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Address: 118 Oxford street, Brooklyn, N. Y., Adjutant of the 119th New York

12 and 13. Two sons d. unm.

14. Valentine C, who has a s. Charles, b. about 1868 or 1869.

1. JAMES, said to be from England, and settled on Long

3. James.

3. Jesse, +

4. Gilbert.

5. Richard.

6. Daniel.

7. Mon-is.

8. Amelia.

9. Hannah.

All b. and d. on Long Island, in the vicinity of Westbury.
3. JESSE^ James.i

10. Jessie.

11. Smith.

12. William.

13. Gideon, b. in 1783. +

14. Amelia.

15. Sarah.

16. Mary.

17. Martha.

18. Phebe.

19. Hannah.

All b. on Long Island, and some living in 1873.

13. GIDEONS Jesse 2 James,i b. in 1783, m. Susan Smith.

20. Phebe Ann.

31. William, b. in 1819. +
33. Charles.

23. Ruth, b. in 1824; living in 1873.

The above four Avere b. on Long Island,

24. Peter, dead.
35. Matthew.

26. Mary Esther.

27. Richard, died during the late civil war.

28. Townseud.


3Iiscell((neous — New Yoi^k. 783

21. AVILLIAM^ Gideon^ Jesse^. James,i b. in 1810; in 1873,
resident in New York City. He m. Isabella Decker, b. in Spotts-
wood, K J., in 1828.

29. Mary Ann, b. in 1844.

30. Rosetta, b. in 1846.

31. William, b. iu 1849.

33. Catharine G., b. in 1854.
38. Blauclie P., b. in 1857.

34. Isabella v., b. in 1867.

35. James, b. iu 1869.

1. ZEBULON, lived on Long Island.

3. Richard.

3. Timothy.

4. Daniel.

5. James. + ^

6. Elizabeth, unm.

7. Hannah, num.

It is thouglit, by some of the descendants, that the first of this
line came as a servant with the Gardners of Gardner's Island.
This is doubtful.

5. JAMES- Zebulon,^ m. a dau. of Joshua Baldwin.

8. James C, of Chicago.

9. Thomas C, of New York City, m., in 1857, j\[r. Tallman, s. Edward C,
b. in 1860.

10. John. d. iu 1873, leaving two sons and a dau. ; d. iu Hillsborough, Nova

11. Alpheus, of Long Island.
13. Charles, of Long Island.

13. Robert, of Long Island.

14. Daughter, m. Roberts.

1. BEXJAMIN BALDWIN, of Kinderhook, Columbia county,
N.y., d. March 1, 1838, aged 53. His will, dated Dec. 30, 1837,
was proved the 6th of next March ; he mentions his wife Sylvania,
and children below; he speaks of his son Edward expecting to
come into possession of an estate in England, to which he will be
entitled as heir in tail in the family of his gr. grandfather. At
his death, the heirs were living at Kinderhook.

784 Baldwin Genealogy.

2. Edward J., the heir in tail.

3. Benjamin.

4. Sylvania.

5. Martha.

6. Sarah Ann, wife of Victor B. Post.

7. Mary, wife of John P. Van Vleck.

In March, 1838, Sarah Ann and Martha were minors under
twenty-one years.

Among the letters received by C. C. Baldwin, of the Antiqua-
rian Society, is one dated May 28, 1829, from E. Baldwin. He
says his

1. GRANDFATHER, emigrated from England to Long Island;
name not known; from Long Island to North Castle; thence to
Fredericksbiirgh, Dutchess county, N. Y., where he died. He
had sons :

3. Elisha.

3. Ephraim. +

4. Henry.

5. Pierce.

6. James.

3. "EPHRAIM, ^ was my father ; moved to Lebanon, Columbia
county, N. Y., when I was ten years old. He died in 1828 ; my
mother in 1827. I live at Gibbonsville, Albany county, N.Y., and
am forty-eight years old." The letter is dated Duncan's Island,

7. Ephraim, wlio wrote the lettter.

Ephraim, or Elijah, a lawyer at Monroe, Mich., says :

1. EPHRAIM was the name of his grandfather ; that he moved
from some place in Connecticut to Franklin, Dutchess county,
N. Y.; that he had a brother Elijah; and that Ephraim's children
were :

3. Elijah. He or his son moved to Ohio.

3. Henry, (?) may have Ijeen brother to Ephraim.

4. Samuel.

5. Ephraim, lived in Xew York State, and d. near Saratoga about twenty
years before 1875, (Was he not the Ephraim who wrote the letter of 1829,, No. 7,
above V)

Miscellaneous — New York. 785

6. John, went to Canada about 1816; to Oxford, Oxford county, near Thames
river, until 1838; then to Madison, Lawrence county, Mich. ; and his s. Ephraini or
Elijah is a lawyer at Monroe, Mich.

7. Smith D., moved to Ohio.

8. Calvin, moved to Michigan.

9. Sarah.

There were other brothers and two girls — in all, says Ephraim,
of Monroe, fourteen children; one, it is said, was a silk merchant
in Albany, supposed to have been killed in New York City.

10. Daniel, is in one list, or may be brother of Ephraim.i

1. JOHX, of Malta, Saratoga county, N. Y. By his will, dated
Oct. 21, 1823, proved Feb. 19^ 1824, (Vol. 7, page 118, Surrogate
Record,) he remembers his wife Betsey. If his personalty is
insufficient to pay the debts, he directs his shop next the tanyard
to be sold. He leaves the rest to his four children :

2. Almira.

3. Orrin.

4. William.

5. Sally Ann.

The girls were then unm., and some at least under age.

1. WILLIAM, of Half Moon, Saratoga county, ^N". Y., makes
his will, dated Nov. 8, and proved Dec. 10, 1828, (Vol. 8, page
180.) He was apparently a farmer ; his wife was Anna.

2. William, executor with Dodge Sweet and his wife Anna, and to have one-
half the farm when Mary w^as eighteen.

3. Hannah, $110.

4. Rachel, $110.

5. Jane, $300 in land in Victory, Cayuga county, N. Y.

6. Susanuali.

7. Aeta.

8. Content.

9. Marj'.

All these four to be equal.

1. JOSEPH. The traditional undated information here sfiven
of this family, is so full and minute that much of it is likely
incorrect ; but it may serve as clues to some one else. Joseph is

786 Baldwin Genealogy.

said to be born in Vermont, and to have settled on the west side
of the Hudson, in Catskill county, N. Y,, as a saddler and harness
maker; thence west twelve or fourteen miles; lumbering thence
to Ohio ; followed the next year by James, Henry and John.

2. James, moved to Ohio in 1803; lie had two ch.

3. Henry, moved to Ohio in 1803, and liad one ch.

4. John, tliought to have left no family.
0. Jacob. +

6. William, b. in 1769. +

5. JACOB - Joseph,^ left Catskill county for " Deleware coun-
try,'' wherever that may be ; thence to Cayuga lake ; thence to
Dryden ; thence about three miles south of Ithaca; thence to
Southwest -Indiana.

7. Isaac.

8. Patty.

9. Henry.

10. .Juliana.

11. John.

6. WILLIAM 2 Joseph,! b. Jan. 5, 1769 ; d. April 30, 1809, in
Dryden, Tompkins county, N. Y.; m. Elizabeth, b. June 29, 1770.

12. James, b. June 3, 1789; lived in Free Hollow, town of Ithaca, Tompkins
county, N. Y.

13. Deborah, b. Oct. 11, 1790; m. Miller, of Ithaca, N. Y.

14. Anna, b. Oct. 14, 1793; dead in 1875.

15. Adrian, b. Feb. 9, 1795; dead in 1875.

16. Joseph, b. Feb. 17, 1798.+

17. John, b. Oct. 9, 1799; dead in 1875.

18. Mary, b. Sept. 10, 1802; dead in 1875.

19. William, b. Oct. 4, 1806; killed by the falling of a tree, June, 1819.
• 20. Caspar, b. May 4, 1810. +

16. JOSEPH 3 William 2 Joseph,^ b. Feb. 17, 1798; in 1875,
living in Linesville, Crawford county, Penn. He m. Feb. 6, 1820.

21. Lorinda, b. Dec. 29, 1820.

22. Betsey, b. Aug. 8, 1822.

23. Henry, b. Xov. 11, 1829.

20. CASPARS William ^ Joseph,^ b. May 4, 1810 ; m. July 10,
1834, and in 1875, living in Stearnsburg, Crawford county, Penn.

24. Phebe, b. Aug. 31, 1835.

25. John, b. June 27, 1838.

26. Joseph. 1). Jan. 21, 1840.

27. Mary, b. May 2, 1842.

Miscellaneous — New York. 787

1. SAMUEL, b. in I^ew York City, Aug. 15, 1790; Lieutenant
in the navy; m. Miss Rosalie Orseau, at New Orleans, June 15,
1805. He was elected thereafter Judge of the parish of St.
Helena, La.

3. Charles.

3. Garrick.

4. Moses.

5. Alexander (eiglitli chiid), b. March, 1822. +

5. ALEXANDERS Samuel,^ had a son

6. Johu. in 1876. at the corner of Rocheblave and Hospital streets, New-

1. BALDWIN, settled in Chester, Warren county, N.Y.,

where he died ; he had children :

2. Sylvester. +

3. John.

4. Hczekiah.

5. David.

6. Julius.

7. Calvin.

8. Seth.

9. Mattie, or Hattie.

Israel gives 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6; Norman, 2, 3, 7, 8 and 9.

2. SYLVESTER-^ ,i b. about 1779; in 1855, moved to

Le Roy, Monroe county, Wis., and d. in 1872, aged 93, it is said.
He m. Phebe Sherman ; lived on Hoosack river ; used to talk of
Glenn's Falls, Warrensburgh and Chester; moved to Newport,
Herkimer county, N. Y. He d. in Orange, Juneau county. Wis.
He was a soldier in the war of 1812.

10. Israel,' b. April 15, 1815, in Newport, Herkimer countj^, N. Y. ; m. Nancy
Gould, a widow with one dau., Januarj% 1839. He had no ch. In 1878. living in
Chippewa Falls, Chippewa county. Wis.

11. Norman B., of Maple Valley, Mich.+

12. Phebe Wood, of Le Roy, Monroe county. Wis.

13. Esther Jones, d. in Le Roy.

14. Hannah Whitmore, d. in Le Roy.

15. Rachel, m. .James Jenkins, of Rock Creek; in 1878, in West jNIitchell,
Mitchell count}', Iowa.

16. Abigail, m. George Eaton, of Minnesota; last heard of in Garden City.

17. John, shortlj' before 1878, living in Rochester, N. Y.

788 Baldwin Genealogy.

11. ^ORMAI^ B.3 Sylvester,^ b. in 1820 ; m. at Percy, North-
umberland county, Canada West, Emma Miles, and his children
all born there.

18. Eliza Jaue, m. C. W. Lewis Elandy, at Port Hope; tliere in 1878.

19. Frederick A. +

20. Emma, m. George L. Emory, at Dexter, Washtenaw county, Micli. In
1878, of Coral, Montcalm county, Mich.

31. Hannah C, m. Horace C. Sturtevant, of Maple Valley, Montcalm county,
Mich. ; there in 1878.

23. Norman S., m. Sylvia M Tracy, at the same place; there in 1878.

23. Sophia D., m. Addison W. Tracj', at the same place; living there in 1878.

19. FREDERICK A.'^ is^orman B.,^ of Coral, Montcalm county,
Mich., in 1878; m. at Brighton, Canada West, Aurelia Sherman,
and has children :

24. P. J. N. . .

25. G. A.

26. Levi F.

27. M. A.


1. , (name not known.)

2. Joseph. +

3. Thomas, said to be wounded in the right arm, in the war of 1812, and to
have lived in Northern Indiana.

2. JOSEPH- removed from Ohio and likely from Butler county,
to Brownsville, Union county, Ind. He d. in 1845, near Con-
nersville, Ind.

4. Elias Clark, only sou. -i-

5. Jane, m. Henry Holland; in 1845-6, living near Connersville.

6. Mary, m. William Cook; residence near Connersville.

7. Elizabeth, m. John Dawson, near Connersville.

8. Ann, m. John Burns.

9. Catharine, m. Daniel Beaver, of German descent, who, in 1846, kept hotel
in Rossville, Butler county, Ohio.

10. Susan.

4. ELIAS CLARK ^ Joseph,^ removed from Butler county,
Ohio, to Centertown, Marion county, Ind.; he m. Charlotte Davis.
He d. January, 1842; she, Maj^, 1836.

3Iiscellaneous — Pennsylvania. 789

11. Thomas Anderson, b. Dec. 27, 1827.4-

12. Julia Ann, ra. Peter Schlaterbeck, and moved to New Albany, Harrison
county, Md.

13. Elizabeth, m. Rezin Bridges; moved to Io\va.

14. Sarah Ann, m. A. R. Nelson ; moved to Missouri, and d. there.

15. Joseph, d. near Callao, Macon count}-, Mo.

16. William, some years ago at Callao.

17. Elias J., at Lone Tree, Dallas countj'', Texas.

18. John Clark.

19. Cinderella.

There is also Alexander, or James, or these may be middle

11. THOMAS AXDERSOX* Elias Clark 3 Joseph,2b. Dec. 27,
1827; ill 1875, of Abingdon, 111., and there sinc^ August, 1855,
born three miles north of Indianapolis. He m., Aug. 8, 1848,
Miss Polly Hunt, of Abingdon.

20. James Alexander.

Mrs. Baklwin died Aug. 16, 1850, and he m. 2"^- Sept. 2, 1855,
Miss Xancy Ann Williams.

21. Frances Irvin, b. June 16, 1853.

22. Eldon Walker, b. Nov. 19, 1855.

23. Charles Curtiss, b. Dec. 14, 1857; d. Dec. 28, 1857.

24. Ottis Waldo, b. Feb. 11, 1859.

25. Thomas, Jay, b. Jan. 1, 1862.

26. Effie Enola, b. Jan. 3, 1865.

27. Jennie Florence, b. Sept. 18, 1870.


1. JOHN", of Oxford, Philadelphia county, Penn., made his will,
dated Feb. 22, 173J, proved May 15, 1732. He left a wife Deborah,
and children :

2. Mary.

3. Abigail.

4. Sarah.

Each five shillings, to be added to what thev alreadv had.


790 BaldtDin Genealogy.

5. Hannah.

6. Anne.

7. Elizabeth.

Two-thirds of his household goods, and his wool, flax and yarn.

8. Benjamin. April 37, 1784, for £347, he has a deed of one hundred and
sixty-three acres of land in Bristol township, Philadelphia county. He is then of
Oxford. He makes conveyances, back and forth, to 1746, no wife joining. In
1744, he describes laimself of Bristol townshiD, and a yeoman.

9. James. March 25, 1746, then of Bristol townsliip, Philadelphia county', a
joiner, with Katharine his wife, and Benjamin, convey lands; intestate Maj' 1, 1774;
of Philadelphia county: letters issue to Ann.

John left his negro man Csesar tothe two sons, his wife to have
him during her widowhood. His wife and Benjamin were execu-
tors and residuary legatees.

1. JOHN BALDWIIs^, resided in Bristol, Bucks county, Penn.
His will, dated Aug. 24, 1711, was proved Nov. 29, 1714, his wife
Sarah executrix. He wished his four hundred acres of land in
Neshanning Creek, with the buildings, to be valued. His wife
was to have one-third, and the other two-thirds were to be equally
divided between his sons

3. John. -I-

3. Richard. .

4. Joseph.

He gave John a corner of a lot adjoining the Philadelphia and
Keshan ning roads, bought of Samuel Carpenter. The middle he
gave to his other two sons, and the side adjoining Richard's
Mountain lot to his daughter

.5. Sarah.

His personalty was £377, by inventory, filed March 17, 1714.

2. JOHN 2 John,^ of Neshanning Ferry, Bristol, Bucks county,
Penn. His will, dated Oct. 31, 1765, was registered May 11, 1770.
He gives his son Joseph and his heirs one hundred and fifty acres
where he lives, on the east side of Neshanning Creek, and all the
flats and vessels belonging to his ferry; and all the rest of his
property to his Ave children named below. Joseph Gilbert, of
Byberry (Philadelphia)_, by will dated Aug. 28, 1756, proved Aug.
26, 1765, remembers his dau. Sarah, who was the wife of John

Miscellaneous — Pennsylvania. 791

Baldwin. April 9, 1742, he presents her with two hundred and
fiftv-four acres of land near the manor of Richland, Bucks. She
was probably the wife of this John. April 9, 1751, John, of
Bristol township, Philadelphia, cordwainer, and wife Sarah, con-
vey to George Philipps one hundred and twenty-live of the two
hundred and tifty-four acres.

6. Joseph. +

7. John. His will, dated 1776, proved 1782, in Philadelphia, gives his wife
Margaret £200, with household goods, the house she lives iu. aud £200 per year.
He remembers his cousin ]\Iary Denormaudie, her sou James, and dau. Mary Rob-
erts; his cousins Joseph Hall, Sarah Hall, Dorothy Large aud IVIargaret Sparks; his
brother-in-law William Harry aud wife Mary, aud their ch. Sarah. Margaret and
William. He then remembers his brother and sisters, and their ch. Aug. 30, 1761,
as cordwainer, of Philadelphia, with his wife Margaret, he conveyed land in Panj'-
munk. Nov. 30, 1768, as merchant, with his wife Margaret, he conveyed land
deeded to him .Jime 18, 1763, by name, and addition of cordwainer. He had many
transactions in real estate in Philadelphia, and was evidently a very successful
business man. His widow m. Knight.

8. Rachel, m. Thomas Gilbert, of Philadelphia, perhaps the son, says Mr.
Gilbert Cope, of John and Mary (Pryor) Gilbert. Thomas was of the Northern
Liberties, in the city of Philadelphia, a merchant; and his will, dated 2, 23, 1774,
proven March 23, 1774, remembers his wife Marj- (likely 2nc' wife), and ch. John
Gilbert and Sarah Mansfield. His dau. has his' house and lot iu the borough of
Bristol, Bucks, conveyed to him by Joseph Hall. His children were under twenty-
one, and wife and trusty friend and kinsman, .John Baldwin, were executors.
They had ch. : (1) Sarah, 9, 6, 1753; ra. Stephen Maxfield, a chair maker, of North-
ern Liberties, and had ch. ; Joseph, Rachel and Susanna. (2) John, 1, 26, 1756;
will in 1787-8; he left no family. (3) Margaret, 6, 2, 1758. (4) Thomas, 12, 28,
1760. (5) Thomas again, 8, 9. 1763. (6) Mary, 1, 27, 1765. The last four probably
d. y.

9. Sarah, m. George Gilbert ; by that name she is remembered in the wills of
her father aud brother John; the latter also remembei's her ch. : (l)Josepli; (2)
Pryor; (3) Jesse; (4) John; and (5) Benjamin; her husband, as George, Sen., of North-
ern Libei'ties, in his will, of Jan. 23, 1768, mentions his wife Sarah and ch. : 1st,
Mary; 2nd, Catharine; 3rd, Hannah; 4tli, Benjamin; 5th, George, (could he have
been George Pryor?) and Jesse.

10. Rebecca.' m. Jacob Lancaster, and bj'' that name takes under the wills of
her father and brother John.

6. JOSEPH 3 John ^ John,i of Bristol, Bucks county, Penn. He
takes, in 1770, a gold watch from his brother John. June 21,
1796, he unites with his wife Margaret to convey lands demised
to him by his brother John, and conveyed to John by Samuel
Palmer. His wife survived, and he had children also left before
March 20, 1807.

792 Baldwin Genealogy.



12. John.

13. Joseph. +

14. Sarah. Her will, in Bucks, Jan. 34, 1815, gives her brother John her gold
watch and $1,000, and at his death to go to his ch., her sister Rachel and her ch.,
cousin Mary Roberts, sisters Permelia Baldwin and Rebecca- Baldwin, sisters Eliza-
beth, Margaret and Eleanor married. Her personalty was $3,361.

15. Rachel, m. McElroy, and her ch., Baldwin and Archibald are

remembered in Sarah's will.

16. Elizabeth, m. Hutchinson and had the following ch., remembered by
Rebecca as her nieces : Elizabeth, Sarah and Ann. Whether Mary Tonikin was a
fourth, I cannot tell.

17. Margaret, m. Swain, and is remembered iu the wills of her sisters Eliza-
beth and Sarah.

18. Rebecca, d. unm. in 1845.

19. Eleanor, m. Kirkbride, and had a son Joseph remembered hy his aunt
Rebecca in 1845.

20. Pamelia.

Joseph also remembered his grandson ( — ) Joseph Howard.
His son John was old enough to file a petition for the sale of
lands on Front street, Philadelphia, which were appraised at
$4,600, and ground-rent in South wark at $666,17. He took them
at the valuation.

13. JOSEPH^ Joseph^John^John.i I think he was the Joseph
who by tradition was the son of Joseph, of Bucks county, and
went to New Castle, Del., and m. Eebecca Elwell.

31. Joseph, d. unm.

32. Charles Edward, b. in 1789. +

33. E.izabeth, m. Clarke.

34. Rachel, m. French.

35. Rebecca, m. Fields.

32. CHARLES EDWARD ^ Joseph ' Joseph ^ John ^ John,^ b.
iu 1789, at Newcastle, Penn.; m. at Elliott's Lower Mills, Md., in
1817, Elizabeth White, b. in 1800, iu Devonshire, England ; there
and in Baltimore until 1834; thence to Zanesville, Ohio; thence to
McCounellsville, Morgan county, Ohio, where he d. iu 1852.

36. Joseph White, b. in 1818. +

37. Rebecca Elwell, b. in 1819; m., iu 1837, Milton Seaman; of ilcConnells-
ville, and there in 1S75.

38. Elizabeth Ami, i). in 1826; m. Henry Seaman, and d. at St. Josephs. Mo.,
March, 1860, and had ch. : Charles Henry, Dec. 5, 1847, and Henry Milton, Dec. 9,
1849; in 1875, both of St. Joseph and unm.

39. Charles Edmond, b. in 1828. +

39^. JSTathaniel French, b. April 33, J826;C?) went to Missouri iu 1854 or 1S55;
living, in 1875, in Saint Joseph, unm.

Miscellaneous— Pennsylvania. 7!>3

36. JOSKPII WriITK« Charles Echvard ^ Joseph^ Joseph^
John- John,M). in 1818, at McCoiinellsville, Ohio; m., in 1843,
Marj A. Chambers, and settled at Marietta, Ohio.

40. Joseph C'liamlKTS, b. iu 1844.

41. Charles Etiward, b. in 1S4T.

In November, 1874, these two were in business in Cohimbus,
Oliio, as Baldwin Brothers.

42. Mary Ida, b. iu 1849.

43. Laura AdeHa, b. iu 1853.

44. Chira Rebecca, b. 1855.

The daughters are all unm. in 1875.

39. CHARLES EDWARD « Charles E.-^ Joseph,* b. Jan. 18,
1830 ; settled at St. Joseph, Mo.; d. Sept. 13, 1865. He m., in
1855, Mary L. (Flint) Frink, widow of William Frink, and had ch.

47. Lelia. b. Juue 4, 1858.

48. Charles Flint, b. Oct. 3, I860.

49. Jcseph French, b. Oct. 22, 186'>.

1. WILLIAM, from Bucks county, Penn., to Harford county,
Md., bought two thousand five hundred acres, all still in the
familv in 1875. He went to Marvland as early as 1700 at least.
His children were all "well off and respected."

2. Silas. +

3. John, d. leaving four ch.

4. James, d. unm.

2. SILAS -^ William.^

5. AVilliam, b. in 1817, the eldest. +
And it is said twelve other children, of whom, in 1875, five sons
and two daughters were living.

5. AVILLIAM3 Silas^ William,! b. in 1817; m. Miss Powell, of
Philadelphia ; settled iii Baltimore.

6. Silas, b. March, 1875; a physician; of 152 Towusend street, Baltimore, He
graduated at Princeton in 1865, and as M. D., in IV aryland University, in 1867.
He m., April 28, 1868, and has two ch., Katie, in 186f , and William, iu 1873.

7. Davis, d. aged 2. '

8. Frank, d. aged 4.

9. Katie, d. aged 4.

10. Abraham, d. aged 3.


794 Baldioin Genealogy.

1. WILLIAM, b., it is said, in Pennsylvania, in 1770 ; m. Sasan^
b. in Pennsylvania in 1776, and settled in Wilmington, Del.

2. Benjamiu, b. May 16, 1807. +

2. BENJAMIX-^ William,! b. May 16, 1807: June, 1876, of 12
Wilson street, Wilmington, Del.

8. Mary, b. Jul}' 31, 1831; in 1876, num. and with her fatlicr.

4. Joseph, b. Nov. 22, 1835; d. and left no cli.

5. Eli, b. May 4, 1841.+

5. ELI =^ Benjamin 2 William,^ b. May 4, 1841 ; in 1876, is of No.
545 East Eighth street, Wilmington, Del. He m. Sept. 17, 1862.

6. John W. G., b. June 1, 1866.

7. Wilmer, J., b. March 3, 1869.

8. Florence S., b. Feb 26, 1872.


1. GEORGE J. BALDWIN, s. Rev. Jonathan Baldwin, was
b. in Westminster, Vt., July 17, 1819. He m. Mary Huntoon, b.
Feb. 14, 1819. They settled on No. 15, Range 7, of Barford, Can-
ada, iu 1854. They belong to the Baptist Church.

2. Sophia F. , b. Nov. 26, 1843 ; m. Lewis Wright.

3. Charles A., b. April 4, 1845.

4. Angeline, b Dec. 18, 1847.

5. Elmore, b. March 3, 1851.

6. Nancy J., b. Aug. 12, 1853.

7. Carlos W., b. Nov. 19, 1857.

One child died in infancy.

Isaac, ^ of Milford, ('onn., bapt. Dec. 11, 1737; John^DanieL^
Daniel - Nathaniel ^ ( page 427) had sons: Isaac, Daniel and Joel.

JOEL is not in th i Milford list, and by tradition there, a
brother of Isaac and D miel settled in Vermont, near Burlington.

3HsceUaneou$ — Virginia. 795

, of Vermont, had a son d. y., and Chester thought to have

gone from Vermont to near Cuba, Allegany county, N. Y., where
he lived many years, and d. when liis son was a child. Chester
had a son Charles G., b. in 1845. In September, 1875, Charles G.
was a lawyer in Syracuse, of Baldwin k Ilahn; residence, 112
South Salina street; oiRce, 15 and IG Clinton Block; unm.; he has
four vounger brothers West.


1. BEXJAMIN. By tradition, his son Jesse v^'as b. in Xorth
Carolina. There was a brother, the father of W. H., and proba-
bly Jonathan. ( See 3 Jonathan.-)

2. .Jesse. +

3. .louathau. +

The tradition, in the line of Jesse, does not give the name of
Benjamin,^ the line of Jonathan does.

2. JESSE,- by tradition, b. in North Carolina ; m. Miss Han-
nah Thornbury, and soon after moved to Greenbriar county, Va.,
where nine children were born.

4. Enos, in. Miss Hunt. He was a fai'mer in Champaign county, Ohio ; raised
a large family ; d. aged about 55.

5. Heury. +

6. Uriah, m. a Miss Turner, near Cincinnati, Ohio; was a farmer, with a large
family, who d. aged about 70. His widow m. Henry Leaf, and living, in IS?."), at
Newtown P. O.,' Hamilton count}', Ohio.

7. William, m., and after several ch. were born, moved to Mississippi; thence
to near Indianapolis, Tnd. His wife is dead, and is said, in 1875, to be living with
one of his sons.

8. Walter, ra. Miss Olive Kent; moved to Putin-Bay Island, Ohio; thence to
a farm near Port Clinton, Ottawa county, Ohio; and soon after d. He raised a
large family, it is said.

9. Sarah, m. Enoch Overman; he was a successful merchant many years at
Petersburgh, Higlilaud county, Ohio. They had a large family. He d. soon after
removal to Iowa; his widow survived many years, and d. aged 74. Their home
m Iowa was near Cedar Rapids.

796 Baldwin Genealogy.

10. Sophia, m. John Garrett, aud d. many years since; he was a farmer in
Fayette county, Ohio. They had two sons and a dau.

11. Daniel. +

12. Ricliard, b. in 1796.+

After the birth of these children, Jesse moved to Washino-ton
county, Ohio. Soon after, his wife died, and his older children
having: left home, he m. 2"'*' Marion Macv.

3. JONATHAN 2 Benjamin.^ The descendants of Jonathan
make him the eldest son of Benjamin, and say nothing of him
back of Virginia. The Jesse branch gives Jesse a brother, un-

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