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88. Edward Dwiglit, d. in 1869, aged 8 mos.

89. Lucien Earl.

90. Alfred Clark.

91. Hattie May.

93. Son, not named, June 16, 1877.

49. CHARLES 4 Chauncey ^ Abel ^ Matthew,^ b. Aug. 20, 1829,
in Barkhampsted, Conn. In December, 1873, he is a lawyer in
Princeton, III. He m., Oct. 13, 1860, Laura McArdle, of ISTor-
walk, Ohio.

93. Ralph H., b. in 1861.

94. Charles F., 1867.

95. Edward A., in 1868.

96. Florence A., b. in 1870.

822 Baldwin Genealogy.

1. LEVI BALDWIN, presumed to be Levi ^ Samuel ^ Na-
thaniel^ John/ (No. 140, ante page 310,) m. Experience Goft'.
.They were natives of Connecticut. There were other Baldwins
of the neighborhood who migrated to Canada; and I find no
other Levi to fit this place, though the name occurred in East-
ern Connecticut. He was the second pioneer of the settlement of
Barnston, Canada. He made a beginning on No. 15, in the 16th
Range, and moved his family early in 1799. Their experiences
involved many hardships and privations ; like their early neighbors,
they were often reduced to very great straits for provisions while
clearing their farm. They were often obliged to go the distance
ot ten or twenty miles and bring home bags of flour or meal
upon their backs. During their first summer, th< y made salts of
lye for the purpose of buying bread. " They had to subsist upon
leeks, birch bark and fish. They made about sixteen hundred
weight of salts, which were worth at that time about fifty dollars.
They entrusted the salts to a neighbor, who took them to market.
On his return, he told them the salts were worthless. Not satis-
fied, Richard Baldwin, one of the sons, a lad of some seventeen
years, went to St. Johnsbury, where the salts had been taken, and
found that they had been sold at four dollars per hundred weight.
In the meantime, the man had invested the money in Indian corn,
at one dollar a bushel, and brought the corn to Stanstead Plain
and sold it at the rate of four dollars per bushel. Without know-
ing the circumstances at the time, the Baldwins bought a bushel
of this corn, for which they had to pay eight days' hard work in
felling trees. She died in 1815. He afterward married Abigail
Mills. He died in 1843 ; she d. in 1830. The children by the
1** marriage were :

2. Huldali, m. Augustus Tapliu.

3. Lotes, m. Sarali LHmb.4-

4. Richard, m. Betsey Drew. 4-

5. Deborah, m. John Lamb.

6. Patience, m. Joseph Drew.

Children of the 2"'^ marriage were :

7. Elizabeth, m. Horace Cutting. +

8. John Percival, m. Jenett Balder. +

9. Huldah, m. Amos K. Fox. +

. 3. L0TES2Levi,ib. in Westminster, Vt., in 1783; m. Sarah
Lamb, a native of Vermont. They settled in Barnston, where he

Addenda — John, of Mllford, Connecticut. 823

succeeded in acquiring a good properU', and lived to see his chil-
dren well settled in life. He d. Jan. 1, 1858; his wife d. Jan. 26,

10. Iluldah, 1). Jan. 28, 1806; d. May 4, 1807.

11. Ira. 1). Feb. 14, 1807; m. Susan Glover. +

12. Sarah b. Jan. 19, 1809; m. William Clcaveland.+

13. Zilpliina, b. Nov. 28, 1811; ni. Levi Cleaveland, s. Vesler, from Cantfr1)ur\\
Coun. , and as I*'* wife.

14. Lotes, b. March 11. 1818. +

15. Liicinda, b. July 14, 1815; m. Samuel Page.

16. Phila, b. May 14, 1817; m Samuel Page, as 2'h1 wife.

17. Fauny, b. Jan. 28, 1819; m. Samuel Cleaveland.

18. Francis, b. Jan. 12, 1824; m. Sarah H. Taylor.

19. George W., b. April 22, 1826; m. Orissa Drew.

20. Lucy, b. .luue 3, 1829 ; m. John Thornton. +

4. RICHARD ^ Levi i b. May 30, 1785 ; m. Betsey Drew, b. Sept.
18, 1797. They settled on Xos. 16 and 17, in the 9th Range of
Barford. He d. April 23, 1863 ; she d. April 8, 1856.

21. Richard. +

22. Betsey, m. Parker Tabor.

23. Isaac, m. Lucretia Glover. +

24. Levi. +

25. Huldah, m. Thomas Tabor.

26. LeAvis, m. Mary Thomas. +

27. Mary, m. Willard May. +

28. Ezra.+

29. Walter, m. Abby Stoddard. +

30. Rufus, m. and settled in Wisconsin.

31. Elvira, ra. .Jesse Heath.

32. Oscar, ni. Ruby May.

7. ELIZABETH- Levi,Mn. Horace Cutting, b. in Barnston.
P. Q., Feb. 26, 1818. He remained with his father's family until
about twenty-three years of age. He commenced in the mercan-
tile business as clerk for M. Child, Esq., at Standstead Plain, and
afterward, yvithout any pecuniary assistance from his father, began
in trade by bringing in small supplies of goods from Boston and
other markets, which he sold at good protits. In 1842, he built a
small shop near the center of the present village of Coaticook.
There were then but two dwelling houses in the settlement. Here
Mr. Cutting began business with Mr. Child. Some three years
afterward, they built a new store, which Mr. Child took at the
time of their separation in 1847. Mr. Cutting again built, and in
1852, took in Amos K. Fox as a partner. In 1857, Mr. Cutting
built the store on Pleasant street, now occupied by Cutting & Fox.

824 Baldwin Genealogy.

lie is a self-made man, and has succeeded in acquiring a large
property; is the proprietor of several valuable buildings and build-
ing lots in Coaticook. He received the appointment of Postma'ster
in 1844, and has been variously employed in public aftairs. His
family are members of the Episcopal Church.

33. Arthur H., b. May 24, 1845.

34. Laura E., b. Xov. 24, 1846. m. Kev. John Foster.

8. JOH^ PERCIVAL^ Levi,i b. Oct. 28, 1822; m. Jenett Ba-
ker, b. Feb. 5, 1828. They settled near the outlet of Pinnacle
Pond, where he is the proprietor of one of the best mills in the
country, and is doing an extensive business in sawing lumber and
in various wood manufactures.

85. Edson, b. Oct. 31, 1848.

36. Eugene, b. May 14, 1843.

37. Leslie, b. March 14, 1855.

38. Willis, b. March 17, 1857.

9. HULDAH2Levi,ib. in Barnston, July 18,1830; m. Capt.
Amos K. Fox,"^ s. Col. Amos Fox ; was b. in Stanstead, P. Q., Aug.
18, 1824. He began his mercantile career as clerk for J. W. Boodv
and Marcus Child, Esq., at Stanstead Plain, and afterward engaged
successively in partnerships with Mr. Child and with Horace Cut-
ting, Esq., at Coaticook. He has sustained the office of Captain
of Militia, and has been actively employed in the municipal opera-
tions of Coaticook.

39. Ellen M., b. Feb. 26, 1851.

40. Alice J., b. Sept. 19, 1853.

41. Charles A., b. April 7, 1856.

42. Laura E., b. May 22, 1858; d. Jan. 1, 1865.

43. Hattie A., b. .July 21, 1861.

44. Albert E., b. March 16. 1863.

11. IRA? Lotes^ Levi,i b. in Barnston, P. Q., Feb. 14, 1807 ; m.
Susan Glover. They settled on iSTo. 15, in the 8th Range of
Barford, in 1829. The family are mostly connected with the

45. Sally, b. in 1832; d. in 1851.

46. Lotes, b. in 1834; d. in 1855.

47. Ozro, b. in 1836; m. Nancy Piper.

48. Israel, b. in 1838. m. Almira Chaflfee.
.49. Evelyn, b. in 1840; m. Moses Ham. +

50. Bruce, b. in 1842; m. Armandilla Humphrey.

51. John, b. in 1844; m. Clara Fuller.

52. Florence, b. in 1846; m. Orrin Terrill.

53. Emma, b. in 1848.

Addenda — John, of Milford, Connecticut. 825

12. SAR AH =^ Lotes 2 Levi,i b. Jan. 19, 1809; m. William, second
son of Vester Cleaveland, b. in Barnston, P. Q., Feb. 22, 180G.
They settled in Barnston; belong to the Methodist Church.

54. Ruth, b. Dec. 31, 1831; m. James Biyau.

55. Chester, b. ,Tuly 11, 1835; m. Mary A. Ilerron.

56. Elsie D., b. Oct.. 19, 1837; d. in 1840.

57. Charles, b. March 12, 1842; d. in 1855.

58. Alma L , b. Sept. 19, 1844.

59. Geori-e A., b. March 17, 1846.

60. Agnes A., 1). July 5, 1848.

61. Alice D., b. Nov. 28, 1854; d. in 1856.

14. BOTES =^ Botes 2 Bevi,i b. March 11, 1813; m. Matilda
McKeech, b. Jan. 20, 1819. They settled on No. 16, in the 6th
Rano-e of Barnston.

62. William W., b. July 10, 1841; m. Sarah Davis.

63. VictoT M., b. June 28, 1843; m. Loren G. Ladd.

64. Edwin R,, b. Nov. 21, 1846.

65. George P., b. April 25, 1850.

66. Delpliiue, b, Dec. 15, 1851.

67. Lovell L., b. .Jan. 16, 1853.

20. BUCY '^ Botes -^ Levi,i b. June 3, 1829 ; in 1847, she ra. John
Thornton, Esq., b. in Derby, Vt., April 3, 1823. In 1844, he com-
menced mercantile business at Barnston Corner, in company with
Samuel Cleaveland. He subsequent!}' bought out and continued
the business in successive partnerships and in his own name. He
received the appointment of Magistrate in 1863, and has for sev-
eral years been employed in public nffnirs Tie has now a residence
and business in Coaticook.

08. John L., b. Aug. 1, 1848.

69. Charles P., b. July 12, 1854.

70. .TennieE.. 1). July 19, 1866.

21. RICHARD, Jr.,=^ Richard 2 Bevi,^ b. in Barnston, March 5,
1808; m. Sophia Chesley, b. in Plymouth, KIT., in B807. They
settled on what is now known as Child street, in Coaticook. She
d. Nov. 25, 1845. He subsequently m, Mary Ann Wright, b. in
Barton, Vt., March 1 , 1829, and d. April 9, 1864. Mr. Baldwin was
the pioneer of the settlement of the present village of Coaticook.
Eor niany years, this settlement formed a part of the wild lands
of Barnston. He had made a small clearing in the forest about


826 Baldwin Genealogy.

1840, and two small log houses had been built. In 1842, Horace
Cutting' built a store, and started business in connection with
Marcus Child, Esq., who afterward sold his property in Stanstead
and removed to this place. A post office was established in 1844,
Mr. Cutting, Postmaster. The name of the office, suggested by
Mr. Child, was afterward adopted as that of the village. For
some years, the settlement progressed but slowly ; but the advan-
tages derived from the location of the Grand Trunk Railw^ay, the
eastern portion of which had been completed, and which passed
directly through the village, rendered it at once a place of impor-
tance, and its growth has been unprecedently rapid. Its local ad-
vantages and ample water privileges have been improved by active
and energetic men, who have contributed much to the growth and
prosperity of the village. Among these may be mentioned Rich-
ard Baldwin, Jr., Marcus Child, Horace Cutting, Lewis L. Sleeper,
A.A.Adams, John ThoriitoUj^Dr. Benjamin Damon and Amos
K. Fox. The'descendan^of the Baldwin and Cleaveland families
of Barnston are among the business men of the place. As an
active and thorough business man, Richard Baldwin is not sur-
passed by any in the county. He is the owner of several buildings
and building lots in Coaticook, and valuable mills in Barford and
other localities. Children bv V"^ marriage :

.71. .[ustiis, I). Marcli 15, 1833; d. Miircli 15, 1843.

Ti. Chini A., I). March 10, 1835; ni. Dudley Davis S'd .

73. Elizabetli, b. May 19; 1837; in. A. F. Adams.

74. Ainaiida, b. April 6, 1839; m. Uriah J. Riigg.

75. Sopliia, b. Dec. 8, 1840; d. May 8, 1841.

76. Dustin P.. b. April 12, 1843.

77. Thomas J., b. .Tan. 10, 1844.

78. Richard C, b. Nov. 5, 1845.

Children by 2'"' marriage :

79. Stuart A., b. May 13, 1849.

80. Frit/. W., b. Jau. 7, 1851.

81. Mary A., b. May 35, 1853; d. Juue 14, 1854.

82. Emma G., b. April 34, 1854.

83. Lesley, b. .Fuly 4, 1857; d. Dec. 4, 1857.

84. Lillian, b. May 1, 1861.

28. ISAACS' Richard '-^ Levi,^ b. Feb. 17, 1815; m. Catharine
Chesley; she d. November, 1839. Jan. 5, 1842, he m. Lucretia
(jlover. They settled in Barford ; are members of the Wesleyan
Church. Children by l*"*^ marriage :

Addenda — John^ of Milford, Connecticut. 827

85. Israel (twin), b. Nov. 16, 1839; m. Chestiua Buckland.

86. Isaac (twin), b. Nov. 16, 1839; m. Loella Buckland.

Children by 2'"^ marriage :

87. Ellen, b. March 6, 1843; m. Harlow H. Thomas.

88. Parker F., b. Sept. 3, 1845.

89. Mary E., b. Oct. 14, 184G.

90. Clara A., b. Jan. 2, 1850.

91. Claude, b. Feb. 6, 1858.

92. Charles E., b. April 17, 1861.

24. LEVI =^ Richard 2 Levi,ib. April 22, 1811; m. Lydia Con-
verse, dau. of Jonathan, who was b. in Spencer, Mass., March
24, 1819. They settled near Pinnacle Pond, in Barnston, but
subsequently removed to Water street, Coaticook.

93. Norman, b. Dec. 4, 1839; m. Ellen Wright.

94. Parker, b. Aug, 9, 1841; d. July 8, 1844.

95. Elvira, b. June 9, 1843; m. John Buckland.

96. Adelaide, b. May 7, 1848. ' * .

97. Delphine, b. June 4, 1860, says the "History of Stanstead County."

26. LEWIS 3 Richard-^ Levi,i b. April 24, 1813; m. Mary
Thomas, b. Jan. 16, 1821. They settled on Nos. 16 and 17, in the
8th Range of Barford.

98. James L., b. July 30, 1843.

99. Judson E., b. Dec. 13, 1852.
100. Merry E., b. July 11, 1858.

27. MARY 3 Richard "^ Levi,i b. Oct. 25, 1826 ; m. Willard May,
b. in Stanstead, P. Q., i^ov. 14, 1812. They settled on the north
half of No. 16, in the 8th Range of Barford. Mr. May has been
employed in the municipal and educational affairs of the town.

101. Alice E., b. April 16, 1853.

102. Elvira W., b. Jan. 30, 1857.

103. Jenpie, b. Feb. 26, 1860.

104. Addie E., b. April 28, 1863.

105. ZillahE., b. Sept. 17, 1865.

28. EZRA^ Richard 2 Levi,^ b. in Barnston, Sept. 15, 1831; m.
Valina A. Shoff, b. Sept. 24, 1838. They settled in Barford ; are
members of the Wesleyan Church.

106. Clara E-, b. Jan. 3, 1858.

107. Ida G., b. Jan. 15, 1865.

828 Baldwin Genealogy.

29. WALTER '^ Richard 2 Levi,i b. May 12, 1823; m. Sarah
Locke; shed. Jan. 15, 1855. He afterward m. Abby A. Stoddard,
b. Sept. 15, 1834. They settled in Coaticook. Children by 2"^
marriage :

108. Sarali A,, b. Aug. 5, 1857.

109. Wright. A., b, June 29, 1860.

110. Hiram W.. b. Aug. 8, 1862.

49. EVELYN"*Ira3Lotes2Levi,ib. March 9,1840; m. Moses
Ham, b. in Barford, P. Q., Jan. 8, 1835. They settled on No. 17,
in the 8th Range of Barford ; had one child :

111. Adella, b. October, 1859.

1. EPHRAIM3 Joseph -2 John,i (No. 44, ante page 311,) had a
wife Elizabeth, who d. September, 1750. The first two children
were bapt. as children of Ephraim ; tlie next five, as children of
Ephraim and Elizabeth, in Woodbury, which then included Beth-
lehem. Quere: Whether Rachel, who d. May 26,1727, was a first
wife or sister.

2. JoiULS, b. May, 1726; bapt. June 5. Is not this a mistake iu t'othreu's
' • AYoodbiiry," for Josiah? See fiu'ther. +

3. Josepli, bapt. Sept. 29, 1728; no doubt d. y.

4. Ephraim, b. July 25, 1730; bapt. the next day. +

5. Judah, b. Feb, 22; bapt. March 4, 1733. + ,

6. Nathan, b. Mareli 28; bapt. April 6, 1735. +

7. Rachel, b. April 23, 1737; bapt. the next day, and d. Oct. 20, 1750.

8. John, bapt. Sept. G, 1741; d. in the Northern army, June 14, 1776.

9. Joseph, b. Sept. 4, 1741.

2. JOSIAH^ Ephraim^ Joseph.- A Josiah, of Woodbury, Conn.,
m., Sept. 25, 1754, Lucy Walker. Sept. 30, 1759, were bapt. the
following children of Josiah, late deceased :

10. Rachel.

11. Elizabeth.

12. Josiah.

Jan. G, 1701, his brother Nathan was appointed his administra-
tor, at Woodbury, and his widow Lucy was allowed goods to
keep house.

4. EPHRAIM* Ei)hraim3 Joseph,^ b. July 25, 1730; was of
Woodbury, where, as Ephraim, Jr., his estate, in 1777, vv^ent to

Addenda — John, of Mi/ford, Connecticut. 829

his wife Sarah and the tlirec cliildrcn last named and Mary. lie
d. May 0, 1777. lie ni., Feb. 25, 1757, Sarah Warner, and liad

13. >[crry, b. April 1, 1762. Is she not the Mary of the estate?

14. Jemima, bapt. Nov. 4, 1764.

15. ,I(>mima acain, bapt. March 23, 1767.

16. Epluaiin Warner, b. Jan. 15, and bapt. March 5, 1769.

17. Joseph, b. Oct. 9, 1774.

18. Sarah.

5. JUDAH^Ephraim^ Joseph,2b. Feb. 23, 1733; m., Jan. 28,
1758, Deborah Rosters, according to Cothren's "Woodbury," but
in his trnnscript of Washington Records called Royce.

19. Joseph, b. March 29, 1759; d. 17th next June.

20. Lois, b May 22, 1760.

21. Asahcl; b. May 16, 1762.

22. Deborah, b. March 20, 1764.

23. Judah, b. .July 13, 1771. +
. 24. Mary, b. Sept. 7, 1773.

His will, as of Washington, Conn., dated April 25, 1794, (?)
names his wife Deborah and the last four children ; yet, in Coth-
ren, his widow d. in Bethlehem earlier, aged 76.

6. NATHAN ' Ephraim ^ Joseph,^ b. March 28, 1735 ; m., March
28, 1757, Prudence Wheeler, and the next following two children
are in Woodbury Records :

25. Prudence, b. Sept. 20, bapt. Nov. 15, 1757.

26. Nathan Wheeler, b. March 27; bapt. April 18, 1759.

27. David. (?)

David is added on the authority of a deed in South Britain,
Conn., Records, dated Feb. 21, 1824, from Nathan W., of Green,
Chenango county, N.Y., and David, of Summit, Schoharie county,
N. Y., of their right in the estate of Lemuel Wheeler, by right of
a deed from Nathan and Prudence his wife, dated Nov. 18, 1782.

23. JUDAH^ Judah* Ephraim ^ Joseph ^ John,i b. July 13, 1771,
d. in Bethlehem, Conn., Aug. 23, 1840, aged 69. His son Judah
was his administrator in Woodbury, Sept. 7, 1840.

28. Judah, b. in 1803; b. Nov. 10, 1869, in Bethlehem; no ch. By his will he
left his i)roperty to the Missionary Society for Old Milford, or Stratford. He m.
Emma Calhoun Nov. 13, 1842, who d. Dec. 8, 1876, aged 73.

830 Baldwin Genealogy.

SAMUEL, (No. 356, page 322,) left a son and dau. unnamed.
His eldest brother Hiel moved to Washington, Conn.; was not the
unnamed son of Samuel

Peleg, of Washington, Conn. ; birth entered, but no parent, as of Aug. 19,
1770, and to whom and his wife Anna the following ch. were b. there: (1) Nancy,
Sept. 11, 1792; (2) Lyman, Jan. 19, 1795; (3) Comfort, June 23, 1797; (4) Daniel
March 17, 1801; (5) Samuel, Oct. 1, 1803; and (6) Caroline, Jan. 26, 1806.

297. NATHANIEL ^ Elijah * Nathaniel ^ John ^ John,i (ante
pages 320 and 340.) The account before given of him is mainly
from Mr. Congar, with whom he may have confounded some other
Nathaniel. Nathaniel's grand-daughter, Mrs. M. W. Baldwin,
gives the following account of him, identifying him beyond doubt.
He m. Rhoda Beach, and had children :

1. Elizabeth, m. Aaron Rolf, of Newark; a dau. Mary Roff m. Roderick
Curtiss, of New York, who d. a few years ago in Wallingford, Conn., where she
d. also. The Curtises left one dau. Fanny, unm. ; now (November, 1880,) in Europe ;
home in Wallingford.

2. Mary, m. John Sayres. (?)

3. John, d. y. ; unm.

4. Josiah, m. Mary Keene, of Staten Island, N. Y., and had three daus. : (1)
Sarah Crane, b. about 1796; m., December, 1817, Matthias W. Baldwin. (3) Eliza-
beth, m. Rufus Tyler, and left one dau. Lucy, who m. but dead, leaving one dau.
Sarah L. Duffer, b. about 1867, now at school. (3) Mary, d. unm.

109. MATTHIAS * Jonathan ^ John 2 John,i (ante page 321,) b.
about 1759, and of Elizabethtown, N. J. I have from his grand-
child, Miss Catharine Ross Baldwin, a corrected statement of his
children. The children were :

339. John.

340. Jonathan, -f-

341. William. -f-

342. Joanna.

343. Phebe, m. Josiah Meeker, and had a gr. s. William Greenwood, who, in
1880, is living at Lyons Farms, near Elizabeth, N. .T.

The child Lucy, given him on page 321, b. long after his death,
was given him by an inadvertance, excusable when it is remem-
bered that I have chronicled herein over ten thousand persons.
She belonged, perhaps, to No. 308, page 320, or some other

Adihruin — Joh}-), of Milford, Connerticuf. 8-31

340. JONATHAN^' Matthias* Jonathan,'' m. Sally Anderson,
and had children :

680. Fraser.

681. William A., lived at Newark. N. J.

682. Raelipl Aun, m. D. Helges, of Newton, N. J., and had seven ch., one of
whom, named Sarah, m. a lawj-er named Little, of Morristown, N. J., and another,
a son John, tliought to be a phy.'sician, and in 1880 living near Newton, N. J.

341. WILLIAM '^ Matthias * Jonathan » John - John,^ lived and
d. in Elizabeth, N. J. lie m. Phebe Skinner, of Springfield, iS". .].,
whose mother before marriage was Miss Ball, said to be a cousin
of the mother of Gen. Washington. He was a carriage maker,
and a "good man," called the "father of the poor." His kindness
and benevolence seems to have descended to his son.

683. Sai'ah, d. in Philadelphia a few years ago; unm.

684. Cathariae Ross, unm., and living in 1880, aged 87.

685. Matthias W., b. Dec. 10, 1795.4-

686. Mary R., m. Owen Colton; they are both dead. They left a dau. Anna,
who was adopted by her imcle Matthias W., and a further account of her appears
under his name.

685. MATTHIAS W.'^ William '=> Matthias* Jonathan ^ John ^
John,^ There lies before me a "Memorial of Matthias W. Bald-
win. ' Do good by stealth, and blush to call it fame.' Philadel-
phia : Privately printed. 1867." An elegant octavo volume of
237 pages, and a fine portrait. From it I learn that Matthias
William was b. in Elizabethtown, N. J., Dec. 10, 1795, and was
the son of William, who left a comfortabld' estate, lost by the
executors, leaving a widow with five children, of whom the young-
est was Matthias W., aged four years. From his earliest years,
he was a mechanic. From the first, the little toys he made were
remarkable for their finish. At sixteen, he was apprenticed to a
jeweler. While thus employed, his mother removed to Philadel-
phia, and in 1817 he moved there. In 1819, he commenced
manufacturing ornamental jewelry. He subsequently entered into
the manufacture of various nice contrivances, largely invented by
himself, and never patented, for binding books, calico printing
and etching, and afterward of stationary engines.

In 1832, he built the pioneer American locomotive, having ex-
hibited in 1831 a model of it. He made many improvements in
them after the works grew to be very large; and before Mr. Bald-

832 Baldwin Genealogy.

win died, liis works had made over fifteen hundred. As I write
this, I notice that "The Baklwin Locomotive Works" employ
twenty-five hundred men, and cover nine acres. It is amusing
to notice that the Company using his first locomotive, advertised
to use it, but that "when the weather is not fair, the horses will
draw the cars."

Mr. Baldwin became while young an earnest and devoted Chris
tian, and a man of wide benevolence. He had a firm, decided,
energetic temperament, and very firm convictions of duty. I will
not enumerate the long list of Church enterprises or other
charities in which he was eugaged. He was quite noted for his
liberality, and labor as well, and till his death was a Sunday School
Superintendent. He also exerted his active influence in questions
of politics. In 1837, a member of the Constitutional Convention,
he was firmly against the word "white" in the Constitution, and
ever afterward stood firmly for equal rights, subject to no mere
accident of birth.

Although always busy, and continuing so until his death, he
found time to give attention to public societies. He was an
original member of the F'ranklin Institute, and Vice President from
1855 to 1863; a member of the American Philosophical Society;
and from 1858 to 1863, President of the Horticultural Society, and
a I)irector of the Academy of Fine Arts ; at one time Member of
the Legislature, and performing other services for the public.

He seems to have had no selfishness in his composition, and to
have had a wide good sense and ability, much relied upon by all
around him. He d. at Philadelphia, Penn., Sept. 7, 1866. He m.,
in 1827, Sarah Crane Baldwin^ Josiah*^ NathanieP Elijah* Na-
thaniel^ John 2 John,^ (see page 340, No. 297,) who is living in
November, 1880. They had children :

A sou, b. February, 1833, who d. aged 10 yrs.

Mary S., still living and uuin.

Cecelia, m., iu 1868, Thomas S. Darley; both living November, 1880,
with no oh.

xVnna Coltou, above named, ado))ted by lier uucle Matthias W. Baldwin,
ni., iu 1846, John Clayton, a lawyer of Philadelphia, Penn., 717 Waluut street.
The Claytons have three daus. : (1) Anna B. , m. John G. R. McElory, Professor o'f
P^nglish Literature in the Uuiversity of Peunsylvania, Philadelphia, and has had
cli. : Clayton aud Catharine. (2) Louisa B., m. Washington A. Galpin, a lawyer of
Philadelphia, and has two ch. : Louisa C. Galpiu and Charles Galpin. (3) Ella M.
Clayton, unm.



Philadejpiii a .

c:=^ ^^.^^^^^^

Addenda — John, of Milford, Connertirut. 833

204. BENJAMIN ' Joliii ' Richard '' John,' (ante pa^^o 320.)
Tlie conclusions to whicli I doubtingly came ai'e contirmed liy
information of a

Samuel, said by tradition to he a scHoiid son of IJcnjainin, of IJianford,
sou of John. Tiiis Sanuicl iiad a tiiird son Sannicl Aitcnias, h. Oct. 29, 1833, who
ni. Julia Frances Keith. lie d. Dec, 29, 18G5, and his widow, in 1877, is in the
otlice of the Auditor General of Michigan, iu Lansing.

1. HENRY (?) said to be of Newcastle, Westchester county,
N. Y., had a son

2. Henry, of North 8alein, same county, and of Carmellown, Putnam county,
N. Y. +

3. A son, name unknown. -H

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