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of , of lawful English money, to be in handpayd by Edward Baldwin, of

Guilford, in ye County of Surrey, Gentleman, m}' kinsman, have granted. Bargained
& sould, demised, assigned & sett over, & by these presents doe fuliy, ch-arly &
absoluteh' Graunt, Bargaine it sell, demise, assigne & sett over unto the sd Edward
Baldwin, the sd cottage or Tenniment Closs of Land ct premisses before mentioned to
be demised, with the Appurtenances, «& the sd Indenture of Lease, & all my estate,
teanure & Interest of, in A: to the sd Cottage or Tennim't Closs of land, Indenture of
Lea.se & premisses;

Richard, of Milford, Connecticut. 85

To Have and To Hold the s^i Cottage or Teunimeut, Closse of Laud & premisses
before meutioued, to be liereby Bargained, sould or assigned, & the s'l mentioned
indenture of Lease, to the stl Edward Baldwin, his Executors & Assignes, from hence-
forth, for & dureiug all ye rest &: Residue of the s^i Tearme of one Thousand yeares,
by the s^ Indenture of Lease graunted, yet to come «fe unexpired; and I, the s<i Sarah
Baldwin, Alias Astwood, doe Covenant tt graunt, for me, my Executors & adminis-
trators, to it with the s^i Edward Baldwin, his Executors & assignes by these presents,
that the sJ Edward Baldwin, his Executors & assignes, sliall, or lawfully may, well &
in peace, Have, hold & enjoy the sd Cottage or Teunim't, Closs of Land & premises
before mentioned, to be hereby Graunted or assigned, with the appurtenances, for &
dureing all ye rest & Residue of ye said Tearme of one Thousand yeares, by the
s^i Indenture graunted, yet to come & unexpired, without anylett. trouble. Interruption
or Contradiction of. or b}' me, the sd Sarah Baldwin, otherwise Astwood, or any other
person or persons Lawfully Claymeing any Estate or interest of, in or to ye premisses,
by, from or under me, except one Lease of ye premisses formerly made by the
sJ Silvester Tompkins & Elizabeth, his then wife, for three-score yeares, if they, or
either of them should soe long live, under and for ye yearly Rent of ten shillings, to
be payd for the use of the poore of St. Leonard's.

In witness whereof, I have hereunto set my hand and scale, the first day of October,
in ye yeare of our Lord one Thousand six hundred sixty & six, and nineteenth yeare
■of his Majesties' Reigne that now is, etc.

Sealed & delivered in the presence of Sarah Astwood,

Benjamin Fen, her s mark.

Alexander Bryan.

This is a true Record of the originall, examined and proved soe to be, per me,

James Bishop,

Clark of N. H. County.

Ricliard had ehildreu :'^'

2. Elizabeth, bapt. in Milford, Sept., 1644: m. Zachariah Burwell.-j-

3. Sylvanus, bapt. 20 Nov., 1040. -|-

4. Sarah, bapt. 1 April, 1649; m. Samuel Riggs.-|-

5. Temperance, bapt. 29 June, 1651 ; m. Nathan Burwell.-f-

6. Mary, bapt. 6 Nov., 1653; m. Daniel Comstock.-|-

7. Theophilus, 26 Apl., 1659, in Ch. Rec. of New Haven entered bapt. 19
Sept., 1658. The latter is probably wrong. -f-

8. Zachariah, 22 Sept., 1660.+

9. Martha, 1 Ap'l, 1663; m. Samuel Nettletou. -f
10. Barnabas, 1665.+

Eev. John Davenporte, in a letter to Governor John Winthrop,
Jr., 20th, 2d month, 1658, (47 Mass. Hist. Coll., 494,) says: " Yonr
letter to Sarjeant Baldwin my wife pnrposeth to convey to him
by the first opportunity." It may be that some letters from him
are in the Winthrop papers.

' Mr. Savage's Genealogical Dictionary gives Richard a d. Marj-, bapt. 1643. This Mary was d. Timothy.
He also gives him a son John, on no authority appitrently except that Mrs. Atwood left a grandson John.
This grandson Savage also gives to John, Senior, of Milford. He belonged to John of Stonington.

86 Baldwin Genealogy.

2. ELIZABETH ^ Richard, ^ bapt. 1644; m., 18 Nov. 1663, Zach-
ariali Bnrwell, and they removed to Newark, N. J., as early as
1667. In 1711, she joins with her husband in a deed to Baranabas.

It. John.

13. Zachariah.

13. Esther, m. Jonu Williamson.

14. Elizabeth, m. James Clisbee, widow in 1711, when she conveys lands to
her daughter Mary, wife Amos Whitman.

Zachariah and his wife convey their property, in 1712, to their
children, reserving the use to themselves. Zachariah owned the
place on Broad street, afterward owned by that zealous antiqua-
rian, to whom every JSTew Jersey genealogist owes so much, S. H.
Cougar. Not many years ago was found there, in the building,
a stone wdth his initials, Z. B.; and Mr. Cougar (lately deceased)
supposed the rear'of his home (the oldest building in jSTew^ark) to
be part of Mr. Burwell's house. Zachariah Burwell w^as s. John
Burwell, the first of Milford who, with his wife Alice, emigrated
from Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, in the locality of the
Baldwins, and in the parish where some of them had held lands
and resided.

3. SYLYANUS ^ Richard, ^ bapt. in Milford, Ct., 20 Nov., 1646 :
m., 20 Sept., 1671, Mildred Prudden; bapt. 14 May, 1653; d. of
Rev. Peter Prudden,* first pastor of Milford.

* Rev. Peter Prndden was the first pastor of Milford, until 1643 — an indej)endent colony, by the way.
Cotton Mather's sketch of him is interesting- (Pnidentius: the Life of Mr. Peter Prudden): "I am sure,
tiien, 'tis & blessed child of God whose name is now before us (Prudden shall we call him, or Prudent?),
who besides his other excellent iiualities, was noted for a singular faculty to sweeten, compose and qualify
exasperated spirits, and stop or heal all contentions; whence it was that his town of Milford enjoyed jjeace
with truth all his days — withstanding some disposition to variance which afterward broke forth among
them." There were then two famous churches gathereil in two days, one following upon the other — Mr.
Davenport's and Mr. Pruden's — and this vrith one singular circumstance, that a mighty barn was the place
wherein the duties of that solemnity were attended. The next year, Mr. Prudden, with his church,
removed into Milford, where he lived many years, an example of piety, gravitij and hoiling zeal against the
growing' evils of the times. Mather compliments his discretion ; says he provided comfortably for liis
family, and "lived to be about SC.year of his age, and 'the 56 year of the present age,' when his death was
felt by the colony as the fall of a pillar which made the whole fabric to shake." Like that of Piccart, now
let Prudden be under this


Dogmati non tantus fuit aiidltoribus idem,
Exaniplo in vita jam quoque niorti praeit.

Less on opinion than example bent,

His hearers followed where their fathers went.

His holy life their brightest precedent.

Mather's Magnalia, Vol. 1, page 39G; ed. 1855.

Richard, of Milford, Connecticut. 87

She d. Jan'y, 171 :V. He d. ''the beginning of June, 1727/'
His will is recorded in New Haven. His name is his grand-
father's, with a Latin termination, as became the fashion of the
day, and likely his father's London schooling. He is always
called in the records, Lieut. Sylvanus, and his name occurs in the
town records as often in places of trust or responsibility as any
of the town. He was a very leading man. He was generally the
"surveyor" in laying out town lands; 1674, he was on committee
to determine bounds between Milford and Xew Haven; 1690,
Lieut, for Dragoons for New Haven County. This was "for the
framing and carrying on a war against our French and Indian
enemies at Canada." From May, 1695, to Oct., 1699, he was
generally Deputy for Milford. In 1685, he was an agent for Milford
to buy a tract of land for the town of Milford from Conquepotana
and Ahuntaway.

29 Feb'j^, 1700, he was one of the agents to buy for the town a
second tract from these and other Indians. The consideration
was £15 in pay, and 15s. in silver. This land was the northwest
part of Woodbridge, called, when laid ont in 1759, the Two Bit
purchase, and described as being in Milford, north of Bladen's
Brook, unto a brook called Lebanon Brook, one mile sixty rods
east and west. It was held in trust for inhabitants of Milford, or
those paying, by Bobert Treat, Esq., Mr. Thomas Clark, Mr.
Samuel Buckingham, Sen., Lieut. Sylvanus Baldwin and Esq.
George Clark. This deed was from Comikapay, Nauhautaway,
Suckatash, Durkin, Wonenutacum, Pequit, Waranunton, Win-
ahan and Waurasconut. signing by odd-looking marks. The next
deed on Milford records is also from Indians, partly the same,
dated 23 Feb'y, 1702, and there is added: " This may certify whom
it may concern, that I, Sylvanus Baldwin, as an Interpreter, am
full}'' satisfied that the Indians have sold the aforesaid lands, and
signed this instrument with right understanding, as witness my
hand." That he had skill in the Indian language, appears also
in other instances. He is called in the church record, in 1686,
Brother Sarjeant; but after that. Lieutenant. He was, in 1720,
one of the patentee proprietors of Waterbury, but continued to
reside and died in Milford. He was a man of large wealth. Only

88 Baldwin Genealogy.

two of his children survived him, and the most prominent of the
•children of Richard has no descendants of his name.

15. Elizabeth, 29 M'ch, 1673; m. Woodruff.+

16. Richard, 4 Dec, 1674; d. 11 Oct., 1703.

17. Sarah, 15 Aug , 1677; d. 24 Sept., 1703.

18. Sylvanus, 30 Nov., 1679; d. 20 Oct., 1703.

19. Ebenezer, bapt. 4 Nov., 1684; no doubt d. y.

20. Grace, bapt. 24 Jaa'y, 168f; d. Aug., 1690.

21. Mildred, bapt. 23 Dec, 1688, aad d. apparently the same year.

22. John, 26 M'ch, 1693; bapt. 27 Aug., 1693. +

At his death, John was a bachelor; and Elizabeth, I doubt not,
was living not very far far from Waterbury. He remembers in
his will liberally Mary, w. of Daniel Munn, and I am inclined to
think that they kept house for him. See further John.

4. SATiAH- Richard, 1 bapt. 1 Ap'l, 1649, married Samuel
Riggs, of Derby, Conn. His will, dated 13 iN'ov., 1732, proved
2 May, 1734, gives his widow £80, and to his ch. and gr. ch. In
1758, adm. was granted on his nn administered estate, all the ch.
being dead. He and his descendants were prominent in Derby,
and the name is abundant in the vicinity to this day.

23. .John, of Derby, .Justice of the Peace acd Representative often, and
Captain — a very leading man. He was dead before 1755, leaving ch. : Samuel ;
Joseph;* Sarah, m. Daniel Humphrey;! Elizabeth, m. Daniel Holbrook; Eunice,
m. John Wooster, then all living in Derby. .John Wooster d. Aug. 2, 1804, aged
■84 years, and his w. Eunice, Nov. 17, 1799, aged 74 years.

*.JOHN RIGGS. 1. Joseph, son of Captain John Riggs; m., Feb. 20, 1739, Mabel Johnson. His
children were :

2. Hannah, Dec. 21, 1740.

3. John, April 10, 1742.

4. Joseph, July 21, 1746.

5. Samuel, Nov. 21, 1750; d. Sept. 21, 1766.

6. Mabel again, May 5, 1759.

3. JOHN, Esq., b. April 10, 1842; m. Elizabeth Hawkins. He d. June 13, 1814; and his widow d.
Oct. 3, 1815.

7. Son John, Dec. 22, 1771.

7. JOHN, b. Dec. 22, 1771; m., Jan. 1, 1793, Mary, dau. Isaac and Hannah Beecher. He died Nov.
14j 1855 ; and she Dec. 15, 1827, aged 53. His children were :

8. Maria, May 7, 1793 ; d. June 4, 1813.

9. Laura, May 7, 1795; m., Oct. 16, 1813, John Davis, and d. 1854.

10. Mary, March 13, 1798; m., Oct. 27, 1816, John S. Moshier, and d. Feb. 9, 1877.

11. John H., Jan. 6, 1801; d. Oct. 10, 1805.

12. Lucinda, May 20, 1804; m., Nov. 21, 1823, Warren French, and d. March 20, 1876.

13. Thira, Oct. 26, 1807 ; m. 1st, John Hunipher\- : 2nd, Joshua Kendall.

14. John, Oct. 39, 1801.

15. Harpin, Dec. 9, 1813.

16. Henry, Jan. 15, 1816 ; in, .Mary Ann Bradley, and d. 1864.

John ni. 2nd, .March 6, 1829, Betsey Hawkins, who was b. April 26, 1786 ; d. Julj- IS, 1847,

Richard, of 3Iilford, Convecllcat. 89,

24. Edward. His widow, iu June, 1713, was bis admia'x, late of Derby. She
m. 3"*'. William Moss. There were three cli., of whom Grace m. Smith: Abigail
m. Duraud & Hester.

25. Elizabeth, m. Bassett, aud at least a s. Samuel.

20. Sarah, in. Jonathan Lumm, of Derby, whose will, 3 Dec, 1756, proved
Oct., 1758, remembers his w. Ruth, sons John, Jonathan, Joseph, heirs of Samuel;

1.5. HARPIN RIGGS, b. Deo. 9, 1813; in., Ma.v IT, 1840, Harriet, dan. Hiram and Sarah Upson.
His children were :

17. Johu H., Apiil 5, 1841; m., May 17, 13C(i, Amelia Kennedj-, and ch.: 24. Alice Louisa,
25. Lizzie Atwood. 26. John Harpin.

18. Royal B., Oct. 6, 1844; m. Mary Dunn.

19. Hiram U., Dec. 6, 1846; d. July 4, 18.52.

20. Louisa B., Sept. 4, 1849; m., Nov. 24, i8(i9, Norman Sperry.

21. Sarah M., June 5, 1852; m., Maj' 26, 1875, George A. James; child; 27. Florence H.

22. Harriet, April 2, 18.56; m., Sept. 18, 1878, Joseph G. Redshaw, of Ansonia.

23. Mary B., Feb. 4, 1859; ni., Nov. 7, 1878, Gilbert E. Osborne, of New Haven.

t Sarah, dau. John Rigifs ; m, 1st, Nov. 22, 1732, John Bower, and had at least a dau. Sarah, b. Aug. 18,
1736. Mr. Bower died 26 Jan'y, 173 J, and his widow m., April 18, 1739, Rev. Daniel Humphrej's, the
clergyman at Derby. The following epitaph maj' be of interest :

"The Rev. Daniel Humphreys died Sept. 2nd, 1787, in the 81st year of his age. For more than half a
century he was the established minister of the first Society in this town. Mrs. Sarah Humphreys, the
affectionate wife of his youth, and tlie tender companion of his advanced age, died Jul}' 29, 1787, just five
weeks before him.

'"The seasons thus,

As ceaseless round a jarring world they roll,

Still find them happy, and consenting spring

Sheds her own rosy garlands on thfir heads.

Till evening comes at last, serene and mild.

When, after the long vernal day of life.

Enamored more a^s more remembrance swells

With many a proof recollected lo^e.

Together down thej" sink in social sleep ;

Together freed, their gentle spirits fly

To scenes where love and bliss inunortal reign."

What children she had by Rev. Mr. Humphreys I do not know, sa*e General David, born in Derby, 1752-
General David Humphreys graduated at Yale, 1767, known as the "young bard of Yale." He entered the
army in 1778 as captain. He was quickly made aid to General Patterson, and two years later, aid to General
Washington, a position he held during the war. At Yorktown he received the English colors, and bore the
despatches and colors to Congress. He was voted a sword, and Congress made him Lieutenant Colonel,
dating back his commission. In 1784, he went to Europe with Kosciusko. In 1786, he returned, and was
representative for Derby until appointed Colonel in the western service. He afterward lived with Wash-
ington, until 1790, wlien he was appointed Minister to Portugal, which post he held seven years. He was
then, until 1802, Minister to Spain. He married, 1797, a daughter of John Bulkly, an English merchant at
Lisbon, of great wealth. He introduced merino sheep into the United States ; and in 1806, erected the
first woollen mill in the United States, in that part of Derby named from him Humphreysville. He was
celebrated as a poet, and wrote also a Life of General Putnam and several political pieces. Duychinck's
Cj'clopedia has an account of his writings, as well as an autograph, and a poor portrait, and a better
eugra\'ing of Humphreysville. See also Barber's Historical Collection of Connecticut. He was General of
the Connecticut Militia in 1812, and L.L.D. (Brown, 1802.)

90 Baldwin Genealogy.

lieirs of Sarah Durand, Elizabeth w, Daniel Hull. He gives to Joseph his shoe-
making and tanning tools.

27. Hannah, m. Harger, of Stratford, and left ch.

28. Ebenezer, d. before 1732, leaving eh., Ebenezer* and John, in Derby.

5. TEMPERANCES Richard, ibapt. 1651, in Milforcl; m. 14
June, 1673, ISatlian Barwell,t and continued to re.side in Milford.
Nathan- was s. John,^ of Milford, and brother of Zachariah, who
m. Elizabeth, sister of Temperance.

29. Alice, bapt. 1676.

30. Temperance, bapt. 1676.

31. John, born 1678.

32. Abigail, d. at Milford, 3 Sept., 1703.

33. MarJ^ m. Samuel Marvin, and, 3 Dec, 1712, received deed from her
father. All these of Milford.

6, MARY- Richard,^ bapt. 6 Xov., 1653; m. Daniel Comstock.
He is identified, and this marriage shown by a deed, 22 Xov.,
1711, to Barnabas, her brother. They are then described as of
Lyme, Conn. They had children at least appearing in the town
record :

34. Marah, 4 April, 1685.

35. Ann, 13 March, 168f.

I learn no more, having engaged a search by the town clerk.
He states than John Comstock had children born there, 1662 to
1678. The name continues in Xorth Lyme. Mr. Savage does not

- EBENEZER RIGGS, s. 8 Ebenezer; m., July 17, 1733, Rachel Peck, of WRterbury. Ch.:

1. Rachel, May 31, 1734; d. -May 25, 1740.

2. Esther, July 24, 1736.

3. Ebenezer, Nov. 17, 1738 ; d. May 29, 1740.

4. Rachel, Jan. 13, 1741.

5. Lewis, July 25, 1743 ; d. August, 1751.

6. Eunice, Oct. 14, 1745.
7.' Ebenezer, Jan. 22, 1748.

8. Jeremiah, Jul}' 1, 1750.

9. Joseph, August 17, 1753.

7. EBENEZER, s. Ebenezer, of Oxford ; m. Julia M. Davis, dau. Col. John Davis. Ch.:

1. Lucinda, m. Henry Church, s. .Sheldon Church, of Seymour.

2. Dewitt, unmarried.

3. Homer, m. Mary E. Davis, of New Roehelle, N. Y., dau. Capt. Clark Davis, and resides in
Washington, D. C.

4. Bernice, m. Charles Meiggs, of Oxford ; and

5. N. Clark.

t The late R. D. Smith asked: "Did this Nathan Burwell go to Woodbury?" A query among his

Richard, of Milford, Connectieui. 91

mention this Daniel. In the Probate Records of New Haven
appears, Aug., 1712, estate (small) of Daniel Comstock, late of
North Guilford, to William Stone, Senior, of Guilford.

7. TIIEOPHILUS 2 Richard, lb. in Milford, 26 Ap'l, 1659, as
appears by its records, but said, in New Haven church records, to
have been baptized Sept., 1658. It is supposed the last record is
the one in error. He lived in Milford ; m., 8 Feb'y, 168f, Elizabeth
Camptield; perhaps dau. of Thomas. He died before 22 June,
1698, his estate being then appraised. His widow m., 6 Jan'v,
170i, John Merwin.

36. Martha, b. about 1690; m. Enos Camp.-j-

37. Abigail, b. about 1694: m. .Joseph Peck.-f

38. TheophiKLS, b. about )694.4-

39. Hezekiah, b. about 1697.

These four children were baptized 29 Sept., 1700; 15 April,
1689, Theophilus conveys land (Milford Rec.) to his "brother-in-
law, Joseph Piatt.'' Piatt m., 1680, Mary Kellogg. Quere: Was
Elizabeth Camplield already a Avidow, and dau. of Daniel Kellogg?

The youngest child (Hezekiah) was a weaver. He died unmar-
ried, his will being dated 15 April, 1728; and he remembers his
mother, Elizabeth Merwin ; eldest sister, Abigail Peck ; sister,
Martha Camp ; Joseph Peck, eldest son of Abigail ; Enos, eldest
son of Martha; and brother, Theophilus. In 1699, the widow had
leave from the Assembly to convey land, contracted by her hus-
band to John Newton, and for the most part paid for to her
husband, to John Newton, the son: she having, under a previous
act, conveyed it to the widow of Newton, and it having been set
to the son.

8. ZACHARIAH 2 Richard, lb. 22 Sept., 1660, in Milford, and
remained there. He was generally called, in the record. Ser-
geant; but in the entry of his death (Ch. Rec), 31 May, 1722, is
dignified with the then valuable title of Mr. As Zachary, he was
Auditor, 1696. He was Representative for Milford, 1705 to 1718 —
fourteen sessions. He m., but perhaps for his second wife, and as
early as 1687, Elizabeth, widow of Ezekiel Sanford^ of Milford.
Savage makes her first husband s. Andrew,^ and d. 1685 or '86,
and leave, perhaps, one child. She married, and her will, dated

92 Baldioin Genealogy.

22 May, 1732, was proved 6 April, 1733. She joined the church
with her husband in 1693.

40. Mary, bapt. 3 May, 1680; m., 20 June, 1704, Thomas Newton, of Milford.

41. Zachariah.-(-

42. Solomon. -|-

43. Ebeuezer, bapt. 6 Aug., 1693.+ '

44. Elizabeth, bapt. 1 Jan'y, 169f ; m. .John Hine.+

45. Susanna, bapt. 15 Nov., 1696. In her mother'.s will, 1732, she is called
Susanna Miles. Some Susaaa m., 2 Jan'y, 171^, John Burwell, of Milford. If this.
Miles must have been 2nd husband.

46. Stephen, 11 Oct., 1699, bapt. 31 Dec, 1699.+

47. Temperance, bapt. 13 June, 1703; m. Northrup, as appears by her mother's

48. Sarah, 9 June, 1706, living and unm. in 1732; m. Charles Baldwin, 3
Richard, 2 John, i

49. Richard, 9 Sept., 1709; bapt. 10 Sept., 1709. +

He made several conveyances to his children in his lifetime.
His wife survived. By his will, among other devises, he gave his
interest in Hogg meadow purchase to Zachariah ; to his sons,
Stephen and Richard, his home lot (now Milford), and three-
fourths of his interest there— a distribution not lived to, as
Zachariah left Hogg meadow and lived in Stratford; Stephen and
Richard lived on, or near it, and Ebeuezer went to New Milford.

9. MARTHA-^Richard,ilAp'l, 1(363, in Milford; m, Samuel
Nettleton.^^ 7 Xov., 1715, her brother, Lieut. Sylvanus, in her
behalf as adm'x of her husband, "exhibited her return." They
lived in Milford.

50. Elizabeth, Oct., 1686.

51. -John, 18 Sept., 1689.

52. Samuel, 16 Dec, 1691.

53. Nathan, 21 Jan'y, 169f.

54. Martha, 28 Oct., 1697; m., before 1729, Freegift Coggeshall.

55. Joseph, 16 Feb'y, 1700.

56. Theophilus, 1 .June, 1703.

57. Silvanus, 13 Oct., 1704.

14 May, 1723, of these ch., John, Samuel, Joseph & Martha convey to Nathan
their right in their father's estate.

■* Samuel Nettletoii was no <loubt descended from Samuel, Senior, who tiied at Fairfield about 1655 or
1656. His wife Maria d. 29 Oct., 165S (Branford Records). In these recorils appears inventory of his estate,
taken at Fairfield. Hehadch. : John, (afterward of Killingworth); Martha, ni. John Uffoot, and in 1649
lived at his father's, in Milford; Mary; Isabel, m. George Chatfield, of .Milford; Hannah, m. Thomas Smith,
of Haddam; Sarah; Lettice; Samuel, who was adm'r, and removed to Milford. Samuel, in our text, was
probably Samuel (3) Samuel (2) Samuel. (1)

Bichard, of Jlilford, Connecticut. 93

10. BARNABAS =^ Richard,! i^, i,;,;5^ .^f^^j, 03 July, in Miltbrd.
His misfortunes commenced before his birth. He wa.s a po^^thu-
mous child, and as the law then stood in Connecticut, was not enti-
tled to, nor did he receive, in distribution, any share of the large
estate of his father. lie m. I''*' Sarah, eldest dau. of Samuel
Buckingham, of Milford, s. of Thomas, one of the first settlers.
She was b. 8 Jan'y, 166i, and her mother was Sarah Baldwin, dau.
Timothy, first settler at Milford, and m. 14 Dec, 1663. She died
before 3 Dec, 1692, as appears from the will of her father of that
date, wherein he remembers the husband, and oldest and youngest
children (Thomas and Barnabas) of his deceased daughter. ^ Bar-
nabus soon m. again, for 1 Jan'y, 169|, he and Mary his wife are
received to full communion in Milford ch., and his first four
children named below are baptized.

His will, dated 5 May, 1740, and proved 19 Oct., 1741, gives his
wife Abigail "twenty shillings, besides what is in her joynture.''
It has been singularly ditficult to get definite knowledge of the
history of Barnabas. I have failed to find any record of his
birth, any marriage or death; and I have also looked in vain for
any record of the jointure in the records of Milford, Kew Haven
and Derby. There were until 1850, on the farm occupied by him,
many papers which were of much interest, and which would have
probably told fully the story of his life. About that time, they
were made into a bonfire in house-cleaning. In the absence of
records, I sought his grave, which I found after some time in the
cemetery in the west part of "Woodbridge, near Decby line. It is
a slab, inscribed: "Here lyes the body of Mr. Barnabas Baldwin,
aged 76 years; departed this life August y^ 22"''' 1741."' Born of
a rich father, legitimate but no heir, I know not what life he led
until 1711 or '12, whsn his brothers and sisters, by several con-
veyances appearing on Milford records, conveyed to him "Hogg
Meadow,'' reciting that this was done because he was not included
in the distribution of Richard's estate, in 1665. He was then
forty-five or forty-six years of age. Tliey only had half left to
convey, for 23 May, 1720, Barnabas makes an agreement (6 Milf.
Rec, 292), reciting, that whereas his father Richard, once of Mil-
ford, did receive of Tantannomv, an Indian, a gift of that ti-act
of land commonly known by the name of Hogg meadow purchase,
partly in Milford and partly in Derby; and whereas my honored
mother and eldest brother Sylvanus Baldwin sold half to Henry

94 Baldwin Genealogy.

Alien, and my mother and Allen agreed to make partition, and

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