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father. Matthew m., after death of ]Mary, a second wife, Sarah, dau. John North,
and had children: Nathaniel, who settled in Litchtield, Conn. ; and Joseph, d. y.*

A brief list of the AVoodruffs may not be witliout interest:
1. MATTHEW WOODRUFF, one of the orife^inal 84 proprietors of Fanninjiton, Conn., ).-.i ■■.'.'> from
Hartfurd, died there 10S2. His wife Hannah joined tlie uhurch there i Apl., Iti54.

2. Jolm, 1042.+

3. Matthew, 1646.+

4. Hannali, 1648, ni. Se.vmour.
ii. Klizabeth, 1652.

6. Mary, 1654, bajit. 5 Nov. of that year.

7. Samuel, 1661, removed to Southington, Conn.

52 Baldwin Genealogy.

85. John Plum, bapt. 1646. Savage says, erroueously, that he is the only one
known to have left issue. .John was a man of distinction. He m., 24 Nov., 1668,
Elizabeth Norton; and Savage names only children: Elizabeth, 1669; John, 1671;
Mary, 1673; adding perhaps more. One more is Sarah, dau. Mr. John Plum, of
Milford, who married, 25 Nov., 1702, Joseph Kellogg, of Norwalk, and had eh.:
Ehzabeth, 5 Oct., 1703: Sarah. 5 Apl., 1706; Joseph, 26 Sept., 1707; Rachel, 15'
July. 1710; Hannah 1 Aug., 1712. Mrs. K. died 17 Aug., 1712. and he m. 2nd,
according to Hall's Norwalk, p. 204, same day, widow Mary Lyon, and had ch. :
David, 28 Sept., 1715; Benjamin, 26 Sept., 1716. It is likely the same day is an
error. The foregoing John, b. 1671. was of Milford; and in 1816, his wife Rachel,
who was his administratrix, was chosen guardian of his eldest son John, whose
adm. is granted, 1738, to his son Joseph, widow declining. In the same volume
(5 N. H. Probate Rec), is estate Samuel, apparently son of Rachel, and whose wife
is Mehitable.

86. Robert Plum, b. 1648. (Vol. 3, p. 13, N. H. Prob. Rec, 27 Feb'y, 1 'Of, is
the. inventory of his estate, as Mr. Robert Plum, of Milford.)

87. Samuel Plum, b. 1650, d. y.

88. Samuel Plum, b. 1653.

89. Joseph Plum, b. 10 July, 1655. I had Ijelieved him to be the one. admin-
istration on whose estate, of .Milford, was given 8 Apl., 1714 (N. H. Pro. Rec), to
widow Su.sannah, with ch. : Su.sanna, ae. 12; Joseph, 10; Ann, 7; and Noah 5; but
perhaps that was the Josepli who Savage says was the son of John, of New London,
and removed to Milfonl abiut 1700 I agree with Mr. Savage, "that it seems
impo.ssible to pick up all these Plums."

2. JOHN WOODRUFF, b. about ie42, was of Farmington, and his will was proved ii ilaj , 1092.

8. Marv, l(i67.

9. John, 1069.
10. Phebe, 1676.
13. Joseph, 1679.

12. Margaret, 1682.

13. Abigail, 1684.

3. MATTHEW WOODRUFF, b. 1640; bapt. in Farmington, May 16, 1658, in his 12th year. He m. Mary
Plumb at Milford, Conn., 16 June, 1668. His first three ch. were born at Milford, the balance at Farming-
ton. He died 1691.

14. Matthew, 1 l^eb'v, 16o|-; died 17.51.

15. Marv, 27 Dec, 1670.

16. John, 1 Feb'y, 1072.-!-

17. Sarah, 1074.

18. Samuel, 1077. ,

19. Elizabeth, 1079, m. John Shepard, of Westfield, Ma.ss.

20. Hannah, 1681.

21. Nathaniel, 108^, removed to Litchfield, Conn., and ancestor of Hon. Geo. C. ■S\oodruff, of

that place.

22. Joseph, 1689, died young.

16. CAPT. JOHN WOODRUFF, of Milford, born 1 Feb y, 167^- His will, as Capt. John of Milford, is in
New Haven Probate for 1726; and as per Milford Cemetery, he died 23 July, 1726, in his .53rd year. He
remembers his wife Mary, and

23. Mary.

24. Sarah.

25. Susanna.

26. Anna.

27. Anne.

28. John.-f

29. Jftsepb.

He gave his daughters two hundred pounds each, advancement to be taken out. He has deeds from his
brothers and sisters for *;00, in current country pay of the colony, to three cf them (1704), and other pay to
others of lands from their uncle John Phnn by agreement, nnd uncle Robert Plum by will.

lilchord, of Coanty Backs^ Enghiml. 53

72. RICITATiP ^' Edward •• Henry ' Sylvester '^ Henry - Kichard '
was bom at Beaeonsfield, County Bucks, and matriculated at
Oxford, from St. John's College, 20 May, 1(386, ae. 17. He was
afterwards of the Inner Temple, London, He married at Stt
Dionis Back Church, London, 20 Dec, 1090, Anne, dau. of JamGs
Monteith, of St. Andrew's, Holboru, London, and of Saifron,
Waldrou, County Essex, Gent., descended from the ancient Scot-
tish family of that name. She was baptised at St. Andrew's.
Holborn, 12 June, 1662. She survived her husband, but died
before 20 Aug'., 1734, leaving no will that can be found, and very
probably having remarried. Richard Baldwin made his will 8
Dec, 1696, calling himself of Beaeonsfield, Esquire. The follow-
ing is a full abstract :

To be buried in the Chapel, appropriate to my own family, in
the parish church of Beaeonsfield, near my late deceased father
and mother. To the poor of Beaeonsfield, the place of my na-
tivity, 50 shillings. To my wife, my chamber in the third staircase
of Sir Robert Sayer's Buildings, in the Inner Temple, the furni-
ture and goods there, and all my goods, plate, &c., in ni}^ house at
Wilton's; and I appoint her my sole executrix, she to bring up my
children, and see paid to them their legacies in the will of their
good Aunt, Mrs. Elizabeth Mouteth, viz: to my daughter Ann,
my son Ricliard and my daughter Elizabeth, each £500.

28. JOHN WOODRUFF. Vol. 10, p. 499, of New Haven Probate Records, is the will of Captain Joiin o
Milford again, dated 3 April. 1707; pro\ed 3 Mondaj .March, 17()S.

30. John, oldest.

31. .Samuel, 2d child.

32. Enoch.

33. Matthew, .

34. Isaac.

To Wife Sarah.

3.5. Jonab, h. 1755, had a son Jonab, living May, 1S7S, in Broome county, N. V. , and a^'ed SO yearsf

3(5. Benjamin.

37. Hannijh, wife of Ste]ihen Piatt.

38. .Abijjail, wife of Fitch Kiiuberly.

39. Sarah Woodruff.

40. Susannah Woodruff.

41. Jenisha Woodruff.

His wfe was Sarah Baldwin 4, dau. Thomas 3, Barnabas 2, Richard 1, and born 171.5, in Milford, Auere,
from the order in which she is named whether she was his second. He had also a son

42. David, left out of the "distribution and inheritance of reversion."

It is further provided, that if anj' one tries to break up his will, that child has five shilling's, "as the law
directs.'' John had considerable lands in Oxford. I learn from his descendants, that David "was made
wealthy by an uncle named Plumb, who willed hiin a large estate. David died in Oxford, 31 Dec, 17Sli,
aged 53. " He m. Esther Clark. TJiey had a dau. Content, m. Nehemiah Candee 4, Caleb 3, Samuel 2,
Zaccheus 1, whose descendants will appear in a genealogy I am i^reparing of the Candees.

ELIZABETH BALDWINS, Sylvanus 2, Richard 1, m. a Woodruff, but I have been unable to find what
one. She was b. 29 March, 1673, and her father, in his wiU of 1727, leaves her all hi§ lands in Waterbury,
and remembers her sons Svlvanus and Matthew.

54 Baldwin Genealogy.

The will was proved, in the Prerogative Court of Canterhiirj,
21 March, 169|, hy the relict Anne. The children of Richard
Baldwin, by his wife Anne Monteth were as follows:

90. Ann, evidently eldest child, as named in her father's will, and in that of
Mrs. Elizabeth Monteth (whom he mentioned), which was dated 22 Feb., 1694. She
died unmarrie.'l, and letters of administration were granted, in the Prerogative Court
of Canterbury, 20 Aug., 1734, to her brother and next of kin. Robert Monteth
Baldwin, Esquire.

91. Richard, who was living 22 Feb'y, 1694, and also at the date of his father's
will ; but who probably died young, at all events without issue, as his younger
brother possessed the family estate.

93. Elizabeth, living at the date of her father's will, 8 Dec, 1696, but of whom
I find nothing further. The youngest child was

93. Robert Monteth Baldwin, Avho was evidently born after the date of his
father's will. Mrs. Elizabeth Monteth, above named, was the widow of his mother's
paternal uncle; and in her will, dated 22 Feb'y, 1694, left legacies of £500 each to
the three children of Richard Baldwin and Anne Monteth. with the provision that
if any of them died in their minority, or before maniage, their portions should go
to any son of said James (see Richard) smd Anne Baldwin, who sh.oukl be baptised
by the name of her dear deceased husband, Robert l\p)idit]i. He appeared to have
outlived his brother and sisters, and to have died unmarried.

The will of Robert Monteth Baldwiil, which is very short, was
made 8 Sept., 1746, when he described himself as of the Middle
Temple, London, Esqnire. He simply bequeathed all his estate,
both real and personal, to his " cousin," John Canham, Esquire, and
appointed him sole executor. Canham proved the will, in the Pre-
rogative Court of Canterbury, 6 April, 1747. He may have been
an actual cousin, son of one of his Aunts, Maria or Sarah; or the
word "cousin" may have been used in the light oi' nephew, and he
have been the son of the sister Elizabeth; or again, he may have
been a relation on his mother's side. At all events, the estates of
the direct line of Dundridge Baldwins appear to have descended
to this Robert Monteth Baldwin, and he bequeathed them to his
cousin John Canham, dying the last of his race. The very next
year, 1748, according to Lipscombe (who wrongly calls him John
Monteth Baldwin), this heir sold Bundridge and the other familj'-
lands, and the name of Baldwin ceased to be connected with them,
after an ownership of 170 years, and a previous tenantry of Dun-
dridge making up two centuries. It was left for the younger
branches of the Dundridge line to perpetuate their race in
America, while the elder branch, which remained in Enghmd,
faded out entirely in about a hundred years after the emigration.

John Baldwin, of County Bucks., England,


1. JOHN BALDWm,ofthe"Hayle," County Bucks, England,
was named as the overseer of his bi^other liichard's will, in 155|.
He made his own will 12 March, 156i, describing himself as of
the Hayle, in the Parish of Wendover, County Bucks, yeoman.
The following is an abstract of it:

To each of my children's children, 4 pence. To Mcholas, my son,
my houses and lands in Great Missenden and the Lee, and a tene-
ment in Wendover. To Sylvester, my son, a grove called Lord's
Grove, in Wendover, and lands in Aston Clinton called Pleadell's;
and the same, after his death, to go to his son John and his heirs
forever. To Richard, my son, £20. To Robert, my son, £10. To
Thomas, my son, a horse worth 33s. 4d. To George, my son, all
the residue of my estate, and he to be my executor; as overseer,
my son Sylvester. The will was proved 2 March, 156f, in the
Archdeaconry Court of Bucks, by the son George. His wife evi-
dently died before he did.

2. George.-f-

3. Nicholas. -f

4. Sylvester. -|-

5. Richard. -j-

6. Robert. Mr. Chester finds nothing of him after his fatlier's will of lo6i, and
thinks he died young.

7. Thomas,

8r Hugh appears, in the will of the first Richard of Duudridge, as "Heughe
Baldwyn, my brother's son." He is not named in John's will, and if he was his
son, probablj' died young. As Richard named no other brother than John, it is
likely Hugh was son of John. Richard may have had other brothers; but 3Ir.
Chester can find no trace or suggestion of them in tlie wills, verv numerous, of
Baldwins in Bucks or other parts of England. In the parish register of Aston
Clinton appears the marriage of a Hugh Baldwin and Mary King, 24 Jan'y, 150 jj, and
of this Hugh, Mr. Chester fimls no fiirtlicr trace.

56 Baldicin Genealogy.

There were other Baldwins, in Aston CliiUon and vicinity, mentioned as "ser-
vants" and '"laborers," and not related to the Baldwins of Dundridg« and of the
Hayle; and Mr. Chester thinks the married Hugh was one of these. As neither
John the brother, nor any child of his, unless it be Hugh, is a legatee in the will of
Eichard, it seems to me very probable that if Hugh was any son of John, he was
the oldest and died young, and quite as probable that he was son of some other
brother of Richard. John himself would not have beeii named in Richard's will,
had he not happened to be selected as "overseer," and Richard may and very likely
had other brothers and sisters.

I have left Hugh in place as son of John, but with great doubt whether he
belongs there, as, with this expression of my doubt, no one will be misled.

2. GEORGE - John 1- evidently in 156f the eldest son, and so
called in certain Chancery proceedings in 1590. He was called
cousin (i.e. nephew) in 156f, in will of Ellen of Dundridge, and
her two daughters were to be guided by him in their marriages.
His will, as of the Hayle in Wendover, County Bucks, dated 10
Feb'y, and proved 20 Mch., 157f, by his widow Avelyn, probably a
sister of William Aystell, whom he called his brother, and named
as overseer with his own brother Sylvester and his son Ralph.
He names as his children:

9. Ralph.+

10. James.

11. Edmond.-f

12. John.

13. Hem-y.

14. Michael.

The other children than Ralph were apparently under age, and
Mr. Chester does not iind what became of the others than Ralph
and Edmond.

3. NICHOLAS 2 John i- He had by his father's will, dated
156i, lands at Great Missenden and the Lee, a tenement at Wen-
dover, &c. It appears, by Chancery proceedings in 1591, that he
married Agnes Fisher, widow of William, and by another suit,
that he had by Fisher at least a son Thomas. He lived at Eddies-
borough, County Bucks, where he made his will, 2 July. 1577,
calling himself a yeoman, and directing to be buried in Eddies-
borough churchyard. The original will, proved 24 April, 1581,
by his brother Sylvester, is on file in the Archdeaconry Court of
Bucks; but that part is torn away in which he enumerated his

John, of County Bucks, England. oT

cliildren, except Triainor and John. His other children are iden-
tilied in other ways:

lo. Johu.-|-

16. Frauds. -|-

17. Bartholemew.-|-

18. Thomas. +

19. Triamor. In the Cliancery proceeding in Jamiarj-, loDy, he is called the
youngest son. He was executor of the m ills of his brothers Francis and Barthole.
mew in 1639 and 1655, and then disappears altogether. The will of a Triamor
Baldwin, of Loudon, was dated aud proved as late as 1729. He could not have
been the Triamor above, born before 1581, but, evidently from the peculiar name,
some connection. Hfi stjdes himself "gentleman," and left but one legitimate
child, to whom he bequeathed considerable property in London. He provided
handsomely for an illegitimate sou and daughter, called by his surname. He also
left £100 to his brother William Baldwin, then living in or near New York; and
£100 each to his nephews Triamor and William, sons of said William, his brother,
and placed the nephew Triamor last in the jine of rem under to certain property
(one-fourth of the old ]Marshalsea Prison, immortalized by Dickens), which he

devised first to his illegitimate son Thomas Baldwin.

Who William, in or near l^ew York, was, I do not know. He
could not have been AYilliani of Bucks County, Penn., who was
from Yorkshire. He may have been William of Stratford, Conn.;
m. Ruth Brooks, 1688, but no son Triamor appears; aud possibly
not William, though a William appeared afterward in Stratford,
for whom I do not accoount otherwise.

20. Winifred, who m. Everard Johnson. Both are named in the .ill cited,
and living 1655, and she in 1661.

4. SYLVESTER 2 Johni- He=^^ received from his father, by
will dated 156i, certain lands in Aston Clinton, called Pleadell's.
He was executor of his brother ISTicholas in 1581, and is frequently
mentioned in the Chancery proceedings referred to. His lirst wife
Agnes, the mother of his children, was buried at Aston Clinton, 31
Dec, 1568. He m. 2d, Agnes Bacheler, widow (probably of Sylves-
ter Bacheler, who was buried there 3 July, 1564). He was buried
there himself 3 July, 1592. His will, as of St. Leonard's Parish,
Aston Clinton, County Bucks, yeoman, dated 25 June, 1592, was
proved 5 Oct., 1592, by his son Thomas, in the Archdeaconry

* He is tlie Sylvester erroneously said, in my article in^the N. E. Hist. Gen'I Register, to be father of
Henry of Dundridge, and m. Sarah Gelly. My information, deri^•ed from another (not Mr. Chester), as to
the supposed conveyance from John to Sylvester, on his marriage with Sarah Gelly, I believe to be a myth;
and the payment of taxes in 1579, was not by Sylvester and Henry, but hy Richard and Henry.


58 Baldiuin Genealogy.

Court of Bucks. The original is on file, and the following is an

To the poor of Aston, 15s,; Wendover, 5s.; Cholesbury, 5s. To
each grandchild, 6d. To Thomas Gurnye, a lamb. To Alice Bach-
elor, of London, 10s,; Alice Hayle, a lamb; Henry and Sylvester
Harvye, each a bullock. To Agnes, his wife, all his household
stuff at his freehold house called Chambers, sundry beasts, corn,
etc., all for her life; and at her death, the same to go to the six
children of Triamor Harvye, which he had by his itrst wife. To
Ihomas Stonell and his mother, each a lamb; all residue to son
Thomas, who is his executor. The overseers are Henry and
Ralph Baldwin, The will of his widow Agnes, as of St. Leon-
ard's, dated 24 Jan'y, I59|, proved 18 November following in the
same Court, by her son William Bachelor, left legacies to her
children by her first husband, and names none but her children
by her first husband, except her son-in-law Triamor Harvey, who
was to dispense her charities to the poor. She directed to be
buried at Aston Clinton; but in the register, copied under order
of Council made in 1598, there is an entire blank for 1504.

21, John, living at date of his grandfather's will, 1564, but evidently dead at
that of his father in 1592.

23. Avelyn, evidently the only daughter, and married Triamor Harvey. +
S3. Thomas. +

5. RICHARD^ John^- He is named in the will of his father,
156|; in that of his brother Thomas, in 1570; then with a son
Thomas; but neither have been identified.

24. Thomas.

7. THOMAS 2 John^- He did not long survive his father His
will is dated 11 Oct., 1570, and the following is an abstract:

I, Thomas Baldwin, of Pyvers, in the parish of Chesham, County
Bucks, husbandman, &c. To Joane, my wife, the use of all my
lauds in Chesham till John, my son, be 21. To Richard, my son,
£20, to be raised out of my woods, to be sold by my brothers
Richard Baldwin and John Tyndall. To my two daughters Joane
and Amy, each £6. 1 3s. 4d. To Thomas Baldwin, my brother Rich-
ard's son, a lamb. Residue to my wife Joane, and she to be my
executrix; overseers, my brother George Baldwin and my cousin

John, of Coantij Bucks, EiKjlaml. 59

Henry Baldwin, of Dundridg-e. The will was proved in the Arch-
deaconry Coiirt of Bucks, 16 Dec, 1570, by his widow; but I have
no further account of her or the children.


, John.







9. RALPHS George 2 John 1= 27 Sept., 1611, he proved the
nuncupative will of his daughter Rebecca, who died unm. May
previous. She was described as of Wendover, and bequeathed to
her father £100, he had promised her, w^hich was to be paid to her
by her brother Henry Baldwin, and prayed him to be kind to her
poor brother (probably another in distress).

28. Henry.

29. Ri'becca.

30. . The brother in distress.

11 . EDMUj^D^^ George - John ^- He received, under his father's
will, in 157^, a tan house in Wendover. He was in the Chancerv
of 158i, described as of Wendover, tanner. He appeared to have
conveyed his property in Wendover, about a year and a half
before, and is thought to be the Edmond Baldwin, of Chalfont,
St. Peter's, County Bucks (fourteen miles from Wendover village),
yeoman, whose will, dated 6 Jan'y, 162f, was proved 2 October,
1621, by his w^idow Cicely. He named, as living sons, Thomas
and Edmund, daughters Elizabeth Hodson and Anne Tibbie, also
his son Ralph as dead.

31. Thomas.

32. Edmund

£8. Elizabetli, m. Hodson.

o4r. Anne, m. Tibbie.

35. Ralph, dead before his father.

15. JOHN 3 Nicholas- John,i of Edlesborough, County Bucks,
yeoman, made his will, dated 9 Jan'y, 16|~^, proved in the Arch-
deaconry Court of Bucks, 5 April following, by his son Ralph, to
whom he left all his possessions, except 5 sliillings to his daughter
Elizabeth Beaker. John's identity would be uncertain, save for
law suits: 1586, describing himself of Edlesborowe, in a suit in
Chancery, he says that John Baldwin, of the Hale, in the Parish

60 Baldtrin Genealor/y.

of Great Missenclen, yeoman, his grandfather was seized of land at
Field End, in that Parish, and let the same to John Baldwin, of
Chilton, at a rent of 26s. 8d; that John, of the Hale, demised the
same to his son Nicholas, from whom the same descended to
plaintiff as his son and heir; that the title deeds came into pos-
session of Thomas Baldwin, of Field End, and by virtue of the
same, Thomas entered into possession. Thomas, in the answer,
savs John of Chilton was his father, and seized in fee of
the property, and borrowed money of John of the Hayle, and
conveyed the lands to him for forty years to pay a rent of
26s. 8d; that by mistake, John of the Hale demised the same
to John of Chilton, reserving the rent; that John of Chilton
by his will made Alice, his wife, his executrix, who granted
same to Thomas. Alice died 21 Elizabeth (1.579). In 1591, he
brought a suit against his stepmother and cousin Ralph, alleging
that Nicholas had granted lands in "VVendover derived from John
of the Hale, for the advancement of his son in marriage with
Agnes Fisher, to his elder brother George for term of years.
Nicholas dying, his wife Agnes entered into possession, and was
expelled by Ralph, claiming by inheritance from George, who
had only a term of years; whereupon, Ralph and Agnes conspired
to conceal from him the title deeds.

One of the wisest things done bv the emigrants to NewEuHand,
was' to institute the system of records for deeds, which saves
much litigation and uncertainty in titles, and the universal good
judgment they exhibited in that regard is remarkable.

36. Ralph.

37. Elizabeth, m. Beaker.

16. FRANCIS 3 Nicholas'^ John. 1 He made his will 25 May,
1639, describing himself as of Parish St. Mary le Strand, County
Middlesex, "gentleman." From his living in London, and in the
particular parish named, it is probable he was connected with one
of the law courts or public offices in this vicinity, and therefore
described himself as a "gentleman."

He gives £200 each to his son John, "and the child in my wife's
womb," when 21; their guardians to be his brothers Bartholomew
and Triamor. If both children died before 21, £50 each to god-son
Thomas Baldwin, god-daughter Sarah Baldwin, and the other

John, of County Backs, JEi<gla/id. fil

£300 equally among the children of his brothers, Thomas, Barthol-
omew and Triamor. and sister AVinifred Johnson. To the poor
of Edlesborough, where he was born, 40s. To his mother-in-law
Elizabeth Hills, widow, 40s. To his brother-in-law Thomas Key-
nolds, 40s. Executors to be wife Elizabeth and brother Triamor.
The will was proved in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury, 12
June, 1639. His widow's will, dated 23 Jan'y, ]64i, was proved
the next 4 Julv, bv her mother Elizabeth Hills. She directed to
be buried near her husband, in the Parish Church of St. Marv le
Strand, and left her property to her son John and daughter Eliza-
beth. Mr. Chester can lind no further trace of the children.

38. John.

39. Elizabeth, born soon after 23 May, 1639.

17. BARTHOLOMEW^Xicholas^ John.i In his will, dated
10 May, 1655, he called himself of Weston Turville, County
Bucks, "gentleman." The following is an abstract of his will:

Whereas, by a former will, I made Robert, my son, full execu-
tor, and ordained my lands at Wiugfleld, in Chalgrave, County
Bedford, to be sold to pay debts, and fuliill the engagement for
mj cousin Elizabeth Baldwin's portion (probably niece Elizabeth
last named) ; but my said son Robert afterwards persuaded me
to convey said lands to him for his preferment, &c., I now
revoke said will, and appoint as my executors my brother Tria-
mor Baldwin, and my son-in-law Robert Abdy, with power to
sell my lands in Edlesborough and Weston Turville, County
Bucks, for the payment of my debts and legacies. Of the
residue of my estate, I give one-third to John, my son; one-
third to my wife Mary for life, with remainder to John and
Thomas, my sons, equally; to my son and daughter Abdy, £5; to
my sister Johnson, 50 shillings. I will that Bartholomew, my
son, enjoy Eastbury House, in Edlesborough. I appoint over-
seers, my cousin Mr. Aske, and Mr. Hoi ton. Residue of person-
ality to my executors and to my sons Robert, Bartholomew, John
and Thomas equally. In a codicil, dated six days later (16 May,

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