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dren appear in Newtown Records. He removed afterward to West
Stockbridge, Mass., and then to Lorain county, Ohio, near the
mouth of Black river, where he d. on his farm about 1821. His
wife d. Aug. 23, 1805. He and his wife were Episcopalians.

558. Daniel Tousey, h. Jan. :.(», 1776: d. Nov. 20, 1786.

559. Zada, b. July 8, 1777.

500. Amos Glover, b. Jan. 22, 1779; became an Episcopalian clergyman, and
d. iu Auburn, N.Y., about 1848, leaving no ch.

561. Jo.^eph Clark, b. Sept. 1, 1780. +

562. Phideme, b. Julv 15. 178-.

yathanui, oj JlUford, Conncdicat. 443

503. Cyrus Burwcll, b. Sept. 25, 1TS4; d. iinni. in Rockbridgx- couuty, V:».,
August, 1855, at tlu- iKUise of his uophew, C. C, s. Joseph ('.
oU. Philemou Priiidle, b. Fob. 21, 1786. +
5(J5. Iluklah Ann, b. Fel». ID, 178;},
om. Daniel Tou.sey, b. Feb. 18, 1792. +
5<)7. Lazarus Smith, b. Oet. 1:5, 179:1

568. George, settled when quite yovuig near C'leveUuid, Ohio. In 181'J, he
returned to Stoekbridge "to remove his parents." He d. of morbid typhus, suc-
ceeding cholera, Sept. 5, 1834, having buried, a few days before, his wife and dau.,
who d. of cholera. He had two daus., of whom Eliza, 1). 1821, d. in 1834.

569. Charles H., b. in Stoekbridge, Mass., March 19, 1802. He received a
clas.sical education under Maj. Jared Curtiss. In Octol)er, 1819, when his father
moved to Ohio, he went to Virginia, where, in his "Auto- Biographical Sketch,"' he
says his brothers Joseph, Cyrus and Philemon had resided for many years, and were
wealthy and higldy respected. He chose the profession of the law, and commenced
practice in 1825, and soon after settled in Charleston, Kanawha county. He was
an eloquent speaker, a close student, with a l)rilliant and acute mind, and in a few
years had already accumulated a handsome property and a tine position. He was,
says ^Ir. ilcComas, (M. C. from Virginia, 1835,) a popular counselor, an eloquent
and able advocate, and a pleasant companion. He was an especial favorite with
the people of Logan county, and therefore called the "Logan Chief." His tir^t
printed production was a Fourth of July oration delivered in Winchester when he
was twenty. In 1833, he was converted to the Methodist Church. He immediately
gave up his profession and l)ecame a minister. He was an enthusiast, whose soul
was in his work. He m. 1st, ^Ijss Elizal)eth Truslow, who d. soon after, leaving
a daughter Mary Elizabeth, b. 1830, or January, 1831; m., Nov. 20, 1856, Thomas
Patton, M.D , of Lewisburg, Greenbriar county, Va.

He m. 2"fi. ]Miss Mary Jane, dau. Gen. Lewis, of Mason county, Va. ; she d. not
long after, and m. 'd^d, March, 1837, Miss Ann Eliabeth Tavener. Their ch. were
Charles Tavener and Thomas Tavener. His biographer says he loved each of his
wives with a sincere, tender and pure love. He d. November, 1839. HisAvidow is
living, 1875. The fourth edition of his biography was puljlished, 1874, in Cincinnati,
Ohio, 314 pages, entitled "Conversion of a Skeptic, a Member of the Bar," by Kev.
M. P. Gaddis, Sen. The volume shows strongly, the religious, ardent character
of its subject, athou^h it is thought by his friends not to be properly ajipreciiitive
in all respects. It is said that he was never properly a skeptic.

Chai'les K., in hi.s "Autobiogi-apliical Sketches,"' says his mother
"was a very piou.-^ woman and highly esteemed. His father was a
farmer once in atliuent circumstances, but reduced by much sick-
ness in his family and other circumstances. He exchanged, in
1815, his farm for lands on Lake Erie, where he removed in 1817.

807. LUET(3N"« Daniel •Mames,M). in Xewtown, Conn.. Dec. 8,
1761; m. Amy Burwell, b. Dec. 10, 17<)6. They moved, about
1802, to Sandgate, Vt. lie d. March 2, 1822 ; she, April 7, 1846.

577. Samuel Burwell, b. ^larch 7, 1785: hem, and settled in Sandgate, Vt. ,
where he d. Nov. 22. 1857, or 1847, leaving no ch.

444: Baldwin Genealogy.

578. Polly Auu, b. Oct. 29, 1786: moved to Sandgate. Vt., aud m. Clark Peck;
both are dead. She d. Nov. 8, 1865. They had ch. : Baldwin, d. iinm., a young
man; Levi, of Sandgate; Smith, of Sandgate; Louisa, m. at the South, and is a
widow; Amy, m. Hamilton; Laura, m. Millard; Amanda, m. Kent; and Ann, in
187o, num. in Rupert, Yt.

579. Daniel, b. Dec. 16, 178S; m. Nancy Skidmore; d. April 16, 1807, in Sand-
gate, Vt.*

580. Philo, b. April 2, 1791; went to Sandgate with his parents; m. Polly
Davis, and had two ch., who are both dead, and his grandchildren are living in
Pennsylvania. His widow m. Roj'al Levans.

581. Nabl)y, b. Oct. 36, 1794; m. Hiram Wells and settled in Glenn's Falls,
N.Y. He d. June, 18 TS. Children: live s. and three daus. ; two daus. are dead.

583. Laura, b. Feb. 7, 1798: m. Dr. Elijah Hurd, and .settled at Glenn's Falls,
N.Y. She has one dau. living near her parents.

583. Ransford, b. in Sandgate, Yt., May 17, 1800; settled, 1835, in Granville,
N.Y". He m. Mary Dickinson, and had ch. : George Henry, Feb. 34, 1837, d. Aug.
16. 1838: George Henry, Jan. 16, 1839, d. April 1, 1839; Edgar, Feb. 33, 1830, m.
Susan B. Kingsbury, dau. Hon. Benjamin, Jr., of Portland, Me., and in 1875, is
of Solomon City, Dickinson county, Kan. ; Eliza, Sept. 10, 1833, m. James Ladd,
of New York State: R. Frederick, July 10, 1834, went South; Oscar, March 8,
1838, of Kan.sas City; aud David, April 3, 1843, d. April 17, 1843.

584. Flora, b. Dec. 31, 1803; m. David Haviland, of Glen's Falls, N. Y.
Children: George, in the late war, and d. in Salisbury Prison; and another sou also
was in the war.

585. Eliza, b. March 1, 1807; living. 1874, in Sandgate, unm. ; and I am
indebted to her for most of \\\y account of this family.

586. Amos, b. May 3, 1810; he m., survived his wife, l)ut is dead. He had a
dau. Harriet, who m. Henrv Johnson, of Hartford, Conn. ; and a second daughter,
who lives in ]Maine.

311. RANSFORD « Daniel ^ James,* b. in Xewtown, Conn., Feb.
17, 1768 ; m. Hannah Tousey, b. May 8, 1770. They settled in
Stockbridge, Mass.; thence, March 10, 1803, to Stamford, Delaware
county, I^. Y. He d. at Hobart, the same county. May 5, 1854;
she, at Stamford, May 17, 1847.

587. Zera, b. July 37. 1791. +

588. Rebecca, b. Nov. 31, 1794; m. Silas Keeler, M.D.,of Seneca Falls, N.Y.,
and d. Oct. 16, 1835.

589. David, b. April 9, 1797; d. June 34, 1863, in New York Citj', and left a
s. David living near there.

590. Daniel, 1). April 19, 1800. +

* A Daniel, from name of Skidmore perhaps of this family, who m. Ann Skidmore, had several sons and
daughters, of whom Nancy d. in 1S37. Roswell, b. April 2, ISIO, m., Nov. 29, 183S, Flora S. Palmer, b.
Nov. 2S, 1818, and d. Jan. 3, 1837. They had: Maria, Jan. 22, 1741, m., 1860, Edwin Blaii, and d. 1862:
Henrietta, Feb. 14, 1842, m., in 1862, C. Kowell: Elizabeth J-, Nov. 14, 1S43, in., CXt 6, 1861, H. H. Miller;
Henry W., May 14, 1844; Mary E., Feb. 14, 1846, m., Jan. 20, 1868, S. Gorton; Hattie, Feb. 14, 1849, m.,
Nov. 15, 1868, F. Bush: Lillie, Sept. 5, 1850, m., Aug. 27, 1876, E. Harter, Fred. P. Baldwin, Sept. 14, IScS,
m , Feb. 8, 1877, Em na A. Camp; and Florence, Jan. 17, 1857, d. October, 1857.

Ill 1S7S, Fred. Palmer Baldwin had a fine-art store at 38 Columbia street, Utica, N. Y.

Xathanid, of JlH/orcf, Connecticut. 445

591. Naucy, b. Juuo 2, 1802; ni. (Oliver Hamliu, and d. at Sak-m, Pcun., Feb.
1, 1835.

592. Laura, b. July 4, 1804; m. Bailey, and had at lea.sl a dau. Laura M. ; in
1875, unm. in Le Raysville, Plmiu.

593. Julia Emeiine, b. Jan. 31, 1809; ni. May 19, 1852, Alexander Stewart, b.
1801: d. Oct. 26, 1875, in Batesville. Greene county, N.Y.

321. DAVID« Caleb 5 Caleb^ DaiiieP Daniel-^ Nathaniel,! b. in
Kewtown, Conn., Marcli 17, 1758, and bapt. two clays after. He
continued in Newtown. He m., Feb. 12, 1778, Hannah Brooks,
who d. Feb. 15, 1826, aged 68, "of old age." He d. April 14,
1811. He was a merchant, a prominent and leading man, a Militia
General, and popularly known as General.

594. Laura, b. Xov, 1, 1778; d. March 21, 1782.

595. Flora, 1). April 28, 1783; m. Jewett, and d. in the State of New York,
probably at Rochester. She had ch. : Nathan, and a dau. who m. Henry David
Sargent, of Rochester.

596. Boyle Van Brooks, 1). Nov. 1, 1786; drowned in early life on the Missis^
sippi river.

597. David Van Brooks, b. Feb. 25. 1788; d. Aug. 12, 1865, and is buried in
the Episcopal cemetery at Newtown. He was a merchant and a man of property.
He left one dau. Mary, still, 1875, living at the Insane Asylum at 3Iiddletown, Conn.

323. ELIJAH *^ Caleb -5 Caleb,M). in Newtown, Conn., Jan. 13,
1762. He removed after April, 1790, to Stamford, Delaware
county, N.Y. He m., Jan. 18, 1782, Cloe Lobdtll.

600. Betsey, b.Aug. 30, 1783; m. Heth Griffin, of Stamford, Delaware coimty,
N.Y., and had a s. John, who m. Betsej' Foote, and had a s. and dau. ; Orrin, m.
Laura Foote, and had a son, d. y. ; Charles, of Stamford, who m. in succession two
dans, of Abel Baldwin; and Betsey Maria, who m. Joel Carringtou, no ch.

601. Polly, b. Jan. 4, 1785; d. unm.

602. Abel, b. Oct. 7, 1787; m. Betsey Real, and had ch. : John R., m. ; Adaline,
m., as his l^tw., her cousin Charles Griffin, and had a ch. d. y. ; Angeline, m., as
as liis 2nd w., Charles Griffin, and living, 1876, in Stamford.

603. Sherman Smith, b. April 20, 1790. +

604. Clotilda, m. Peter Grant, and had one eh., wdio lived in Stamford, Dela-
ware county, N.Y".

605. Boyle V. B., m. Margaret Wolf; moved to Broome county, N.Y., and
thought to have d. there.

324. JOHN '' Caleb " Caleb,^ b. in Newtown, Conn., Oct. 18, 1763.
He d. there, Jan. 22, 1837, "aged 73, of debility." He m. Sarah
Hatch; his wife d., April 28, 1835, of jaundice. He was a phy-

446 Baldwin Genealogy.

606. Cornelius, 1). Oct. 19, 1784; .settled in New Milforcl, Conn. ; m. Eunice
Marsh, of New Milford: had no ch,, and in 1857, his will remembers his wife and
his relatives.

607. Philo, 1). Sept. 25, 1788. +

608. Amy, h. Oct. 8, 1790; d. unm. ; her will is dated 1840.

609. Donald, b. Feb. 17, 1796; d. September or Octol)er, 1823, of "typhus," unm.

610. Sally, b. Jan. 15, 1800; m. 1st, John Blackman. who d. the same year.
She m. 2'h1, C'hauncey Noble, of New Milford as his second w. ; her dau. ])y her first
Imsljand, Delia, m. a s. of Chauncey Noble, and has three daus., all m. and living,
1875. in New Milford, Conn.

611. William, b. Nov. 28, 1803; m., Oct. 19, 1825, Caroline Nortlirup. He d.
Jan. 12, 1848, aged 44. Children: Donald Botsford, Oct. 26, 1827, d. aged 21; and
a dau., d. infant, Sept. 8, 1828. "William m. 2nii, and had a s. James D., who m.
1st, ^lay 29, 1853, jVIargaret Blackman, by whom he had two daus. and four or
five sons. He m. 2nd, bxit has no more ch., and lives, 1875, in Bethel, Fairfield
county, Ohio.

325. rillLO *^ Caleb ^ Caleb,* b. in Newtown, Conn., Sept, 7,
1765 ; he m. there, Kov. 25, 1792, Betsey Lacey.

612. Frederick, b. Jan. 11. 1794; d. in "Washington, D. C. ; had two .sons and
two daus., who are dead, and one who m. Josiah Wilcox, and lives in Brooklyn,
N.Y., and has four or five ch.

613. Augustus, b. Dec. 24. 1796: m. and had several ch. ; when last heard of,
living in Lockport, N.Y.

614. Sidney, l). Nov. 8, 1798; m. Deborah Lynes. of Le Raysville, Penn., and
moved to Indiana, where he d. , leaving a widow and three or four ch.

615. AVinthrop, when last heard of, living in Catskill, N.Y. ; twice m. ; no ch.

616. Mary, m. Reed j\I. Bosworth, of Le Raysville, Bradford countv, Penn.
She moved west about 1849, and d. leaving two daus.

617. Delia; m. D. A. ^Morrison, formerly of Orange county. N.Y. They moved
West, where he d., leaving a niunber of ch. His widow and some of the ch. were
living, several years ago, in Davenport, Iowa.

327. CALEB (5 Caleb '^ Caleb,* b. in Newtown, Conn., Oct. 15,
1772, where he cl. Dec. 10, 1844. He m. l**- May 19, 1799, Betsey
Beers, who d. Nov. 17, 1822. He m. 2"'^' Marcii 24, 1824, Sarah
Beardslee, who still surviving, September, 1875, lives on the home-
stead at Newtown Centre; >5he Avas b. Nov. 10, 1781, dau. of Rev.
Chauncey Prindle, an Episcopal clergyman, of Oxford, Conn.,
formerly of Woodbridge, Conn.; she m. 1**' Josiah Beardslee.

621. Anna, b.- May 13, 1800; d. of fever, Oct: 24, 1825.

622. Daniel, 1). June 10, 1802; m.. Oct. 13. 1824, Anna Booth. He d. Aug. 26,
1825, of fever; she; Oct. 1, 1825, of fever; no ch.

623. ]Mary, b. May 3, 1804, and d. the .same day.

624. Henry, 1). Jan. 30, 1807; he m., Dec. 25, 1845, Alma Bryan; she d. Feb.
11, 1868. He lived in his father's homestead — a doul)le, large, old. fashioned house
in Newtown C'entre, south of the Episcopal church ; no ch.

Kathaniel, of 3Iilford, Connecticut. 447

625. Elizabeth, b. March 22, 1810: m. Lewis Booth, who d. about 186.J, and in
1875. slie lives, in IIuntin<rton, Conn., with a married dau,

Caleb was for many years Town Clerk, and by tradition his
father and he held the office for ninety years.

328. DAVID <5 Jeremiah^ Jeremiah* Daniel =^ Daniel- Xathan-
iel/ b. in Xew Milford, Conn., September, 1768, and d. there, July
10, 1810. He m. Abigail Bull, b. April 9, 1768, and d. December,

626. :\lartha Pond, b. Aug. 9, 1791 : m. Dec. 23, 1813, Orriu Beuuett, of New
Milford, b. Sept. 23, 1788, and d. May 16, 1838. Children: Frederick Fowler, Oct.
11, 1815, and d. March 12, 1816: Myron Baldwin, .Jan. 27, 1817, m., Sept. 27, 1841,
]\Iary Stuart, and d. Aug. 24. 1856, leaving three ch. : .Tames IMarcus, Sept. 12, 1818,
d. Aug. 24, 1856: Harriet, 1820: Frederick Ger.<hom, October, 1822, m., Oct. 4, 1845,
Harriet E. Baldwin, dau. Nolile. and a descendant of Richard (see page 121) ;
and Franklin, Aug. 29, 1827.

627. Harriet, b. Feb. 22, 1794: d. :\Iarch 19. 1875.

628. Charlotte INIaria, April 9, 1801 ; d. July 23, 1844.

329. JOIIN*^ Jeremiah'^ Jeremiah.* b. in Xew Milford, Conn.
He cl. there in 1806, and his estate was distributed to his widow
Jane and the children below, save Samuel.

629. Samuel, b. Sept. 6, 1791, as appears from the narrative of Davis Bald-
win, d. y.

630. Betsey, m. Walker Canfield, of Xew [Milford.

631. ^Ij'ra, m. Philo Neariug. of Smyrna, Chenango county, X.Y

632. Lucy, m John Xearing. of Xew Lisbon, Otsego county, X.Y.

633. .John Treat, b. March 12, 1799: became a Congregational clerg3-man. He
m., Oct. 27, 1831, Maria Smith, dau. Solomon Smith, of Xew York. Brouson's
"Historj-of Watcrbur}'" says she was dau. Eli Clark. The " Trowbridge Gene-
alogy" says she was Maria Benedict, b. March 12, 1799, dau. Aaron, whom., March
13, 1820, Solomon Smith, who d. April 10, 1822. He is said, in 1873, to be preach-
ing as Missionary among the Indians : then said to be among the ]\Iodocs.

634. Charles, m. twice, and 1874 said to be living in ATest Haven.

330. JEREMIAH f^ Jeremiah ^ Jeremiah,* b. in Xew Milford,
Conn. He m. Sarah E. Merwin. His will, dated May 2, 1843,
was proved Xov. 20 following, and his property was given to his
wife and five children.

635. Minerva, m.. as his 2"^! wife, Asa Xearing.

636. Polly, b. Feb. 20, 1814: m. Asa Xearing, of Xew Lisbon, Otsego county,
X.Y. .

637. Delia Maria, m., as 2^'^ wife, Sheldon Buckingham, b. Xov. 22, 1803, of
Clayton, Gloucester county, X.Y.

638. Harriet Eliza, m. Alliert X. Baldwin, a descendant of Richard.

448 Baldwin Genealogy.

639. David Morwiii; iu 1S75, living in New Milford, at the old place ou Long
Mountain; m., 1829, Laura M. Fuirchild. Children: Andrew, b. Aug. 1, 1831, who
m. Delia Merwiu; iu 1875, living in New ^Milford, near his father, with three cli.;
his wife is dead; and Sarah, Feb. 17, 1834, who d. July 1, 18r)0.

640. Caroline, m. Chauncey Noble, of New ^lilford, and d. 1832. He m. 2nJ,
Sally Baldwin 7 Johnf Calebs Caleb -t Daniels Daniel'- Nathaniel. i She had a son
who m. a dau. of Sally, by her 1** husband, John Blackman.

334. D AXIEL ^ Andrew '" Jeremiah,^ b. iu Milford or Woodbury,
Couu. He moved to Grauville, Greene county, N.Y.; thence,
about 1801, to Columbia county, X.Y, He d. in Spencertown,
June 11, 1848, aged 73. He m. Clarris Steward or Stewart, who
d. Feb. 7, 1835, aged 53.

664. Sarah P., b. 1802; m. William Parsons, of Spencertown. Columbia county,
N.Y., and had ch. : John B., a merchant in Chicago, who d. in I860; and George
W., a lawyer of New York City, residing at Tarrytown, N.Y. : in 1875, traveling
in Europe with his family.

665. Mary A., b. 1804; d. uum. 1853.

666. Charles S., b. 1806; was a merchant iu Buffalo, N.Y., where he d_^1852,
leaving no ch.

667. William A., b. 1808; in 1875, was a merchant in Chicago; m. and had one
ch. aged three or foiu- years. Post Office address, 265i Illinois street.

668. Daniel A., b. 1810; was a lawyer; m. Abbie A., only child of Judge
Abraham P. Holdridge, of Spencertown, Columl)ia county, N.Y., and had ch. :
Kate, deceased ; and Abraham H. He was President of the West Wisconsin Rail-
way, which he built, and in which he was a large owner. Baldwin, Wis., was
named from him. He resided winters in New York, summers in Hiulson, Wis.
He d. about 1878. Abraham P., s. Abraham P., was Vice-President of the Railroad.

669. Clarissa, b. 1813; m. William S. Davis, a merchant, at Chatham. Columbia
county, N.Y., and had eh. : Sarah and Alvin.

670. James H., h. May 28, 1814. -f

671. Eliza A., b. 1816; m. Wadsworth, and d. 1854.

672. Frederick M., 1). 1818; m. Eliza! leth Lindsley, of Lamoile. 111.; is a mer-
chant, and has had at least two s. and three dans.

673. Augustus C, b. 1820; m. Mary Cook; is a wliolesale merchant in New
York City. In 1875, he had a dau. iu Europe, and a son Augustus in Harvard

674. David H., b. in Spencertown, town of Austerlitz, Coliuubia county, N.Y.,
Dec. 21, 1823; m., March 20, 1850, Pamelia J. Cook, dau. Atwater Cook, of Salis-
bury, Herkimer county, N.Y. In 1875, he resides in West Springfield, ]\Iass., and
has a dau. :\Iary Eliza, b. March 30, 1861.

345. ELIAKBP SamueP Caleb.* I do not know whether he
was born in Ridgetield, Conn., or in Portage county, Ohio. He d.
in Aurora or Bainbridge, in that county, leavings it i.s said, quite
a family of children, of whom all living, in 1874, are in Solon,
Cuyahoga county, Ohio, it is said.

JSathanid, of Mlljord, Connecticut. 44y

681. Iliirric't JaiU', b. in Portage couutj^ Ohio; m., Feb. 8, 1840, Kicliard
Dewey, of Solou, Cuyahoga county, Ohio, s. Moses Dewey, from Westtieltl, Mass.
Chiklreu: Oliver Eliakini, of Solon, m. Electa Franklin, and has two ch. ; Iluldah
Jane, m. George Jenkins, of Sacramento, Cal., and in 1874 lias no ch. ; Almond
Ralph, is m. and a lawyer in Washington county, Iowa; Castella Adora, m. CliflVn-d
Hughes, of Newbury, Geauga comity, Ohio, tiicre in 1874, and has ch. Lilla (twin
to Willie), 1860; Wiilie (twin), 1860; and Liva Belle, 1865.

683. Henry, h. in Portage county, Ohio; in 1875, living in Solon, Cuyahoga
county, Ohio; is called "Cary," (perhaps his middle name.) He. m Amanda Bisley.
Children : Frank, Orsa, Herman, Cassius and Corda.

683, Samuel.

347. HEXRY <^ SfimueP Caleb,^ d. about 1875, in Niles, Ohio;
he m. Orsa Forward.

688. Orsa, b. 1819, in Aurora, Ohio; m. Stoughtou Bentley, brother of Martin;
lived in Bentlej'ville, Solon, Cuyahoga county, Ohio. Children : Henry Baldwin,
Dec. 4. 1889, d. in the army, Feb. 11, 1862, uum., memljier 4"2d Ohio Regiment
Infantry; Mary Orsa, Aug. 6, 1841, m., Aug. 3, 1865, Charles R. Harmon, of
Aurora in 1877; Alicia, Aug. 23, 1844, m., April, 1863, Omar W. Folsom, living,
1877, in Shalersville, Portage county, Ohio, and has ch., Jonathan, Charles, Jennie
and George; Charles Stoughton, Sept. 5, 1846, graduated in 1870, at Hillsdale Col-
lege, Mich., is a lawyer in Bryan, Ohio, m.. May 4, 1874, Isal)ella Kempton, of
North Adams, Mich., dan. Henry, and has one ch., March 30, 1875; Emih- Amanda,
August, 1849, m., .March 3, 1877, John Butler, of Hillsdale, 3Iich., Professor of
Languages in the College there, no ch. ; Olive Haskell, May 15, 1852, Teacher, 1877,
in the Public Schools of Cleveland. Orsa m. 2nii, Joel Chapman, of Mantua, Ohio;
she survived him, having no ch. bj' him.

348. HARVEY « Samuel ^ Caleb,-* of Aurora, Portage county^
Ohio ; m., Oct. 10, 1818, Laura Kent, of Bainbridge, Ohia, b.
March 23, 1797, dau. Gamaliel. He was drowned in 1828, and she
m. 2"^^' E Jmond Mott, of CoUamer, Cuyahoga county, Ohio.

689. Laura Ann, b. N(jv. 29, 1819; d. in Bainbridge, Sept. 20, 1824.

690. Harvey, b. April 1, 1823; m., Dec. 23, 1847, Emily Carver, b. Nov. 8,
1823. dau. Chester and Anna Carver, of Aurora. He lives, 1874, in Streetsboro or
Aurora, Portage county, Ohio. He is a leading ^letliodist, farmer and cheese buyer.
Children: Ella Florence, Sept. 11, 1848, who is a music teacher; Alice 3Iatilda, Nov.
10, 1850; Carrie Estella, .June 11, 1855; Harriet Eulalia, Aug. 24, 1858; Anna Laura,
July 23, 1860; and :Minnie Carver, Dec. 17, 1862.

691. Philander, Dec. 8, 18'24; d. Sept. 12, 1829.

692. Oscar Owen, b. Dec. 28, 1828; graduated at 01)erlin College in 1854; m.,
Aug. 23, 1854, Harriet Newell Parker, dau. Herrick Parker, of Elyria, Ohio, 1).
Sept. 37, 1830; is a lawyer in Rochester, Minn. In 1874, no ch.

349. ALAXSOjST '^ Samuel ^ Caleb,^ resided at the old homestead
at Aurora Center, Portage county, Ohio. His widow, "Aunt
Ruth,"' lives there in 1874.

450 ■ JBaldwin Genealor/y.

693. Betsey, m. Reubeu CJanuou, of Portage county, Oliio; promiuent in agri-
culture. Tliey liad dau. Adelaide, s. Addis, and two daus., d. y.

694. Hannah, m. Charles Harmon, a merchant in Aurora. She is dead, and
left ch. : Charles R. Clayton and Henry. He is m. the second time.

695. Melissa, d. unm.

696. Laura, d. y.

697. Lucy, m., Sept., 1858, Orville G. Kent, b. March 31. 1829, s. Gamliel H.
Kent, of Baiubridge, Geauga county, Ohio. He lived for a while in Chester, in
the .same county. He removed thence to Cleveland, Ohio, where he has long been
a leading wholesale grocer, and a very agreeable, intelligent gentleman. His wife
d. Oct. 16, 1872. She had ch. : Oliver Charles, Dec. 6, 1859; Kate, Aug. 6, 1861,
d. Dec. 13, 1865; Gertrude, Oct. 15, 1869; and Grace, April 13, 1871.

350. Cx\LEB^^ Samuel-^ Caleb,* b. in Connecticut; came with
his father to Aurora, Ohio, about 1800. He was drafted in the
war of 1812, took camp fever, and d. in 1813.

698. Daughter, dead.

699. .James M., of Hopkins, Allegan county, 3Iicli.

700. Caleb H.. 1). April 30, 1813; in 1874, living in Solon, Cuyahoga county,
Ohio; m., but no ch.

351. ABRAHAM DUDLEY « Dudley ^^ Michael* Timothy
Samuel- Nathaniel,^ b. in Fairfield, Conn. (Greenfield Hill), April
15, 1788 ; graduated at Yale College in 1807, and settled as a*law-
yer in Fairfield. He d. June 8, 1862, highly respected, with the
reputation of always acting on the motto, "Semper Fidelis,^' sup-
posed by his children to be the family motto. He m. 1**' Mary
Grant, of Greenfield.

701. Abram. d. unm. off the coast of Africa.

702. 3Iary, b. in Fairfield, Conn. ; m. Burr Morehouse, and has one ch., Abra-
ham Dudley.

Abraham Dudley Baldwin m. 2"^- 1815, Henrietta Jennings, b.
June 3, 1784, in Fairfield, Conn., dau. Joel, son of John Jennings.

703. William (M.D.), d. on a journey to Pike's Peak, as the medical man of
the party.

704. Henrietta. ]>. in Fairfield, Conn. ; m. Henry Sturges. of Fairfield. Chil-
dren: (1) .Jeremiah, m. Amelia Hanford, and in 1875 has two ch. ; (2) Henrietta
Maria, m. W. L. Welles, M.D. ; (3) Henry, m. Laura Colsom; (4) Abraham Dudley,
M.D. ; (5) Anna; and (6) William Shelton.

705. Sarah, b. in Fairfield, Conn. ; m. Rev. Philo Canfield, a Congregationa
clergyman .settled, 1875, in Iowa. Children; (1) Sarah, (2) Carrie, (3) Philo, and
<4) Molly.

706. Henry, b. in Fairfield, Conn. ; m. Martha, dau. Is. B. Alvord, of South-
port, Conn., and has, 1875, three ch. ; Henry Dudley; Xehemiah, m. Augusta
Brinsmade, dau. Lewis Brinsmade, of Fairfield comity, Conn. ; and Francis.

Xathconcl, of 3Ti.lford, Connecticat. 451

7(iT. .MifluK'l. 1'. iu Fairfield county. Conn. : ni. Deliorali. dau. Menviu Sturges,
and had iour ch. : C'liarli's. Michael. Clara and Anna.

708. Anna, m. Alk-n Nichols, of Southport. Conn.

709. Clara, b. iu Fairtield. Conu. : m. AVilliam Hall, a nierchaut. of Bridircport,
Conn., and' have one dau.; and William. 1875, in Harvard Univcrsit)', l)eing edu-
cated for a physician.

358. JAMES WILLIAM '■ William '' Michael,* b. April 3, 1822,
iu Xew Haven, Conn. He gracluated at Yale College in 1842. In
1843, he settled iu Columbus, Ohio, as a lawyer. The History of
Franklin County, published in 1880, speaks of him as "decidedly
the best Chancery laAy3'er in Columbus," and one whose services

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