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planters there, five in her family, and £300 in the list, and
lots were afterward drawn in her right. She married, 1640^
John Astwood, of Milford, Connecticut, when her property was
valued at £800, besides several parcels of land. John Astwood
came m the spring of 1635, aged 26, a husbandman, from Stan-
stead Abbey, Hertfordshire. He arrived in the Hopewell, Capt.
William Bundoch. He settled at Roxbury, Mass., Avith his brother
James. He was freeman there 3 March, 1636; removed to Mil-
lord, 1639.

Milford joined Is^ew Haven colony in 1643, and he was their
representative at general court that and the next year, and perhaps
after. In 1653 and 1654, he was chosen at general election Magis-
trate for Milford, and as such Avas present at several general courts.
He Avas a leading man in Milford, a local Magistrate-Captain —
how does not appear. In 1649, he was a Commissioner in the
general meeting of NeAv England Colonies, and again, 1653, with
the Governor, Eaton. The same year, Avith the Governor, the
Deputy and tAvo other Magistrates, he sat upon the case of Mis-
tress Godmau, Avho complained that divers persons accused her ia^s
a AA'itch. The Court thought she "hath unjustly called heither
the severall p sons before named, being she can proA^e nothing
against them, and that her cariage doth justly render her sus-
pitious of wichcraft, av^i she herself in so many Avords confesseth,




Richard, of Countij Baeks, England. A-

therefore the Court wisheth her to look to her carriage hereafter,"'
and gave her the wholesome "charge not to goe in an offensive
way to folkes' homes in a rayling manner, as it seems she hath
done, but that she keepe her place and meddle w^h her own

October, 1053, he was appointed the representative for jSTew
Haven Colony, in London; and a letter was agreed to be written
for the General Court, to Mr. Hopkins, to interest him to assist
Captain Astwood. It appears that he had business of his own
there, very probably in connection with his brother's estate, Avho
had just died in Koxbury, leaving property in England, and whose
wife announced her intention to return to England. lie died in
London, If his wife accompanied him, she returned, and died in
ils'ovember, 1669, as her will, dated 9th of that month, was proved
the 20th. Astwood had a former wife Martha, and likely childrer
bv her, but none bv his second wife. Mrs. Astwood's will remem-"
bers her daughter-in-law Hannah Freeman, wife of Stephen, and
likely daughter of Captain Astwood. Her grandchildren, John
Baldwin (son of John), Mary Woodruff (dau. of Mary Plumb),
Silvanus Baldwin (son of Richard), Sarah Burwell (dau. of Sarah
Fenn), Mehitable Fenn (w. of Benj., son of Sarah Fenn), Martha
Xewton (dau. Sarah Fenn), dau. Elizabeth Baldwin, widow
(widow of Richard), grandchildren; Sarah Riggs, Temperance and
Mary Baldwin (all daughters of Richard); gr. grandchild Sarah
Burwell (dau. Sarah Burwell) son John, dau. Mary J'lumb, grand-
child Matthew Woodruff (husband of Mary).


(New Haven Probate Rec, Vol. 1.)

Milfortl, 9th of November, 1669. The last Avill uud testament of Mrs. Sarah Ast-
wood, of Milford, widdow:

I, Sarah Astwood, being in perfect memory, tlio weake in bod)^ doe now make in\
last will and testament in manner and form as followeth:

Imprimis, I give unto nij'' daughter-in-law Hannah ffreeman, wife of Steplur
f freeman, one payre of fine sheets, with seamings, that was formerly Capt. Astwood's.
Item: I give unto my grandchild, John Baldwin, my cow and half ye calf which is ii
Panivassett, and one pewter pot marked IB on the handle, and five yellow curtain-
and ye vallance, and there iron rods and two pillow cases. Item: I give unto m,
grandchild, Mary Woodruff, besides ye linnen which she hath already, fifteen pounds. :
which she shall have liberty to choose of what she pleaseth, which is not in particulai
given to any other. Item: I give unto ye Reverend pastor, Mr. Roger Newton
twenty shillings. Item: I give unto my grandchild, Silvanus Baldwin, ye table an;

4 Baldiirin Genealogy.

jrm yt is at his mother's home. Item: I give unto mj^ grandchild, Sarah Burwell,

ve shillings. Item: I give imto my gniudchild, Mehitabell ffenn, five shillings.

em: 1 give unto my grandchild, Martiia JMewton, five shillings. Item: I give unto

ly daughter, Elizabeth Baldwin, widdow, all my things which are at her home, not

therwise disposed of, and one silver spoon. Item: I give unto my grandchild,

tiatthew Woodrufi:, my great bible. Item: I give unto my son, John Baldwin, twenty

shillings. Item: I give unto my grandchild, Sarah Riggs, one pewter platter, marked

with S. B. Item: I give unto mj^ grandchild, Tempei-ance Baldwin, my best liatt.

Item: I give unto uty grandchild, Mary Baldwin, my greenish (illegible) petticoats.

Item: I give unto my great grandchild, Sarah Burwell, one pewter platter, marked w th

S. Item: I give unto my dearly-beloved daugiiter, Mary Plumb, one booke, called

"The Soule's Conflict," with all the rest of my goods and chattels, whom I make my

whole and sole executrix; and I also desire and appoint my beloved brothers, Richard

Piatt and Thomas Wheeler, to l)e the overseers, to see this my will fulfilled.

In witness whereof, I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 9th day of Novem-
ber, 16G9. Sarah Astwood (her S marke). [seal.]

Sealed, signed and delivered in ye pve'nce of us.
Richard Platt,

Thomas -\- Wheeler (his marke),
Samuel Eels.

"The Soul's Conflict," named in the foregoing will, was written by that eminent
Puritan divine. Rev. Richard Sibbs, D.D., Ma.ster of Catharine Hall, in Oxford, and
l)reacher of Gray's Inn, London. I had a lively curiosity to know what book my
ancestress left to her daughter, but got no light until I found that famous Isaak
Walton, of angling memory, left by his will to one son " Sibbs, his ' Soule's Conflict,'
and to another "Sibbs, his 'Bruised Reed.'" The first book of Sibbs I bought was
entitled "Bowels Opened, or a Discoverj- of the Near and Dear Love Union and
" Communion betwixt Christ and His Church, and consequently betwixt Him and
'every Believing Soul; in several Sermons on the 4th, 5th and 6th Chapters of
'■' Canticles."

This book shows well the character of th*? man, wlnse love of God amounted to a

passion. He felt in his soul all those strong eastern expressions of the Canticles

s'hich cany little force to most. The next book was an old sermon, which, from the

)M marks upon it. seems to have "been preached at our house " at various earlj'^

imes in New England. Sibbes became preacher at Gray's Inn Chapel in 1C18; in

626, Master of Katharine Hall, Oxford; and from then to his death, in 1636, divided

is time between the two places. " The Soule's Conflict and Victory over Itself hx

Faith. Psalm c. XVI : ' Return unto thy rest, O mj' soul, for the Lord hath dealt
' bountifull}' with thee,' " is a collection of sermons preached at Gray's Inn; and it
■ very probable that Ricliard Baldwin, of Milford, while in the office of his uncle
leury, in London, may have heard some of them. It is full of fervid, intelligent
let}*, and the .selection of this book does credit to Mrs. Astwood. Neal's " Puritans ''
lys he was " one of the most celebrated preachers of his time, well known in the
earned world — a burning and a shining light. His works discover him to have been
f a heavenly, evangelical spirit, the comforts of which he enjoyed at his death."

The original edition of the book lies before me, printed 1635, almost as thick as it is

ide, with a wide margin, and no doubt a fine book in its day. It has been reprinted

'veral times, the finest reprint being the Pickering, of 1837.

Bichard, of County JBiwks, England. 45

20. RICHARD^ Sylvester 3 Henry ^ Richard^ was living in
1622 and 1G3|, but was ap[)arently dead at the date of tlie will of
his brother Henry, in IGOl. By his wife Phillippa, who was buried
at Aston Clinton 30 July, 1G41, he had the following children,
whose baptisms appear as follows in the records of that parish:

59. Rebecca, 23 Juue, IGll.

60. Alice, 22 Aug., 1613.

61. John, lOFeb'y, 1614

62. Jane, 12 April, 1618.

63. Henry, 8 Feb'y, 162i.

64. Sarah. 23d March, 152|.

Mr. Chester finds no trace of these children, save that Sarah was
named in the will of her uncle Henry, in 16(31. I think he was
the Richard who m. in Aylesbury, in April, 1607, Phillipa Corb-
man, as nearly as I can make out the name in the old record there.
There was a Richard Baldwin in Braintree, Mass., in 1637. His
name appears only in Winthrop's History of New England, vol. 2,
p. 348. He Jiad a daughter Jane, of some age. He appears no
more in Xew Encrland, and if he was this Richard, no doubt
returned to England, where his wife died 1641. I should look to
him soonest of any as the father of John of Billerica, and Henry
of Woburn. John and Henry both married in "Woburn. They
lived at some distance from each other, but Henry was witness to ,
John's will ill 1686.

The Baldwins of Billerica, descendants of John, write: ''We
always supposed John and Henry, of Woburn, were brothers."
By tradition reduced to writing, of a great-grandson of John, he -
came from Hertfordshire, which would seem to identify him with
the locality of Baldwins in the adjoining parishes of Bucks and
Herts. No assistance to this conjecture is derived from the names
given by John and Henry to their respective children, which seem,
however, to be taken largely from the Richardsons.

21. AVILLIAM^ Sylvester^ Henrys Richard i- living 1622, 163t, .
and at the date of the will of his nephew Thomas, son of Henry,
16 July, 1676.

65. William, living 1661 and 1676.

66. Margaret, living 1061.

67. Daughter, named 11 Sept., 1661, iu the will of her uncle Henry, as wife
of Markwick.

46 • Baldwin Genealogy.

29. Ai^JSTE * Robert ^ Henry ^ Ricliard ^ m. Alexander Bryan, or
Bryant. ^

In 168f, she is named in the Avill c.f her uncle Richard with her
son Richard, and receives with him "all that tenement, with the
appurtenances, being freeholde lying and being in Wendover
towne, to the said Anne and her sonne Richard, and their heires
forever, and fortie-eiglit pounds, eight pence, in mony, to be paid
within three months after my decease." Alexander Bryan was
son of Thomas Bryan, and baptised in Aylesbury, 29 Sept., 1002.
where I accidentally found the entry in 1870. He had sisters bapt.
there: Frances, 29 March, 1604; Mary, 19 April, 1606; Elizabeth,
2 Kov., 160-. Alexander and his wife were among the tirst settlers
of Milford, Conn., in 16o9. He was a man of great influence in
the Colony of New Haven, and after the union with Connecticut,
assistant from". 1668 to 1673. His wife died there 20 Feb'y, 1661,
and he m. 2nd the widow of Samuel Fitch, the schoolmaster of
Hartford, and d. there between 20 July and 6 Nov., 1679. He and
his son Richard were prominent and leading merchants, engaged
in domestic and foreign trade. Both in succession were the richest
men in Milford, it is said.

68. Ricliard, lived iu Milford.

^icfta/td '^'^ya??7z^

By w. Mary, had Alexander, b. 1651; Mary aud Ilauuali, twius, b. 1654; Sarah,
1657; Samuel, bapt. 1659; John, 1662, d. y. ; Abigail, 1664; Richard, 1666; Frances,
1668; Sarah, 1670; Abigail again, .Jan'j-, 1671; d. num. 1698. He m., says Savage,
1678, Elizabeth, widow of Richard Hollingvvoi'th, dau. of Miehael Powell, of Boston,
aud had Elizabeth, b, 1679, aud Joseph, 1684; but 1 make him many, by Milf.
Rec, Mary Wilmot, and sou Joseph b. 15 Jau'j% 1682. Mr. Savage thinks Alexan-
der also had daughters.

69. Susanna d. at Middletown, Conn., 1670, and

70. .Joanna m. April, 1654, Owen Morgan, of New Haven; yet, iu another
place he makes Owen Morgan m., iu 1650, widow Joan Biyau.

In 1663, Alexander and his son Richard sold the property in
"Wendover, being "four messiiaa'es or tenements." o-iven to Rich-

Richard, of Crnndy Bucks, Eufjlcuul. 47

ard, by the will of Richard Baldwin, to Edward Baldwin, ■' next
named, of Beaconslield; Henry ^ Richard^' for £40. The original
very quaint and characteristic deed is in my possession. "I'lie
names of both are spelled indifferently Bryan or Bryant. It
is labeled "Deed of Purchase, by Mr. E. JJaldwin. of the two
houses at AVendover, with a tine upon it.''

47. EDWARD ■' Henry ' Sylvester^ Henry ^ Richard, ^ wlio was
a bari'ister, and subsequently a Bencher of the Inner Temple, and
eventually a ' ocice of the Peace, and of the Quorum in the County
of Bucks, ile married Elizabeth, daughter of Richard Turfrej'',
of London, who died before him and was buried at Beaconslield.
Her mother, Susana, re-married his distant kinsman, Richard
Baldwin, of Beaconsiield, who, in 16H1, bequeathed to him the
capital messuage, &c., known as Wilton's, in Beaconsfield, which,
with his other inherited estate, must have rendered him a man of
considerable wealth, and given liim a decided position among the
landed gentry of tlie County. In order to confirm this position,
and place himself on a recognized social equality with his neigh-
bors, he ap[)lied, the next year, for a grant of Arms, and on the
19th of Dec, 16t)2, the then ,Clarenceucx,,King of Arms, granted
to him and to his brother Thomas, and their descendants, the fol-
lowing coat and crest:

"Arms : Argent, a chevron ermines between 3 liazel sprigs vert.
Crest : A squirrel sejant, or, holding a hazel sprig vert.*'

This was a Grant, and not a Confirmation of arms; and it is onlv
necessary to point out, that, if on that occasion he could have
shown his descent from any family of Baldwin entitled to arms,
the coat of that family would have been confirmfd to him as a
matter of right. That he could not do so, is prima facie ^yvov ad.
bv the fact that it was found necessarv to incur the infinitelv
greater expense of an original grant. This completes, says Mr.
Chester, my evidence and arguments against the possibility that
the Baldwins of Aston Clinton descended from any heraldic family
of the name, being the last in date, and the most important, though
it precedes the other evidences to be found in the remaining por-
tion of the narrative. On the occasion of the Herald's Visitation

48 Baldwin Genealogn.

of Bucks, in 1669, tins Edward Baldwin entered the following

pedigree :

Silvester Baldwin,
of Milton in Com. Bed.

Henry Baldwin. -Mary, da. of Edw. Hurst,

of Kingston, and his sole heire.

I ^^ ^ 1 1

Edward Baldwin, -Eliz: da. of Rich. Thomas, Jane.

Barrister of the Inner Temple,
Justice of the Peace, &
Quoium in Com. Buck.

Turfrey, of Laudou. 2d sonne.

1 1 1 2 ; 3

Henry, sonne & Rich. Eliz:
heire, aetat 6

Ann. 1GG9. (Signed) Edw. Baldwin.

The orio^inal is in the Colleo^e of Arms,

Edward Baldwin made his will 29 May, 1691, describing himself
as "a Bencher of the Inner Temple, London, now dwelling at my
house at Wilton's, in the parish of Beaconsfield, Co. Bucks."' The
following is a full abstract:

" To be buried at the discretion of my eldest son Richard Bald-
win, Esq. To the poor of Beaconsfield, £5. Whereas, by Inden-
tures, dated 7 Xov., 1690, between me of the 1-*^ party; Thomas
Colston, ' Esq., and Merchant London, and Elizabeth Monteth,
widow, of the 2"^^ part ; and my said son, Richard Baldwin, of the
3'''^ part ; I reserved certain powers, &c. I now appoint W"'- West-
brooke, of Ferring, Co. Sussex, Esq.; William Hill, the younger,
now of Beaconsfield, Co. Bucks, 3'eomau, and Elizabeth Mytton,
my eldest daughter, wife of Richard Mytton, of Alderman bury,
London, Gent., executors in trust of this my will — I direct that
the sums named in said Indentures, as portions for my 3 sons and
2 daughters, viz : Edward, Stephen and Thomas, Maria and Sarah,
be paid to said sons at their respective ages of 21, and to said
daughters at 21 or marriage — my said son Stephen to be paid
£300, bequeathed to him by the wills of Sir. Stephen White, Kt.,
and Stephen AVhite, of London, Merchant, and my said daughter
Sarah, to be paid £20, bequeathed her by her godmother, Mrs.
White, of Hackney. I direct that all my said children, who were
living at the death of my mother-in-law, Susanna Baldwin, widow,
be paid by my son Richard, £10 each for a piece of plate ; to my
daughter Baldwin, my eldest son's wife, my mohair bed, &c.; to
my daughter Maria my diamond ring, which my wife gave me ;

Richard, of County Bucks, England. 49

to my beloved grandcbikl, Elizabeth Mytton, a ring, of 30 shillings
value. My daughter Mytton, a good, dutiful child, desires rne to
leave her nothing, so I give to her and her husband mourning
only. I appoint my son Richard joint executor with those above

The Avill was proved in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury,
1 Mch., 1(!9|, by the son of Richard, power being reserved to the
other executors.

The children of Edward Baldwin, by his wife Elizabeth Turfrey?
were as follows :

71. Henry, called son and heir in 16(i9, then aged 6 years. He matriculated at
Oxford, from Mertou College, 30 May, 1679, aged IG, but took no degree. He died
in his father's lifetime, and probably unmarried, certainly leaving no issue.

72. Richard. +

73. Edward, second surviving son in 1G91, not 21.

74. Stephen, third surviving son in 1691.

75. Thomas, fourth surviving son in 1691.

76. Elizabeth, eldest daughter, and named in her grandfather's will in 1661.
She became the second wife of Richard Mytton, of London, Gent., to whom she
was married, at St. Bride's, Fleet Street, London, 7 Feb'y, 168|-. They had a child
baptised at St. Mary, Aldermaubury, London, in 1692, and her husband wa-; l)iuied
there 22 Feb. f&ff •

77. 3Iaria, second daughter in 1691, unmarried and not 21.

88. Sarah, third daughter in 1691, unmarried and not 21. Of the three youngest
sons and two youngest daughters, says Mr. Chester, have discovered nothing later.

50. SARAH -^ Sylvester ^ Sylvester ^ Henry ^ Richard, ^ bapt. 22
April, 1G21, in Aston Clinton, Co. Bucks, England, came to jS'ew
England no doubt with her parents on the ocean, June, 1638,
in ship Martin. She married Hon. Benjamin Fenn, of Milford,
Conn. ^ . ^ ^

He was first of Dorchester, and Savage says, perhaps came
1630, in the Mary & John ; yet his name does not appear until
1638, soon after which he removed to Milford. He was Representa-
tive for Alilford 1653 ; an Assistant of that Colony 1654. He favored
the union with Connecticut, and was an Assistant of the United
Colony from 1665 to 1672, when he died. His estate was large,

50 Baldwin Genealoj/jj.

here and in England, Co. Bucks, valued at £600; rents due, £240,
and this was by will given to Samuel, says Savage. He was likely
from Aylesbury, as he seems to have had property there. Hardly
any name appears more frequently than his in l^ew Haven Colo-
nial Records, after 1653, in various public services. One of the
earliest was to raise in silver if possible four pounds, to pay that
amount borrowed by the Commissioners in Boston. He and Capt.
Astwood were to treat w* Ensigne Bryan or James Roggers, and
see "if they can get silver, or Beaver, or other pay, though with
"good alloAvance, to answer these things; but if that amount
" cannot bee, that then so much butter bee gott to cary into the
" Bay as will sell for money to make up this some ; but if that will
"not be procured, then so much of this some that come from
" Guilford must be carried and sould as well as it can." In 1661
and the next two years, he and the Governor were the chosen
Commissioners for New Haven Colony.

She died 29 April, 1663, and he married, 12 March, 1664,
Susanna Ward. He d. 1672; will dated 14 Sept., and proved 14
l^ov. His children bj^ his second wife were Samuel, Susanna and
James. The Avidow's will, dated 9 Sept., 1674, shows she was
about to go to England. She gives her property chiefly to James
and Susanna, and refers to her aged mother, Susanna Wood or
Ward, of Suckle}', in County Worcester. It is probable she did
not return.

79. Benjaniia Fena, bapt. 20 Sept., 1640, iu :\rilford. He removed to Guilford
He married Mfliitable, dau. Jas])er Gunn, of Milford, and d. 1689, leaving the
following children: Benjamin, Mary and .Joseph, all bapt. 1667; Sarah, bapt. 1668;
Mehitable, Hannah and Martha, bapt. 1677; and Susanna. He died 1659.*

80. Joseph Fenu, bapt. 20 Nov., 1642, of Norwich; died 1671, leaving no
famil3^ He went to Guilford to be schoolmaster, but the negotiation fell through,

'■ I am sorry I eannot give the succeeding' Fcnns more precisely. Benjamin above, bapt. 1667, was the
Deacon Benjamin of Jlilford, whose will, dated 21 July, 1727, was presented (Xew Haven Probate Records
7, p. 24,) by Capt. Benjamin Fenn, one of the executors. The testator remembers his granddaughter,
Hannah Fenn, and his grandson, Benjamin Fenn, his son Benjamin Fenn, and his daughter Mehitable
Piatt, vnie of .Joseph. Among other matters, is one-third of "my real estate lying in the town of Alsberv, in
the Coimty of Bucks, within Old England, and one-third of the rents and profits now due." His tomb-
stone in Milford says he d. Aug. 29, 1732, in his 71st year. His wife Sarah d. May 26, 1727, in her G4th year.
The will of Capt. Benjamin Fenn of Milford, dated 31 May, 1763, was presented by Capt. Benjamin, e.vecutor.
The testator remembered his wife Sarah; his dau. Hannah Johnson, wife of Seth; his great-granddaughter
Sarah Fowler, dau. of his granddaughter, wife of Jonathan Fowler, late of Jlilford, to be paid to her
when IS, or married. To his son Benjamin, and his oldest son Benjamin. To his son Benjamin, until
his daughter, Sarah Prince Fenn, arrives at eighteen, and balance to his son Benjamin. The tombstone of
Capt. Benjamin says he was many years a ruling elder in the ehurch; tiled Jan'y 10, 1770, at 80 year*. His
"amiable consort" Sarah May 9, 1773, at 86 years. The next stone is Col. Benjamin Fenn died Feb'y 30,
(how is this?) 1778, in his 58th year. \ext, Lieut. Benjamin Fenu died Oct. 27, 1780, in his 39th year.

Richard, of County Buc/iS, EnghiiuL 51

aud he died the same year. In KiTT. his brother Benjamiu couveyed to Tiioiuas
Betts, Jr., the hou-ie aud h mse lot iu N )rwallc formerly Iteloiigiiisi' to him.

81. Sarah Feun, bapt. April, 1045, m. Samuel Burwell, of Milford, who was
bapt. 11 Oct,, 1640, son of John of that place. She had children: Sarah, 100:3. who
had legacy, from her gr. grandmother Astwood, of a pewter platter, m:irked with
S. ; Samuel, 1005, died soon; Samuel again, 1607; Joseph, 1070; ;in(l Jnlm. lO'Is,
unless the last be son of Nathan Burwell.

82. Mary PVun, bapt. 1647; in. Jan. 11, 167i^. William Leete, Jr., of Guilford,
Conn., son of Governor Leete. He died June, 1087, aud she m. 2">i. Captain
Stephen Bradley, of Guilford. She died 20 June, 1701. Captain Bradley was a very
prominent man. fi-equeutly deputj', in command of troops, and employed in public
negotiations. He had^ix children by his first wife, but none by his second, and died
20 June, 1702; On the personal authority of the late Ralph D. Smith, I state that
she was a very leading and prominent lady in Guilford. Her one daughter, l)y her
first husband, Mary, m. l^t Aug. 1691, Hon. James Hooker (Judge), of Farmington
and Guilford, Conn. He was son of Rev. Samuel Hooker, who was brother-in-law
to Rev. Roger Newton. James died 12 March, 1740, aud his wife 5 Oct., 1752.

83. Martha Fenu, bapt. 1050; m. 14 March, 1009, Samuel Newton, of Jlilford,
Eusigu iu 1073, aud died 1708. He was born 20 Oct., 1040, sou Rev. Roger, by
wife Mary, dau. Rev. Thomas Hooker. The}' had children: Martha, 1671, and
Thomas, 1675.

53. MAEY^ Sylvester^ Sylvester^ Henry- Richard^' bapt. iu
Aston Clinton, County Bucks, England, 19 Feh"y, 162f, came to
Milford, Conn., probably m 1(339, with her relatives. She m.
Robert Plum, of Branford and Milford, who d., says Savage, 12
May, 1655: but it appears, from isTew Haven Colonial Records,
Vol. 1, p, 15, that his will, dated 25 July, 1655, was proved 17
Dec, 1655, at Milford. The inventory was three hundred pounds,
two shillings and five pence. The widow m. 1676, as his second
wife, Sargeant William East, of Milford, and died 1708, having
no children bv him. Her children bv Plum were:

84. Mary, bapt. 1045, and m. 10 June, 1668, Matthew "Woodruff, of Farming,
ton, son of Matthew Woodruff, an original settler there, and b. 1040: m. 10 June,
1668. Their children were: ^Matthew, 1669; Mary, 1670; John, 1673; Sarah, 1074;
Samuel, 1077; Elizabeth. 1079, m. John Shepard, and in 170|, of Milford; Hannah,
lOSl — all livinir, in 1704, to take share of their mother in the estate of their grand-

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