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James Logax.

This tract was surveyed Nov. 7, 1702, to John Baldwin, and
lies partly on Valley Creek. l!^ext lies five hundred acres, sur-
veyed Sept. 9, 1702, to James Wallis, of the city of Bristol, Eng.,

736 Baldwin Genealogy.

sold by liis attorney to John Baldwin, Feb. 23, 1703. This tract
of six hundred acres is now intersected by the Pennsylvania Rail-
road, and lies about one and half or two miles east of Downington.
The east half went by will to his grandson John, by heritance to
his son Caleb ; thence to his sons John and Jonathan C. John
gave his share to Caleb, s. Jonathan C.^ Jonathan C. d. in 1874,
and the land is held, in 1877, by his family.

John Hastings is said to have come from Swanford, in Oxford-
shire, England; John Blunston from Little Hallam, in County
Derby; both came in 1G82. He is also said, in the "History of
Chester," page 479, to have been a blacksmith. He seems after-
ward to have been a merchant, accumulating considerable prop-
erty. He was the brother of Thomas and Francis. His will
aifords considerable information of the families. Mr. Cope thinks
the three brothers came from Oxfordshire. Joshua Hastings came
from that county, and John claimed to be his servant. He infers,
from acquaintance with similar cases, that they probably came
together. The service was likely the building of a house, as
John was a carpenter. He thinks there was some other circum-
stance, which he cannot recall. A little time, and an investment of
one or two hundred dollars in English search, would likely reveal
the English ancestry of the three brothers.

His will, dated 1730, with codicils Kov. 9 and 11, 1731, proved
March 7, 173|, shows him, at decease, of the borough of Chester.
It is long and liberal. He provides that his negro woman Hagar
is to be "sett free at the expiration of one vear." He gave £5
toward the building of a school house, for which he had lately
conveyed a lot. Aug. 26, 1731, he made a deed (Chester Records,
L 268,) as merchant, to John Salkeld, malster ; Jacob Howell,
tanner ; Thomas Cummings, cordwainer, and Thomas Morgan,
tailor, conveying to them a lot in Chester, conveyed to him by
Jonas Sutherland and wife Mary, under a 3'early rent of three
ears of Indian corn on the 25th of March yearly. The grantees
make a declaration of trust, showing that the conveyance was in
trust that the grantee "should with all convenient speed, at the
public charge of the people called Quakers in Chester, cause a
large and well-built school house to be erected on the said lot
or piece of land," etc. 12, 23, 1702, of Aston, yeoman, he
buys of James Wallis, of Bristol, England, by his attorney,
Thomas Withers, of Chichester, five hundred acres on the north

John, of Chester County^ Pennsylvania. 737

side of Brandywine Creek. In 1716, he and his wife convoy to
James Hinde, late of the kingdom of Ireland, but now of Phila-
delphia, shoemaker. The land was in Chester. The Records of
Chester Meeting- show that on the 1st of 2nd month, 1G89, "John
Baldwin, belonging to this Meeting, proposed his intention of
marriage with Katharine Turner, widow, of Philadelphia, being
v^" first time. Joshua Hastino;s and Robert Carter are desired to
enquire concerning his clearness, and report the same y^ next
monthly meeting." The 6th of 3rd month, he declared his intention
"y^ second time, and nothing being found against his proceeding
therein, hath a certificate for his further proceeding there." His
ch. were b. in Aston, recorded in Concord Monthly Meeting. 4, 25^
11, he and his wife were certified to Chester from " Concord and
Chichester Mo. Meeting." He got once into slight trouble. He
''drank some cyder, in which rum had been mixed contrary to his
knowledge ; but the matter being shown, and he sorry and prom-
ising to be more careful," the paper against him is now "annihi-

3. Ruth, b. (Friend's Records) Feb. 6, 1684. Neither she nor any representa-
tive appears iu her father's will, and she no doubt died without issue.

3. Johu, b. April 10, 1697. +

3. JOHX^ John,i b. April 10, 1697, in Aston, Delaware county,
Penu.; he m. Hannah Johnson, of Chester. In 1720, he lived in
Middletown, and received a conveyance of his father of three
hundred and thirty-three acres, these conveyed to his father by
Thomas Barnsley, late of Middletown. He is styled yeoman ; his
father, merchant.

4. John, b. Dec. 32, 1719. +

5. Joshua, b. Nov. 3, 1721. +

6. Mary(?)m., Sept. 19, 1753, Thomas Harlow, at Kennett Monthly Meeting,
Delaware county, Peun.

John d. intestate, and jSTov. 12, 1728, his widow Hannah yielded
her right of administration to her father-in-law. On the 6th of
March, 1732, Joseph Cloud, Jr., received a certificate from Chester
to Philadelphia to marry her, and in 1740 she was the wife of
Joseph Cloud, of Concord. Dec. 22, 1725, John, late of Mid-
dletown, but now of the borough of Chester, and his wife Hannah^
convey to Peter Hunter, of Middletown, tanner. It appears, by
a deed to him from John Postlethwait, that he was a saddler. He

738 Baldwin Genealogy.

was m. 4th mo. lltli, 1719, at Chester Meeting, and the certificate
was signed by lifty-three persons.

4. JOHisr^ John ^ John,i b. in Chester, Dec. 22, 1719 ; he settled
in East Calm, Chester county, Penn. He m., Sept. 9, 1743, Ann,
dan. Caleb and Mary (Walter) Pierce, of Thornbury, b. Nov. 11,
1724 ; and in 1752, he produced to Goshen a certificate from Con-
cord for self and wife Ann, dated 1751, setting forth "that they
have been of an orderly life and conversation, and frequenters of
our religions meetings ; and as to his worldly affairs, they are
settled to general satisfaction as far as we know." He was a tin-
plate worker and farmer. He settled in East Calm, about 1751, on
land received from his grandfather. He died in 1787. On the
declaring of his intentions of marriage, some persons were ap-
pointed to inquire respecting his clearness, "the said John having
been some time in these parts.'" He m. 2'"'' probably about March
5, 17G1 (date of marriage license), Sarah, dau. Simon and Sarah
Hampton, of Thornbury. She was living at her father's death, in
1774, and likely the widow of John.

7. Mary, b. Aug. 17, 1744; m. Jonatliau Yernou, s. Jonatliau and Ann, of
Nether Providence, (now) Delaware county, Penn. Children : .John, m. Elizabeth
; Jonathan; and Hannah, ni. Woodward Vernon, a distant relative.

8. John, b. Aug. 2, 1748; d. Nov. 9, 1748.

9. Caleb, b. Aug. 31,1749.+

10. Ann, b. A.ug. 20, 1752; m., Jan. 21, 1782, at Unchlan Meeting, to Aaron
Martin, s. Thomas and Sarah Martin, of that place, and b. April 6, 1755. They
had no ch.

John's will, dated March 30, 1787, was proved May 15, 1787.
He left his wife £200, and other liberal provisions. To son Caleb
all the plantation (three hundred acres), he paying £300; also
"William Penn's Select Works," and "William Sherw ell's His-
tory." To daii. Mary £50, and home and provisions while she
remained separate from her husband, "as she now does." To
dau. Ann Martin a plantation ot one hundred and sixteen acres
in the townships of East and West Bradford. His executors were
William Milhous and Samuel Baldwin; witnesses were Joshua
Baldwin, George Valentine and Mercy Baldwin. His wife's will
was dated July 1, 1787, and proved Aug. 15, 1788. Jan. 30, 1753.
of East Calm, he executed to Thomas Cummings, by indenture
by which T. C. was to institute a writ for common recovery against
John Baldwin, for various lots and parcels of land (denied him by

John, of Chester County, PennsyUania. 739

his grandfather) for the use of John Baldwin. The same day, a
similar indenture was executed between his brother Joshua and
Cummings. (Chester County Records, book 2, pages 83 and 246.)
On the 16th of June, the same year, John and his wife make a
deed to Joshua Baldwin, ot East Calm, cutter; recites the will of
John to his grandsons and their heirs, and they "for the Docking
and Barring of all estate, tail and remainders over," suftered a
common recovery at the February term, last of Court, of various
tracts in Chester, and six hundred acres in Calm. They then
proceeded to make division.

5. JOSHUA^ John 2 John,^ b.in Chester, Chester county, Penn.,
Jan* 3, 1722; he lived in East Calm, where he d. May 13, 1800.
In 1743, he produced to Goshen a certificate, signed by twenty
from Darby, that "during the time of his apprenticeship his de-
portment was orderly, so far as we know ; diligent in frequenting
meetings, honest and industrious in his master's service, and as
far as we can understand, is clear from any marriage engagement
with any person amongst us." He m. 1**' June 7, 1744, Sarah
Downing, dau. Thomas and Tomazin Downing, of East Calm, b.
Oct. 14, 1725, and d. Sept. 16, 1745. He m. 2'«''Nov. 17, 1747,
Marcy Brown, dau. Samuel and Ann Brown, b. at Falls, Bucks
county, Penn., March 12, 1722, and d. Jan. 22, 1784. In 174f,
Unchlan Meeting chose Joshua as Overseer. In 1756, he was
Elder. He m. 3'*^' Sept. 14, 1785, at Nantmel Meeting, Chester
county, Ann Milhous, widow of Robert, of Coventry, and dau. of
John and Grace Meredith ; she was b. Aug. 6, 1738, and d. Aug.
31, 1804. Joshua was blind during his later years.

11. Sarah, b. Sept. 16, 1745: m., April 35, 1771, Thomas Meteer, s. Hemyand
Margaret, of Birmingham, Chester county. They settled in Bucks county, but
returned to Birmingham in 1776, and in 1783 to AVilmington, Del., with four ch. :
Joshua, Jan. 31, 1773; Samuel, Dec. 9, 1776; Ann; and Thomas. They had another
ch. in Wilmington.

13. Hannah, b. Jan. 4, 1749; m., Nov. 23, 1767, William 3Iilhous, s. Thomas
and Sarah, of Pikeland, Chester county, b. Aug. 13, 1788. Children: (1) Mercy,
Oct. 38, 1768; m., Xov. 14, 1786, Isaac Bousall, grandfather of Spencer Bonsall, who
in 1876, is with the Pennsylvania Historical Society at Philadelphia. (3) Sarah,
Jan. 4, 1771; m., .June 33, 1787, Joseph Gibbons, ('s) Samuel, June 13, 1773; d.
Oct. 7, 1778. (4)Ilachel, Jan. 14, 1776; m., May 31, 1799, Samuel Lightfoot. (5)
Joshua, Sept. 36, 1778; d. Aug. 39, 1790. (6) Hannah, Nov. 15, 1780; m., Aug. 22,
1805, Benjamin Wright. (7) William, June 14, 1783;. d. March, 1874; m. June 10,
1807, Martha Yickers. (8)Phebe, May 26, 1785. (9) Jane, June 10, 1790. The
parents and some of the children I'cmoved to Belmont county, Ohio.

740 Baldwin Genealogy.

13. John, b. Dec. 11, 1751; d. Dec. 26, 1758.

14. Samuel, b. April 13, 1754.+

15. Rachel, b. July 13, 1756; m. Nathan Sharpless. +

16. Ann, b. Dec. 13, 1758; m., Jan. 9, 1783, Benjamin Maule, s. Thomas and
Radnor, of Delaware county. Children: (1) Hannah, m. Isaac Phillips. (2)Zillah,
m. Nathan Evans, and has a s. David, who is living, in 1877, at Malvern, Chester
county, Penu. (3) Benjamin, m. ALirgaret Evans, and their s. Isaac E., in 1877,
lives in London Grove, Chester county. (4) Thomas, m. his first cousin Rachel
Sharpless, and a 3nd wife.

17. Mercy, b. Jan. 1761; m., Oct. 25, 1787, John Lloyd, s. John and Susannah,
of Moreland, Penn., and had a dau. who m. Jordan Harrison, and in 1877 their s.
Blakey Sharpless lives in Mount Pleasant, Jefferson county, Ohio.

18. Jane, b. March 22, 1763; m., :May 23, 1793, Jacob Maule, of Radnor, s.
Thomas and Zillah, ; have a s. Joshua B., in 1877, in Colerain, Belmont county, O.

Joshua's will was dated jSTov. 18, 1795. He appears to have
made a partial distribution of his property before. He gave his
son Samuel his largest Bible, "Bailey's Dictionary" and "John
AVoolman's Journal," "having already given him what I account
a large share of my estate." His executors were his brother-in-
law Simon Meredith, and his kinsman John Roberts. His 2"*^ wife
Marcy was "chose overseer" in 1762. Jan. 30, 1797, he conveyed
to Nathan Sharpless one hundred and seventy-seven acres, in
consideration of £1,660, in gold and silver. This included a small
lot devised to Joshua by Thomas Downing.

9. CALEBS John 3 John,2 b. Aug. 31, 1749, in Chester county,
Penn.; m., Nov. 24, 1774, at Bradford Meeting, Charity Cope, dau.
Samuel and Deborah (Parke) Cope, of East Bradford ; she was b.
April 8, 1754, and d. Aug. 29, 1846. Caleb d. Feb. 11, 1826.
Samuel Cope was the eldest son of John and Charity (Jeiferis)
Cope, and grandson of Oliver Cope, who came from Abury, Wilt-
shire, England, about 1682. Caleb inherited lands of his father
in East Calm, to w^hich he added. The widow's will was dated
March 30, 1837, and proved Nov. 9, 1840.

22. Deborah, b. Nov. 1, 1775; m. Samuel Jones; settled in East Bradford.
Chester county. She d. Aug. 13, 1826, and he the same year; no ch.

23. Jolm, b. July 13, 1778; d. 1867, unm. Pie inherited considerable real estate
from his father, the greater part of which he bequeathed to his nephew Caleb

.Baldwin, who lived with hiui. The land is at the intersection of the Pennsjdvauia
and Chester Valley Railroads.

24. Samuel, b. June 30, 1782; d. Dec. 17, 1841, unm.

25. Jonathan C, b. Jan. 30, 1792. +

Caleb's will, dated Aug. 10, 1822, was contested, but sustained,
Aug. 7, 1827. Letters were issued, March 3, 1826, to John and
Jonathan, iiemhnte lite.

John, of Chester County, Pennsylcania. 741

14. SAMUEL^ John =^John,2b. Feb. 13, 1754; m., April 28,
1779, at Nantmel Meeting, Maiy Buchanan, widow of George, and
dau. of Hugh and Ann Hilles, of Kichhind, Bucks county, Penn.
He resitled in East Cahii, Chester county, Penn., and (L July 14,
1837. Administration to John Baldwin, Ang. 31, 1837. Pie re-
ceived, March 18, 1793, a deed from his father of one hundred and
iifty acres next to Caleb's land. Nov. 18, 1791, he conveyed this
to Richard Downing, the younger, miller, for £1,800. April 2,
1803, he bought, for £2,500, one hundred and ninety acres in

40. Joshua, b. March 4, 1780; d. about 1850. (Letters, Nov. 13, 1850, to
Samuel B. Thomas; bond, $500.) He is called of East Calm.

41. Mercy, b. Oct. 4, 1781; m. Zebulon Thomas. +
43. George S., b. March 4, 1784; m. but uo ch.

43. Israel, b. Feb. 8, 1786. Intestate, and Letters, Oct. 6, 1823, to his brother
Samuel. He is called of East Calm.

44. Jaue, b. Sept. 29, 1788; m., Jan. 19, 1814, at Dowuiugtown Meeting, Samuel
Hooper, of East Calm, s. John and Jane; no ch.

45. Lydia, b. April 19, 1789; m., as his 2>>d wife, William Newl!n, Esq., of
West Chester. Penn. ; no ch.

46. Iseac, b. Feb. 21, 1791.+

47. Samuel S. , b. Jan. 24, 1793; d. y. or unm.

15. PACIIEL^ John3 John,2b. July 13, 1756; m., April 24,
1783, at Unchlau Meeting, Nathan Sharpless, of East Bradford, s.
Jacob and Ann (Blakey) Sharpless, b. Sept. 28, 1752, and d. Jan.
9, 1837. Settled, in 1793, in East Calm.

48. Mercy, b. Aug. 22, 1785; d. Aug. 30, 1786.

49. Blakey, b. June 21, 1787; m. Mary Offley. Their s. Edward is now,
November, 1877, in West Chester, Penn.

50. Joshua B., b. June 24, 1789; d. Feb. 21, 1866. He m. Sophia Clemson, and
their s. J. Clemson is, in 1877, a civil engineer in West Chester, Penn.

51. Jacob, b. Aug. 3, 1791; d. Feb. IS, 1863; a physician; m. Mary Downing.

52. Isaac, b. Jul}' 28, 1793; killed by an accident with a horse and cart; unm.

53. Ann, b. Oct. 15, 1795; d. Oct. 25, 1826; m. James Yarnell.

54. Mercy, b. Jan. 30, 1798; m. Jordan Harrison.

55. Rachel, b, July 7, 1801 ; m. her first cousin Thomas Maule ; d. soon after.

25. JONATHAN C.^ Caleb* John ^ John ^ John,i b. in Delaware
county, Penn., Jan. 30, 1792 ; d. Oct. 20, 1874. He m., in 1822,
Mary Ann, dau. Richard and Lydia (Gibbous) Jacobs, of East
Bradford, b. Nov. 17, 1803. In 1877, she resides on the home-
stead, in East Calm. He inherited one-half of his father's lauds,
to which he made additions. Extensive limestone quarries have
been worked in the property for many 3'ears. He was much

742 Baldwin Genealogy.

interested in horticulture, and named his residence, beautifully
situated 6u an elevation in the Great Valley of Chester county,
' Fruit Hill," For some time, he was President of the County
Horticultural Society.

63. John Erskine, b. ]\Iarch 28, 1823. +

63. Haunah, b. Sept. 9, 1824; d. Feb. 8, 1825.

64. Caleb, b. Nov. ], 1825. +

65. Deborah, b. July 17. 1827; lives at the homstead. unm.

66. Caroline, b. Jan. 31, 1829; m., Nov. 28, 1853, at Downingtown Meeting, John
Cope, of East Bradford, s. Joseph and Rachel W. Cope. She d. Feb. 10, 1857.
He was a farmer, but after his wife's death became Assistant Superintendent of the
West Chester and Philadelphia, and Philadelphia and Baltimore Central Railroads.
He was b. Nov. 23, 1825; d. March 4, 1867. He was killed instantly by being
caught between two cars. He m. 2"fi> Jan. 15, 1863, Hannah, dau. Aaron and
Priscilla Cooper; they had a dau. Lucy, b. Oct. 4, 1854. She graduated at Holyoke,
Mass., in 1877; and now, December, 1877, engaged in teaching in her stepmother's
Boarding and Day School, at Toughkeuamon, Chester county, Penn.

67. Lydia J., b. Dec. 3, 1830; d. Oct. 6, 1834.

68. Richard A., b. Oct. 5, 1882; d. Oct. 12, 1842.

69. James Hanover, b. Aug. 18, 1884; d. unm. June 3, 1863, near Vicksburg,
Miss., from wounds received in battle. He was a gentleman of culture and agree-
able manners.

70. Charity, b. Julj^ 12, 1836 ; lives at the homestead, unm.

71. Susan P., b. Oct. 27, 1838; d. Oct. 81, 1844.

72. Jonathan C, b. Oct. 28, 1840; m., in 1864, Celia A., dau. William and
Ann (Hicks) Huey, b. Oct. 28, 1843. In 1877, they live in Missouri.

73. Rebecca S., b. April 12. 1843; m., March 23, 1864, at Downingtown Meet-
ing, Thomas Pennington Conard, s. Thomas P. and Rebecca (Shoemaker) Conard,
b. Jan. 26, 1840. He succeeded his father as Principal of a Boarding School for
Young Ladies, at West Grove, Chester county, Penn., but soon afterward left thai
business and went to Philadelphia. He is, in 1877, of the tirm of Conard & Mur-
ray, iron and brass founders in West Philadelphia.

74. Henry C, b. Dec. 26, 1844; d. Sept. 1, 1858.

75. Mary A., b. Feb. 5, 1847; m. and lives in Missouri.

41. MERCY 5 Samuel^ John,^ b. Oct. 4, 1781, in East Calm,
Chester county, Penn.; m., Oct. 18, 1809, Zebulon Thomas, s. of
Griffith and Alice Thomas, of Whitemarsh, Montgomery county,
Penn. Residence, East Calm.

76. Samuel B., studied law, and was admitted to the Chester county bar, June
11, 1844. He d. leaving a s. Archibald; now, in 1877, a student at law in Downing-
town, Chester county, Penn.

77. Mary B., joined with her sisters in conducting, for manj' years, a Seminary
at Downingtown, known as ''Mary B. Thomas and Sisters' School."

78. Jane, in 1877, at Downingtown.

79. Priscilla, in 1877, at Downingtown.

80. Daughter m. Isaac W. Van Leer, a grandson of Hannah, sister of Gen.
Anthony Wayne, and said by Mr. Cope to bo one of the most intelligent of Chester
county farmers. Address : Glen ]Moore.

John, of Chester County, Pcnnsylcanla. 74S

46. ISAAC ^ Samuel * Jolin,^ b. Feb. 22, 1791 ; m. and left three
children. He d. February, 1824. !N'ov. 5, 1838, his three children
are among the heirs of his father. His wife was b. in 1796, and
was living, in 1876, at Zanesfield, Ohio.

81. Lvdia, m. Robert Potts, an iron manufacturer at Clemensville, Lancaster
county, Ohio, and has one dau. Maria Townsend, living in Philadelphia.

82. Samuel G. , b. in 1823; has no ch. ; iu 187G, in business.

83. Isaac J., b. Aug. 24, 1824. +

62. JOHN ERSKINE6 Jonathan C.^ Caleb* John^ John^ John^'
b. in East Calm, March 28, 1823; m., Dec. 26, 1850, Mary C.
Hoopes, dau. of Isaac and Hannah (Jones) Hoopes, b. May 13,
1827. He is a farmer in Brandywine Creek, in West Bradford,
between West Chester and Marshalltown.

84. William J., b. Oct. 11, 1851; farms for his grandmother and aunts at the
homestead in East Calm; unm. in 1877.

85. Richard J., b. March 1, 1853; m. in 1873, Sallie W. Temple, dau. Thomas
and Elizabeth (Worrall) Temple, of Marshalltown, Chester county, b. Dec. 25,
1852. He is a carpenter and storekeeper; residing, iu 1877, at Belvidere, in West
Whiteland township.

86. Hannah, b. April 10, 1855.

87. John E., b. June 6, 1856.

88. Phebe ,J., b. May 20, 1858; school teacher.

89. Henry C. b. Aug. 14, 1859.

90. Joseph H., b. Xov. 13, 1860.

91. James H., b. Jan. 13, 1863; d. April 6, 1866.

92. Marianna, b. Feb. 6, 1865; d. March 12, 1866.

93. Elizabeth T., b. Dec. 8, 1867.

94. Emma S., b. Jan. 5, 1871.

64. CALEB 6 Jonathan C.^ Caleb,* b. in East Calm, Nov. 1, 1825 ;
m. Emily Lawis. He is a farmer, and owns the original home-
stead in East Calm. Post Office : Downingtown, Chester county, •

95. John.

96. Lewis.

83. ISAAC J.« Isaac 5 Samuel,* b. Aug. 24, 1824. He and his
brother Samuel are millers in Zanesfield, Ohio, in 1876, proprietors
of the Zanesfield Premium Mills.

99. Charles, b. in 1858.
100. Mary, b. in 1861.

Thomas Baldwin, of Chester County, Penn,


1. THOMAS BALDWIN is said, in "Smith's Early History
of Delaware County, Penn.," to have settled, about 1697, on the
southwest side of Chester Creek, above Chester Mills, but after-
ward removed to Chester, where he died in 1731. He was brother
to John and Francis, as appears by the will of John. His will, of
Chester, is dated March 173^, proved July 2, 1831, "being very
sick and weak in body." He left his children, or their respective
heirs, one shilling each, and to his wife all his personal prop-
erty. He married, in 1684, at the house where Michael Izard
lately dwelt, "Mary, widow of Eichard Linvill, of County Sussex,
England." She had at least two sons by her first husband, John
and Thomas Linvill, who were early settlers in Chester. He was
a blacksmith. On the 2nd June, 1684, Michael Izard, of Phila-
delphia, conveyed to him, as of Chester County, in consideration
of £12, of lawful money of the province, lands — Thomas to pay
to the proprietary the customary quit-rent on said lands ; grantor
gave possession by "delivering these presents in open Court."

2. Thomas, living in 1730, also in 1753, when he and his wife have fi-om liis
brother Anthony full liberty to ' ' improve, occupy and quietly possess the six acres
of land he now livcth on, during their natural lives." In 1731, he has a legacy
from his uncle John of £30. 1, 29, 1714, he and Elthey Hendricks declare their
intention of marriage; the second time, she is called Helthey. 3, 31, 1714, the
marriage was reported orderly. He was, says Mr. Cope, doubtless the Thomas of
Conestoga, in Lancaster county.

3. Joseph, his rightful heir,. has by his will one shilling. 4-

4. William. +

5. Anthony. +

6. Mary.

7. Martha, m. John Griest (called in will, Grice).

8. Elizabeth, ra. Weaver.

He and his wife joined in a deed, in 1719, then of Chester, con-
veying to Edward Carter one hundred acres. As appears from a

Thomas, of Chester County, Pennsylvania. 745

deed, dated Dec. 12, 1699, Eicliard Linville bad lands, fourteen
acres messuage, called "Northern or North Lands," in the Parish
of Flushing, Sussex, then in the possession of Nicholas Cox, and
granted to him.

2. JOSEPH- Thomas,Mived in Chester, and d. before March
29,1715; when, by letters issued to his widow Elizabeth Nov. 2),
1708, his father conveyed to him "Tayler," twenty-five acres, part
of his home tract. His widow m. Joseph Bond, and in 1735 was
his widow. Dec. 4, 1735, his son John and widow conveyed the
premises above for £31. The deed recites that John was a
"joyner," son and only issue of Joseph," and then living in

9. Joliu. +

4. WILLIAM 2 Thomas.^ His will, dated July 10, 1722, " being
very sick and weak in body," was proved Aug. 12, 1722. He gave
his brother Anthony ten shillings, and his wife Mary his whole
estate, real and personal. He is taxed in West Bradford, Delaware
county, Penn., in 1718, but not> in 1722. His father's will, in 1731,
gave his rightful heir one shilling, and we shall see, further on,
the reasons for making that heir

10. William. +

5. ANTHONY 2 Thomas,^ of Nelin or Newlin, Chester county,
Penn.; ni. before 1712, Hannah, dau. of William and Mary Col-
burae, of Chester. William, in his will, dated Feb. 2, 1733,
proved Jan. 12, 1740, remembers his son-in-law Anthony Baldwin
and his children to the extent of one shilling each. He m. 2"*^'
Margary, dau. of John and Margary (Southery) Hannura, of Con-
cord, who, in his will, dated July 30, 1730, proved Feb. 8, the same
year, gives to Mary fifty shillings. Margar}^ Southey was dau. of
Robert, one of the first purchasers of land from William Penn.
Anthony's will is dated Juue 9, 1753; proven Sept. 5, 1760. In
1731, he has a legacy from his Uncle John. October, 1729, he
and his wife, of Birmingham, convey seventy acres conveyed to
her by her parents.

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