widow,
March 14, 1786, aged 90. It appears, from the Guilford Records
(1720), that he was a weaver. He was Deacon in the three towns
where he resided. He bid off two shares (5%) in Goshen, July 14,
1738, and in that year was one of the Proprietors" Committee for
laying out the town. At the first Town Meeting, Dec. 6, 1739, he
was one of the Selectmen; at the next. Moderator. At the first
Proprietors' Meeting, he was chosen Treasurer; and after this, was
continually engaged in public business. He was associated wit!

JWithaniel, of Milfonl, Connecticut. 415

his son-iu-law, Ebenezer Norton, in all the business of the Pro-
prietors ; and the latter seems to have been his right-hand man,
although it is reputed that he did not at iirst like the marriage
which made them relatives. Goshen had no Representatives until
1757; he was Representative in 1759 and 1760, the year of his
death. He is said to have been unassuming in manners, a good
citizen, and a meek and devoted Christian. His lands were in the
north part of Goshen ; his frame house was on the west side of
East street, a few rods southwest of the present brick house, near
the road leadino^ from East street to Hart Hollow. His widow was
blind for some time before she died.

86. Xathaniel, b. April 4, 1720. 4-

87. Elizabeth, b. 11, December, 172'3; m. Ebenezer Norton. -f-

88. Sanuie], b. March IS, 172."3.+

89. Sarah, b. Jan. 4. 1728; m., Nov. 6, 1746, Nathaniel Stanley, Jun., and
removed to Vermont.

90. Brewin, b. Sept. 25. 1730: d Nov. 4, Hoi.

91. Rachel, b. Sept. 24. 1733; m., Dec. 6, 17o3, Ives, of Wallingford.

92. Amy, m. March 30, 17o6, William Stanley.

93. Ann, b. Xwg. 14, 1736.

94. Lucy, b. in 1741; in. .losiah Roj'ce of Goshen.

He is called, in the Probate Records, Capt. isathaniel.

32. SIL VANUS ' John ^ John "^ Xathaniel,^ of Xe\vark, X. J., b.
in 1721 ; d. Dec. 4, 1799, aged 78.

95. David, named in will.

96. Silvanus, named in will.

97. Hannah, named in will.

98. Eunice, d. Maj' 5, 1754.

99. Daughter, of Silvanus and Hannah; d. March 5, 1770, aged 2 yrs. 9 mos.

33. EBE^^EZER* John^ John,"^ of Xewark, :N'. J., b. about 1724 ;
d. Oct. 23, 1801, aged 77; was a Deacon. His will names:

100. .Jotham.+

101. Annauias.

102. Matthias.

103. Jabez.

104. Elizabeth.

105. Temperance.

106. Aliigail.

107. Tryphena, m. John Xutman, of New Jersey, s. Isaac, of Elizabethtowu,
N. J., who m. Joanna Baldwin. They had ch. : Aaron, Ebenezer B. and Oliver.

416 Baldwin Genealogy.

34. JOXAS^ John 3 John,^ of Newark, N. J., b. about 1725;
m., Nov. 26, 1749, Elizabeth Thompson ; d. Xov. 14, 1800, aged 75.

108. Moses.

109. Lewis. Perhaps the Lewis wiio d. in 1796, aged 32. In the cemetery is
John T., s. Lewis and Sarah, d. March 25, 1805, aged 27.

110. Abigail.

111. Hannali, m. Mr. Townley.

112. Sarali, m. Mr. Lyon.

113. Elizabetli, m. Mr. Crave.

36. MOSES ^ John ^ John,"^ b. in Newark, N. J.; d. Xov. 5, 1732,
and by his own memoranda, found amoug his loose papers, it
appears that his birth was two months after his father died, and four
years before his mother died. Mr. Baldwin goes on to say : "After
the death of the latter, I lived about two years with my uncle
Harrison ; after this, I lived with Amos Ball, my mother's uncle,
till I was fifteen years of age, when God in His Providence, was
pleased to remove him by death. After this, I put myself to learn
a trade, which I pursued until I was nineteen years of age, when
God gave me a greater sense of my lost state, and of the impor-
tance of salvation than I had ever yet had. Upon this being, I
resolved to seek God till I found Him through all." Here the
writing ends. But Moses went to Princeton, being a graduate of
the first class, 1757. He became a Presbyterian clergyman, and
settled in Palmer, Mass., in 1761. He was invited, 1760, from
Southold, L. I., on trial. He was thought to be not more than
"half a Presbyterian," and there was some objection to his instal-
lation on that account; but it took place June 17, 1761, and he
remained minister of that Church until June 19, 1811. He con-
tinued afterward in Palmer, and d. Nov. 2, 1813. He was a plain
preacher, struggling hard with a poorly-paid salary. He had at
the outset sixty pounds, and he bought of the town, for one hun-
dred and fifty pounds, a farm of one hundred and fifty acres, "set
apart for the ministers lot." He m. Rebecca Lee, b. March 10,

114. Abigail Seymore, h. July 12, 1776; m. Mr. PLnnilton, and d. Jan. 16, 1840.

115. Lydia, b. April 4, 1768; d. Sept. 3, 1775.

116. Jolm, b. July 13, 1770.+

117. Daniel, b. Dec. 3, 1771; d. .June 3, 1792.

118. Ezra Lee, 1). Nov. 20. 1773; d. Jan. 1, 1797.

119. William, b. Jan. 19, 1776. +

Nathaniel, of Mil ford, Connecticut. 417

120. Boccft Lee, b. .luiu' 29, 1778; m. ^[cClanathnn, and d. in Palmer, Oct.
2S, 1801.

121. Polly, b. :\rarch 16, 1782; ni. 1st, Mr. Converse; 2ncl, Mr. Mason; living,.
April 4, 1866, at Amherst, Mass.

122. Moses, b. .March 28, 1787.+

39. ]N"ATIIAX^ Daniel ^ Daniel ^ Nathaniel,^ bapt. Nov. 23, 1691,.
in Milford ; May 2, 1720, he is executor of his father, with John
and James ; m. Elizabeth ; settled in Xewtown. His will is dated
July 19, 1761 ; proved July 4, 1769. In 1739, he was made by the
Legislature, Captain of the " 2"^ Company, or Trainband, in the
town of Newtown."

123. Nathan, eldest; iu 1761, he took in Newto-\vu, with Jabez, land given
them by their father.

124. Sarah, w. of Ather (Aslier) Wooster.

125. Elizabeth, m., Dec. 1, 1748, Moses Peck, 5 of Newtown, s. Joseph, of
Milford, and wife Abigail (Baldwin) Peck, dau. TheopliilusS Tlieophikis2 Richard
Baldwin;! she d. Dec. 25, 1798. Children: Ruth, Oct. 30, 1749; Abel, .Jan. 25,
1751; Euos, July 27, 1752; Ann, Feb. 6, 1754; Mary, June 28, 1755; "Cosiah," Aug.
19, 1756; Hezekiah, Aug. 14, 1758; Caleb, Aug. 9, 1760; Betty, Jan. 11, 1762; Dan,
.Tune 10, 1763; Lois, Jan. 26, 1765; Esther, Oct. 26, 1766; Sarah, April 26, 1768;
Nathan, Sept. 15, 1769, d. Dec. 6, 1769; and Nathan, Oct. 11, 1771.

126. Jabez.+

In 1756, he was executor of his brother Jamas, of Newtown.

40. JOHN^Daniel^ Daniel,-^ bapt. March 26, 1693, in Milford,
and continued there. He had ear-mark, in 1741, as John, Jun.
His will was dated July 10, 1761 ; proved Sept. 17, 1761 ; and
remembers his wife Mary.

127. Sarah, m. .Jonathan Hine, s. John 3 John 2 Thomas,! of 3IiIford.

128. Mary, m. Daniel Terrill, of New Milford.

129. .John.

130. Enos.+

131. Amos, b. about 1734. +

132. Isaac, bapt. Dec. 11, 1737. +

133. James, bapt. Aug. 1, 1741; d. y., as to Isaac, as the youngest, was given
the reversion of the homestead in Milford.

He was John, Jun., of Milford, John, Sen., being son of Sil-
vanus and grandson of Richard. He was received to the Church
in 173f, with his wife Mary; and April 4, 1736, his iirst five
children were baptized. July 5, 1739, he conveys land partly
held with the heirs of his brother Jeremiah.

418 Baldwin Genealogy.

42. JAMES^-Daniel^Daaielrbapt. in Alilford, Nov. 8, 1696;
Jan. 17, IT^ij, he is received to the Church, with his wife Miriam.

134. James, bapt. Nov. 17, 1719.+

135. Daniel, bapt. Sept. 16, 1725.4-

136. Gideon, not of age in 1748. +

His first two children were b. in Milford. He settled in New-
town before 1746. His will, dated July 19. 1748, was proved Nov.
8, 1756, at Danbury. He gave to his wife Miriam, and children

45. CALEB 4 Daniel 3 Daniel,2 bapt. Nov. 29, 1702, in Milford.
April 15, 1732, in consideration of one hundred and fifty pounds, in
current bills of public credit, he conveys land, in Milford, to his
brother Jeremiah. He settled in Newtown. His will, of Aug. 16,
1779, appears in the Danbury Probate ; he remembers his wife
Jerusha, and children named below. He d. March 9, 1772, aged
70, of dropsy. He m. 1**- Mehitable, who d. Sept. 5, 1758, aged
between 50 and 60. He m. 2"*^'' Feb. 8, 1759, Jerusha Daton, of
Newtown. He was a leading citizen, and for many years Town
Clerk ; he was succeeded in that office by his son, and it is said
that the two held that office ninety yeai's.

137. Daughter, b. Dec. 28, 1725; d. y.

138. Ann, b. Sept. 18, 1727; m., June 19, 1745, Ephraim Bennett, of Newtown.

139. CiUeb, b. Dec. 13, 1728. +

140. Daniel, 1). Aug. 27, 1730; m„ .Jan. 1, 1753, Ann Bennett. Living. Dec.
31, 1772, to receive a deed, with his brother, of the dower in his father's estate.

141. Child, d. March, 1762, a few hours old.

142. Jerusha, b. July 31, 1765.

In 1740, he was made, by the General Assembly, Ensign of the
1st Company of Newtown. He was afterward several times Mem-
ber of the Assembly, from that town.

46. JEREMIAH^ Daniel ^ Daniel,^ bapt. at Milford, Sept. 3,
1706 ; was in Milford, 1732, and d. there a few years afterward, as
his widow Hannah was, in January, 1734, guardian to his children,
:and Aug. 1, 1737, his estate was administrated upon. His children
were bapt. June 24, 1741, as children of widow Hannah.

143. Jeremiah. +

144. Andrew. +

72. CALEB* Samuel 3 Samuel ,2 b. in Branford, Conn., July 27,
172f . His fiither was dismissed to Litchfield, Conn., in 1735. He

Nathaniel, of Milf or d, Connecticut. 410

settled ill Danl)ui'v (parish of liidgobury), Conn., where he died,
July 19, 17l»7, aged, it is said, about 7-3. lie was a Baptist. Widow
Martha (probably his widow) d. June 2G, 1802, aged 70.

158. Samuel. +

159. Chloe, m , Nov. 5, 1772, Nathaniel Xortlirop, of Kidii'eljury. They moved
away when Samuel her brother did. I am indebted for this line to George Brough-
ton. Esq., in 1872, postmaster in "Ridgebury.

77. MICHAEL* Timothy ^ Samuel,^ b. in Guilford, Conn., April
2, 1719. His father owning land in Goshen, Conn., he went there
to "settle his father's rights," by which is to be understood such
settlement or use of the land as was necessary to prevent the
lapsing of the grant. This caution doubtless did much to encour-
age the surprising migration of earl}' times in Connecticut; and
this book has repeated instances of settlements, sometimes not
permanent, no doubt induced by this species of homestead law.
Bj'ron A. Baldwin informs me that three years was necessary to
this settlement. He returned before July 9, 1743, to Guilford.
The lands of Timothy, thus settled, came afterward mostly to his
son Stephen. He m. I''*' Dec. 7, 1749, Lucy Dudley, dau. "William
and Kuth (Strong) Dudley, of Guilford ; she was b. March 29,
1721, and d. June 2, 1758. He m. 2"^^' November, 1768, Theodora
W^olcot, b. Nov. 4, 1746, dau. Josiah and Ruth (White) Wolcot,
of Coventry, Conn. He removed to New Haven as early as 1775,
to educate h\-. family. Judge Simeon Bildwin said he was a man'^
of " powerful, but uncultivated mind." He seems to have wished
his children to be cultivated ; and it is seldom a man has such a
family, of whom one Avas L^nited States Senator and Governor, one
Judge of the United States Supreme Court, one speaker of the
House in Ohio ; one daughter married Joel Barlow, and one Col.
Bomford. The other children were highly respectable. He was
a blacksmith, and a highly-respected descendant tells us that they
are proud of the trade. This feeling, of the dignity of labor, is

Michael died in 1787 ; adm., Oct. 12, 1787, to his sods Dudley
and Abraham. At the invasion of New Haven, during the Revo-
lutionary war, his house was on George street, facing College
street. It is said to have been protected by a British officer in
the expedition, who had been a paroled prisoner in the latest
French war, and had in some way found a temporary home at

420 Baldwin Genealogy.

this house, then kept as a sort of country tavern. (Collections
New Haven Colony History. Vol. 2, page 60.)

166. Ruth, b. March 4, 1751; d. in 1755.

167. Dudley, b. April 17, 1753. +

168. Abraham, b. Nov. 22, 1754; graduated at Yale College iu 1772; Avas a
tutor there from 1775 to 1779; was for a short time Chaplain in the Eevolution.
He studied law, settled in Savannah, Ga., and was soon after a Member of the
Legislature. He planned the University of Georgia, drew the Charter, got it
adopted, and was for a while its President. He was a Member of the Continental
Congress from 1785 to 1788, and a Member of the Unitjd States Constitutional Con-
vention. From 1789 to 1799, he was a Representative in Congress; and from 1799
to 1807, United States Senator. He d. March 4, 1807, unm.

169. Ruth, b. Sept. 13, 1756; m., Jan. 26, 1781, the famous Jo 'I Barlow. He
wash. 1755, in Reading, Conn., youngest of ten children. His father determined
to send him to College, but died, leaving him barely sufficient to pay the expense.
In 1774, he entered Dartmouth, but soon removed to Yale, graduating in 1778,
delivering at commencement a poem, called "The Prospect of Peace," which was
quite popular. The army was composed largely of reliiiious men, and there was
much demand for Chaplains, so he served in that capacitj'. At the close of the war,
he retired from the army and ministry together, and resumed the study of law at
Hartford. He soon after, with Mr. Babcock, founded the "Hartford Mercury" a
brilliant sheet. His poetical reputation was then so high that the General Associa-
tion applied to him to prepare for its use a Psalmody. Some of his versifications
were of ^riat beauty. This was used till the one prepared by President Dwight;
the main reason for the change, it is said, being the report that Barlow had become
tinctured with French views. In 1787, the "Vision of Columbus" was published,
and he gave his attention to literature, being a very leading member of the "Club
of Hartford Wits." Its paper, "Tlie Anarchiad," had considerable influence toward
our present constitution. Shortly after, he went abroad as agent, in England and
France, of "The Scioto Land Company," which promised great things to him as
well as others. The managers of the Company were dishonest, and Barlow with-
drew still poor. He remained abroad (1789), gaining a scanty living by his pen,
and at last a reputation abroad. In 1795, he had business in the North of Europe,
and returning, found a commission to Algiers. He negotiated treaties with Algiers,
Tripoli and Tunis, and liberated many poor American sufferers. In 1797, he
returned to Paris, and engaged in commerce, gaining a large fortune. In 1805, he
returned with his wife to America, and settled in Washington, on ample grounds,
laid out with exquisite taste, and with a fine house. " Kalorama " was a noted spot.
In 1808, he published "The Columbiad .'' In 1811, he became Minister to France.
The "Berlin and Milan decree" gave much trouble to this country, and Barlow
wanted to see Napoleon in person. In Octoljer, 1812, he was invited to meet
him at Wilna, in Poland. The exposure caused his death, Dec. 22, 1812, at
Zai'nawica, in Poland. He was very happy whh his wife, who was a person of
superior intellect, amiable, dignified, yet easy and graceful, and of unusal beauty.
;My sketch of Mr. Barlow is drawn from an elegant article by one of his wife's
collateral relatives, (Rev. A. C. Baldwin, of Hartford,) in the "Netc Englander,"
for 1878. The writer has there a letter, written in 1796, by Mr. Barlow to his wife,
from. Algiers, when he thought his life uncertain. The letter is much too long to
quote here, but is a beautiful tribute, alike honorable to the husband and wife. It

Nathaniel, of Milford, Connecticut. 421

displays the greatest love, respect and confidence, as well as an lionorable desire fur
further li'ood, and trust in her to help in tliat. The letter is very touchin;:: in its
sentiments. He gave her by his will all his i)roperty. She died ilay 30, 1818.
They had no children.

"iTO. Lucy. 1). May 22. 1758; d. Aug. 2, 1760.

171. Lucy. I). 1770: d. unm. March, 1798,

172. Wiliiani, b. March 3, 1772. +

173. Michael, b. Aug. 26, 1774; graduated at Yale College, and settled at a
very early da}', as a lawyer, at Chilicothe, Ohio, then the seat of government of
Ohio. He was conspicuous for his al)ility. He was a Member of the Convention
which formed the tirst Constitution, and Speaker of the First House of Representa-
tives of the State. He died before middle life, and unmarried.

174. Theodora, 1). 1777; d. March 30, 1814.

175. Henry, b. Jan. 14, 1780. +

176. Clarissa, b. November, 1782; m. Col. George Bomford, of Washington,
D. C, and had ch. : George, James and Euth.

177. Sail}', b. 1787; m. Edmond French, and had ch. : Rev. John and Edmond.

78. TIMOTHY ' Timothy 3 Samuel,- b. in Guilford, Conn., Oct.
29, 1721. He settled in North Guilford, where he d. in 1753. He
m., Sept. 20, 1749, Sarah Morse, h. May 0, 1728, dau. Seth and
Hannah (Faulkner) Morse, of Guilford. She survived, and in.
2nd, ;f;j'ov. 19, 1755, Benjamin Rossitur, of Guilford, who m. 1**- Abi-
gail, sister of Timothy. Her father was, about 1700, from Dedham,
Mass., to Guilford.

178. Timothy, b. Sept. 6, 1750. +

179. Seth, b. Sept. 1, 1752; d. Oct. 13, 1756.

-79. ABIGAIL^ Timothy^ Samuel,-^ b.in Guilford, Conn., March
5, 1724; she m., March 21,1751, Benjamin Rossitur,'^' of Guilford,
Conn., b. Sept. 25, 1718, son of Xathaniel Rossitur.

180. Bathsheba, b. Jan. 18, 1752: d. Oct. 10. 1770.

181. Timothy, b. May 21, 1754; lived in Guilford.

She died, Sept. 14, 1754, and her husband m. 2'"^- Nov. 19, 1755,
Sarah Baldwin, widow of Timothv, brother of Abio:ail. He died,
Sept. 27, 1796 ; she, Jan. 27, 1828, aged nearly 100. His children
bv her were :

Sarah, b. .Time 6, 1757; m., June 17, 1778, Theophilus Fowler.
Lois, b. July 13, 1759; m., Nov. 18. 1778, Ebenezer Fowler.
Benjamin (twin to Abigail), b. Nov. 21, 1762: d. July 5, 1764.
Abigail (twin) b. Nov. 21, 1762: m. Juno 23, 1784, Ebenezer Russell.

* In Lyman Beecher's Autobiographj", he is asked by Mrs. Stowe if there were any slaves in Nortli
Guilford. He says: "Yes, a few: Darb, the fiddler, was a slave, belonged to old Mr. Ben. Rossitur. Darb
came in one evening and played dancing- tunes after I was abed. Tiiere were about a dozen sla\es in North
Guilford, bnt the slavery was very lenient. Old Priest Fowler's Moses was qyite the man of business; sent
Johnny Fowler to College, and paid the bills, managed the farm, rang the church bell, and was factotum.
He lived a slave because he was a king."

422 Baldwin Genealogy.

80. STEPHEX^ Timothy 3 Samiiel,^ b. in Guilford, Conn., Aug.
10, 1726. He settled in Goshen, Conn., taking the bulk of his
father's rights there, situated in the north and northeast part of
the town. He m., Nov. 7, 1752, Freelove Collins, b. Nov. 30, 1732,
dau. Daniel and Lois (Cornwall) Collins, of Goshen. She d. Dec.
13, 1765 ; he, Jan. 27, 1766. This Stephen, says the late Lewis M.
Norton, lived on East street, where his uncle Nathaniel did. He
moved, says Byron A. Baldwin, to Goshen, between 1757 and
November, 1762. It must have been at least as late as 1760, as,
after his decease, his will of that date (Litchfield Probate) describes
him as of (iruilford, and Freelove as his only daughter. In 1782,
however, Abigail shared in the distribution, and as Freelove did
not, nor her heirs, she no doubt died without issue.

182. Dunk'l, 1). Aug. 26, ir.j:3.-t-

188. Freelove, b. June 24. IToo; d. Avithout issue.

184. Stephen, b. Dec. 14, 1758. +

18.J. Elisha, b. Jan. 20, 1760. +

186. Abigail, b. April 9, 1762; m., May 18, 1785, William Dudley, s. Medad
and Mary (Fowler) Dudley, of Guilford b. Feb. 19, 1761. They lived in Litchfield,
where he was a fanner. Their ch. were: Abigail, William; Augustus, killed by

. the kick of a horse; and Collins.

187. Augustus, b. Aug. 27, 1704. +

' 82. DEBORAH * Timothy s Samuel,^ b. in Guilford, Conn.,
April 15, 1730 ; m., Marcli 28, 1753, Samuel Russell, of Branford,
Conn., b. 1724, s. Samuel Russell, of the same place. She d. April
18, 1811; he, Feb. 2, 1790.

188. Samuel, b. Dec. 20, 1753; d. April 26, 1757.

189. Abigail, b. June 8, 1756; m., Nov. 29, 1781, Jared Dudley.

190. Elizabeth, b. Nov. 2.3, 1758; m., April 29, 1783, Ambrose Dudley, b. April
1, 1757. He d. Jan. 10, 1826; she, July 15, 1834. Children: 1st. Russell, Jan. 29,
1784; d. at sea Dec. 1, 1806. 2nd. Nabby, Oct. 21, 1788; m., Oct. 16, 1816, Daniel
Fowler, who d. October, 1821; she m., Dec. 2, 1827, Deacon Benjamin Rossitur;
she had one ch. d. unm. 3rd. Samuel William, July 16, 1800; m., 1833, Lucy Anu
Chittenden, dau. David, of Guilford; he has been several times Member of the
House,and, in 1869, Member of the Connecticiit Senate. He has six ch. : Charles
Samuel, 1834, living in New Haven; Henry C, 1836, d. in the late war; Elizabetli
R., 1838; James Ambrose, 1840, farmer in Guilford; George Chittenden, 1842, of
North Guilford; and William Russell, 1849.

191. Deborah, b. April 8, 1761; m., Jan. 31, 1792, William Russell.

192. Samuel Smithson, Oct. 14, 1764; of Paris, Oneida county, N. Y.

193. Timothy, b. March 28, 1767; of Guilford.

194. Sarah, b. March 28, 1772; m., Jan. 1, 1800, Augu.stus Rose,

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