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to England, as Corporal 1902 (medal);
Lieutenant 6th Regiment, D. C. O. K..
since 1904. Married Maud Agnes Charle-
son. New Westminster, 1908: has two
sons. Club: Westminster. Society: A. F.
& A M Recreation: Shooting and out-
door sports. Conservative; Anglican.
Address: 217 Queens Ave., New West-
minster, B. C.


COBBOUIiD, Gordon Edward, K. C. —

Of Corbould, Grant & McColl, Barristers
and Solicitors, 40 Lome St., New West-
minster. Born Toronto, Nov. 2, 1847, son
of Charles and Mary Corbould. Educated
Model school, Toronto; Upper Canada
College. Called to Ontario Bar 1872;
came to British Columbia, 1880; called
to British Columbia Bar, 1882; K. C
1894; bencher, Law Society, British Co-
lumbia, 1907; elected to House of Com-
mons for New Westminster, 1890-1896.
Married Arabella Almond (deceased);
married Charlotte M. E. Cameron, 1901;
has two sons and Ave daughters. Clubs:
Westminster; Terminal City (Vancou-
ver). Conservative. Address: 115 Third
St., New Westminster, B. C.

COKD7, Cbarles Henry. — Real Estate
and Insurance and Financial Broker, No-
tary Public. Born Felixlowe, Suffolk,
England, Feb. 11, 1867, son of John Bax-
ter and Martha Cordy. Educated: Ips-
wich Grammar School; Crawford Col-
lege, England. Came to British Colum-
bia, 1903. Served as trooper. Loyal Suf-
folk Hussars, 1893-1896; Captain 1st Suf-
folk & Harwich Royal Garrison Artil-
lery, 1896-1903. Married S. Lacey Ev-
erett, Falkenham, England, 1888; has
three daughters. Conservative; Anglican.
Address: Summerland, B. C.

COBET, Berton Stone, B. A., M. B. —

Barrister. Born Peticodiac, N. B., Aug.
6 1881, son of Elisha C. and Lavinia
Corey. Educated public schools, Pen-
obiguis, Horton Academy, Wolfville, N.

5 • Acadia College; Dalhousie Univer-
sity Clerk with Logan & Ralston, Am-
herst N S., 1906; member of firm Sterne

6 Corey, Amherst, 1908; came to Alberta
1909. Secretary-Treasurer Town of Glei-
chen. Society: A. F. & A. M. Liberal;
Baptist. Address: Gleichen, Alta.

COBMACK, John. — Of Cormack &
Mackie, Barristers and Solicitors, 135
Jasper Ave. E., Edmonton. Born Rox-
burgh. N. Z., Jan. 4, 1872, son of David
and Catherine Cormack. Educated Rox-
burgh. In Dawson, Y. T., 1897; called
to Northwest Territories Bar 1904; prac-
ticed Dawson, 1904-1905; came to Ed-
monton 1905; member of firm Noel, Noel
& Cormack 1905-1907; present partner-
ship formed 1907. Married Agnes Spiers,
Lawrence, N. Z.; has one son and one
daughter. Society: K. of C. Roman
Catholic. Address: 910 Mackay St., Ed-
monton, Alta.


COBNEZ^I^, Joseph — Manager, Central
Canada Insurance Co., Brandon; Di-
rector, Saskatchewan Insurance Co., Re-
gina; Director, Alberta-Canadian Insur-
ance Co., Edmonton; Director, Brandon
Winter Fair and Livestock Association.
Born Norfolk County, Ont, Nov. 28,
1862, son of Owen and Mary Choate
Cornell. Educated public schools, On-
tario. With G. T. R., Ontario, 1880-
1884- with C. P. R. and Northern Pa-
cific, Manitoba, 1884-1900; organized and
has managed present company since
1902. Member, Brandon School Board
since 1906. Married Elizabeth Roberts,
1887; has one son and four daughters.
Clubs: Brandon and Commercial, Bran-
don, Assiniboia, Regina. Societies: A.
P. & A. M., I. O. O. F. Conservative;
Anglican. Address: Brandon, Man.


COBNEIiI^IER, Bev. Feter M. Oliver,

O. M. I. — Edmonton. Born St. Elizabeth,
Joliette, Que., June 6, 1861, son of Hip-
polyte Cornellier and Henriette Lavalle.
Educated Joliette College; Ottawa Uni-
versity. Indian Missionary, Eraser Riv-
er, British Columbia, 1887-1894; built
Indian school and church Mission City,
B. C. ; Missionary Okanagan Valley, B.
C. ; built first Catholic Church, Vernon,
B. C. ; transferred to Mattawa, Ont.,
where built hospital; transferred to Ot-
tawa and financed rebuilding of Ottawa
University after fire of 1904; came to
Alberta 1909; Secretary-Treasurer of Ob-
late Father's Missions in Alberta and
Saskatchewan, and now engaged build-
ing Roman Catholic College, Strathcona,
Alta. Address: 490 Tenth St., Edmon-
ton, Alta.


COBNWAIiI^, Frederick Temple. — Bar-
rister and Solicitor, Notary Public,
Kamloops; Director Leland Hotel Co.,
Ltd. Kamloops; Director Thompson Riv-
er Lumber Co., Ltd. Born Ashcroft, B.
C, Aug. 16, 1876, son of Hon. Clement
Francis and Charlotte Pemberton Corn-
wall. Educated privately. Called to
British Columbia Bar 1900; practiced
Victoria, 1901-1908; Kamloops since
1908. Official Administrator, Kamloops
District, 1911. Alderman, 1911; Chair-
man Finance Committee; served with
Fifth Regiment Victoria, 1902-1908;
served with First Battalion Royal Can-
adian Infantry, South Africa, 1899-1900.
Married Olivia Pelly, daughter of Ed-
ward Pelly, Armstrong, B. C. ; has one
daughter. Clubs: Union (Victoria),
Country Club. Society: K. of P. Con-
servative; Anglican. Address: Kam-
loops, B. C.


COBNWAI^I^, James Kennedy, M. !■. A.

— President Northern Transportation Co.,
Ltd., operating on McKenzie River ba-
sin, Athabasca Landing; President Ed-
monton Iron Works; President Northern
Trading Co. Born Brantford, Ont., Oct.
29, 1869, son of Thomas and Hannah
Kennedy Cornwall. Educated public
schools, Brantford, Ont. Newsboy, Buf-
falo, N. Y., 1884-1886; sailor. Great
Lakes and Atlantic Ocean, 1886-1893;
traveled extensively Europe, South
America and United States studying riv-
er navigation; speculated wheat, Chi-
cago, during boom 1896, going broke;
came to Southern Alberta and engaged
in construction, Crow's Nest Ry., 1896;
hunter, trapper, riverman, mail carrier,
dog driver and packer. Old Athabasca,
some years; entered trading and trans-
portation business and changed old sys-
tem of "tracking" to system of steam-
ships on Athabasca and Slave Lakes.
Known as "Apostle of the North"; first
white man to discover possibilities of the
natural and agricultural resources of the
North and to bring them to attention
of outside world; sole advocate for years
of development of North Country and
amidst great opposition and little en-
couragement succeeded in bringing be-
fore country necessity of building rail-
ways; originator of publicity campaign
which had as its object the bringing be-
fore public remarkable resources of
great Northland, taking in at his own
expense some two dozen men of na-
tional reputation as writers and soil ex-
perts, covering 2,400 mile" 1910; this
being the last free land left to the An-
glo-Saxon race in the British Empire.
Unsuccessful candidate for Alberta Leg-
islature for Peace River, 1906; elected,



1908. Married Evelyn Beatrice Tierney,
Victoria, B. C, 1908. Club: Edmonton.
Society: Elks. Recreations: E.Kploration,
hunting, baseball, prize fighting. Inde-
pendent Liberal; Roman Catholic. Ad-
dress: Edmonton, Alta.

CORSAN, Doug-las, M. D. C. M. — Phy-
sician and Surgeon, of Drs. Bonnell &
Corsan, Pernie; Surgeons to C. P. R.,
G. N. R., Crows Nest Pass Coal Co. Born
Toronto, Dec. 13, 1863, son of John and
Anne Corson. Educated grammar school,
Woodstock, Ont. ; McGill University.
House Surgeon General Hospital, Mont-
real, 1885-1887; practiced Montreal 1887-
1893; Surgeon with title of Major Royal
Scotts, Montreal, 1887-1893. Came to
British Columbia, 1895; has practiced
Crows Nest and Kootenays District
since. Married Charlotte Masson Ward-
rope, daughter of Rev. Dr. Wardrope,
Guelph, Ont.; has three sons and two
daughters. Club: Union (Victoria). So-
ciety: A. F. & A. M. (Master). Recrea-
tions: Curling, horses. Conservative;
Presbyterian. Address: Fernie, B. C.


COSIiETT, Georg-e Albert. — Manager
Ogilvie Flour Mills Co., Ltd., Fort Wil-
liams; Director Lumby Stenhouse Co.,
Ltd.; Director Coslett Hardware Co.;
Secretary-Treasurer Superior Rolling
Mills Co. Born Saranac, N. Y., Nov. 26,
1851, son of William and Rachel Cos-
lett. Came to Canada, 1854; apprentice
with O. S. Rixford, Bedford, Que., 1866;
present business Winnipeg, 1887; moved
to Fort William, 1905; Vice- President
McKellar General Hospital Trust; Presi-
dent Fort William Board of Trade, 1911.
Married Catholine Isabella Alcombrack,
daughter of Richard Alcombrack, Bed-
ford, Que, 1876; has two sons and one
daughter. Clubs: Canadian, Kaministik-
wia. Fort William. Societies: A. F. &
A. M.; I. O. F. ; A. O. U W. Recreations:
Fishing, hunting. Anglican' Address:
Fort William, Ont.

COSTIGAN, Joseph Thomas. — Barris-
ter. Born Winnipeg, Aug. 11, 1883, son
of John and Theresa Costigan. Educat-
ed College Institute, Portage la Prairie.
Law student with E. Anderson, Portage
la Prairie, 1900; later witli Archibald,
Machray & Sharpe, Winnipeg. Solicitor
for Town of Stettler. Recreations: All
athletic sports. Liberal; Roman Cath-
olic. Address: Stettler, Alta.

M. L. A.

COTi:, Jean Iieon, C. £., M. x:. I>. Jm. S.,

M. Ii. A. — Of Cote & Smith and Cote,
Tremblay & Pearson, Land Surveyors
and Engineers, 42 Jasper Ave. W., Ed-
monton. Born Les Eboulements, Que.,
May 6, 1867, son of Cleophas and
Denise Cote. Educated Commercial
Academy, Montmagny, Que.; Ottawa Col-
lege. With Department of Interior, Ot-
tawa, 1892-1900; on staff Alaska Bound-
ary Survey, summers 1893, 1894, 1895; on
Government survey work four Western
Provinces; ran second base line south
of Winnipeg to N. W. Angle; legal sur-
veying, Dawson, Y. T., 1900-1903; came
to Edmonton first 1886; permanently
1907; has two sons. Liberal; Roman
leries. Elected Alberta Legislature for
Athabasca 1909. Married Cecile Gagnon,
1907 has two sons. Liberal; Roman
Catholic. Address: 534 Seventh St., Ed-
monton, Alta.



COTTON, Miles Penner, C. E.^Of M.
P. Cotton Co., Ltd., Engineers and Con-
tractors, Cotton Bldg-., Vancouver. Born
Kingston, Ont., April 14, 1878, son of
Brigadier-General William Henry Cot-
ton and Jessie Cotton. Educated public
schools and Queen's University. En-
gineering Department C. P. R. ten years.
Entered 14th Battalion as bugler; re-

tired as First Lieutenant Kingston Field
Battery 1887-1899. Married Cecil Maud
Gorrell, ■ 1905; has one son. Club: Van-
couver. Societies: Canadian Society of
Civil Engineers; American Society Civil
Engineers. Recreations: Shooting; all
outdoor sports. Address :1424 Burnaby
St., Vancouver, B. C.




COTTI^SON', "Walton Xi. — Mining En-
gineer; General Manager Canadian Col-
lieries (Dunsmuir), Ltd., Pemberton
Block, Victoria. Born Durham, England,
June 26, 1866, son of Thomas and Eliza-
beth Coulson. Educated Newell Insti-
tute, Pittsburg, Pa. Engaged mining en-
gineering and mine management United

States, 1886-1910; with United Coal Co.,
Pittsburg, as General Manager and Con-
sulting Engineer, Clinchfleld Coal Corpo-
ration of Tennessee, 1906-1908. Came to
British Columbia, 1910. Club: Union.
Methodist. Address: 1613 Belmont Ave.,
Victoria, B. C.


COUGHI^Air, Jolin Joseph. — Of J.

Coughlan & Sons, Structural Steel Man-
ufacturers, 142 Hastings St., Vancouver.
Born Victoria, Oct. 3, 1880, son of John
and Margaret Coughlan. Educated pub-
lic and high schools, Victoria; St. Louis
College, New Westminster. Member of
Arm Coughlan & Co., heating and sheet
metal workers, Victoria, 1902-1907; this
firm absorbed by J. Coughlan & Sons,
1907. Married Susie A. Cameron, daugh-
ter of John Cameron, Butte, Mont., 1900;
has one son and one daughter. Recrea-
tions: Boating, fishing, hunting. Roman
Catholic. Address: Kitsilano, Vancouver,
B. C.

COUIiTEB, John Ernest, M. D., C. M.

— Physician, 72 Maryland St., Winni-
peg. Born Huntingdon County, Que., Jan.
17, 1869, son of James and Mary Jane
Coulter. Educated Manitoba Medical Col-
lege. Commenced practicing medicine
South Dakota, 1895. Came to Winnipeg
1905. On staff Grace Maternity Hospital;
Vice President Council College Phys-
icians and Surgeons, Manitoba; Presi-
dent Manitoba Alumni Association;
was for nine years Surgeon Chicago and
Northwestern Ry. System; consulting
staff St. Mary's Hospital, Pierre, S. D.
Married Fanny B. Bradley, Desmet, S.
D., 1902; has two sons and one daughter.
Clubs: Adanac. Societies: A. P. & A. M.,
I. O. O. F. Recreations: liunting, motor-
ing, skating. Conservative. Address: 72
Maryland St., Winnipeg, Man.

• COUI.THARD, William Albert. — Presi-
dent W. A. Coulthard Agencies, Ltd., and
Coulthard-Harrison Co., Manager Canada
National Insurance Co., 250 Second Ave.
S., Saskatoon. Born Glencoe County,
Ont, Dec. 29, 1876, son of William Suth-
erland and Bella Coulthard. Educated
public schools, St. Paul, Minn. Clerk
Citizens National Bank, Wahpton, N. D.,
1890; appointer Assistant Cashier, 1896;
Assistant Cashier Bank of Hutchinson,
Hutchinson, Minn., 1898; Manager In-
surance Department Davidson & McRae,
Duluth, Minn., 1899-1903; came to Sas-
katoon and engaed in real estate and
financial business witn F. E. Harrison,
under firm name of Coulthard & Har-
rison Co., 1903. Married Laura Scott,
St. Paul, Minn., 1901. Club: Saskatoon.
Societies: A. F. & A. M.; Mystic Shrine;
K. of P. Recreations: Motoring, base-
ball, curling, hunting Liberal; Protes-
tant. Address: 616 Spadina Crescent,
Saskatoon, Sask.

COUNSEIiI., Edward Martin. — Man-
ager Winnipeg Clearing House, 258i/^
Portage Ave., Winnipeg. Born Hamil-
ton, Dec. 25, 1872, son of Charles Math-
ew and Charlotte Counsell. . Educated
Trinity College School, Port Hope. Clerk,
Merchants Bank, Hamilton, 1890. Came
to Winnipeg 1894. Married Helen Camp-
bell, Winnipeg, 1901; has two sons and
one daughter. Club: Manitoba. Recrea-
tion: Riding. Anglican. Address: 118
Harvard Ave., Winnipeg, Man.


COURTNEY, Cecil Knox — Of Courtney
& Elliott, Barristers, Law Clerk, Legisla-
tive Assembly of British Columbia.
Born Victoria, Dec. 1, 1874, son of
Henry Classon and Mary Jane (Calder)
Courtney. Educated public and high
schools, Victoria. Called to the British
Columbia Bar, 1898; practiced Victoria,
1898-1899; Altlin, 1899-1900; Victoria
since 1900. Club: Pacific. Societies: Na-
tive Sons of British Columbia. Conserv-
ative; Anglican. Address: 9-11 McCal-
lum Block, Victoria, B. C.

COWAXr, lieutenant Colonel Harry
James, B. A. — Solicitor, Portage la
Prairie. Born 'Portage la Prairie, Aug.
23, 1873, son of James and Janet Cowan.
Educated public schools Portage la
Prairie, Manitoba College, Manitoba Uni-
versity. Farming, Portage la Prairie,
1895. Practiced Portage la Prairie 1906;
Lieutenant Manitoba Dragoons 1895;
served as private with the First Can-
adian Contingent, South African War,
1899-1900 (Queen's medal with three
clasps) ; Lieutenant-Colonel 18th C. M.
R., 1908. Clubs: Canadian, Portage.
Recreations: Riding, motoring. Angli-
can. Address: 51 Second St. Southwest,
Portage la Prairie, Man.



COWAN, aeorg-e Henry, X. C. — Of

Cowan, Richie & Grant, Barristers, Jona-
than Rogers Building, Vancouver. Born
Warwick township, Lambton County,
June 17, 1858, son of William and Annie
King Cowan. Educated Strathroy and
Brantford Collegiate Institute; Toronto
University, B. A., with first class hon-
ours in logic and mental and moral
science and civil polity, 1884; Osgoode
Hall; called to Ontario Bar, 1889; prac-
ticed London, Ont., under firm name of
Cowan & Gunn, 1893-1896; came to Van-
couver and called to British Columbia
Bar, 1893; Q. C, 1905. City Solicitor for

Vancouver since 1908. Unsuccessful
Conservative candidate to House of Com-
mons for Vancouver City, 1896; elected
1908; declined re-nomination in 1911; au-
thor, "The Chinese Question in Canada";
"Better Terms for British Columbia."
Married Josephine Irene Downle, Port
Stanley, Ont., 1897; has one son and
four daughters. Clubs: Vancouver, Ter-
minal City, Union (Victoria), Albany
(Toronto), Rideau (Ottawa). Society:
A. F. & A. M. Recreations: horses, hunt-
ing, bowling, billiards. Conservative;
Anglican. Address: 1225 Davie St., Van-
couver, B. C




COWAIT, William James — -President,
Cowan Construction Co. Ltd., Railway
Contractors, Scott Bldg., Winnipeg. Bom
Brock Townsliip, Ont., April 26, 1850,
son of William and Martha Glover
Cowan. Educated: Public and Grammar
schools, Brock. General store business,
Victoria Road, Victoria County, Ont.,
1879-1884; contracting for snowsheddmg,
C. P R. Mountain Division, B. C, 1887;
horse exporter, Toronto, at time Toronto
Street Railway changed from horse-cars
to electricity; came West again with C.
N. R. construction from Gladstone, Man.;
Superintendent of Construction for Mac-
kenzie & Mann, five years; subsequently
operated on his own account; built first
section of Hudson's Bay Ry., from Etio-
mami to The Pass, 1905-1906 (92 miles);
built Brandon and Regina branch, 220

miles, 1906; built Rossburn branch, 100
miles, 1907-1908; built Maryfield branch,
200 miles, 1909; Oak Point braneh, 70
miles, 1910; Moose Jaw branch, 86 miles,
1910; Blaine Lake branch, 64 miles, 1909-
1910; DeLisle branch, 48 miles, 1910;
Melford South branch, 25 miles, 1910;
Gravelburg branch, 30 miles, 1911; Cam-
rose to Strathcona, 44 miles, 1911; has
at present 280 miles under construction
for C N. R. Owns stock farm in Brock
Township, Ont., of 550 acres. Married
Lavina Emily Gibbs, daughter of Charles
Gibbs, 1872; has one son. Clubs: Carle-
ton; Adanac. Society: A. F. & A. M.
Recreation: Breeding and exhibiting
blooded horses and Clydes. Conserva-
tive; Anglican. Address: Cannington,



COWAIT, Samuel Broadfoot, B. A., M.
D., C. M. — Physician and Surgeon, Port-
age la Prairie. Born Harrison, Ont.,
Nov. 28, 1868, son of Dr. James and Jean
Janet Cowan. Educated Manitoba Col-
lege; Manitoba University. Came to
Manitoba 1871. Practiced Portage la
Prairie since 1894. Alderman, Portage
la Prairie, 1890-1891. Married Georgina
Percival, Winnipeg, 1899; has one son
and one daughter. Society: I. O. F. In-
dependent; Presbyterian. Address: Mc-
Lenaghen St., Portage la Prairie, Man.


COWAM', Walter Davy, D. D. S. — Den-
tist, Williamson Block, Regina. Born
Guelph, Ont., Dec. 31, 1865, son of Wal-
ter Scott and Margaret Cowan. Edu-
cated public and high schools, Guelph;
Baltimore Dental College, Baltimore,
Md. Practiced Mount Morris, N. Y.,
1888. Came to Regina 1889. President
Saskatchewan Dental Association 12
years; President Canadian Dental Asso-
ciation; Vice President Western Canada
Dental Society; Secretary-Treasurer Do-
minion Dental Council of Canada; Asso-
ciate Editor Dominion Dental Journal
for 5 years; editor of The West Regina
and later of The Vidette, Indian Head;
Alderman City of Regina, 1891-1906; un-
successful candidate for Mayor, 1910-
1911; unsuccessful candidate for House
of Commons for Regina, 1911. Married
Minnie McCarten, Toronto, 1889; has one
son and one daughter. Societies: A. F.
& A. M.; I. O. O. F.; K. of P.; S. O. S.;
A. O. U. W. (P. G. M.). Recreation: La-
crosse. Conservative; Congregationalist.
Address: 2302 Dewdney Ave., Regina,

COWANS, BusseU. — McDougall &
Cowans, Stock Brokers, 438 Main St.,
Winnipeg. Born Montreal, Aug. 4, 1884,
son of Robert and Elizabeth Cowans.
Educated high school. Clerk Green-
shields, Ltd.. Montreal, 1901. Came to
Winnipeg 1910. Married Doris Forsyth
Allan, Montreal, 1910. Clubs: Manitoba,
St. James (Montreal). Presbyterian.
Address; 260 Wellington Crescenl, Win-
nipeg, Man.

COWB!.!., John Bobert, J. P. — Clerk,
Legislative Assembly of the Province of
Alberta, Born Liverpool, England, March
6, 1849, son of Robert and Emma Cowell.
Educated private schools. Isle of Man.
Came to Alberta, 1902. First Clerk of
First Legislature, Alberta. Member of
the House of Keys, Legislature of the
Isle of Man, for over 20 years. Married
Margaret Christian Killip, 1871; has six
sons and seven daughters. Societies: A.
F. & A. M.; I. O. F. Recreations: Fish-
ing, gardening, reading. Liberal; Meth-
odist. Address: Armstrong, B. C

COWIE, Isaac — Journalist and con-
tributor to magazines, author of "Agri-
cultural and Mineral Resources of
Northern Alberta," "Canada Re-Discov-
ered," "A Voyage from Scotland by
Hudson's Bay to Fort' Qu'Appelle, 1867,"
"In the Company of Adventurers, 1867-
1S74;" Secretary of The Pioneers of
Rupert's Land," an historical and social
association of whites who came to the
Morthwest Territories and Manitoba
from 1836 to the union with Canada,
1870. Born Lerwick, Shetland, Scotland,
Nov. IS, 1848, son of John Cowie, M. D.,
L. R. C. S., and Margaret Heddell,
daughter of James Greig, of Sandsound,
Procurator Fiscal of Zetland. Educated
Lerwick grammar school, Aberdeen, and
University of Edinburgh. Commenced
career as Hudson's Bay Co. officer, com-
ing out by Hudson's Bay barque "Prince
Rupert," 1867, to York Factory. Served
at Fort Qu'Appelle, Manitoba Post, Atha-
basca, Norway House and He a la
Crosse. Retired from Hudson's Bay Co.,
1891. J. P. for Northwest Territories,
1873. Secretary of Edmonton Board
of Trade eight years. Bronze medal and
diploma from World's Columbia Exposi-
tion for ethnological collection from
North Saskatchewan. Served three years
First Zetland and Edinburgh Rifles.
Married Margaret Jane Sinclair (de-
ceased 1901), Winnipeg, 1884; has two
sons and three daughters surviving. So-
cieties: St. Andrew's, Old Timers' of
Manitoba, A. O. U. W. Recreation:
Historical research. Anglican. Address:
181 Langside St., Winnipeg, Man.



COWLEY, Arthur T., B. A. — Lecturer
St. John's College, Winnipeg. Born Fair-
ford, Gloucestershire, England, Dec. 19,
1855 son of Venerable Archdeacon and
Arabella Cowley. Educated King's
School, Cantuar; Selwyn College, Cam-
bridge. Married Jane Helen Flett,
daughter of William Flett, Chief Trader
of the Hudson's Bay Co., Winnipeg, 1897.
Address: 3843 Bast Broadway, Long
Beach, Cal.

COWFEB, G-erald Audry Cadogfan. —

Secretary Society Prevention Cruelty to
Animals, Court House, Vancouver. Born
Lisle Court, Isle of Wight, March 4,
1882, son of Prank and Edith Alice Cado-
gan Cowper; great, great grandson of
Lord Cadogan who was killed at the Bat-
tle of Vittoria. Educated Cranleigh, Sur-
rey. Came to Calgary 1904; to Vancou-
ver 1907. Served with Scottish Horse,
as Lieutenant, South Africa, 1900-1902
(holds Queen's and King's medals, six
clasps) ; then gazetted to Royal Artil-
lery. Married Edith Gertrude Rochester,
daughter of J. Y. Rochester, Govern-
ment Buildings, Ottawa, 1907; has one
daughter. Recreations: Riding, steeple-
chasing and tennis; member of Commit-
tee of Hunt Club, Grafton Hunt and
Oakley, England. Conservative; Angli-
can. Address: Priory Cottage, Eburne,
B. C.

COX, Frederick, John Charles. — Mer-
chant, Travelers Bldg., Winnipeg. Born
Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England, April
10, 1860, son of James Whittaker and
Emma Eliza Cox. Educated private
schools and Dr. Schierenberg's College,
Hamburg. Clerk wholesale dry goods,
London, 1876; with Thibaudeau Broth-
ers & Co., Winnipeg, 1881-1900; estab-
lished present business 1900. Secretary

Northwest Commercial Travelers' Asso-
ciation: ex-Secretary United Commercial
Travelers of America; Alderman, Winni-
peg, 1904-1909. Married Lillia May Erb,
Preston, Ont., 1888. Societies: A. F. &
A. M.; A. O. U. W.; W. O. W. Recrea-
tion: Yachting. Address: The Grange,
Anderson Ave., Winnipeg, Man.

COViri:, James Bowes, B. A. — Of

Coyne, Bond & Hamilton, Barristers,
McGreevy Bldg., Winnipeg. Born St.
Thomas, Ont., Aug. 24, 1878. son of
.lames Henry and Anna Matilda Coyne,
Educated publio schools and Collegiate In-
stitute, St. Thomas; Upper Canada Col-
lege, Toronto; Toronto University; Os-
goode Hall. Called to Ontario Bar, prac-
ticed St. Thomas, 1904; called to Mani-
toba Bar, 1905; member of firm ot
Aikins, Robson, Fullerton & Coyne and '
Aikins, Fullerton, Coyne & Foley until
1911, when present firm formed. Mar-
ried Edna Margaret Elliott, Winnipeg,
1908; has one son. Club: Manitoba,

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