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afterward a lawyer in Cleveland, where he has been a law-partner with the author of this volume since
1869. Mr. and Mrs. Ford have had ch.: (1) Myra Eliza, March 10, 1862. d. Jan. 2, 1869; (2) Harriet
Fenn, Nov. 17, 1863; (3) George Whitniarsh, Nov. 8, 1865; (4) Anna Grace, Jan. 6, 1871; and [5) Lewis
Augustus, Aug. 0, 1872.

Sereno Peck Fenn, s. Sereno Fenn, b. April 25, 1844; m., May, 1873, Marj' Augusta (Larrimore)
Dewitt, \vidow of J. H. Dewitt, formerly a merchant In Cleveland. Mrs. Dewitt was from Niles, Ohio.
Mr. S. P. Fenn, August, 1880, has no ch., and is a partner in the extensive wholesale house of Sherwin,
Williams i.t Co., doing business in Cleveland.
The first Benjamin Fenn was, as we have said, a very leading man in Milford, in New Haven Colony,
and after the union in Connecticut. He was one of the five persons who, in February, 1639, took the deed
for the planters for "6 coats, 10 blankets, 1 kettle, 12 hatchets, 12 hoei, 2 dozen knives, and a dozen small
glasses (mirrors). He was, says Lambert (History of Milford, page 136), liberally educated. He was chosen
Magistrate of the Colony in 1661; but, says Trumbull (History of Connecticut, page 251, ed. 1797), "the
spirit of republicanism was so high that several of them would not accept their appointments; and take
the oaths prescribed. Mr. Fenn, was hardly prevailed upon to accept his office. He at last took the oath,
with this previous explanation, that it onlj' was with reference to the particular laws of that (New Haven)
Colony, and that if anything foreign should present, it should give no offence if he should decline acting."
The Colony at that time was under some excitement about the regicides Goffe and Whalley, who some
months before arrived in New England. In March, 1661, the regicides were more or less at Milford, and in
August, 1661, commenced tlieir stay there of two years, being concealed in a shop belonging to Micah
Tompkins, on his lot (see map, ante page 76), and Benjamin Fenn was one of those who knew their secret
and assisted them. He was no doubt one of those who took the oath in the same manner the next year.
From Milford the regicides went to Pangasset (Derby,) to the home of Edward Riggs, father of Samuel, who
m. Sarah Baldwin, niece of Benjamin Fenn (see ante page 88). Mr. Kigg's home was "pallisaded in to
secure it from the Indians." (Stiles' "Regicides.") President Stiles says that Madame Humphreys, wife of
Rev. Daniel and gr. dau. of Edward Riggs (see ante page 89), used often to speak of it. After the granting of
the charter to Connecticut, Mr. Fenn was in favor of the Union, in promoting which he was prominent.

A considerable biography could be extracted from the Colonial and Town Records, as well as mich inform-
ation as to the succeeding Benjamins, who were nearly all leading men. Capt. Benjamin, b. 1690, with
Noah Baldwin, Jr., was one of those who, in 1750, "declared they have soberly dissented from the estab-
lished Church, in said Milford, praying to be excused from paying ecclesiastical taxes in ^aii town.'
Leave was granted them and such as should enter their names with the Town Clerk as dissenters within
three months, to be freed "during the time they shall regularly attend the worship of God in the separate

512 Baldwin Genealogy.

185. SAMUEL ^ Joseph ' Joseph,^ b. in Maldea, Mass., Jan. 22,
ITft; he d. in Maiden, March 10, 1776. He m. Elizabeth Sweet-
zer, b. 1732, dau. John and Martha.* She was the dau. of Samuel
Green, ^ s. James 2 James.^ She d. Oct. 24, 1832, aged 90. He
was a weaver, as were his ancestors for four generations.
495. William. -tr^^^^-r

There were perhaps more children.

204. ASA^ David* Joseph,^ of Spencer, Mass. Draper's "His-
tory of Spencer" says he was a "gentleman of respectability,"
often chosen to town offices. Committee of Correspondence, an
officer in the war of the Revolution, and Major in the Militia.
He m. Abigail, widow of Henry White, March 7, 17i|^; she was
b. Dec. 12, 1721, dau, Capt. James Draper, of Dedham, and had
several children by her l*** husband. (See Draper's "History of

501. Rutli, b. April 8, 1751; m., Jau. 23, 1773, Samuel Watson, of Leicester,
Mass. One authority says Samuel Welton.

502. Cliloe. b. in Spencer, Mass., Oct. 2, 1755; m., May 4, 1779, James Sprague,
of Spencer. He d. Dec. 31, 1824, aged 75; his wife, Dec. 12, 1835. Children: James,
June 26, 1782, (for ch., see Draper's Spencer); Charles, July 31, 1784, m. 1813,
Hannah Sereing; Chloe, Dec. 30, 1786, m. Jeremiah Watson, July, 1807; Roswell,
April 22, 1789; and Roxa, April 2, 1794.

503. Olive, b. in Spencer, Mass., May 15, 1758; m., Nov. 12, 1778, Peter Rice,
of that place. Children: Olive, Sept. 19, 1784; Willard, June 12, 1786; Lucy, Aug.
6, 1788, m. Charles Watson, 2nd; Clarissa, July 31, 1790, m. William Pitt Waitc;
Joel, Feb. 26, 1796; Horace, Feb. 27, 1798; William, .July 5, 1803, m. Emeline
Draper; and Peter Rice, who was a soldier in the Revolution, and fought at Bunker
Hill; he d. Feb. 4, 1813; his wife d. Nov. 28, 1813. An accoimt of his descendants
will be found in Draper's "History of Spencer, ^Vlass."

504. Lucy, b. in Spencer, Mass., July 10, 1760; m., Oct. 29, 1786, Phinehas
Jones, of that place, from Charlton. Children: Jeremiah, March 7, 1788; Reuel,
Dec. 27. 1789, perished in a snow storm, Dec. 24, 1811; ]VIiudwell, April 5, 1792;
Lucy, or Lory. Lucj' d., and Mr. Jones m. 2nJ. April 22, 1798, Hannah Phillips,
and had several ch., of whom there is an account in Draper's "History of Spencer."

205. . ZEBULON ^ David * Joseph ^ Joseph -' Joseph,^ b. in Spen-
cer, Mass.; he removed to Vershire, Vt., and, according to the
"Worcester Mss., had the following children : *

• 1. (name not gi\ en). Quere, whether it was one of his children, who is said to have moved

from Vermont to Osweg-o county, N. Y., at Sandy Creek? His children, it is said, all married, and had
large families.

2. Stephen.

3. Julius.

4. Hannah.

h. George, living 1875.

Joseph, of Milford, Conn., and Hadley, Mass. 513

505. Frederick, d. unm.

506. Zadoc, settled in Ohio, and is supposed to have been killed in Col. Miller's
battle with the Indians.

50r. Elon.

508. Asa.

509. And one more.

*07. DAVID 5 David'* Joseph,^ b. in Spencer, Mass., about 1733,
it is said; settled in Smithtield, N. Y., and d. there, about 1818,
aged 80 to 90 ; he had lost one leg.

510. John, b. 1760. +

511. Jonathan.*

512. David.

And several daughters, according to the Worcester Mss.

ti. Zebuloii.-f

7. Sidney, living, 1875, in Sandy Creek.

6. ZEBUL0N(2\ (1). His ch. were all b. in Sandy Creek.

8. Delia, b. Aug. 23, 1822; ni. Solomon Wheeler.

9. William, b. Aug. 21, 1825; Post Office, Mannsville, Jefferson county, N. Y.

10. Harrison, b. Dec. 6, 1827; Post Office, Elizabethtown, Ky.

11. .Jene, b. Jan. 5, 1829. In May, 1875, of Joliet, 111.; ni. Oct. 28, 1857, in New Lenox, Will county,
111., and had ch.: Betty J., Sept. 10, 1858, d. April 14, 1863; VVilliani Carl, Jaii. 8, 1860, d. April 28, 1863;
Delia, Sept, 9, 1861; Arthur, July 20, 1867; and Jennie, May 7, 1869.

12. Albert, b. Sept. 9, 1832; d. in Ottumwa, Iowa, 1876.

13. John J., May 21, 1838; Post Office, Watertown, N. Y.

* Quere, whether (511) Jonathan was
1. JONATHAN, who lived in Topshani, Orange county, Vt., and afterward in Westminster, Vt.? He was-
afflicted with o;'casional insanity. He ni. 1st, and had two daus., utid 2iid, a Tabor. He had ch., at least

2. Lydia, m. John Kanisay; settled in Clintonville, N. Y.; she had a large family of ch. in Clinton-
ville, in 1875.

3. Hannah, m. John Bullard, and had eleven ch. He d., and she m. 2nd, John Blackman, and is a
second time a widow. Address, Lewis, Esse.x county, N. Y.

4. Ezra, ni. Martha Peck, dau. Solomon, of Royalton, Vt., b. Nov. 21, 1798, and moved to Ohio
(Peek's Genealogy), it is said, near Columbus.

5. Jonathan, in 1875, Post Office address, Au Sable Forks, Essex coimty, N. Y.; has had eleven
ch., of whom seven were then living.

6. Levi, b. 1808, in Topshani, Yt.-j-

7. Erastus, living, 1875, in Wells River, Vt., and has ch.: .Addison R., of Charlotte, N. V.; .\\\'\ T.,
of Wells River; and Hannah T., d. aged 15.

6. LEVI(2), Jonathan(l), b. 1808. In 1825, went to Jay, Essex couuty, N.Y., where hem., \%29, Ruth
White, also from Vermont; living in 1875.

Elizabeth, b. 1830; d. August, 1856, of consumption.

Hannah, b. 1332; m. B. F. Flint; lives, 1875, in South Colton, St. Lawrence county, N. Y.; has
two daus. and three sons, one of whom, John Flint, is a telegraph operator in Ohio, and thought to be
in Cleveland.

Caroline, b. in 1834; d. April, 1873, of consumption; m. James McKee, from Ireland to the United
States when young, and is a fanner.

Lowanda, b. March 24, 1836; m. July 24, 1855, Isaac Page, living, 1875, in Port Henry, N. Y.

John Franklin, b. 1837; m. Sarah Knox; living, 1875, in Wilmington, Essex county, N. Y.; has
a dau., b. 1SG9.

Son, b. 1840; d. 1842.

William Wallace, b. 1842; a general merchant, in Kalamazoo, Mich., with one dau.

Electa, b. 1844; m. Hiram Wood, andli^ing, ls75, in Au Sable Forks, Essex county, N. Y.; has
ch.: Gearge Edw.ird, Sept. 27, 1809, d. May 29, 1872; Lucien Franklin, Nov. 6, 1873, d. July 14, 1874; and
Rachel Urania, July 13, 1875.

Levi Madison, b. 1847; ni. Sarah Thompson, of Lewis, N. Y.; living, 1875, in Winauski, Vt. He
has had two daus., d. y.

Oilman Erastus, b. 1849, M.D. ; a physician, in Orosvenuer, St. Lawrence county, N. Y.

Jametj Edward, b. 1852; in 1875, a clerk; on Lake Champlain, and unm.

614 Baldwin Genealogy.

He m., according to Draper's "History of Spencer," Sibbilah
"White, dan. John White, Sen., June 9, 1763. By tradition, it is
said he m. his wife in Ashfield, Mass.

208. JO:N'ATHAis" 5 David* Joseph,^' b. in Spencer, Mass., in
1742 or 1743 ; he lived in Templeton (formerly Spencer). He m.,
Dec. 28, 1766, Mary Hunt, of Oxford, sister of the wife of Geu.
Larned, of Oxford ; she d. Oct. 8, 1780, aged 36, and he m. 2"'>'
'Soy. 23, 1782, Sarah Bemis, dau. Capt. William, of Spencer. He
was a Justice of the Peace. He d. September, 1788, and his widow
m. Robert Mchols, who d. in Barre, Vt.

515. Edeu, b. Feb. 1, 1768. +

516. Polly, b. Oct. 8, 1769; m., and in middle life found dead in her bed one

517. Nabby, b. June 23, 1771; m. Turner, of Templeton; had a gr. ch. in
Winchendon, Mrs. Washington Whitney.

518. One that d., b. Feb. 3, 1773.

519. Jonathan, b. Feb. 14, 1774. +

520. Betsey, b. July 24, 1777; m. Cooper Sawj'er. +

521. Asa, b. Feb. 14, 1780; settled in New York State; no more known. S "

522. Sarah, b. Sept. 12, 1786; m. Mr. Muzzej', and moved to K^unebunk, Me.

523. Lucy, b. .July 12, 1788; m .John Wheeler, of Templeton. Both are dead.
They had ch. : (1) Sarah, dead; (2) Beulali Baldwin, m. l«t, Merrill Hildreth, and
2nd, Bemis; and (3) Lucy, dead. The eh. are in Templeton in 1877.

The widow's thirds were divided May 17, 1798.

217. JONATHAN 5 Ebenezer* Joseph,^ was one of the earliest
settler's in Oxford, N. Y., where he died.

542. Charles.

543. Henry.

544. James Harvey. +

545. John.

219. MOSES 5 Moses* James =^ Joseph 2 Joseph,! b. July 6, 1731,
of Saybrook, Conn.; perhaps thence to W^allingford, Conn., in
1759. He was in Capt. Redfield's Company, March 5, 1760 ; then
of Saybrook. He deeds to his brother James his interest in the
■dwelling of his grandfather. His wife's name was Elizabeth.

546. James, Jan. 29, 1760. +

547. Sarah, d. in Cheshire, Conn.

548. Abigail, d. in Meriden.

549. Lucretia, d. in Meriden.

Meriden and Cheshire were both towns set off from Wallingford.

550. Son, said by the descendants of James to liave had a s. Ira, who m. Miss
Wilcox, of Cheshire or South Meriden. I have no other linowledge of him.

Joseph^ of 3Iilfonl, Conn., and Haciley, Mass. 515

223. DAVID ^ Moses * James,^ b. in Saybrook, and according to
the Record there, ]Slarch 8, 1740 ; while his descendants, from his
Family Bible, say March 28. He m. Parnell Clark, dan. Joseph
2nd, of Chester, Conn. In 1773, he lived in AVallingford, Conn.
In 1804, he moved to Atwater, Portage county, Ohio, where he d,
Sept. 1. 1808; his widow, Oct. 31, 1815.

551. Roswell, b. June 8, 1765; not known what became of him.

552. Benjamin, b. Jan. 2, 1767. +

553. David, b. June 25, 1769.-1-

554. Xoah, b. April 23, 1772; d. in Vermont in 1857, leaving a family.

555. Rebecca, b. Oct. 14, 1774, d. in Springfield, Summit county, Ohio, May
12, 1857.

556. Lydia, b. April 29, 1777: d. Feb. 8, 1873, in Atwater, Ohio.

557. Abigail, b. March 3, 1780; m. Anthony, of Atwater, and had eh. : (1) Lydia,
April 20, 1801, d. Oct. 12, 1815; (2) Arad M., April 8, 1803, living, 1877, in Atwater;
(3) Amanda Upson. July 23, 1805, d. Sept. 24, 1854; (4) Lavinia Rice, June 12, 1808,
d. Jan. 20, 1859; (5)Harley, Sept. 8, 1810, m. his cousin Anteinette, Xo. 1163, which
see; (6) Joseph, April 16, 1813, d. Jan. 28, 1863; (7) Philo. Nov. 6, 1815, d. Jan. 20,
1877; (8) Juliana Upson, April 27, 1818, living, 1877, in Elkhart, Ind. ; (9) Lucrctia
J. Mellen, June 12, 1821, d. August, 1842; and (10) Celina, Sept. 2, 1823, d. March
10, 1824.

558. Joseph Clark, b. Nov. 21, 1783, in Wallingford. -H

559. Moses, b. Jan. 10, 1786, in Wallingford. +

560. Parnell, b. Dec. 17, 1791; d. Jan. 17, 1802.

224. JAMES s Moses ^ James,3 b. May 28, 1742, in Saybrook,
•where he d. 1818. He m. Ruth Shipman, who d. Dec. 14, 1836,
aged 91 ; she survived.

561. Martha, b. Oct. 3, 1764; m. McCuUum, probably Daniel, and had ch. :
(1) Ruth, m. Auger, probably Daniel; (2) Daniel, d. unm. ; and (3) Elizabeth, m.
Jacks. These ch., 1837, are distributees of their grandfather.

562. Ruth, b. June 18, 1766.

563. Lucy, b. Aug. 19, 1772; d. about 1857, unm.

564. James, b. Feb. 16, 1774. +

565. Lydia, b. in Chester, Conn., Sept. 20, 1776; m. David Sawyer, of Chester.
Children: Lucina, m. Morgan, wiio is dead; Martha, m. Amos Dickinson, of Ches-
ter, and she is a widow in Killingworth: Lydia Adaline, m. 1**, Edwin Ackley, and
2nd, Paul Bickford, and lives in Fontanelle, Adair county, Iowa; David L., b. Jan.
1, 1809, m. 1st. Almira AVatrous, and 2nii. Eimice J. "Wilcox, has six ch., and lives
in Deep River, Conn., where I saw him in 1874; John M., m. jNlaria Snow, and
lives in "Washington, Penn., where he has a famih' of ch. ; Ephraim G., d., leaving
a widow Julia and ch., who live in New Haven, Conn. ; Lucy A., m. Enoch Barnes,
of New Brunswick, N. J.: and Daniel M., lives in Chester, Conn., m. Mary "Wood-
stock, and has two ch.

566. John, b. April 24, 1781; probably d. without issue.

567. Anna, b. Feb. 1, 1785; m. John B. Pelton, of Lang, N. H. They settled
in Chester, and had ch. : Lucj' Ann, Lavinia, Ruth, Joseph, James and Lydia.

516 Bcddicin Genealogy.

James bought out the heirs in the homestead of his grandfather,
in Savbrook.

225. ISTOAH^ Moses* James,=^ b. in Saybrook, Conn., April 13,
1745, and was living there in May, 1773. He removed to Xew
York State, and thence to Bridgewater, Penn., where he d. Jan.
19, 1818. He was a shoemaker. He m., Dec. 5, 1776, Sally Scott.

568. Asa, b. July 18, 1778. 4-

569. Polly, b. .July 2, 1780.

570. Samuel, b. June 3, 1783. +

571. Sally, b. .Jan. 26, 1786; m. Turner, and said to be living, 1873, in Mo-
hawk, "New York."

572. Scott, b. June 16, 1788. +

573. Betsey, b. May 30, 1791; d. August, 1794.

574. Matthew, b. March 31, 1794. + ^

227. JONATHAN 5 David* Benjamin =^ Benjamin-^ Joseph,^ b.
in Bloomtield, N. J., about 1741.

575. Squire. +

576. Joseph. +

577. Hiram, d. 1812, in Jefferson county. Miss. ; no ch.

578. Joel.

579. Martha, m. Williams, of New Jersey, and had a dau., who m. Dr. J. H.
Schenk, of Philadelphia, the well-known dealer in patent medicines.

580. Betsey, m. Smith. "

He had besides two sons and three daughters.

228. ISAAC ^ David * Benjamin,^ b. in Bloomfield, N. J., where
he d. from the effects of exposure, in the Revolutionary war, in

586. Nehemiah.+

587. Esther, m. Jabez D. Kilborn, of South Orange.

229. Z0PHAR5 David*Benjamin,M3. in Bloomfield, N. J.; d.
Feb. 4, 1801, aged 61 ; his wife Kebecca d. Sept. 1, 1801, aged 56.

588. Rhoda, b. in Bloomtield, N. J. ; m. John H. Osborn, Lyon's Farms, N. J.,
s. Elias, from Long Island; after marriage, they continued in Bloomtield. Children:
Sarah, d. aged 2 yr.s. ; Rebecca, d. aged 45, unm. ; Hannah, m. Matthias Taylor,
and, 1877, in Monmouth, N. J. ; Lydia, m. Samuel Taylor, and d. in Bloomfield;
Charles H., b. 1805, m., 1833, Abby Harrison, of Newark, 1877 in Bloomfield, and
and had four sous, as follows: (1) Rev. Frederick W., at Brookhn, N. J. ; (2) .John
31., in Colorado; (3) William E.; (4) Charles H., .Jr., in the produce business in
Columbus, Ohio. Zophar, d. in Oyster Bay, N. J., leaving a widow and one dau.;
Julia m. Peter Doremus, and, 1877, living in Orange, N. J. ; Elias, d. in New York
City; and Harriet, m. George Cadmus, of Newark, N. J., and d. there.

Joseph, of Milford, Conn., and Hadley, 3Iass. 517

589: Susan, h. in Bloomfichl, N. J. ; m. Oliver Crane, of Montclair, N. J.
Chiklreu: Fordham, Amos, Sarah, Kachcl, Zophar, Marcus (Rev.) and Wheeler.

590. Lydia, m., as his Smi wife, Sims Dodd, of Orange, N. J., and d. without

231. DAVID '"^ David ^ Benjamin,^ b. and lived in New Jersey.
It is said he d. in 1809, and had seven sons and three daughters.
I know only

591. Simeon. +

592. Moses. + I

593. Nathan. +

594. Aaron.

595. Abijah.

And, it is said by others, several daughters.

232. SILAS ^ David ^ Benjamin,^ b. andlivedinBloomtield,]Sr. J.,
where he d. in 1807.

GOl. David S. +

603. Amos, d., it is said, about 1807.

603. Mary.

233. JESSE 5 David 4 Benjamin,=^ b. and lived in Bloorafield,
IST. J., where he d. Feb. 3, 1803, aged 49 yrs. 3 mos. 8 days. He
was b. Aug. 21, 1754, and m. Hannah Tichenor, b. Aug. 15, 1755 ;
she d. June 3, 1834, aged 79.

604. Samuel, b. June 15, 1783. +

605. Sarah, b. May 14. 1784; m., Oct. 18, 1803, Samuel Pitt, of Bloomfield,
and d. Feb. 18, 1865. Children: Mary W., d. unm. ; and Jesse, m. Louisa Dodd,
and had one ch. Willie, who d. aged 8 yrs.

606. Ithamar, b. April 7, 1786. +

607. David, b. Dec. 6, 1793; d. Oct. 15, 1815, unm.

234. ICHABOD= David ^ Benjamin,^ b. in Bloomfield, X. J.,
Jan. 25, 1757, and d. there, Aug. 30, 1839 ; was Deacon Ichabod.
He m. Dec. 25, 1787, his cousin Joanna Dodd, b. March 19, 1762,
dau. Isaac, of jSTewark. She d. Jan. 6 or 8, 1848.

608. Lucy, b. :\[arch 34, 1789; d. Xov. 13, 1831, num.

609. William Brown, b. Dec. 1, 1790. +

610. Isaac Allen, b. Oct. 18, 1793. +

611. Caleb Dodd. b. June 15, 1795 +

613. Josiah, b. Dec. 7, 1797; d. Oct. 14, 1799.

613. ■ Abigail, b. May 38, 1800; m., 1826, Rev. George Taylor, of Pennsylvania,
who d. October, 1833.

614. Charlotte, b. May 2, 1804; d. unm. Aug. 23, 1836.

615. Sarah, b. Aug. 9, 1806; d. num. Nov. 2, 1836.

518 Baldwin Genealogy.

237. AARON 5 Aaron ^ Benjamin,^ b. Dec. 27, 1758; lived in
South Orange, jS". J., where he d., in 1805, before his father, and
both at the home of his son Nehemiah. He m.. May 15, 1780,
Sarah BaldAviu, of Newark, b. July 7, 1762, dau. Joel.

633. Mary, b. Sept. 20, 1780: resideace, Clyde, N. Y.

634. Nehemiah, b. Nov. 4, 1783. +

635. Samuel, b. March 12, 1786; d. Dec. 24, 1802.

636. Cyrus, b. March 7, 1788; d. Aug. 3, 1793.

637. .Joel, b. May 22, 1790.+

638. Ira, b. Sept. 16, 1792; d. July 28, 1793.

639. Cyrus, b. Jan. 9, 1795; lives, 1875, in New York, 327 East Fiftieth street;
m. Eliza Brown, dau. Samuel, of Newai'k, and has oh.

640. Phffibe, b. .June 12, 1797.

641. Lucetta, b. Oct. 5, 1799; m. Edward Joline, of New York City, where it
is said they are living, in 1876, with ch.

642. Sarah (twin to Matilda), b. June 23, 1802; living, 1875, with the dau. of
Matilda, unm.

643. Matilda (twin), b. June 23, 1802; m. Milo Heath, of Connecticut, and had
ch. : Frederick: and Sarah, who m. William Simontou, of Newark, and has ch.

238. ELIAS A.^ Aaron ^ Benjamin,^ lived in Newark, N. J.; he
m. Elizabeth Cook, of that city.

644. .Julia Cook, b. July 2, 1800; m. Rev. Elihu W. Baldwin,G D.D., President
of Wabash College, s. Jonathan 5 AbieH Ezra 3 Jonathan ^ Joseph, i

645. Joseph Bloomtield, b. Nov. 24, 1804. +

245. JOSIAH '" Benjamin * Benjamin,^ of Orange, N. J., b. 1755 ;
d. July 28, 182G, aged 70 yrs. 10 mos. He m. Lydia, dau. Abra-
ham Ogden.

646. Abraham.

647. Samuel. +

648. Rachel.

649. Josiah O. +

They had five more daughters, it is said.

246. JEPTIIA ^ Benjamin * Benjamin,^ settled in South Orange,
N. J.; m. Catharine Bishop. He d. Aug. 10, 1852, being run over
in his carriage by a railroad train, at Market street depot, Newark,
N. J. The train carried carriage, horses and all into the depot,
killing him instantly.

655. Mary, m. Jabez Harrison, 7 s. Daniel 6 Jonathan » Jonathan * Daniel 3 Ser-
geant Richard, 2 one of the first settlers of Newark, Richard, i^ of Branford, Conn.
She was very beautiful, and had five ch., whose names I am unable to obtain.

656. Clarissa, m. Charles Ailing, and had two di., one living in 1873. Mr,
Ailing d. March 15, 1852. He was President of the Gas Company, of Newark,
N. J., and Director of the State Bank.

Joseph, of 31Uford, Conn., and Hadley, Mass. 519


657. Susan, m. Matthias Crane, and had six ch., all living in 1873. She lives,
in 1877, at Mont Clair, N. J.

658. Eliza, b. Dec. 12, 1810: m., Oct. 3, 1838, Ira T. Freeman; in 1877, living

in South Orange, N. J. Children: Mary Frances, 12, 1839, who m. March 2,

1859: and Ira Newton, Aug. 30, 1841.

659. Sarah, m. John Lindsley, of Newark; settled in Somerville, N. J. ; had
two ch., one living there in 1877.

660. Catharine, m. Patton Day; had one ch., living in 1873.

661. Amelia, m. Charles Williams; had five ch., four living, 1877, in South
Orange, N. J.

662. Margaret, m. Joseph "Wild; had eight ch., seven living, 1877, in Mont-
rose, N. J.

663. Emma Augusta, m., June, 1856, Walter Tompkins, and, 1877, living in
East Orange, N. J. Children : Calvin, about 1857, and in 1877, a student in Cornell
University; Ann, about 1860; Walter, about 1862; Amelia Bishop, about 1863; and
William, about 1867.

664. Virginia, unm. in 1873.

665. George W., d. unm.

666. Benjamin Elias, m. a dau. of Elias Tompkins, of Newark; had ten ch. :
nine living, 1877, in South Orange, N. J.

667. Aaron Bishop. +

I learo from a genealogy of the Harrisons, kindly sent me by
his son Aaron Bishop, that he was a farmer of high standing. He
was one of the first Directors of the State Bank at Xewark, which
position he held nntil his death. He was also a Member of the
Legi-slature. He had sixteen children by one wife, twelve girls
and fonr boys.

247. UZEL^ Benjamin ^ Benjamin,^ d. in Kewark, ^N". J.; he m.
a danghter of Judge John Lindsley, of South Orange. Another
account says m. Lucy Parrot. He d. March 14, 1852.

668. Jeptha, d. unm.

669. William AV.+

670. Myrtilla, m. Elias Ross, of Newark; settled in Troy, N. Y., where she d.

•264. BEXJAMIX^ Jonathan* Jonathan ^ Jonathan ^ Joseph, ^
lived and d. in Waterbury, Conn. He m., June 18, 1778, Elizabeth
Cook, dau. Moses Cook, deceased. Benjamin d. March 19, 1801 ;
his wife. May 24, 1847; she was b. Dec. 11, 1756, in Wallingford,

671. Clara, b. April 10, 1779.

672. Melinda, b. Nov. 10, 1781; m. Brown.

Benjamin was in the war of the Revolution.

520 Baldwin Genealogy.

265. NOAH^ Jonathan* Jonathan,^ b. Jan. 23, 1755, in Water-
burj, Conn., when he d., Jan. 4, 1863, then called Major I^Toah.
In 1800, he was Committeeman to oppose the formation of Mid-
dlebury ; was Representative from 1805 to 1810.

673. David, b. Dec. 29, 1775. +

674. Luciuda, b. Feb. 5, 1778; no doubt the Luciuda Prilchard, wife of Isaac,
remembered after 1837 in the will of her aunt Eunice.

675. Leonard, b. March 28, 1780, of Torringtou; m., Oct. 19, 1829, Susan M.
Hoadley, relict of Harvey, of Waterbury.

676. Anna, b. July 12, 1782.

677. Isaac Lewis, b. Oct. 17, 1784.

678. William, b. May 2, 1787. +

679. Noah G. Birth not found, and not known with certaintj' to be the son of
Noah; but he was, after 1837, remembered by his aunt Eunice as her nephew, and
named next after the other ch. of Noah. The will of Noah G. was proved Dec' 12,
1864, Nathan J. Wilton, executor. In the will of Eunice, he is guardian of Jane

271 . GABRIEL '^ Ezekiol ' John ^ Jonathan ^ Joseph,^ b. in Con-
necticut Farms, N. J., Aug, 14, 1740. He m. Rebecca, dau. John
Littell; b. June 23, 1741, and d. Oct. 30, 1794. He m. 2"^- Mrs.
Hannah (Lum) Foster.

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