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"Winnipeg Golf, Winnipeg Hunt. Recre-
ation: Golf. Liberal; Methodist. Ad-
dress: Gertrude and Wellington Cres-
cent, Winnipeg, Man.

COYNEY, Weston. — Editor Dawson
Daily News, Dawson. Born Birmingham,
England, April 9, 1849. Began newspa-
per career under late George Dawson, ed-
itor Birmingham Morning News; for sev-
eral years with New York Tribune; Sec-
retary to American Minister, Paris;
worked on Panama Canal, under Count
de Lesseps; returned to New York and
joined staff of Herald; special corre-
spondent of that paper to Yukon during
gold rush of 1898. Address: Dawson,
Y. T.

CBA'iG', Henry S. — Manager Mer-
chants' Bank of Canada, Wetaskiwin.
Born Toronto, Nov. 28, 1879, son of Wil-
liam and Bessie Craig. Educated: pub-
lic school and Collegiate Institute, Owen
Sound, Ont. Joined Merchants' Bank,
Owen Sound, 1895. Came to Alberta,
1903; Manager, Leduc, Alta, 1905-1907;
Manager, Olds, Alta., 1907-1909; Manag-
er, Medicine Hat, Alta., 1909-1910; Man-
ager Wetaskiwin since 1910. President,
Wetaskiwin Board of Trade, 1911-1912;
identified with Liberal party since 1900.
Married Eva Elizabeth Slade, daughter
of Joseph Slade, Edmonton, 1910. Club:
Alpine (was with Club in 1907 when Mt.
Aberdeen was climbed). Society: A. F.
& A. M. Recreation; art. Address:
Wetaskiwin, Alta.

CBAIG-, Hon. James, K. C. — Formerly
Judge of the Territorial Court, Yukon;
local Judge in Admiralty. Retired June
1, 1913. Born Inverurie, Scotland, July
31, 1851, son of George and Annie
Craig. Educated McGill University and
Osgoode Hall. Practiced 1878; Warden
of Renfrew County, 1896; Captain and
Paymaster 42nd Battalion 1879; appoint-
ed Judge April 26, 1900. Married Lizzie
Olivia MacPherson, New York; has one
daughter. Club: Ontario (Toronto). Rec-
reations: Fishing, shooting, curling.



CRAIO, Netson Koss. — Of Willough-
by, Craig & McWilliams, Barristers and
Solicitors. Union Bank Bldg., Moose Jew.
Born East Ragged Islajnds, N. S., Feb.
15, 1874, son of Mary Ellen and James
Page Craig. Educated public and nor-
mal schools Nova Scotia; Dalhousie Uni-
versity. Taught scliool, Osborne, N. S.,
1891. Called to Nova Scotia Bar 1907.
Present partnership formed 1907. Un-
successful candidate at general election
Novia Scotia Legislature for Shel-
bourne 1096. Married Caroline E.
Shand, Barrington. N. S., 1909; has one
daughter. Societies: A. F. & A. M. ; A.
O. F. ; M. W. of A.; President Young
Men's Conservative Club, Moose Jaw,
1910. Recreations: golf: tennis. Con-
servative: Methodist. Address: 7 Ox-
ford St W., Moose Jaw, Sask.

CRANDEI^Ii, Edward Henry. — Finan-
cial Broker. Born Northumberland
County, Ont., Nov. 9, 1858, son of Gil-
bert Dorland and Mary Ann Crandell.
Educated high school Port Perry, Ont.
Came to Calgary and established pres-
ent business 1900. E.x:-Chairman Public
School Board. Married Harriet Esther
McBride, Brampton, Ont., 1880; has two
sons and three daughters. Societies: A.
F. & A. M.; C. O. F.; I. O. F.; L. O. L.
Address: 351 Thirteenth Ave. W., Cal-
gary, Alta.

CRAWFORD, Alexander W-, B. A., M.

A., Ph. D. — Professor of English, Univer-
sity of Manitoba. Born Branchton, Ont.,
Jan. 15, 1866, son of William and Eliza-
betli Ann Crawford. Educated Collegiate
Institute, Gait, Ont.; Toronto University;
Cornell University. Professor Ursinus
College, Collegeville, Pa., 1902-1903;
Beaver College, Beaver, Pa., 1903-1906;
University of Pittsburgh, 1906-1909;
joined staff of University of Manitoba,
1909. Publications: "The Philosophy of
F. H. Jacobi"; various articles on liter-
ary topics in University Magazine, etc.
Married Netta Nixon, St. George, Ont.,
1904. Independent; Methodist. Address:
University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Man.

CRAWFORD, James Duncan. — Barris-
ter. Born Winnipeg, Dec. 11, 1884, son
of Joseph Boyd Crawford and Lucinda
Arabella Christie Crawford. Educated
public and high schools, Winnipeg. Law
student. Hough & Compbell, Winnipeg,
1902; graduated 1908; spent one year on
Grand Trunk Survey, Yellowhead Dis-
trict, Rocky Mountains; practicing since
1909. Independent Liberal; Protestant.
Address: Bausejour, Man.


CRAWFORD, His Honor John Iiyndon.

• — Judge of the District Court, Macleod.
Born Vienna, Ont., Aug. 4, 1868, son of
.Tohn and Georgina Crawford. Educat-
ed Collegiate Institute, Alymer, Ont.; To-
ronto University, Osgoode Hall. Mem-
ber of firm Crawford & Crawford, Bar-
risters, Aylmer, 1894; came to Alberta
1903; Crown Prosecutor Red Deer, Alta.,
present appointment, 1910. Married
George Kay Biggs, daughter of Hon.
W. H. Biggs, Judge of the Court of Ap-
peals, St. Louis, Mo., 1905; has two
daughters. Club: Macleod. Anglican.
Address: Macleod, Alta.

CRAWFORD, niary Elizabeth, M. D.,
C. M. — Physician. Born Litherland
Park, Lancashire, England, daughter of
Matthew and Mary MacWilliam Craw-
ford. Educated England, Trinity Uni-
versity; Interne West Philadelphia Hos-
pital for Women and Children. Came
to Manitoba 1901. Medical Inspector of
Girls, Winnipeg public schools; Treas-
urer Y. W. C. A., Winnipeg, since 1904;
Treasurer and ex-President University
Women's Club. Clubs: Women's Can-
adian, Alpine Club of Canada. Recrea-
tion: Travel. Address: 233 Kennedy St.,
Winnipeg, Man.

CRAWFORD, Thomas Henry, M. D.,

C. M. — Physician and Surgeon, McDou-
gall Block, Calgary; Director Mount Roy-
al College. Born Lansdowne, Ont., Nov.
5, 1871, son of John and Agnes Crawford.
Educated high school Athens, Ont.;
Trinity Medical College. Practiced, Per-
rintown, Mich., 1900-1902; Calgary since
1902. Married Lauretta Avery, 1900; has
one daughter. Societies: A. F. & A. M. ;
I. O. O. F. Independent; Methodist.
Address: 112 13th Ave. B., Calgary, Alta,



CBEASi:, Arthur Dong-las. — Of Crease
& Crease, Barristers, Victoria. Born Vic-
toria, May 1, 1872, son of Sir Henry P. P.
and Sarah Crease. Educated Hailey-
bury College, England. Called to
British Columbia Bar 1895. Married
Helen Drake, daughter of late Mr. Jus-
tice Drake, Victoria, 1902; has two sons
and one daughter. Clubs: Union, Golf.
Recreations: Golf and other outdoor
sports. Conservative; Anglican. Ad-
dress: Foul Bay Road, Victoria, B. C.

CREASE, Edward Albert. — Barrister
and Solicitor, Griffin Block, Nelson;
Chairman Board of School Trustees,
Nelson. Born Gosport, Hampshire, Eng-
land, Sept. 21, 1862, son of Charles
Blandford and Theresa Marion Crease.
Came to Canada as a boy. Educated:
Model School and Collegiate Institute,
Barrie; Trinity College. Called to On-
taria Bar, 1888; British Columbia Bar,
1897, and practiced Nelson since; Po-
lice Magistrate, Nelson, 1898-1909; Sti-
pendiary Magistrate, County of Koote-
nay, 1904-1909; Chancellor of the Dio-
cese of Kootenay; ex-Chairman Board of
School Trustees, Hume School District.
Unsuccessful candidate to British Co-
lumbia Legislature for Nelson, 1909.
Married Marion Louise Lobb, 1909. So-
cieties: A. F. & A. M.; S. O. E. ; K. of
P. Independent; Anglican. Address: Nel-
son, B. C.

CREASE, lindley. — Of Crease &
Crease, Barristers, 521 Fort St., Victoria.
Born New Westminster, March 13, 1867,
son of Sir Henry Bering Pellew Crease,
Judge of Supreme Court of British Col-
umbia, and Sarah Crease (Lindley).
Educated Haileybury, England. Called
to British Columbia Bar 1890 ;practiced
first New Westminster, now Victoria.
Chancellor of Anglican Diocese of Brit-

ish Columbia. Served with British Col-
umbia Garrison Artillery, tliree years.
Club: Union. Society: A. F. & A. M.
Recreations: Fishing, shooting, boating.
Address: Pentrelew, 1201 Fort St., Vic-
toria, B. C.

CREHAN, Matthew Joseph. — Of Cre-
han, Mouat Co., Chartered Accountants,
615 Pender St., Vancouver. Born Gal-
way, Ireland, Jan. 1, 1874, son of Michael
and Mary Crehan. Educated Galway, F.
C. A. Came to British Columbia 1892.
License Commissioner; Member Vancou-
ver Board of Trade. Served eight years
5th Regiment C. A. Married Mercy El-
len Wilkinson. Clubs: Vancouver Hunt,
Commercial, Vancouver Motor. Socie-
ties: A. F. & A. M.; I. O. O. F.; I. O. F.
Recreation: Horses. Conservative; An-
glican. Address: 337 Pender St. E., Van-
couver, B. C.


CBEIGHTON, A G.-^Of Creighton &
Crowtlier, Architects, Bradshaw Bldg.,
Prince Albert. Born Halifax, N. S., Feb.
18, 1886, son of T. G. and Avis Creigh-
ton. Educated County Academy, Hali-
fax; Toronto University. Established
present practice. Prince Albert, 1907.
Married Jean McKinnon, 1911. Club:
Prince Albert. Recreations: golf, ten-
nis. Conservative. Address: Prince Al-
bert, Sask.

CREIGHTON, Oswin, M. A. (Oxon.). —

Rector St. Pancras, Alix; St. Monica,
INIirror; St. John the Baptist, Olive,
Alta. Born Embleton, Northumberland,
England. June 10, 1883, son of Louise
and Mandel Creighton, late Bishop of
London, England. Educated Marlborough
College. Keble College, Oxford and the
Bishop's Hostel, Farnhani. Curate
St. James Norlands Church, London,
1907; came to Canada as member of Ed-
monton Mission, started under auspices
of the Archbishops' Western Canada
Fund. 1910. Chaplain to Grand Coun-
cil, St. George's Society, Alberta. Ad-
dress: The Mission House, Edmonton,


CBEIGHTON, WilUam, M. D. — Physi-
cian and Surgeon, Olson Block, Estevan;
Pre.sident. Estevan . Realty Co.; member
of Council, Estevian Board of Trade. Born
Alexander, Man., May 3, 1885, son of
John and Agnes McCallum Creighton.
Educated: Manitoba University. Prac-
tised, Melita, Man., 1909-1910; Estevan
since 1910. Married Florence Melita
Graliam, daughter of Robert M. Graham,
1911. Club: Estevan. Societies; A. F.
& A. M. ; Shriner. Recreations: motor-
ing, curling, tennis. Liberal; Presby-
terian. Address: Estevan, Sask.

CBEIGHTON, W. T. — Manager Can-
ada Permanent Mortgage Corporation,
138 McDougall Ave., Edmonton. Born
Welland, Ont., April 9, 1870, son Rev.
John Creighton. Educated public schools
Griinsby, Ont.; Trinity College School,
Port Hope. Entered service of Canada
Permanent, 1887; employed various ca-
pacities Toronto, Winnipeg and Vancou-
ver; appointed Manager Edmonton
branch, 1906. Married Annie R. Mack-
lin, Vancouver, 1898; has four sons and
two dauerhters. Clubs: Edmonton (Pres-
ident, 1910-1911-1912); Edmonton Coun-
try (Vice-President, 1910-1912). Recrea-
tion: Driving. Conservative; Anglican.
Address: 477 Fourteenth St., Edmonton,

CBEIGHTOIT, William Travers. — Vice-
President Alexander Black Lumber Co.,
Ltd.; Director Prairie City Loan Co.,
Ltd. Born Toronto, Aug. 23, 1860, son
of William and Margaret Mountjoy
Creighton. Educated private schools
and College Institute, Toronto. Came to
Manitoba, 1879; Manager Minnesota &
Ontario Lumber Co., Norman, Ont., 1887-
1893; established present business, 1893.
Served as Sergeant, 90th Regiment,
Northwest Rebellion, 1885; formerly
with 12th Royal York and Q. O. R., To-
ronto. Married Jean Menzles Gillespie,
Hamilton, 1891; has two sons and one
daughter. Club: Adanac. Conservative;
Anglican. Address: 707 Broadway, Win-
nipeg, Man.

CBIIBAS, Thomas Alexander. — Presi-
dent Grain Growers' Grain Co., Ltd., Kee-
wayden Bldg., Winnipeg; Director Home
Bank. Born Molesworth, Ont., June 17,
1876, son of William and Margaret Crerar.
Educated public schools Portage la Prai-
rie; Collegiate Institute, Manitoba Col-
lege. Came to Manitoba 1881. On fath-
er's farm until 19; taught school for five
years; farmed for several years. Mem-
ber Russell, Man., Council. Married
Jessie Hamilton, Salsgirth, Man., 1906;
has one daughter. Society: I. O. O. F.
Presbyterian. Address: 176 Evanson St.,
Winnipeg, Man.

CBESSEY, James Thomas. — Principal
Ruthenlan Training School, Brandon.
Born Crofton, Yorkshire, England, son
of Thomas and Emma Elizabeth Cressey.
Educated public schools; York Diocesan
Training College, York, England (holds
highest certificates for England). Be-
gan as pupil teacher, afterwards Assist-
ant Master. Principal of Ruthenlan
School, Winnipeg, 1904. County Master
of Brandon County, L. O. A. B. A. Vice-
President St. Mary's Men's Club; served
with 7th W^ York, Leeds, four .years;
1st W. York at York, two years. Mar-
ried Alovia Jane Draper, 1898; has two
sons and one daughter. Clubs: Men's
Club; Overseas. Societies: L. O. L.;
S. O. E. Recreations: Reading, walking,
baseball, football. Conservative; Angli-
can. Address: 245 Fifth St., Brandon,



CBICHTON, Barclay Calder — Presi-
dent Crichton's, Ltd., Jewelers, Fairford
and Main Sts., Moose Jaw; President
Moose. Jaw Board of Trade, 1912. Born
Perth, Scotland, Jan. 22, 1883, son of
Charles Andrew and Ellen Traill Crich-
ton. Came to Canada, 1888. Educated
public and Technical Schools, Toronto.
Came to Calgary, 1904. With D. E.
Black, Calgary, 1904-1907; Manager
Plaxton Estate, Moose Jaw, 1908-1909;
established present business, 1909; in-
corporated, 1912. Married Isabel Nim-
raons, daughter of William Nimmons,
1910; has one daughter. Recreation:
Music. Liberal; Baptist. Address: 158
Ninth Ave., Moose Jaw, Sask.

CBICHTOM', David Ogilvy. — Vice-
President Alberta Iron Works, Ltd., East
Calgary. Born Forfarshire, Scotland,
July 17, 1872, son of David and Jessie
Crichton. Educated public schools, Dun-
dee, Scotland. Came to Canada, 1884;
Alberta, 1890. Partner Lethbridge Iron
Works, 1890-1895; established present
business 1895. Married Jessie Walker,
daughter of John Walker, 1898; has one
son and one daughter. Society: I. O. O.
F. Presbyterian. Address: 1320 11th
Ave. E., Calgary, Alta.

CBIDGE, Bt. Bev. Edward, B. A., D-B.

— Anglican Bishop (retired).' Born Brat-
ton-Heming, Devonshire, England, Dec.
17, 1817, son of John and Grace Cridge.
Educated grammar school South Moul-
ton, Devonshire; Master Grammar
School, Oundle, Northamptonshire, 1836-
1842; B. A., St. Peter's College, Cam-
bridge, 1848; one of students soliciting
aid for great Irish famine; ordained
1848. Vicar of Christ Church, West Ham.
London, 1851-1854; Chaplain to Hudson's
Bay Co., and District Minister Victoria,

1854. Left England with his bride and
arrived six months later, going around
Cape Horn in sailing ship Marquis of
Bute. Elected Bishop 1876; one of orig-
inal committee for building of Royal
Jubilee Hospital, Victoria; also prime
mover for erection of Orphans' Homes;
said opening prayers first parliament of
Vancouver Island 1856; addressed crowds
on Beacon Hill on Queen Victoria's Jubi-
lee; pronounced benediction upon soldiers
at the farewell given to South African
Contingent, Oct., 1899. Owing to ad-
vancing years does not take active part
in ministry, but lives on homestead. Has
published "Tract on Spiritualism," "As
It Was in the Beginning," "Life After
Death." Married Mary Winnelle of Bon-
iford, Essex; has four sons and five
daughters. Recreation: Music. Address:
Victoria, B. C.

CBOrr, Henry, J. P., ex-M. P., C. E.—
Of Croft & Ashley, Consulting Engineers,
5 Winch Bldg., Vancouver. Born Syd-
ney, Australia, Jan. 15, 1856, son of John
and Mary Croft. Educated Rugby Col-
lege, England. Engineer, Derby, Eng-
land. Went to New South Wales as
Government Inspecting Engineer, 1879;
came to Victoria and started the Che-
manius Mills 1884; sold out 1889; opened
up the Mt. Sicker Camp Vancouver
Island, from which about 300,000 tons
ore shipped; induced American capital to
erect smelter Crofton; actively engaged
mining and general investment business
Victoria and Vancouver; member House
of Commons for Cowichan, seven years;
Notary Public. Married Mary J. Duns-
muir, 1885. Club: Union. Recreations:
All outdoor sports. Address: Mt. Ade-
laide, Victoria, B. C.

CBOi;i^, Andrew-, M. D., BI. Ch. (Bdin.).
P. B. C. S. — Surgeon. Born Dundee,
Scotland, Oct. 7, 1871, son of William


Tasker and Mary Croll. Educated Dun-
dee high school; University College,
Edinburgh University; London, Berlin,
Vienna and Paris. Demonstrator of Anat-
omy Royal College of Surgeons, Edin-
burgh, 1893; attached to hospitals, Dun-
dee, Edinburgh and London, 1894-1899;
practiced Handsworth 1899-1906. Came
to Saskatoon 1906. Since coming to Can-
ada has made himself acquainted with
workings of larger hospitals by visiting
for lengthy periods Winnipeg, Toronto.
Montreal, Chicago and Rochester. Gov-
ernor of Saskatoon City Hospital, 1909-
1911; E.Kaminer in Anatomy, College of
Physicians and Surgeons of Saskatche-
wan; Correspondent to Medical Journals
on Surgery and Gynaecology. Married
Agnes J. Last, Wakefield, England.
1899; has two sons and one daughter.
Clubs: Saskatoon, Saskatoon Golf (Pres-
ident, 1907-1908). Societies: A. F. & A.
M.; British Medical; Saskatoon Medical;
Canadian Medical; St. Andrew's (Vice-
President) ; Fellow of Royal College of
Surgeons; Fellow of Edinburgh Obstet-
rical Society. Recreations: Golf, curling.
Presbyterian. Address: 233 Twenty-
Second E., Saskatoon, Sask.

CBOIiIi, Major Hubert A., !■. D. S., M.

D. S-, D. D. S. — Dental Surgeon, Sowden
Block, Souris. Born Claude, Ont., Dec.
11 1872, son of Rev. Robert Milne and
Mary Croll. Educated high school Sim-
coe, Ont.; Royal College of Dental Sur-
geans; Toronto University. Practiced
Stratford, Ont., 1896; Palmerston, Ont.,
1897-1902; Souris since 1902. Registrar
Manitoba Dental Association. Served as
Alderman and School Trustee, Souris.
Major and Adjutant 12th Mani,toba Dra-
goons; ex-member 24th and 39th Regi-
ments. Married Emily Lillie Robinson.
Palmerston, Ont.. 1899; has two sons and
one daughter. Society: A. F. & A. M.
(P. M.). Recreations: Military work,
cricket. Liberal; Anglican. Address;
Souris, Man.

CROSS, Chas. T. — Financial, Real
Estate Agent, 622 Fort St., Victoria.
Born Cheshire, England, Nov. 14, 1859,
son of Wm. Cross. Educated Alston
College, Lancashire. With Union Bank
of Manchester, England, 1877; came to
British Columbia 1896. Director Bost-
ock & Co., Ltd. Club: Union. Address:
Victoria, B. C.

CBOSBIE, Charles Alexander. — Super-
visor British Columbia branches of Roy-
al Bank of Canada since 1903. 408 Hast-
ings St., Vancouver. Born Paris, Ont.,
July 1. 1862. son of Andrew and Mary
B. Crosbie. Educated Dundas, Ont., Ham-
ilton Ont. Entered Canadian Bank of
Commerce, 1880; later joined Royal
Bank as Head Office Accountant, Hali-
fax. 19 30; Secretary to the Board of Di-
rectors 1901-1903. Married Minerva El-
lis Gordon, 1888. Clubs: Vancouver,


Terminal City. Societies: A. F. & A. M. ;
R. A. M. Baptist. Address: 1110 Jer-
vis St., Vancouver, B. C.


CROSS, Hon. Charles Wilson, B. A.,
LIi. B., M. X,. A. — Of Short, Cross & Big-
gar and Short, Woods, Biggar & Collis-
son. Barristers, 14 Howard St., Edmon-
ton. Born Madoc, Ont., Nov. 30, 1872,
son of Thomas and Marie Cross. Edu-
cated Upper Canada College; Toronto
University; Osgoode Hall. Called to the
bar 1898. Elected to first Alberta Leg-
islature for Edmonton, 1905; re-elected,
1909; Attorney-General for Alberta, 1905;
resigned' March 9, 1910; reappointed,, 1911.
Member Interprovincial Conferences,
1906. Married Annie L. Lynde, 1900;
has one son and one daughter. Club:
Edmonton. Liberal; Presbyterian. Ad-
dress: 651 Hardisty St., Edmonton, .Alta,



CROSS, A. E. — President Calgary
Brewing & Malting Co., Ltd. Born
Montreal, June 26, 1861, son of Judge
Alexander and Julia Cross. Blducated
private and high school, Montreal;
Haileybury College, England; Montreal
Business College; Ontario Agricultural
College, Guelph; Montreal Veterinary
College; United States Brewers Acad-
emy, N. Y. ; Institute of Fermentology,
Chicago. Came to Alberta 1884; ranch-
ing and stock raising 1884-1891; Man-
ager present company since 1892. Mem-
ber of Northwest Legislature 1899-1903;
President Calgary Board of Trade 1907-
1908; ex-President General Hospital, Cal-
gary; Director Calgary Natural Gas Co.;

Director Western Agencies & Develop-
ment Co., Ltd.; Director Metals, Ltd.;
President Brunswick Hotel Co., Ltd.,
Moose Jaw; President Grand Central Ho-
tel Co., Ltd., Edmonton; President Al-
berta Hotel Co., Red Deer; Director
Western Canada Brewers' Association,
Ltd.; Director Calgary Power Co., Ltd.;
President Calgary Exhibition Co.; Direc-
tor Western Stock Growers' Association.
Married Helen Rothney MacLeod, Cal-
gary, 1899; has one son and one daugh-
ter Clubs: Ranchmen's (President);
Golf and Country, Carleton (Winni-
peg); Alberta (Calgary); Union (Vic-
toria). Recreation: Shooting. Conserv-
ative; Anglican. Address: Calgary, Alta.



CROSS, William Henry. — Manager
Land & Agricultural Co. of Canada, 300
Nanton Bldg., Winnipeg. Born L'Orig-
nal, Prescott County, Ont., Aug. 23,
1852, son of John and Nancy Cross. Edu-
cated public schools. Lumber and mer-
cantile business. Upper Ottawa, 1868-
1880. Came to Winnipeg 1881; with
land department C. P. R. 1881-1887. Real
estate business on his own account 1887;
partnership with Henry S. Crotty, 1887-
1902; Member Advisory Board Toronto
General Trusts Co. and La Compagnie
Foncier de Manitoba. Chairman Advis-
ory Board Mortgage Co. of Canada; First
inspector employed by C. P. R. land de-
partment Northwest. Married Clarissa
Purvis, Portage du Fort, Que., 1887; has
two sons ands two daughters. Club:
Carleton. Societies: A. O. F.; A. O. U. W.
Recreation: Yachting. Conservative;
Methodist. Address: 275 Wellington
Crescent, Winnipeg, Man.

CROTTV, Thomas Henry, M. D. — Real
Estate and Financial Agent, McArthur
Building, Winnipeg. Born Forest, Ont.,
Jan. 17. 1869, son of H. S. and Frances
Holcroft Crotty. Came to Winnipeg with
his father in 1879, who established first
real estate firm Winnipeg. Educated St.
John's College, Winnipeg; Trinity Med-
ical College, Toronto. Practiced Boston,
1896-1900; returned to Winnipeg and es-
tablished present business, 1901. Served
with 90th Regiment, 1884-1885. Mar-
ried Emma W. Ryder, Burlington, Vt.,
1895; has two sons. Club. Carleton. So-
ciety: A. F. & A. M. Recreations: farm-
ing, stock raising. Unitarian. Address:
75 Edmonton St., Winnipeg, Man.

CBOWE, George Reading'. — British
Empire Grain Co., Grain Exchange, Win-
nipeg; President Northern Elevator Co.;
President Northwest Fire Insurance Co.;
Vice-President Northern Trust Co.;
Director Royal Bank of Canada; Direc-
tor Great West Life Assurance Co.; Di-
rector Canadian Fire Insurance Co.; Di-
rector Northern Mortgage Co.; Director
St. Lawrence and Chicago Steam Nav-
igation Co.; Director Royal Crown Soaps,
Ltd. Born Truro, N. S., Oct. 22, 1852,
son of James and Harriet N. Crowe.
Educated public schools. Accountant,
Nova Scotia. Came to Winnipeg 1879;
engaged in railway construction until
1883; luumber business 1883-1890; estab-
ished present business 1890. Alderman
Winnipeg, 1885 and 1912. Married Mary
Elizabetli Alexander, Truro, N. S., 1875;
has one son and two daughters. Clubs:
Manitoba, Carleton, St. Charles Country.
Conservative; Presbyterian. Address: Cor.
Assiniboine and Blanchard, Winnipeg,

CROWE, Mary Elizabetli. — Born Clif.
ton, N. S., daughter of John Holmes and
Mary Tupper Alexander. Educated pub-
lic schools. Came to Manitoba 1881.
Vice-President Manitoba Dominion Coun-
cil Y. W. C. A.; President Y. W.
C. A., Winnipeg, two years; Pres-
ident Ladies' Society Westminster
Presbyterian Church; formerly President
and Secretary W. F. M. S. Auxiliary;
under auspices of Christian Women's
Union charge for two years of religious
work Women's Home. Married G. R.
Crowe, grain merchant, Winnipeg, 1875;
has one son and two daughters. Club:
Women's Musical. Societies; Daughters
of the Empire; Victorian Order of Nurses;
sustaining member of numerous socie-
ties. Presbyterian. Address: 125 Har-
grave St., Winnipeg, Man.

CROWE, Robert Meikle, J. P.— Notary
Public. Born Stonehouse, Lanarkshire,
Scotland, April 24, 1860, son of Robert
and Elizabeth (Meikle) Crowe. Educat-
ed St. John's, Glasgow. Served as Chief
Clerk Pay Department, Royal Marines,
resigned 1903 and came to Grenfell, Sig-
nalling officer 16th Light Horse, 1908-

1909. Secretary-Treasurer Windthorst
Council and Windthorst Agricultural So-

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