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Samuel (ante paij;e 322), s. l*eleg^ Samuel^ Josiah,^ d before
Juh^ 1778, leaving a son and daughter, and letters on this Samuel,
as of New Milford, issued April 17, 1778. He had children :
Henry, only son, and Anne. Our Henry liere may "not unlikely
have been that Henrv, who would oidv have had to move a few
miles west to place himself where he and his descendants lived in
New York State. The letters on Samuel's estate, were issued to
Jared, his cousin, and Anne, likely his widow,

2. HENRY ■' Henry .1 He had by his 1^^^ wife,

4. Eliezer. +

5. James, d. first of the cli. and uum.

By his 2'"' wife, he had

6. John. +

7. Isaac, moved to Ohio, and thence to Minnesola. He m. two sisters and
had ch.

8. Arva.H-

9. Lydifi, m. Obed Cole, of Carmeltowu, N. Y.

10. Sarah, m. Hitchcock; moved West, aud had a dau. Emelinda.

11. Kebecca, m. Claussen, and had ch. ; Harvey and Olive, who studied law
iu New York City. She m. the 2wi time.

12. Hannah, d. uum.

3. SON, name unknown. Sears says his father had two cousins,
who were brothers, named

13. Daniel. +

14. James. +

834 Baldwin Genealogy.

4. ELIEZER ^ Henry ~ Henry/ lived at Lake Mahopac, Putnam
county, N, Y.

15. Reuben kept the hotel at Lake Mahopac; m. C. Hopkins, dau. Dr. Hop-
kins, and she, in 1875, is living there. They had two daus., both m.

16. Eliza, m. her cousin Harry Baldwin, and lives, in 1875, at Lake Mahopac.

6. J OHN'^ Henry 2 Henry,! d. not far from 1870, aged 77. He
lived at Patterson, Putnam county, X.Y., and m. 1*^' Rachel Slote.

17. Ancel.+

18. Mary, m. James H. Lee, of New York C!ity. They lived in Dutchess
county, and had ch. : James, d. y. ; two daus., d. y. ; Emily, living in 1875; a d; u,,
d. y. ; John T. ; Adelaide; and Rachel— all of Green, Dutchess county, N. Y.

19. Jane, in 1875, living unm.

20. Ann, m. Israel Pinkney, and had seven ch. : Amanda Jane, m. Sunderland ;
Henry, of Lake Mahopac. N. Y. ; Julia, m. Andrew Ferris, of Crotou Falls, West-
chester county, N. Y. ; Dewitt, living, in 1875, at Lake Mahopac; Aleda, Milton
and Herbert.

21. Sears. +

22. Henry. -+-

23. Rachel, d. y.

John's wife d., and he m. 2"^- Almira Adams, and had

24. David, m. Judith; lives, in 1876, at Patterson, Piitnam county, N. Y. He
had twins, d. y. , and no more ch.

8. ARVA^ Henry ' Henry ,Mii. Harriet Carpenter, who. Sears
says, is the "best woman alive." He d. aged iV,\, and had ten
children. She lives, in 1875, in Branford, Conn. His daughter
says he formerly lived in Kittanning, N. Y.

25. James Henry, m. Mary Paine, and had two ch., of whom the elder, Dana,
d. y. He lives, in 1875, in Omaha.

26. Walter, m. Smith, of Stateu Island, and lives there, with no ch.

27. Mary Ann, m. Fayette W. Pierce, s. Joshua, of Cornwall, N. Y., and had
ch. : George, d. ; Harriet E. and Harry F., living at home in 1875.

28. Melvina, d. aged 18.

29. Gertrude, m. James Goldsmith, of Guilford, and has eight ch.

30. George W.. of Branford, Conn., m. shortly before 1875; no ch.

31. John Uuderhill, m. Mary Kelsey, and had two sons, one of whom is Earl,
living in Branford.

32. Antoinette, m. Kelsey, Ijrother to Mary; lives in Branford, and has ch.

33. Augusta E., liA'ing at home; imm. in 1875.

34. Cora, m. James Rus.sell, of Branford, Conn., in 1875; no ch.

13. DANIEL,^ lived at Lake Mahopac.

35. Harry, m. Eliza Baldwin, dau. Eliezer. He lives in New York City; she
at Lake Mahopac, and they have sons James and Henry, who live in Kansas.

Addenda — John, of MUford, Connecticut. 8B5

36. Elishii, of Dutchess (Mnmty, N. Y., aiul has two sous, islock, or Stockton,
and Peter; one is at Wecliawkcn, N. .1.

37. Hazard.

38. Betsej'.

39. Gertrude, m. John Cotton Smith.

14. .IAMES.=^

40. Noah, living near Lake Mahopac.

41. James, living near Peeksl<ill, \Vestchester county, N. Y.

17. ANCEL^ John ■' Henry ^ Henry,' m. Phebe Underbill ; lived
in New York City: d. aged 38, leaving six cbildren.

43. Rachel Jane, d. unm.

43. Sophia, m. Parks, and had one child, who is dead.

44. Dewitt. living in New York; m. and has two eh.

45. Fanny, d. unm.

46- Emma. d. in 1S74 or 1875; m. Martin and had two ch., of whom one d. y.

21. SEARS* Jobn-^ Henrys* b. June 4, 1821; m. Catbarine
Burrill of New York City, daughter of Nathaniel, of Kingston,

47. John, m. Martha Church, of New York City; live, in 1875, in Plainfield,
■ N. J. He is a flour merchant, and has ch. : Charles and Florence.

48. Charles, m. Augusta CJanip, of Brooklyn, and has a dan.

49. Mary Jane, m. James Rice, of Bi'ooklyn.

50. Catharine Ann.

51. Harriet Carpenter.
53. William, d. y.

22. HENRY* John ^ Henry,- m. Susan Ryer, in Brooklyn. He
lives in New York City. He m. 2"^'- in 1875, Mrs. Griswold. The
following children are by his 1*** wife:

53. Josephine.

54. Henry.

' Sears says his father l>afl other cousins tlian those noted :

1. Daniel, w'.io d. at Sontli East, aped nearly 100, and had ch.

2. Henry, of Patterson, Ptitnani county, N. Y., who had ch.: .James; Sii.'-an, d. uiuii., a school
teacher of Patterson; Henry Clay, d. ni. aiKl left three or four ch.; Klizabetli, ni.; and Hannah, ni.
James Baldwin, s. Harvey.

3. .lames, of Kent, Putnam county, N. V., ni. twice: had .Maria; ni. P.ussell, and d. in Cold .Sjiiin^^-.
Icavino- ch.; Theodore, of Patterson, ni. Hai;;lit, and lives in Patterson, with six or seven ch.; .James,
m. Colwell; and Emeline, m. David Kent, of Kent, and d. very wealthy.

4. Nathan, of Kent, lives in IS"."?, in Brooklyn, N. Y., with his son William, hadch.: Sarah, d.
unm.; Peter, living in Patterson, nearPauliiiiCs, m.; and William, a lawyer in P>rooklyn, ni. and two ch.

h. Elizabeth of Kent, ni. Allen Lijfht.

(5. .Susan, m. .Russell, of Milltown, Putnam county.

7. Dorcas, m. Peter Whitney, of P.ullet Hole, near Dyke's .Station, flarltni l!,iihi);id, South East;
no children.

8. Hannah, m. Sunderland, of Patterson.

836 Baldwin Genealogy.

55. Caroline, m. Newtou Drake, of Plaiiifield, N. J.

56. Mary.

57. Frederick.

58. William

59. Susan, d. y.

828*. LAUIIA'' Nicodomas •" James/ (page 849,) b. in Bran-
Ford, Conn., April, 1708; m., Oct. 21, 1811, Willys Russell, b. in
Branford, March 3, 1791. He d. there, Oct. 10, 1877; she, June
10, 1827, of consumption.

1. Calviu, 1) Oft. 6, 1813; m., March 3, 1833, Mary L. Smith, dan. John and
Polly (Granniy) Smith, of Fair llavcn. Conn.; and m. 3'ifi, Nov. 8, 1870, Mrs.
Augusta Laura Marsh, dau. Alpha and Orpha W. (North) Edwards, b. in Berlin,
Feb. 13, 1831; living, in 1880. in New Haven, Conn.; she was the wido\y of Peter
]\Iarsh, an English importer of croctkery, who d. in New York in 1857. Calvin
Russell has been engaged in trade in New Haven, and is succeeded by his sons
Calvin and Edward. He had fourteen ch., all by his tirst wife, as follows: (1)
John W., May 16, 1834, d. Dec. 9, 1835. (3) Laura Eliza, Dec. 3, 1835; m. Lucius
P. Deming, of New Haven, Conn., Oct. 14, 1858, and d. November 16, 1875; he is
a lawyer in New Haven; the Demiugs have had ch. : Lucius P., Dec. 34, 1860;
Hattie L., July 8, 1861; and Laura M., Feb. 16, 1873. (3) Martha M., Nov. 16,
1837; m.. May 33, 1856, John Gates, who d Nov. 7, 1863; by him she had ch. ;
John Gates, Feb. 33, 1857; Charles W. Gates, Oct. 5, 1858, who d. Feb. 39, 1860;
Laura D. Gates, May 33, I860; and Ida J. Gates, Dec. 13, 1863, who d. May 39, 1S63.
Martha m. 3>id. April 15, 1866, James P. Howell, and he d. Feb. 7, 1877. (4) Julia
L., Nov. 36. 1839, m., July 8, 1857, Charles W. Prindle, b. in 1838; of New Haven
in 1880; she d. March 3, 1873; she had ch. : Charles, in 1858, and d. in 1863; Frank;
lin, b. and d. in 1860; Frank, b. in 1863; and Harry, b. Sept. 3, 1865, in Milford.
the others in New Haven. (5) Mary Jane, Sept. 7, 1841; m., June, 1859, John L,
Desbrow, s. John L. and Mary (Rich) Desbrow, who keeps a hat store, in 1880, on
State street, in New Haven; the Desbrows have had ch. : Nellie E. , in 1860; Henry,
d. Feb. 11, 1860, aged 3 yrs. 6 mos. ; Florence E., July 80, 1865; John, d. in 1870.
aged 14 mos. ; and James, Oct. 15, 1873. (6) Henrietta Kirkham, July 33, 1843; m.,
Feb. 10, 1866, George Thayer Caldwell, b. in Kent, Conn., May 5, 1844, and d. at
Ancora, N. J, Aug. 11, 1879, moving from New Haven, where he was a boss joiner;
the Caldwell ch. were: George Irving, Nov. 17, 1866; Howard Howe, Nov. 19, 1873,
at New Haven; and at Ancora, N. J., Omi (a dau.), March 3, 1877; and Eva, July
15, 1878. (7) Calvin, March 36, 1845; m., July 37, 1875, Neilie Johnson, and they
have ch. ; Mary E., Nov. 31, 1876, d. ; and twins, Calvin F. and Ella N., b. Oct.
14, 1878; he is of the firm of Russell Brothers, corner of State and Court streets,
New Haven. (8) Sarah E., June 5, 1847; m., Jan. 30, 1874, Edwin A. Tucker, b.
in Derby, March 13, 1836, a newspaper editor, of Hartford, Conn., who died
May 5, 1880; they had children: Russell, June 11, 1878; and Edwin Rutherford,
Oct. 16, 1879. (9) Ann Minerva, Aug. 10, 1849; m.. Oct. 16,. 1867, James K. P.
Benliam, of New Haven, Coim., b. Sept. 14, 1844; children: Maude E., b. Aug.
1, 1870; and Neva M., March 33, 1873. (10) Edward, Feb. 16, 1851; m., Nov. 36,
1874, Florence Piatt, and have ch., all living: Olive, in 1875; Alice, July 6, 1877;
Laura, March 8, 1879; and a son, b. in New Haven, June 11, 1880. (11) Charles H.,

Addenda^ Nathaniel, of Milford, Connecticut. 837

March 20, 1853; ni., August, 1876, Matilda Warner, and have one child, Anna
Russell, June 3, 1878. (13) Lilian .1.. Dec. 4, 1855. (13) George W., Aug. 14, 1858.
(14) William S., May 3, 1863.

2. Sarah, b. Sept. 17, 1814; m., Sept. 34, 1835, Andrew Hall lloppen, b. in
Prospect, Conn., Oct. 36, 1811; they moved to Seymour about 1840, and in 1843 to
New Haven, Conn. Their first son, George Russell Hoiipini, b. Nov. 34, 1836, m.
1st, May 3, 1866. Martha Aim Eells, b. Dec. 38, 1843, dau. Edwin, of Ansonia, Derby,
Conn.; tliey had ch. : Minnie Jjouise, iMarch 16, 1867; and Theodore Edwin, Nov.
10, 1868. George Russell Hoppen m. 3"J. Frances Elizabeth Edwards, b. June 33,
1847, in New Haven, dau. Allied, of New Haven, (-onn., and sister of the 3nii wife
of Calvin Russell; they have one cli., Mabel Edwards, b. Sept. 30, 1879. In 1880,
George Russell Hoppen lives in Shelton, town of Huntington, a quarter of a mile
from Birmingham, Conn., where he is employed in the nut and bolt woi'ks of
Sharon Bassett. I am indebted to him for this line. The second son of Andrew
Hall Hoppen is Daniel Munger Hoppen. b. Dec. 9, 1838; m., May 7, 1863, Mary
Jane Ravenscroft, b. Nov. 36. 1839, at Bolton, Lancashire, England, dau. William
and Jane (Ellis of Wales) Ravenscroft; they live, in 1880, in New Haven, and have
<h. : Lewis Arthur, Feb. 20, 1863, and d. Jan. 14, 1871; William Ravenscroft, July
8, 1870; and jMay Myrtilla. Sept. 19, 1873.

3. Mary, b. Jan. 15 or 16, 1816; d. unm. March 33, 1847; she taught in Orange,
with her brother George.

4. Eliza Ann. b. Dec. 36, 1817; m., March 17, 1839, David F. Munger, b. at
Milton, N. Y., Oct. 33, 1817, and d. at Waterbury, Conn., Aug. 33, 1874. Their
ch. were: (1) Caroline Eliza, May 11, 1843; m., Oct. 1, 1863, William Van Bowman,
b. March 19, 1839; living, in 1880, in Shelton, town of Huntington, Conn.; their
ch. are: Harry Ellsworth, Oct. 6, 1863, d. March 6, 1878; and Carrie Frances, Oct.
13, 1866. (3) Adelaide M., Aug. 36, 1847; m., Oct. 9, 1867, Franklin' Amos Hall, b.
Aug. 1, 1843, s. Charles Hall, of Cheshire; d. Feb. 30, 1879, in Waterbury, Conn.;
they had one ch., Frank Edward, b. April 3, 1870. (3) Mary Frances, Dec. 16, 1849;
m., Sept. 6, 1871, Charles B. McKee, b. April 5, 4844, s. Charles A. and Sarah
(Barker) McKee; in 1880, they a.r(> of Waterbury, and have no cli. Mr. Munger
was a very superior workman, in th(! (nni)loy of the American and Howe Pin Co.
for many years.

5. George Willys, b. Jan. 38, 1831; d. unm. Feb. 13, 1855. He was a school
teacher, teaching most in Orange, N. J. He then studied medicine! at the Yale
Medicnl School. At the time of his death, he was assisting in the Hospital al New
Haven, nnd contracted ship fever. He had the degree of M.D.

Nathaniel Baldwin, of Milford, Connecticut,

34. JONAS, (page 416.)

108. Moses, was b. Feb. 31. 1857. +
Jonas had also, it is said,

John, d. y.

Jonas, some of whose descendants are said to be in Newark, in 1875.

838 Baldwin Genealogy.

108. MOSES^ Jonas* John^ John 2 Nathaniel/ b. Feb. 21, 1857 ;
m., March 23, 1785, Sarah Johnson, and had

Miiria, b. Jan. 5, 1786. d. ]Marcli 1, 1865; m. Henry Cobb, of Morris
county, N. J.

Jediah Johnson, b. Nov. 9, 1787; d. Marcli 33, 1855, has, in 1877, only
one gr. son, named Baldwin, and he is unm.

Isaac, b. July 4, 1790; d. Sept. 5, 185-3. In 1875, he has three gr. sous
named Baldwin, one m. and has had two ch.

Eliza, b. Oct. 29, 1794; d. July 29, 1795.

Cornelia, b. Sept. 29, 1796; d. Aug. 15, 1855.

Ehza. b. Jan. 29, 1799. d. March 23. 1864.

Moses Griffin, b. Aug. 9, 1806. -+-

All these children, but the first and last, lived in Newark.

MOSES GRIFFIN'^ Moses ^ Jonas,-* b. Aug. 9, 1806; m., April
12, 1832, Elizabeth H. Bolles. He^coinmenced business that year
in New York City, and lives there in 1875. He has living:

William Bolles, b. Dec. 3, 1839; m., April 6, 1871, Caroline Devean, and
in 1875, has a dau. and a sou.

Joseph Baldwin, of Milford, Conn, and H adley, Mass,

483. CONTENT FOWLERS Content (Baldwin) Fowler^ Na-
than 3 David '2 Joseph,! (^j^o 483^ page 509,) b. February, 1770; m.,
in 1784, Elijah Bryati, b. Sept. 3, 1760. He d. in Granville, Ohio,
Jan. 12, 1844. She d. there Sept. 17, 1834. Their ch. were :

1. Elihu, b. Feb, 27, 1785; m., in 1817, Triphora Goodman, and d. in 1839.

2. Content, b. Oct, 24, 1786; m., in 1806, Solomon Cook.

3. Betsey, b. Nov. 8, 1788; d. Sept. 26, 1795.

4. Elijah, b. Aug. 1, 1700; d. Sept. 25, 1795.

5. Lyman, b. July 13, 1792; d. Nov. 4, 1794.

6. Lucy, b. July 9, 1794; m.. lu 1814, Josiah D. Cleaveland; d. Nov. 17, 1873.

7. Betsey, b. Aug. 13, 1796; m., in 1843. Robert McElhenney.

8. Patty, b. Nov. 10, 1798; m., in 1824, Wheeler Woods; d. August, 1825.

9. Elijah F., b. April 27, 1801; m., m 1831. Julia Pack.

10. Amanda, b. Sept. 6, 1803; m., in 1822, Eli Farnham.

11. Julia, b. Nov. 6, 1806.

12. Constant, b. Sept. G, 1809; m., in 1839, Sophia Dennisou.

Addenda — Joseph, ofMUford, Com}., and Badley, Mass. 839

245. JOSIAH^ Benjamin ' Benjamin''^ Benjamin- Joseph,^ (ante
paj2;e 518.) On page 485, 1 say Aaron or Benjamin inherited lands
from Benjamin and Joseph. The or and a.nd should be reversed.
Of Josiah's children :

646. Abraham, m. aud had ch., of whom only one m. ; this was Adalinc, wlio
m. Bordick, and had a son and dau.

648 Rachel, m. Mnnson, and had four sons and three dans.

649. Josiah O., accordinu,- to his nephew, (1828 Harris M.) had eli. : Mary, m.
S. 1). Condit, aud had live eh. ; Aujiustus, m. aud has seven ch. ; and a thii'd, whose
name is indistinct, but resembles Clementine. This differs from page 351.

The five daughters of Josiah, not named, were :

650. Betsey, m. Liudsley, aud had four sous aud three daus.

651. Sally, m. Harrison; had five sous aud cue dau.

652. Polly, m. Baldwin, and had six ch.

653. Abby.m. Joel Baldwin 6 Aaron 5 Aaron * Benjamins Benjamin 2 Joseph, ^
(ante page 550.)

654. Harriet, m. Smith, and had two ch.

1322. CYRUS 7 Joel" Aaron ^ Aaron « Benjamin ^ Benjamin ^
Joseph,^ (ante page 551,) m. Catharine Flagg.

John Darcey; in 1877 unm.

Abby, m. as his 2"^ wife, Joseph Belcher, who m. 1st, 1331 Mary, and had
two ch. : Katharine and Thomas.

Jennie, m. John Fisher, and had ch. : John and Elbert.
Elbert, m. Abby Eagles, and had two ch., both d. y.

1324. ELBERT ' Joel « Aaron,5 (ante pages 551 aud 592.) His

Elbertha, m. Wilson King, and had two ch. : Elbert and Helen.

1325. AAROJSr ^ Joel " Aaron,-' (page 551,) m. Susan Lewis. He
had a sister Sarah, d. y., and not on page 551.


Samuel, m. Ella Smith, and in 1877 had no ch.

Henrietta L., in April, 1877, of Newark, and my informant.






A large share of the Baldwins who are descended from John, Sen., of IVIilford, are
also descended from John Bruen, of Bruen Stapleford, CUieshire, England. John
Baldwin married his daughter Mary, and John,- eldest sou of John,i married Mary
Bruen, a niece of his stepraotiier. I have been favored by Mr. George F. Tuttle, of
New York City, with an account of tlie Bruens, which I intended to have published
in full, but which I condense l)ecaus(> my book is already too large. Tiie estate,
which for more than five iiundred years was the famil}'' seat of the Bruens, is a few
miles east of Chester.

ROBERT LE BRUEN,i the first of tlie family, appears in a grant of lands bearing
date 12o0, and had issue:

1. Thomas le Bruen, grantee of lands from Jolin, s. Hugh, s. Hanno de Brnne.

2. Eva, m. Phillip de Stratton.

8. ROBERT,-^ heir of Bruen Stapleford.

Tlie last had issue:

EMMA,:! sole dau. and iieiress, m. ROGER LE BRUEN, and liad ch.
1. Joan,'* m. John llolford, and

3. ROBERT,* .son and heir; d before 27 Edward HI. (U5;j4), and had issue:

1. Robert,''" who connnanded a ('om|)any of Archers in France, ;5() Edward
III., (1357).

2. ROGER.'^i sou and heir, by deed, 11 Edward II. (1309); d. 35 Edward III.
(13(52); m. Catharine, dau. John de Leigh, and had issue.

1. Geortrey,<> ancestor of the Bruens of Tarvin.

2. NICHOLAS,'^ m. Ellcna. dau. Ivogcr de Praers, and sister and sole Iieiress
of Henrjr de Praers, of Duddon, and had issue.

ROGER,'' marriage contract, in 1883, to Catharine, dau. Sir .bilui Norris.
By inquisition, 4 Henry VI. (1426), after the death of Roger, it appears lie iield in
demesne, as'of fee, the manor of Bruen Stajileford, from the Bishop of (Coventry
and Litchfield, by military service, value per annum eight marks, with lands in
C;iotten, Wymbalds, Trafford, Oscroft Farm, (Jhildes, Christleton, Guildeu, Sulton,
Barton, Huxley, Hargreave and Chester. He had issue.

THOMAS, « who m. Alice, dau, Thomas Greenway, of Biddulph, County
Stafford, who had

John,'-' second son.

Robert, s> third sou, liviug4 Henry VII. (1489).

Appendix — Bruen. 841

JAMES/J eldest, m. tlio dau., who is heiress of John Ded woods, of Ches-
ter, and had issue.

1. John, itJ eldest; m. but d. without issue before 34 Henry VIII (1533), and
was succeded by his brother

3. JAMES, 1" who ni. Anue, dau. Geoffrey Starkie and Sybella his wife, and
eleven ch., of whom the eldest son was

JOHN. 11 He m. a dau. of Ottey, of Ottey, County Salop. He had issue:

JOHN,i- eldest son; m. l***. Anne, sister of Sir John Done, who d. without
issue; and he m. 3»<J. Dorothy, daii. of Thomas Holford, of Holford. John 12 J. in
1587, and had a son

J0HN,13 bapt. iu 1560, the eldest of thirteen ch., the father-in-law of John

Baldwin, of Milford.

John Bruen's life was published tirst in 1641, under the title: "The very Singular
Life of John Bruen, Es(i., of Bruen Stapleford, Cheshire, exhibiting a variety of
Memorable and Exemplary Circumstances, which may be' of Great Utility to all
Persons, but Principally Intended as a Precedent of Piety and Charit}' for the Inhab-
itants of the County of Chester. Bj^ the Rev. William Hinde, Fellow of Queen's
College, Oxford, and Preacher of God's Word at Bunberry, in the aforesaid County."
It was republished at Chester in 1799, and in New York iu 1857; and a Synopsis was
published in Ormerod's " History of Chester." John Bruen is one of the few persons
whose private virtues alone, in the rank of a country gentleman, have handed down
his memory. His tenets were Calvanistic, but his goodness of heart would reflect
honor on any religion. He was prepared for College by his brother Dutton, of Duttou.
Afterward he and his brother Thomas were gentlemen commoners at Oxford (Alban
Hall), from 1574 to 1580. Having then married the daugliter of Henry Hardware
(twice Mayor of Chester, and Sheriff of the county), he retired to Bruen Stapleford
and its amusements. His father died in 1587, leaving him his lands charged with
the portions of twelve children ; to settle these, the park, w^ell stocked with deer, was
disparked, and hawks, hounds and every unnecessary expense cut off, His mind
seemed turned to forming in his family a pattern of religious economy which was
eccentric, but appears to have been the result of unaffected piety. His anti-poperj-
prejudices were very strong, like those of other Puritans ; and the rich painted glass
in the church of his ancestors at Tarvin fell a sacrifice to It, although they contained
the arms and monuments of his ancestors. He was noted for his pious influence, and
according to the customs of the times, there were many persons in his household
placed there to be associated Avith liiin. Among them were Lady Egerton, daughter
of the Lord Chancellor, Sir Michael Grosvenor, and many whose virtues are ' • still
proverbial iu Cheshire." There were at one time twenty-one of these persons. The
expense was more than he could iiffoi'd, and after the death of his second wife, he
retired to Chester and closer economy. After his return, he married the third time,
and renewed his former charitable magnificence. His wool clothed the poor of the
parish, to maintain whom he gave the profits of two mills. The poor of Chester
were met every week at Stapleford Hall. His house was a conmion inn, where many
lodged that they might refresh their hearts in seeing his face, hearing his voice, and
conferring and advising with him.

It is recorded that, on a complaint made for .some injury done by the water from his
mills, the Judge, in oi)eu court, begged the proceedings might be stayed, adding: "I


842 Baldioin Genealogy.

can but thiuk 30U wroug, JMr. Brueu. 1 will undertake for him. Make him but
sensible of any wrong he hath done, and he shall willinglj^ acknowledge it, and make
amends for it. "

His biographer says : "His home was none other than the house of God," and in
religion "he carried the top sail of all England." To this I add the testimony of the
Right Reverend Father in God, Primate of all Ireland, w'ho said of Mr. Bruen: "In
him was the very beauty of holiness; and he was of so amiable and cheerful a coun-
tenance that when I beheld him 1 was reminded ef Moses, whose very face shone as
honoring some more than ordinary eminency of grace in his heart." He d. Jan. 1,
1635,, and his portrait was engraved and re-engraved. Lives of John Bruen and his
sister Catharine are in Christopher Morton's " Monuments of the Fathers and Reform-
ers. London: 1 TOG. 8vo." He m. !»*. Elizabeth Hardware, who d. in 1596; 2"^. Anne
Fox; and Sr*'. Margaret . His ch. by 1***^ marriage were:

1. John, succeeded to the estate.

. 2. Anne, bapt. Nov. 11, 1585; d. in 1605.

3. James, bapt. in 1586.

4. Henry, bapt. November, 1588; no issue.

5. Elizabeth, bapt. May 28, 1589.

6. Calvin, bapt. Jan. 7, 1591 ; Mayor of CluiSter, and Sheriff of Cheshire in
1655; m. no issue.

7. Beza, bapt. Feb. 24, 159-5.

- 8. Nathaniel, b. July 2;^, 1597.

By his 2"'i marriage:

9. Katharine, l>apt. Feb. 7, 1601.

10. Abigail, b. April 3, 1603.

.11. Jonathan, b. Jan. 6, 1005.

12. Obadiah, b. Dec. 25, 1006. +

13. Joseph, 1). jMarch 4, 1614.

14. ^largaret, 1). Doc. 8, 1616, and tlirce other ch. bapt. witji Margaret.

By the 3>"'i marriage:

15. Mary, bapt. June 14, 1622; emigrated to New England witli her brother
Ubadiah, and m. John Baldwhi, Sen., of Milford, (ante page 190.)

16. Son, name imkuo'.vu.

OBxVDlAH BRUEN, i-ib. Dec. 25, 1606; m. Sarah ; emigrated to New Eng-
land. He was Representative in Massachusetts; after tliat, for tifleen years, Town
Clerk of New Loudon, Conn. ; one of the grantees in the Royal Churtei' of Connecti-
cut. He was one of the associates in bujing Newark, and settled tliere. He had ch. :

1. Mary. (V) May be a mistake of Mr. Savage for Mary, the sister, who m.
John Baldwin, Sen.

2. Rebecca, m. Thomas Post.

3. Hannah, b. Jan. 9, 1644; m. John Baldwin, s. John, Sen., of Milford,
(ante page 300.)

4. John, b. June 2, 1646..

in couclviding this sketch of the Bruens, 1 quote Mr. Tuttle, who sa3's: "During
the long period of four hundred years, the Biuens, of Bruen Stapleford, became
connected by ties of marriage and descent with the most eminent families of Cheshire
and the adjoining counties, to wit : Booth, Dutton, Bulklej , Yenables, Brereton, Leigh,

Appendix — Hall. 843

Holford. Btanlpy. Clinton, Montfnrl, etc.; and through sonic of thcso the subject of
the forogoiug skctcli was (Icsccnded, as may easily bo traced in the genealogical

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