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Nor. 24, 1798 ; d. March 29, 1860. He m. Hannah, dau. of John
Roman, of West Bradford ; he lived there.

339. John K., in 1877, of Romansville, Chester county, Penn.. and has a son
William, a West Point cadet or graduate.

113. JOSHUA^ Thomas* Thomas ^ Anthony^ Thomas,^ b. Aug.
12, 1802 ; m., Jan. 13, 1825, Mary Speakman ; and is said, in Penn-
sylvania, to have moved near Urbana, Ohio. The Baldwins there
are of another familj^, but it is no doubt true that Joshua moved
away. He is no doubt the one born in Chester county, Penn., s.
Thomas, who had children as follows. His wife d. May 21, 1871,
and he removed after that.

256. Thomas S.

257. George H.

258. Anne E.

259. Sidney S.

260. Hannah F.

261. Phebe C.

263. JolmH., b. in 1839. +

131. JOHNSON^ Caleb* Thomas,^ b. in Chester county, Penn.,
Oct. 16, 1804; m., Nov. 13, 1828, Hannah Speakman, b. Aug. 26,
1808, dau. of George and Frances. He d. Aug. 12, 1863.

363. John H., lives in or near Monmouth, 111. ; m. Annie McEuen.

364. Mary F., b. Nov. 6, 1831; unm.

365. George S., b. Sept. 5, 1833; m. Mary Neer, and lives, in 1877, at Marys-
ville. Union county, Ohio.

366. Henry C, b. June 4, 1836; m., Dec. 37, 1859, Anna M. Heck, and lives,
in 1877, in West Chester, Penn., where he has a steam planing mill and carpen-
ter shop.

367. Joseph W., b. March 16, 1839; m., in 1866, Anna M. Cloud.

368. .Johnson C, b. June 5, 1841; m., Oct. 34, 1863, Lizzie Sturges, and resides
in 1877, in West Chester; bookkeeper and salesman.

75.8 Baldwin Genealogy.

171. WILLIAM^ William 5 John^ William^ William^ Thomas, ^
b. (by Bethel Records, aucl Record of his descendants,) ISTov. 12^
1786, in Bethel, Delaware county, Penn. His son says he was a
Captain in the war of 1812. He m. Ann Kemble, b. in 1799, who
d. in 1865. Lived in ]^ew Castle county, Del., and d. in 1854.

270. William, of Doe Kun, Chester county, Penu.

271. Sallie A. Ball, of Stantou, New Castle county, Del.

272. Maiy E. Eastburu, of the same county.

273. Louis Kemble, b. March 27, 1836. +

274. Joseph McLaue, h. in 1838; d. in 1865.

172. DAVID 6 William^ John,* b. in Bethel, Delaware county,
Penn., 1787; settled in Edgemont, in the same county.

275. William, in 1813, in Edgemont, Delaware county, Penn. In 1873, he is
of Peach street, 24th ward, Philadelphia. He an., in 1838, Miss Lucy A. Seal, and
had six ch., of whom two only are living in 1873.

173. ROBERT '^ John '" John,* m. Ruth Riggs, dau. of Jeremiah
and Mary Riggs, of Washington county, Penn. He removed thence
to Monroe county, Ohio ; thence, in 1820, to Harrison county, Ind.,
three miles from Corydon ; and at last to Missouri, where he died.

276. Mary Jaue, b. April, 1808; m. Henry S. Rhodes; resided and d. in Harris
.son county, Ind. ; had three sons.

277. Elizabeth, b lune 23, 1811; m. .James T. Green; lives, in 1875, near
Lanesville, Harrison county, Ind. ; had three sous and two daus.

278. .John Perry, b. .\ugust, 1814.+

279 Nancy, b. Feb. 20, 1817; m. John Rice.-l-

280. Amos H., b. Jan. 14, 1820; m. Cornelia Patterson, and lives at Shelbina,
Mo. Another account says he graduated in Medicine, in Louisville, practiced
many years in Missouri, and retired to Shelby county, Ky. He m. Miss Carlisle,
of that county, from Virginia.

281. Lewis, b. in 1823. +

282. Lucinda, b. September, 1826; m. Ezekiel Day, of New Albany, Ind.; d.
in 1864, leaving three ch.

283. Louisa, b. xVug. 20, 1829; m., June, 1869, Alanson Pollard; lives in Min-
neapolis, Minn. , and had two ch. , of whom one is dead.

284. Julia, m , Mr. Carver, and has sons and daus.

285. Robert R., b. Jan. 13, 1832; m. in Missouri; is a Methodist clergyman; in
1875, at Seymour, Ind.

174. AMOS "^ John '^ John,* m. in Pennsylvania, Nancy Riggs,
sister of Ruth. From Pennsylvania Vie removed to Indiana ; thence
back to Pennsylvania; thence to Louisville, Ivy.

286. Lewis, d. a young man.

287. William, an engineer several years; and then died.

288. Robert, a Mississippi river pilot.

Thomas, of Chester County, Pennsylmnia. 75f>

289. John, was a pilot on the Mississippi rivt'i-.

290. Mary (twin to John), ni. Williuux Paris, who became reckless — a river
character, it is said — and died ; had one ch.

291. Jane, m. in Louisville, and has ch.

292. Ruth. (?)

181. JAMES WADDLE « Xathaiv'^ William* Anthony^ Antho-
ny l;Thomas,^ b. Oct. 17, 1830, in Cookstown, Penn.; in 1875, is
an engineer, resident in Sonth St. Louis, Mo. He m., Aug. 18,
1856, Rose Ann, b. June 10, 1834, dan. of Thomas and Mary


298. Edward Stephen, b. July 7, 1858, in Memphis, Tsun.

294. Mary Letitia, b. June 4, 18G2; d. Feb. 2, 1865.

295. Albert Sidney, b. Aug. 20, 1865, at St. Louis. Mo.

296. Irene Neely, b. Feb. 3, 1868, at Carondolet, Mo.

He Avas engineer on the steamer ''Imperial,"' the tirst boat through
to New Orleans after the surrender of Vicksburg. For nearly five
years he had charjj-e of the machinery of the first iron furnace
west of the Mississippi using bituminous coal. Address in 1875 :
Fourth street near Kansas, South St. Louis.

184. GEORGE 6 ITathan 5 William,* b. at Red Lyon, Fayette
county, Penn. He is a tinner and stove dealer, and manufacturer
of ranges in 1875, at 517 Locust street, St. Louis. He m., March
3, 1864, Novaline Moulton, dau. of Isaac and Sarah (James) Dar-
gon, b. Aug. 26, 1841, in Montgomery, Ala. They were m. in
Algiers, Ala.

297. Rose Lee, b. April 28, 1866, at St. Louis.

298. Irvine Sanford, b. Feb. 16, 1868, at Carondolet.

299. Sarah Letitia, b. Sept. 23, 1871.

300. ^'ovaline Georgia, b. Feb. 2, 1874, at South St. Louis.

188. THOMAS 11.^ Joseph D.^ George* Anthony ^ Anthony "^
Thomas,^ in 1875, of Ilopedale, Ohio, with three children.

301. Rus^'ll.

302. William.

303. Florence Jane.

262. JOHX H.<5 Joshua 5 Thomas* Thomas^ Anthony^ Thomas^-
b. in 1839 ; he m., in 1862, in Delaware. He was living, in 1875^
in Council Biufts, Iowa.

304. Harry W.

305. George H.

306. Frank J.

760 Baldwin Genealogy.

273. LOUIS KEMBLE' William ^ William^ John ^ William^
William -^ Thomas/ b. March 27, 1836; resides, in 1874, at 1900
Wallace street, Philadelphia. He m. Sallj Bullock Gray, b. in
1843. He is a physician, and was assistant surgeon in the army.

307. Charles Loxly, b. in 1866; d. iu 1868.

308. Louis Bethel, b. in 1869.

309. Julia Gray, b. in 1871.

310. Clarence Kemble, b. iu 1873.

278. JOHN PERRY" Robert^ John^ John* William ^ William ^
Thomas,^ b. Aug. 6, 1814 ; a farmer ; m. Adelaide Boone, said to
be niece of the famous Daniel ; moved to Macon county, Mo., and
d. in 1869. They had three sons and two daus.; the two sons
below, in 1875, live near Macon City.

311. Boone.

313. John Lewis.

279. N'ANCY^ Robert « John,^ b. Feb. 20, 1817, in Monroe
county, Ohio ; m., Feb. 20, 1849, John Rice, of Corydon, Ind. Her
letter is postmarked Crawfordsville.

313 Ruth, b. Feb. 4, 1850; m., Sept. 6, 1871, J. E. Kenton; lives in Spriug-
lield, Mo., and has one ch. in 1875.

314. John B., b. Oct. 17, 1851.

315. Lucinda J., b. May 24, 1853; d. Sept. 23, 1863.

316. Hattie Cornelia, b. June 23, 1855; m., Oct. 15, 1874, W. H. Kent, of
Williamsport, Ind.

317. William B., b. Nov. 19, 1860; d. Aug. 37, 1863.

281. LEWIS' Robert 6 John,'^ b. in 1823; m., Nov. 16, 1845,
Susan H. Van Diver, of Virginia. He is a Methodist minister in
1875, in Clarence, Shelb}^ county, Mo.

318. Lewis William.

319. Robert Eugene.

330. Charles Edgar.

331. Amos Henry.
323. James Marvin.

333. Julia Elizabeth.

334. Kate.

335. Susan Green.

336. Fanuv Van Diver.

William Baldwin, of Bucks County, Penn,


1. WILLIAM BALDWIN, of Bucks county, Penn., is the
ancestor of a family not numerous. He was, it seems, from York-
shire, Enghmd. He was likely of the family of Baldwins settled
there, I know not how long. The Herald's visitations found them
there in 1595, 1612 and 1665. There is no probability that the
family was connected with the other Baldwins of this country. I
give his biography (furnished by Gilbert Cope, Esq., of West
Chester, Penn.)

[From "Biographical Sketches of Ministers and Elders, and other coucerned Mem-
bers of the Yearly Meeting of Philadelphia." The Friend, Vol. 28, p. 348. 1855.]

William Baldwin was born at Gisbourn, in Yorkshire, England,
of parents professing the truth. Having received a gift in the
miiuistry of the Gospel, in the twentieth year of his age, he was
faithful thereto; and growing in grace, his gift was deepened until
he became an able instrument in the Lord's hand. He visited, as
his Master led him, the churches throughout England, Scotland
and Ireland. In the year 1708, when he was liberated to pay a
religious visit to America, we find him a Member of the Monthly
Meeting at Marsden, in Lancashire, England. Sailing for Virginia,
he landed there in the Third Month, 1709 ; and proceeding directly
to Philadelphia, he attended the General Meeting of Ministers
held there the 4th of the Fonrth Month. William's Gospel labors
in Philadelphia were much to the satisfaction of Friends there.
In respect to the opening of the Meeting of Ministers above
referred to, we have an account preserved, of which the sub-
stance is this: "Friends being met together, the power of the
Lord was felt among them in an eminent manner, and several
living testimonies were delivered in the ancient divine spring
of life, tending much to the edification and comfort of those


762 Baldwin Genealogy.

coucerued in the work of the ministry." The visit to Xew
England was performed in three months, to the relief of the
visitors, and to the satisfaction of the visited. William Baldwin
gave an account of the service, to the comfort of the meeting of
Ministers, at the time of the Yearly Meeting, in the Seventh
Month, which were corroborated by certiticates from the Friends
where they had traveled. William Baldwin, after this, had for a
companion William Wilkinson; and in the First Month, 1710, he
gave satisfactory information to the meeting of Ministers in Phila-
delphia of their visit in Maryland, Virginia and Carolina. He said
they had had large and peaceable meetings, but there was great
need of faithful laborers among Friends in the South. He then
requested a returning certificate, having been but little over nine
months in the country. Friends of America testified, some years
after, that his visit among them was "performed with great dili-
gence, to the glory of God, and the sweet satisfaction of Friends."
He' reported "he found Friends, a people of a generous spirit, and
an openness in their hearts and houses." He soon felt a drawing
in* his mind to remove with his family to Pennsylvania to settle,
and in due time laid the subject before the members of his own
Monthly Meeting for their unity and approbation.

He probably arrived in Bucks county, Penn., in the spring of
1714, and by the Seventh Month of that year had been liberated
to attend the Yearly Meeting on the eastern shore of Maryland,
which visit he performed in company with Thomas Chalkley. In
the beginning of the year 1715, he visited Long Island. In the
beginning of 171G, he left home on a general visit to the eastward,
and attended the Y^early Meeting of Rhode Island.

William Baldwin had evidently grown to the stature of a father
in the truth, and the increasing estimation of his brethren may
be traced in various ways. But although he seemed becoming
more and more qualified for usefulness in the Church, through
his discernment, his dedication, his diligence, yet his Master,
seeing' that his day's work was accomplished, removed him after
ati illness of two weeks' duration, from his field of labor to his
eternal rest. He was taken sick on the 15th day of the Sixth
Month, 1720, and died on the 29th of the same month. Samuel
Smith says of him : "He had an eminent, deep and reaching min-
istry. He was in great esteem in the Society of Friends, and well
beloved by his neighbors."

William, of Bucks County, Pennsylvania. 763

William's wife was Mary, who came with him. She married 2"'^'
Ellis Lewis, and her certificate signed Feb. 4, 1724, from the Meet-
ing at the Falls in Bucks county, to Newark, New Castle county.

Ellis Lewis was born in Wales about 1680. He came to Penn-
sylvania in 1708; m., in 1713, Elizabeth Newlin, by whom he had
children : Robert, Mary, Nathaniel and Ellis. He settled in Ken-
nett, Chester county, in 1716. He was an active Friend and useful
citizen. He removed to Wilmington in 1749, and died Aug. 31,
1750. His widow returned to Chester county, and died in 1754.
Her will is dated Dec. 13, 1753, and proved July 11, 1854. She
had no children by Lewis; she had by William Baldwin at least
a son born in England.

2. John. +

2. J0HN2 William,Mj. in England, Oct. 28, 1712. Nov. 13,
1734, he was of Kennett, Chester county, and stated to be the son
of William, deceased, of Bristol, Bucks county. He m. Elizabeth
Pusey, dau. of William and Elizabeth (Bowater) Pusey, of London
Grove, Chester county. John d. December, 1846, and was buried
at Hockessin Meeting, New Castle (now Delaware) county. His
wife was b. Jan. 14, 1717, and d. Sept. 28, 1760; they lived in
Christiana Hundred, New Castle county.

3. Mary, b. Aug. 17, 1735; m., Sept. 9, 1753, Thomas Harlan, s. Thomas and
]\Iary Harlan, late of Kennett.

4. Lydia, b. Jan. 3, 1736; m. Jonathan Valentine. +

5. William, b. Nov. 5, 1739. +

(>. Samuel, 1). Oct. 1. 1741 ; d. Sept. 6, 1845, from a fall in a mill.

7. Thomas, b. Sept. 27, 1743.+

8. Hannah, b. Oct. 6, 1745; d. in 1812, unm.

4. LYDIA3 John 2 William,^ b. in Kennett, Penn., Jan. 3, 1736;
m. Jonathan Valentine prior to May 1, 1756, at which time she
offered acknowledgement for marriage by a priest (i. e. clergyman).
She had a certificate to Goshen, Nov. 4, 1756 ; they settled at East
Calm, Chester county, Penn., where his brother Robert lived. He
was b. about 1730, and d. about 1811. He was the son of Robert,
b. at Bally Brum Hill, Ireland, who was noted as a Quaker.
Robert was the son of Thomas, w^ho m. Mary, b. Sept. 18, 1693,
dau. of Thomas and Rebecca Parks ; they came to Pennsylvania
earlv in 1728.

9. Absalom, m. Mary Temple, dau. Thomas. By the kindness of Mr. Cope,
I have from John, his son, the following list of children, written in 1876: Abner,
May 25, 1777; William, June 28, 1779; Lydia, March 18, 1781; Thomas, Feb. 16.
1783; Benjamin, April 14, 1785; John, April 23, 1787; Elizabeth, Dec. 23, 1788;

764 Baldwin Genealogy.

Mary, Jan. 28, 1791; Samuel, April 27. 1793; Absalom, May 7, 1795; Temple,
April 22, 1798; and Joseph, Feb. 25, 1800— ail m., aud three living in 1876. John,
in 1877, was living at Marlborough, Chester county, Peun., having a son John K.,
a lawyer in Philadelphia.

10. John.

11. Thomas.

12. Elizabeth.

13. John.

14. Jonathan.

15. Mary.

16. Lj'dia, m. Jesse Evans.

5. WILLIAM^ John- William,ib. in Kennett, Peun., :N"ov. 5,
1739. Oct. 2, 1756, he received a certificate from Kennett to
Goshen, Penn. (Chester county.) He m., N'ov. 18, 1764, at Un-
chlan Meeting, Mary Edge, dau. of George, deceased, and Ann
(Pennell) Edge, of Upper Providence, (now) Delaware county;
she was b. Jan. 18, 1743, and d. March 13, 1815.

17. John, b. July 5, 1765. +

18. George, m., Feb. 17, 1802, at East Calm, Mary Hunt, dau. Samuel and
Marj', of that place. Mr. Cope says he knows of no issue. In 1815, he got one
dollar from his mother, having alreadj^ received his share.

19. Elizabeth, d. unm. and intestate before. Aug. 9, 1811.

20. Mary, d. unm. at William Trimble's. Her will, dated March 5, was proved
May 13, 1831; she left her cousin Catharine B. Trimble one-half dozen teaspoons,
marked M. H. There are several other legatees, among whom Ann Valentine has
"the pewter marked with my gr. mother Edge's name."

Aug. 28, 1788, administration was granted on the estate of
William, as of East Cahii, to his son John. He seems to have
been a saddler. His widow's will, dated ten days before her death,
remembered George (fl.OO), dau. of Mary, and son John.

7. THOMAS^ John^ William,M:). in Kennett, Penn., Sept. 27,
1743. . He received a certificate to Bradford, Chester county, Jul}"
11, 1765, presented in eight days after at Bradford. He m.. May
13, 1771, at Bradford, Elizabeth Garretson, dau. of Eliakim, de-
ceased, of ]S"ew Castle county. In 1785, he received a traveling
certificate to Warrington, York county, and Fairfax county, Ya.,
to look for a place to settle; but Mr. Cope says he does not appear
to have found it. He was recommended as a minister among the
Friends, Nov. 18, 1786, and familiarly known as Preacher Tommy,
to distinguish him from another of the name, a tailor. About
1805, with his family, he removed to Wilmington, Del. His chil-
dren are recorded in Bradford as children of Thomas and Elizabeth,
of jSTewlin.

William, of Bdcks Coiinfj/, Pennsyhania. 765

•21. Jolm, I). Nov. 27, 1772, d. Feb 22, 1809. At the time of hi-s death, lie was
an approved Miui.ster among the Friends. In the yesir 1800, he was appointed a
tutor in tlie newlj^-established Friends' Boarding School, in West Town, Chester
county, Penn., and continued there until shortly before his death. Some of his
"Reflections," as takqn from his diary, were published in the eighth volume of
"Friends' Miscellany."

22. Lydia, b. Nov. 15, 1774; d. Nov. 6, 1824, said to be aged 51, of Concord.

23. William, M.D., b. March 29, 1778. +

24. Hannah, b. Jan. 9, 1781 ; d. Oct. 30, 1814, of Bethel, said to be aged 48, 4, 26.

25. Joseph, b. Oct. 9. 1783.

26. Sarah, b. Nov. 13, 1787.

17. JOHN * William ^ John ^ William,^ b. July 5, 1765, in Ches-
ter county, Penn. Of East Calm, Chester county, Penn., he m.,
Sept. 9, 1793, at Unchlan Meeting, Lydia Trimble, dan. of Wil-
liam and -Grace (Thomas) Trimble, of West Whiteland, Chester
county, Penn. He was by trade a saddler; he d. June 21, 1816.
His wife was b. Aug. 12, i774, and d. I^ov. 6, 1824.

27. William T., b. July 6, 1794; d Oct. 28, 1821, unm.

28. George, b. Dec. 3, 1796; d. April 12, 1827, unm.; a medical graduate of
Pennsylvania University.

29. Grace, b. Aug. 19, 1799; d. Aug. 21, 1799.

30. Joseph T., b. June 8, 1801.4-

31. Catharine W., b. May 9, 1804; d. unm. perhaps about 1827 or 1828.

32. Thomas, b. Dec. 12, 1805; d. July 18, 1806.

33. Thomas, b. Aug. 9, 1807; m., October, 1838, Eliza C. Clark, dau. Jacob
and Elizabeth (Doty) Clark; she d. July 9, 1844, and he m., July 20, 1847, Ellen N.
Stevens, dau. Benjamin and Emily (Sharpless) Stevens, of Baltimore, Md. ; she was
b. June 3, 1817. They live, in 1877, in Philadelphia; no ch. He has been engaged
in teaching and literary work, and with his cousin Joseph Thomas, LL.D., edited
' 'A Geographical Dictionary, " and the well-known "Complete Pronouncing Gazetteer
of the World," published by Lippincott & Co.

34. Lydia Thomas, b. Nov. 29, 1809 ; lived in 1877, in West Chester, Penn. ; unm.

35. Richard T., b. Sept. 3, 1815; d. July 17, 1815.

23. WILLIAM * Thomas 3 John,2 b. in Newlin, Chester county,
Penn., March 29, 1778, or (says his biographer) 1779. He early
showed a thirst for knowledge, and became a teacher. He then
turned his attention to medicine. His classmate at the Medical
Lectures of the University of Pennsylvania, in 1802-3, is his
biographer. He early showed great benevolence of character. He
was soon noted as a botanist. In 1805, he was Surgeon of a mer-
chant ship to China, by way of Antwerp, where his skill and
amiability were warmly eulogized, while his childlike simplicity
was shown in his taking only three shirts. Such, says his friend,
was the devotion and singleness of purpose shown in all his under-
takings. He never seemed to think of his personal convenience.

766 Baldwin Genealogy.

April 10, 1807, lie had returned and received his degree of M.D.
He settled in Wilmington, Del., where he m. Miss Hannah M.
Webster, of that city. In 1811, he went South, on account of a
hereditary disposition to pulmonary consumption, a disease which
in the end swept away the whole of the family of his father.
During the war of 1812-15, he was a Surgeon in the navy, chiefly
at Savannah and St. Mary's. All his leisure time was given to
botany, A genus of southern plants were named Baldwinia by
Dr. Nnttall, as he expressed it, "as a just tribute" to his talents
and industry, "whose botanical zeal and knowledge have rarely
been equalled in America." The Government appointed him, in
1817, to accompany the Commissioner to Beunos Ayres and other
ports of South America. On his return, he was selected to accom-
pany, as Surgeon and Botanist, Major Long's Expedition up the
Missouri river. He died at Franklin, on the banks of that river,
Sept. 1, 1819. Dr. F. Boott, the distinguished botanist of London,
ofl:ered a liberal sum for a monument over his grave. It was found
that the Missouri had torn away the entire burial ground. His
early death cut short great promise of usefulness. He had pub-
lished but little in system, principally one paper in SiUiman's
Journal, and one in the "American riiilosophical Transactions."
A learned correspondence, with his portrait, appears in '•'■ Reliqiiae
Bahlwinianae f Selections from the Correspondence of the late
William Baldwin, M.D., Surgeon in the IT. S. Navy, with occa-
sional iS^otes, and a short Biographical Memoir, compiled by Wil-
liam Darlington, M.D. Philadelphia: Kiniber & Sharpless. 1843.
12mo.; pp. 346."

He left four little daughters, the youngest about one year old,
but I do not know what became of them. A letter, dated Julv
29, 1813, mentions

36. Maria.

30. JOSEPH T.s John^ William ^ John ^ Wiiliam,i b. in East
Calm, Chester county, Penn., June 8,1801; was a merchant in
Philadelphia, Penn. He m. Louisa A. Clark, who survived him,
and is now, in 1877, wife of Claudius B. Linn, a druggist of that
city. Joseph left two children :

37. Susan L., unm. Address iu 1877: 123 North Twentieth street, Philadel-
phia. She is Treasurer of the Society foi the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

3ft. William Ashbridge, b. June 28, 1835; m. Emily Wilson, b. April 25. 1840,
dau. William H.aiid Jane (Miller) Wilson; is a Civil Engineer, and Suiierintundent
of the Philadelphia and Erie Railroad; residence, in 1877: Williamsport, Peun.

William Baldwin, of Stratford, Connecticut,


1. WILLIAM, of Stratford, Conn., is first recog'nized as mar-
rying, July 2, 1688, Ruth Brooks, of Wallingford, Conn. She
was born Feb. 7, 1665, dau. of Jolm. I cannot connect him with
any of the previous lines. He may very likely have been con-
nected collaterally with some of the Baldwins of Milford, separated
from Stratford by a river only. A very thorough search, and an
apparently complete account for all the descendants of the New
England Baldwins up to that date, makes me think that this
William was an independent emigrant. In the account, in a
former part of this book, of John, of County Bucks, England, it
will be found under Triamor^ x^icholas- John,^ that a Triamor, of
London, made his will in 1729, in which he left £100 to his brother
William, living in or near New York, and £100 each to Triamor
and William, sons of his brother William. I cannot tell whether
it is this William. His wife joined the Church in Stratford, Aug,
28, 1690 ; he, Aug. 29, 1739.

2. Joseph, b. Aug. 23, 1690. +

3. John, b. Feb. 20, 1692. I think he was the John who m. in Litchfield

s >

Conn., June 14, 1727, Ann Culver. He made his will there, Oct. 14, 1782, leaving
his property to his wife Ann, and cow to Eunice Phelps; no ch. Ann, by her
will, dated Nov. 20, 1784, and proved Feb. 13, 1789, leaves her property to Major
3Ioses Seymour.

4. Mary, b. June 15, 1695.

5. Ruth, b. March 29, 1698; bapt. in 1734 (adult).

6. Ebenezer. No date, but owned the covenant in 1721. +

7. David, b. in 1701.4-

8. Anne, or Amy, b. in 1704.

9. Comford, owned the covenant in 1721.
10. Nathan, b. in 17|o..

A William appears, in Stratford, upon the records shortly after
the death of this one, who very likely was a son.

2. JOSEPH 2 William,^ b. in Stratford, Conn., Auir. 22, 1690 ;
he m., and his wife owned the covenant at Stratford, July 11,

768 Baldwin Genealogy.

1730, and had ber child baptized. Jan. 14, 1717, as of Stratford,
he has a deed from John Burritt.

11. Child, bapt. July, 1730.

12. Ruth, b. August, 1734:.

13. Comford, bapt. Oct. 14, 1744.

Likely others.*

'* I think it lilcely that one of the children of this Joseph was ^

I. JOSEPH. B}- information from the familj- in Canada, lie was born in 1730 or 1736, who is said

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