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servative; Anglican. Address: Union
Bank Bldg., Winnipeg, Man.

CABSON, Rev. Hermon Alfred, B. A.

— Pastor of First Congregational Church,
Victoria; Director Victoria Children's
Aid Society; Director Industrial Peace
Association. Born Nicolet Falls, Que.,
April 7, 1879, son of William and Isa-
bella Carson. Educated Danville Acad-
emy, Danville, Que.; McGlll University;
Congregational College, Montreal. Came
to British Columbia, 1904. Address:
Victoria, B. C.

CABSON, John Maoanlay. — Of Walsh,
McCarthy & Carson, Barristers, Calgary;
Director Al Azhar Temple Co., Ltd. Born
London, Ont, Oct. 29, 1879, son of Wil-
liam John and Flora Carson. Came to
Alberta 1908. Societis: A. F. & A. M.; K.
T. ; Mystic Shrine. Presbyterian. Ad-
dress: Calgary, Alta.




CA&STIiZI'S, Hug'o Ilmil — Imperial
German Consul for Manitoba, Saskatche-
wan and Alberta, appointed witii resi-
dence at Winnipeg, 1908. Born Jever,
Grand-Duchee of Oldenburg, Germany,
May 9, 1866, son of Herman and De-
borah, Carstens. Educated in Germany
for legal profession. Came to Winni-
peg, 1884; prominently engaged in Col-
onization and Immigration work, first
for a railway company and later for the
Dominion Government, 1884-1896. Enter-
ed Journalistic work, 1897, as Manager
of "Der Nordwesten" and was success-

ful in making this the largest and prin-
cipal German newspaper in Canada; re-
tired, 1911, to devote his whole attention
to the Consular work and to the invest-
ment of capital in Western Canada. Is
on Directorate of several prominent Fi-
nancial concerns located at Winnipeg.
Married Kaethe Kort of Wittenberge,
Brandenburg, Germany, 1900; has two
sons and two daughters. Clubs: Carl-
ton; German. Recreation: hunting, mo-
toring. Lutheran. Address: 141 Strad-
brooke Place, Winnipeg, Man.



CABSWIil^Ii, Bev. James. — Presbyter-
ian clergyman (retired since 1907). Born
Horton, Renfrew County, Ont., June 7,
1839, son of David and Janet Carswell.
Educated public schools Pakenham; high
school Perth, Ont.; Toronto University.
Charge of Presbyterian Church, Little
Britain, Ont. Came to Manitoba 1898,
and has ben connected with Winnipeg
Presbytery since that date; held charge
Poplar Point, Man. Married Christina
Junor, St. Mary's, Ont., 1869 (deceased);
has two sons and three daughters. Club:
Canadian. Presbyterian Reformer; Ad-
dress: 186 Walnut St., Winnipeg, Man.

CABSWEIil^, John Alfred, J. F. —

Farmer and rancher, publisher of News,
Red Deer. Born Oshawa, Ont., June 7,
1856, son of Henry and Mary Hanna
Carswell. Educated Oshawa High School.
Printers' devil, Oshawa, 1873. Came to
Alberta, .1890. Chairman Red Deer Board
of Education. Captain of Civilian Rifle
Association. Married Adelia Augusta
Lemon, Niagara Falls, Ont.; has three
sons and three daughters. Societies: A.
F. & A. M.; S. O. E. Address: Red Deer,

CABTEB, W. H. — President and Gen-
eral Manager of Carter. Halls & Aldinger
Co., Engineers and Builders, Union Bank
Bldg., Winnipeg. Born Bismarck, 111.,
Jan. 21, 1874, son of Ninion and Eliza
J. Carter. Educated Dansville, 111. Time-
keeper on building construction for M.
Yeager & Son, of Danville, 111., 1896:
Superintendent of Construction for Wm.
Grace Co., Chicago, 1900. Came to Win-
nipeg as local manager Wm. Grace Co.,
1903; organized the Carter, Halls &
Aldinger Co., Jan., 1907. Married Mary
Julia Tullis, Danville, 111., 1904; has one
son. Clubs: Carleton, Adanac, Commer-
cial Travelers. Conservative; Presby-
terian. Address: 388 Wardlaw Ave.,
Winnipeg, Man.

CABTEB-COTTON, Hon. Francis, M.
Ij. A. — Journalist (retired). Born York-
shire, England, June 4, 1847. Member
of British Columbia Legislature for Van-
couver 1880, 1894, 1896; defeated 1900;
elected for Richmond, 1903; Provincial
Minister of Finance 1898-1900; Chief
Commissioner Lands and Works, 1899-
1900; President Executive Council, 1904;
resigned 1910. Founded Daily News-Ad-
vertiser, Vancouver, 1886. Vice Presi-
dent B. C. branch Imperial Federation
League, 1889; vice president B. C. Trust
Co., 1902; director Securities Corpora-
tion; chairman Assessment Act Com-
mission, B. C, 1905; president Royal
Institute for the Advancement of Learn-
ing, 1906; endowed a chair of pure and
applied mathametics, McGill University,
1906. Retired, 1910. Clubs: Vancou-
ver; Union (Victoria). Conservative.
Address: Vancouver, B. C.

C. E.

CABTWBICrHT, Conway Bdward, C.H.

— Of Cartwright, Matheson & Co., Con-
sulting Civil Engineers, Rogers Bldg.,
Vancouver. Born Toronto, Oct. 14, 1864,
son of Rev. Conway Edward and Mary
Letitia Cartwright. Educated Royal
Military College; entered service Pontiac
Pacific Railway, Quebec, 1885; engaged
civil engineering chiefly on railway
work, Norfolk, Va., and Southern
and Central States, 18S8-1896; served
as Assistant Chief Engineer New York
& Ottawa Ry., Cornwall, 1896-1899; Pa-
cific Division, C. P. R., 1905-1910; when
resigned to enter private practice; mem-
ber Canadian Society C. E., 1899; P. L. S.
Association, B. C, 1904. Served as Lieu-
tenant, Halifax Battalion Northwest Re-
bellion, 1885. Married Mary Elizabetn
Harvey, daughter late Major Harvey,
R. A., Wexford, Ireland, 1889. Clubs:
Vancouver; Canadian. Recreation:

Yachting. Independent; Anglican. .Ad-
dress: Tecumseh Ave., Shaughnessy
Heights, Vancouver, B. C.

CABTWBIGHT, IVt..Col. Bobert, C. M.

Q. — Fruit farmer, Okanagan Valley. Born
Rockwood Cottage, Kingston, Ont.,
Nov. 4, 1860; eldest son of Rt. Hon. Sir
Richard J. Cartwright. Educated
Church of England Grammar School,
Rice Lake; Royal Military College..
Lieutenant, 1881; I. S. C, 1885; captain,
1888; major, 1895; lieutenant colonel,
1899; Major and Brevet Lieutenant-Col-
onel Royal Canadian Regiment; served
Midland Regiment Northwest Rebellion,
1885 (medal) ; South Africa, Canadian
Contingent (despatches, medal, four
clasps), 1899-1900; operations. Orange
Free State, 1900, including Pardeberg,
Poplar Grove, Dreifontein, Vet River,
Zand River; Assistant Adjutant-General
for Musketry. Headquarters, (Ilanada,


1898; Commandant Canadian School of
Musketry, 1901; Assistant Adjutant-
General for Musketry, 1905-1907. Presi-
dent Royal Military College Club, 1900.
Married Ivy Maria Russell Davy, 1885;
has two daughters. Club: Rideau (Ot-
tawa). Anglican. Address: Summer-
land, B. C.


CABVEB, Ernest Edward, 3^. B. I. B.
A., A. A. A. — Architect, Sherlock Bldg.,
Lethbridge. Born Walsall, England,
Feb. 23, 1879, son of Joseph and Cecilia
Carver. Educated Queen Mary's Gram-
mar school, Walsall; Commercial Col-
lege, Vincennes, France. Pupil of H. B.
Lavender, Walsall, 1895. Came to Can-
ada, 1905; Alberta, 1908. Married Kath-
leen C. Leech, Walsall, 1906. Club:
Chinook. Society: A. F. & A. M. Recre-
ation: Sailing. Conservative; Anglican.
Address: 938 Thirteenth St. S., Leth-
bridge, Alta.


CASBV, Avery, B. C. L. — Of Balfour,
Martin, Casey & Blair, Barristers and

Solicitors, Darke Bldg., Reglna. Born
Belleville, Ont, Sept. 21, 1870, son of
S. Seldon and Idda B. Kent Casey. Edu-
cated Collegiate Institute, London, Ont.;
Trinity University, Toronto. Called to
Ontario Bar, 1895; practiced, London,
previous to coming to Regina, 1907.
Married Jessie Stewart, 1905; has two
daughters. Liberal; Protestant. Ad-
dress: 2237 Lome Ave., Regina, Sask.

CASE'S', •William A., C. E. — Of Pills-
bury & Casey, Civil Engineers, Exchange
Block, Prince Rupert. Born St. Thomas,
Ont, Feb. 12, 1887, son of George E.
Casey, ex-M. P., and Sarah Isobel Casey.
Educated private and public schools,
Belleville; Upper Canada College. En-
gineer for G. T. P. North Bay branch,
1904. Came to British Columbia as mem-
ber of original party of engineers to
commence survey of Prince Rupert town-
site, 1906. Resident engineer and Su-
perintendent for Municipal Improve-
ments Commission, Prince Rupert. Club:
Wanderers. Recreation: Rowing. Ad-
dress: Prince Rupert, B. C.

CASH, Edward 1., M. D., M. B. — Phy-
sician. Born Markham, (Dnt., Dec. 26,
1849, son of David and Elizabeth Cash.
Educated Markham; Victoria University.
Resided United States 1871-1896. Coun-
ty Clerk and District Clerk, Rock Coun-
ty, Nebraska. Practiced Yorkton, since
1897. First elected to House of Com-
mons, 1904, 1908. Married Mary- V.
Simpson, 1898. Liberal; Congregation-
alist. Address: Yorkton, Sask.

CASKE'Z', Thomas Edward. — Editor
Chilliwack Progress. Born Madoc, Ont.,
Oct. 21, 1870, son of James and Deborah
Caskey. Educated Madoc and Kincar-
dine, Ont. , Farming, Kincardine, 1900.
Came to British Columbia 1906. Ex-Al-
derman, Chilliwack. Served with 32nd
Bruce Regiment. Married Rebekah Carle-
con, Kincardine. Societies: I. O. O. F. :
R. B. P. Recreation: Tennis. Address:
Chilliwack, B. C.

CASS, Edward. — President Winnipeg
Paint & Glass Co., 140 Portage Ave.,
Winnipeg. Born Clamanty Mills, Ire-
land, Sept. 18, 1849, son of Robert and
Catherine Cass. Came to Canada as a
boy. Educated Ottawa, Bricklaying con-
tractor, Ottawa, 1872. Came to Winni-
peg 1882. President Northern Canadian
Mortgage Co.; Vice-President Western
Canada Accident and Guarantee Insur-
ance Co.; Alderman Winnipeg, 1911:
Provincial Commissioner. Married Kath-




erine McPyke, Hull, Que., 1876; has one
son and two daughters. Club: Carleton.
Society: K. of C. Roman Catholic. Ad-
dress: 172 Vaughan St., Winnipeg, Man.


CASSADY, Georgre Iiivingstone — Of

McQuarrie, iVIartin & Cassady, Barris-
ters and Solicitors, New Westminster.
Born Vancouver, July 31, 1889, son of
George and Jane R. Cassady. Educated
public and high scliools. Law student
with W. J. Bowser, K. C, Vancouver,
1904; with Joseph Martin, K. C, Van-

couver, 1905-1907; with Wade, Wheal-
ler, McQuarrie & Martin, New West-
minster, 1907-1911; called to British
Columbia bar, 1911; member of present
firm since 1912. Club: Westminster.
Recreation: Yachting. Conservative;
Presbyterian. Address: 325 Sixth St.,
New Westminster, B. C.

CASSID7, Robert, K. C. — Barrister,
Yorkshire Guarantee Co., 440 Seymour
St., Vancouver. Born County Down, Ire-
land, March 24, 1857, son of Annie and
Robert Cassidy, LL. D. Educated public
schools Lancashire; Queen's College, Bel-
fast. Came to Canada 1875. Student,
Ardagh & Strathy, barristers, Barrie,
Ont., 1875-1878; student with D'Alton
McCarthy, K. C, Toronto, 1878-1881.
Called to Ontario Bar 1881. Came to
Winnipeg and called to Manitoba Bar
1882. Member of firm Cassidy & Brophy,
Winnipeg, 1882-1883; practiced alone
1883-1892. Came to Victoria and called
to British Columbia Bar 1892. Member
of firm Davie & Cassidy, Victoria, 1892-
1894; Cassidy & Davie, Victoria, 1894-
1900. Appointed K. C, 1897; member of
firm Cassidy, Davie & O'Brien, Victoria,
1900-1905. Came to Vancouver and
member of firm Martin, Cassidy, Weart
& McQuarrie, 1905-1907; practicing alone
since 1907. Married Adelaide Von Eb-
erts, daughter of Herman Von Eberts,
Winnipeg, 1907 (deceased, 1908). Clubs:
Western, Jericho Country, Union (Vic-
toria). Recreations: Yachting, golf, mo-
toring. Anglican. Address: 2058 Beach
Ave., Vancouver, B. C.


CASTIiEMAK, Samuel John. — Finan-
cial and Mining Broker, 448 Seymour
St., Vancouver; Vice-President Clayburn
Brick Co., Ltd.; President Kitsilano Im-
provement Association; Director Van-



couver Fireclay Co.; Director Amalga-
mated Gold Mines of British Columbia;
Director Commonwealth Trust Co. Born
Dickinson's Landing, Ont, Oct. 16, 1866,
son of Ralph A. and Caroline Elizabeth
Castleman. Educated public schools Stor-
mont County; Ottawa Business College.
With R. A. Castleman & Son, Casselman,
Ont, 1884-1887; brick and tile manufac-
turing, 1887-1893; accountant and cash-
ier. Freight Department Canada Atlantic
Railway, Ottawa, 1894-1905. Came to
British Columbia and established pres-
ent business, 1905. School Trustee, Cas-
selman, 1888-1890; Councillor, Casselman,
1891-1893. Married Jean Elizabeth Cam-
eron, Pembroke, Ont., 1893; has one son
and one daughter. Clubs: Terminal City,
Royal Vancouver Yacht. Society: A. F.
& A. M. Recreation: Motor boating.
Liberal; Presbyterian. Address: 2320
First Ave. W., Vancouver, B. C.


CASWEI^I^, Robert Wallace. — Farmer.
Born Granton, Middlesex County, Ont.,
Nov. 3, 1860, son of Andrew and Mary
Caswell. Educated public schools Pal-
merston, Ont. Drug clerk and telegraph
operator Palmerston, 1881; telegraph
operator C. P. R., Winnipeg, 1882; joined
Temperance Colony, Moose Jaw, and with
them proceeded to Saskatoon District
and took up homestead, 1883; Dominion
Government established telegraph office
in his house and he acted as operator;
telegraph operator, C. P. R.. Alberta and
British Columbia, 1887-1893; returned to
Saskatoon and engaged farming and

stock raising, 1893; has one of finest
wheat and stock farms in that part of
country, with a famous herd of Short-
horns and a notable strain of Clydes-
dales; Vice-President and Director Agri-
cultural Society since 1904; Member
Executive Committee Livestock Breed-
ers' Association of Saskatchewan; Di-
rector Saskatchewan Grain Growers' As-
sociation, 1904-1908; Trustee Saskatoon
School Board, 1894-1899; Alderman, Sas-
katoon, 1908-1909; 1911-1912; President
Saskatoon Rifle Club, 1907-1908. Mar-
ried Fanny Buchanan Irvine, Prince Al-
bert, Sask., 1884; has three sons and
three daughters. Society: I. O. O. F.
President Saskatoon Auto Club, 1912.
Recreations: curling, baseball, shooting.
Presbyterian. Address: 905 Avenue A,
Saskatoon, Sask.

CATES, Alexander Kippeu, B. A. — Bar-
rister and Solicitor. Born Wakefield
Que., Oct. 14, 1877, son of Adoniram
and Elizabeth Diana Cates. Educated
Napinka and Winnipeg. Practiced Res-
ton since 1908. Notary public. Served
13th Field Battery, Winnipeg, three
years; Fifth Canadian Mounted Rifles,
South African War. Married Elizabeth
McFetridge, Souris, Man., 1909, has one
daughter. Club: Canadian. Societies:
A. F. & A. M.; C. O. F. Recreations:
Tennis, football, curling, snow-shoeing.
Conservative; Presbyterian. Address:
Reston, Man.

CAVE-BBOWNE-CAVi:, Edward. — Of

British Columbia Assay and Chemical
Supply Co., 567 Hornby St., Vancouver;
President Glacier Creek Mining Co.;
President Vancouver Lawn Tennis Club.
Born Malvern, Eng., Jan. 5, 1879, son
of Rev. Ambrose and Caroline Cave-
Browne-Cave. Educated All Saints'
school, Bloxham, England. Came to Can-
ada 1886; Vancouver 1901. Married Ra-
chel Marion Fortin. Clubs: Vancouver,
Jericho Country. Recreations: Cricket,
lawn tennis, golf. Address: 1221 Cardero
St., Vancouver, B. C.

CAWI^EV, Samuel Arthur, M. 1. A. —

Real Estate Agent. Born Burford Town-
ship, Brant County, Ont., Nov. 29, 1858,
son of Samuel and Isabella Cawley. Edu-
cated public schools. First Mayor Chil-
liwack, acted as clerk, assessor and col-
lector, Chilliwack Township five years.
Director Western Life Insurance Co. of
Winnipeg; Director Federal Trust Co.,
Ltd., Vancouver. Represents Chilli-
wack, British Columbia .Legislature.
Married Emma Reeves, Chilliwack, 1882;
has one son and three daughters. Con-
servative; Anglican. Address: Chilli-
wack, B. C.



CAU£DEIl,Josep]i Asbfield — Managing
Director Saskatchewan Creamery Co.,
Ltd., Caribou and 8th Ave., Moose Jaw;
Provisional Director, Bank of Saskatche-
wan; Provisional Director, Executors and
Administrators Trust Co.; Director,
Moose Jaw Odd Fellows' Building Assn.,
Ltd.; Director, Moose Jaw Cold Storage
Co., Ltd.; Member Industrial Committee,
Moose Jaw Board of Trade; on Board
of Management, Moose Jaw Hospital.
Born Bristol, Que., April 29, 1884, son
of Hugh and Margaret Switzer Caulder.

Educated Morrisburg Collegiate Insti-
tute. Travelled for Commercial houses
in United States, 1900-1905; came to
Moose Jaw, 1905; farmed and in real
estate business, Moose Jaw, 1905-1910;
established present business, 1910. Mar-
ried Margaret Harrington, daughter of
William Harrington, 1904; has one
daughter. Societies: A. F. & A. M.
I. O. O. F. (Noble Grand). Recreation:
Curling. Liberal; Presbyterian. Address:
1 Oxford St., W., Moose Jaw, Sask.



CAYE, Creorg-e "W. — Assistant to "Vice-
President, General Manager and Pur-
chasing Agent, G. T. P. Ry., Winnipeg.
Born Malone, N. Y., Dec. 1, 1865, son of
William A. and Florence E. Caye. Edu-
cated St. Albans, Vt. With Passenger
Department Central Vermont Ry., St.
Albans, 1882. Served as Sergeant Com-
pany B, First Regiment Vermont Na-
tional Guard. Traveling Car Agent Can-
ada Atlantic Ry., 1900-1902; Private Sec-
retary to General Manager same road,
1903-1905. Chief Clerk to Vice-President
and General Manager G. T. P. Ry., Mont-
real, 1905-1907. Present position since
1907. Married Florence E. Van Fleet,
New York City, 1910. Society: K. of C.
Recreation: Hunting, fishing. Roman
Catholic. Address: Moxan Court, Winni-
peg, Man.

CAYIEY, Hugh St. Quintin, B. A. —

Barrister, Loo Bldg., Vancouver. Born
Toronto, Nov. 19, 1857, son of Hon.
William and Emma Robinson Boulton
Cayley. Educated Gait Collegiate Insti-
tute; Upper Canada College; Toronto
University; practiced Calgary, 1882, and
Vancouver since; member Territorial
Legislative Assembly for Calgary, 188fi-
1894. Premier Northwest Territories,
1893. Married Nora Cochrane, 1897; has
one son. Conservative; Anglican. Ad-
dress: 1124 Barclay St., Vancouver, B. C.

CEFERIiEY, Henry Tracy. — Of Ceper-
ley, Rounsefell & Co., Ltd., Insurance,
Real Estate, Mining and Financial
Agent, 543 Hastings St., Vancouver.
Director British American Development
Co. Director Britisli Columbia Building
Association. Chairman Carter River
Power Co. Director Bank of Vancouver.
Born Oneonta, N. Y., Jan. 10, 1851, son
of Martin and Desiah Winnie Ceperley.
Educated public school, Oneonta; White-
stown Seminary; taught school New
York State, until 1875, when removed
to Minnesota, and entered produce and
commission business; cashier and book-
keeper in New Mexico; cattle rancher
and real estate business in Montana.
Came to Vancouver where he established
present business, 1886. Clubs: Vancou-
ver; Terminal City. Societies: A. F. &
A. M. ; K. of P. Conservative; Anglican.
Address. Fairacres, Burnaby Lake, Van-
couver, B. C.

CHAD'WXCK, Robert Barton. — Superin-
tendent of Neglected Children. Alberta
Government, Credit Toncier Bldg., Ed-
monton. Born Hamilton, Ont., July 15,
1879, son of John A. and Katherine Kent
Chadwick. Educated public schools; Col-
lege Institute and Art School, Hamil-
ton; University Springfield, Mass. As-

sistant Secretary Boys' Club, New
York, 1898-1900; Secretary Boys' De-
partment Y. M. C. A., Toronto, 1900-
1905; came to Alberta, 1906; General
Secretary Y. M. C. A., Edmonton, 1906-
1907; appointed to present office 1907.
Married Elizabeth Evelyn Cook, Belle-
ville, Ont, 1908; has one son. Society:
A. P. & A. M. Recreation: Athletic
sports. Liberal; Presbyterian. Address:
475 Thirteenth St., Edmonton, Alta.

CHAFFBY, Benjamin Blswood, B. A. — '

Barrister, 289 Garry St., Winnipeg. Born
Brockville, Ont, Oct 8, 1859, son of John
and Mary Anne Chaffey. Educated Bish-
op's College School, Lennoxville; Toronto
University. Came to Winnipeg 1883.
Practiced Winnipeg since 1886. Member
Winnipeg City Council, 1894-8; 1902-4.
Unsuccessful candidate Manitoba Legis-
lature for Winnipeg, 1907. Married Ger-
trude Sanford Eastman, Winnipeg, 1897;
has three sons and one daughter. Club:
Manitoba. Recreation: Boating. Liberal;
Anglican. Address: 115 Betourney St.,
Winnipeg, Man.

CHAIiDBCOTT, Francis Millar. — So-
licitor, 536 Hastings St. W., Vancouver.
Born Chertsey, Surrey, England, Oct. 10,
1863, son of Thomas A. and Ellen Lucas
Chaldecott Educated Blundell's School,
Tiverton; Falstead School, Essex. Arti-
cled to C. J. Mander, New Square, Lon-
don, 1882; admitted as solicitor Supreme
Court, England, 1888; practiced England,
1888-1890. Came to British Columbia,
1890; admitted to Supreme Court of Brit-
ish Columbia, 1891; practiced Vancouver
since. President Brockton Point Asso-
ciation. Clubs: Vancouver, Jericho Coun-
try; Royal Vancouver Yacht; Royal Au-
tomobile Club (London). Recreations:
Cricket, fishing, shooting. Anglican. Ad-
dress: 1174 Seaton St., Vancouver, B. C.

CHAI^MBBS, H. A. D. — Real Estate,
Insurance, Rental Agent, Notary Public,
193 Lombard St., Winnipeg. Born Lon-
don, England, Oct. 25, 1876, son of
Henry Robert and Jessie Lucilla Chal-
mers. Educated St. Paul's, London, Eng-
land. Clerk Bank of Victoria, and Rob-
inson Bank, 1895-1901. Came to Winni-
peg, 1901. Married Ida Victoria Suck-
ling, Cincinnati, O., 1905; has one daugh-
ter. Club: Adanac. Recreation: All
amusements. Conservative; Protestant.
Address: Adanac Club, Winnipeg, Man.



CHAMBEBliAIN-, Ildsou Joseph. —

Vice-President and General Manager
Grand Trunk Pacific Railway, Union
Station, Winnipeg. President Colonial
Lumber Co., Ltd., Pembroke, Ont. Born
Lancaster, N. H., Aug. 25, 1852, son of
Joseph Mark and Roeann Chamberlain.
Educated Methodist Seminary, Mont-
pelier, Vt; railroad clerk Central Ver-
inont Railway, St. Albans, Vt, 1871-1884;
appointed Superintendent Ogdensburg &
Lake Champlain Railway, between
Rouse's Point and Ogdensburg, N. Y.,
1884-1886; appointed General Manager
Canada Atlantic Railway with headquar-
ters Ottawa, Sept. 1, 1886; under his
management the Canada Atlantic bridge
over the St. Lawrence River near Coteau
6,120 feet long was constructed. This
work was started in the early spring
and bridge in operation in six months.

Also during his management of that
Company line was extended to Parry
Sound, on Georgian Bay. The Canada
Atlantic Railway was absorbed by the
Grand Trunk Railway 1905 and Mr.
Chamberlain retired temporarily from
railway operation, but was engaged in
railway construction during which time
he built a line of railway from Rouse's
Point to Lachine and constructed a por-
tion of the Morelia & Tacambaro Rail-
way through the State of Michocan,
Mexico, for New York capital; appoint-
ed Vice-President and General Manager
Grand Trunk Pacific Railway Jan. 21,
1909. Married Sara Griflln Place, St.
Albans, Vt, 1876. Clubs: New York
Yacht (New York), Athletic (New York),
Mount Royal, St. James, Dixie Golf,
Montreal; Rideau (Ottawa), Ottawa
Hunt Ottawa Golf, Ottawa Country,



Manitoba, St. Charles Country, Kamin-
istiquia (Fort William), Edmonton, Van-
couver. Protestant. Address: 333 Met-
calfe St., Ottawa, Ont. ; Royal Alexandra
Hotel, Winnipeg, Man.

CEAIOBIIRS, Edward Buslinell, M. A..

— Capitalist. Born London, England,
Oct. 17, 1854, son of Edward and Eliz-
abeth Eleanor Quelch Chambers. Edu-
cated Pembroke College, Cambridge,
England. Called to Bar, London, Eng-
land, 1875; came to Winnipeg 1880.
Clubs: Manitoba, St. Charles Country,
Middle Temple (London). Address: Roy-
al Alexandra, Winnipeg, Man.

CHAMBERS, John Hudson. — Of Paul-
in-Chambers Co., 311 Ross Ave., Win-
nipeg. Born Peterborough, Ont., Nov. 4,
1846, son of Thomas and Emma Cham-
bers. Educated Peterborough. Manu-
facturer, Peterborough, 1873. Came to
Winnipeg 1882. Married Hannah Brook,
Peterborough, 1870. Society: L O. O. F.
Recreation: Motoring. Methodist. Ad-
dress: 37 Kennedy St., Winnipeg, Man.

CHASIBEBS, Bev. Sydney Crarringrton,
B. A., B. D. — Rural Dean of Winnipeg,
Rector of Christ Church, Winnipeg. Born
Portsmouth, England, April 29, 1870, son
of Major Frank Drysdale Chambers and
Margaret Chambers. Educated Thorn-
ton Heath grammar school; St. John's
College, Winnipeg. Ordained deacon
Winnipeg, 1897; priest, 1898. Member
St. John's College Council and executive
committee of the diocese; Western agent
Church Emmigration Society of London,
England. Married Evelyn Augusta Wil-
lan, Winnipeg, 1901; has one son and
two daughters. Clubs: Canadian; Clef.
Society: S. O. E.. Recreations: cricket,
music. Address: Clirist Church Rectory,
Winnipeg, Man.

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