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449. Samuel Cutler. +

Dr. Cyrus was, in 1855, of Atlas, Genesee county, Mich., but
since deceased.

209. LYDIA5 Samuel ' Samuel ^ Henry '^ Henry ,i m. Gad Cham-
iDerlain, and settled in Romeo, ^N". Y.

453. Polly, m. Hollister, who was dead in 1855. In 1855, she'lived in Grand
Rapids. Their ch. were: Dr. Hamilear, settled at Grand Rapids. Mich.; Jennet,
m. and living, 1855, at Grand Haven; and Harvey, of Grand Rapids.

454. Samuel, m. and lives in Mississippi, near Natchez.




Henry, of Woburn, 3Iassachusefts. 643

455. Piatt, m. ]Miss Pluvbe Parkliurst, and lived, 1855, near Romeo, ]\Iich.
Children: Milton, Stephen and several daus.

456. Addison, ni. and d. near New Orleans. Children: Franklin, and another.

457. Electa, m. Snow; living, 1855, near Lakeville, ^IcComb county, Mich., and
have eight dans., the eldest of whom m. Dr. Carr; Jnlia, m. Shaw, of Komeo, and
d. leaving two ch., Julia and Robert.

458. Joseph, m. Miss Warren; in 1855 near Flint, j\Iicli., and had seven ch.,
of whom two are dead.

459. Harvey, m. Julia McKeen, and in 1855, living near Natchez, Miss., witii
two children.

460. Nelson (Rev.), m. and living, 1875, in Louisiana.

461. James, m. and has three ch. in Greenville, ]\Iich. ; deceased.

207. EPHEAIM ^ Samuel * Samuel ^ Henry ^ Henry,i m. Try-
phcna Moss, of Stillwater, Mass., and settled in Windsor, Mass.
At his death, his wife was Polly; his will was dated May, 1830.
He d. June 28, 1839.

469. Elias J., in 1855, of Morence, Lenawee county, Mich. ; there in 1875, witli
a large family.

470. Cliaimcey.-|-

471. Ephraim, not in the will of 1830.

472. Millicent C, in 1830 had m. Simon D. Wilson, of Medina, Mich.
478. Charles M., living in 1830, but dead in 1855.

474. Esther. No doubt the Elsa E. of her father's will, and m. Green, of
Medina, Lenawee count}', 3Iich.

475. Lucy. Not in the will of 1830.

476. Samuel Dexter, in 1830, has land in INIichigan, to be given at his death to
his ch. eciuallj.

He m. 2"^^' the widow of Charles. His daughters Millicent and
Elsa had all the furniture in Michigan.

According to the Michigan "Bean Creek Valley," Ephraim,
Samuel D. and Mr. Wilson settled there in May, 1834, and Charles
ahout that time. In June. 1835, E. J. houscht land in Western
Fairlield, Mich. In 1837, Charles was in Medina, then organized.

228. PvUFUS ^ Isaac * John ^ Benjamin ^ Henry ,^ b. March 8,
1754, in Canterbury or Lisbon, Conn. He settled in the Wyoming
Valley, where his son John was born. It is said, that a few days
after the birth of John, liufus shot an Indian, and fled (the Indians
being too strong) from the fort to Connecticut, with only a piece
of raw salt pork for food. He returned, and some months after-
ward carried his wife and son East on horseback, the last securely
carried in a pillow case. He m., June 25, 1777, Hannah Haskell,
of Lisbon, b. in Thompson, Conn., March 7, 1759. He d. June
30, 1834.

644 Baldwin Genealogy.

477. John, b. June 28, 1778.4-

478. Sibel, b. March 24, 1782, in Canterbury, Conn. Shem. Joseph Farnham,
of that place. She d. June 18, 1837. Children: Fanny, m. Rufus Waldo; Alvin,
m. Laura Hyde; Polly, m. John Eldridge; -Edward, m. Mary Fish; George, m.
1st, Hannah Ange, and 2nd, .juUa Wombaugh; Sibel, m. Charles Sly, and d. 1847;
Emeline, unm. ; Joseph, m. Laura ; and Jane, m. Charles Sly, and d. 1849.

479. Jtunes, b. April 20, 1784. +

480. Jonathan, b. March 9, 1786. +

481. Hannah, b. April 16, 1788; m. Stephen Farnham, of Canterbury, Conn.;
d. April 16, 1828. Children: Henry, m. Ruth Thompson; John, m. his cousin
Pamelia Baldwin ; Daniel, d. unm.; and Olive Esther, m. Ebenezer Smith.

482. Bela, b. Oct. 17, 1790; called himself AYilliam.+

483. Polly, b. Jan. 1, 1793; m. Luther Endsworth, of Canterbury, Couu. Chil-
dren: Loiela, m. Hurle Williams; Susan, d. unm. ; John, m. Eliza Baldwin; Mary,
m. Amos Witters; and Kate.

484. Rufus, b. 3Iay 12, 179.5, in Canterbury, Conn. +

485. Xancy, b. July 20, 1797; m. Dr. J. W. Duunell. She d. at Salina, N.Y.,
May 31, 1828. Had one ch., Margaret, d. y.

486. Isaac, b. March 22, 1799. +

487. Susan, b. July 18, 1801; m., March 24, 1824, Perrin Adams, a mason and
farmer. She d. in Canterbury, Conn., Feb. 20, 1863. Children: Eugene, Edwin,
John, Susan, Jerusha, Ellen, Morauda and James.

488. Jerusha, m. William Moss; no ch.

229. THOMAS s Isaac ^. John ^ Benjamin ^ Henry, ^b. Feb. 23,

489. Isaac. +

490. Vine.-l-

491. Thomas. +

492. George. +

493. Morgan. -+-

494. Myra, m. Robert Covell. +

495. Eunice, m. Elijah Depuy.-f-

The foUowinsf is from the "Elmira Advertiser:"

" Thomas Baklwin, or Sergeant Baldwin, as he is known in the
'History of Wyoming,' was one of oar most noted Indian sconts
during all the struggles between the settlers at "Wyoming and the
marauding Indians. He was first amoug the foremost of that class
of men. The pages of Wyoming history everywhere tell of his
daring and successful exploits, one of which Mr. Miner thus gives :
' On Friday, 7* of September, 17S1, a band of Indians made an
attack on the Hanover settlement, and took off Arnold Franklin
and Roswell Franklin, Jr., the sons of Lieut. Roswell Franklin,
who had shot an Indian the preceding June. Several horses were
stolen, and much grain in stack consumed by lire. In April fol-
lowing, Sunday, the 7*'^' 1782, the Indians, still burning with rage

Henry, of Wobuni, 3Ias$acha$ftt-^. 045

aud intent on vengeance, ruslied into Lieut. Franklin's house and
took ott' his wife and four remaining chiklren, one an infant; sst
iire to the buikling, whicli, with the furniture not plundered, was
consumed to ashes. Parties went immediately in pursuit. Ser-
geant Thomas Baldwin led seven determined men, with great
celerity, taking an unfrequented course to head the savages.
Arrived at Wyalusing, near sixty miles, they were satisfied by
examining the fording place that the Indians had not crossed the
stream; pushing on till they came to the mountain nearly opposite
Asylum, a slight breastwork was thrown up, and arrangements
made to receive the enemy. Every precaution had been taken to
conceal the defence by setting up bushes in front ; but the wary
chief, on approaching, discovered the snare, changed the route
of his party, leaving the path, and attempted to ascend the hill
aud pass Baldwin's party titty or sixt}^ rods, more easterly. The
attack was instantly commenced; a mutual fire was opened, and
continued for some time with spirit, and yet with caution — the
Indians being desirous to getoti with their prisoners and plunder,
and the pursuing party being afraid of hurting Mrs. Franklin and
the children. In the midst of the firing, the two little girls aud
the boy sprang from their captors and found refuge with their
friends. Instantly the savages shot Mrs. Franklin and retreated.
The chief, either to preserve the infant prisoner as a trophy, or to
save himself from being a mark for the American rifles, raised the
babe on his shoulder, and thus bearing her aloft, fled. Having
recovered three of the children, and seeing the bleeding remains
of the mother, the Yankees suspended pursuit. Mrs. Franklin
was buried as decently as circumstances permitted, aud the chil-
dren were brought safely to Wyoming, where they arrived on the
IQth. Two of the men, Sergeant Baldwin aud Oliver Bennet, were
wounded, the former severely, by the enemy's tire.' "

Serjeant Thomas Baldwin and his brother Waterman were both
members of Capt. Robert Durkee's Company, and afterward Capt.
Simon Spaulding's Company, of which John Jenkins was Lieu-
tenant. They served all through the Revolutionary war ; were in
the battle of Bound Brook, at Milestone, in the Hartley campaign
in 1778, the Sullivan campaign in 1779, and in several other im-
portant actions, and ended active service at Yorktown in 1781,
assisting at the capture of Coruwallis and his army.

646 Baldwin Genealogy.

230. WATERMAN^ Isaac ^ John ^ Benjamin "^ Heniy,i b. Jan.
8, 1757, in Elmira, N. Y.; d. April 21, 1810. The Elmira Daily
Advertiser, of Aug. 20, 1875, gives the following account of him:
' "Waterman Baldwin was a resident of Pittston until 1798, and
about that time removed to the neighborhood of Elmira. He was
for some time an agent of the U. S. Government among the
Indians in Western jSTew York. In 1808, he was engaged in
getting out lumber for market in the neighborhood of Starkej,
and had a sawmill and store there. He had been a merchant at
Pittston. He. m. Celinda Hazen.

496. Mary, m. Carter.

497. John, m. ^lary Jenkins.

498. Harry, m. Zina, dau. Wilkes Jenkins; d. many years ago in Southport.

499. Nancy, unm.

Says the Advertiser: " "Waterman, the third son of the elder Isaac,
as in the list noted above, was a remarkable character. It is
believed he filled to the full his measure of usefulness during: the
Revolutionary war, (in a capacity similar to that of Harvey Birch,
whom Cooper has made immortal in the novel of the " Spy,") and
under the immediate eye of Washington himself. At least Watt,
as he was called, prided himself as "one whom Washington had
trusted." He is the hero of Chedayne, in the novel of Ausburn
Tamer, entitled "Chedayne ofKatono," says the Elmira Daily ^.r^rer-
tiser, of July 20, 1878. He possessed a silver-mounted saddle, which
had been given him by the officers of the army, and a horse, called
Roanoke, which performecl some feats that were prodigies. W^att
was also an adopted son of the famous Indian Chief, Cornplanter,
who had been struck by his bravery and coolness, shown under
discouraging circumstances. He did not take very kindly to the
ways of civilization, preferring life on the mountains and in the
woods, taking care of himself with his rifle and his knife. Innu-
merable incidents of a striking and humorous character are told
of him, few of which have ever seen the light, but all of which
deserve telling and preserving. He was among the taxables of
Pittston, Luzerne county, Penn., in 1796.

231. AFFA° Isaac ^ John ^ Benjamin - Henry,i b. Dec. 14, 1759 ;
m., it is said, Capt. John Franklin, who was a noted man in the
W^yoming Valley during the struggle between the Pennamites

Henry, of Woburn, Massachusetts, 647

and the Yankees. He led the Yankees against Timothy Picker-
ing, who had been dispatched by the Government of Pennsylvania
to enforce submission to that State. She d. March 15, 1832. The
above account is from the Elmira Advertiser, of Aug. 27, 1875. In
an after issue, Mr. Steuben Jenkins, of Wyoming, Penn., gives
the following account of her: She m. P*- in 1777, Benjamin Jen-
kins, s. John, active in the Pennamite war, and who d., it is said,
in March, 1787, from the cruelties inflicted upon him.

500. Beiijamiu.

501. Elizabeth, m. Elder David Dimock, Diany years Judge of the Susque-
hanna Count}^ Court.

503. Mar}^ m. John Baldwin, s. Waterman.

Both Elizabeth and Mary had large families. The widow, in
1778, m. John Harding, by whom she had seven children, one of
her grandchildren being Garrick M. Harding, President Judge of
the Courts of Luzerne county.

233. ISAAC 5 Isaac 4 John ^ Benjamin -' Henry ,i b. Jan. 8, 1765,
in Elmira, X. Y. The Elmira Daily Advertiser, Aug. 20, 1875,
gives the following account of him, calling him Col. Isaac. He
was a merchant in Elmira. He m. 2"*^' the widowed mother of the
late Judge McDowell, of Chemung. He d. Nov. 21, 1815.

503. Sally, b. March 3, 1791; ni. her cousin Thomas.

504 Alcinoe, b. Nov, 19, 1792; m. John Cherry, of Virginia.

505. Lathrop, b. June 14, 1794. +

505*. Clarissa, b. Sept. 27, 1799; m. Andrew R. Gregg, of Elmira, N. Y., and
had at least a son William H., a doctor in Elmira or vicinity.

506. Frances, b. April 10, 1796; m. Charles Dunn, of New York.

By a 2'"' wife Zeruiah, he had a son

506i. Isaac H., b. Jan. 19, 1809; d. Sept. 23, 1845.

234. WILLIAM '" Isaac ^ John ^ Benjamin - Henry ^ b. Aug. 26,
1767, in Elmira, N. Y.; d. June 25, 1842.

507. Grant. 4-

508. Sophia, m. the late Hon. William Maxwell.

238. ICHABOD^ Isaac* John s Benjamin-^ Henry ,i b. ^ Oct. 26,
1777, in Penn Yan, Penn.; killed in a mill, Jan. 17, 1835. He was
.the father of the late

509. Mrs. William Viall, of the vicinity of Elmira, N, Y.

(348 Baldioin Genealogy.

241. BENJAMIN PETERS ^ Benjamin * Benjamin,^ b. April
23, 1767, in Orforcl, N. II., when eight years old, removed to Brad-
ford, Vt. His principal occnpation was farming. He was also a
successful teacher, a surveyor, and owned a large sawmill. In town
and parish matters, and as Justice of the Peace, his services were
deemed almost indispensable. A fuller account will be found of
him in McKeen's "History of Bradford, Vt." He m., Nov. 17,
1796, Miss Mehitabel Gardner, of Windham, N. H. He d. March
6, 1853 ; she, Jan. 14, 1857.

525. Cynthia, b. Dec. 3, 1797; m. Giles Pecliett. +

526. Louisa, b. in Bradford, Vt., Sept. 1, 1800; m. Epapliras B. C'liasc, eldest
son of Moses, of Bradford. He resided in Lj'ndou, Vt., where he was raauj' years
engaged in commercial, agricultural, railroad and banking ))usiness. He and wife
are dead. Children: Henry; Cliarles; Charlotte, m. Dr. Cahoou; Emily, Adaliue,
Mary and Martha — all living save Charlotte (dead) in Lyndon.

527. Susan, b. in Bradford, Vt., Aug. 15, 1802; m. Horace Strickland, of Brad-
ford, for a long time in the foundry business there ; Town Clerk, Eepresentative,
and Associate Judge of Orange county for two years. She d. Oct. 4, 1874. Chil-
di'en: Charlotte, educated in the French language and literature in Canada, France
and Switzerland; became a highly esteemed teacher in the Abbott Academ}* for
Ladies at Audover, Mass. ; and Lucy Ann, m. Charles B. Botsford, a merchant, in
Boston, Mass.

528. Benjamin Gordon, b. May 13, 1806; graduated at Dartmouth College in
1827; he became a lawyer in Pottsdam, X. Y., and d. January, 1873. He seems to
have been highly successful ; a man of great benevolence, wisdom and rectitude ; a
pillar in the Church, and diligent in good works. He m. Miss Emeline Lamphear,
of New Hampshire; thej- had no ch. (A fuller account is given in the "Historj" of

529. George Peters, b. Jan. 22, 1808. +

530. James Whitelaw, b. Sept. 12, 1810. +

531. Charles Cotesworth Pinkney, b. Dec. 28, 1812. +

532. Lucy, b. in Bradford, Vt., .Jan. 13, 1815; had a fine education, and was
for some years a teacher. She was for some time Principal of the Female Depart-
ment of the Academy, at Meriden, N. H., and afterwards teacher of French, Geom-
etry and Botany, in the Ohio Female College, near Cincinnati. She m. , Nov. 10,
1842, Prof. Alphonzo Wood, a graduate of Dartmouth College, a Congregational
preacher, and then Principal of the School at Meriden, N. H. He is the author of
.the valuable and very successful work on Botanj'. He was for some j'ears Professor
of Natural History and of Ancient Languages in the Female College of Ohio, and
afterward its President. She d. at West Farms, near New York, June 6, 1868. He
m. the 2nd time. His cli. are : Frank, graduated at the New York University in 1873,
and was a Missionary in Syria, under the Presbyterian Board; and Lilia.

533. William Edwin, b. March 1, 1817; d. aged 8 yrs.

534. Son, d. infant.

535. Daughter, d. Infant.

Henry, of Woharn, Massachusetts. 049

242. THEOPIIILUS " Benjamin * Benjamiu,^ b. Aug. 25, 1769 ;
m. Hannah Mann, a sister of John Mann, Esq., of Orford, N. H.
They lived for several years in Bradford, and then removed to
Holland, Erie county, N. Y., where they died. They had at least

536. John. +

537. ifanuah.

538. Harriet.

539. William.

245. ABSALOM^ Benjamin* Benjamin,^ b. in Bradford, Vt.,
March 10, 1778 ; m., March 23, 1800, Miss Lydia Bliss, of that
place, b. Aug. 31, 1783, and long resided on his farm in "West
Bradford, keeping entertainment for travelers. He d. April 10,
1850 ; she, Feb. 4, 1860, aged 76.

541. Son, d. y.

542. Absalom, b. Oct. 2, 1808; d. June 1, 1842.

543. Lydia, b. Aug. 4, 1804; m. William Clifford; had one or more ch., and
d. Xov. 17, 1840.

544. William, b. July 25. 1807; m. Judith Burgin. He lived in California
several j'ears, but d. in Bradford, suddenly, September, 1874. He had a son.

545. George Bliss, b. July 11, 1812; d. aged 3 yrs.

546. Hannah, b. April 11, 1815; m. .John Shumway, of Bradford; had seven
ch. , of whom three are living in 1876.

547. George, b. Nov. 24, 1817. +

246. WILLIAM 5 Benjamin* Benjamiu,^ b. in Bradford, Yt.
He followed the sea for awhile, but finally settled down in his
native place. He m. Miss Hannah Webster, of Massachusetts.
In declining life, he became partially insane and committed sui-

548. Emery, when last heard of, resided in Methuen, Mass.

549. Lj'diA, m. Washington Merrill, of Methuen, Mass. , and d there.

247. JOHI^ DEIl^XIE 5 Benjamin* Benjamin,^ b. in Bradford,
Yt., June 8, 1785 ; he m. Abigail, dau. Joshua Barron, of Brad-
ford. At one time in his life, he became deplorably intemperate.
He is said to have been thoroughly reformed in a remarkable way.
In the night, he was awakened by a knocking at his bedroom
door, and heard or thought he heard an unearthly voice say :
"Leave off drinking whisky." He replied: "I will if you will
take away my appetite." A solemn pause, and then : '-John, quit
entirely the use of tobacco." His reply was the same as before.


650 Baldwin Genealogy.

Strange to say, his appetite from that time ceased. They were
then residing in the West, and had embraced the Mormon religion.
While preparing to remove to Nauvoo, they d. at Eacine, Wis.

550. John.

551. Julia.

552. Lydia.

249. EBENEZER^^Ebenezer^Benjamin.3 The "Historical At-
las of Sandusky County, Ohio," says he was b. in Hanover, Vt.,
Aug. 7, 1772, add m. Susannah Rollins, of the same town, b. June
19, 1771, had two sons and a daughter, and moved, about 1809, to
Cortland county, N. Y. He moved afterward to Geauga county,
Ohio, where his wife d. Jan. 5, 1825. In October, 1831, he moved
to Sandusky county, Ohio, and settled in what was then called
the Black Swamp, Woodville township, where he died December,


556. Ebenezer, b. April 12, 1 792.4-

557. Son.

558. Dausrhter.


According to the Vermont authorities, he was born in Hebron,
Conn., in 1770 ; he lived for awhile in Fairlee, Vt. He m. Susan
Frizzle, and moved to Sandusky county, Ohio. There can be
little doubt of the identity.

252. BETSEY 5 Ebenezer*Benjamin,3b. in Orford, :N'. H., in
1776 ; m. Rufus Carpenter. They emigrated to Michigan, and had
several sons and daughters.

564. Rufus, last heard of in Indiana.

565. Caleb (M.D.), resides, 1876, in Altmoud, Mich. ; has two daus. and one s.
565+. Isaac D. (M.D.), d. in Monson, Mass., in 1839; a physician of eminence.

566. Seymour (>I.D.), d. at Washington, Mich.
566i. Philena C.

567. Bestey C.

568. Daughter.

253. ELEAZER5 Ebenezer* Benjamin,^ b. in Orford, N". H., in
1778; he m., November, 1803, Polly Ladd, b. in 1778.

569. Permdia, b. in Orford, N. IL, May 14, 1806; ra. Dr. Isaac D. Carpenter,
of Moutpelier, Vt. , who d. in Monsou, Mass., December, 183 ». Children: Rufus,
in 1875, residing in Middleboro, Mass., and his brother Jefferson J. with him.

■ .570. Alpheus L., b. April 18, 180S. +

Two twin daughters, b 1810, who are dead.

Henry, of Woburn, Massachusetts. 651

573. Emily, b. April 16, 1812; m. Willanl Haywood, and iu 1875 resides in
Windsor, Vt.. They had four sons and live daus. : Emily, Eleazer B., Lucia B.,
Henry, Frances, Jennie, Eda, antl others, names unknown.

574. Emelinc, b. Dec. 10, 1815; in 1875, unni. in Strafford, Vt.

575. Eleazer B., b. April 30, 1818, in Strafford, Vt.+

576. AVilliam A., b. June 13, 1820; m. Prudence A. Dewey, and had a dau.

577. Marietta, b. June 14, 1824; dead.

578. Deo D., b. Feb. 16, 1827; dead.

579. Abigail D., b. Oct. 27, 1829; m. Lavinus H. Chandler; living, 1875, at
Barton Landing, Vt., and has a s. Edward.

580. Polly G., 1). Oct. 7, 1833; m. Edward Dutton, of Barton, Vt., in 1875,
■ and has a dau. Altha.

He was a physician, a Representative, and a man much respected
in his vicinity. He d. Dec. 20, 1857, at Strafford, Vt.; his wife,
Aug. 2, 1870.

254. WILLIAM ^ Ebenezer * Benjamin,^ b. in Orford, N. H., in
1780 ; he m. Lucinda Ladd, and emigrated to New York State ;
thence to Ohio. He is said to have d. in Rootstown, or in Akron,

581. William, a Methodist minister.

582. Chauncey, a Methodist minister.

588. Alfred, said, in 1876, to be living near Akron.
Two daughters.

In 1875, the three sons are said to be in Ohio.

255. JOHiiTs Ebenezer^ Benjamin,^ b. May 18, 1783, in Orford,
N. H.; m. Lucinda Clark, b. Sept. 8, 1785, and from Hebron, Conn.
They settled in Sharon, Vt., in March, 1818. He was a Repre-
sentative. He d. Feb. 13, 1870 ; she, Feb. 23, 1831.

586. Almira, b. Dec. 20, 1803; m. Moses Preston; living, 1876, in Sharon, Vt.

587. Phebe, b. Dec. 20, 1805; m. Abijah Felton, Lumbridge, Vt. ; both dead.
She d. Sept. 10, 1872.

588. John C. (Rev.), b. Dec. 28, 1807. Is a Universalist minister. He d.
Dec. 8, 1865, in Vermont.

589. Albert, b. March 10, 1810. +

590. Lucinda, b. Sept. 9, 1813; m. David Felton. +

256. ELIJAH ^ Daniel ^ Daniel ^ Benjamin ^ Henry ,i b. in Mans-
field, Conn., May 16, 1756; settled in Dover, Vt., ou an adjoining
farm to that of his father. He m. Asenath Allen, September,
1780. He was an Orderly Sergeant in the Revolution three years,
and was in many battles, including Monmouth and White Plains.
He d. in Dover.

652 Baldwin Genealogy.

591. Elijah, b. Sept. 23, 1782. +

592. Asenath, b. Sept. 7, 178-1; m. in Homer, N. Y. ; d. March 13, 1876, aud
left a dau. Christina, who m. a Baldwin.

593. Joseph, b. April 23, 178G.

594. Seldeu, b. June 6, 1788; left home when a lad, and not heard from.

His wife d., and he m. 2"'i' in 1790, Polly Richardson.

595. Polly, b. July 31, 1792; m. Shubael A. 6 Shubael^ Daniel. 4

596. Phebe, b. Feb. 18, 1794; d, uum.

597. John, b. Feb. 17, 1796; d., leaving two living ch.

598. Rufus, b. Dec. 22, 1798. +

599. Asher, b. Nov. 3, 1801.+

600. Ezra, b. March 27, 1805; living in 1875.

601. Orlando, b. Jan. 29, 1807; left home at 14 yrs. of age.

602. Ira, b. June 1, 1810; living in 1875.

His 2"'! wife d., and he m. 3>'^>' Sally Hall.

603. Epphia, b. Jan. 18, 1816.

604. Sally S., b. Aug. 23, 1818.

He also had some children who d. in infancy. He d. in 1841.

259. SHUBAEL ^ Daniel * Daniel,^ b. in Mansfield, Conn., 1764;
settled in Vermont. Four of his children were living in 1816.

605. Shubael. +

606. Philip Turner, living, 1876, in Ararat, Susquehanna county, Penn.

607. Silas, of Ararat.

608. Edwin, of Ararat.

609. Clarissa, of Ararat.

261. PHILIP TURNERS' Daniel^ Daniel,^ generally called Tur-
ner ; b. in Mansfield, Conn., in 1770. He settled in Dover, Yt.,
with his father and brother Elijah. He m. Huldah Hitchcock.

610. Daniel.

611. Leander.

612. Josiah, and others.

They had many children. His wife was an energetic, indus-
trious woman, who, by tradition, was out with him one night
burning logs, and driven in by a panther.

269. JOHN5Ebenezer*Daniel,3b. April 5, 1772; he lived in
Windham, Conn., and d. March 27, 1850. He was a lawyer, Judge
and a Member of Congress. He m., Dec. 14, 1798, Polly Hunt-
ington, who d. in 1814. He m. 2'"^- Mrs. Elizabeth Young, widow,
b. Aug. 9, 1778, dau. Capt. Ralph and Eunice Ripley.

618. John, 1). May 25, 1800. +

619. Julia Ann, h. Feb. 29, 1803; d. June 14, 1806.

Henry, of Wobarn, 3Jas$achu.set(s. 653

272. SAMUEL" Ebcnezer^ Danii'l,'* h. in Mansiield, Conn., Aug.
7, 1780; m. Sally Clark, dan. James, of Mansfield, Conn. He
settled in Stnrbridge, Mass.

825. Alviu.+

626. James C, iu the cabinet business in New York City; had a family.

627. Danford, in the cabinet business in New York City; had a family.

628. John, d. 1862; family in New Jersey.

629. Sarah, m. II. Chase.

630. Daniel, of Stafford, Conn. ; m. twice; had a familJ^

631. Luther, of Tolland, Conn. ; had a family.

632. Philander, was in the army.

273. ELEAZER5 Ebenezer * Daniel,=^ b. in Mansfield, Conn.,
Aug. 2, 1782; lived in Mansfield, and d. Oct. 13, 1825. He m.
Harriet liobertson, of Coventry, who d. Aug. 6, 1870.

633. Emily, b. June 3, 1804; m. Asahel Tarbox, of Willimantic.

634. Raymond, b. Feb. 2, 1806. +

635. Washington, b. Nov. 2, 1807; settled in Canada and Wisconsin; has a
family; lives, 1876, in Green Garden, 111.

636. Jesse H., b. Sept. 13, 1809; went to North Carolina; thence to Mississippi;
a merchant. He d., 1859, in New Orleans; widow and ch. in North Carolina.

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