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named, to Champaign county, and father W. H.; so I consider the
connection fairly identified. Jonathan was by tradition from
Loudon county, Va., and had children :

13. .Judge William H.+

14. Joshua. +

15. Benjamiu. +

16. Joseph. -1-

17. Samuel. +

18. Harriet, m. Pickleheimer, and had three ch. : Mary; Hattie, m. Starkey,
and has ch. ; and Alfred.

19. Jonathan. +

20. Louisa, m. 1st, Cast, and had a s. William B. ; and 2"d, Mulford, aud had
a dau. Hattie.

21. John G., m. and has ch. : (1) George W., m. aud has ch. ; aud (2) Herbert.
23. Celicia, m. Cast, and had ch. : George W., John, Emma aud Edward.

23. Asa, m. but had no ch.

24. T. B., m. and has a s. Clement.

5. HENRY ^ Jesse- Benjamin,^ supposed by Rev. Perry C. to
be the Henry who is thought to be from Virginia, and m. Nancy
Wolf, of Asherville, N. C, where he .settled. He was in the war
of 1812, and taken prisoner. He moved to Camden, went ofl",
and never returned.

25. Perry C, b. in 1816. +

26. Sarah, b. in 1818; living, in 1875, in Peru, Neb.

Thought by the relatives, other descendants of Jesse, to have
m. Miss Elizabeth Rhodes, and had children :

27. Samuel.

28. Mary.

29. Hannah.

When the last was a babe, he went to Cincinnati ; thence to
Louisville, on pretext of business. It is said that he was recog-

Jliscella neons — Virginia. 797

nized twenty years afterward, i-.i tlic Red River country, as Reuben
Davis, haviuo; tliere a wife, and daughter aged sixteen years or
vouno-er. The coincidences of the two Ilenrvs are, that each was
a saddler and harness maker, nearly six feet high, dark brown,
well built and good looking; left two wives on the same business,
to sell saddles and harnesses. Rev. Perry C. thinks them the
same. I congratulate him on the abandonment, leaving him a
child to grow an honorable and useful citizen.

11. DANIEL^ Jesse ^ Benjamin,Mvhen aged twenty-two, came
to Champaign county, Ohio ; and m. at twenty-five, Miss Hannah
Williams. He was a farmer in Champaign, Logan and Hardin
counties, Ohio. He d. near West Liberty, Logan county, Ohio,
about 1867, aged 76, leaving a large family, of whom

30. Enos, the oldest, in 1875, was of West Liberty.

12. RICHARD =5 Jesse 2 Benjamin,! b. in 1795 ; d. Jan. 12, 1870,
aged 74; m. Miss Eleanor Williams, sister of the wife of his brother
Daniel. He settled in Kings Creek, Champaign county, Ohio, as
a farmer. His wife, in 1876, lives with Wilson, and is aged 75.

'61. Wilson, b. in 1821 or 1822; when twenty-five, lie m. Miss .Johnson, and
has two or three sons, none m. in 1875. He was then Secretarj^ of the Western
Mutual Fire Insurance Company, of Urbana, Ohio.

.32. Sophia, m. Clark, and has four ch. ; in Champaign county, Ohio.

33. Mary, m. Mr. AVilson, a farmer of Champaign county, Ohio; has four ch.

84. I. Newton, unm. : in Cincinnati, Ohio.

35. Lucretia, (?) m. .Johnson, a farmer; of Champaign county, Ohio, and has
four ch. living.

36. Watson, d. Aug. 22, 1874, at Hampton Hospital, near Fortress Monroe, Va.

37. Eliza, m. Cabel, a lumber and coal dealer in Davenport, Iowa.

38. Sarah, m. Hunter, a farmer in Logan county, Ohio; has three ch.

39. Emma, unm. ; in 1875, in Cincinnati, Ohio.

40. Leuora, m. Thomas, a dealer in twine and cordage in Cincinnati, Ohio;
has one child.

41. Clara, m. Taylor, of Pittsburgh, Penn. ; has one ch.

13. WILLIAM 11.=^ Jonathan 2 Benjamin.^ The "History of
Champaign county, Ohio," says he was b. in Guilford county,
IT. C, in 1788. He came to Ohio in 1811, and lived there until
1863; aged 75. "He was," says the author, "one of the excellent
men of the earth."

43. Lemuel, of Kcnnard, Champaign county, Ohio.
43. Samantha.

798 Baldwin Genealogy.

William H. is said to have made collections for his genealogy,
but I have not been able to get them.

14. JOSHUA^ Jonathan - Benjamin,^ m. Johns.

44. Charles.

45. Henry.

46. Jonathan.

15. BENJAMIN ^ Jonathan ^ Benjamin.^

47. Sarah, ni.

48. Lucius H., who had ch.

49. Augustus.

16. JOSEPH^ Jonathan - Benjamin.^

50. F. M.+

17. SAMUEL3 Jonathan 2 Benjamin.i

51. A. W.

52. A, .J., who is m., and has ch. : Harry and Minnie.

53. Josic, m. "Wright, and has one ch. : Eda.

19. JONATHAN 3 Jonathan 2 Benjamin.i

54. Maria, m.

55. Lida.

56. Douglas.

57. Frank.

25. PERRY C.'^HenrjS Jesse^ Benjamin/ b. in Asherville,N.C.,
in 1816; m., in 1840, Jane C. Starkweather; living, in 1875, in
Maumee City, Lucas county, Ohio: a clergyman.

58. Charles Rodney, b. in 1841.

59. Julia Adelaide, b. in 1853.

50. F. M.'* Joseph ■* Jonathan - Benjamin, ^ in December, 1875, of
Blanchester, Ohio.

60. Sherman.

61. Sheridan, dead.

62. Gladdest May, dead.

63. Carrie Stella.

1. (name unknown), not unlikely connected with the

preceding family; m. a Quakeress, of Pennsylvania, and lived in
Loudon countv, Va.

3Iiscellaneous — Virginia. 799

2. Jainos, b. there about 1784.+

:}. Malilon. In 1874, his widow and son lived in I^oudon, Va. His son is
I>r. .Malilon 11., of Pliilamont, Loudon county.

4. Stacey, had a son, who, in 1874, was living- in Loudon county.

5. Samuel, settled in Ohio, near Zanesville, and his son James lives on his
homestead there.

2. JAMES- .1 ill 1844, went to West Virginia, and d. in

1847, aged 63: m. at Middleborongh, E. Va., Sarah Henderson, b.
in 1781, and who d. Sept. G, 1876.

6. Benjamin F., b. in 1821, at Middleborongh; m., Dec. 18, 1863, at Northfield,
X. H.. Elizal)eth H. Young, b. in Laconia, K II., in 1837; lives, in 1877, in Graf-
ton, W. Va. Chihlren: (1) Thomas .7., April 4. 1865; (2) Burr W., April 15, 1867,
d. Dec. 6, 1868; (3) Fanny E., Dec. 3, 1868; (4) Walter Y., Dec. 27, 1871, d. June
21. 1873; and (5) Maple E., Oct. 13, 1874.

7. Thomas J., is at Zanesville: chief clerk of the B cV O. Railroad Co.

1. DAVID, b. in Virginia, and in early life thence to ISTorth
Carolina; m. Sarah Owen, and some years afterward settled in
Columbia county, Ga., where he died. He and his eldest son
David ioined the Revolutionary army soon after the war com-
menced, and William soon afterward. At the siege of Augusta,
the two Davids contracted a contagious disease. Three children

2. David, d. a young man.

3. AVilliam.+

4. Sarah, m. Parks, and had three ch., all grown and living in Texas when
last heard of.

5. Owen. +

3. WILLIAM- David,! b. in Xorth Carolina; moved when
young to Georgia; he m. Elizabeth Ivimbro, of Wilkes county,
Ga., after his discharge from the army. After his children were
m., he and his wife moved to Montgomery county, Ala., about
1815 to 1816.

6. James, b. July 4. 1780. +

7. David, b. Oct. 3, 1783. +

8. William, b. May 22, 1786. +

9. John, b. Aug. 13, 1790; no issue.

10. Sarah, b. Feb. 22, 1793, m. Joseph Fitzpatrick. brother to the wife of
William, and had a son, who d. leaving no issue.

11. Folly, b. Dec. 2, 1795; m. Hutchinson, and d. soon, leaving no issue.

12. Jennie, b. March 19, 1798, (or is it Nancy?); m. Caleb Willingham, and d.
leavinir no issue.

800 Baldwin Genealogy.

5. 0WE]^2 David/ m. Miss Wiley, and had six children, of
whom the only ones who left issue were

13. William Augustus. +

14. Oweu Wiley. -f

6. JAMES 3 William'^ David,i m. Elizabeth White, of Georgia,
and moved to Alabama about 1815 or 1816 ; only one of his sons
left issue.

15. William O. (Col.), went to Texas not far from 1850, where his ch. live.

7. DAVID =^ William 2 David, ^ m. Miss Elizabeth Ousley, of
Georgia. The family lived for a long time about Talbot county,
Ga., and the five daughters below, not otherwise stated, m. and
removed to Arkansas, not far from 1850, it is said.

16. Nancy.

17. Lucinda.

18. William Lafayette. +

19. Jessie, d. y.

20. Elizabeth, unm.

21. Martha.

22. Sally.

23. Marauda.

24. James, d. y.

8. WILLIAM ^ William ^ David,i m. Celia Fitzpatrick, sister of
Joseph and Gov. Benjamin — Governor of Alabama four years,
and LI. S. Senator when Alabama seceded. They moved, about
1815 or 1816, to Alabama, in company w^ith Baldwins, Fitzpatricks
and others, and settled within four miles of Montgomery. He d.
in 1827; she, in 1839. Surviving children were :

25. Almira Ami, m. John W. Ilinson, of Mobile; had two ch. ; he d., and
she, in 1875, is there a widow.

26. Marion Augustus. +

27. Sarah Fitzpatrick ; ni. 1st, Dempsey Underwood; no. ch. surviving, and as
a widow she m. 2i'ti, Julius C. Alford, who, from 1839 to 1842, was a Member of
Congress from Georgia. She had by him two ch., both m. and had families, of
whom three gr. ch. were living in 1875.

28. William O., b. Aug. 9, 1818. -f

29. Benjamin James. +

30. Elizabeth Celia, m. Floyd Brown, and had two ch. : Benjamin Phillips,
unm. in 1874, and Almira Ann, m. J. B. Powell. As widow, she m. 2n*l. William
Fitzpatrick, and in 1874, lives with him at Fitzpatrick Station, Bullock county. Ala.

31. Phillips Bernard. +

Miscdlaneous — Vhy/i/iia. 801

13. WILLIAM AUGUSTUS^ Oweir- David,^ d. before 1874.
He and his brother owned hirge tracts of land near Canton, Madi-
son county, Miss., and he lived there; ho left children, one of
whom was

3H. Owen, G., last heard of in ("anton.

14. OWEj^ WILEY =^ Owen 2 David.^ The name of only one
child is known :

32. Willam Owen, last heard of in Canton.

18. WILLIAM LAFAYETTE* David » William ^ David,i m.,
in his twenty-seventh year, Miss Elmira Elizabeth ISmith. He d.
Sept. 15, 1840. They had children :

33. Marion Augustus, b. Feb. 6, 1839. +

34. William Lafayette, b. Aug. 7, 1840. +

20. MARION AUGUSTUS* William^ William ^ David.^ grad-
uate of the Universi^ty of Alabama ; a lawyer; m. his cousin Celia
Fitzpatrick. He became quite popular and distinguished through-
out the State. He was, it is said, elected Attorney General, by the
Legislature, for twenty years. He d. in 1865. His daughters all
live in LTnion Springs, Bullock county, Ala.

35. Sarah, m. Alfred Bethea. Post Ofice: Fitzpatrick Station.

36. Celia, m. Is*. Humphries, and 2"J, ]\Iorgan Johnson.

37. Annie, m. Henry C. Tompkins, quite a prominent and talented young
lawyer in 187(>.

38. Eugenia, m. Algernon ^VFabson.

39. Fannie, m. Thomas Mabson.

40. Eunice, minor, single.

41. Benjamin James, b. about, 1860.

28. WILLIAM OWEN* William 3 William,MD. Aug. 9, 1818;
educated at Transylvania LTtiiversity, of Kentucky; M.D. in 18-37.
He m., in 1843, Mary Jane Martin, dau. of Judge Abram, of Mont-
gomery, Ala. Her mother was a Patton.

4?. Marion Augustus, graduated at the Law School of the University of Vir-
ginia. In 1876, a lawyer in Montgomer}', and luim.

43. Jane Patton, m., about 1875, G. W. Craik, s. Rev. Dr. James Craik, Rector
Christ Chiu'ch, in Louisville, Ky.

44. Cecile Fitzpatrick, in 1876, at Chcgary Institute, Baltimore, for education.

45. Abram Martin, b. about 1861.

46. Almira Ann. or "Alma," b. about 1869.

802 Baldwin Genealogy.

47. Son, b. about 1847; in 1861, iu the State University there; entered the
Confederate arnij' as a private, rose to the rank of Captain before eighteen, and was
killed Nov. 13, 1864, at the battle of Franklin, Tenn.

29. BENJAMIN" JAMES^ William^ William"^ David,i educated
at the University of Virginia ; studied law, but embraced agricul-
ture ; has been skillful and successful. He m. 1'**' Miss Alford,
who d. leaving no living issue. He m. 2"^*' Mrs. (Burnette) Jones.
Post Office: Verbena, Chilton count}', Ala.

48. Benjamin James, in 1876, at Bellevue Medical College, N. Y.

49. Frank, b. iu 1871 or 1873.

81. PHILLIPS BERNARD* William^ William,^ studied Medi-
cine, but became a successful planter. He d. in 1874, from poison,
supposed to have been given to him by a negro servant. He m.
Mrs. (Thompson) Turner.

50. Celia Fitzpatrick, m. Walter Rainor.

51. AVilliam Owen, graduated at Randolph Macon College, Va., and in 1874
just admitted to the bar.

52. Martha Anne.

. Phillips Bernard.

54. Benjamin .James.

She d., and he m. 2'"^' Miss Mary Crews.

55. .James Crews.

56. Martin Mortimer.

His widow lives at Fitzpatrick Station, Bullock county, Ala.

33. MARION AUGUSTUS s William Lafayette* David ^ Wil-
liam- David,^ Feb. 6, 1839; graduated at the Laiiversity of Lou-
isiana; M.D. and physician since May, 1866. He m., May 25, 1862,
Sarah Ellen Sutton. He lives, June, 1876, in Cuthbert, Ga.

57. William Owen, b. March 23, 1866.

58. Marion Augustus, b. June 17, 1868.

59. Inolia Douglas, b. Feb. 19, 1870.

60. Warren Sutton, b. Feb. 8. 1872.

61. Benjamin Smith, b. Dec. 4, 1873.
02. Thomas Chandler, b. -June 20, 1875.

3L WILLIAM LAFAYETTE^ William Lafayette *David,=5b.
Aug. 7, 1840 ; m., Nov. 14, 1867, Miss Mary J. McDonald. He d.
Jan. 2, 1875.

63. William, b. Aug. 27. 1868.

64. Martha Virginia, b; April 6, 1871.

65. McDonald, b. .July 16, 1874.

Miscellaneous — Virfjinia. 80-3

1. GEORGE, of Virginia. By tradition, there were four broth-
ers came from Enofland toojetlier — two in theXortliern States, one
in the South, and one in Prince Edward or Amelia county. This
tradition is worth little. George is said to be the son of the last.
He d. in Virginia, leaving two sons :

2. Joseph. +

3. Benjamin, said to liavc remained iu Viririnia.

2. JOSEPH- George,^ removed from Amelia county, Va., to
Upson county, Ga.; m. Miss Scott, of Amelia county, Va.

4. Augusta T., m. J. 8. Jackson.

5. Maiy J. , m. William Pigner, or Tigner.

6. Ann Eliza, m. P. P. Jackson.

All livino; in Merriwether countv, Ga.

7. Benjamin .Joseph. +

8. George Scott, m. Miss Fannie Perham; is a successful farmer iu Lancer
county, Texas, and has a dau. MoUie.

7. BENJAMIX JOSEPH =5 Joseph Uieorge,iM.D.; graduated
at the Medical Universit}" of New York, in 1849. In 1859, he and
George Scott moved from Merriwether, Ga., to Randolph county,
Ga. In 1873, he moved to Roxton, Texas, where he has a heavy
practice, and is eminently successful. He m. Miss Saunders, of
a famil}' near Staunton, Va.

9. Benjamin Joseph, b. April 28, 1850; in 1876, a lawj-er in Paris, Texas; uum.
He graduated at Emory College, Oxford, Ga. He writes me that the Baldwins of
this branch average one hundred and Hfty i)ouuds, five feet nine inches in height,
light complexion, dark hair, dark hazel e\-es, sanguine bilious temperament, ener-
getic, full of life and hopeful almost without exception; are Methodists; and all
agree that four brothers landed in Virginia.

10. May Augusta.

11. George Isham, 1). iu 1863. twin to

12. Willie Saunders.

13. Scott Graham, b. in 1866.

1. WILLIAM, said to be from Virginia, somewhere on the
upper sources of the Roanoke, to Pitt county, on Tar river, N. C,
and to have had eight daughters and three sons ; to have come
to North Carolina before the Revolution; to have owned a large
body of laud and a fishery; and as usual by tradition, but hardly
ever true, to be descended from one of three brothers. He is
thought to have m. Craven, or Crary.

804 Baldtciii Genealogy.

2. George. 4-

8. William, d. "fifty years ag-o," (1825,) in Alabama, leaving a dan., who
went back to Georgia, and d. leaving several ch.

4. John. +

5. Rebecca, the next, m. Robinson, and had several ch., living in 1875, in
Randolph county, Ala. : Mary Colley or Colly, Mrs. Arnett, and John.

6. C^harles, m.

7. Lydia, m. and had eight ch., of whom two are living in 1875.

8. Esther, m. Jacob Drum, having had six ch., five surviving, among them
William Baldwin, of Woodville, Miss., and John.

9. Mary, m. Willis Hedges.

2. GEORGE - William/ lived in Alabama, and has children :

10. Jacob, dead.

11. Franklin H., living, in 1875, in Vicksburgh.

12. Augustus.

4. JOIiX"^ William,^ went from North Carolina to Georgia about
1800 ; ni., in 1808 or 1809, Martha Speight. She d. in 1822 or
1823; he, in 1824, in Houston county, Ga. They had five sons and
one dau., all dead but Moses H.

13. Son, d. thirt\^ j^ears ago in Macon, Ga., leaving a wife, and son McLaren;
in 1875, of Greenville, Mcrriwether county, Ga.

14. Son, settled near Marshalville, Macon county, Ga.

15. Daughter, d. early after marriage, leaving a dau., who m., when seventeen,
J. A. White, and had a s. William G. White; in 1875, in Macon.

16. Moses H., b. Jan. 1, 1814.+

16. MOSES H. 3 John ^ William,^ b. Jan. 1, 1814 ; lives, in 1875,
in Dawson, Ga. He m., Oct. 21, 1841, Miss E. Miller, of Randolph
county, Ga., whose father was from Lewis county, IS". C.

17. Martha E., m. 1st, R. Spearman, who d. on Cotton Hill, in Virginia, Cap-
tain of 3nd Company from Dawson, and left a son. She m. 2nA, R. T. Harper, of
]\Iacon, Ga., and thej' had, in 1875, three sons.

18. John Wiley.

19. William Roberts, twin; of Dawson.

20. Andrew Jackson, m. and in Dawson.

21. Lewis Speight.

22. Moses H.

23. Daughter, d. y.

24. Sallie, b. in 1861.

25. Mary Speight.

3IisceUaneous — Virr/wia. 805

1. WILLIAM, 111. Elizabeth Luttrell, in Knox county, Tenn.
Tliev are said to have been both from Amherst county, Va , to
East Tennessee.

2. James (\, b. May 13, 1814, in Khca couuty.+

3. Hugh L.

4. John C.

5. William 11.

6. Sobers (?)S.

7. Charles W.

8. Elizabeth C.

9. Rhoda A.

10. Sarah ('.

11. Nancy E.

2. JAMES C.-^ WiUiam,^ b. May 12, 1814; m. in 1835, in Meigs
count}^ Miss Sarah Underwood, and had children. He lives,
April 1876, three miles south of Marshall, Salina county, Mo.

12. Thomas W.

13. Charles M.

14. James C.

15. John L.

16. Samuel D.

17. Amanda J.

18. Maria E.

19. Sarah M.

20. Rhoda A.

21. Nancy S.

22. Mary E.

23. Martha L.

1. . By tradition, the following children, as well as their

father and grandfather, were born and brought up in Virginia:

2. Charles, b. in 1770, (60?)

3. Rqbert, b. in 1763. +

4. Samuel, b. in 1765.

5. Henry, b. in 1767.

6. Elizaiseth, b. in 1768.

7. Sarah, b. iu 1771.

3. ROBERT 2 ,^ b. in Virginia, Feb. 2, 1763 ; m., Sept. 8,

1789, Jane Comer, b. iu Virginia, July 29, 1775; had seven sons
and three daughters; all dead in 1875 but Samuel and Henry.

8. Thomas, b. Sept. 18, 1795; m., about 1818, Mary Hill; lived in Jones
county, Ga. ; d. about 1819.

9. Green, b. Oct. 17, 1797; d. unni.

806 Baldwin Genealogy.

10. Anderson, b. Aug. 27, 1798. +

11. Xanc}', b. May 3, 1803, m. Thomas Thurmau, and moved from Jones
county, Ga., lo Alabama, about 1825. Children: (l)Jane, (2) Lucinda, (3) Mary,
(4) John, (o) Sally, (6) Robert, and (7) Nancy.

12. John c" (twin), b. Oct. 27, 1804 +

13. Leonard, b. Oct. 27, 1804; d. unm.

14. Judy, b. Oct. 13, 1806; m., about 1823, Jesse Pope; lived in Jone.* county,
Ga., and d. there Aug. 22, 1825, leaving a s. Jesse, b. in 1824.

15. Robert Pcnick, b. Sept. 19, 1808. +

16. Samuel Baker, b. July 29, 1810. +

17. Jane, b. March 14, 1812; m., about 1828. Jacob Clements, and had ch. :
(1) Thomas J., May 22, 1827; (2) Sarah, in 1831; and (3) Jane, in 1833.

18. Henry J., b. April 7. 1814, in Talbot county, Ga.

19. Rebecca Agnes, b. Oct. 11, 1819.

Robert moved to (xreen county about 1790.

10. AN"DERS0X3 Robert,2b. in Green county, Ga., in 1708;
m., Feb. 22, 1821, Sarah Taylor; lived in Monroe count}', Ga,
Removed to Alabama in 1841.

20. Robert, b. Sept. 25, 1822.

21. George W., b. July 4, 1824.

22. Thomas G., b. in 1826.

Anderson m. 2"^- is^arcissa Andrews.

23. Comer, b. in 1836.

24. Lucius, b. in 1838.

Anderson m. 3'^'' Mary Joiner.

25. John C, b. in 1846.

12. J0H:N" C.3 Robert,^ b. Oct. 27, 1804; m., in 1825, Winfred
Winfrey. He m. 2"^- in 1835, Elizabeth Joiner. Lived in Monroe
county, Ga., and moved to Alabama. He d. in 1847.

33. Robert P., b. Dec. 25, 1827. +

34. William, b. in 1831.

35. Leonard, b. in 1832.

36. Julia, b. in 1839.

37. Samuel R., b. in 1841.+

38. .John C , b. in 1844; m., in 1871, and had a dau. in 1872, and a s. Decem-
ber, 1874.

15. ROBERT PENICK ^ RobeiV b. Sept. 10, 1808 ; m., in 1835,
Eliza Hill. He lived in Monroe county, Ga.

40. Augustus, b. in 1837.

41. Samuel B., b. in 1839.

42. Julia, b. in 1841.

43. Robert P., b. in 1843.

Miscellaneo us — Virfjin la . 807

10. SAMrp:L J3AKP:R3RobeiVb. July 29, 1810, in Monroe
count}-, Ga.; ra., Sept. 8, 1832, Emily A. Smith, and moved to
Talboton, Talbot county, Ga.; there in 1875.

44. Ezekiel S., b. Aug. 1, 18:35.+

45. Thomas G.. b. Aug. 8, 1837; d. in 1838.

46. Sidney A., b. Aug. 4, 1839. +

47. Mary J., b. Sept. 30, 1841: m. E. L. Collier. +

48. Sanuiel B., b. Sept. 4, 1844. +

49. Robert P., b. Nov. 3, 1846.+

50. Leonard A., b. Dec. 11. 1848, merchant at Talboton, Georgia.

51. Daniel Xewman, b. April 6, 1851; planter, Talbot county, Ga. ; m. Oct. 39,
1873. Maria Anna Loekhart, and has a s. Lt'onard F., b. Sept. 1, 1873.

51 Nancy J., h. Nov. 5, 1852; in.. Oct. 18. 1870, T. B. Trice; resides in Tal-
bot county, Ga., and has a s. James Benson, b. July 11, 1875.

53. John C, b. Sept. 37, 1854; living, in 1876, in Talbot county, Ga. ; unm.

54. Walter A., b. Aug. 31, 1856.

55. Sallie E., b. Feb. 15, 1859.

56. Emma F. B., Aug. 7, 1861.

33. ROBERT P. ^ John C.^^RobeiVb. Dec. 25, 1827; lived in
Crawford, Russell county, Ala., where he was Post Master. He
ra., Oct. 10, 1850; lived with his wife and two children twenty
years, when all d., and he m. 2"*^- Oct. 10, 1870.

60. Mary Dove, b. in 1872.

61. Clyde Love, b. Nov. 1, 1874.

He says fourteen of this line of Baldwins d. in the Confede-
rate army.

37. SAMUEL R^ John C.^^ Robert,^ b. in 1841; lived in Colum-
bus, Muscogee county, Ga.

63. Lottie, b. in 1872.

63. S. R., b. December, 1874.

44. EZEKIEL S.* Samuel B.^^ Robert,"^ b. Aug. 1, 1835, in Tal-
bjton, Talbot county, Ga.; m., Feb. 8, 1859, Arteminia C. Taylor,
of Macon county, Ga. He is a planter and merchant.

64. Mary Lizzie, b. Dec. 3, 1859.

65. Anna Eliza, b. Oct. 7, 1861.

66. Ezekiel Smith, b. Sept. 25, 1863; d. May 25, 1869.

67. Arteminia Caroline, b. March 12, 1866.

68. Rosa Julia, Jan, 23, 1871.

69. Emma Smith, b. April 37, 1875.

808 Baldwin Genealogy.

46. SIDITEY A.* Saninel B. ^ Robert,^ b. Aug. 4, 1839 ; m., Dec.
14, 1865, Mary E. Seavey. He is a planter in Talbot county, Ga.

:0. Augusta D., b. Oct. 24, 1866.

71. John Randolph, b. Oct. 24, 1868.

72. Samuel Baker, b. Jan. 8, 1871.

73. Sidney Alonzo, b. Sept. 8, 1873.

47. Mary J.^ Samuel B.'^ Robert,^ b. Sept. 30, 1841 ; ra., Sept. 8,
1864, E. L. Collier, and resides in Upson county, Ga.

74. Luc}' Fraucena, b. June 6, 18G5.

75. Samuel Mayfield. b. .June 18, 1870.

48. SAMUEL B.^ Samuel B.s Robert,^ b. Sept. 4, 1844 ; m.. May
10, 1871, Mar}' Baker, of Granberry. He is a planter in Talbot
county, Ga.

76. Mary Baker, b. Jan. 28, 1872.

77. Eugene Burke, b. April 9, 1874.

49. ROBERT P.^ Samuel B.^ Robert,^ b. K"ov. 2, 1846 ; m., Oct.
18, 1870, Lucinda Maxwell. He is a planter in Talbot county, Ga.

78. Willie Comer, b. Sept. 15, 1871.
89. Emily Amanda, b. April 21, 1875.


1, RICHARD, (townland of Doone, Parish of Clonenagh, Queens '
couuty, Ireland,) in. Jane Moore. My informant is his son T, II.,
who writes that the first of the name in Ireland were three broth-
ers, who emigrated from England about the time of the Common-
wealth, and bought farms in Queens county: one at RakendufF,
one at Summer Hill, and one at Doone, the last being the ancestor
of Richard.^ *

2. Thomas.

3. George. +

4. Richard.

5. Sarah.

3. GEORGE 2 Richard,^ living, March, 1875, in Doone, Queens
county, Ireland ; m. Jane Wilde there.

6. George.

7. Richard.

8. Jacob.

9. Louisa.

10. Jane.

11. Sarah.

12. Tliomas Haslem, b. March 27, 1850; emigrated to New York in the summer
of 1871; m. Oct. 8, 1873, Alpha Webber, of Mamaroneck, Westchester county,
X. Y. ; in 1875, of 178 Clinton street, New York.

1. JAMES M., b. March 11, 1875, of 744 Broadway, K. Y., says
he is not a native of this country, and arrived April 15, 1866.

I learn by letter of a family :

1. FATHER. (Name unknown.)

2. William. -

3. James, -i-

* It is interesting here to find the traditional number of brothers (three), whicli in four out of live
American families emigrated to America, and which is not true more than one case in ten. About the time
of the Commonwealth, there was considerable emigration to Ireland, as well as to America. These Bald-
wins may or may not have been from Bucks county. Jfany Baldwins disappeared from Bucks about that
time. Of Herbert Baldwin, of County Cork, "Burke's Commoners," Vol. 1, page 695, says: "The first
of this family who came to Ireland were two brothers, who settled there tempus Elizabeth. The elder
was Ranger of one of the Royal parks, and married the daughter of Herbert, of Powis, a home ennobled

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