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1084. Juliette, m. Chauncey Seymour ; she and her husband are dead. Child,
d. y. ; child, d. y. ; Henry, m. Mary Wheaton, have three daus., and live, 1875, in
Le Raysville, Bradford county, Penn.; and Frederick P., m. Ruby Matthews, of
Orwell, Bradford county, Penn., who settled in Parkersburgh, Butler county, Iowa,
and have five ch.

1085. John, b. in Newtown, Conn. ; m. Ellen Stevens, of Le Raysville, Bradford
countj', Penn.. where they reside, in 1875, on a farm with their sons. Children:
Susan, d. in 1873; James Stevens; and Edward.

1086. Esther Ann, b. in Newtown, Conn. ; m. George H. Little, as his S^d wife.
He is a farmer in Le Raysville, Penn. Children : Emma, d. several years ago ; and
William, living in Towanda, Penn.

1087. Sarah M., b. in Newtown, Conn.; ra. Augustus Smith, of Le Raysville,
Penn. They moved to Cedar Falls, Blackhawk county, Iowa, where his two
younger ch. live with him, unm., in 1875. Children: Robert, m. and living, 1875,
in Parkersburgh, Iowa, has two ch., ones, and onedau. ; Sarah, m. George Bellamy,
1875 living in Nashua, Iowa, and has one dau. and onp s. living, has lost one s.,
Edward, and Ella.

1088. Amos Skidmore, b. in Newtown, Conn., about 1823; m. 3Iary Smith,
sister of Augustus Smith, who m. Sarah M. Baldwin. They live, 1875, in Le Rays-
ville, Bradford county, Penn. Children: Anna, Jennie, Enuna and Burtie, all unm.

1089. Ann Eliza, b. in Newtown Conn., about 1825; m. Alonzo Smith, brother
of Augustus and ^lary. She d. in 1870. Children: two daus., Hattie and Ella, in
1875, are num. and living witli their fatlier in Le Raysville, (m the old farm; and
Frank, d. in 1873.

. ^'>9'' iy-O^mui irS^TisMSaltui 'S'-f''



Nathaniel, of Milford, CoaiLCctkat. -471

1090. Sdphia Jane, b. in Newtown, Conn., about 1828; m. Edward W. Ko.'fS,
of Le Kay:^ville, Penn. ; residing, 1875, in Pittstield, Warren county, Penn. C-Iiil-
dren all nam.

1091. Emma Caroline, b. in 1831; m. Bucl C. Tliayer, of East Cliarlemont,
Franlilin county, Mass., wiiere they live in 1875. They have had two ch., d. y.

1092. Hannah, m. Georsre B. Yansaun, at Cedar Falls, Iowa, where tliey live
in 1875. They have ch. : William, Frederick, Frank, and a son, d. infant.

670. JAMES II. 7 Daniel '^ Aiulrew,5 b. May 28, 1814, in Colum-
bia county, i^.Y.; he is a Presbyterian clergyman. He m.. May 1,
1843, Elizabeth Hopkins, of Circleville, Ohio. He resides in Beloit,
Wis.; address, Prescott, Wis.

1126. Samuel H., b. 1844; d. 1846.

1137. AVilliamD., 1). 1846; d. 1848.

1128. Jaynes W., b. 1848; in 1875, in Pana, 111.

1129. Mary A., b. 1850; m. Hartman, and resides, 1875, in Eidgetield, 111.

1130. Hattie E., b. 1853; in 1875, is teacher in Oxford Seminary, Ohio.

1131. Edward P., b. 1855.

1132. Albert M., b. 1859.

othy,^ b. in Guilford, Conn., March 29, 1810. His father d. before
he was three years old. When fifteen, he began in the business
of his life, by being a clerk in a dry goods store in New Haven.
Soon after he became of age, he began for himself in that city,
removing, in 1842, to New York. As a merchant in the wholesale
business in New York, he always stood among the first, and had
a very highly honorable and prosperous career. In 1874, he retired.
His liberality and public spirit are well known by intelligent men.
In Guilford, he endowed the Guilford Institute, and founded the
Chittenden Professorship of Divinity at Yale, among many other
acts of public good. He has been a decided Republican. In 1875,
although other Republican candidates had been nominated for
Congress in Brooklyn, N.Y., he was elected as an independent
candidate by a majority of five to six thousand. He m.. May 20,
1837, Mary Elizabeth Hartwcll, dau. Sherman Hartwell, a banker
in Bridgeport, Conn. She d. in Guilford, Conn., Sept. 3, 1852,
and he m. 2"^>' Oct. 11, 1854, Cornelia Baldwin Colton, of Phila-
delphia, widow of Walter Colton, an officer of the Government in
California. In 1880, he is still in Congress, and a very infiuential
member, especially in finance.

1209. 3[ary Hartwell, b. Aug. 18, 1840; m.. May, 1864, Dr. William T. Lusk,
of Xorwich, Conn. ; in 1875 resident of New York City, and Professor of Bellevue

472 Baldwin Genealogy.

Medical College. She ci Sept. 13, 1871, leaving cli.: Graham, Feb. 15, 1866: :\rary
Elizabeth, May 22, 1867; William Chittenden, July 23, 1S6S; Anna Hartwell, Jan.
8, 1870; and infant, Sept. 5, 1871, d. Sept. 18, 1871.

1310. Simeon Baldwin, b. June 6, 1845; m.. May 21, 1868, Mary AYarner Hill,
dau. John J. Hill, Esq., of Brooklyn, N.Y. He is a lawyer in New York City.
Children: Alice Hill, June 27, 1869; and Mary Hartwell, Jan. 2, 1872.

1211. Charles Sherman, b. May 11, 1850; d. June 15, 1852.

767. POMEROY^ Pomeroye Stephen ^ Stephen* Timothy ^
Samuel" Nathaniel/ b. in Hudson, Ohio, March 19, 1818 ; settled
in Massillon, Ohio, where he d. March 25, 1849. He m., Dec. 10,
1840, Clara Anna Miller, b. July 12, 1821, dau. Judge Jacob Miller,
of Massillon, and gr. dau. George Miller, one f>f the first settlers
of Stark county, Ohio.

1217. Miller Collins, b. 1841; in 1873, living in Chicago. He m., Dec. 10, 1873,
Miss Laura Appleton Kumler, of Lowell, Mass.

1218. Frank D., b. July 19, 1846; graduated at Yale ; studied law in Cleveland.
Ohio; and settled as a lawyer in Massillon, Ohio, where, in 1880, he is in successful
practice. In 1873, he was unm.

1219. H. Pomeroy, b. Dec. 30, 1847; in 1873, living in Chicago, El.

779. ELIZA GIDDINGS" :N"orman C.^ Stephen,^ b. Nov. 9,
1830, at Hudson, Portage county, Ohio ; she m., Oct. 10, 1855,
Henry Bishop Perkins, son of the late Gen. Simon Perkins, of
"Warren, Ohio. Mr. Perkins is a leading and wealthy resident of
that place. In 1880, he represents his district in the Ohio Senate.

1228. Mary Baldwin, b. August, 1856.

1229. Olive Douglass, b. August, 1858.

1230. Jacob, b. August, 1861.

781. NORMAN" KJ Norman C.« Stephen,^ b. in Ohio City (now
part of Cleveland), Ohio, Jan. 12, 1835 ; he m. Ann Webster. He
Avas Captain in the late war. He has been a cheese merchant in
Solon, Ohio, and in 1875 removed to Cleveland, Ohio.

1231. Mary Harriet, b. June, 1869.

1232. Virginia Web.ster, b. Feb. 23, 1872.

792. RUFUS JUDD " Rufus^ Elisha ^ Stephen * Timothy ^ Sam-
uel ^ Nathaniel,^ b. at Guilford, N.Y., Jan. 22, 1826 ; graduated, in
1846, at Union College, N.Y.; m. Caroline L. Mygatt, dau. William
and Caroline (Northrop) Mygatt; therefrom New Milford, Conn.;
she was b. Jan. 31, 1827. He became a lawyer, and a Member of the
New York Assembly in 1853. He settled in Minneapolis, where.

Nathaniel, of ^lilford, Connecticut. 473

in 1873, he is Cashier of the State lN"atioiial Bank of Minneapolis ;
was Member of the Minnesota Senate in 1861-2-3 ; only surviving

1237. Frederick K., b. Nov. 6. 1860.

799. THERON' Theron*^ Elisha,^ h. at Jacksonville, Morgan
county, 111.; graduated at Yale College in 1861 : m., Sept. 27, 1862,
Mrs. Julia (Thompson) Cooley, of Fair Haven, Conn.

1338. Mabel Wilder.

1239. Maud Puuel, dead.

1240. Earnest Tlioiup.sou.

He resides, March, 1875, in Xew York City.

869. SAMUEL ATWATER7 Ambrose ^ Samuel^ Samuel^ Xa-
thaniel^ Samuel- Nathaniel,^ b. in Jewett, Greene county, ]N".Y.,
Sept. 15, 1817; m., Feb. 22, 1842, Eunice Chase; resides, July,
1874, in Prattsville, Greene county, N.Y.

1298. West C, m., Oct. 10, 1864, Xettie Mattoon.

1299. George D., m. Ida Lord.

1300. Edwiu M. , m. Frances Osburn.

871. HORACE GOODYEAR ' Ambrose ^ Samuel,^ b. in Jewett,
Greene county, N.Y., April 19, 1823; m., Oct. 5, 1847, Ann Howk.

1301. Willis, m. Fannie Toby.

1302. Lester.

1303. Dwight B.

1304. Frank.

1305. Mary.

1306. Irving A. •

875. LODRICK IVES" Remus ^ Enos S.^ Samuel^ Kathaniel ^
Samuel - Nathaniel,^ b. at Vernon, Oneida county, jST.Y., Oct. 26,
1811 ; m. at Girard, Erie county, Penn., Aug. 7, 1837, Rosina
Battles, dau. Asa Battles, of Girard, and b. June 27, 1815, at
Villanosa, Chautauqua county, X. Y. In December, 1875, he
resides at Conneaut, Ashtabula county, Ohio.

1307. Byron Auastasius, b. Sept. 16, 1838, at Erie, Penn. -f-

1308. Jnlia Elizabeth, b. Feb. 25, 1840, at Elk Creek, Erie county, Penn.; m.,
Sept. 18, 1862, James Adair Moorhcad, of Moorheadville, where they live. He was
s. James Moorhead. Their ch. are: Frederick B., May 8, 1865; Kenuie B., Aug.
19, 1868, d. Jan. 9, 1869; Rosina Eliza, March 2, 18'71; McCord Battles, Oct. 32,
1873; and Lucina Bell, Feb. 26, 1876.


474 . Baldwin Genealogy.

1309. Narcissa Imogene, b. Dec. 27, 1841; m., March 29, 1860, Joseph Carter
Donslow, of. West Springfield, Erie county, Penn. She d. May 3, 1863, leaving a
ch. : Winfield Scott.

1310. Remus, m., Sept. 28, 1865, Adeline Lucretia Foote, dau. William, and
h. at Erie, Sept. 28, 1846. He lives, July, 1877, in Ravenna, Portage county, Ohio.
He has ch. : William Ives, b. in Cleveland, Ohio, May 20, 1867; D. L. Braiuard,
Oct. 3, 1869; Burtie, Jan. 5, 1873, d. 16th, the same month; and Ida Marion, April
8, 1874.

1311. Georgiana A. A., March 31, 1845; m., April 20, 1865, Morton Holmes
Gould, of AVest Springfield, Erie county, Penn., b. Feb. 4, 1836, s. Abner H. Gould,
of that place. Their ch. are: Sarah Imogene, Jan. 4, 1866, at Pithole, Venango
county, Penn.; Laura Morris, July 21, 1867, in West Springfield; Rush Baldwin,
Aug. 18, 1872, d. Sept. 27, 1873. Wandering from his mother's sight only a few-
moments, he was found leaning over a kettle of Avater, with only part of his head
in it, but dead. Francis, April 17, 1874; and Margaret Anna, Jan. 18, 1876.

1312. Gorham Ives, March 4, 1847; m., Jan. 28, 1869, Margaret Ann Simmons,
dau. William, of Cleveland, Ohio, where they resided for some time. In July,
1877, they live in Lorain, Lorain county, Ohio. Their ch. are: James Eddy, b.
1874, n Cleveland ; and Nelly Rosina.

1313. Florence Estelle, b. April 12, 1849.

1314. Rush Emerson, 1^. 3Iarch 24, 1851 ; he d. in St. Louis, of .small pox,
Nov. 21, 1872, unm.

1315. Lucina Isabella, b. April 14. 1853; m., Aug. 30, 1876, Charles R. God-
dard, a lawyer at Conneaut, Ashtabula county, Ohio.

1316. Leslie Ignatius, b. at Girard, Penn., Sept. 7, 1855.

1317. Kent Kane, b. at West Springfield, Erie county, Penn., Oct. 21, 1857.

1318. Elmer Ellsworth, 1). March 30, 1861.

988. SIMEON JEEOME^ Isaac S.^ Daniel," b. in Milford,
Conn., Nov. 21, 1831, where he still resides, in 1874; he m., Xov,
11, 1855, Ellen Liicinda Hall.

1366. Lizzie C, b. February, !860.
1867. Carrie C, b. December, 1869.

1006. CORNELIUS CLARKE » Joseph Clarke' Clarke ^^ Dan-
iel^ James ^ Daniel^ Daniel- Nathaniel,^ b. at Friendly Grove
Factory, one mile south of Winchester, Va., November, 1811. He
studied law; removed to Lexington, Va., in 1834; and established,
in 1836, "The Lexington Gazette.'''' Since 1841, he has resided on
his farm, near the mouth of North River, Rockbridge county, A^a.
Post Office address, Balcony Falls. In 1837, he m. Margaret
Paxton, dau. HughPaxton, of Rockbridge ; she d. in 1847, leaving
three children. I am very much obliged to this very scholarly
gentleman, for my full account of this and another line of Dr.
Cornelius' descendants of John, of Milford.

Nathajikl, of 3Iilf or d, Connecticut. 475

1373. Jolm Paxton, b. iu Gainesville, Ala., October, 1838.

1373. Aiiri-lia Eliza, b. iu Kockbi-ido-e, January, 1844; m., in 1864, Major A. M.
Garber, Jr., and had ch. : William II., 18G5; and Margaret, 18G8.

1374. Joseph Sailing, b. September, 1846, M.D. ; a physician of Union Meeting
House, Baltimore county, 3Id. ; m., Dec. 9, 1874, Miss Nancy Bissell, dau. of the
late Capt. William H. Bissell, of Harford county, who was killed at Gettysburg.

Cornelius C. m. 2"'^' Sept. 2, 1858, Miss Sue A. Sale.

1375. Charles Cornelius Cyrus, b. July 18, 1859.

1376. Briscoe Girard, b. Jan. 17, 1866.

1007. ELIZABETH HOLMES « Joseph C.^ Clark,<5 b. at Friend-
ly Grove Factory, April 1, 1813; m. in Staunton, Va., in 1832,
William H. Garber. She d. there, January, 1844 ; he, Jan. 1, 1876.

1377. John, 1). in Staunton, 1833; formerly Judge of tlie Supreme Court of
Nevada; now an eminent lawyer of San Francisco, Cal. ; residing at Oakland. He
m. a dau. of the late Judge White, of Alabama, and lias four ch.

1378. Eliza Baldwin, b. 1835, formerly Principal of Belle Haven Female Sem-
inary, Alexandria, Va.

1379. Virginia, b. 1836; m. Gen. Reuben Davis, a distinguished lawj-er of
Aberdeen, Mass. ; formerly a Member of Congress from that State, and has three ch :

1380. Alexander M., b. 1838; Major, Assistant Quartermaster in the Confede-
rate army; founder of -'The Valley of Virginia,'" a newspaper at Staunton. He has
in manuscript a "History of the Valley of Vii'ginia," which I hope will seethe
light ere long.

1381. Margaret, January-, 1844.

1008. JOSEPH GLOVERS Joseph C.^ Clark,« b. at Friendly
Grove Factory, near Winchester, Va., January, 1815. He removed
to Mississippi in 1836, and to Gainesville, Ala., in 1838, where he
practiced law for twelve years. He m., in 1839, Sidney White,
dau. Judge White, of Telledega, Ala. He represented his county
in the Legislature of 1843-4. Removed to Livingstone, Ala., in
1850 ; removed to California in 1854; was a Judge of the Supreme
Court of that State from October, 1858, to January, 1862, when
he resumed the practice of the law in San Francisco, where he d.
very suddenly, Sept. 30, 1864. He was considered, it is said, by
the California lawyers, as one of the ablest Judges ever on the
bench of that State. He was, says one who knew him well, a
spotless and polished Southern gentleman, and was distinguished
for his generous and genial disposition, and his inexhaustable fund
of wit, anecdote and humor. He was an eloquent speaker, as well
as a brilliant writer and talker, and a most laborious student. He
wrote, in 1853, the well-known volume, published by Appletou &

476 Baldwin Genealogy. \ \p, '

Company, entitled "The Flush Times of Alabama," a graphic and
very amusing picture of early life there ; and m 1854, a more
serious work, "Party Leaders," published by the same house, and
containing able sketches of Jefferson and others. A biography is
now being prepared by his brother, C. C. Baldwin.

1383. Alexander White, b. 1840, iu Gainesville, Ala. He was killed by a rail-
road collision, near San Francisco, in 1868. He was brilliant and promising. He
was a praeticing lawyer at eighteen. Prosecuting Attorney at nineteen, and at
twenty -tive appointed, by President Johnson, United States Judge of Nevada. He
presided, it is said, with great dignity and ability. He m. Miss Reese, of Virginia
City, In ev. , where he resided, and left three ch.

1383. Kate, b. 1842; m. Hon. John B. Felton, a very wealthy and leading
lawyer, of San Francisco, Cal. ; residing, 1875, in Oakland, across the baj'. He was
law partner of his father-in-law. They have sevei"al ch.

1384. Joseph G., d., it is said, aged 22, in August, 1864. He had distinguished
himself by his gallantry in an Indian encounter.

1385. John, b. 1846; educated in Switzerland: d. 1868, aged 22, in Oakland,

1386. Sidney (son), d. young man.

1387. Cornelia.

1009. CYRUS BRISCOE 8 Joseph" Clark,^ b. 1819, in Win-
chester, Va. Edited at eighteen, the "Livingston (Va.) Gazette.
The next year, he studied law in Alabama. He settled finally at
Houston, Miss. He was a remarkably popular man, and a very
successful lawyer, and acquired a large landed property. He was
elected to the Legislature by the unanimous vote of his county.
He entered the Confederate army as an officer, against the wishes
of his friends, objecting on account of his delicate health. He d.
of camp fever, June 25, 1862, leaving a widow. He m. 1**' Miss
Gates, by whom he had

1388. Bessy, m. Thomas Buchanan, a lawyer of Okaloua, Miss., and has three

He m. 2"*^' a daughter of Judge Yandergraff, of Gainesville, Ala.,
by whom he had

1389. Daughter.

1390. Daughter.

1013. ROBERT TURNERS Philemon " Clark,'^ "b. \y^ Campbell
county, Ya., June 14, 1819 ; m, July 13, 1844, at Baltimore, Md.,
Ann II. Hart, b. Dec. 25, 1819, at Fredericksburgh, Ya., dau.



Nathaniel, of 3Iilford, Connecticut. 47 1

Archibald and Ann R. Hart. He settled in Baltimore, Md., where
he is President of the Mechanics Bank of that city.

1391. Elizabeth, h. :\Iay 14, 1845.

1392. Robert, b. March 13, 1847, a lawyer, of Baltimore, Md., 48 St. Paul street.

1393. Aun D. C, b. Nov. 24, 1849; m., April 21, 1870, J. Ferdiuaud Passano,
and has ch. : Arm Baldwin, Jan. 30, 1871 ; and Robert Baldwin, Oct. 4, 1873, d.
Jan. 4, 1875.

1017. LIZZIE L.« Philemon P." Clark,^ b. Nov. 2, 1833 ; m. at
Bethlehem, Clark connty, Ind., Jnne 17, 1852, Thomas T. Chitten-
den, then a noted lawyer, of Madison, Ind. He was a General in
the Union army during the late war. He resides, 1875, in Wash-
ton, D. C.

1394. Howard Baldwin, b. -Jnne 29, 1853.

1395. Lucy D., b. Aug. 24, 1855.

1396. Florence May, b. Oct. 8, 1857; d. April 15, 1861.

1019. CHARLES C.^ Daniel T." Clark,^ b. Jan. 5, 1826, in \
Charleston, now Lorain, at the mouth of Black river, Lorain
county, Ohio, where his children were born. He m. Miranda
Sanford. He d. Oct. 21, 1856. She resides in Newport, Ky.,
in 1876.

1397. John R., b. Sept. 17, 1846; m., Sept. 14, 1871, at Milan, N, H., Addie R.
Biclcford. His dau. Florence was b. Xov. 5, 1874. In 1876, he resides in Newport,
Ky., and is a gas engineer and contractor in Cincinnati, Ohio.

1398. Eleanor F., b. .July 1, 1849; m., August, 1870, Charles S. Howard, of
Newport, Ky. ; there in 1876, and has one ch. Eugene Baldwin, b. about 1873.

1056. EZRA STARR* Zera" Ransford^ Daniel^ James* Daniel ^
Daniel- Nathaniel,^ b. Oct. 30, 1822, in Hobart, Delaware county,
N.Y.; m. at Wyota, Iowa count}'. Wis., Oct. 3, 1847. In Decem-
ber, 1875, he was a druggist and grocer in Warren, 111.

1399. Louisa H., b. at Wyota, Aug. 5, 1848.

1400. Josie A., b. Oct. 2, 1849; d. Sept. 24, 1850.

1401. .Tosie A. 2ud. b. Dec. 22, 1850.

1402. 3rary A., b. at Galena, 111., July 14, 1852.

1403. Cliarles R., b. at Wyota, Oct. 26, 1856; d. June 19, 1858.

1404. Edward H., b. at Warren, 111, May 16, 1859.

1405. George D., b. Dec. 12, 1861.

1406. Lee, b. Dec. 9, 1862.

1407. Charles R., b. March 17, 1867.

1307. BYROX AXASTASIUS « Lodrick Ives ' Remus C.^ Eno?
S.^ Samuel* Xathaniel 3 Samuer-'iXathaniel,^ b. Sept. 16,1838, a'

478 Baldwin Genealogy.

Erie, Penn.; m., July 16, 1861, Henrietta Sterret, b. Feb. 3, 1840,
dau. Hon. Jos^dIi M. Sterrett, of Erie, who was b. Feb. 19, 1800,
son of James Sterret, an early settler in Erie, Penn.

1408. Walter Sterrett, h. April 13, 1862, at Milwaukee.

1409. Kate Stewart, b. Jan. 5, 1858, at Chicago.

Mr. Baldwin now, 1878, resides in Chicago, 111., having charge
of the branch wholesale paint store of the well-known ISTew York
firm of J. W. Masury & Co. I am under much obligation to him
in the matter of genealogy ; to no one more, save Dr. Talcott, of
Guilford. He is a careful, judicious genealogist, of good, cool
judgment, and could have done this branch, had he undertaken it,
better than myself. He is the author of the article in the " iSTew
England Historical Genealogical Register," entitled " l!s'athaniel
Baldwin, and one Line of his Descendants," which was separately
printed. His miscellaneous collections were, I am very sorry to
say, destroyed in the Chicago fire. HisMss. volume on JSiathaniel
is in my hands while I am preparing these pages.

Joseph Baldwin, of Milford,, Qonn. & Hadley, Mass,


1. JOSEPH was one of the first settlers in Milford, in 1G39,
and his name appears Nov. 20, of that 3'ear, in the first list of
free planters.

There is the following evidence that he was brother to ^Nathaniel
and Timothy :

The earliest records of Milford are not in existence, but the
"3rd book" contains a transcript of "the most necessary things
contained in the two former books," transcribed by Major Robert
Treat, and six others as Committee, Jan. 7, 1677, Samuel Eells
being appointed to do the writing.

In this transcribed book, Joseph Baldwin has, December, 1648,
a division adjoining Timothy Baldwin's half division. He also
has, in a transcription of the "long narrow book," in 1649, 4
acres, be it more or less, in the ISTew Meadow plain, bounded with
Timothy Baldwin west, with the common ]^. & E., and with AYm.
Fowlers E. (SI)

The transcription of the "long narrow book" was made Decem-
ber y« 23, 1700, by Richard Bryan. Ap'l 24t'>' 1054, he hath liberty
granted him "for to exchange and lay down one piece of land,
and take up another for it, in the New Meadow Plain next his
brothers' land, that he formerly laid down to the town again."

On the 13*^ Dec, of the same year, he "having formerly made
writing to y^ Court, & now reviews it againe for liberty to exchange
that land of his, or some part of it that lieth near to his brother,
to take it up next unto him, for his ease in sending, which was
2:ranted unto him."

480 Baldwin Genealogy.

The homestead of Joseph was on lot 52, ou "West Farm street
opposite, joining rears or nearly so, with the homestead of
Timothy. The present Kew York and New Haven Eailroad is
very nearly on the line of the two. It seems to be clear that
Joseph was the brother of Timothy, and, if so, of Nathaniel, as
these last two were brothers, as appears by page 118 of the same
volume, in Milford Records. Joseph was probably the youngest,
as he is named last in his father's will. There can be no practical
doubt that Timothy, Nathaniel and Joseph were the three of that
name, sons of Richard, of Cholesbury, County Bucks, England,
whose will was proved in 1633, and whose children disappeared
from Bucks. Cholesbury joins Aston Clinton, whence came most
of the other Baldwins of Milford. (See for Richard, of Choles-
bury, in the early part of this volume, page 23, Richard- Richard, ^
of Bucks.)

Joseph's wife Hannah joined the Church June 23, 1644, and
their first four children were then baptized. About 1663, he
removed to Hadley, Mass., freeman there, with his son Joseph in
1666. Pie m. 2"'^*' Isabel Northam, widow of James Northam, who
had come with her son John as Widow Catlin, from Newark, N. J.,
and she died Dec. 8, 1676. He m. 3"'' Elizabeth Hitchcock, widow
of William "Warriner, of Springtield. He died Nov. 2, 1684 ; his
widow, April 25, 1696. He had, long before death, conveyed a
half interest in his homestead in Hadley to his son Joseph, who
died before him. His will (in Northampton, ^Mass.), is dated Dec.
20, 1680. His property in Milford was given to his three sons,
Benjamin, Jonathan and Joseph, to whom he had formerly given
it. His other property is distributed to his wife, and to his other

2. .Joseph, bapt. .June 23, 1644; b. probably about 1640. +

3. Benjamin, bapt. .June 23, 1644; b. about 1642. +

4. Hannah, bapt. June 23, 1644; ni., ]May 6, 1658, Jeremiali IIuJl, of New
Haven. He was the son of liichard Hull, of that place, and living there in 1685.
Hannah is remembered in her father's will, which also directed £5 to be given at
eighteen years of age to her dau. Mary. There may have been other ch.

5. Mary, bapt. June 23, 1644; m. John Catlin, s. of her stepmother, and from
Arthur Ivill, N. J., to Deertield, Mass. The inventory of his estate, taken Feb. 23,
170f, was presented May 15, 1704, That he is the same Catlin mentioned by Mr.
Savage, l)ut first Uiunc not given, is proved by the distribution made in 1705 or
1T06. Children: Joseph; John, 1663; .Jonathan;' Elizabeth, m. .James Corse; Han-
nah, m. Thomas Eascom, and she d. 1746 — a partial account of her descendants
is in the History of Northfield, Mass.; Sarah, m. Michael Mitchell; Esther, m.
Elienezer Smead: and Ruth.


Joseph, of Mil ford, Conn., and lladiey, 3Iass.

3Ir. Savage says Elizabeth (Catlin) Corse, with her brothers Joseph and Jon-
and the familj^ were all killed by the French and Indians, in the assault at i i
Held, Feb. "29, 1704. "Yet the name is kept up in the vicinity." Not all of 3
name were killed. Joseph Catlin's inventory was taken Jan. 1, 1701, and he le
widow Hannah and only ch. Jolm, to whom Nathaniel Clark was guardian, liie
distribution of the estate of John the first was to John the grandson a double
portion (as representing Joseph's eldest son); to the children of Elizabeth Coi'se; to
Thomas Bascom, in right of his wife; to Michael Mitchell, in right of his wife; to
Ebenezer Smead, in right of his wife; to dau. Hutli and s. John.

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