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Born Peebles, Scotland, Feb. 4, 1886, son
of Alexander and Jessie Anderson Yel-
lowlees. Educated: George Watson's
College, Edinburgh. Civil Engineer,
Thompson & Wright, Edinburgh, 1903-
1908; came to British Columbia 1908.
Club: B. C. Golf (Captain). Society:
Caledonian. Recreation: golf. Conserva-
tive; Protestant. Address: Hornby St.,
Vancouver, B. C.


VEO, William J. — Local manager. Al-
berta Loan & Investment Co., Ltd. Born
Prince Edward Island, April 16, 1885,
son of Donald and Annie Yeo. Educat-
ed: Prince Edward Island common
schools and Charlottetown Business
College. Accountant, Saskatchewan Tele-
phone Co., Moose Jaw, 1907-1908; gen-
eral store business, 1908-1910; general
grocery business, Calgary, 1910 and
1911; appointed to present position.
1911. Society: I. O. O. F. Liberal;
Presbyterian. Address: 642 Sixth St.,
Edmonton, Alta.



TEOMANS, D. A. — Farmer. Born On-
tario, son of George and Elizabeth
Yeomans. Educated Burnside, Man.
Came to Manitoba with his parents,
1873. Engaged in farming, Alexander,
1881. Councillor of Alexander several
years, 1910-1911. Married Elizabeth
Janet Gibson, Brandon, 1889; has
three sons and one daughter. Society:

A. F. & A. M. Recreations: driving,
riding, tennis. Liberal; Presbyterian.
Address: Alexander, Man.

YORK, Arctiibald. — President General
Securities Co., Ltd., 441 Richards St.,
Vancouver. Born Meaford, Ont., July
28 1862, son of John and Rebecca York.
Educated public and high schools, Mea-
ford. Clerk wholesale provision house,
Winnipeg, 1882. Came to British Co-
lumbia, 1888. President Columbia Prop-
erties Corporation, Ltd.; vice-president
Western Fire Insurance Co. (head of-
fice Vancouver). Mayor of Slocan, B.
C, three years; ex-chairman school
board; ex- Justice of Peace. Married
Agnes R. Marsh, Meaford; has five
sons and five daughters. Societies: Fel-
low of Royal Colonial Institute, Lon-
don, England.; A. F. & A. M. ; R. A.
M. ; Mystic Shrine. Recreation: horses.
Address: 1370 Davie St., Vancouver,

B. C.


VOBK, I^orne Martin. — Of York & Mc-
Namara, real estate brokers, 44 Jasper
Ave. W., Edmonton. Director General
Securities Co., Ltd., Vancouver, B. C.
Born Winnipeg, Jan. 24, 1883, son of

Archibald and Agnes Ritchie Marsh
York. Educated public schools, Vancou-
ver; Columbian College, New Westmin-
ster. Moved to Alberta, 1903, and com-
menced present business, 1905. Married
Mary Reid, Edmonton, 1909. Society:
A. F. & A. M. Recreation: motoring.
Presbyterian. Address; 626 Seventh St.,
Edmonton, Alta.

YOBKE, Iiiouel Edmund. — Contractor,
870 Beach Ave., Vancouver. Born To-
ronto, Feb. 25, 1874. Lionel and Mar-
garet Yorke. Educated Toronto. Came
to British Columbia, 1901. Captain
Tecumseh lacrosse team, 1892-1897; cap-
tain Toronto lacrosse team, 1897-1900;
captain Vancouver Lacrosse Club, 1901-
1906; president B. C. Lacrosse Asso-
ciation, 1910. Married Elizabeth Cock-
well, Seattle, Wash.; has one son and
one daughter. Address: 1265 Howe St.,
Vancouver, B. C.

YOVDAImIm, Hug-h. — Land, timber and
mines broker, 336 Hastings St., W.,
Vancouver. Born Thornhill, Dumfries-
shire, Scotland, April 7, 1845, son of
Hugh and Isabell Youdall. Educated
Thornhill grammar school. Dry goods
clerk, Thornhill, Scotland, 1859. Twenty
years in Newfoundland, eight in charge
of branch business for John Munn &
Co., twelve in business for himself.
Came to British Columbia and took
charge of the Dominion Government
fishing expedition to West Coast of
Queen Charlotte Islands to test fishing
grounds for black cod, 1884. Married
Bertha Archibald, Truro, N. S. ; has
two sons and one daughter. Society;
A. F. & A. M. Recreations: hunting,
fishing. Address: 1703 Georgia St., Van-
couver, B. C.

YOUNG, Alexander John. — Farmer.
Born Cothill, Berwickshire, Scotland,
Oct. 25, 1847, son of George and
Elizabeth Young. Educated Polwarth.
Came to Manitoba and engaged in
farming, 1881. Married Catherine
Laidler Mathewson, Northumberland,
England, 1879. Conservative; Presby-
terian. Address: Forest Station, Man.

YOUNG, Rev. Colin Gordon, B. A.^

Born Colborne, Huron County, Ont, Oct.
16, 1868, son of Alexander and Chris-
tina McKenzie Young. Educated public
schools, Colborne; high school, Gode-
rich; Queen's University and Theologi-
cal College, Kingston. Came to Prince



Albert, 1901. Married Jean McGowan
Russell, 1897 (deceased); has two sons
and one daughter; married Jean Gor-
don Lindsay Cayuga, Ont., 1907. So-
cieties: C. O. O. F.; I. O. F. Recrea-
tions: curling, bowling. Presbyterian.
Address: Prince Albert, Sask.

YOUNG, David Jackson, J. P. — Presi-
dent of Young & Kennedy, Ltd., Station-
ery, Office Supplies, etc., Calgary and
Edmonton; Director Commonwealth
Trust Co. Born Newark, Nottingham-
shire, England, Nov. 10,
John Welkin and Sarah
Educated public schools,
Regina. Came to Canada, 1884; engaged
as clerk with P. Lamont, Regina, 1889;
manager and late owner, P. Lamont &
Co., Kaslo, B. C, 1896-1904; established
present business, 1903; total loss by Are,
1904. Alderman, Kaslo, 1902. Married
Lillian Jackson, 1898; has one son and
three daughters. Clubs: Alberta; Golf
and Country (President). Societies: A.
F. & A. M.; I. O. O. F. Recreations:
golf, motoring Liberal; Methodist. Ad-
dress: 2101 Eighth St., W., Mount Royal,
Calgary, Alta.

1875, son of
Jane Young.
England and

YOUNG, Duncan D. — Of Young Grain
Co. Grain merchant, Grain Exchange,
"Winnipeg. Born Quebec, Aug. 9 1859,
son of Duncan Young. Came to Win-
nipeg, 1881. Educated Quebec public
schools. Married Ina Minto, Montreal,
1899; has one son and one daughter.
Societies: St. Andrew's; I. O. O. F.
Address: 384 Wardlaw Ave., Winnipeg,

YOUNG, Edward J. — President E. J.
Young Plumbing Co., Ltd., 220 7th Ave.
E., Calgary; member Advisory Board,
Building & Loans Co., Calgary; owner.
Y^oung Bldg. and Young and Burnett
block; President Calgary Association
Sanitary Heating Engineers; President,
Canadian Society Sanitary Heating En-
gineers. Born Newark, Nottingham-
shire, England, July 31, 1869, son of
John W. and Sarah J. Young. Educated:
public and private schools. Came to
Saskatchewan, 1884; apprentice, Smitli
& Ferguson, Regina, 1892-1900; foreman
Ashdown Hardware Co., Calgary, 1900-
1903. Married Louisa Smith, Teeswater,
Ont., 1897; has two sons and one daugh-
ter. Club: Alberta. Societies: A. F. &
A. M. (R. A. M.); I. O. O. F. Recrea-
tion: motoring. Conservative; Methodist.
Address: 338 ' 15th Ave. "W., Calgary,

YOUNG, Hon. Senator Finlay Mc-
Naug'hton. — Farmer. Born St. Chrysos-
tome, Chatauguy County, Que., Sept. 10.
1852 son of Duncan Young. Educated
St. Chrysostome and Montreal. Came
to Manitoba, 1879. Elected, to Mani-

toba Legislature, 1883; re-elected at
each subsequent election until 1897.
Speaker, Manitoba Legislature, 1895

1899. Summoned to Senate, Jan. 30,

1900. Married Louisa Nicholson, 1893.
Liberal. Address: Killarney, Man.

YOUNG, His Honor Frederick SIcBain.

— Judge of the County Court of Atlin.
Born Montreal, son of Alexander and
Ellen McBain Young. Educated: public
and high schools, Ontario; Queen Uni-
versity (B. A.) Came to British Co-
lumbia, 1901. Married Mary Edith Gla-
holm, 1903; has one son and daughter.
Presbyterian. Address: Prince Rupert,
B. C.


YOUNG, Frederick William. — General

Manager, Lake Shippers' Clearance As-
sociation, Clearing House for Grain
Shipments, Fort William. Director
Western Navigation Co.; director West-
ern Live Stock Co., Ltd. ; director Young
Grain Co., Ltd. Born Chrysostome,
Que., Aug. 31, 1862, son of Duncan and
Isabella Breckenridge Young. Educated
Place D'Armes School., Montreal. Clerk
with McFee & Co., Montreal, 1877; Man-
ager, Commercial Bank of Manitoba,
Boissevain, 1887-1893; Manager, Union
Bank of Canada, Gretna, 1896-1902;
Manager, Dominion Bank of Canada,
Boissevain, and Fort William, 1902-
1909; engaged in present business since
1909. Member of Fort Williams Council
and Board of Trade; member Fort Wil-
liams Board of Health; President Mc-
Kellar Hospital, 1907-1908. Married
Margaret Agnes Hettle, daughter of
John Hettle, M. L. A. Turtle Moun-
tain, Man., 1892; has four sons. Clubs:
Kamistiqua, Manitoba, Commercial, Ca-
nadian. Societies: A. F. & A. M.; I. O.
O. F. Recreations: shooting, riding.
Liberal; Presbyterian. Address: 129 St.
Johns St., Fort William, Ont.



YOUNG, Jolin Marshall — President
Young-Thomas Soap Co., Ltd., Northern
Bank Bldg., Regina; President Parkdale
Development Co., Ltd.; President Excel-
sior Realty Co., Ltd. Born Fitzroy Har-
bor, Ont, May 30, 1857, son of Captain
George Andrew and Eveline S. Young.
Educated public schools, Fitzroy Harbor
and Arnprior; high school, Pembroke.
Purser on SS. Jason Gould, Pembroke,
1873-1875; in mercantile business, Ne-
braska, 1876-1891; came to Regina as
manager of Glasgow House, drygoods

store, 1891; general manager Regina
Trading Co., 1900; organized Young-
Thomas Soap Co., Ltd., 1906. President
Regina Board of Trade, 1903-1904; Pres-
ident "Victoria Hospital Board, 1906-
1907; Director Y. M. C. A. Board, 1908-
1909,. Married Bertha Mary Read,
Smith's Falls, Ont, 1880; lias three sons
and one daughter. Club: Assiniboia. So-
cieties: A. F. & A. M. (R. A. M.); Shrin-
er; Knights Templar. Recreations: hunt-
ing, shooting. Liberal; Anglican. Ad-
dress: 2365 16th Ave., Regina, Sask.



D., C. M., LL. D.

VOUNG, Hon. Henry Esson, B. A., M.
D., C. M., JmIm. D. — Physician. Provincial
Secretary, Victoria. Born English Riv-
er, Que., Feb. 24, 1867, son of Rev. Alex-
ander Young from Rosshire, Scotland,
and Ellen (McBain) Young, of La
Guerre, Que. Educated Queen's Univer-
sity (B. A. 1883); McGill University
(M. D., C. M. with honours 1888, LL. D.
honorary, 1911); Toronto University
(honorary LL. D. 1907); post graduate
work University of Pennsylvania fol-
lowed by 18 months' post graduate work
in England. Came to Atlin, 1901. Elect-
ed to British Columbia Legislature for
Atlin, general election, 1903; re-elected,
general election, 1907, 1909, 1912. Sworn
of the Council as Provincial Secretary,
Minister of Education, Feb. 27, 1907; re-
elected by acclamation at bye-election,
March, 1907. Re-elected at general elec-
tion, 1909. Married Rosalind Watson,
M. A. (McGill), daughter Rev James
Watson, M. A., D. D., March 15, 1904.
Clubs: Union; Pacific; Victoria Golf; Vic-
toria Yacht; Arctic (Seattle). Conserv-
ative; Presbyterian. Address: Parlia-
ment Bldg., Victoria, B. C.

YOtJNG, John OUver — Real Estate
Broker. Born Canton, Minn., Jan. 30,
1879, son of John and Amanda Halsey
Young. Educated Iowa City Academy;
Iowa University. Taught school. Canton.
1898-1899; came to Alberta, 1900; mer-
chant, Lacombe, Alta., 1900-1904; mem-
ber of firm, Bentley & Young, Ltd., Stet-
tler, Alta., real estate brokers 1905-1910;

present business since 1910. Married
Ida Morgan, Oskaloosa, la., 1902; has
one son and one daughter. Societies:
A. F. & A. M.; I. O. O. F. Recreations:
shooting, billiards. Liberal; Presbyter-
ian. Address: Castor, Alta.

YOUNG, John Weatherston. — Editor
and publisher, of Young and Laurie.
Publishers of the News-Times and Tiie
Times Weekly, Prince Albert. Born
Chatham, Ont., March 6, 1876, son of
William and Margaret Young. Educated
public and high schools and Chatham
Business College. Reporter The Planet,
Chatham, 1898. Came to Saskatchewan,
1905; in company with R. P. Laurie
purchased Times, which was established
1882, being second oldest paper in
Province; first daily paper printed in
Prince Albert, 1909. Served as Pay-
master-Sergeant, 24th Kent Regiment,
Chatham 1903-1905. Married Margaret
Houston Chatham, 1904. Societies: A.
F. & A. M.; S. O. S. Recreations: hunt-
ing, fishing, sailing. Conservative;
Presbyterian. Address: 338 East Elev-
enth St. Prince Albert Sask.

YOUNG, Kate D. S. — Deaconess, Cen-
tral Congregational Church, Winnipeg.
Born Aberdeen, Scotland, daughter of
James Clark and Jeanie Kennedy
Young. Educated Aberdeen; London,
England. Came to Manitoba, 1904.
Member Seamen's Friendly Society,
Glasgow, Scotland; member of Board,
Winnipeg Women's Friendship Band.
Congregationalist. Address: 501 Victor
St., Winnipeg, Man.

YOUNG, M., V. S. — Farmer and direc-
tor Pembina Farmers' Elevator Co.,
Manitou. Born Chinguacousy Township,
Peel County, Ont, Aug. 20 1846 son of
George and Ann Tweed. Educated pub-
lic schools; Ontario Veterinary College,
Toronto; taught school several years;
graduated from Ontario Veterinary Col-
lege and commenced practice In Parry
Sound and Orangeville districts, 1872;
member of board of examiners, Ontario
Veterinary College, 1875-1879; councillor
Village of Stayner 1875-1879; reeve,
1879-1881; moved to Manitoba and prac-
ticed 1881-1884; appointed District Vet-
erinarian for Counties of Dufferin and
Rock Lake with headquarters at Pem-
bina Crossing, 1884; moved to present
farm, N. Vz 12-3-9, 1885; appointed Vet-
erinary Inspector for Dominion Govern-
ment of customs exports and R. N. W.
M. P. stations on Interurban Boundary,
which position he held until 1896. Mar-
ried Maria Ann Tweed, Stayner, Ont.,
1874; has four sons and six daughters.
Societies: A. F. & A. M.; K. of P. Rec-
reation; traveling. Independent; Pres-
byterian. Address: Manitou Man



VOUNG, Rosalind Watson, M. A., A.
M. I. M. E. — Daughter Rev. James Wat-
son, M. A., D. D. (Presb.), and Margaret
F., daughter Rev. Adam Lind, Aberdeen,
Scotland. Born Huntingdon, P. Q.,
April 19, 1874. Educated Huntingdon
Academy and McGill University (B. A.
and gold medal in natural science, 1895.
M. A. 1901). Married March, 1904, Hon.
H. E. Young, M. D., LL. D. ; a member
of teaching profession before marriage;
Academic diploma, 1st class, Quebec;
1st class, B. C. ; seven years a member
of staff of Victoria High School and
College. Elected an associate member
Institute Mining Engineers, 1903; a
member of de la Society Geographic de
France, 1907; member Canadian Mining
Institute, 1909. Author of a Geography
of British Columbia, and of numerous
articles on mining in British Columbia.
President University Women's Club,
Victoria. Club: Alexandra. Address:
Victoria, B. C.


TOTTNCf, Samuel Crawford — Financial
and Insurance Broker, 111 May St., Fori
William: President Coalette Co., Ltd.;
President Western Land & Live Stock
Co., Ltd.; Trustee, McKellar Hospital;
member Fort William Board of Trade.
Born Hamilton, Ont., Sept. 3, 1865, son
of David D. and .Jennie Crawford Young.
Educated: High school, Hamilton. Came
to Fort William 1885; with operatins
department, C. P. R., Fort William.
1885-1899; established present business.
1899. Served as Captain C Company.
96th Regiment, Fort William, 1905-
1912; appointed Major, 1912. Mayor,

Fort William, 1911-1912; President,
Board of Trade, two years; chairman,
Public Utilities, seven years. Married
Lily M. Phipps, Fort William, 1894; has
one son and four daughters. Clubs:
Kaministiquia; Port Arthur; Albany
(Toronto) ; Thunder Bay Country. Soci-
ety: A. F. & A. M. Recreation: big
game hunting; fishing. Independent;
Anglican. Address: 507 Syndicate Ave.,
Fort William, Ont.

YOUNGr, William Shepherd — Inspector
of Fisheries, Department of Marine and
Fisheries, Selkirk. Born Morris Town-
ship, Huron County, Ont, March 13,
1868, son of James and Marietta Young.
Educated public schools, Cobourg. Came
to Selkirk and engaged business 1896.
Appointed Inspector of Fisheries, 1901.
Served two years in 90th Battalion.
Married Mary Melinda Mitchell, Winni-
peg, 1888; has one son and five daugh-
ters. Society: A. P. & A. M., Scottish
Rite. Recreation: curling. Liberal;
Methodist. Address: Selkirk, Man.

Ytril.li, Harry Clinton — Capitalist
Director Alberta Clay Products Co., Ltd.
President Medicine Hat Milling Co., Ltd.
President Alberta Foundry & Machine
Co., Ltd.: Vice President Alberta Lin-
seed Oil Works, Ltd.; President Medi-
cine Hat Land and Improvement Co.,
Ltd. Born Truro, N. S., July 16, 1863,
son of Joseph M. and Charlotte A. Yuill.
Educated Truro public schools. Car-
penter, 1882-1883; came to Alberta, 1885;
contracting, 1885-1905: financial busi-
ness since 1905. Member town council
first two terms after incorporation. Mar-
ried Elizabeth M. Price, St. Johns, N. B.,
1892; has three sons and one daughter.
Club: Cypress. Societies: A. F. & A. M. ;
I. O. F. Recreations: hunting, fishing,
motoring. Liberal; Presbyterian. Ad-
dress: 500 Main St., Medicine Hat, Alta.

ZACHABT, Thomas. — Farmer. Born
Cirencester, Gloucestershire, England,
Jan. 21, 1866, son of Henry and S. J.
Zachary. Educated St. Leonard's School;
Marlborough College; St. Bartholomew's
Hospital. Came to Manitoba 1885. Mar-
ried Edith M. Creasy, Suffolk, England,
1889; has one son and two daughters.
Societies: Western Canada Public
Schools Association; C. O. F. Anglican.
Address: Austin, Man.


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