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Westmoreland. Recreation: target shoot-
ing. Address: Second St., New West-
minster, B. C.

WOi;iiASTON, P. — Manager Wilson
Bros., Wholesale Grocers, 532 Herald St.,
Victoria; President and Treasurer,
Wholesale Grocers' Association. Born
London, England, June 10, 1855, son of
P. and Catherine Mossop Wollaston.
Cotton broker, Liverpool, 1872. Came
to British Columbia, 1890. Married Alice
Mary Ramsdale; has three daughters.
Recreation: fishing. Address: "Wood-
end," 1732 Oak Bay Ave., Victoria, B. C.

WOIiVEBTON, Grant Sylvester. — Of

O. G. Devenish & Co., Real Estate and
Financial Agents, 813a 1st St., B., Cal-
gary. Born Monmouth, Ore., January 5,
1867, son of John and Mary Wolverton.

Educated Christian College, Monmouth.
Hardware merchant, Spokane, Wash.,
1889-1894; manager, wholesale depart-
ment, Jansen, King, Byrd Co., Spokane,
1894-1907. Came to Alberta, 1908; mer-
chant, Stettler, Alta., 1909-1910; present
business, Calgary, 1910. Club: Alberta.
Recreations: hunting, fishing. Liberal.
Address: Devenish Apartments, Calgary,


WOIiVEBTON, Newton, B.A., IiIi.D. —

Of Wolverton & Co., Ltd., Real Estate
and Financial Brokers, Nelson and Van-
couver, B. C. ; President, Sunset Mills,
Ltd.; Kootenay Slocan Co., Ltd.; Presi-
dent, Pacific Investment Corporation,
Vancouver. Born Oxford County, Ont.,
February 5, 1846, son of Enos and Har-
riett Wolverton. Educated Woodstock
College; Toronto University. Principal,
Woodstock College, 1882-1891; President,
Bishop College University, Marshall,
Texas, 1897-1908; later. Superintendent,
Brandon Experimental Farm, Brandon.
Came to British Columbia, 1907. Mem-
ber of Board of Trade, Nelson. Mem-
ber County Council, Brandon, 1903-1907.
Married Bella Cowie (deceased) ; mar-
ried Frances L. Matthews, Lindsay, Ont.,
1893; has three sons and five daughters.
Club: University. Liberal; Baptist. Ad-
dress: Nelson, B. C.

WOOD, Charles Edward Dudley — Of

Wood, Turnbull & McCausland, Northern
Crown Bank Chambers, Scarth St., Re-
gina. Born Washington, D. C, October
16, 1856, son of Charles Edward Dudley
and Susan Jane Wood. Educated Trinity
College Scliool, Port Hope. Joined R. N.
W. M. P. and came to Macleod, 1880;
editor and proprietor of Macleod Ga-
zette, 1882; called to bar of Northwest



Territory, 1896; moved to Regina, 1903,
and entered into partnership with Hon.
P. W. G. Hauetain, then Premier of the
Northwest Territories, now Chief Jus-
tice of the Supreme Court of Saskatche-
wan; became deputy attorney-general of
Northwest Territories, 1904; held same
office in Province of Sasl^atchewan until
1906; retired to resume private practice;
a governor of the Regina General Hos-
pital. Married Anne Diehl Parker, Mac-
leod, Alta., 1883. Club: Assinibola. Rec-
reations: rowing, sailing, shooting,
cricket. Conservative; Anglican. Ad-
dress: 2210 Albert St., Regina, Sask.

WOOD, G-eorg-ianna. — Wife of B. M.
Wood. Born St. John, N. B., daughter
of C. M. and Isabella Wheelock Gore.
Educated Montreal. Came to Manitoba,
1880. Secretary, Woman's Hospital Aid
Society for eight years; President, same
society, six years. President, Margaret
Scott Nursing Mission, six years; Presi-
dent, Convalescent Hospital. Married
B. M. Wood (Assistant Municipal Com-
missioner and Deputy Railway Commis-
sioner), 1880; has two sons. Anglican.
Address: 156 Roslyn Road, Fort Rouge,
Winnipeg, Man.

WOOD, James H. — Contractor, Build-
er and Lumber Merchant. Born Win-
chester, Ont., Sept. 3, 1866, son of Dan-
iel and Melissa Wood. Educated public
schools, Dundas County. Carpenter and
builder, Pembroke, Ont, 1888-1890;
bridge building department, C. P. R.,
1890-1895. Came to Alberta, 1897.
Mayor, Athabasca Landing, 1911; presl-


dent, Athabasca Landing Board of
Trade. Was chairman first Council at
Athabasca, eight years; established first
public school. Married Annie Cole, Pem-
broke, 1891; has two sons. Club: Over-
seas (president). Conservative; Metho-
dist. Address: Athabasca Landing,

WOOD, Herbert Spencer, B. A. — Of

McPhillips & Wood, Barrister and Soli-
citor, Davis Chambers, Vancouver. Born
Peterboro, Ont, December 7, 1883, son
of Robert Edwin and Henrietta Frances
Roblin Wood. Educated: Queen's Uni-
versity, and Osgoode Hall. Called to
Ontario bar, 1909. Came to British Co-
lumbia and called to bar, 1909. Club:
Western. Society: A. F. & A. M. Lib-
eral; Presbyterian. Address: Vancou-
ver, B. C.

WOOD, WiUiam Christian — Comptrol-
ler, City of Calgary, City Hall, Calgary.
Born Denver, Hancock County, 111..
April 10, 1873. son of Ezra Butler and
Martha Elizabeth Wood. Educated:
High School, Lawrence, Kansas; Kansas
State University. Came to Alberta
1896: taught school, Leduc, 1896-1900
drygoods business, Edmonton, 1900-1902
general merchant, Fernie, 1903; commer-
cial traveler, Calgary, 1903-1909; As-
sistant Assessor, Calgary, 1909; Comp-
troller, since 1910: naturalized, 1900.
Married Victoria Sarali Douglas, La-
chute, Que., 1899; has two sons and one
daughter. Society: I. O. O. F. Recre-
ations: baseball, athletics. Liberal;
Presbyterian. Address: 322 13th Ave.
E., Calgary, Alta.



WOOD, Wentworth Tletcher, J. P. —

Sheriff of all that portion of Yale Coun-
ty not comprised within the Grand
Forks and Greenwood Electoral Dis-
tricts. Born Montreal, August 11, 1853,
son of Peter Wentworth and Margaret
Wood. Educated Montreal high school.
Jeweler, Montreal, 1867. Came to Bri-
tish Columbia, 1882. Appointed Justice
of the Peace for Yale County, 1890; ap-
pointed Justice of the Peace for British
Columbia, 1899; Indian Agent, Kamloops
and Okanagan. Member of Canadian
Mining Institute. Married Susan A. Mc-
Bain, Saginaw, Mich.; has one son and
one daughter. Address: Kamloops, B. C.


WOODHAliIi, Polycarp Spurg'eon. —

President, Western Foundry & Metal Co.,
Ltd., 11th St. and 17th Ave., E., Calgary;
President, Woodhall Metal Co., Ltd
Born Brampton, Ont., December 25,
1872, son of Ambrose and Catherine
Woodhall. Educated: public and high
schools, Ontario. Hardware and sheet
metal business, Georgetown, Ont., 1888-
1898; with The J. H. Ashdown Hard-
ware Co., Ltd., Calgary, 1900-1906; es-
tablished present business, 1906. Mem-
ber of Calgary Builders' Exchange;
member, Calgary Board of Trade. Mar-
ried Elizabeth Clark Maddock, Guelph,
Ont., 1899; has one daughter. Society:
A. F. & A. M. Liberal; Methodist. Ad-
dress: 319 15th Ave., W., Calgary, Alta.

WOODS, Bev. Albert William. — Rector

of St. Margaret's Church, Winnipeg.
Born Brantford, Ont., December 1, 1863,
.son of Frederick Stevenson and Jane
Bailey Woods. Educated public schools,
Ontario; St. John's College. Came to

Manitoba, 1882. Ordained Deacon, 1893;
Priest, 1894. Married Henrietta Miran-
na Small, 1895; has three sons and one
daughter. Conservative; Anglican. Ad-
dress: 162 Home St., Winnipeg, Man.

WOODS, James Hossack. — Managing-
director, Calgary Herald. Born Quebec,
July 12, 1867, son of Alexander and
Elizabeth Woods. Educated high school,
Quebec; McGill University; Manitoba
University. Engaged on staff Toronto
Mail and Montreal Herald. Publica-
tions: contributions to magazines and.
newspapers. Married Leonora C. Bby,
Toronto; has one daughter. Clubs:
Royal Canadian Yacht (Toronto) ;
Ranchmen's. Recreations: motoring,
golf, curling. Address: Calgary, Alta.


WOODS, John Georg-e. — Of Woods &
Spicer, Vancouver. Born Chatham, Ont.,
November 8, 1856, son of the late Judge
and Emma E. Woods. Educated public
schools and Upper Canada College. Came
to British Columbia, 1885; in lumber
business, Vancouver, since 1886; Presi-
dent, Export Lumber and Shingle Co.
Married Frances B. MacDougall, 1902;
has one daughter. Club: Vancouver (ex-
president); Union (Victoria). Adu;ress:
738 Cardero St., Vancouver, B. C.

WOODS, Sydney Brown, B.A., X.C.,
IiI^.B. — Born Quebec, June 23, 1872, son
of Alexander and Elizabeth Banfield
Woods. Educated High school, Quebec;
Collegiate Institute; Toronto University,
and Osgoode Hall. Reporter and cor-
respondent, Toronto Mall and Toronto
News; practiced, Toronto, 1897-1906; ap-
pointed Deputy Attorney-General of Al-



berta on formation of Province, 1905;
resigned, 1910; a member of the firm
of Short, Woods, Biggar & Collisson.
Married Ethel Brown, Hamilton; has
one son and one daughter. Club: Ed-
monton. Recreations: golf, whist, chess.
Address: "Stejrlingswood," Edmonton,

WOODSWOBTH, Rev. James S., B.A.,
D.D. — Superintendent All People's Mis-
sion, Winnipeg. Born near Toronto, July
29, 1874, son of Rev. James and B. Jose-
phine Woodsworth. Educated Winnipeg
and Toronto; travelled abroad exten-
sively. Has been most successful in
his aim of attempting to bring into
helpful relations "all sorts and condi-
tions of men," doing much for the emi-
grants in city; a notable figure in gen-
eral social service and educational work:
author of "Strangers Within Our Gates."
Member of Council of Associated Chari-
ties. Married Lucy Lilian Staples, 1904;
has two sons and two daughters. Rec-
reations: camping, travelling; lecturing
and writing on social topics. Independ-
ent; Methodist. Address: 464 Stella
Ave., Winnipeg, Man.

WOODWARD, Charles. — Merchant,
Hastings St., Vancouver. Born Ontario,
July 19, 1852, son of John and May
Woodward. Educated Mono College.
Came to British Columbia and opened
general store, 1891, which business still
continues. Married Elizabeth Anderson,
Ontario, 1873; has three sons and three
daughters. Liberal; Methodist. Address:
1240 Pender St., Vancouver, B. C.

WOODWARD, Julius Sterling" — Secre-
tary, Prince Albert Board of Trade.
Born Derbyshire, England, December 22,
1881, son of William Harrison and Kath-
erine Mary Ross Woodward. Educated
Bradfleld College, Berkshire. Came to
Winnipeg, 1904; removed, Saskatchewan,
1906. Was clerk, actor, farm hand and
reporter previous to becoming editor of
Prince Albert Herald, 1909. Contributes
occasionally to magazines. Actively in-
terested in development of Prince Albert
City and District and in this behalf lec-
tured in various parts of Great Britain
in winter of 1910-1911. Clubs: Carlton;
Prince Albert Golf. Recreations: golf,
theatricals, journalism. Liberal. Ad-
dress: Carleton Club, Prince Albert,

WOODWORTH, Charles M., B. A., M.
A., TiTm. B., D. B. — Of Woodworth &
Creagh, Barristers, 615 Pender St., Van-
couver. Born Weston, Kings County,
N. S., July 11, 1868, son of Abner and
Susan Woodworth. Educated Acadia
University (LL. B., 1890; M. A., 1893),
Dalhousie University, 1891-1893; on Citi-
zens' Committee, Yukon, 1899-1901. Came
to British Columbia and practiced in
Vancouver, 1904-1906, two years later
established firm of Smith & Woodworth,
1906. President Vancouver Conservative

Club, 1906-1907. President British Co-
lumbia Conservative Association, 1908-
1909. Member Vancouver Board of
Trade. Married Alberta Beatrice Hart,
1902; has two sons and three daugh-
ters. Clubs: Conservative and Terminal
City. Recreations: literature and public
affairs. Address: Vancouver, B. C.

WOOI.F, John William, M. I.. A. —

Farmer and rancher. Born Hyde Park,
Utah, Nov. 27, 1868, son of John A. and
Mary L. Woolf. Educated Hyde Park
high school. Logan College, Utah.
President Cardston Mercantile Co. Elect-
ed to North West Territories Legisla-
ture, general elections, 1902; elected to
first Alberta Legislature, for Cardston,
general election, 1905; re-elected general
election, 1909. Married Lucinda Layne,
1889. Liberal; Reorganized Church of
Jesus Christ. Address: Cardston, Alta.

vroOSTBR, G-eorg-e W. — Treasurer,
Granby Consolidated Mining, Smelting &
Power Co., Ltd., Grand Forks. Born New
Haven, Conn., May 19, 1859, son of
George P. and Helen Wooster. Bank
clerk with various banks Spokane,
Wash., prior to associating with present
company. Address: Grand Forks, B. C.

WORSI^BY, Captain Georg-e Stanley. —

Inspector R. N. W. M. P., Edmonton.
Born St. Hyacinthe, Que., June 20, 1866,
son of Colonel Pennyman White and
Albina Worsley. Educated Trinity Col-
lege School, Port Hope; Royal Military
College, Kingston. Served as subaltern
and Captain, Royal Field Artillery,
twelve years; Captain Reserves Royal
Artillery, Imperial service,, with R. N.
W. M. P., ten years. Recreations: cricket,
lawn tennis, riding. Anglican. Address:
19 6 Grierson St., Edmonton, Alta.

WORSNOP, Xleutenant-Colonel Charles

Arthur, — Customs Surveyor, Vancouver.
Born Lancashire, England, Oct. 18, 1858,
son of Charles Barnett and Martha
Worsnop. Educated London. Took
charge of exhibit in Science and Art
Museum, Philadelphia, 1876; residing in
Philadelphia until 1881; moved to Win-
nipeg and engaged in real estate busi-
ness; later moved to Vancouver and be-
came city editor Daily News Advertiser;
entered Dominion Civil Service and has
been connected with Vancouver Customs
House since 1889. Served with Winnipeg
Field Battery Artillery, 1881; Lieutenant
90th Battery Winnipeg Rifles, 1883; took
active part in engagements at Fish
Creek and Batoche, Northwest Rebellion,
and in the engagement against Big
Bear's Band, 1885 (medal clasps; ap-
pointed Captain Garrison Artillery, Van-
couver, 1884; promoted to Lieutenant-
Colonel, commanding 2nd Battery 5th
Regiment. "Duke of Connaughl's Own
Rifles"). Married Mary Benson, Peter-
boro, Ont.. has two sons. Address: 741
Thurlow St., Vancouver, B. C.



F. R. G. S.

WOBSNOF, Thomas Herlbert, P. B.

G. S. — Master mariner, 541 Hastings St.,
Vancouver. Born Halifax, Aug. 28, 1865,
son of Charles and Ruth Worsnop. Or-
ganized the Bennett Lake & Klondyke
Navigation Co., on the Upper Yukon Riv-
er, 1897. Engaged in exploration, Cen-
tral Africa, 1902-1905. Manager of the
Canadian Mexican Pacific Steamship
Line; vice-president of the Columbus
Taxi-cab Co.; Director A. B. C. Elevator
& Wharf Co.; Director Columbia Trust
Co. Married Hermance Hope Magee.
Life Fellow of the Royal Geographical
Society. Club: Terminal City. Address:
P. O. Box 535, Vancouver, B. C.

WORTHINGTON, Georg-e Harvey, M.
D., P. X. M. C, C. M.— Physician and
surgeon, Vancouver. Born Wentworth
County, Ont., Feb. 4, 1876, son of John
and Elizabeth Almira Worthington. Edu-
cated Guelph Collegiate; Ontario College
Pharmacy; Trinity Univerity, Toronto
University, London, England. Chemist
and druggist, Guelph and Hespeler, un-
der the name of the Worthington Drug
Co., 1899. Later conducted business in
Toronto. Came to British Columbia,
1909. President Young Liberal Club,
Guelph, 1902. Served as Lieutenant To-
ronto Field Battery. President of Guelph
and Wellington Old Boys' Association,
Vancouver, 1910. Married Ada Marshall,
Nov. 21, 1900. Address: 755 Broadway,
Vancouver, B. C.

WBAGOE, Edmund Carlyou — Of Ham-
ilton & Wragge, Barristers and Solici-
tors, Bank of Commerce Chambers, Nel-
son. Born Toronto, Aug. 1, 1872, son
of Edmund and Lucy Carlyon Wragge.
Educated: Trinity College School Port
Hope; Upper Canada College, Osgoode
Hall. Called to Ontario bar, 1897; Brit-
ish Columbia bar, 1899, practiced Nel-
son since. Served with Strathcona's

Horse, South African War, 1900-1
(medal and clasps). Married Mary
Aloysia Thompson, daughter of late Sir
John Thompson, 1905; has two daugh-
ters. Club: Nelson. Conservative; An-
glican. Address: Nelson, B. C.

WBZCM.EV, Prank, A. A. G. O., X^. A.

B. — Organist and Music Teacher, Herald
Block, Calgary; Organist and Choirmas-
ter, Knox Church Born England, Feb.
10, 1875, son of Frances and Richardson
Wrigley. Educated Grove Park School,
Mescham. Came to Winnipeg, 1902; Cal-
gary, 1905. Address: Calgary, Alta.


WBIGHT, Charles Adelbert, B. C. I^. —

Of Aitken & Wright, Barristers, Calgary.
Born Picon, Ont, Nov. 21, 1881, son of
John Adelbert and Alma Jane Martin
Wright. Educated high school Picton;
Trinity University; Toronto University,
Osgoode Hall. Student in his father's
office, Picton, 1900; afterwards student
with Macdonald, Shepley & Co., Toron-
to; practiced at Barrie, 1905-1906; came
to Alberta, 1906; practiced at Calgary
since 1906. Clubs: Calgary; Alberta.
Societies: A. F. & A. M.; K. of P. Lib-
eral Address: Calgary, Alta.

WBIGHT, David. — Contractor, farmer
and thresher, Emerson. Born New York,
Oct. 16, 1847, son of Samuel and Eliza-
beth Wright. Educated public schools.
Grey County, Ont. Blacksmith, Flesher-
ton, 1864; came to Manitoba, 1878. Re-
ceiver, Town of Emerson, 1878-1905; ex-
councillor and ex-mayor, Emerson; ex-
secretary-treasurer, Emerson school
board; is now alderman. Secretary Em-
erson Liberal Association. Served with
31st Battery, Company No. 6; rescued
at one attempt from drowning the two
Thompson brothers, Beaver River, Grey,
Ont. Married Mary Ann Genoe, Flesher-
ton, Ont., 1869; has seven sons and three
daughters. Liberal; Methodist. Ad-
dress: Emerson, Man.



WBIG-HT, David James — Public School
Inspector, Southwestern Division, Manl-
1892; principal of Intermediate schools,
Deloraine, 1892-1907; present position
since 1907, Director Western School
Journal. President IManitoba Teachers'
Association, 1890-1891; member Advisory
Board, Department of Education, repre-
senting teachers of Western Manitoba,
since 1904. Married Ida Jean, daughter
of late Hon. Thomas Greenway, Crystal
City, Man., 1894; has five sons and one
toba. Born Collingwood Township, Grey
County, Ont., April 30, 1861, son of
Arthur and Eliza Ann Wright. Edu-
cated public school, Clarksburg; College
Institute, Collingwood; Normal School,
Winnipeg. Came to Manitoba, 188 6;
principal of schools. Crystal City, 1888-
daughter. Societies: I. O. O. F. ; A. F.
& A. M. Recreation: Curling. Liberal;
Methodist Address: Deloraine, Man.

WBIG-HT, Edward James. — Deputy
Provincial Secretary and Registrar of
Joint Stock Corporations, Province of
Saskatchewan, Parliament Buildings, Re-
gina. Born Upnor, England, Nov. 1,
1855, son of John and Mary Wright.
Educated Cranbrook School, Kent, Eng-
land. Civil engineer, London, 1873. Came
to Regina, 1885, and served with N. W.
M. P. until 1894; secretary. Department
of Education, Northwest "Territory,
1894-1900; Captain 16th Light Horse
two years. Club: Assiniboia. Society:
A. F. & A. M. Anglican. Address: Re-
gina, Sask.

WBICrHT, Harry, M. Z^. A. — Financial
agent. Nelson. Born Adjala Township,
Simcoe County, Ont., Sept. 11, 1875, son
of Joseph and Harriet Ann Wright. Edu-
cated public schools, Beeton; Bradford
high school, Simcoe. Director Nelson
Skating Rink Co.; director Nelson Street
Ry. Co.; director McGillivray Creek Coke
& Coal Co., Alberta. Mining recorder
and assessor. Nelson, 1899-1893; govern-
ment agent, gold commissioner and as-
sistant commissioner lands and works,
Nelson, 1907-1909. Elected to British
Columbia Legislature for Ymir, general
election, 1903; elected to British Colum-
bia Legislature for Nelson, 1909. Mar-
ried Jennie McLeod, Nelson, 1900; has
one son. Conservative; Anglican. Ad-
dress: Nelson, B. C.

WBIG-HT, James Milton, J. P. — Post-
master, Armstrong. Born Barrow-in-Fur-
ness, England, Jan. 10, 1869, son of
Henry and Jane Wriglit. Educated pub-
lic schools, Barrow-in-Furness. Came
to British Columbia, 1890. Clerk, E. C. i
Cargill & Co., general merchants, 1890-
1898; general merchandise on own ac-
count, Armstrong, 1898-1906; assistant
postmaster, 1892-7; J. P.. 1899; present
9,ppointment, 1897. Treasurer, Munici-


pality of Spallumcheen, B; C, since 1896.
Married Nora Rabbitt, Nova Scotia,
1894; has one son and three daughters.
Club: Armstrong. Societies: A. F. &
A. M.; I. O. O. F. Recreations: shoot-
ing, gardening. Liberal; Anglican. Ad-
dress: Armstrong, B. C.

WBIGHT, Oliver James, J. P. — Farm-
er and insurance agent. Born Suffolk,
England, January 18, 1861, son of Au-
gusta Jane and James Wright, C. E.
Educated Albert College, Suffolk. En-
gaged in farming, St. Andrew's, Man.,
1890; came to Lavenham, 1900. Presi-
dent Rosehill branch Manitoba Grain
Growers' association; chairman school
board; director North Norfolk Agricul-
tural Association; president of Laven-
ham Board of Trade, 1911. Married
Annie Maria Tomalin, Winnipeg, 1885;
has four sons and two daughters. So-
ciety: Winnipeg Old Timers' Associa-
tion. Independent; Anglican. Address:
Lavenham, Man.

WBIGHT, T, A. — School teacher and
farmer. Born Heathcote, Ont., March
4, 1862, son of John and Jane Wright.
Educated College Institute, Collingood,
Owen Sound; school teacher. Red Wing,
Ont., 1880-1886. Taught school on sec-
tion adjoining Red Wing 1886-1892;
postmaster at Red Wing three years
while conducting general store. Came to
Manitoba and engaged in farming and
stock raising at Bagot, 1908. Married
Annie McColman, Red Wing, 1886; has
four sons and two daughters. Societies:
C. O. O. F.; L. O. L. Conservative; An-
glican. Address: Bagot, Man.

WBOUGHTON, Major Theodore Am-
brose — Superintendent Royal Nortliwest
Mounted Police, Division N. Athabasca
Landing. Born Neilghereies, India, Nov.
11, 1862, son of Charlotte Augusta Bird
and Col. W. N. Wroughton, Madras Staff
Corps. Educated Bedford, England;
McGill University; Ontario Agricultural
College, Guelph. Joined R. N. W. M. P.
Regina, 1887; stationed at Prince Albert,
1887-1888; McLeod, 1888-1899; Inspector
and Commanding Division B, Dawson,
1906-1911; stationed Athabasca since
1912. Lieutenant First Mounted Rifles,
South African War, 1900-1901; opera-
tions Orange Free State, "Vet River,
Zand River, Johannesburg, Pretoria and
Diamond Hill: active service Belfast
District of Transvaal, including actions
at Reit Vlei and Koomati River. 1900
(medal and four clasps). Member rep-
resentative contingent R. N. W. M. P.,
coronation of George V. Married Annie
F. Daly, daughter of James O. Daly,
J. P., Napanee, 1891. Club: Assiniboia
(Regina). Societies: A. F. & A. M. (R.
A. M.); I. O. O. F. Anglican. Ad-
dress: Athabasca Landing, Alta.


■WYIiIE, David James, M. !■. A. — Stock
raiser. Born Shrewsbury, England, July
1, 1859, son of D. Wylie, C. E., and
Elizabeth Wylie. Educated Cheltenham
College England. Came to Canada and
engaged in farming in Manitoba, 1880;
removed to Saskatchewan, 1892; director
Maple Creek Cattle Co. Elected member
of Saskatchewan Legislative Assembly
for Maple Creek, 1905, and re-elected,
190S. Married Rachel M. Botterill; has
three sons and three daughters. Ad-
dress: Maple Creek, Sask.


WTIiIZ:, Edmund Richard, B. A. — Of

Wylie, Mundell & Procter, Barristers,
Moosomin. Born Durham County, Ont.,
Dec. 12, 1873, son of John and Elizabeth
Wylie. Educated Collegiate Institute,
University. Law student with J. T.
Lindsay; Wesley College and Manitoba
Brown, K. C. (now Hon. Mr. Justice
Brown), 1900; admitted to bar 1903, Sas-
katcliewan; junior partner with J. T.
Bfown, K. C, under firm name of Brown
& Wylie, 1903; firm of Brown, Wylie &
Mundell formed 1907; J. T. Brown, K. C,
went on bench, 1910; present firm estab-
lished, 1911. Chairman Board of Trus-
tees, Moosomin Collegiate Institute since
1911; member Board of Directors, Moos-
omin General Hospital. Solicitor foi'
Town of Moosomin since 1907. Married
Hannah Florence, daughter of Henry
Whitlam, Toronto, 1905; has one son and
one daughter. Societies: A. F. & A. M.
(P. M.). Recreations: tennis, curling.
Conservative; Methodist. Address: Moos-
omin, Sask.

VADA, Hon. Chonosuke — Imperial Jap-
anese Consul, Imperial Block, Vancou-
ver. Born Japan, Jan. 16, 1871, son of
Denshiro and Take Yada. Educated:
Japan. Diplomatic service, China, 1901-
1904; Foreign Office, Tokio, 1899, 1905-
1906; second secretary charge d' Affaires,
Japanese Legation, Mexico City, 1905-
1908. Came to Vancouver, 1908. Mar-
ried Ohiyo Yaua, Tokio; has three sons
and three daughters. Club: Vancouver.
Recreation: traveling. Address: 1345
Davie St., Vancouver, B. C.

YEIiIiOWIiEISS, James Anderson — Of

Russell, James <& Yellowlees, Financial
Brokers, 542 Pender St. W., Vancouver.

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