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xxs., and unto widowe Wilkius, of the same parishe, xxs - and widowe Gourney, of
the same parishe, xxs-, and Edward Springall, of the same parishe, xxs-. and to Rich-
ard Arnoll, of the Parishe of Chesham, xxs-, and to his sister, Mary Garratt, xxs-, and
to Jonas Xuton, of Cholesbuiy, xx*-, and to widowe Childe, of Harridge, xxs-, and to
Robert Wilkins, of Buckland, xxs-, and to Shem Ginger, of St. Leonard's, xx-=- Itm:
I give and bequeath unto the poore people of Aston Clinton xx*-, and to the poore
people of St. Leonard's xxs-, and to the poore people of Cholesbury xxs-; all wch be-
quests by me bequeathed, of xxs- a peece, I will shall be paide within three months
after my decease. Itm: I give and bequeath unto every o:ie of my Servants that
shall be in my service at the time of my death xs-, to be paide within one moueth after

ny decease. Itm: I give and bequeath unto widowe Cocke, of St. Leonard's, xxs.

'rovided alwaics, and my will and minde is, tliat all those legacies shall be paide in

■ood and lawfull money of England, at the severall times appointed, by my Executor;

md if any of those Children shall be untler age, then I will that theire legacies shall
be paide unto tlie fathers of the said children at the time appointed, theire fathers

Richard, of CoanUj Bucks, England. 33

giving theire owne bonds unto my Executor for the true payment thereof to theire
saide children at theire several] ages of xx^i yeares, by the shewiuge of the saide boud%,
together with suflicient letters of attoinej' made by mj' saide Executor unto the saide
children for the saveinge of the said bonds and to them delivered, shall be a sufficit nt
discharge in lawe for my said Executor against Every of the saide children for his or
theire legacie or legacies aforesaide respectively. Itm: All the rest and residue of all
my goods and cattell and chattels not before bequeathed, my debts and legacies being
paide, my fuuerall orderly performed and discharged, and this my will well and
truly fultilled, I give unto Silvester Baldwin, of Aston Clinton, sonne of Silvester
Baldwin, my Brother, whorae I make and ordaine my whole and sole Executor of this
my last will aud testament.

In witness Avhereof, I, the saide Richai'd Baldwin, have hereunto put my hande
and seale the dale and j^eare first above written . Sealed, subscribed, pub-
lished and declared in the presence of Willj'am Grange , Henry Stonhill.

(Signed) Richard Baldwii^.

His Avill as "Richard Baldwin, of Dun Dridge, in the Pai-ish of
Aston Clinton, in the Conntie of Bucks, yeoman," is dated 18
February, 163|. He gave to Mr. Hall, minister of St. Leonard's,
£5; to Henry, son of his brother Sylvester and his next heir, a
close called Bray's Bush, in Great Chesham and Wendover, paying
to the poor of St. Leonard's 20s. yearly for one hundred yeafs;
also £20, to allow those who had bought timber of testator to cut
it down and carry it away; also one "coffer, with evidence con-
cerning the manor of Dundridge," and also the evidence concern-
ing the chapel lands; "also a malt-mill, a corslet and its furniture,
the furniture for service of the musters, and the tables, frames,
'forms, cupboard wainscot, benches and armor in the hall, and the
'best bedstead in the new chamber;" to Christian, his wife, half of
the bedsteads, bed-clothes linen, pewter, brass and other movable
pods, to be equally divided between her and his executor, and
Uso two of his best beastes, twenty sheep, three hogs, all his
•oultry, and quarter of wheat, one of malt, all his clothing and
'20 per annum, house room and firewood; to his brother John
id his son John, £20 each — the balance of his money in their
mds to be paid to his executor; to sister Mary Salter and her
ildren, John, David, Mary and Sarah Salter, each £20; to the
ildren of his sister Jane Bonus: to Henry, £20; to James, £10;
ristian, £30 ; Mary, £100. £50 to Anne Bryant, dau. of brother
bert, and to her son Richard a freehold tenement in Wendover;
l> £48 6s. 8d. to Henry Stonehill, son of Sister Anne, £30 when
and twenty acres of free land in Drayton Beauchamp: to Anne


34 Baldwin Genealogy.

Stonehill, dan. of Sister Anne, £10; to Kichard Baldwyn, son of
brother Sylvester, £10; to William, son of brother Sylvester, £10;
to Richard Baldwin, son of Sylvester Baldwin, of Aston Clinton,
£10; to each of brother's and sister's children, living; at his death,
40s.; to Joan Chasse, his wife's sister, 40s.; to William Darley, a
yearly rent of the messuage where he lives; and after nineteen
other legacies of 20s. each, including the poor of Aston Clinton,
/ St. Leonard's and Cholesbury, and to each servant 10s., he devises
the rest of his goods, &c., to Sylvester Baldwin, of Aston Clinton,
son of his brother Sylvester, who was to be his executor. The
will was proved in the Court of Archdeaconry, of Bucks, 29 Nov.,
1636, by Sylvester Baldwin, nephew and executor.

This will was indirectly the means of connecting the family in
New England with that of Bucks, through conveyances made in
New England of interests devised under it by the executors of the
executor, and recorded in New Haven Colony records. From one
of these conveyances, dimly recorded, Mr. Savage said Sylvester,
the executor, was son of Richard. Learning from copies of Aston
Clinton records that the birth there appeared of Sylvester, son of
Thomas, I thought Savage mistaken, and endeavored so find the
will, for some time in vain, it not being at Doctor's Commons. It
was finally found in Oxford, and I obtained a certified copy ,
through the kindness of Dr. Scott, then Master of Baliol College, '
and after Dean of Winchester.

The will was the foundation of my article in the Register. The j
result of the discovery of the will, as well as other experiences '
which appear herein, show the extreme and patient care required
in such investigations. Our Sylvester proved to be son of neithei
Richard, as he had been reported to be by Savage ; nor son oi
Thomas, as appeared from the records of Astpn Clinton. The wil
attests the very substantial condition of the testator. The legacie
show him to have been possessed of considerable means, for the^
amounts must be multiplied by ten, and the bequests sutficientj
show the character of the man. After handsomely rememberiij
all his immediate relations, he did not forget his tenants, the po
widows, and other poor in his neighborhood, and finally his s
vants. That he was the owner of Dundridge, is amply proved
his bequeathing to his heir "the cofi'er containing the evidenc
that is, his title deeds. It was his father's before him, or joii

Richard, of County Bucks, England. 3.

with him, and they purchased it from the Pakington's, who had
it from Sir John Baklwin. The statement in Lipscombe's History
of Bucks, VoL 2, p. 96, that it ever belonged to Sylvester Bald-
win, is theref )re an error — Lipscombe probably confounded Henry,
son of Sylvester, with the father.

Richard died childless, and was buried at Aston Clinton, 14 Oct., 1630. He m. at

Cholesbur}', , 1592. Cliistian Touckfield, i.e. Tuckfield, who survived him, and

made her will 16 Feb'y, 1641, describing herself of Dundridge, widow. The follow-
ing is an abstract :

Aged and weak — to kinsman John Grove, of Cheshara Boys, and Itis father Nehe-
miah, my kinsman. €20 each; to Del)orah Weston, of Chesham, widow, two pair of
sheets; to sister Joane Chace, £10; to kinsman Richard Arnold, a silver beaker, the
same to go to his son at his death; to Richard Neale, who dwelt with my cousin
Parrett, 10s. ; Kinsman Abraham Parrett, 10s. ; residue of goods, &c. , to my sister
Joane Chace, her children, Jolin Grover, Mary Harris, Thomas Chace and Benaiah
Chace, my kinsman Richard Arnold and my kinsman jNIary Parrett equall3\ Kinsman
Richard Arnold and Thomas Chase to be joint executors, and William Grange over-

The will was proved in the Archdeaconry Court of Bucks, 27 July, 1641, but her
burial does not appear at Aston Clinton.

10. Sylvester. 4-

11. j"ohn.+

12. Robert. +

13. Jane, m. .James Bonus. -|-

14. Mary m. Richard Salter. -]-

15. Agnes, bapt. July, 1579; m. Henry Stonehill.-|-

10. SYLVESTER ^ Henry '^ Kichard, ^ through whom— his elder
brother Richard having died childless — the line of the family
continued. He was living at the date of his grandmother's will,
lo6f ; at that of his mother's, 4 June, 1(322, but was evidently dead
at that of Richard's, 18 Feby., 163|. There seems little room to
doubt that he was the Sylvester who m. at Cholesbury, 28 Sept.,
1590, Jane Wells. The burial of his son George as son Sylvester,
of Dundridge, appears in Cholesbury, 21 Nov., 1596. In the pedi-
gree entered by his grandson, in the visitation of Buckingham-
shire, 1669, he is called of " Milton, in Bedfordshire." There are
two Miltons in that county. In Milton, Bryant, the name of
Baldwin does not appear. In Milton, Ernest, near Bedford, his
own name does not appear, but the marriage and burial of one of
his daughters, and perhaps the burial of his eldest son. It seems
likely the eldest son had settled in Milton, and that his father may


j6 Baldtoin Gevealogy.

have lived with him during the latter part of his life. It is pos-
sible he died shortly before 163f , for there is a hiatus iu the burial
register there, from 6 iSTov., 1632 to 1 May, 1634. The hiatus in
Cholesbury extends from 1611 to 1669, He was no doubt dead by
163f , the date of Kichard's will. ISTo will or administration is
found of himself or his wife. His children, however, are happily
identified by wills of his relatives and other records.

16. George died young, and buried at Cliolesbury, 21 Nov., 1596.

17. Jolin living l|^-g-|, but evidently dead at the date of his uncle's will, Feb'j-,
163f, when his next brother Henry was named as his "next heir." There can be
little doubt he was the John buried at .Milton Ernest, in Bedfordshire, 10 Feb'y,
163^. He had resided there some years, for he signed the parish register as church
warden for the year 1627, 1629 and 1630. No baptisms of children or burial of a
wife appear. It is probable he died unmarried. He however made a will, for a
minute of it appears in the calender of the Archdeaconry Court of Bedfordshire,
now at Northampton, but the will itself has disappeared from iis proper bundle.
It was likely returned to the executor after probate.

18. Henry. -f

19. Sylvester. -|-

20. Richard. +

21. William.+

22. .Jane, named in the will of her grandmother Alice, 4 .June, 1622, but of
whom no more is known.

23. Alice, named in her grandmother's will in 1622. From the will of her
T)rother Henry, in 1661. it appears that one of the daughters m. .John Edwards. In
the register of Milton Ernest appears the marriage, 4 May, 16^9, of .lohn Edwards
and Alice Baldwin. The very next entry in the register is her burial. 6 July, same
year. The children of John Edwards, named in the will of her brother Henry,
were by a second wife, the eldest of whom were baptised at Milton Ernest in 1639.

11. JOHX^ Henry^ Richard,^ evidently from the wills the third
son of Henry and Alice Baldwin. His father left him in his will,
in tII^, four crofts, (croft, a Saxon word meaning a small field
near a dwelling, Webster), called "Stybbings," in AYendover, and
he and his children were remembered in the will of his mother in
1622. His brother Richard, in 163|, bequeathed him £20, equiva-
lent to §1.000 at the present day, and he was living at the date of
his son Richard's w^ill iu 1634. He left no will, but on the 14
Oct., 1637, his widow Hannah was granted letters of administration
from the Archdeaconry Court of Bucks. Pie was then des.oribed
as late of Chesham, Co. Bucks. The bond was sio-aed bv her and
John Baldwin, of Chesham, Mercer.

Baldirin Genealogy.

.ed and have been buried there himself. But there is absi
-itely no trace of him after 1637. Of course, this is not positiv
proof of his identity with John Baldwin, of Xorwich, but
' present it as strongly suggestive."

26. Mary.

27. Agnes.

28. Martha.

These three are all named in the will of their grandmother
Alice, in 1622. They evidently became — but in what order does
not appear — the wives of Thomas Dudsbury, Thomas Ward and
Thomas Butcher, named by their brother Richard as his brothers-
in-law. They were very likely older than John,

12. ROBERT 3 Henry -' Richard ^ He was evidently the fourth
and youngest son of Henry and Alice Baldwin. To him were
bequeathed messuages, lands and tenements in Flanden, Hemp-
stead and elsewhere in Hertfordshire. His will, as of iN'orth
Church Herts, yeoman, dated 22 March, 160|, was proved 1 April
following by his brother Richard, his executor. He directed to be
buried in the churchyard of North Church. He bequeathed 10s.
to his aunt Lettice Foster, then of Tring, and named his brother
Salter overseer of his will. He left small bequests to the poor of
St. Leonard's and Cholesbury. The residue of his estate, which
appears to have been small, he left equally to his wife Joane, and
his daughter Anne. He evidently died very young, and this dau.
Anne was his only child, and then an infant. She was living in
163f as Anne Bryant, with a son Richard at date of will of Rich-
ard, of Dundridge.

29. Anna, m. Alexander Bryant. -f-

13. JANE ^ Henry ^ Richard ^ m. James Bonus — so called gen-
erally, but in the will of his father-in-law, Bonas. She was his
wife in Ifft, but both were dead in 1622, leaving seven children :

30. Henry, in l|-|7y, has 6s. 8d. from Iiis grandfather Baldwin.

31. .James.

32. John.

33. Christian.

34. Faith.

35. Mary.

36. .Jane.


Richard, of County Backs, Englam

Mr. Chester finds no further trace of Hannah. Their cl
lumerated in the will of their grandmother Alice, in l(j22, wV^

24. Richard. His will, as citizen and girdler, at London, dated 9 June, ■r^
proved 23 July, 1684, in the Prerogative Court of Canterburj\ by two Lo'idoii\
friends, Henry Shaw and Hemy Poole. He seems to have been a youn'; man,
certainly unmarried, just commencing business with a partner named George
Thwaites; and he gives the ainouiit of his investment £270, of which he ^ave £120
to his "dear father and mother;" £30 to his brother .John; sums of £1.5 to £30 to
his brothers-in-law, Thomas Dudbury, Thomas Ward and Thomas Butcher; to his
Uncle Richard a ring worth 20s. ; and 40s. to the poor of Chesham, where lie says
lie was born. The rest of his bequests were to friends and servants in London.

25. John, named in the wills of his grandmother, m 1622; Uncle Richard, 1683^,
and brother Richard, 1634.

Mr. Chester savs he sees no good reason why this son may not
have been the emigrant, afterwards known as John Baldwin, of
Xorwich, about whose early history so little is known, and nothing
certainly. The traditions that have come down about him are so
vague as to be practically valueless. He would have been own
cousin of Sylvester, the emigrant, though doubtless much his
junior, as he was a younger son of a still younger son. That he
must have been very young in 1622, is evident from the fact that
his elder brother had only just completed his apprenticeship, and
engaged in business twelve 3'ears later. Other cousins, the Bry-
ants and Stonehills of the same generation, appear to have also
gone to New England about the same time. It seems probable
that he was the "John Baldwin, mercer," who, with his mother,
siffiied the " bond when she administered on his father's estate, in
" 1637. If so, he must have only just commenced business, and
" there is no reason why he may not have given this up, and gone
" with his relations to l!^ew England. In favor of this theory is
" the strong fact that no further trace of him can be found at
" Chesham, nor elsewhere in this country. If not married until
" 1653, as is said, he would then still have been comparatively a
" young man, and probably not far from 35. Admitting that
" John of ]!*s'orwich, did not go to Guilford in 1689 a mere child —
" and on this point there is really no evidence whatever — there is
'' no good reason why this John may not have been that emigrant ; ,
" Avhile in favor of it is his near relationship to the other emi- I

'' grants of his name, and the fact of his disappearance here. It •

" seems improbable that if he had continued as a mercer at dies- j^H
" ham, he would not have married, had children baptised, and '

Richard, of County Bac/iS, England. F

14. MARY =^ Henry 2 Richard 1 m. at Aston Clinton, 30 Jan'}
159f , Richard Salter, very likely the son of Richard Salter, senior,
named by Alice, widow of Henry-' as overseer of her will, while
the son-in-law was alternate executor. Both were living 1G22, with
seven children :

37. Ricliard.

88. Thomas.

39. John, living 163f.

40. David, living 163^.

41. Susan a.

42. Mary, living 163f.

43. Sarah, living 1631.

Each of these children, in 1622, had 40 shillings from their grand-
mother. After 163f , Mr. Chester finds nothing of these, unless
David was David Salter, of Agmondesham, Bucks Co., tanner,
whose nuncupative will, made 11 April, 1669, was 6 proved Oct.
following by his relict Sarah, sole legatee.

15. AG^N'ES 3 Henry - Richard^- She is called Anne in the wiR
of Richard, her brother, but Agnes in that of her mother, and J
the parish register. She was baptised at Aston Clinton, July,
1579. She married Henry Stonehill, and w^as dead in 1622, her
husband three children surviving.

44. Henry had from his uncle Kichard by his will, dated 168f, £30, and 20
acres of free land in Drayton Beauchamp. He was probably the Henry Stonehill
who emigrated to New England, settling with his relatives, Baldwins and Bryants,
in Milford in 1639, and returning in 1646 to England, and it is said by Lambert to

45. Jane perhaps died young, as not mentioned, in 163f, in the will of her
Uncle Richard.

46. Agnes. Probably the one called, in 163f , in the will of her Uncle Richard,
Anne, and given £10.

18. HEXRY ' Sylvester ^ Henry ^ Richard ^- He was living If^f
to be mentioned in his grandfather's will. By the death of two
elder brothers, he became next heir, as well as considerable lega-
tee of his uncle Richard's will, 163f, proved 1636. He appears to
have become a barrister-at-law, and was of Clifford's Inn, London.
He married Mary, only daughter and heir of Edward Hurst, of
Kingston-upon-Thames, Co. Surrey, where she was baptised, 28
July, 1605. She died first. He afterwards lived at Guilford, Co.


BaldLciii Genealogy.

kirrey, and was buried in St. Mary's Chiircli, in that town. lie
made his will 11 Sept., 1661, describing himself of Guilford, gen-
tleman, as he had a right to do, being a barrister, though possessing
no coat of arms. The following is a full abstract of his will:

To the poor people of Guildford, £3; to Mr. Holland, minister
there, for ray funeral sermon, £3; to the ministers of St. Leon-
ard's and Aston Clinton, Co. Bucks, each 20s.; poor of St. Leon-
ards, 40s. I release my brother William the debt to me owing,
if any there be, and give to my nephew, William Baldwin, and
his sister Margaret, each £20; and to my niece Markwick, £10.
I release to Henry Edwards, and Alice his sister, the arrearages
of my brother John Edward's account appearing to be due to me,
they allowing the £15 I am to pay for binding the said Henry
apprentice; niece Sarah, daughter of brother Richard Baldwyn,
£20, and to her and her heirs the tenement at East End, in Flit-
wick, Co. Bedford, devised to me by m}^ said brother Richard.
To dan. Jane, all my child bed linen, and all my late wife's rings,
cabinets, &c.; also £500 at her marriage. To Edward, my son,
ludry household stufi", the goods in my chamber at Cliftbrd's Inn,
sundry plate, &c.; to my grandchild, Elizabeth Baldwin, £100

when 21. " I give to y*^ use of my brother Silvester, , or the

issue of them shall be equally to be divided;" to the

children of my kinsman, John Tories, equally, £60. I appoint as
my executors Thomas my son, and Jane my daughter, my over-
seers, to have the care of my estate until my son Thomas be 24,
and my daughter Jane be 21 years of age.

The will was proved in the Prerogative Court of Canterbur}^ 20
March, 166|, by both executors. It is evident he originally de-
signed leaving legacies to the children of his brother Sylvester, or
their children if they were dead; but eventually changed his mind,
perhaps because inconvenient to obtain them. The blanks were
never filled. He signed his name Baldwyn.

47. Edward. +

48. Thomas. He made his will IG Jul}', 1676, signing Baldwin, describing
himself as of Guildford, Co. Surry, Gentleman, which he was by right, as will
appear hereafter. He left rings and other legacies to several friends; but the only
bequests to his relations were : To Uncle William Baldwin, and his son William
Baldwin, £100 each; all residue to his dear brother Edward, Esq., who was execu-
tor. He directed to be buried in St. Marj-'s Parish, in Guildford, near his father.
The will was proved 21 Feb'y, 167f

49. Jane. Not mentioned in the will of her brother.


jRichanJ, of Count n Back.^, Eniil.aiuL

19. SYLVESTERS Sylvester ^Ulenry-^RieharcP- lie was tl
emigrant to I^Tew England, who died on board ship Martin, Jun
or Julv, 1G38. He is lirst mentioned in the will of his nneh
Richard in 163|, as executor and residuary leii'atee — a hiij-h com-
pliment to his nephew from a man of the property and apparent
sense of Richard, especially as the next heir of Richard was a

prosperous lawyer. He married Sarah , whose surname Hon

John D. Baldwin, of Worcester, informed me long since, on the
authority of Hon. Ralph D. Smith, of Guilford, Conn., was Brv
aijt. Mr. Smith, a very high authority in early relationships ^/
Connecticut, could not some years after, on my visiting him in
Guilford, give me his authority. The fact, however, will appear
very probable, as the English relationship and acquaintance of the
Bryants was then unknown, having been afterwards discovered
by myself. They were married in England, and the following
children were baptised to them in Aston Clinton, Bucks Co.,

50. Sarah, 22 Apl.. 1621, m. Beujamin Fenn, of Milford, Ct.4-

51. Richard, 25 Aug., 1622, here in the 5th generation, but hereafter in this
book as Richard, of Alilford, in the first generation, ancestor of a numerous
family, -f-

53. Mary, 28 Feb'y, 162f ; buried 3 Nov., 1625.

53. Mary, 19 Feb'y. 162|^, m. 1st, Robert Plum, of Milford, Connecticut, and
2nd, William East, of the same place. +

54. Martha, 20 April, 1628. Neither she nor her children appear iii her motlier's
very full will. I conclude she died unmarried.

55. Samuel, 1 July, 1632; buried 4 Jan'y, 163^^.

56. Elizabeth, 28 Jan'y., 163f, and buried three days after.

57. John, 28 October, 1685, appears hereafter in this volume as John, of
Stoningtou, Connecticut. -1-

58. Ruth. Baptism not appearing, but her name in Sylvester's nuncupative
will at Boston. She probably died young, as neither she nor representatives appear
in her mother's very full will.

At a Court of Assistants, held at Boston, the 4th of the 7th
month, 1638, (4 Sept., 1G38,)

" The will of Silvester Bauldwin was p'sented unto the Court,
" and his wife Sarah and sonne Rich'd were allowed executors
according to the will." (Mass. Records, Vol. 1, p. 23, marg. 226.)
iMr. Savage gives the following account of this will:

^•On the main ocean, bound for IST. E., his nuncupative will was

ide 21 June, and proved 13 July, of that year, before Dept. Gov.



Baldwin Genealogy.

idley, by oaths of Chad Brown, Francis Bolt, James Weedeii

id John Baldwin. The estate was good and provision liberal

)r the six children, as well as the widow, to whom, with son

vichard, our general court, 4 Se}>t. following, committed the ad-


The six children are named as Kichard, Sarah, Mary, Martha,

(uth and sou John. Savage supposes the witness, John Baldwin,

be his son; but that could not be for want of age, and because

" his interest therein. The Avitness likely was either John of

^N \vich, or old John of Milford.

I sought for this will or its record as long ago as 1860, but could
not find it, nor could Mr. Savage for me, although he kindly left
his residence with me and sought in the Probate and Secretary of
State's office. I believe it to be in the latter office, or at least to
have been there. The widow went with the emigrants to Xew
Haven, and was the widow Baldwin enrolled among the first

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