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nipeg Municipal Power Development,
Point du Bois, Man. Married Jennie
McDonald Mason, Winnipeg, 1883; has
one son and two daughters. Liberal;
Methodist. Address: 281 St. John's Ave.,
Winnipeg, Man.

COIiDWEIiI^, Mrs. Anne. — Born
Brampton, Ont., daughter of James and
Eliza Anderson. Educated Brampton,
Ont. Member Brandon Ladies' Hospital
Aid. Clubs: Brandon Art Club; Y. W.
C. A.; Daughters of the Empire. Mar-
ried George Robson Coldwell, Barrister,
1883; has four sons and one daughter.
Recreation: Gardening. Anglican. Ad-
dress: 122 Eighteenth St., Brandon, Man.

COIiDWEIiI^, Hon. Georgfe Bobson, B.
A., K. C. — Minister of Education and
Municipal Commissioner for Manitoba;
Barrister, of Coldwell, Coleman & Cur-
ran, Brandon. Born Clarke Township,
Durham County, Ont., July 4, 1858, son
of William Edward and Mary Coldwell.
Educated public schools, Kinburn, Ont.;
Clinton grammar school; Trinity Col-
lege school. Port Hope; Trinity College,
Toronto. Practiced Winnipeg, 1882-
1883; Brandon since. Member of Bran-
don Council twenty years. Elected to
Manitoba Legislature for Brandon City
1907, on appointment as Minister of Edu-
cation; re-elected 1910. Married Ann
Anderson, Winnipeg, 1883; has four sons
and one daughter. Clubs: Manitoba,
Carleton, Brandon. Recreations: shoot-
ing, gardening. Conservative; Anglican.
Address: 122 Eighteenth St., Brandon,

COlMJiVrJilMlM, Joseph Alfred. — Financial
and Real Estate Broker, Holden Bldg.,
\ancouver. Born Birmingham, England,
March 27, 1851. Educated Birmingham.
Commenced business career with Mid-
land Ry. Came to British Columbia in
1882, residing two years in Victoria be-
fore establishing present business. Not-
ary public. Married Ellen Cobley, Eng-
land. Recreation: horses. Address: 2360
Powell St., Vancouver, B. C.

CDIiBMAN, Charles Edward, M. D., C.

M. — (McGill) Physician and Surgeon, of
Drs. Coleman & Macnab, Alexander Cor-
ner, Calgary. Born Chatham, N. B.,
Nov. 30, 1880, son of Patrick and Anna
Donovan Coleman. Educated grammar
school, Chatham; McGill University;
practiced Medicine, Chatham, 1902-1903;
Redbank, N. B., 1903-1909; Post-gradu-
ate Couse, St. Mary's Hospital, New
York, 1910; Calgary since 1910. Married
Lorette F. Judd, New York, 1911. So-
cieties: K. of C. ; New Brunswick Medi-
cal. Roman Catholic. Address: 1126
Sixteenth Ave. W., Calgary, Alta.

COI^EMAN, George Benjamin, K. C. — Of

Coldwell, Coleman & Curran, Barristers,
Brandon. Born Lynn, Ont., April 5, 1865,
son of Edwin Ruthven and Mary Cole-
man. Educated Academy St. Catha-
rines. Law student, Winnpeg, 1885;
practiced Brandon since 1900. Alderman
Ave years; School Trustee, Brandon,
three years. Married Victoria Ann Mer-
rick, Winnipeg, 1890; has one son. Club:
Brandon. Society: I. O. O. F. Recre-
ation: Golf. Conservative; Anglican.
Address: 339 Victoria Ave., Brandon,

COIiES, Arthur. — Financial and Real
Estate Agent, 1205 Broad St., Victoria.
Born Watford, England, Sept. 4, 1872,
son of Walter T. and F. J. Coles. Edu-
cated Aldenham grammar school, Eng-
land; Insurance business London, Eng-
land, 1888. Came to British Columbia,
1897. Notary Public. Served four years
Volunteer Regiment. Married Amy G.
Galley, Victoria, 1902. Club: Pacific.
Recreations: Golf, cricket. Conservative;
Anglican. Address: Victoria, B. C.

COI>I>ISSON, James T. J. — Of Short,
Woods, Bigger & Collisson, Barristers,
14 Howard St., Edmonton. Born Lucan,
Ont, Aug. 21, 1875, son of Michael and
Mary Twohey Collisson. Educated high
school, Lucan; Normal school, Regina;
taught school, Ontario, 1895-1896; Sas-
katchewan, 1897; Alberta, 1898-1903; Yu-
kon, 1903-1905; studied law and called
to Alberta bar, 1908; joined present firm
1909. School Trustee, Edmonton, 1909-
1910; 1911-1912. Treasurer Children's
Aid Society of Edmonton and Strath-
cona, 1910; Secretary, 1911. Society:
K. of C. Recreation: Curling. Liberal:
Roman Catholic. Address: 708 Seventh
St., Edmonton, Alta.

COIiI^ISON, The Ven. W. H. — Archdea-
con of Caledonia; Commissary to the
Bishop of Caledonia, and C. M. S. Mis-
sionary to Nishka, Zimshean, and Haida
tribes of Indians, Northwest Coast and
Islands, British Columbia. Born Coun-
ty Armagh, Ireland, Nov. 12, 1847, son
of J. and M. Maxwell Collinson. Edu-
cated Church of Ireland Normal Col-
lege; Church Missionary College, Islmg-



ton. Superintendent of Industrial Schools
Cork; Missionary to Zimshean Indians,
1873; volunteered as first missionary to
the Haidas, of Queen Charlotte's Islands,
who were known then as the "Pirates
of the North Pacific Coast," being the
finest and fiercest of the L.'oast Indians,
1876; ordained deacon and priest, 1878;
opened the Inland Mission to Gitikshans,
1880; archdeacon, 1891; secretary to the
North British Columbia Mission of the
Church Missionary Society, and Bishop's
Commissary, 1893-1894; published trans-
lation of Evening and Morning Prayers,
Hymns and portions into Zimsliean.
Haida and Nishka languages; author
History of the British Columbia Mission.
Married Marion M. Goodwin, London,
1873. Address: Kincolith, Northwest
Coast, B. C.

COI^THURST, Guy BuUer — Of Thomp-
son, Daniel & Colthurst, Architects, Cen-
tral Chambers, Saskatoon; member Sas-
katchewan Architectural Association.
Born Toronto, Ont, Sept. 18, 1882, son
of Henry Buller and Ellen Blythe Rogers
Colthurst. Educated privately; Oxford
higli school; Bristol grammar school.
Articled pupil, T. M. Garrood, London,
1901-1904; assistant to T. M. Garrood,
1904-1905; member of firm, Colthurst &
Gott, Holborn, London, 1905-1907; came
to Canada, 1907; present partnership
formed, 1911. Married Beatrice Nicholls,
Cornwall, England, 1910; has one son.
Clubs: Automobile, Saskatoon. Recrea-
tions: shooting, motoring. Conservative;
Anglican. Address: 544 5th Ave., N.,
Saskatoon, Sask.

COI^VIX^l^z:, Charles J. — Real Estate
and Financial Broker, Board of Trade
Bldg., Calgary. Born Chesley, Ont., June
17, 1887. Educated public and high
schools, Ontario. Came to Alberta, 1906.
Assistant manager, Trusts & Guarantee

Co., Calgary, 1906-1910; began present
business, 1910. Member of Calgary Board
of Trade. Married. Liberal; Presbyter-
ian. Address: 2022 Hope St., Calgary,

OOMBE, Ztobert G-rierson, F. C. A. —

Druggist; President, Melville Board of
Trade. Born Aberdeen, Scotland, Aug.
5, 1880, son of James and Elizabeth
Jardine Combe. Educated: Aberdeen
Grammar School. Came to Saskatche-
wan, 1906; established present business,
1908. Councillor, Melville, 1910. Served
witli A Squadron 16th Liglit Horse,
Moosomin, 1906. Married Jean Traquair
Donald, 1909. Societies: A. F. & A. M.;
I. O. O. F. ; .K P. Recreations: shooting,
curling, tennis. Conservative. Address:
Melville, Sask.

CON&DON, Frederick Tennyson, K. C,
B. A., Iili. B., M. F. — Barrister. Born
Annapolis, N. S., Nov. 16, 1858, son of
Hinkle and Catherine Congdon Edu-
cated high scliool, Yarmouth, N. S., To-
ronto University. Studied law at tlie
Temple, London, one year. Author first
Nova Scotia digest of legal cases, 1890.
Member Commission to revise statutes
Nova Scotia, sixtli series, 1900; editorial
writer Halifax Morning Chronicle, 1885-
1887; member commission to consolidate
ordinances Yukon Territory, 1902; mem-
ber Yukon Council and legal adviser,
1902; Crown prosecutor, 1902; Commis-
sioner, Yukon Territory, 1903-1904, re-
signing appointment to contest Yukon
seat for House of Commons. Created
K. C, 1903. Married Louisa Gladwyn,
1884; has one son and two daughters.
Liberal; Anglican. Address: Dawson,
Y. T.

CONMBB, James — Contractor. Born
Sydenham, Ont., Oct. 13, 1848, son
of Matthew and Rosina Conmee. Edu-
cated Grammar school, Owen Sound, Ont.
Interested in mining and lumber trade.
Built several sections C. P. R. and Al-
goma Central Ry. Projected Atlantic
and Pacific Ry. to get a winter port on
Lake Superior, 1886. Built portions of
what is now C. N. R. Strong advocate of
National Transcontinental Ry. and of de-
velopment of mineral resources of north.
First President Ontario Mining Institute,
1894; President Ontario Mines Develop-
ment Co., 1896. Ex-Mayor of Port Ar-
thur. Delegate to Deep Waterways Con-
vention, 1894. Elected to Ontario Legis-
lature June, 1885, 1886, 1890, 1894; re-
signed to contest Nipissing, House of
Commons, 1896, but resignation not hav-
ing become technically effective, being
defeated, reclaimed his seat in Legisla-
ture, and re-elected 1898, 1902, when re-
signed again to successfully contest
Thunder Bay and Rainy River for House
of Commons, 1904; re-elected 1908. Served
8th New York Cavalry under Gen. Cus-
ter, American Civil War. Married Em-
ily Florence Cox, Meaford, Ont., 1874.
Liberal; Roman Catholic. Address: Port
Arthur, Ont.




CONNOIi^'Sr, Edward Francis — Of 1910, when came to Prince Albert and

Connolly & McDonald, Real Estate and
Financial Agents, Central Avenue and
11th St., Prince Albert. Born Renfrew,
Ont., April 1, 1888, son of John and Mary
Jane Connolly. Educated Queen's Uni-
versity. Mining, Cobalt, Ont., until

established present business. Member,
Prince Albert Board of Trade. Society:
K. of C. Recreations: shooting, motor-
ing, outdoor sports. Roman Catholic.
Address: Prince Albert, Sask.


CONNACHEB, William Murray. — Man-
ager Bank of Nova Scotia, 115 Eighth
Ave., Calgary. Born Campbellton, N. B.,
May 17, 1872, son of Thomas and Jane
Connacher. Educated public schools,
Campbellton. Junior Bank of Nova Sco-
tia, Campbellton, 1886-1891; at different
branches of bank Maratine Provinces,
1891-1900; Manager Arnprior, Ont., 1901-
1903; came to Calgary and opened branch
1903. Married Kate Burill, Yarmouth.
N. S., 1898; has one daughter. Society:
A F & A. M. Conservative; Presbyter-
ian. Address: 118 Sixth Ave., W., Cal-
gary, Alta.

CONNOIiIi'X', Arthur K., M. D. — Physi-
cian and Surgeon. Born Sherbrooke,
Que., April 4, 1873, son of Rev. Daniel
Connolly and Frances D. Sherbrooke.
Educated: public schools; Queen's Uni-
versity; graduated, 1904. Practised, Van-
couver, 1904-1909; Salmon Arm since
1909. Chairman, Salmon Arm School
Board. Contributor to College Medical
Journals. Married Mary F. Queen, Wood-
stock, N. B., 1907; has one son. So-
cieties: I. O. F.; C. O. F.; British Co-
lumbia Medical. Recreations: farming;
travel. Conservative; Methodist. Ad-
dress: Salmon Arm, B. C.

CONWAY, Tliomas David. — Collector
of Customs, Ladysmith. Born Montreal,
Jan. 9, 1844, son of Thomas and Alice
Conway. Educated public schools and
Christian Brothers' school, Montreal. En-
tered United States Military Telegraph
Service, 1861. Came to British Colum-
bia, and constructed the Collins Over-
land Telegraph lines. New Westminster to
Behrlng Sea, 1864. Superintendent con-
struction Western Union Telegraph lines,
Omaha to Salt Lake City, 1868-1876. Re-
turned to British Columbia, 1876, en-
gaged with Dominion Government Tele-
graphs until same taken over by C. P. R.
Deputy Collector of Customs, 1881-1905;
Collector of Customs, 1905. Married
Annie Williams, Salt Lake City, 1875;
has one son and one daughter. Address:
Ladysmith, B. C.

CONTBEABZ:, Charles Frederick Prin-
gle, D. C. 1., K. C. — Of Conybeare,
Church & McArthur, Barristers, Leth-
brldge; Vice-President Prudential Life
Insurance Co., Winnipeg. Born Little
Sutton, England, May 19, 1860, son of
Henry and Annie Newport Moone Cony-
beare. Educated Westminster school,
London, England; came to Canada, 1880:
studied law, Winnipeg; on completion of
law course practiced Lethbridge. Chan-
cellor, Diocese of Calgary; Vice-Presi-
dent Alberta Law Society. Married Ida
Attwood, daughter of Lieutenant-Colonel
Attwood, 1890; has one son and two
daughters. Club: Chinook. Societies:


K. of P.; S. O. E. Recreations: Swim-
ming, boating. Independent; Anglican.
Address: Riverview, Lethbridge, Alta.

COOK, Andrew B. — Sheriff, Regina Ju-
dicial District; President Saskatchewan
Motor Co.; Director Western Trust Co.;
Director National Securities, Ltd.; Presi-
dent National Fire Insurance Co.; Born
Clinton, Ont., Dec. 8, 1870, son of Robert
J. and Sarah Cook. Educated pub-
lic schools, Kincardine, Ont., and
Clinton. Miller, Tiverton, Ont. Came
to Manitoba 1889; miller, McCtil-
lough & Herriot, Souris, Man., 1889-1895;
agricultural implement business, 1895-
1900; general financial business, Areola,
1900-1905; real estate, Regina, 1905-
1908; appointed Sheriff, 1908. Married
Agnes McGregor, Winnipeg, 1905; has
two daughters. Club: Asslnibola. Rec-
reations: curling, motoring, boating,
shooting. Liberal; Presbyterian. Ad-
dress: Regina, Sask.

COOK, Prank C. — General Manager
Peoples Trust Co., Ltd., Columbia St.,
New Westminster; President Eraser Val-
ley Tile & Cement Co., Ltd.; Director
Westminster, Alaskan Oil Co., Inc.; Di-
rector Peoples Building Co., Ltd. Born
Neosho County, Kansas, May 8, 1875,
son of Robert C. and Sarah Brooks Cook.
Educated Bloomington, 111. Agriculture,
rubber, hemp and copra business. Man-
ila and on the Amazon River, Brazil,
1893-1908. Came to British Columbia
1908. Married May Eastman, 1909. Club:
Westminster. Recreation: Riding. Ad-
dress: 725 Second St., New Westminster,
B. C.



COOK, John Thomas — ^Financial and
Shipping Agent, 405 Metropolitan Bldg.,
Vancouver. Born Clinton, Ont., Oct. 6,
1874, son of Robert and Sarah Jane Cook.
Educated Clinton, Ont., and Brandon,
Man. Comenced farming near Griswold,
Man., 1888; came to British Columbia,
1906. Married Lottie Orr, Souris, Man.;
has one daughter, Marjorie. Society:
C. O. F. Recreations: golf, tennis, base-
ball, sailing. Address: 154 7th Ave., East
Vancouver, B. C.

COOK, Robert Harold — President and
Mangaging Director Canadian Liverpool
Trust Co., Ltd., Vancouver, B. C. Born
Blyth, Ont, May 11, 1877, son of Robert
John Cook and Sarah Jane Stephenson.
Educated public schools Tiverton and
Clinton, Ont.; Huntingdon, Man. Came
to Manitoba as a boy; farming near
Souris, Man., until 1894; printer's devil
under Dickie & Barclay, Plaindealer,
Souris, 1894; bought out Mr. Dickie's
half interest in business and continued
under firm name Barclay & Cook, 1897;
sold his interest, 1901, and came to Ar-
eola, Sask. Councillor, Areola, 1903-1908;
Mayor by acclamation, 1910-1911 Moved
to Vancouver, B. C, 1911. Married Fran-
ces Helena Cornell, Stoughton, Sask.,
1903; has two sons and two daughters.
Society: A. F. & A. M. Liberal; Pres-
byterian. Address 1842 Larch St., Van-
couver, B. C.

COOMBES, Very Rev. Georg-e Pred-
erick, M. A., D. D. — Dean of St. John's
Cathedral and Professor of St. John's
College, Winnipeg. Born Stockport,
England, March 7, 1856, son of Harriet
and Rev. J. Coombes, Vicar of Portwo.od,
England. Educated Manchester school;
Cambridge University. Ordained deacon,
1881; priest, 1882. Classical master
Manchester grammar school, 1880-1883;
curate, Portwood, 1881-1883; came to Win-
nipeg, 1883; professor, St. John's College,
since 1883; called to St. John's Cathe-
dral, 1883-1905; dean of Rupert's Land,
1905; deputy prolocutor, general synod,
1908. Married Mary Elizabeth Eagles,
Rushall, England, 1885; has three sons
and one daughter. Club: Manitoba. Rec-
reations: lawn tennis, chess. Anglican.
Address: the Deanery, Church Ave.,
Winnipeg, Man.

COONET, Charles Thomas. — Rancher
and Stock Raiser; Director Kamloops
Brewery. Born Kings County, Ireland,
Oct. 13, 1835, son of William and Mary
Cooney. Came to Canada 1852; British
Columbia, 1858; engaged mining, 1858-
1869. Married Elizabeth Allar, 1867; has
four sons and six daughters. Recreation:
Hunting. Conservative; Roman Catholic.
Address: Kamloops, B. C.


COOPER, Alfred.^-Of Alfred Cooper
& Co., Real Estate and Insurance Agents,
Fort William, Ont. Born Toronto, June
18, 1881, son of John and Ann Maria
Cooper. Fruit and confectionery busi-
ness. Fort William, Ont., 1902; estab-
lished present business, 1903. Alderman
Fort William, 1911. Held 100 and 220-
yard running championship for West-
ern Canada, 1906-1907. Married Edith
Cusitar, Portage la Prairie, 1906; has
two sons. Club: Kaministiquia. So-
cieties: A. F. & A. M.; I. O. F. Recrea-
tions: Fishing, hunting Conservative;
Baptist. Address: 1202 Victoria Ave.,
Fort William, Ont.

COOFER, John Thomas. — Civil En-
gineer. Born Underwood, Bruce Coun-
ty, Ont., Feb. 27, 1873, son of Robert
and Mary Cooper. Educated public
schools. Came to Alberta 1892; Assist-
ant Engineer with Jas. A. Macmillan,
Calgary, 1892. First Mayor Nanton 1907-
1910. Married Annetta Warren, Nan-
ton, 1901; has three sons and two daugh-
ters. Society: A. F. & A. M. Conserva-
tive: Presbyterian. Address: Nanton,

COOPER, Thom.as E. — Of Josselyn &
Cooper, Real Estate and Insurance Brok-
ers, Kelowna. Born Drayton, Ont., June
24, 1877, son of Donald and Sarah Ann
Rose Cooper. Educated: public schools,
Drayton. Harness maker, Sintaluta,
Sask., 1904-1909; harnessmaker, Kelowna,
1909-1911; formed present partnership,
1912. Assessor, Kelowna, 1912. Mar-
ried Myrtle Lilian Whale, 1903; has two
daughters. Societies: A. F. & A. M.;
C. O. F. Recreation: shooting. Liberal;
Methodist. Address: Kelowna, B. C.



OOOFEB, WiUiam Wesley — Of The W.

W. Cooper Co., Departmental Store,
Swift Current, Sask. President, Moote
Coal Co. Ltd.; President, Oddfellows
Building Association; member transpor-
tation committee. Swift Current Board
of Trade. Born Victoria County, Ont.,
Aug. 31, 1873, son of John and Ellen
McNeeley Cooper. Educated: public
schools, Victoria County; High School,
Medicine Hat. Ranched, Medicine Hat,
1902; began general store business as
Argue & Cooper, Swift Current, 1903;
business carried on under present name
since 1912. Chairman, public school
board. Married Sadie Argue, Victoria
County, 1902; has two sons. Societies:
A. F. & A. M.; I. O. O. F. Recreations:
fishing, shooting, motoring. Liberal;
Methodist. Address: 13th Ave., Swift
Current, Sask.

COPi:, Frederick Thomas. — of Cope &
Sons, Ltd., Electrical Supplies, 338 Has-
tings St., Vancouver. Born Oxford, Eng-
land, July 9, 1860, son of Thomas and
Amelia Cope. Educated high school, Ox-
ford. Came to Manitoba 1879, general
contracting, Gladstone, Man., 1879-1890;
Brandon, Man., 1890-1895. Came to Brit-
ish Columbia 1895; contracting, Vancou-

ver, 1895-1897; established present busi-
ness 1897. Married Amelia Gentle, Lon-
don, England; has two sons. Clubs:
Terminal City, Commercial. Societies:
K. of P.; I. O. O. F. Recreation: Driving.
Conservative; Anglican. Address: 13th
and Alder Sts.. Vancouver, B. C.


COFi:, Eustace H. — Of Sandeman-
Cope Co., Ltd., Real Estate, Insurance
and Financial Agents, 645 First St., Ed-
monton. Born Hankow, China, Aug. 5,
1870, son of Herbert Cope (formerly of
Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Cor-
poration) and Blanche Cope. Educated
private schools in East and England.
Resided Iowa, U. S. A., some years.
Farming, Manitoba, 1894; came to Ed-
monton, 1906. Secretary-Treasurer West-
ern Realty Co. and Accountant S. H.
Smith, Official Assignee, until 1910; Sec-
retary and Manager Northern Invest-
ment Co., Ltd., until 1910; Northern In-
vestment Co., Ltd.; joined H. F. Sande-
man (business established 1897), 1910.
Married Clara Huckell, daughter of
Thomas Huckell, formerly of Ottawa,
1895; has three daughters. Clubs: Ed-
monton, Empire, Conservative. Soci-
eties: A. F. & A. M.; L O. O. F., St.
George's. Recreations: Golf, tennis,
cricket, boating. Conservative; Anglican.
Address: 768 24th St., Edmonton, Alta.




COFi:, "William Henry. — President and
General Manager Cope Furniture Co.,
150 Second Ave., Saskatoon. Born Caer-
leon, England, April 27, 1872, son of
Mathew Morgan and .Elizabeth Cope.
Educated Lulworth House, Caerleon;
public schools, Winnipeg. Came to Win-
nipeg with his parents, 1882. Office boy
Hewitt, Bodwell & Wilson, Barristers;
office boy to Chief Commissioner Wrig-
ley, of the Hudson's Bay Company, 1885;
transferred to carpet department; man-
ager carpet and furniture department
Hudson's Bay Co., Vancouver, 1894-1901;
in same capacity, Halifax, 1903; New
York City, 1905; Winnipeg, 1906. Came
to Saskatoon as Manager Great West
Furniture Co., 1908; established present
business, 1910. Married Joanna French
Hallman, Winnipeg, 1898; has one son
and one daughter. Society: Saskatoon
Amateur Operatic (conductor). Recrea-
tions: Rowing, music, curling, lacrosse.
Liberal; Anglican. Address: 140 Spa-
dina Crescent, Saskatoon, Sask.

COFEI^AKD, Robert Andrew — Of El-
liott & Copeland, Real Estate and In-
surance Brokers, Kelowna; Director, Cen-
tral Okanagan Land and Orchard Co.
Ltd. Born Winchester, Ont., June 15,
1864, son of James and Arabella Cope-
land. Educated: public and high schools,
Owen Sound. Proprietor, Grand Union
Hotel, Granville, Sask., 1887-1891; pro-
prietor. Granite Hotel, 1891-1907; Su-
perintendent, Central Okanagan Land
and Orchard Co. Ltd., Kelowna, 1907-
1910; partner Copeland & Richards, liv-
ery, Kelowna, 1910-1912; present partner-
ship formed, 1912. Alderman, Kelowna,
1911; Police Commissioner, 1912. Mar-
ried Isabella McDonald, Glengarry, 1888;
has five sons and four daughters. So-
cieties: A. F. & A. M.; I. O. O. F.; L.
O. L. Recreations: shotting, polo, base-
ball, curling. Conservative; Presbyter-
ian. Address: Kelowna, B. C.

COPP, Clarence W. — Of C. W. Copp &

Co., Real Estate and Financial Brokers,
301 A 7th Ave., W., Calgary. Born
Bale Verte, N. B., Feb. 17, 1891, son of
Aubrey F. and Mabel A. Copp. Edu-
cated: public schools. Engaged on G.
T. R. survey, 1907-1909; railroad con-
tracting, Quebec, 1909-1910; clerk, boot
and shoe store, Calgary, 1910-1911; mem-
ber Arm, Steeves & Copp, real estate,
1910-1911; established present business,
1911; owners of Broadacres, Penryn
Park and Rideau Park, sub-divisions of
Saskatoon. Recreations: tennis, motor-
ing. Conservative: Methodist. Ad-
dress: 830 4th Ave., W., Calgary, Alta.

CORBET, J. I. H. — Manager Canadian
Bank of Commerce, Vernon, B. C. ; Mem-
ber of Vernon Board of Trade. Born
Belfast, Ireland, July 14, 1882, son of
Jackson Blakely Corbet and Margaret
Elizabeth Blakely Corbet. Came to Seat-
tle, Wash., as a boy. Educated: Seattle.
Clerk, Canadian Bank of Commerce, Se-
attle, 1900-1903; subsequently stationed
at New Westminster, Victoria and Port-
land; accountant at Nelson, 1908; on staff
of Winnipeg inspector, 1910; manager
Vernon branch since 1911. Clubs: Ranch-
ers; Country; Tennis. Recreation: tennis,
Presbyterian. Address: Vernon, B. C.

COBBETT, Samuel C, M. D. — Phy-
sician (retired). Born Port Hope, Ont.,
April 5, 1846, son of Samuel and Mar-
garet Corbett. Educated private schools
Ontario; Victoria University, Tonorto.
Practiced Perrytown, Ont., 1867; subse-
quently Port Hope; came to Manitoba
1882; appointed Dominion Health Officer
1897, retired 1903; Member Council of
College of Physicians and Surgeons
Manitoba, 1886-1895; Member University
Council and Exeminer in Mecidine sev-
eral years; Grand Medical Examiner for
A. O. U. W.; President Winnipeg Inter-
national Sanitary Co. Married Gertrude
E. Sangster, Port Perry, 1904; has one
son and one daughter. Club: St. Charles
Country. Societies: Manitoba Medical;
A. F. & A. M.; A. O. U. W.; I. O. F.
Recreation: Golf. Liberal; Presbyterian.
Address: Ingleneuk, Armstrong's Point,
Winnipeg, Man.

COBBOTTi;]), Gordon Bruce. — Of Dia-
mond & Corbould, Real Estate & Finan-
cial Brokers, 513 Columbia St., New
Westminster. Born Southampton, Eng-
land, Oct. 6, 1877, son of Gordon Ed-
ward and Arabella Almond Corbould.
Came to British Columbia 1880. Edu-
cated St. Paul's School, Esquimau ;
Green School, Victoria; high school.
New Westminster. Agent Empire Acci-
dent & Surety Co., New Westminster,
1905-1907; member of present firm since
1907. Served as Corporal with 2nd Bat-
talion, R. C. R., South African War,
1899-1890 (medal and four clasps); mem-


ber of Canadian Coronation Contingent

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