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92. Ebcnezer.-f-

93. William.

94. Isaac, b. June 12, 17.30.+

95. James. The Worcester Mss. says he was a doctor, and had daus.

It is said by Dr. Elijah, of Canterbury, that some of his descend,
ants are in the vicinity, and that some went to Addison, Tioga
county, N. Y.

51. BENJAMIN'S Benjamin 2 Henry,i b. in 1700 ; he m., April
27, 1724, Elizabeth Longbottom. By tradition of his descendants,

622 Baldwin Genealogy.

he removed from Hebron, Conn., to Orford, IS". H. He resided
for awhile in Norwich, Conn., Parish Newent, (now Lisbon),
his children were bapt. there.

96. Theophilus, b. April 10, 1725.

97. Elizabeth, b. Oct. 22, 1727.

98. Benjaii'in, b. Nov. 30, 1730; d. April 15, 1732.

99. Benjamin, b. Dec. 9, 1733. +
100. Ebenezer, b. Feb. 5, 1736. +

He lived to old age. By tradition, he was a man of immense
physical strength, and once a prisoner among the Indians, where
he proved his strength in wrestling.

52. DA!N"IEL ^ Benjamin - Henry ,^ was of ISTorwich, Conn, (that
part afterwards Lisbon), after that of Mansfield, Conn. He m. 1***'

101. Daniel, b. Nov. 14, 1731; bapt. Aug. 17, 1732, in Parish Newent, now
Lisbon. +

102. Hannah, b. June 2, 1733; d. in 1742.

103. Ebenezer, b. Oct. 24, 1734. +

104. Deborah, b. .June 5, 1737; m. Philip Turner, Jr., of Mansfield.

105. Phebe, b. Dec. 2, 1739; m. Isaac Sargent, of Mansfield.

Hannah d. July 12, 1742, and he m. 2"^- 16, 1743, Hannah

L3'man, of Lebanon. He was then described, in the Norwich
Records, as of the Parish of jSTeweut (now Lisbon).

106. Samuel, b. May 14, 1745.

107. Asa, b. April 14, 1747.

108. Sarah, b. in 1752; m. Fowler.

54. TIMOTHY 3 Benjamin-^ Henry ^b. in 1709, in Canterbury,
Conn., and continued to reside there.

109. Joseph, b. in 1734. +

110. .Jacob, b. in 1736; d. in 1795; no ch.

111. David. +

112. Benjamin. +

113. Timothy, d. y.

114. Stephen, d. y.

(-_, 56. HENRY 2 Benjamin- Henry ,^ b. in 1713, in Canterbury;
m. Mercy Read, Nov. 21, 1738, and settled in Coventry. He had
children recorded in Norwich. He was in that part of Norwich
Parish Newent (now Lisbon), where his two first children were

Henry, of Wohurn, 3Iassachuse(ts. 623

bapt., and where he d. April 8, 1780, aged id6, and wife, Oct. 25,
1781, aged 60.

115. Priscilla, b. April 1. 1740.

116. Esther, b. March 37, 1743.

117. Heury, b. Oct. 6, 1743.

118. Samuel, b. Sept. 31, 1747; d. carlj-; was a seaman.

119. Mercy, b. April 3, 1749.

130. Theophilus, b. Feb. 18, 1751 (family say Feb. 3); settled in Oswego, N. Y. ;
a farmer. +

131. Lydia, b. Aug. 38, 1753; she m. Joseph Hibbard, of Canterbury, and d.
June 38, 1858; her husband, Nov. 14, 1811, (?) aged 48. (?)

When m., he lived in Bolton, and his wife was of Norwich.

63. HENRY* Henrj 3 Henrys Henry ,i b. Feb. 27, 1717, in Wo-
burn, Mass.; removed, when a child, with his parents to Pelham,
N.H.; m. Abigail Butler, b.Nov. 5, 1720, dau. John, of Pelham. He
removed to Shrewsbury, Mass., in 1756, where he had a farm and
public house. His wife Abigail d. May 23, 1777, aged 57. He
m. 2"*^' Martha, widow of Ebenezer Abbott. He survived her, and
d. ]S"ov. 17, 1789, aged 72.

136. Mary, b. Dec. 33. 1743; m., April 7, 1763, Elisha Ward, and d. in
Petersham, in 1811.

137. Zeruiah, Dec. 35, 1745; m., Nov. 7, 1771, .Jonathan Haywood, Jr., of
Concord; another authority says Heward.

138. Abigail, b. April 9, 1748; m., June 3, 1784, Dr. Abraham Holland, s.
James, and removed to Walpole, N. H.

139. Relief, b. Dec. 7, 1750; m., Nov. 13, 1778, Capt. TTilliam Hammond, of
Newton, and removed to Bangor, Me., in 1808.

140. Henry, d. y.

141. Henry, Nov. 13, 1753. +

143. Lucretia, b. Nov. 13, 1756; m., June 1, 1784, Jonas Stone, of Leicester.
In June, 1847, both of Shrewsljury.

143. Thaddeus. b. Dec. 7, 1759. +

144. Life. April 35, 1763. +

145. Tilly, b. Aug. 10, 1770; d. August, 1775.

The "Worcester Mss. calls him Harvey, and says he had three
sons. I doubt it, but an agreement made in April, 1795, between
his heirs, adds to Mary, Thaddeus, Lucretia Stone, Zeruiah Hay-
wood, Azubah, Relief Hammond and ISTabby Holland. The receipts
of all but the Stones are dated at Petersham. Vinton also gives
him the following, of whom I find nothing :

146. Nathan.

147. Eliphalet.

148. Keziah.

But omits Zeruiah, Azubnli and Kabby.

624 Baldwin Genealogy.

64. NATHAN ^ Henry ^ Henry ^ Heury.^ He settled in Worces-
ter, Mass. Pie was a man of active mind, and famous in debate.
His will, dated June 2, 1784, proved Aug. 3, the same year,
remembers his wife Lydia, directs his lands in AVorcester to be
sold, and the proceeds to be divided. He m. l'^*- Sarah Oakes, the
mother of Sarah below ; and 2"'^'' L3'dia Oakes, the mother of the
other children.

149. Sarah, m. William Johason, a gunsmith, and had one, and perhaps more
ch. , Nathan Baldwin.

150. Lydia, m. Hasswell. (?)

151. Abigail, m. Isaac Flagg.

152. Mary.

153. Catharine.

66. WILLIAM * David ^ Henry ^ Henry,^ in Harvard College in
1748. The Mss. of Capt. Samuel Baldwin says he m. and settled
in Sudbury, Mass., was an exemplary and good citizen, and emi-
nent as a peacemaker among his neighbors ; that he had a large
family of sons and daughters, most of whom m. and settled in
Sudbury, "the particulars of whose history is not known."

Qaere: Whether he could have been William, of Newton, whose
widow Elizabeth renders her account in 1757? Probably not.
Vinton says he was of Sudbury, Deacon and Magistrate, who m.
Jane Cook, of Sudbury, dau. Rev. William Cook, of Sudbury.
He was, in 1753, innkeeper of Watertown (adjoining Sudbury),
and had by his wife Jane :

157. William, b. Oct. 14, 1753. (Bond's "Watertown.")

67. SAMUEL (Rev.) * David ^ Henry ^ Henry ^ b. in Sudbury;
graduated at Harvard College, 1752 ; ordained at Hanover, Mass.,
Dec. 1, 1756 ; m., Jan. 4, 1756, Hannah, b. Sept. 6, 1738, dau. Hon.
John Cushing, Jr., of Scituate, Mass. He d. Dec. 1, 1784 ; his w.,
May 8, 1790. He delivered one of the annual addresses at Ply-
mouth. (1 N. E. Hist. Gen. Register, 118.) He was, says the
Capt Samuel Mss., a Whig of much zeal. It is said of him that he
used to carry his arms to church ; and, on one occasion, while the
British were lying at Boston and infesting the coast, he thanked
the Lord " that there was hemp sufHcient to hang all the Tories."

158. Abigail, b. Nov. 13, 1759; d. Dec. 32, 1881.

159. Samuel, b. April 19, 1761; d. May 17, 1762.

16}.' Samuel, b. Feb. 18, 1763; d. in New York, aged about 20.
161. Hannah, b. July 13, 1765; d. Nov. 2, 1789.
163. Mary, b. Nov. 25, 1768; m. Robert Salmond.H-

Henry, of Wobuni, Massachusetts. 625

163. Bcthia C, b. May 19, 1771; ni. TJionuis Youug, of East Bridgewater,
Mas.s., Jan. 5; 1793, aud had seven cli.

164. Williani, 1), ]\Iarch 30, 1744; a hatter, and d. unm. in Bridgewater, aged
about 70.

105. Lucy, b, Oct. 3, 1776; ni. Barzillai Allen, of East Bridgewater, and had
five children. •

166. Fanny, b. June 8, 1780, living not many years since with her nephew, Mr.
Samuel Salmond, nnm.

70. LYDIA* David 3 Henry -^Heury,^ m., Oct. 19. 1750, Hon.
Oliver Prescott, of Groton, ^fass., b. April 27, 1731, and gradu-
ated at Harvard College in 1750. He was a physician with a very
large practice, and it is said he used to sleep on horseback. He
was Judge of Probate from 1779 to his death ; was a Brigadier
General before the Revolution, and 1778 to 1781 a Major General
of Massachusetts Militia, Member of the Board of War, and of the
Supreme Executive Council of Massachusetts. He was a brother
of Col. William Prescott who commanded at the battle of Bunker


168. James, succeeded his father as Judge of Probate.

169. Oliver pi.D.), b. April 4, 1763; graduated at Harvard in 1783; was an
eminent physician ; settled in Groton. In 1811, he was in Newburyport, and d.
Sept. 26, 1827.

173. Lucy, his sixth child, m. Hon. Timothy Bigelow, of Medford, and their
eldest dau. Katharine m. Hon. Abbott Lawrence.

An account of Prescott will be found in Butler's "Groton,""
page 429.

73. JEDUTHAX* Isaac ^ Henry ^ Henry ,i in Sudbury, Mass..
1731, and died June 6, 1788, aged an /y? /n /

57. (See his Funeral Sermon.) He JkaJ^U "/dtL&cCJi^^
m. the dau. of Rev. E. Parkman, of
Westboro, Mass., who survived. His will was proved July 1, 1788.

174. .Jeduthan, b. in 1757; d. Oct. 31, 1763, "Hung in an instant out of time '
into eternity," says his father's "Funeral Sei'mon."

175. Isaac, b. in 1764; d. April 1, 1783, "a senior sophister in the Universitj-
of Cambridge."

176. Elizabeth, ra., as his 8>"'i wife, David Pearce, who d. March, 1818, aged 81.

177. Luke. +

He resided and d. in Brooktield, Mass. Allen's "Biographical
Dictionary," (calling him by error Jonathan,) says he was a Cap-
tain in the French war, a prominent Member of the Massachusetts
Assembly in 1771:; a Colonel in the Revolutionary struggle; a

626 Baldwin Genealogy.

soldier, a patriot, a Christian. He was also a friend to literature,
leaving a bequest to Leicester Academy.

The following autograph letter is still remaining with the Anti-
quarian Society at Worcester :

Camp at Prospect Hill, July 7, 1775.

Deal' Sir: Last evening, I had the pleasure of hearing of your return to Brookfield,

by Mr. Sullivan, who informed me that matters were settled agreeably at Ticonderoga,

and that the fort was under good circumstances, after meeting with some opposition

with one of the officers. By an invitation from Col. Gridley, I went as an engineer

(the 16th of June) upon Bunker Hill, in Charlestown, and threw up a breastwork,

and was on that hill the whole of that memorable day. Ye 17th of June, at evening,

we retreated out to Prospect Hill, and worked again all that night throwing up

breastworks; and I have continued in that service as an engineer to this time. I

propose to stay here about a fortnight; by that time I expect to finish the fortification

on this hill, and then I expect to return home, as there is no provision made for me

in the armj', and the Congress are requested by Gen. Washington not to give out any

more commissions. You proposed to me to have another Member chosen to represent

Brookfield with you. It would be very agreeable to me to have the favour of the


I am, Sir, j-our very humble servant, Jedu'n Baldwin.


74. NAHUM* Isaac ^ Henry ^ Henry ,i"b. May 4, 1734, in Sud-
bury, Mass.; m., April 22, 1860, Martha Low, b. April 15, 1734,
dau. John Low. They both settled and d. in Amherst, X. H. She
d. 'Nov. 7, 1802. He was a blacksmith, a man of great force of
character and real moral worth ; was chosen Deacon in Amherst,
Jan. 5,1774; Representative in 1780. He was a Selectman in
Amherst in 1769 ; said, in 1775, to have been a Representative to
the Provincial Congress. He is said, by his descendants, to have
served in the French and Indian war, and to have been taken
prisoner by two Indians, but to have escaped after a severe strug-
gle. In 1795, the family removed to Antrim, jST. H. He d. May 7,
1788; his widow, Nov. 7, 1802. His children, taken from his
Family Bible, are :

178. Nahum, b. Jan. 30, 1762. +

179. Martha, b. March 8, 1764; m. Samuel Burge. and d. at Hollis. N. H.

180. Cyrus, b. Feb. 27. 1766, in Nashua, X. H. : m. Miss Anna Tuck, of
Fayette, Me., and d. there, November or December, 1820.

, 181. Isaac, b. April 23, 1768. +

182. Frances, b. May 22, 1771; m. James Boyd, and d. at Antrim. X. H.

183. Mary, b. July 6, 1773; m. Benjamin Clifford, and d. at Fayette, Me.

184. Lucy, Feb. 13, 1776; m. "William Starrett, and d. February, 1821. at
Warren, Me.

Heni'y, of Woburn, 31assachusetts. 627

75. ISAAC* Isaac ^ Henry ^ Henry ,^ one of the first settlers in
Hillsborough, N. H,; was killed at Bunker Hill. He m., in 1761,
Eunice, b. in Sudbury in 1739, dau. Robert and Sibill (Brintnall)
Jemison. Robert was s. Peter ^ Samuel- Robert,^ of Watertown.

185. Jemersou.

186. Jeduthan, b. 1766. +

187. L';aac.+

188. Josmli.+

189. Robert, b. Julj- 15, 1775 (posthumous). +

76. JOSIA* Isaac =^ Henry 2 Henry,! b. Sudbury, Mass., in 1736
or 1737; settled in Gardiner, Me.; thence, in 1766, to Rutland
county, Vt.; d. aged 96J. He was in the French war, and in the
Revolutionary war, and drew a pension of ninety-six dollars. He
was by trade a carpenter.

190. Isaac. -4-

191. Jeduthan.

192. Eber, b. 178G iu Gardiner, Me.4-

79. LOAMMI* James =^ Henry 2 Henry,! b. in Woburn, Mass.,
Jan. 10, 174i; known as Col. Loammi ; was a cabinet maker and
laud surveyor; resided iu Woburn. He was a man of learning.
He used to walk from North Woburn to Cambrido-e with his
schoolmate Benjamin Thompson (Count Rumford), to attend lec-
tures there on Natural Philosophy, and they together made rude
instruments at home for experiments. At the commencement ot
the war in 1775, he enlisted in a regiment of foot, commanded by
Col. Samuel Gerrish. He was rapidly advanced to be Lieutenant
Colonel ; and in August, upon the retirement of Col. Garrish,
was made Colonel. This Regiment was origihally the 38th, with
eight Companies, and on the Boston lines. On the reorganization
of the army, at the close of 1775, it was the 26th, with ten Compa-
nies. In April, 1776, he was stationed at New York; and June
22, was at the " Grand Battery," in command of the main guard-
He continued down the Delaware, and was in the Trenton Expe-
dition on the memorable night of Dec. 25, 1776, when, in the
stirrino- languaa^e of SewalTs " Woburn," "in face of a violent
" and extremelv cold storm of snow and hail, the Commauder-in-
" Chief recrossed the Delaware to the Jersey side, and took by
"surprise at Trenton, the next morning, a body of about one
" thousand Hessian troops. Col. Baldwin and his men accompa-
" nied the General in his daring enterprise, and partook of the

628 Baldicia Genealogy.

" honor and joy with which it was crowned, a victory most unex-
" pected and disastrous to the British, but most reviving to the
'^ desponding minds of the friends of liberty, and of the American

In 1780, he was High Sheriff of Middlesex county. He was
repeatedly Eepresentative, and was a Member of the American
Academy of Arts and Sciences. He was quite distinguished as
an Engineer. Charles Francis Adams, Jr., says : "In 1826, Col.
" Loammi Baldwin, for a Commission appointed for the purpose,
" submitted plans and estimates for a canal route between Massa-
" chusetts and New York, and his plan contemplated tunneling
" the Hoosac Mountain from point to point, exactly as carried out
" for railroad purposes."

[From the Boston Daily News, Jan. 23, 1875.]
"Tlie widely-known Baldwin Apple was named from him; and the Nashua (N. H.)
Telegraph gives the following account of its origin, written by ilr. B. Blood, of that
place: ' Col. Loammi Baldwin, Chief Engineer in building the Middlesex Canal, lived
in the northern part of Woburn, near the canal. He owned a piece of woodland in
the southwestern part of Wilmington, near what was then known as Butler's Ridge,
from which he cut his firewood. He came to an apple tree, somewhat young, but
thrifty and bearing, which the woodpeckers had pecked around the body and lower
limbs so unmercifully that he feared it would die. As he was an ardent lover of good
fruit, he concluded to "spare that tree," and see Avhat was its fruit. The next
autumn, he found lying on the ground beneath it some very nice-looking winter
apples, which he put in his cellar. The next spring, having friends from Boston to
(line, he brought forward the "Pecker" apples, as he called them, to try the quality
for the first time ; when they were found to be so far superior to any they ever tasted
before, that he went immediately, cut some scions, and engrafted some of his trees at
home. Being High Sheriff, he attended the Court at Concord and Cambridge, often
taking liis favorite apple to eat after dinner, and giving to his fellow-boarders. Thus
from his tree were scions cut, and the fruit is now known almost over the United
States as the Baldwin Apple.' "

He m. l*t' Jan. 9, 1772, Mary Fowle, of Woburn.

193. Cyrus, settled in Middlesex village, Mass. He m. EUzabeth Sumner, and
owned for many years the farm where grew the "Baldwin Apple." He had no ch.,
and his estate, late of Chelmsford, went, in 1837, to his brothers and sisters.

194. Benjamin Franklin, b. in 1777. +

195. Loammi, b. May 18, 1778. Graduated at
Harvard College in 1800. He was the distinguished ^

Civil Engineer who built the dry docks in Charles- <^>^^ (Z-^^^t^rr^'Ki

town and Norfolk for the U. S. Government. He

m. a sister of Samuel AVilliams, many years ago an eminent American banker in


196. James F., b. April 29, 1782. +

197. Mary.

Henry, of Woln/rn, 3fassachi.(sctfs. 629

Me m. 2"^'>Margary Fowlt^, May 26, 1791.

198. Clarissa.

199. GeorareK.+


80. RUEL^ James ^ Heury- Heury,M). in Woburn, Mass., and
continued to reside there; m. Keziah Wyman, Oct. 4, 1769, who
m. 2'"'' Johnson, of Woburn, Mass., and had six children. One of
her grandchildren is John Johnson, in March, 1880, Cashier of a
bank in Woburn,

200. Riiel, b. Dec. 30, 1770; d. April 7, 1849.

201. Ruth, m. Ichabod Richardson.

202. James, b. Oct. 7, 1773; d. Nov. 24. 1827. +

203. Josiah, says Viutou, whose receipts per guardian were given to his
father's executors in 1792.

81. SAMUEL* Samuel 3 Henry 2 Henry,! b. in Weston, Mass.,
July 28, 1743; ra., in 1762, Millicent Cutler, dau. Capt. Ebenezer,
of Lincoln, Mass. He was a Member of the first Provincial Con-
gress for Massachusetts; in Cambridge in 1774, and Captain in
the Revolutionary war. He moved from AVeston to Xorthbridge
in 1776, and thence to Windsor, Berkshire county. He gave a
narrative, in 1824. After trying in vain for a long time to get a
copy, I now have four from diiierent hands. He d. in Windsor,
Mass., July 9, 1826 ; she, Feb. 3, 1823.

204. Anna, b. Nov. 9, 1764; m. Enos iMorsc, and settled in Riga, N. Y. Chil-
dren : Ephraim, Samuel and John.

205. Samuel, b. Oct. 15, 1766. +

206. Jonas C, b. Jan. 3, 1769.+

207. Ephraim, b. June 20, 1771.+

208. Cyrus, b. March 5, 1773. +

209. Lydia, h. Aug. 20, 1775; m. Gad Chamberlain. +

210. Millicent, b. June 18, 1777; m. Francis Cooper, and settled in ^lanlius,
N. Y. ; she d. Nov. 13, 1812. Children; Phila, d.'; Jonas, m., and in 1855, living
in Medina, Lenawee county, Mich. ; Porter, in 1855, m. and living at Hillsdale,
Mich, ; Cutler, m. and d. at Janesville, N. Y. ; and Mary m. Munroe. She d. leaving
nine eh., and the family, in 1855, lived near Romeo, INIich.

211. Lucy, b. July 7, 1780; m. Stephen T. Hume; lived at Windsor, Mass.
She was living in 1855. jChildreu: Lydia; and Jane, in 1855, m. and living near

92. EBENEZER* John ^Benjamin -^ Henry,! b. in Canterbury,
Conn.; m., it is said, and had three sous.

225. Aaron.

226. John.

227. James.

630 Baldwin Genealogy.

94. ISAAC ' John ^ Benjamin '- Henry ,i b. Jnne 12, 1730 ; lived
in Canterbury, Conn., and d. in Elmira, or, says Hon. A. C, in
Chemung, iS". Y., June 9, 1791. He m., Nov. 16, 1751, Patience
Ratlibun, b. Sept. 13, 1734, in Exeter, Providence county, R. I.;
settled in Newton, N. Y., in 1785 ; and d. in Southport, July 24,

228. Rufus, b. March 8, 1753, in Connecticut; Xorwich Records sa}', 1754. +

229. Thomas, b. Feb. 23, 1755, in Elmira; Norwicli Records say, 1756. +

230. Waterman, b. Jan. 8, 1757; Norwich Records say, .Tan. 16, 1758. +

231. Affa, b. Dec. 14, 1759, in Pennsylvania; Noi'wich Records saj-, Dec. 4,
1760; m. 1st, .Jenkins, and 2nd, Harding. +

232. Adah, b. Oct. 31, 1762, in Southport; Norwich Records say, Sept. 30,
1763. She m., William Jenkins, of Southport, N. Y., and d. March 1, 1845. The
Elmira Advertiser says she was taken prisoner by the Indians at the Massacre of
Wyoming, in 1778, at the age of sixteen, shaved, painted and sent on foot, over
the mountains and through the swamps, to the Delaware, at Easton. The paper
proceeds to say that her experience, during her captivity among the Indians, was
startling and remarkable, but I am unable to relate it.

233. Isaac, 1). Jan. 8, 1765, in Elmira. +

234. William, b. Aug. 26, 17G7.-T-

235. Henry, b. Feb. 27, 1769, in Southport; m. 3Iillie Satterlee; d. April 29,

236. Polly, b. Aug. 3, 1772 ;.d. in Ohio, September, 1828; m. Anthony Lowe.

237. Silas, b. March 12, 1775, in Elmira. m. Sally Hascall; d. Dec. 12,' 1809.

238. Ichabod, b. Oct. 26, 1777, in Penn Yau.+

99. BENJAMIN* Benjamin 3 Benjamin ^ Henry,i b. in Nor-
wich, Conn., Dec. 9, 1733. He lived in childhood in Hebrou,
where he m. Lydia Peters, dan. John, Jr., of that town, and sister
of Gen. Absalom and Col. John. Not long after marriage, they
emigrated to the "Coos" country. They were in Thetford, Vt.,
as early as 1765. Two or three years afterward, they removed to
Orford, N. H. In 1774, he built a sawmill in Mooretown, now
Bradford, Vt. In 1778, he represented his town in the Convention
to "take measures for the organization of a new State." In 1782
to 1789, he was Town Clerk. He was many years Justice of the
Peace, and was buried Feb. 22, 1818. His wife was a woman
highly distinguished for her cheerfulness, resolution and energy.
Besides bringing up her own family in an exemplary manner, she
was remarkably successful in the practice of midwifery. It ex-
tended into several towns. She was always ready to go on her
own side-saddle, but much also, in the old-fashioned manner, on
her pillion behind the man on horseback, who had come for her.
In fifty years and six months after August, 1768, she had helped

Henry, of Woburn, Massachusetts. 631

into the world nine hundred and twenty-six children. In all
these cases, only one mother died in childbirth. Her last case
was Jan. 26, 1819. She d. Sept. 3, 1825, aged 85.

239. Lydia C, b. in Hebron, Conn., Nov. 26, 1762^; m. Andrew Crook, of
Piermont. He was for many years Deacon of the Congregational Cliurch, and
"justly esteemed one of the excellent of the earth." Children: Lydia, m. Joseph
Root, of Piermont; Betsey, m. Daniel Hogan, of Piermont; Cynthia, m. James
Robinson, of Piermont; John, m. Anna Duttou, of Orford, N. H., and have a s.
Andrew, and dau. Sarah Anna, who m. George Jenkins, of Bradford; Sarah, d.
unm. ; Andrew, d. unm. ; and Isaac. The only ch. living, in 1874, is Cynthia.

240. Elizabeth, b. Nov. 20, 1764; m. John Moore, of Bradford, Vt. Children:
John W., 1790, m. Mary Dyke, and d. in Bradford, ]March 16, 1873, no ch. ; Betsey,
m. Timothy Underwood, of Bradford, Vt., and settled in Hardwick, Vt. ; Polly, m.
Nathaniel Waugh, of Bradford, Vt. ;lAnn, m. Josiah Moore, of West Fairlee, and
moved West; Lydia, m. Jonathan Austin, of Bradford, and they moved to Michi-
gan; Roswell, m. and d. at Ann Arbor, Mich. ; Benjamin, m. Mary, dau. Dr. Bli.ss,
of Vershire, d. in ]\Iaumee, Ind. ; William, m. Miss Wells, of Newbury, and
moved West.

241. Benjamin Peters, b. April 23, 1767. +

242. Theophilus, b. Aug, 25, 1769.+

243. Cynthia, b. May 9, 1772, d. y.

244. Lucy, b. Feb. 9, 1775; m., William Kendall, of Bradford. Tliey had a
s. Laugdon, living, 1874, in Barnet, Vt.

24.5. Absalom, b. March 10, 1778.4-

246. William, 1). Sept. 23, 1782. +

247. John Dennie, .June IS, 1785. +

100. EBEXEZER* Benjamin ^ Benjamin,'- b. in Hebron, Conn.,
Feb. 5, 1736, or removed there in childhood. He m., in Hebron,
Abigail Blackman, said to be of Andover, Tolland county, Conn.,
and Ij. in 1743, and removed shortly after (it is said, in February,
1762,) to Orford, N. H. They d. in Fairlee, Vt.: he d. in 1818 i
she in 1813.

248. Abigail, b. 1769, in Hebron, Conn. ; m. Nathaniel Marsh, of Orford.
N. H. They had a s. Seymour of Syracuse or Utica, N. Y., inventor of the
"Marsh Truss." He d. some years ago, and left a son, it is said.

249. Ebenezer, b. 1770, in Hebron, Conn.-h

250. Martha, b. 1772, in Orford, N. H. ; m. Thomas Truesdell, of Fairlee, Vt.
They had a s. and three daus., names unknown, and also Annie, living, in 1875,
with Eleazer Baldwin, and Hannah, m. Lucas, and living, in 1876, at 40 Warren-
ton street, Boston.

251. Irene, b. 1775; m. Stephen Lombard. They settled in New York State,
and had a familj'.

252. Betsey, b. 1776; m. Rufus Carpenter. +

253. Eleazur, b. 1778. +

254. AVilliam, b. 1780.-4-

255. John, b. 1783, in Fairlee, Vt. -f

•632 Baldwin Genealogy.

101. DANIEL * Daniel ^ Benjamin, ^ b. in Norwich, Conn., Nov.
14, 1731 ; he resided for a while in Mansfield, Conn.; he removed
to Dover, Vt., and d. in 1816. He m., in 1753, Anna or Hannah
Knight, who was b. in 1735, and d. 'n\ 1809.

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