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VriLSON, Albert Arthur, M. D. C. M. —
Physician and Surgeon, 1076 Robson St.,
Vancouver. Born Perth, Ont., Sept. 27,
1878, son of A. T. and Mary Davidson
Wilson. Educated McGill University.
Graduated, 1907; traveled and studied
Europe, 1907-1909; came to British Co-
lumbia and practiced 1909. Married La-
zelle Anderson, M. B., Vancouver, 1911.
Club: University. Recreations: Fishing,
shooting, music. Anglican. Address:
1076 Robson St., Vancouver, B. C.

WII^SOII', Alexander Dougflas, B. A.,
JmIm, B. — Of Wilson & Jamieson, Barris-
ters, 619 Hastings St., Vancouver. Born
Dundas, Ont, May 27, 1869, son of Rich-
ard Todd and Margaret Anne Gartshore
Wilson. Educated public schools, Dun-
das; Toronto University; Osgoode Hall.
Called to Ontario Bar 1907; British Co-
lumbia Bar 1907. Member of firm Lad-
ner & Wilson, 1908-1910; present part-
nership formed 1910. Lieutenant, 72nd
Highlanders, Vancouver, 1911. Conserv-
ative; Presbyterian. Address: Vancouver,
B. C.

WIIiSON, Arclutoald. — Of Wilson Bros.,
Saskatoon. Born near Almonte, Ont.,
June 23, 1876, son of Robert and Jane
Wilson. Educated public schools. Moose
Jaw. Engaged in ranching with father
at Dundurn, 1890; came to Saskatoon and
engaged in livery and feed business with
his brother, 1903; Director Saskatche-
wan Milling Co. Married Mabel Lena
Conn, Smith Falls, Ont., 1909; has one
son. Societies: I. O. F.; K. of P.. Rec-
reations: Curling, football, baseball.
Non-partisan; Presbyterian. Address:
327 Fifth Ave., Saskatoon, Sask.

WZIiSON, Arthur Ailing-. — - Manager
Canadian Bank of Commerce, Fort Wil-
liam. Born Walkerton, Ont., April 10,
1881, son of Horace Ailing and Eliza-
beth Lucinda Wilson. Educated public
schools Walkerton and Toronto; Harbord
College Institute and Model School, To-
ronto. Clerk with H. H. Dewart, K. C;
Crown Attorney, Toronto, 1894-1896;
clerk, Trusts Corporation of Ontario. To-
ronto, 1897-1899. Junior, Canadian Bank
of Commerce, Toronto, 1899; transferred
London, England, New York and Mont-




real branches; appointed manager Fort
William, 1907; Vice President Fort Wil-
liam Board of Trade, 1911. Served with
Q. O. R., Toronto, 1900-1902. Married
Lucie Nenon Ruttan, daughter of Rob-
ert A. Ruttan, Port Arthur, 1908; has
one son. Clubs: Canadian (President);
Kaministikwia; Fort William; Port Ar-
thur; Royal Canadian Yacht; Argonaut
Rowing; Fort William Rowing. Recrea-
tion: Rowing. Anglican. Address: 422
S. Norah St., Fort William, Ont.

WIIiSON, Belle Holland, M. D. — Phy-
sician, wife of Thomas A. Wilson, M. D.,
Vancouver. Born Milton, Iowa, Jan. 18,
1869, daughter of John C. and Hary Hol-
land. Educated public and high schools,
Milton; graduate Keokuk Medical Col-
lege, Keokuk, Iowa, 1897; Willamette
University, Salem, 1903; school teacher,
Milton, 1886. Came to British Columbia
1897; first lady deputy coroner in Can-
ada. Married Thomas A. Wilson, M. D. ;
has two sons and one daughter. Club:
Women's University (Vice President).
Address: 2303 Main St., Vancouver, B. C.

WlliSOir, Bifffferstaff.— Of the B. Wil-
son Co., Ltd., Victoria. Born Victoria,
March 18, 1874, son of William Wilson.
Educated British Columbia and England.
Club: Pacific. Society: A. F. & A. M.
Address: 1770 Rockland Ave., Victoria,
B. C.

WZIiSON, Hon. Cliarles, K. C. — Of Wil-
son & Whealler, Barristers and Solic-
itors, Winch Bldg., Vancouver. Born
London, England, Feb. 5, 1841. Came to
British Columbia 1862. Practiced as a
member of firm Wilson & Campbell; aft-
erwards Wilson, Senkler & Bloomfleld.
Elected to British Columbia Legislature
representing Cariboo, 1882; unsuccessful
1886, 1890, 1900; elected for Vancouver,
1903. Appointed Attorney General in
McBride Administration, 1903. Clubs:


Vancouver, Union (Victoria). Conserva-
tive; Unitarian. Address: Pine and Mat-
thews Ave., Shaughnessy Heights, Van-
couver, B. C.

Wl^SOir, Charles H.— Of Crowe & Wil-
son, Real Estate Brokers and Contrac-
tors, 441 Seymour St., Vancouver. Born
Wingham, Ont., son of John and Char-
lotte Gray Wilson. Came to British Co-
lumbia, 1886; member of Vancouver City
Council, 1901; chairman of Water Board
and Alderman, Vancouver, 1904. Ad-
dress: 1931 Nelson St., Vancouver, B. C.

WIIISON, David, Ex-M. X;. A Of Old-

fleld, Kirby & Gardner, Financial Agents,
234 Portage Ave., Winnipeg. Born Lim-
erick, Ireland, May 25, 1858, son of Jes-
sie and Rev. David Wilson, D. D. Edu-
cated Switzers and Weir's (jollege. Mem-
ber of Corn Exchange, London, 1879-
1883. Came to Manitoba and engaged in
ranching, 1883-1902. Councillor and
Reeve of Rural Municipality of Lans-
downe, 1902; elected for Gladstone to
Manitoba Legislature, 1906; unsuccessful
1907. Manager North Western Invest-
ment Co.. Winnipeg. Married Emily
Bates, Moncton, N. B'., 1891. Clubs:
Manitoba, Carlton, Adanac, Canadian.
Society: A. F. & A. M. Conservative.
Address: 123 Lewis St., Fort Rouge,
Winnipeg, Man.

WHiSON, David Douglas — Manager
Bank of Vancouver, New Westminster.
Born Seaforth, Ont., Sept. 13, 1880, son
of David Douglas and Helen Richard-
.son Wilson. Educated: public and high
scliools, Seaforth. Junior clerk, Domin-
ion Bank, Seaforth, 1899; manager


Dominion Bank, Strathcona, 1909-1910;
chief accountant, Bank of Vancouver,
Vancouver, 1911. Married Myrtle Bell,
Huntsville, Ont., 1910; has one son. Club:
Westminster. Societies: A. F. & A. M. ;
S. O. S. Recreations: outdoor sports.
Presbyterian. Address: 3402 Heather
St., Vancouver, B. C.

'WXIiSOJH, Hon. David Henry, M. D. —

Physician (retired). Born Carp, Ont.,
Oct. 2, 1855, son of Thomas and Sarah
Wilson. Educated Pakenham high school.
Trinity University, Toronto University.
Ontario College of Physicians and Sur-
geons. Practiced medicine Manitoba,
1879. Elected for Dufferin County to
Manitoba Legislature, 1882; re-elected
four subsequent elections; Provincial
Secretary for Manitoba, 1884; later Min-
ister of Public Works, resigning 1SS8.
Resumed practice of medicine, Vancou-
ver, 1889, retiring from active profes-
sional life, 1894; put bill through legis-
lature for incorporating Manitoba Med-
ical College; President Vancouver Med-
ical Association; President of Conserva-
tive Association of British Columbia:
Vice President of British Columbia Per-
manent Loan Co.; Vice President Pacific
Coast Fir Insurance Co.; President Royal
Plate Glass Insurance Co. Married An-
nie E. Armstrong, 1887; has three daugh-
ters. Conservative. Address: Chilcote
and Haro Sts., Vancouver, B. C.

WILSOM", Frank Clayton. — Of Living-
ston & Wilson, Barristers, Yorkton. Born
Copetown, Ont., Jan. 20, 1888, son of
James Howell and Rhoda Wilson. Edu-
cated public and high schools, Dundas;
College Institute, Hamilton. Came to
Saskatchewan, 1903; student with E. L.
Blwood, Moosomin, 1903; called to Sas-
katchewan Bar and entered part-
nership Elwood & Wilson, 1908. Moved
to Yorkton, 1911; present partnership
established, 1912. Society: K. of P. Rec-
reation: tennis. Conservative; Presby-
terian. Address: Yorkton, Sask.

'WUiSON, Prederica. — Lady Superin-
tendent, General Hospital, Winnipeg.
Born Goderich, Ont.. daughter of .Tane
and Capt. Frederick Wilson, R. N. Edu-
cated Goderich, Winnipeg General Hos-
pital Training School for Nurses (gradu-
ated 1899). Staff nurse, Winnipeg Gen-
eral Hospital, one year; night superin-
tendent and staff nurse. General Hospi-
tal, Albany, N. Y. ; Lady Superintendent
General Hospital, Medicine Hat; ap-
pointed to present position, 1905. So-
cieties: Canadian Superintendents' Asso-
ciation; American Superintendents' As-
sociation; W. G. H. Alumnae Associa-
tion; American Association for Study &
Prevention of Infant Mortality. Angli-
can. Address: General Hospital, Winni-
peg, Man.

Wll^SOir, r. Fardoe — Consulting Engi-
neer, Pacific Bldg., Vancouver. Born
Droitwich, England, Oct. 8, 1880, son of
John and Mary Ann Wilson. Educated
Hartlebury Grammar School. Surveyor,
Birmingham. Came to British Columbia
1908. Married Mabel Alice Tighe, Win-
nipeg, 1907; has two sons. Address:
2716 Clark Drive, Vancouver, B. C.


WII^SON, Georg-e I. — President, Coast
Steamship Co., 530 Seymour St., Van-
couver. Born Portsoy, Scotland, Febru-
ary 26, 1849, son of James Wilson. Edu-
cated public schools, Fordyce, Scotland.
Came to Canada, 1871. Mercantile busi-
ness with Hon. William Muirhead, Chat-
ham, N. B., 1871-1876; dry goods busi-
ness, Chatham, 1876-1882. Came to Bri-
tish Columbia, 1887; dry good business,
Vancouver, 1887-1895; with Brunswick
Canning Co., Vancouver, 1894-1903; gen-
eral manager British Columbia Packing
Association, 1903. Married Elizabeth J.
Bain; has three sons and two daughters.
Clubs: Vancouver; Terminal City; Jeri-
cho. Society: A. F. & A. M. Presbyter-
ian. Address: 1100 Barclay St., Van-
couver St., Vancouver, B. C.

VTHmSON, Rev. Gilbert B., M.A., I^I^.B.,
Ph.D. — Pastor, Augustine Presbyterian
Church, Winnipeg. Born Newton Rob-
inson, Ont., 1867, son of James Wilson,
J. P., and Agnes Robinson. Educated
Bradford High School; Toronto Univer-
sity; Knox College, Toronto; Halle and
Berlin, Germany. Came to Winnipeg,
1900. Member of Manitoba College Sen-
ate and Board; member Manitoba Uni-
versity Council and Royal Commission,
1908-1910. Publications: "Thesis: The
Pre-Exilic Psalter"; "The Dissolution of



the Monasteries." Married Harriet Hill
Smirle, M.A., Ottawa, 1903; has one son
and three daughters. Clubs: Canadian;
Alpine. Recreations: riding, bowling,
curling, yachting, tennis. Presbyterian.
Address: 111 Royal St., Winnipeg, Man.

VTIImSON, Harriett Smirle, M.A. — Wife
of Rev. Gilbert Wilson, LL.B., Ph.D.,
Minister of Augustine Church, Winnipeg.
Born Ottawa, daughter of Harriett
Holmes Cowley and Archibald Smirle,
well-known educationist. Educated Col-
legiate Institute, Ottawa (honors) ;
Queen's University (honors). Came to
Winnipeg, 1904. Identified with literary
side of university life; wrote thesis on
"The Influence of Normandy on Eng-
land." Married Rev. Gilbert Wilson,
LL.B., Ph.D., 1903; has one son and
two daughters. Club: University Soci-
ety; Women's Art Association. Presby-
terian. Address: 111 Royal St., Winni-
peg, Man.

Wll^SOir, Henry Georg-e Wlltoerforce.

— Of Wilson & Bothwell, barrister, so-
licitor, Indian Head. Born Arnprior,
Ont, March 31, 1873, son of George and
Mary Cecelia Wilson. Educated High
School, Almonte; Osgoode Hall. Prac-
ticed as Craig & Wilson, Renfrew, 1898.
Came to Saskatchewan, and practiced
since 1900. Solicitor for Bank of Mon-
treal; solicitor Union Bank of Canada;
solicitor Town of Indian Head; solicitor
Union Trust Co., Ltd. Farms three sec-
tions (1920 acres) of land near Indian
Head. Married Elizabeth Cameron Ed-
wards, Carleton Place, Ont, 1910. Club:
Indian Head. Society: A. F. & A. M.
Recreations: motoring, boating. Liberal.
Presbyterian. Address: Indian Head,

WH^SOir, Herbert Goulding-. — Of Wil-
son Bros., Wholesale Grocers, 532 Her-
ald St., Victoria; President, Victoria
Board of Trade, 1910-1912. Born Lon-
don, England, April 10, 1872, son of
William and Isabel Eilbeck Wilson. Edu-
cated Christ Church College, Finchley,
London, England. Came to Britisli Co-
lumbia, 1873; employee, R. R. Rithet &
Co., Ltd., Victoria, 1888-1892;- present
firm since 1892. Married Harriet Eliza-
beth Ross, daughter of Dixie H. Ross,
Victoria, 1902; has one son. Clubs:
Pacific (President, 1909-1911); Union;
Vancouver; James Bay Athletic. Con-
servative. Anglican. Address: Victoria,
B. C.

WXIiSON, James Osgroode. — Superin-
tendent, Royal Northwest Mounted Po-
lice, Lethbridge. Born Dundas, Ont.,
August 17, 1858, son of John and Mar-
garet Wilson. Educated public and
grammar schools, Dundas. Came to Al-
berta as constable. Royal Northwest
Mounted Police, 1879; rose from ranks
to present position. Married Sarah
Adelaide Thomas, Chippewa, Ont., 1888;
has one daughter. Club: Chinook. Rec-
reations: shooting, cricket. Anglican.
Address: The Barracks, Lethbridge, Alta.


WH^SOIf, James B. — Manager Saska-
toon Milling Co., Ltd. Born near Al-
monte, Ont., September 16, 1866, son of
Robert and Jane Wilson. Educated pub-
lic schools, Carleton County. Came to
Saskatchewan and farmed with his
father near Dundurn, 1883; employed in
Baker & Lee's grocery and hardware
store. Moose Jaw, 1884; assisted in
bringing the first hospital corps from
Moose Jaw to Saskatoon, to care for
wounded in battle of Fish .Creek, North-
west Rebellion, 1885; contractor on G.
N. R., Prince Albert branch and Cal-
gary and Edmonton line, 1887-1892; re-
turned to Dundurn and farmed, 1892-
1896; came to Saskatoon and entered in-
to partnership with James Leslie under
the firm name of Leslie «& Wilson, gen-
eral store, implements, and lumber,
1896; sold mercantile business to James
Clinkskill, 1889; retaining lumber and
implement business; disposed of his in-
terests to Mr. Leslie, April, 1900, and
came to Moose Jaw, where he purchased
a grocery business; returned to Saska-
toon, and again entered into partnership


with James Leslie, and operated a flour
mill and grain business, 1902; disposed
of his interest in 1906; eng-ag-ed in ele-
vator business with James Leslie, under
Arm name of The Wilson & Leslie Co.,
Ltd.; this Arm amalgamated with the
Saskatoon Mill & Elevator Co., 1910;
overseer of the village of Saskatoon,
1903; elected first mayor Saskatoon by
acclamation, 1904; elected alderman,
1906; but resigned; elected mayor, 1907,
and re-elected by acclamation, 1908; un-
successful candidate for Saskatchewan
Legislature, 1908; was largely instru-
mental in establishment of municipal
electric light plant. Married Lena Cole,
Winnipeg, 1906. Club: Saskatoon. So-
cieties: I. O. F. ; K. of P. Conservative.
Presbyterian. Address: 331 Fourth Ave.,
Saskatoon, Sask.


WXI^SON, Morris W. — Manager Royal
Bank of Canada, Vancouver. Born
Lunenburg, N. S., March 1, 1881, son of
J. H. and Helen Young Wilson. Edu-
cated High school, Lunenburg. Junior,
Royal Bank, Lunenburg, 1897; subse-
quently stationed Halifax, Charlotte-
town, P. E. I., and Montreal; assistant
manager, Truro; present position since
1909. Served as Lieutenant, 4th P. E. L
Regiment, Canadian Artillery. Married
Clara Leone Mason, 1906. Methodist.
Address: "The Stadacona," Vancouver,
B. C.

WZIiSON', Norman Bichard, M.A.,
Ph.D. — Professor of mathematics, Wes-
ley College, Winnipeg. Born Cobourg,
Ont., November 31, 1879, son of Richard
and Mary Adelia Wilson. Educated To-
ronto University; Cornell University;
Chicago University. Lecturer in mathe-
matics in Royal Military College, Kings-
ton, 1899. Liberal. Methodist. Address:
Wesley College, Winnipeg, Man.

WIZ^SOIT, Feter Edmond, B.A., TmIm.'B.-^

Judge of the County Court of Bast Koot-
enay. Born Tecumseh Township, Sim-
coe County, Ont., August 28, 1872, son
of Charles and Rachel Wilson. Educat-
ed: High school, Brampton, Ont.; To-
ronto University. Came to British Co-
lumbia, 1896. Practiced law, Nelson, in
partnership with Hon. Mr. Justice Galli-
her until appointment to Bench, 1905.
City Solicitor, Nelson, 1899-1905. Mar-
ried Christine Brown, 1896; has two sons
and five daughters. Recreations: golf,
curling, bowling. Anglican. Address:
Cranbrook, B'. C.

WII^SON, Rev. Robert James, B.A.,
m.A. — St. Andrew's Church, Vancouver.
Born Simcoe, Ont., June 4, 1872, son of
Agnes and James Wilson, J.P., Coram,
in H.C.J. Educated High school, Brad-
ford; Toronto University; Knox College;
(Prince of Wales scholarship, Knox Col-
lege; gold medallist in oratory, Knox
College, 1901). Came to British Colum-
bia and appointed to present charge,
1902. Trustee, Y. W. C. A.; member of
board, Victorian Order of Nurses; mem-
ber Alexandra Orphanage; member Chil-
dren's Aid Society; member Strathcona
Institute; member Bible Society. Mar-
ried Mary Isabel Northway, B.A., Tor-
onto; has one son and one daughter
Recreations: golf, motoring. Presbyter-
Ian. Address: 1657 Burnaby St., Van-
couver, B. C.

VriLSOJSf, Bussell. — Of Wilson Bros.,
120 Second St., N., Saskatoon. Born
near Almonte, Carleton County, Ont.,
July 6, 1864, son of Robert and Jane
Wilson. Educated public schools. Carle-
ton County. Came to Saskatoon with his
father and took up land at Dundurn,
1863. Farmed on own account, Hanley,
1884; guide to Transportation Depart-
ment, Northwest Rebellion, from Moose
Jaw to Fish Creek, 1885; assisted in
bringing second corps of hospital doc-
tors from Moose Jaw to Batoche; en-
gaged in railroad contracting with his
brother, James Wilson, on the G. N. R.,
from Fort Buford to Helena, Mont.; en-
gaged in dray business Moose Jaw, 1888;
livery and feed business with H. McDon-
ald, Moose Jaw, 1892-1896; with his
brother, Archibald Wilson, Dundurn,
1896-1903; in livery business, Saskatoon,
1903-1907; in carriage, automobile and
harness business, under firm name of
Wilson Bros., 1907; member of Public
School Board, 1906-1910; 1911-1912; di-
rector Saskatoon Milling Co.; director
Northwestern Telephone Co. Married
Ida May Dunham, Brockville, Ont., 1909.
Society: I. O. F. Recreations: curling,
football. Presbyterian. Address: 319
Fifth Ave., Saskatoon, Sask.




WU^SON, Bupert Earle — Of Wilson
Land Co., Real Estate and Farm Lands
Ag-ents, 1710 Rose St., Regina. Born
Mount Forest, Ont., May 10, 1887, son
of Richard J. and Frances E. Costello
Wilson. Educated public schools and
Collegiate Institute, Kingston, Ont.
With Rathbun Co., Oshawa, Ont., 1901-
]n02; with C. P. R. ticket office, Toronto,
1903-1905; on staff of Dominion Bank

of Toronto, Orillia, Brandon and Saska-
toon, 1906-1911; established Leader In-
vestment Co., Regina. 1911; bought that
business and changed name to Wilson
Land Co., 1912. Married Marion Mitch-
ell Darrach, daughter of Robert Darrach,
1912. Club: Commercial. Societies: K.
P.; D. O. K. K.; B. P. O. E. Recreations:
Athletics. Liberal; Christian Scientist.
Address: Crescent Annex, Regina, Sask.



WUkSOir, Tom. — ^Dominion Govern-
ment Horticultural Inspector, represent-
ing the horticultural, botanical, and en-
tymological division of Department of
Agriculture, Fumigation Station, Van-
couver. Born Edinburgh, Scotland, July
25, 1854, son of John and Violet Wilson.
Educated Edinburgh School of Arts, un-
der Professor Balfour, and botany, hor-
ticulture and forestry. Horticulturist in
Scotland. Tea planter, India, 1878-1884.
Came to British Columbia, 1890. Was
on the Provincial Board of Agriculture
for two years; on Aberdeen Ranch at
Coldstream, Okanagan Valley. Inspec-
tor and Instructor to the Indian Or-
chards. Served with Midlothian Coa.st
Artillery fourteen years; Surman Valley,
Mounted Rifles in India; 90th Canadian
Rifles, Winnipeg. Married Alic K. Lees,
Brandon, has three sons. Address: 1105
Broadway, Vancouver, B. C.

WZl^SOir, Thomas Alexander, M.D. —

Physician. Born Ottawa, December 23,
1864, son of Robert and Letitia Wilson.
Educated public scliools and Collegiate
Institute, Ottawa; Hospital College of
Medicine, Louisville, Ky., 1895; Queen's
University, Kingston, 1900. Scliool
teacher. Eastern Ontaria, 1882. Came to
British Columbia, 1897. Married Belle
Holland, M. D., Milton, Iowa; has two
sons and one daughter. Societies: A. F.
& A. M.; I. O. O. F. Address: 2303 Main
St. Vancouver, B. C.

WILSON, Thomas Haddow, M. D. —

Physician. Born Waterloo, Ont., Febru-
ary 3, 1869, son of John and Mary Wil-
son. Educated Manitoba University.
Practiced Manitoba, 1897. Came to Bri-
tish Columbia, 1898. Married Clara May
Mitchell, 1898; has one son and one
daughter. Recreations: motoring. Ad-
dress: 407 Hastings St., E., Vancouver,
B. C.

WIi;SON, WiUiam Albert — Of Wilson
& Wilson, Contractors and Builders, 1839
Scarth St., Regina; President Regina
Builders' Exchange, 1911-1912; President
Saskatchewan Provincial Association of
Builders. Born Almonte, Ont., Dec. 14,
1877, son of James and Mary Wilson.
Educated Almonte public and high
school. Came to Saskatchewan, 1903;
Director The' Construction Co., Ltd., Re-
gina, 1903-1906; present firm formed,
1906. Married Jessie Dick, daughter of
William Dick, 1907; has one son. Club:
Commercial. Recreation: Curling. Lib-
eral; Presbyterian. Address: 2703 Vic-
toria Ave., Regina, Sask.

WII^TOir, John W., IiIi.B. — Of Wilton,
McMurray, DeLorme & Davidson, Barris-
ters, Mclntyre Block, Winnipeg; Presi-
dent National Loan & Investment Cor-
poration, Ltd.; Vice-President Central
Canada Investment Corporation, Ltd.
Born High Bluff, Man., January 27, 1879,
son of Henry and Jane Wilton. Edu-
cated public scliools, Morden; Manitoba

College. School teacher, Manitoba, 1896-
1901; came to Winnipeg, 1902; called to
Manitoba bar, 1906. Married Lily L.
Hobkirk, Winnipeg, 1905; has one daugh-
ter. Society: K. of P. Recreation:
Bowling. Liberal. Baptist. Address:
Minnewaska Court, Winnipeg, Man.


WZNSI^i:, Harry Walshe — Of British
Columbia Securities, Dominion Trust
Bldg., Vancouver. Born near Calcutta,
India, March 21, 1868, son of Joseph
Allan and Anna Windle. Educated Dul-
wich College, England. Commenced
business career in 1886. Served 1st Sur-
rey Rifles (Volunteer Corps), 1886. Cam°
to British Columbia, 1890. Clerk, Ban.k
of British Columbia and Canadian Ban\
of Commerce, fourteen years; took part
in Klondyke rush, 1897. Married Blaine
Austin, 1892; has two sons and one
daughter. Clubs: Commercial; Canad-
ian; Tourist Assn. Recreations: row-
ing, cricket, football, gymnastics. Ad-
dress: Kerrisdale, B. C.

WINKIiEB, Valentine, M.I..A. — Lum-
ber merchant. Born Neustadt, Ont.,
March 18, 1864, son of David and Bar-
bara J. Winkler. Educated public schools.
Was reeve of Stanley. Elected to Legis-
lature for Rhineland, 1892; re-elected,
1896 and 1899. Resigned to contest Lis-
gar for the House of Commons, 1900,
was defeated, and again elected for Leg-
islature, 1903 and 1907. Married Jose-
phine Rombough, March 31, 1886. Meth-
odist. Liberal. Address: Morden, Man.

"WITHSImOVT, Iieo p. — Manager Ontario
Wind Engine & Pump Co., Ltd., Calgary.
Born Batavia, 111., November 10, 1866,
son of Captain Robert H. and Mercy
V. Winslow. Educated Batavia and
Jackson, Mich. Druggist, Batavia, 1883.
Came to Alberta, 1909. Married Sarah
Emeline Hazen, Batavia, 1892; has one
daughter. Recreations: golf and ten-
nis. Address: 1722 11th St., W., Cal-
gary, Alta.



WINTIiMVTX:, Benjamin Philip. —

Barrister and Solicitor, 633 Hastings St.,
Vancouver. Born Ontario, July 19, 1867,
son of Benjamin and Esther Willson
Wintemute. Educated high school, at
St. Thomas, Ont. Taught school, On-
tario, 1889-1891; engaged on Government
surveys, 1891-1903. Came to British Co-
lumbia, 1891. Called to British Colum-
bia bar, 1899. Treasurer, Conservative
Club, Vancouver, 1909; Secretary of
same, 1910-1911. Director, Y. M. C. A.,
Vancouver. Conservative; Methodist.
Address: 1074 Davie St., Vancouver, B. C.

WOIiFENDEN, Francis Cooley^ — Ac-
countant and Merchant. Armstrong.
Born New Westimnster, B. C, April 16,
1868, son of Col. Richard and Kate
Cooley Wolfenden. Educated public
and high schools, Victoria. Law stu-
dent with Theo. Davie, Victoria, 1883-
1891; manager, Okanogan Flour Mills
Co., 1895-1902; established present busi-
ness, 1906. Captain G Company, 102nd
Regiment. Contestant at Bisley, 1911;
second in two competitions. Vice-presi-
dent, British Columbia Rifle Assn.;
president, Okanogan Rifle Assn.; secre-
tary. Agricultural Assn.; secretary, Con-
servative Assn. Married Mary Babcock,
1898. Club: Armstrong. Societies: A. F.
& A. M.; I. O. F. Conservative; Angli-
can. Address: Armstrong, B. C.

WOIiFENDEN, William, — Deputy Col-
lector of Inland Revenue, New West-
minster. Born Arkholme, Lancashire,
England, August 8, 1843, son of Robert
and Mary Wolfenden. Educated West-
moreland, England. Served with First
Westmoreland Rifle Volunteers, 1859,
one of flrst volunteer regiments formed
in England. Came to British Columbia,
1886. Married Mary Ann Kaberry,

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