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under that title. From this alliance, the Christian name has been transmitted in the family, which lias
continued to quarter the arms of Herbert with those of Baldwin." With this sketch is an engraving of the
arms. A description of them will be found ante page 75, very similar to the Baldwins of Bucks. Fair-
bairn gives the crest of Herbert Baldwin, Esq., M.D., of Clohina, County Cork, as on page 75.


810 Baldwin Genealogy.

4. George, d. in India; a British soldier.

5. Christopher, moved to the United States, and d. without issue.

William and James were both soldiers against the United States,
James deserting to this country at the battle of Lnndy's Lane.

2. WILLIAM,2 b. in Manchester.

6. William, b. in Manchester about 1830. +

7. James, dead.

8. John, in 1875, in Mount Vernon, Ind.+

9. George, in 1875; in Harmony, lud.

3. JAMES,- had a number of children, most of whom are in
this country.

10. James, of Los Angelos, Cal.

6. WILLIAM 3 William,^ b. about 1820 ; is dead. He m. Ann
Atkinson, of Manchester, Eng.

11. William, b. April 38, 1840; m. April 38, 1864; had a dau. b. in 1865, and
lives, in 1875, in New Harmony, Ind.

13. Elizabeth Wiley, b. about 1848; living, in 1875, in Cairo, 111.

13. Alice West, b. about 1849 ; living, in 1875, in Xew Harmony, Ind.

14. John, b. about 1858.

8. J0Hi^3 William,2b. {^^ Manchester, England, in 1828; m.
Mary Ann Clarke, b. in Chabris, England, in 1844. They came
to America in 1854; living at Evansville, Ind., five years; thence
to Mount Yernon, Ind.

15. Son, d. in 1869.

16. H., m., in 1870, Celia Leppell ; in 1873, in the confectionary business at
Mount Vernon.

17. Daughter, b. July 36, 1871; d. Nov. 30, 1875.

1. WILLIAM, b. Dec. 22, 1792, at Morton Marsh, Gloucester-
shire, England ; m. as his 2"'* wife, Eliza Bitter, b. Oct. 18, 1800, at
Tootings, County Surrey, England. He settled in Philadelphia,
Penn., where

3. William Wheeler was born. +

2. WILLIAM W.2 William,! was killed in 1863, at the battle

of Green River Bridge, Ky.; Lieutenant in C. S. A. He m. Mary

Ann Eades, b. in Madison county, Ky. She resided, in 1874, in

Clark county.

3. Lewis Doyle, b. in 1849, in Madison county, Ky. ; m., Sept. 3, 1872, Nancy
R. Bronaugh, dau. J. S. B., of Nicholasville, Ky. In 1875, they had no ch. He was
Clerk of Jessamine Circuit Court, Kentucky.


Richard Baldwin, of Milford, Connecticut.

46. STEPHENsZacharialr- Richard,! ante page 98; m. 2"^- as
appears by the recent "History of Charlestown, Mass.," Sarah
Phillips, b. March 8, 1712, dan. of John, of that place, and his wife
Anna, widow of Isaac Greenwood, and dau. of Joseph Lynde; was
the son of Col. John. Col. John was Treasurer of the Province
of Massachusetts, Judge, etc., and m. Katharine Anderson, dau.
of John, of Boston. Stephen had issue in Charlestown.

Sarah, b. Feb. 19. 1746-7.

Nathan, b. Feb. 18, 1750; d. Dec. 13, 1752.

Nathan, b. Dec. 33, 1753.

lie was taxed there in 1748, and in 1757, with his wife, sold to
John Hay his right in the Phillips estate.

1. EZEKIEL,^^ of Percippany, Morris county, N. J., b. in 1736;
d. in 1822, aged 86. His ancestry is not traced, but I think it
likely that he was the son of Zachariah* Zachariah ^ Zachariah ^
Richard ^ (ante page 105), and b. between Jacob and Job. The
late John R. Burnett, of that vicinity (Hanover), thinks he was
father (but not certainly) of

2. Ezekiel, who, by tradition of his nephew Enoch, had three daus., of whom
one m. Willis,' and one Gaines. He d. in Morris county, N. J.

3. Elias. +

4. Matthew. +
0. Daniel. +

6. Isaac. Enoch is not certain of him, and Mr. Burnett did not name him.

Enoch says these sons all fought in the Revolution ; that their
parents came from Connecticut Shore to Morris county. I think
the probability strong that they belong to the line indicated
which I have traced but scantilv, and with much labor.

812 Baldwin Genealogy.

3. ELIAS.^ By the report of Enoch, Xo. 12, he had at least

10. Mitchell.

11. Daniel.

He thinks that some of the descendants lives near Montezuma,
X.Y., inl875.

4. MATTHEW^ ^-^^ Elizabeth Bigelow, and d. in Colville town-
ship, X. J.; (or is it Caldwell, as is said at another time?) His
grandson thinks he was, at an early day, in the Mohawk Valley,
!N". Y., and thence to Caldwell.

13. Enoch, b. about 1786. + '

13. Isaac, b. about 1787. +

14. William, d. in Indiana; no ch.

15. Abbj% m. Reynolds, and living, in 1875, in Illinois.

16. Jane, m. Waterman, and living, in 1875, in Kansas.

17. Lucy, m. Quimby; thought to be of Iowa.

18. Phebe.

19. , daughter.

5. DAXIEL. ^ His nephew Enoch, when aged eighty-six, says
Daniel was Captain in the Revolution, wounded in the foot, lost a
leg, and when he last saw him was warden, or chief manager of
the Xew York State Prison, and thinks he died in New York City.
He had a descendant, however, whose story is, without naming
him, that he had lost a leg in the Revolution, held the office of
Captain, and at or about the time of his death was keeper of the
State Prison, then located in ISTew York City. There would seem
to be no doubt of the identity.

20. Elias, d. on a sea voyage.

21. Silas T.+

22. Edwin, lived and d. in New York City.

23. Harriet, m. Count de Ribas, and %veut to Carracas, South America.

12. EXOCH' Matthew,^ b. about 1786; living, in 1875, in
West Union, Fayette count}^ Iowa. He was in the war of 1812,
and is a pensioner. He m. Elizabeth Stockman, of Orange, IST. J.,
whose mother's name was Ursula. He removed thence to Han-
over, iST. J.; thence to Newark, N. J.; thence, in 1836, to Newark,
Ohio ; in 1846, to Ringwood, 111.; and several years afterward, to
West Union ; 89 years old in 1875. He had by his 1^* marriage
four sons and two daughters, of whom Averc living in 1875 :

Addenda — Richard, of MUford, Connecticut. 813

24. William M.+

25. Elizabeth, m. C. Ball, of Newark. Ohio.

26. John C, in 1875, of Cottonwood Falls, Kan.

Enoch m. 2'"'- but had no ch.

13. ISAAC " Matthew,*^ b. in Pinebrook, Morris county, N. J.,
in 1787, and d. in 1867. Isaac, in 1856, was the informant of John
R. Burnett.

27. William B , b. in 1810; d. in 1836.

28. Catharine, b. in 1815; m. George C. Castle, of Livingston, N. J., and about
1856. postmaster, but moved away. She d. in 1867.

29. Chai'les, m. and in 1877, living in Livingston, with one ch. aged 18.

21. SILAS T.7 Daniel, « m. Sarah Ann Seeley ; both of New York
City. He was, says his grandson, John William, M.D., a naval
officer, and accompanying his brother Elias on a sea voyage, died
and was buried at Porto Cabell o.

30. John Fellows, b. in New York in 1819. +

31. Elias Burr, b. in 1821.

32. James Covel, b. in 1824.

24. AVILLIAM M.s Enoch ^ Alatthew,^ b. about 1812; m. in
1840, Mary E. Coleman, of Canton, Ohio, dau. of Benjamin and
Abby (Hand}') Coleman, from Newport, R. I. Benjamin Cole-
man was b. in Nantucket. William M. has had twelve children,
of whom, in 1875, eiglit are living :

33. Fannie A., b. about 1840; of Newark, Ohio.

34. William M.. b. about 1846; of Belief ontaine, Ohio.

35. Charles M., b. in 1848; of Columbus.

36. Julia, b. about 1849; m. Abbott; of Newark.

37. Sylvester C, b. in 1850; of Newark.

38. Arthm- J., b. in 1853; of New^ark.
■ 39. Minnie, b. in 1859.

40. Jesse, b. in 1864.

30. JOHN FELLOWS 8 Silas T.,' b. in 1819, in New York City;
living there in 1875; a leading and fine printer, lie m., Decem-
ber, 1841, Mary Cherry, b. in Paterson, N. J., November, 1825,
who d. in 1871.

41. Joseph Fletcher, b. in 1843, in New York; m., November, 1862, Jennie
Tufts; in 1875, resident in New York, and has two ch.

42. John William, b. in 1845, in Newburgh, N. Y. +

43. James Thomjison, b. in 1847, in New York.

44. Mary Elizabeth, b. March, 1853, in New York City; m., September, 1874,
George Modine.

45. Charles Harris, b. November, 1863^ -

814 Baldwin Genealogy.

42. JOHN WILLIAM ^ John F.^ Silas T.; M.D., b. in 1845, in
New York City; a practicing physician in 1879. He m., June 10,
1868, Sarah A. Brooks, of New York City.

46. Estelle, b. Feb. 16, 1870.

47. Mary, b. March 27, 1873.

279. SARAH 5 Timothy,* (page 111), who m., in 1764, Simeon

"Wheeler, of Derby. Surviving her husband, she m. 2"*^' Capt.

Bradford Steele, b. in 1735, who m. 1^*- Mary, who d. Oct. 16, 1788.

Capt. Bradford Steele ^ was s. Thomas* and Susannah (Webster)

Steele, Samuel,^ and Mary (dau. of Major William Bradford) Steele,

John 2 and Mercy (Warner) Steele, John^ Steele, of Dorchester,

Mass., in 1631, b. in Essex county, England. Capt. Bradford d.

April 18, 1804; Sarah, May 13, 1826. Among the children of

Capt. Bradford, by his l**wife, was

Deacon Bradford Steele, who m., March 9, 1785, Ruth, dau. "of his step-
mother by her first husband. Ruth d. Feb. 20, 1856. The ch. of Deacon Bradford
and Ruth were :

1. Edmund, b. April 4, 1788; m., Nov. 24. 1809; Anna, daughter of Zepha-
niah Tucker, and had two ch. ; Albert J., Feb. 22, 1812, and d. Jan. 6, 1878,
who m., Feb. 11, 1835, Julia, dau. of- Chester and Sally Jones, and had ch. ; Sarah
Ann, Oct. 17, 1836; Susan Maria, March 28, 1840; Jufia Frances, May 3, 1843, d.
Feb. 29, 1844; Albert Edmund, Oct. 39; 1845, d. Oct. 19, 1858; and Oriana Louisa,
July 2, 1853. The .second ch. of Edmund was John Burton, June 10, 1814, and d.
Aug. 22, 1854, whom.. May 11, 1845, Emeline A. Stuart, and had ch. : Celestia,
Sept. 29. 1846, who m. Edward B. Bradley, Nov. 29, 1866; and Frank E., Aug.
20, 1848.

2. Sally, .second ch. of Deacon Bradford Steele, b. May 7, 1791; m., Nov. 20.
,1808, Chester Jones, and had ch. : Susan Minerva, August, 1809, m. William

Brewster, of Erie, Penn. ; Sarah Maria, Nov. 18, 1877; Mary Ann, August, 1811,
m. Clark McSparren, of Erie, Penn.; Julia Melinda; Ruth Emeline, m. W. C.
Curry, of Erie, Penn. ; Chester Bradford, m. Caroline Jones, and lives in East
Saginaw, Mich. ; and Louisa, m. Dr. William McGill, of Erie, Penn.

3. Ashbel, b. Aug. 8, 1793; d. Sept. 23, 1794.

4. William, b. Feb. 14, 1798; m. Nov. 1, 1819, Betsey Northrup, and d. Nov.
24, 1874. Children: John, Truman, Walter (of Aasonia, Conn.), George and Mary.

5. Burr, b. June 7, 1800; m., Nov. 7, 1822, Betsey Mallett, and d. Aug. 11,
1823, leaving ch.: Burr S., b. March 19, 1824, and d. Sept. 1844; and Betsey, d.
April 7, 1824. The.se dates are in Orcutt's "History of Derby," and Sharpens
"History of Seymour." If correet, the ch. must have been twins.

6. Susan, b. Dec. 17, 1803, d. Oct. 11, 1804.

7. Almira, b. Feb. 23. 1810; m. 1st, Kov. 23, 1833, John W. Holeomb, b. Jan.
16, 1813, and had ch. : George S., Dec. 23, 1835, d. Oct. 17, 1842; John W., Nov. 2,
1843, m., Sept. 24, 1867; Rhoda L. Langdon; Mary B., April 1, 1838, m. 2"^. July
4, 1871, Samuel Howd. Mrs. Almira Holeomb m. 3"^, Sept. 3, 1849, Henry P.

Addenda — Richard, of M'dford, Connecticut. 815

Davis. 1). May 16, 1818, and had ch. : George b.nith, ]\ray 24, 1850, m., Oct. 2, 1872,
Martha M. Ciisheu; Burr Steele, Dec. 22, 1851; and Alice Ahiiira, Feb. 2, 1854, m.,
Marcli 27, 1872, Joseph T. Beard.

1. JOBj^'bj tradition, of New Jersey. I think be must have
been from Morris count}-, and descendant of Richard. He was
mof^t likely 519 Job,^ (page 125), s. Jacob ^"^ Zachariah^ Zachariah ^
Zachariah- Richard.^ Bv tradition, he was father of

2. William. +

3. Levi, d. years ago, at St. .Joseph.

4. Daniel, lived at Maytield, Saratoga county, X. Y.. but d. at Troy, N. Y.,
years ago.

5. Daughter, b. about 1771: m. McClure, and in 1859 aged 87|.

2. WILLIAM" Job,« of Bridport and Middlebury, Yt. By
tradition, from Xew Jersey, and I think likely from Morris
county, whence another Baldwin went to Bridport. One says he
d. in 1862, aged about 100; and another, in 1860, aged about 90.
Hemmingway's "Vermont" says he was living in 1859, aged 90,

6. Lemuel M., b. in 1798. +

7. Henry Frank (Rev.), d. aged 45, over thirty years ago, near Lyons, X. Y.
He was an able Baptist clergyman.

6. LEMUEL M.8 William " Job,^ b. in 1798. In 1875, he was
a Baptist clergyman, residing in South Newstead, Erie county,
N. Y. He d. in the winter of 1875-6.

8. Leonard P., of South Newstead, X. Y. ; m. Greenman, and in 1875. had
ch. : (12) Frank, (13) Mary, (14) Clayton, and (15) a dau. : none of age.

9. William W. + '

10. David, d. unm.

11. Charles H., m, .Jolmsou, and had ch. : (19) Helen, m. Swift, of Nv'-e^tead;
(20) Mary, m. Johns, of Newstead; and (21) Florence, a widow.

9. WILLIAM W., in 1880, ot Cleveland, Ohio ; he m. Delia A.
Johnson, dau. of H. A. Johnson, of iSTewstead.

16. Charles H.. b. in 1855.

17. William W.. b. in 1858.

18. Harry .J., b. in 1865.

19. Delia, b. in 1871.

He is the Secretary and General Manager of the Cleveland
Co-operative Stove Company, a corporation of Cleveland which,
under his care, has grown to a very large and successful business,
employing several foundries, large warehouses, and many men.

816 Baldwin Genealogy.

224. H ANi^AH ^ Israel ^ Zachariah ^ Zachariah 2 Richard,^ (ante
page 106) ; m., Aug. 12, 1779, Judah Frisbie, s. Elijah and Abigail
(Culver) Frisbie. Elijah was the son of John and Abigail (Cul-
pepper) Frisbie, said to be from Wales to Branford, Conn. Judah
was b. Sept. 12, 1744. He was^a leading man in Wolcott, Conn.
A liberal extract from his diaries and account books, from 1762 to
1800, will be found in Orcutt's "Historj^ of Wolcott."

Maiy, b. iu 1780; m., Nov. 19, 1805, Abnei* Hotchkiss, s. Wait and Lydia
(Webster) Hotchkiss. Slie d. in Wolcott, Feb. 3, 1852, and had ch. : (1) Joel, March
35, 1807, d. Aug. 27, 1852: (2) Sarah, April 8, 1809; (3) .Joel Arba, Oct. 26, 1814, d.
xVug. 27, 1852; and (4)Mahlon, Aug. 3, 1819.

David, .Jan. 12, 1782; m., February, 1805, Leva Hall, and lived on the
homestead in Wolcott, and had ch. : (1) Samira, Aug. 10, 1806, m. Joel Johnson,
and d. in California, leaving three sons; (2) Hannah V., Nov. 15, 1810, m. Carlos
R. Byiugton, of Southington, and d. Nov. 10, 1870, leaving three sons. (3) Almira,
b. Nov. 17, 1812; m., Oct. 16, 1830, David Somers, b. in Milford, Nov. 29, 1808,
and d. in " Woodtick," (iu Wolcott,) Sept. 5, 1860; they had ch. : Dwight Leroy, b.
in 1832, of Waterbury and with ch. ; Augusta A. E., b. in 1834, m. Heman Miller,
of Waterbury; Joseph Hill, b. in 1836, m. and has several ch. in Wolcott; Amelia
Rebecca, b. iu 1840, m. Alfred Carpenter; Christine Estelle, b. in 1844, m. Andrew
W. Goldsmith, of Wolcott, and has .several ch. ; Benjamin Levi, b. in 1847; Charles
Edward E., b. in 1850; and Willie Eldridge, b. in 1854. (4) David B., July 19,
1814, m. Ann Downs, of Waterbury, lives in the homestead in Wolcott, and has
ch. : Frank, David, Dec. 30, 1870, and Buckley Levi, March 8, 1874.

Hannah, b. Nov. 10, 1783; m. Orrin Jaclcson, and had ch. : (1) Northrop,
(2) Mary M., (3) Andrew B., (4) Frisbie J., (5) Eliza, (6) Orrin H., and (7) Harriet J.

Judah died in 1829.

John Baldwin, of Milford, Connecticut,

1. MATTHEW, of Middlebury, Milford and Woodbridge, Conn.,
appears as a grantee, of Middlebury, Conn., Xov. 2, 1761 ; then
called Balden, and afterward Baldwin. He is afterward described
in deeds as of Woodbridge, which must have been the north part,
now I^augatuck. Some of his descendants say he came from
Milford to Woodbridge. His name appears upon the Milford
Records, and so often as to indicate considerable property. I
cannot place him with certainty, but think he is not unlikely
of some of the Co'nnecticut stock already described. Joseph ^
William Miad children born about the time Matthew must have

Addenda — John, of 3IUford, Connecticut. 817

been. Samuel ^ Nathaniel 2 John ^ (ante page 309), b. in 1680 ; cL
in 1764, and in his will provides for children born from about
1740 to 1752, and says he has before given his other older children
what he was capable of giving them. In 1768, Samuel Sanford
conveys to Matthew, of New Haven ; in 1774, Matthew, of Mil-
ford, conveys to Joseph Smith ; and next year the order of convey-
ance IS reversed, Joseph Smith, of New Haven, to Matthew, of
Milford. He seems to have been called, rather indiscrimately, of
New Haven and Milford ; as June 12, 1766, he is of Milford, and
the 19th of the same month, of New Haven. This liappened to
other Baldwins in the limits of what is now Woodbridge ; and I
confess I feel considerable confidence that Matthew will prove to
be the son of Samuel above. Possibly the lands which took him
to the north part of Woodbridge lirst were "right in the Indian
Purchase," bought bv Samuel of Josiah^ Josiah'^ John,^ in 1722.
The information that follows, I get partly from Probate Records,
deeds and family. Some of the family think he came from
"Amity," which is the old name for Woodbridge, and this was
where the above Samuel lived. xMatthew m., in Woodbridge,
Abigail Thomas, dau. of a sea captain of New Haven ; she d. July
11, 1812, aged 80; he, some ten or twelve years before, it is said.

2. Abigail, b. in 1753; m. Samuel Lewis, of Naugatiick,

3. Anna, b. in 1756; m. Eli Adams, of Middlebiiry.

4. Amy, m., when about sixty, Humphrey, of Simsbury, Conn.

5. Sally, b. in 1763; m. Oliver Buckingham, of Bethany.

6. Patience, m. Mills, of Canton, Conn.

7. Matthew, b. June 15, 1767. +

8. Abel.+

9. Daughter, m. Mile Lewis, of Naugatuck, and may be a relation of William
Lewis, of Naugatuck; to whom, in 1873, I am referred for information.

10. Isaac. His relation Noyes says he went to Pittsburgh, and d. there in
1845. Samuel, his nephew, saj's he changed his name to Andrew Johnson, (it is
said in frolic, exchanging names with a friend,) lived in Meadvilie, and reared a
family by that name; and one son, in 1838, lived in Ohio.

11. Truman, b. Oct. 23, 1772. +

Another descendant of Matthew says he came from the south
part of Woodbridge to the north part of now Naugatuck. In
1794, he conveys, as of Woodbridge, land there to his son

7. MATTHEW 2 Matthew,! b. June 15, 176j, when first appears
of record, is st3'led of Woodbridge, Conn., and appears to have been
in that part now Naugatuck. He m., June 3, 1789, Mary Newton,

818 Baldwin Genealogy.

of Milford, b. June 22, 1769, and d. March 14, 1857. He d. in 1817.
He received among other conveyances, Aug. 7, 1790, from David
Lumbard, his interest in one bit purchase at Beacon Hill Brook ;
in 1790, from i^athan and Elihu, one bit purchase, the right of their
father jSTathan. He made liberal deeds to his children during his
life, and June 24, 1817, by his will (Xew Haven Probate, 29, 274,)
he gave to his sons Alanson and Lucien, and made his son Mar-
shall residuary devisee ; he to support the wife Mary, and pay
legacies to his daughters ; and he was made guardian of Emily
and Anna.

13. Alanson, b. in 1790. +

13. Marshall, b. in 1792. +

14. Lockey, b. in 1794; m. . in 1813, Sheldon Wooster, of Waterbuiy. He is
dead, and she, in 1873, lives in Waterbuiy, Conn.

15. Harriet, b. in 1796; m., by 1820, Silas Thomas, and went to Central New-
York. He d. in 1853. She lives, in 1873, in '-German," N. Y.

16. Lucien. -f

17. Emeline, b. in 1803; m., Dec. 25, 1827, Beri Driver, of Milford, Conn.,
who d. in 1841. She lives, in 1873, in Milford.

18. Anna, b. in 1805; m , by 1820, Earl Sperry, of Woodbridge.

19. Miles, b. in 1808; d. in 1810.

8. ABEL- Matthew,Mived in Plymouth, Conn.; he m. Mary

30. William. +

21. Truman. The family lost sight of him when he was a j'oung man.

32. Chauncey, b. in 1801. +

38. Polly, m. Nathaniel Marsh, of Wiusted; she is dead.

11. TRUMAN 2 Matthew,! b. Oct. 22, 1772 ; about 1792, removed
to Butternuts, now Morris, Otsego county, N. Y. He d. in 1854.
He m. in New Haven county. Conn., a wife, b. in 1776, d. in 1802.
I think he is the one who, in the Records of Oxford, Conn.,
appears to have m., Jan. 19, 1797, iVuna Hurlbut, of Roxbury.

34. Milo.

35. Lewis.

36. William.

37. Maria, m.

28. Polly, m. Butts.


The above children are said to be living, in 1873, in Morris,
N. Y., and that William has the family record. My letters have
failed to get it.

29. Samuel, b. April 1, 1815. +

Addenda — John, of 3Iilford, Connecticut. 819

12. ALANSOi^ =5 Matthew'^ Matthew,^ b. in 1790 ; lived in Xau-
gatuck, Conn., and d. there in 1847. He m., in 1813, Widow
Kachel Gibbard; living, in 1877, at the age of 88.

30. Lucien. b. Nov, 6, 1813. -t-

31. Nancy, m. ; living, in 1877, in Dana, Mass., and liad one cli.
33. Sidney. +

33. Caroline, in 1877, inNaugatuck; single.

34. Lsaac, in 1873, of Naiigatuclv; ni., Oct. 31, 1845, Jane E. Brown, of

35. Miles. +

36. Robert, in 1877, of Naugatuck; unm.

13. MARSHALL 3 Matthew"^ Matthew,^ b. in 1792; lived in
Naugatuck, Conn., where he d. in 1870. He m., in 1820, Maria
Levana Potter, dau. of Rev. Samuel, a Baptist clergyman of


37. Mary, b. Aug. 13, 1833; m. Oliver T. Beach. +

38. LcAvisM., b. Oct. 6, 1835. +

39. Noyes, b. Aug. 33, 1837; m., Nov. 6 or 8, 1846, Eliza N. Stanley, dau.
Cyprian, of Berlin, Conn ; no cli. ; in 1873, living in Meriden, Conn.

40. Leva, b. Sept. 33, 1839; m. Rev. William Dick.+

41. Miner, b. July 34, 1836. +

16. LUCIEX 3 Matthew 2 Matthew,^ b. in 1800 ; m. 1^*- in 1824,
and 2'"'' as of Oxford, Conn., May 20, 1830, Aurelia Tolles, of
Woodbridge, Conn.; was, says Noyes, of Bethany. He d. in 1855.

43. Daughter, m., and in 1877, living in Bethany, Conn.

43. Milo, d. in 1866.

44. Herbert C, b. in 1840. +

45. Heur}' Dwight. in 1877, of Naugatuck, Conn.

46. Edward Wadsworth, in 1877, of Boston, Mass. ; m.

47. Ellen Augusta, ni. AVilliam D. Gilbert, of Birmingham, Conn., and resides

20. WILLIAM =5 Abel '^ Mathew,i had a son

48. WAlliam, said to be living in Hartford, Conn., in 1873.

22. CHAUN'CEY^ Abel 2Matthew,^ b. in 1808 ; resided in Wa-
terbury, Conn.; ni. in 1828, R. Pike.

49. Charles, b. Aug. 30, 1839, in Barkhamsted, Conn. +

50. John C, b. in 1831; in 1877, living in Waterbury, Conn.

51. Fannie, b. in 1834; in 1877, living in Pleasant Valley, Conn.
53. Harriet, b. in 1836.

53. Mary E., b. in 1839.

54. Caroline C, b. in 1841; in 1877, living in Bridgeport, Conn.

55. Margaret J., b. in 1845.

820 Baldwin Genealogy.

56. .John C, b. in 1847; was in the late war.

57. Mary A., b. in 1851.

29. SAMUEL 3 Truman 2 Matthew,! b. April 1,1815; in 1873,
is a lawyer in Geneva, IST. Y. He m., Sept. 15, 1858, Amelia Ann

58. Arthur Fletclier, b. .Tune 4, 1860.

59. Delford S., b. Aug. 9, 1866.

60. Infant, b. Aug. 24, 1873.

30. LUCIEX ' Alansou ^ Matthew "^ Matthew,^ b. Xov. 6, 1813 ;
lives in \Yaterbnry, or, another says, in Bethany, Conn.; in 1877.
his brother says, in Prospect, Conn. He m., April 12, 1835, Elvira
Hotchkiss, dau. of Curtiss Hotchkiss.

61. Eliza Lucretia, b. in 1886; d. in 1841.

62. Ellen, b. in 1837.
68. Luzanc, b. 1839.

64. AVallace, b. in 1841 ; d. in 1844.

65. Augusta Loeza, b. in 1843.

32. SIDNEY* Alanson 3 Mathew,^ b. in Xaugatuck ; in 1877,
resides there.

66. George.

67. Daughter.

34. ISAAC^ Alanson ^ Matthew,^ b. in i^angatuck ; m., Oct. 21,
1845, Jane E. Brown, of AYaterbury; in 1877, residing in I^auga-

68. Ida.

35. MILES* Alanson=5 Matthew,^ b. in Kangatuck ; in 1877,
living in Pikesville, Ind. In 1877, he has some grandchildren.

69. Wallace.

70. Linus.

37. MARY* Marshall ^ Matthew,^ b. Aug. 12, 1823 ; m., Xov. 1,
1841, Oliver T. Beach, and removed to Salem, 111. He was a phy-
sician. Just before the war, he went to Arkansas, and was never
heard from. She had by him :

71. Fannie.

72. Alice.
78. .Jennie.
74. Mary.

She m. 2™'' Evan Lewis, of Waterbury, Conn., and is there in

Addenda — John, of Milford, Connecticut. 821

38. LEWIS F.-^ Marshall Mattliew,^ b. Oct. 6, 1825 ; m. May 6,
1850, Miriam Tliorue, and lives, in 1873, in Rock Falls, 111.

To. Alvcro.
7(3. Frederick.

He lias lost two other children.

40. LEVA^ Marshall ■' Matthew,- b. Sept. 23, 1829 ; m.. May 11,
1845, l\ev. William Dick, a Baptist clergyman. He d. in 1853 ;
she d. Feb. 28, 1865, in Naugatuck, Conn.

79. Louisa, dead.

80. Jeuuie, livin!i' iu 1873.

81. Mary, liviug in 1878.
S3. Clara, dead.

41. MIXERS Marshall -^ Matthew,^ b. July 24, 1836 ; resides, in
1873, in Naugatnck, Conn.; m., Feb. 14, 1857, Jenet Thomas, who
d. iu 1865.

83. Nelson.
84 Horace.

85. Minnie.

He m. 2"'i.Feb. 11, 1866, Elizabeth Tuttle.

86. Daniel.

87. Delia.

44. HERBERT CLARK ^ Lucien ' Matthew,^ b. in Oxford,
Conn., in 1840; m., in 1866, Josephine Helen Jones, of Pompey,
Onondaga county, IST. Y. In 1877, living in Beacon Fails, Conn.

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