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ciety. Married Emmeline Plucknett,
Devon, England, 1887; has three sons and
two daughters. Societies: A. F. & A.
M. ; W. O. A. Recreations: Fishing,
shooting, billiards, theatricals. Liberal;
Protestant. Address: Windthorst, Sask.

CROWE, Sanford Johnson — (Retired)
— Contractor, 441 Seymour St., Vancou-
ver; Secretary-Treasurer, Cascade Steam
Laundry Co. Ltd.; member of Board,
Vancouver General Hospital. Born Tru-
ro, N. S., Feb. 14, 1868, son of John S.
and Rebecca Crowe. Educated: Truro
public schools. Carpenter's apprentice,
Truro, 1883; with Thomas Dunne & Co.,
grocers, Truro, 1885-1888; member of
firm, Crowe & Wilson, contractors. Van-
couver, 1888-1910; retired from business,

1910. Served as Alderman, Vancouver,
1909-1911. Married Annie C. Smythe,
Vancouver; has two sons. Recreations:
baseball, lacrosse. Liberal; Presbyter-
ian. Address: 1347 Pendrill St., Van-
couver, B. C.




CROWSTON, Augns Alexander — Min-
ing Lands and Hardwood Timber, 35
Canada Life Bldg., Vancouver; Director,
Coronet Coal, Mineral and Oil Lands
Company, Ltd. Born Lucknow, Bruce
County, Ont., June 9, 1868, son of James
and Katherine Crowston. Educated pub-
lic schools, Lucknow; Toronto Univer-
sity. Exporter of fruit and hardwood
timber, Lucknow, Berkeley and Holland
Center, Ont., since 1890. Came to Brit-

ish Columbia, 1899; interested in min-
ing and lands. Boundary country, Brit-
ish Columbia, 1899-1902; interested in
export of hardwood timber, Vancouver
and Victoria, since 1902. Married An-
nie Ley, daughter of John H. Ley, De-
troit, 1904; has one son and two daugh-
ters. Societies: K. P.; Scottish Clans.
Recreations: shooting, fishing. Angli-
can. Address: 1537 3d Ave., W., Van-
couver, B. C.



CKUISE, Bobert, M. P. — Farmer. Born
Lachute, Que., Dec. 11, 1868, son of Peter
and Margaret Neil Cruise. Educated
Lachute. Came to Daupliin, 1893, and
started farming; councillor and reeve sev-
eral years. Prominent member and pres-
ident Dauphin branch of Manitoba Grain

Growers' Association several years prior
to 1908. Elected to House of Commons
for Dauphin, 1911. Married Christina
McAllister, Broyneberg, 1891; has four
sons and four daughters. Liberal. Ad-
dress: Dauphin, Man.


CBUZKSHANK, I^ieuteuant-Colonel Er-
nest Alexander. — Commanding Military
District No. 3 3, Calgary. Born Bertie,
Ont., June 29, 1854, son of Alexander and
Margaret Cruikshank. Educated gram-
mar school St. Thomas, Ont., Upper Can-
ada College. Second Lieutenant 44th
Regiment Ontario, 1877; O. C. 44th Reg-
iment, 1899-1904; O. C. 5th Infantry Bri-
gade, 1904-1909; present appointed gazet-
ted 1909. Served as police magistrate,
Niagara Falls, Ont, 1903-1908; charge
of military records. Dominion Archives,
Ottawa, 1908-1909. Fellovs^ of Royal So-
ciety, Canada, 1906; Honorable Lieuten-
ant-Colonel 44th Regiment, 1905; Honor-
able President Lundy's Lane and Ni-
agara Historical Societies, 1909. Publi-
cations: "History of the County of Wel-
land," "The Battle of Lundy's Lane,"
"The Battle of Queenston," "A Century
of Municipal History," "The Story of
Butler's Rangers," "The Fight in the
Beech Woods," "Battlefields of the Ni-
agara Peninsula," "Drummond's Winter
Campaign," "The Battle of Fort George"
"The Siege of Fort Erie," "Ten Years
of the Colony of Niagara," "The Docu-
mentary History of the War of 1812" (9
vols.). Many contributions to review
and historical publications; the Transac-
tions of the Royal Society; the Canadian
Institute; Magazine of Western History,
and other periodicals. Married Julia E.
Kennedy, Buffalo, N. Y., 1879. Recrea-
tions: Riding, driving, walking. Address:
Marlborough Mansions, Calgary, Alta.

CKUIKSHANK, James. — City Editor
Evening News, Saskatoon. Born Bears-
den, near Glasgow, Scotland, Sept. 27,
1882; son of Francis J. and Emily Jane
Cruikshank. Educated Kelvinside Acad-
emy, Glasgow; Trinity College, Glenal-
mond, Scotland. With Allan, Lang, Kil-
1am & McKay. Winnipeg, 1904; subse-
quently with Northern Crown Bank, Red
Deer and Hanley; purchased Hanley Her-
ald 1908; served three terms on Hanley
Town Council, ex-President Board of
Trade, Auctioneer, Notary Public and
Justice of the Peace. Married Alice
May Pentland, 1908; has two daughters.
Liberal. Address: Saskatoon, Sask.

CSUXSi:, Albert W. — Real Estate
Agent, 445 Homer St., Vancouver. Born
Buctonuche, N. B., Aug. 4, 1874, son of
Dr. William and Margaret M. Cruise.
Educated high school. Engineering De-
partment of Canadian Government Rail-
way System, Moncton, N. B. ; subsequent-
ly engineering department New York
Central, N. Y., and Consolidated Gas
Co., N. Y. ; theatrical business Eastern
Canada. Came to British Columbia 1907
Councillor Municipality of Point Grey
1910. Married Isabel Chisholm, 1907;
has one son and one daughter. Address:
Point Grey, B. C.

CRUISE, Georg-e Arthur — Of Cruise
& Tufts, Barristers and Solicitors, Bow-
erman Block, Saskatoon; Director, Sas-
katoon Real Estate Exchange; Director,
British America Securities, Ltd. Born
Port Dover, Ont., June 3, 1872, son of
William John and Elizabeth Collings
Cruise. Educated Collegiate Institute,
Simcoe, Ont.; Toronto University; Os-
goode Hall. Called to Ontario Bar, 1908;
practiced, St. Catharines, Ont., 1909;
Saskatoon since 1909. Societies: A. F.
& A. M.; I. O. O. F. Recreation: rid-
ing. Conservative; Methodist. Address:
Saskatoon, Sask.

CRTTIoaV, Bev. Eber, B. A., B. Sc,
D. D. — Pastor of Grace Methodist
Cliurch, Winnipeg. Born Franklin, Ont.,
March 12, 1862, son of Richard and
Esther Crummy. Educated "Victoria Uni-
versity; Queen's University. Entered
ministry 1882; ordained 1887; instructor
of English and Latin, Kumamoto Higher
Imperial College, Japan, 1888; engaged
educational mission work of Methodist
Church as Dean of Theology and Chairman
Mission Council, 1901; since returning
to Canada has been stationed successive-
ly Kingston, Toronto and Winnipeg.
Lectured on Old Testament Literature,
Queen's University, Kingston. Has al-
ways taken prominent position literary
work connection with missionary and
educational interests of nation. Married
Elizabeth Beavitt Keough, daughter of
Rev. Jabez Bunting Keough, New West-
minster, 1888; has three sons and one
daughter. Independent; Methodist. Ad-
dress: 273 EUice Ave., Winnipeg, Man.

CUIiIiUM, William James. — Steamboat
Inspector for Dominion Government,
Wharf St., Victoria. Born Belfast, Ire-
land, June 5, 1865,. son of Thomas F.
and Harriet Cullum. Educated East
Cornwall College; National School. En-
gineer apprentice, Cardiff, 1880. Came
to British Columbia, 1885. Was Chief
Engineer Government steamer "Quadra";
has been twenty years Government serv-
ice. Married Margaret R. Burkholder,
Victoria; has two daughters. Address:
1114 Fairfield Road, Victoria, B. C.

CUMBEBIiANI}, His Honor Thomas

Dickey, B. A. ■ — County Court Judge,
Brandon. Born Rosemont, Simcoe Coun-
ty, Ont., Sept. 3, 1853, son of John and
Mary Dickey Cumberland. Educated
Grammar School, Weston, Ont.; Queen's
University. Came to Manitoba 1881;
member of firm Miller, Cumberland &
Macara, Winnipeg, 1882-1884; Cumber-



land & Macara, 1884-1887; Archibald,
Howell & Cumberland, 1887-1893; ap-
pointed County Court Judge Western
Judicial District, 1893. Married Helen
Wallace, 1884; has one son and two
daughters. Club: Brandon. Address: 403
Seventh St., Brandon, Man.

CUIttMINGS, B. D. — Merchant. Born
Glasgow, Scotland, Aug. 1, 1871, son of
William and Elizabeth Cummings. Edu-
cated Glasgow. Came to British Colum-
bia 1885; mercantile business Pavilion,
Yale-Cariboo, 1895; later moved to Ash-
croft, Secretary Ashcroft School Board.
Has published several poems. Married
Margaret Morrison, Pavilion, B. C. ; has
three sons and one daughter. Recrea-
tions: Big game shooting. Address: Ash-
croft, B. C.

CUSIMISKEY, Thomas John. — Agent,
Representative of C. P. R., Vernon. Born
Prince Edward Island, Jan. 18, 1858, son
of John Cummiskey. Educated public
-schools Prince Edward Island. Taught
school Prince Edward Island, 1875; came
to British Columbia 1886. School Trus-
tee, five years; Member of Navy League.
Married Georgia Miller, Kamloops, B. C. ;
has one daughter. Recreations: Hunt-
ing. Address: Vernon, B. C.

CUNNINGHAM, Edward Allan. — Man-
aging Director Rogers-Cunningham Lum-
ber Co., Ltd., Lethbridge; President Can-
adian General Supply Co., Ltd. Born
Montreal, Que., Nov. 7, 1870; son of Wil-
liam and Julia Lyons Cunningham. Edu-


cated public schools; Arnold private
school. Junior Clerk C. P. R. Stores De-
partment, Montreal, 1885; second charge
of same department, 1897-1900; came to
Alberta, 1900; general storekeeper and
purchasing agent Alberta Railway and
Irrigation Co., Lethbridge, 1900-1907;
Managing Director of present company
since 1907; Vice-President Lethbridge
Board of Trade; Director Lethbridge Y.
M. C. A.; President Lethbridge Choral
Club; Vice-President Overseas Club;
Member Board of Governors Alberta
Amateur Athletic Union. Served as Al-
derman Lethbridge, 1907-1908. Married
Emma Catherine Street, Montreal, 1897;
has one daughter. Clubs: Chinook, Com-
mercial Travelers (Winnipeg). Society:
A. F. & A. M. (R. A. M.). Recreations:
Music, athletics. Conservative; Angli-
can. Address: Lethbridge, Alta.

CUNNINGHAM:, John Ernest — Of

Cunningham Land Co., Real Estate and
Financial Brokers, 28 Ross Ave., W.,
Red Deer; Managing Director, Saskat-
chewan Land & Homestead Co., Ltd.;
member Council, Red Deer Board of
Trade. Born Kingston, Ont., July 26,
1873, son of Henry and Margaret Breden
Cunningham. Educated public and high
schools, Kingston. Member of firm. Mills
& Cunningham, private bankers, King-
ston, 1894-1906; represented Saskatche-
wan Land & Homestead Co., Ltd., To-
ronto, 1907-1911. Came to Red Deer
and established present business, 1911.
Secretary, Kingston Board of Trade,



1906-1907. Married Mabel Carter, daugh-
ter of R. C. Carter, Kingston, 1901; has
one son. Club: Reed Deer. Society: A.
F. & A. M. Recreations: sl^ating, curl-
ing. Conservative; Methodist Address:
Douglas St., Red Deer, Alta.


CUNNINGHAM, James Alexander. —

Managing Director British Columbia Oil
Refinery Co., Ltd., 1201 Dominion Trust
Bldg., Vancouver; President Vulcan Iron
Works, New Westminster, and partner
in Western Oil and Supply Co. Born
New Westminster, Sept. 17, 1867, son of
Thomas and Elmily Cunningham. Edu-
cated Willamette University, Oregon.
Managing Director Western Steamboat
Co. for number of years; Sales Manager
Cunningham Hardware Co.; President
New Westminster Board of Trade, 1908-
1909; served in Royal Artillery, 1885-
1893. Married Marion Lee De Beck, 1888;
has one son and two daughters. Club:
New Westminster. Society: A. P. & A.
M. Address: Fifth St., New Westminster,
B. C.

CUNNINGHAM, Thomas. — Provincial
Fruit Inspector, Vancouver. Born Ul-
ster, Ireland, Aug. 31, 1840, son of James
Cunningham (lineal descendant of one
of "Prentice Boys of Derry") and Mar-
garet Cunningham. Educated public
schools; Gilmore Institute, Ireland. Came
to British Columbia by sea, 1859. Hard-
ware Merchant, New Westminster, 1862.
Member British Columbia Legislature
for Nanaimo. Served with New West-
minster Rifles. Married Emily Wood-
man, Nanaimo, 1864; has three sons and
two daughters. Society: L. O. L. Rec-
reations: Reading, microscopic investi-
gation, entomology. Address: 634 Sev-
enth Ave. W., Vancouver, B. C.


CURBIi:, Iiieutenant-Colonel Arthur
William. — Of Currie & Power, Real
Estate Agents, 1214 Douglas St., Vic-
toria. Born Napperton, Ont., Dec. 5,
1875, son of William Garner and Jane
Currie. Educated Stratliroy College In-
stitute. British Columbia 1894. Taught
school Sidney, B. C, 1893; President
King Edward Mining Co. Served fourteen
years with 5th Regiment Canadian Gar-
rison Artillery, now Lieutenant-Colonel;
President British Columbia Rifle Asso-
ciation since 1907. Married L. S. Cha-
worth-Musters, Victoria, 1901; has one
daughter. Society: A. F. & A. M.; Rec-
reation: Rifle- shooting. Liberal; Angli-
can. Address: 1114 Alston St., Victoria,
B. C.

CURRIi:, Donald Hector. — Manager
Rat Portage Lumber Co., Ltd., Kenora.
Born Lochaber Bay, Que., May 29, 1860,
son of James and Mary McLean Currie.
Lumber Marker J. G. Jackson & Co.,
Casper, Cal., 1872; shipper for Rainy
Lake Lumber Co., 1887; continued with
the business through various changes in
name of company to the present, with
the exception of seven years Town Clerk
and Treasurer, 1900-1907. Secretary-
Treasurer Royal Jubilee Hospital; Al-
derman Rat Portage, 1895-1897; Alder-
man Kenora, 1908-1909; Mayor, 1910.
Married Annie Jean Campbell, 1889; has
four sons and two daughters. Club:
Lake of the Woods. Societies: A. F. &
A. M. ; Kenora Curling. Conservative;
Protestant. Address: Kenora, Ont.


CURTIS, David S. — Druggist. Born
Cleveland, C, Jan. 1, 1856, son of Sam-
uel and Jane Curtis. Educated Ontario
public schools. Came to British Colum-
bia 1874. Druggist since 1882; President
New Westminster Retail Merchants' As-
sociation; ex-President British Columbia
Pharmaceutical Association; member of
Council and ex-President New Westmin-
ster Board of Trade; Alderman 10 years,
Mayor 1893; ex-Chairman School Board;
President Surrey Nurseries, Ltd.; ex-
President British Columbia Conservative
Association and unsuccessful candidate
for British Columbia Legislature, 1894;
Chairman Board of Management
British Columbia Methodist College;
President local branch Canadian
Bible Society. Married Harriet Cunning-
ham, Kingston, Ont., 1884; has three sons
and three daughters. Societies: I. O. O.
F.; C. O. O. W.; R. T. of T. S. P.
C. A.; Y. M. C. A. Recreations:
Camping, boating. Conse'rvative; Meth-
odist. Address: New Westminster, B. C.


CUSHZNO, Alfred Bruce, B. A. — Lum-
ber Merchant, 403 8th Ave. W., Calgary.
Born Kenilworth, Ont., Nov. 9, 1865, son
of William and Sarah Thompson Gush-
ing. Educated public schools, Kenil-
worth; high school. Mount Forest, Ont.;
Toronto University. Public school teach-
er, Arthur Township, Ont, 1885-1887;
high school teacher, Essex, Ont., 1893-
1898; high school teacher, Brandon, Man.,

1898-1900. Moved to Edmonton, Alta.,
and entered into business under firm
name of Cushing Bros., Ltd.; came to
Calgary, 1905, managed Calgary branch
of Cushing Bros. Co., Ltd., until Feb.,
1910; has since organized the A. B. Cush-
ing Lumber Co., Ltd. ;Alderman Calgary,
1911; Treasurer and Member of Execu-
tive Board Alberta Sunday School Asso-
ciation. Married Elizabeth Wilkin, Har-
riston, Ont., 1893. Recreations: Curling,
music. Liberal; Methodist. Address: 220
Eighteenth Ave., E., Calgary, Alta.

CUSKINa, Arthur Thompson, B. A. —

Of Cushing Bros. Co., Ltd., Manufactur-
ers of Windows, Doors and Mill Work,
Elizabeth and Namayo St., Edmonton.
Born Kenilworth, Ont., Feb. 10, 1869, son
of William and Sarah Thompson Cush-
ing. Educated public schools Kenil-
worth; high school, Essex, Ont.; Vic-
toria College and Toronto University.
Accountant W. H. Cushing, Calgary,
1887; removed to Edmonton, 1900; be-
came member of firm 1901. Trustee, Ed-
monton Public School Board; Trustee Al-
berta College Board. Alderman Edmon-
ton, 1903-1904; unsuccessful candidate
for Mayor, 1905. Married Annie Nelson,
Morden, Man., 1902; has two sons and
one daughter. Recreation: Curling In-
dependent Liberal; Methodist. Address:
1253 McKay St., Edmonton, Alta.

CUSHING, George — Vice-President,
Cushing Bros. Company, Ltd., 2428
Dewdney St., Regina. Born Kenilworth,
Ont., June 21, 1857, son of William and
Sarah Thompson Cushing. Educated
public schools; Ontario Agricultural Col-
lege, Guelph. Farmed and engaged in
mercantile business, Ontario, prior to
coming to Alberta, 1907; with Cushing
Bros. Co., Ltd., Edmonton, 1907-1908;
Regina, since 1908. Member Regina
Board of Trade; member Ontario Agri-
cultural and Experimental Union. Al-
derman, Regina, 1911. Municipal Clerk,
Kenilworth, many years; Vice-President,
East Wellington Liberal Association,
several years. Married Anne E. Lang-
don, 1884; has three sons and three
daughters. Society: I. O. O. F. Liberal;
Methodist. Address: 13th and Scarth
Sts., Regina, Sask.




CXTSHXirG, Hon. William Henry, M. !■.

A. — Of Gushing Bros., Ltd., Manufactur-
ers of Builders' Supplies, Calgary. Born
Arthur Township, Wellington Gounty,
Ont, Aug. 21, 1852, son of William and
Sarah Thompson Gushing. Educated pub-
lic schools Ontario. Engaged fanning
1865-1879; building business 1881-1883;
came to Alberta 1883; established pres-
ent business 1885. Elected to Alberta
Legislature for Galgary 1905, 1909; ap-
pointed Minister of Public Works Ruth-
erford Government, 1905; resigned port-

folia 1910; Alderman Galgary 1890-1906;
Member Calgary Hospital Board and
Galgary Board of Trade. Served as pri-
vate 30th Ontario Rifles, Arthur Ont.,
1869; appointed Alberta Delegate World's
Missionary Congress, Edinburgh, Scot-
land, 1910; Member International Board,
Laymen's Missionary Movement of Can-
ada. Married Mary Jane Waters, Ar-
thur, Ont., 1883; has one daughter. Club:
Alberta. Society: I. O. O. P. Recrea-
tion: Curling. Liberal; Methodist. Ad-
dress: Calgary, Alta.



CUTHBEBT, Major Albert Edward
Boss. — Superintendent Royal Northwest
Mounted Police; Major Reserve of Offi-
cers, Canadian Militia, Edmonton. Born
Berthier, Que., July 31, 1860, son of Mary
Bostwick and Edward Octavian Cuth-
bert, late Seigneur of Berthier. Educat-
ed Berthier Grammar school; private tu-
ition; McGill University. Served with
86th Battalion and First Prince of Wales
Rifles, Canadian Militia; appointed In-
spector Royal Northwest Mounted Po-
lice 1885; volunteered for service South
Africa, 1899; Captain C. M. R., South Af-
rican Field Force; promoted Major
1900; served until disbanded, 1901; med-
al and four clasps; present appointment
1902. Married Carlotta Alice Nye,
daughter of George H. Nye, General Fed-
eral United States Army, 1886; has two
sons and one daughter. Club: Edmonton.
Address: 170 Grierson St., Edmonton,


CUTHBEBT, Herbert. — Of Herbert
Cuthbert & Co., Real Estate Agents and
Auctioneers, 635 Fort St., Victoria. Born
Wakefield, Yorkshire, England, Sept. 16,
1865. son of William and Elizabeth Cuth-
bert. Educated private schools Wake-
field. Contractor and auctioneer Wake-
field, 1884. Came to British Columbia
1891. Formerly Secretary and Manager
Victoria Publicity Bureau; has always
taken keen interest in public and polit-
ical matters. Alderman of the City of
Victoria, 1912; engaged in business of
real estate agents and auctioneers in
that city for fifteen years. Fellow
Royal Colonial Institute. Married Hen-
rietta Rose Burgess, Victoria, 1893; has
two sonS) and three daughters. Club:
Pacific. Recreations: cricket and motor-
ing. Address: Victoria, B. C.

CVB, Joseph Ernest, ez-lVI. P. — Su-
perintendent of Dominion Public Works,
Winnipeg. Born Montreal, Sept. 4, 1854,
son of Michael and Marie Louise Cyr.
Educated St. Laurent College, near Mon-
treal, where was subsequently teacher.
Came to Manitoba, 1882. Elected to
Manitoba Legislature, 1883; unsuccessful
1888; unsuccessful candidate to House
of Commons for Provencher, 1887; elect-
ed 1904; unsuccessful 1908; appointed to
present position 1910; Mayor of St. Boni-
face 1885; President St. Jean Baptiste
Society and first President Manitoba
P^rench Liberal Association; has had
wide experience as journalist and hi_s
lectures on Western Canada and the
working classes in Canada have secured
liim a reputation in Canadian literature;
was editor Le Courier du Nord Ouest, Le
Courier du Duluth and Le Avenir Na-
tional, 1886. Married Marie Cesarine
Senez, Montreal, 1875. Society: Catholic
Order of Foresters. Liberal; Roman
Catholic. Address: St. Boniface, Man.

CZEBWINSKI, Charles P. — Of Czer-
winski Box Co., Ltd., Logan and.Tecum-
seh Sts., Winnipeg. Born Cashel, Mark-
ham County, Ont., Jan. 17, 1863, son of
Mary A. and Louis Czerwinski, Lieu-
tenant Prussian Army. Educated public
schools Ontario. Contractor and brick
manufacturer, Wellington County, Ont.,
1884-1895. Came to Winnipeg, 1895.
President North Winnipeg Hospital;
prominent temperance advocate. Mar-
ried Mary C. Grant, Erin, Ont., 1886; has
two sons and one daughter. Club: Can-
adian. Societies: I. O. O. F. ; R. T. of T.
(Grand Chancillor). Recreations: Mo-
toring, traveling. Independent; Metho-
dist. Address: 645 Bannatyne Ave., Win-
nipeg, Man.

DAFOE, John W. — Managing Editor
Free Press. Born Combermere, Ont.,
March 8, 1866, son of C. W. and Mary
Dafoe. Educated public and high schools
Arnprior, Ont. Montreal Star, 1883-1885;
Editor Ottawa Journal, 1886; editorial
staff Manitoba Free Press, 1886-1892; Ed-
itor Montreal Herald, 1892-1895; editor-
ial staff Montreal Star, 1895-1901; Editor
in Chief Manitoba Free Press since 1901.
Delegate to Commercial Congress of the
Empire, 1906; delegate to Imperial Press
Congress, London, 1909. Author of "For-
tunes of a Manitoban," 1891; "Western
Canada," 1907; "Imperial Press Confer-
ence," 1909. Married Alice Parmelee,
Ottawa, 1890; has three sons and four
daughters. Club: Manitoba, Address:
509 Spence St., Winnipeg, Man.



DAGCr, E. A. — Manager Ames Holden
Co., Ijtd., Wholesale Boots and Shoes,
411 Eighth Ave. W., Calgary. Born Na-
van, Ont, Nov. 27, 1864, son of John
and Mary Dagg. Educated public schools.
Came to Manitoba 1883. Clerk Bronson
& Weston Lumber Co., Ottawa, 1884; re-
turned to Winnipeg 1888; President Cal-
gary Board of Trade, 1911 Married An-
nie G. MacMillan, Charlottetown, P. E.
I.; has one son and two daughters. Club:
Alberta. Address: 736 Twelfth Ave. W.,
Calgary, Alta.

DAHI^BEBO, John G., A. B., A. M.—

Pastor Swedish Lutheran Zion Church,
Winnipeg; Secretary Evangelical Luth-
eran Augustans Synod of America since

1903. Born Hvetlanda, Sweden, 1862, son
of Carl John and Clara Nelson. Educat-
ed public schools Sweden. Migrated to
United States, 1880; came to Manitoba,
1907. Farmer's servant, 1880-1882; stu-
dent Augustana College and Theological

Seminary, Rock Island, 111., 1882-1891,
pursuing at same time studies in other
departments; ordained 1891, pastor Swe-
dish Lutheran Crurch, Altona, 111., 1891-
1899; called to chair of Swedish Lan-
guage and Literature, Augustana College
1893, but declined offer; Member Board
of Directors Augustana College, 1893-
1905, serving as Secretary number of
years; President 1904-1905, when re-
signed; Secretary Illinois Conference,
1897-1902; Member Board of Missions,
Augustana Synod, 1899-1902; treasurer
1899-1900; Secretary 1901-1902; Secre-
tary of Synod 1903-1905; re-elected 1905,
1907, 1909-1911; pastor Swedish Lutheran
Zion Church, Rock Island, 111., 1899-
1904; Greek Instructor 1903; Professor
of Christianity, Augustana College 1904-
1907; editor Korsbaeuret, devotional and
historical annual publication of August-
ana Synod, 1901-1906; Pastor Swedish
Lutheran Zion Church, Winnipeg, since
1907. Married Emily C. Envall, Gales-
burg, 111., 1891 (deceased 1892); married
Josephine Nelson, 1898; has one son and
two daughters. Address: 372 Logan Ave.,
Winnipeg, Man.

DAZ^TOlf, Mrs. Annie C. — Writer of
lyrics and short stories. Born Hudders-
field, Yorkshire, England, daughter John
and S. Elizabeth Armitage. Educated
Huddersfleld. Came to British Columbia

1904. Has one daughter. Club: Atha-
nean. Recreations: antique collecting,
literature. Address: 1672 Beach Ave.,
Vancouver, B. C.

SAIiTOII', Willie. — Manager Vancou-
ver Warehouses, Ltd.; Secretary-Treas-
urer Mainland Transfer Co., Ltd., and
Mainland Trust Company, Ltd. Born
Huddersfleld, Yorkshire, England, March
8, 1866. Educated public schools Hud-
dersfleld. Came to British Columbia
1904. Chairman advisory board Victorian
Order of Nurses. Married Annie C. Armi-

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