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1874, in Ludlow, Vt.

877. Sardiue. b. Sept. 15, 1836; d. Sept. 6, 1844.

878. Alvah, b. Jan. 12, 1838; d. March 4, 1838.

879. Julia, b. Oct. 8, 1839.

He m. 2"J' July 11, 1842, Calista Rice, b. Feb. 15, 1815.

880. Ara A., b. Nov. 11, 1844; an artist.

He m. S'-'i' April 5, 1853, Eliza Sylvester, b. Nov. 15, 1828.

881. Nettie May, b. Jan. 5, 1864; d. Feb. 7, 1874.

882. Olive Jane, b. March 5, 1867.

663. OLIVIA' Joseph" Joseph,^ b. Jan. 8, 1817; m. Leonard


883. Mary, b. Dec. 24, 1839.

884. Aaron, b. April 23, 1841; m., Aug. 31, 1868, Lizzie Cathcart.

885. Olive, b. May 9, 1842; d. Nov. 28, 1867.

886. Albert, b. Feb. 29, 1844; d. Oct. 23, 1873.

887. Henry Walter, b. July 16, 1849; d. Aug. 14, 1852.

888. Emma Jane, b. July 31, 1852; m., April 29, 187- Charles W. Kelly.

889. Frank, b. Oct. 3, 1855.

665. OTIS ' Joseph « Joseph,^ b. Nov. 11, 1826 ; in 1873, residing
in Fitch ville, Vt.

890. Charles Franklin, b. Aug. 19, 1853.

891. Bertha Elvira.

892. Eva Elvira, b. iu 1862; d. in 1863.

His wife Martha Elvira was b. June 6, 1835 ; d. May 10, 1871.

673. EDWARD THOMAS' Thomas <3 Thomas = Joseph * Jo-
seph ^ Thomas ^ John,i b. in Peru, Vt., March 5, 1836 ; m. May 7,
1860, Mary E. Bachellor, of South Reading, Mass. In July, 1876,
a hardware merchant in Clarksburg, "West Virginia.

893. Albert Edward, b. in Plymouth, Yt., Sept. 23, 1863.

894. Arthur, b. in Newton, Mass., May 20, 1866.

676. AUSTIN' Enos« Isaac -^ Thomas* Joseph ^ Thomas '- Johni-
b. June 11, 1807; he m., June 11, 1832, Julia C. Huyck, of Kings-
ton, N. Y. His father had a remarkable genius for mechanical
pursuits. He engaged in Albany, N. Y., with the first manufac-
ture of plows in the countiy; afterwards in New York. He was

724 Baldwin Genealogy.

Vice President of the American Institute at its organization, but
died at the age of forty-one years.

Austin was a bright boy, apt in school, and soon skilled in his
father's business. He was in politics before he was of age. He
was brought to the front on the question of State prison labor
as affecting mechanical business, especially plane manufacturing.
A meeting having been called, Mr. M. L. Davis, the Secretary of
Aaron Burr, called upon him to speak. His eloquence carried the
meeting by storm, and he became, with no design on his part, the
leader of the movement in regard to State prison labor, and
looked to by the working-men of iS^ew York as a champion. He
was afterwards a frequent and eloquent political speaker. At an
anti-Jackson meeting in Masonic Hall, presided over by Philip
Hone, then Mayor of Xew York, he suggested that they should
reinstate the Whig principles of 1776, and instead of planting
hickory trees again, erect the old-fashioned liberty-poles. The
suficgestion was received with enthusiasm, and the name Whio:
adopted by the party. The first liberty pole was erected under
his care at the corner of Grand street and Broadway. His political
position was fine, but in 1837 he removod with the plane business
(which he carried on after the death of his father) to Middletown,
Conn. He was, under Harrison, for four years Collector of the
district ; a Member of the Legislature, serving as Speaker.

In 1857, he resigned his position as President of the Baldwin
Tool Company, selling out his stock in it, and returned to J^ew
York, where he engaged in the Foreign Express and Exchange
business. He was, while in Connecticut, one of the four Baldwins
at various times nominated as Governor of that State, and one of
the three whose party did not get the most votes.

In early life he studied law, and had some experience in teach-
ing, and while teaching wrote a primary arithmetic which, though
over forty years old, is still in use. He has paid little attention to
politics since he returned to l^ew York, but is the pleasant, genial,
intelligent gentleman of the old and well-known, house of Austin
Baldwin & Companj^ 53 Broadway, still engaged in the Foreign
Express and Exchange business, and representing the State Steam-
ship Company.

895. Austin Parker, b. in 1834. +

896. Annie, b. in 1835; m. Edward T. Caswell. +

897. Radcliffc, b. in 1841; in business witli his father; he m. Paulina Micliel,
b, in Russia.

John, of BiUerica, Massachusetts. 725

677. ELBRIDGE GERRY" Enos^ i^^aac,'' d. about 1864, in New
York City. He m. Willielmina Bunn.

898. Elbridire, mim.

899. Emma Mary, m. and a widow.

900. Charles.

901. Ella, is m.

He was two 3'ears a Member of the Legislature of New York.
679. ANNE ' Enos« Isaac,^ m. 1«*' Cbarles Rackett.

907. Louise, m. Charles Upton, of Rochester; President of the First National
Bank. She has ch.

Her husband d., and she m. 2"-^' Rev. William B. Ashley, an
Episcopal clergyman, and in 1875, they live in Milwaukee, Wis.

908. Harry.

909. Jauie.

695. CHARLES R." Abel <^ Abel ,5 b. in Vermont; in 1876, he
resides in Jerome, Ind. Post Office address: Greenstown, Ind.

920. John Abel, in Grant County, Ind, Jan. 4, 1844. +

921. Hannali E., b. in Howard county, Ind., in 1846.

922. Rhoda S., b. in 1848: m. twice.

696. JOHN COFFEEN ' Abel « Abel,^ b. in Cavendish, Vt., Dec.
13, 1821 ; in 1876, resident in Salem, Neb. He m., Jan. 8, 1846,
Rachel Wangh, who d. Nov. 21, 1859.

92:5. Winfield S., b. Oct. 23, 1846; of Clay Centre, Kansas.

924. .John C, b. Feb. 3, 1848; living, in 1876, in Texas.

925. Horace E., b. Dec. 15, 1849; living, in 1876, in Texas.

926. Helen M., b. Oct. 11, 1851; m. B, Simonton, of Falls City, Neb.

927. Isaac Clarence, b. Dec. 17, 1853; d. Feb. 4, 1861.

928. William Earnest, by May 9, 1855; lives, in 1876, at Clay Centre, Kan.

929. Charles F., b. Nov. 26, 1857; in 1876, of Falls City, Neb.

930. Abel J., b. March 14, 1861; in 1876, of Falls City. Neb.

931. Edward P., b. Dec. 21, 1862.

932. Henry Calvin, b. June 13, 1866.

933. Lewis E., b. Dec. 17, 1868.

713. ISAAC " Franklin '^ Abel ; Mie m. Lucilia Rice; in 1876,
living in Montpelier, Ind.

939. Edward.

940. William.

941. Franklin.

942. Infant.

726 Baldwin Genealogy.

720. WILLIAM FRAXKLIX^ Edward P.*^ Abel,^ b.in Bangor,
Me., April 11, 1849 ; in 1876, residing in Boston, and a member of
the firm of John B. Alley & Co., in the wholesale leather trade.
He m., Sept. 16, 1872, Annie Bartlett Norton.

945. Edward Arthur, b. May 7, 1874.

751. F B.' Lawson ^ Jesse ^ Jacob * Jacob ^ Thomas - John ^'

b. in Otselic, jS". Y., April 1, 1826; resides, in 1876, in Winhall,
Bennington connty, Vt.; m., June 25, 1846, Louisa Robinson.

946. Eliza, b. April 1, 1847.

Post Office : Bendville, Bennington county, Vt.

895. AUSTIN PARKERS Austin 7 Enos^saac 5 Thomas* Jo-
seph ^ Thomas- Jolin,^ b. in 1834; resides, in 1876, in New York,
and of the firm of Austin Baldwin & Co., 72 Broadway. He m.
Alice Bradford, of Providence, R. I., dau. Standish Bradford.

949. Staudish Bradford, b. in 1869.

950. Mana, b. iu 1870.

951. Child, b. in 1874.

896. ANNIE « Au.stin ' Enos," b. in 1835; m. Dr. Edward T.
Caswell, s. Rev. Alexis Caswell, President of Brown University,
Providence, R. I.

952. Julia Baldwin, b. in 1865.

953. Alexis, b. in 1867.

954. Edward Thompson, b. in 1868.

955. Annie B., b. in 1869.

956. Austin, ]). in 1872.

920. JOHN ABEL* Charles P.- Abel^ Abel ^ Thomas ' Joseph *
Thomas"^ John,^ b. in Grant county, Ind., Jan. 4, 1844. He lived
in Howard county from the time he was two years old until 1870 ;
lived then in Amboy, Miami- county, Ind. He m. S. J. Hunt of
Kokomo, in 1868.

957. Charles Phannel, b. .July 19, 1870.

958. Clarence A., b. May 18, 1872.

Francis Baldwin, of Chester County, Penn,,


1. FRANCIS BALDWIN was a settler in the neighborhood
of West Chester county, Penn., as early as 1686. He was the
brother of John and Thomas, as appears by the will of John, of
Chester, who in 1731 left legacies to Thomas and John, sons of
his brother Francis. Francis was a miller, and died in Xew Castle
county in 1702, although he was a juror at Chester Court not
long before (July 19, 1700). In 1691, his father-in-law, Thomas
Colbourne, conveyed to him one hundred acres of land in Chester
Creek and in Chester. The will of his brother John leaves live
shillings each to "all my brother Francis Baldwin's children." I
know the names onlv of those named in the same will as legatees
of £10 each.

2. Thomas, may likely have been Thomas, Sen., of Kennet, in 1738. (See No.
7, further on.)

3. Johr.

His name apiiears. in Chester countv. as witness to deeds in
1691, 1697, 1699 and 1700. He received from Thomas Colbourne,
in 1691, a deed of one hundred acres in Chester. The considera-
tion was an annuity. In 1692, John Maddock conveyed fifty
acres in Nether Providence, "Nether Cutt," which he had pur-
chased of Francis Baldwin. In 1695, he received a record deed
from Thomas Colbourne of one hundred acres in Chester, which
next year he conveyed to Joseph Colbourne for £50. Letters of
administration were granted, Aug. 17, 1702, to his widow Cicely,
by the Register General, at Philadelphia, Mr. Cope thinks a

4. Ann, m. William Ford, of Bethel (now), Delaware county, Penn. Ford
was of Brandy wine Hundred, Delaware county, in 17-45; he has known descend-

728 Baldwin Genealogy.

I am not able to trace the sons of Francis. Further investiga-
tion in this line may perhaps succeed. Mr. Cope, whose use of
the word " probably " has come to give me considerable confidence,
thinks a son or grandson — probably the last — was

5. FRANCIS ^ Francis,^ of Kennett ; taxed there ; unm.

in 1735 and 1740. My next list is in 1747, when he does not
appear. He was not a Quaker. He m., in 1746, Charity (Harlan),
w^idow of Joseph Hackney, of Kennett, who died intestate, leaving
six children: Sarah, Mary, Aaron, Charity, Joseph and John.
She was the daughter of Aaron and Sarah Harlan, married by a
"priest," and disowned in 1747. I do not know what children,
if any, she had by Francis, or where they went — perhaps to A^ir-
ginia. The Hackneys went to Frederick county. I must add as
probable grandchildren, William and Thomas next succeeding.

6. WILLIAM 3 -' Francis. ^ He must be, I think, one of

the two brothers, William and Thomas, who by tradition of their
descendants went from the vicinity of Chester to Virginia, and it
is said lived for a while in Philadelphia ; b., it is said, by one, in
1716, which is probably too early. William is said to have been
wounded at Brandy wine, and to have been crippled by that acci-
dent. He ra., it is said, Anna Lucas.

8. "William, b. .July 5, 1770, in Berklej' count}', Va. +

9. Thomas, d. in Virginia; it is said he lived in Shepardstown, Va.

10. .John.

11. Benjamin. +

He m. 2"^' Jane Hedges, of Berkley county, Va.

12. Joseph, 1). in 1773.+

13. Kuel, b. in 1775; d. in childhood.
1-i. .Jonah, b. in 1777. +

15. Rebecca, b. in 1781; family all gone.

16. James R., b. in 1784.

17. Joshua, d. in Findlay, Hancock county, Ohio, and left a s. Abraham C. ;
in 1874, of Tiffin, Ohio.

7. THOMAS =^ -' Fraucis.i He must be, I think, the

Thomas who, with brother William, was by tradition from tlie
vicinity, and settled in Virginia; said to have lived in Philadelphia
for a while. Said to have m. Jane Simmons. He was not un-
likely, for a while, one of the Thomases of Kennett, where Francis
was. Feb., 1749, Thomas and wife Sarah, of Kennett, convey six

Francis, of Chester County, Pennsylvania. 729

acres, conveyed to them in 1738, when Thomas is called of Iven-
nett and Junior. But I cannot identify tlie several Thomases.

18. William, d. a young man.

19. Rachel, m. Wright.

20. Anna, m. Wright.

21. Thomas, lived and d., it is said, on the homestead near Gettj'sburgh, Penn.
He was killed by the fall of a tree, and left one or more daus., one of whom m.
Morisou, of that vicinity.

22. Jane, m. Cox ; he settled at Lancaster, Ohio, and had ch. : Thomas and

23. Hannah.

24. John, lived and d. near Lancaster, Ohio.

25. Francis, b. in 1769. +

26. Samuel, b. in 1771. +

27. James, b. in 1773. +

8. WILLIAM MVilliam =5 2 Francis,^ b. July 5,1770, in

Berkley county, Va. By tradition, his father was from near Phil-
adelphia. He m. Ann Lucas, aunt to Robert Lucas. He had the
following sons and three daughters. He d. in McLean county,
111.. Feb. 1, 1838.

28. William. +

29. Thomas, lived and d. in Franklin county, Ga.

30. John, lived and d. in Cape Girardeau, Mo., and had many ch.

31. Lucas. 4-

32. Edward. +

33. Elizabeth, m. William Getson.

11. BENJAMIN MVilliam 3 ^ Francis.^ It is said he was

in the Revolutionary war. He must have been very young, and
the war near its close; yet he may have been the oldest and William
the youngest. He d. in Warren county, Ohio, and had descend-
ants, among whom was William, of Blanchester. C. H., of Chicago,
gives him a grandson Joseph, at Lancaster, Ohio.

12. JOSEPH * William ^ John 2 Francis,^ b. in 1873, in Berkley
county, Va.; m. Elizabeth Wilson, and removed at an early day
thence to Champaign county, Ohio.

35. William, d. ; had no family. It is said by his nephew that he became a
merchant in New York, of a prominent house.

36. James, dead; no family left.

37. Jonah, d. y.

38. Rebecca, d. ; had ch. ; all dead.
89. Samuel Vance. +

40. Joshua, d., and ch. dead.

41. John Wilson. +

42. Jane.


730 Baldwin Genealogy.

14. JONAH* William,^ b. in Berkley county, Va.-, in 1777; he
settled in Springfield, Ohio. He m. 1**' Sarah Scott, of that place.

43. Jane Hedges; iu 1875, Mrs. M. D. Moore, of Cynthiana, Ky.

44. Naucy E., iu 1875, Mrs. Josephus Perrin, of Lick Ruu, Ky.

45. Jcseph, dead, and his widow E. C. in Springfield.

He m. 2"'^' Amelia jS'eedham, dan. of Dr. W. A. ISTeedham, of

46. Sarah A., in 1875, wife of J. A Castnell, of Springfield.

47. Mar}', iu 1875, num. in Springfield.

48. Minerva, m. Rev. J. T. Barr, of Troy, Ohio.

49. Heury. +

50. Elizabeth, m. W. S. Van Meter, of Horr Post Office, Ohio.

25. FKANCIS * Thomas,^ b. in 1769 ; born and lived, it is said,
in Berkley county, Ya.; m. there, and when he had children grown,
went to Georgia, where the youngest w^as b. at Milledgeville. My
fullest account of him is from his grandson C. H., of Chicago.

55. Hiram, -r

56. Rebecca, m. Dr. Joel Casey, and moved to Hardin county, Tenu., near
Savannah; has no ch. ; living now in 1877.

57. Mary, m. Mr. Moody, aud settled in Alabama or Tennessee, near the line
of the two States; no ch. living in 1877.

58. Sarah, m. Jonas AVhittaker ; lived and d. in "Warren county, Ohio.

59. Elizabeth, m. Samuel Nixon; lived and d. iu Lebanon, Warren coonty, O.

60. Frances, m. William Fish; lived and d. in Troy, Franklin county, Ohio,
and it is said, in 1876, has two ch. living West.

61. Nancy, m. William Seaman, or Leaman; moved to Savannah, Tenn. ; m.
3nd> Mr. Pearson, aud d. in 1865, on her farm, near that place. It is said she left
a gr. s. William there.

63. Thomas Francis. -f-

When the last w^as from three to five years old (after 1805 or
1806), it is said, all but Mary or Rebecca moved to "Warren county,

26. SAMUEL* Thomas,^ b. in 1771 ; settled in Mason county,

63. Rebecca, d. y.

64. Margaret, m. ]\Ir. Bragg.

65. Jane, m. William Paj'uts, of Maysville, Ky.

66. Charles, m. Miss Bragg, and lives, in 1876, near Palmyra, Mo.

27. JAMES* Thomas,^ b. in 1773; born and raised in Pennsyl-
vania ; settled in Mason county, Ky.; there m. Miss Sarah Harris ;
d. in Guernsey, Logan county, Ky. She was from xsTewburyport,

Francis, of Chester County, Fennsylvania. 731

67. William. +

68. James Harris. +

69. Thomas, in 1875, in Colorado, num.

70. Edward, d. y.

71. John, d. y.

72. Sarah, d. a young lady, num.

73. Abigail Jane, m. Edward Webb, a lawyer of St. Paul, Minn., and has had
ch. : William, dead ; and Sarah.

28. WILLIAM ^ William ' William ^ 2 Francis,^ d. in

McLean county, 111.; m. in Franklin county, Ga., Mary Denman.
He moved, it is said, when eighteen, to Hamilton county, Ohio.

74. William, dead.

75. Closes, b. in 1798. +

76. John, b. Aug. 1, 1801, in Georgia; d. March 1, 1853, in McLean county,
111. He preached Avithout charge ten years. He left no ch., but his widow lives,
in 1876, in Littleville, McLean county. He was a Baptist.

77. James, b. Aug. 7, 1806, in Butler county, Ohio. +

78. Benjamin L., last heard of, at the beginning of the late war, in West
Bateman, La.

79. Lebrun (son), d. February, 1857. He was a Baptist minister; since 1849,
in California.

80. Arata (son), d. in Mason count}-, 111., Feb. 28, 1867.

81. LUCAS ^ William * William,=^ settled and died in Ladogia,
Montgomery county, Ind., leaving a large family, which moved to
Davis county. Mo.; among them are :

81. William.

82. Simeon, a Baptist clergyman.

83. Benjamin L., a machinist.

32. EDWARDS William^ William,3d. j^ Qhio, leaving three
sons ; thought, in 1876, to be in Kansas.

84. David.

85. Edward.

86. Thomas.

39. SAMUEL VANCE ^ Joseph * William,^ ni. Catharine Van
Meter. He lived and d. in Urbana, Ohio ; a lawyer. She lives there
in 1875. .He is always called Judge, but my scanty information
does not tell me of what Court.

87. Joseph, b. Jan. 11, 1834. +

88. Caroline.

89. John, d. from wounds received at the battle of Port Republic, Va.

90. Frank, Lieutenant of the 66th Ohio Infantry, in the late war.

91. Joshua, d. infant.

92. Jane.

93. Mary.

732 Baldioin Genealogy.

41. JOHN WILS0N5 Joseph* William,^ in 1875, of Springfield,
Ohio ; firm of J. W. & H. Baldwin, dry goods and notions, No. 46
East Main street; m. Rachel Werden.

94. Elizabeth W.

9.). Sarah.

96. Chira.

97. Mary H.

98. Laura M.

99. Ellen B.

49. HENRY •'> Joseph * William,^ in 1875, residing in Springfield,
Ohio, and of the firm of J. W. & PI. Baldwin ; b. March 5, 1830 ;
m. Sept. 10, 1856, Maria, daughter of Hon. John Dawson, of
Uniontown, Penn.

100. John D., b. Oct. 37, 1857.

101. Henry, b. July 17, 1860.
103. Ann B., b. Oct. o, 1861.

103. Louisa B., b. Nov. 18, 1863.

104. Richard D., b. Nov. 10, 1866.

105. Amelia, b. May 39, 1873.

55. HIRAM 5 Francis* Thomas ^ 2 Francis, ^ m. Miss

Lewis, of Virginia, and lived and died, it is said, in Warren
county, Ohio.

106. Francis, in 1875, in Warsaw, Ky.

107. Hiram, in 1875, in Warsaw, Ky.

108. David, in 1875, In Blackville, S. C.

109. Stephen D. +

110. Rebecca.

111. Lucinda.
113. Nancy.

113. Rhoda.

114. Mary.

115. Susannah.

116. Lydia.

117. Lewis, d. y.

118. Fieldinij, d. y.

62. THOMAS FRANCIS ^ Francis * Thomas,^ b. in 1800 ; m.
Sarah Tribbey, in Warren county, Ohio. He followed teaming in
Lebanon, Warren county, Ohio, a few years. He moved to Cin-
cinnati, and conducted the hide, oil and leather business till 1854,
and then retired. In 1875, he and his wife, with their children
Emma, Thomas and C. H., are living together in Chicago.

Francis, of Chester County, Pennsylvania. 7o3

119. Eliza N., m. Rev. B. St. J. Fry, D.D., nnd in 1875, lives in Si. Louis.

120. Virginia L., m. Rev. G. W. Jjewi.s; lives, in 1875, in Meadville, Penn.

121. Cornelia A., m. Joseph C. Harding; lives iu Brooklyn, N. Y.

122. Sarah C. , lu. James W. Fee ; of New Orleans.

123. John ^I., num. ; in Xew Orleans.

124. Thomas W., unm. ; in Chicago.

125. Charles H., unm. ; at Chicago, 548 West AVashington street.

126. Emma A., unni.

127. George, b. in 1842 or 1843; d. about 1844.

128. Augustus F. (twin); b. in 1840; d. in 1854.

129. Adolphus, b. in 1846; d. in 1847.

67. WILLIAM '■ James * Thomas,^ M.D., b. in 1813 ; in 1876, is
a physician iu St. Paul, Minn. He lived twenty-eight years in
Platte City, Platte county. Mo., and in. 1***' Miss Ann L. Johnson,
of that place, daughter of Andrew and Jemima (Suggill) Johnson,
of near Georgetown, Scott count}', Ky.

131. Sarah, b. Dec. 25, ; dead.

182. Elvira, dead.

183. James Andrew, b. April 12, 1848; physician at Spring Hill, Johnson
county, Kan.

He m. 2"'^> Miss Harriet Gage, M.D., in 1869, at tlie University
of Louisville.

134. William, b. Feb. 12, ; d. aged 6 yrs.

68. JAMES HARRIS^ James* Thomas,^ m. Miss Susan B.
Thornton, of Clay county. Mo. He was a lawyer, and partner for
many years of his brother-in-law, Gen. Alexander W. Doniphan,
of that county, where he died. He was a leading lawyer in Xorth
Missouri. He d. May 1, 1855.

135. James, d. aged 2 yrs.

136. William, d. aged 4 yrs.

137. John Thornton, b. Oct. 3, 1847, at Liberty, Clay county. Mo. +

75. MOSES 6 William ^ William * William '^ -^ Francis,^ b.

in 1798; living, in 1875, in Le Roy, Coffey county, Kan., but was

expecting to move, in the spring of 1876, to Oregon.

140.. John, living, in 1875, in Neosho, Newton county, Mo.
141. Moses D., of Oregon Cit}-, Oregon.

77. JAMES W.« William-^ William,* b. Aug. 7, 1806, in Butler
county, Ohio ; m., July, 1830, Lydia Wiseman, by whom he had
six children ; she d. in 1843. He m. 2"'^- in 1845, Mary Martin, by
whom he had nine children. He has lost four sons and one daugh-
ter, leaving in 1876 ten living, of whom I know but eight.

734 Baldwin Genealogy.

143. Isaac W. , of Mendocia, Morgan county, 111. ; a Baptist clergyman.

143. John, a farmer near by Isaac.

144. Abraham, of Van Metre, Fulton county; a mason and manufacturer of

145. Mary, m. Jedidah Pankey ; they live in Oregon.

146. Martha, m. Israel Lake, and living in Cass county, 111.

147. Samuel.

148. Amanda.

149. Lydia, b. in 1862.

He studied medicine ; commenced practice in Campbell, Ind.,
in 1826. In 1833, lie was converted, and commenced preaching.
He has been a very useful Baptist clergymen. He had three sons
and two sons-in-law in the Union army.

87. JOSEPH H.6 Samuel V.^ Joseph* William ^ ^ j^j.^n-

cis,^ m., July 9, 1868, Emily Read, daughter of Joel and Leah
Eead. He lives, December, 1875, in Wichita, Kan.

150. William.

151. Blanche.

152. Leah.

109. STEPHEN D.6 Hiram 5 Francis* Thomas ^ 2 pr^n-

cis,^ b. in Warren county, Ohio, and settled, about 1837, in Flor-
ence, Switzerland county, Ind., and there in 1875.

153. Thomas. +

154. L. AV.

155. Rhoda.

156. Lydia.

157. Susannah.

137. JOHN THORNTON^ James W.^ James* Thomas ^ 2

Francis,^ b. Oct. 3, 1847, in Liberty, Clay county, Mo. In 1876,
is City Attorney of St. Joseph, Mo., having received the largest
majority ever given in a city election. He m., June 2, 1870, Miss
Emma L. Cockrell.

158. Susan, b. May 11, 1872.

159. Yard Irving, b. Aprii 2, 1873.

153. THOMAS ^ Stephen D.« Hiram ^ Francis * Thomas ^ John 2
Francis,^ in 1875, in Florence, Switzerland county, Ind.

160. Emma.

161. Lucinda.

John Baldwin, of Chester County, Penn,


1. JOHN BALDWIN", was an early settler in Aston, then in
Delaware, now in Chester county, Penn. He m., July 4, 1689,
Katharine Turner, according to the usage of the Friends, and is
then called of Aston, and carpenter. Katharine was a Carter, and
m., in 1687, Edward Turner. Both marriages were in Philadel-
phia. John obtained a warrant, in 1702, for one hundred acres of
land, iifty in the right of his own service to Joshua Hastings, and
fifty in the right of his wife Katharine, servant to John Blunston.
According to William Penn's "conditions or concessions," those
who came as servants with the first adventurers were entitled to
fifty acres each at the end of service, on rent. It is likely that
the term was stretched, says Mr. Cope, in its application, so as to
include all who came under contract to perform service of any
kind. The warrant is as follows :

Pen:ssylyania, ss. By tlie Commissioners of Property.

! PROVINCE ) -^^ t'l^ request of John Baldwin, that we would grant him to take

SEAL. \ lip one hundred acres of head land, at one-half penny sterling rent

• s-^^- per acre per annum, fifty thereof in right of his own service to .John

Hastings, and fifty in right of his wife Katharine, servant to John Blunston. These
are to authorize and Require thee to survey and lay out to the sd. John Baldwin the
sd. number of one hundred acres of land in the Tract appropriated to servants, or
elsewhere in the Province, not already surveyed or taken, nor concealed, nor seated
by the Indians, and make returns into the General Surveyor's office at Philad'a. where
this Warrant is to remain, and a copy thereof to be delvd (delivered) to thee, certified
by the Secretary. Given under our hands and ye seal of y« Province, at Philadia,
30th 4m, 1702.

Edavaed Shippen,

To Isaac Taylor, ThomAS StORY,

Surveyor of the County of Chester. ^ ^

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