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tage, Huddersfleld; has one daughter.
Club: Commercial. Recreations: riding,
driving, golf. Address: 1672 Beach Ave.,
Vancouver, B. C.

DAX^TON, 'William Tiuniswood. — Of

Dalton & Eveleigh, Architects, 615 Hast-
tings St. W., Vancouver. Born Nent
Head, Alston, Cumberland, England, Nov.
21, 1854, son of William and Frances
Millican Dalton. Educated Nent Head
Grammar School; Belvedere Academy,
Bishop Auckland School, Brookfield, Wig-
ton, England. Articled to James Cubitt,
Architect, London, England, 1872. Came
to Canada and practiced Winnipeg 1880-
1889; removed Vancouver, 1889; has de-
signed several public schools and super-
vised erection of several public build-
ings. Married Frances Mary Walton,
Doucks Villa, Nent Head, Alston, Eng-
land, 1889; has one son and one daugh-
ter. Clubs: Vancouver, Alpine of Can-
ada; Society: A. L. & A. M. Recrea-
tion: Mountaineering. Conservative; An-
glican. Address: 1972 Robson St., Van-
couver, B. C.

DA^ZE^Ii, Arthur Oeotrge, C. E. — As-
sistant City Engineer, Vancouver. Born
Cotacamund, India, April 24, 1869, son
of Rev. Samuel and Susan Dalzell. Edu-
cated Kingswoode, Bath, England. Civil
Engineer, Halifax, England, 1890. Came
to British Columbia 1907; appointed As-
sistant City Engineer Vancouver charge
of sewer construction. Member of Roy-
al Sanitary Institute. Married Eleanor
Cain, Northwich, England; has one son
and two daughters. Recreations: Lawn
tennis, boating. Address: 647 Twelfth
Ave. E., Vancouver, B. C.

BANGEBFIEI^D, Howard A. — Of

Dangerfleld and Doolittle, Financial
Agents, 604 Mclntyre Block, Winnipeg.
Born Kemptville, Ont., Aug. 27, 1871,
son of George and Mary Dangerfleld.
Educated Albert College, Belleville, Ont.
Farming, Ontario, 1900. Came to Win-
nipeg 1903. Married Olive Maude Welsh,
Winnipeg, 1909; has one daughter. Rec-
reation: Horses. Liberal; Anglican. Ad-
dress: 152 Walnut St., Winnipeg, Man.

HANIEIm, Thomas Brammall — Of

Thompson, Daniel & Colthurst, Archi-
tects, Central Chambers, Saskatoon; As-
sociate Royal Architectural Institute of
Canada; member Saskatchewan Asso-
ciation of Architects. Born Manchester,
England, Sept. 26, 1873, son of Thomas
Garner and Sarah Brammall Daniel.
Educated privately; Manchester and Vic-
toria. Articled pupil to J. D. Harker,
A. R. I. B. A., Manchester, 1899-1904;
assistant, 1894-1901; practiced alone,
Manchester, 1901-1906; assistant to R.
M. Rodden-Brown & Vallance, Mon-
treal and Winnipeg, 1906; present part-
nership formed, 1911. Recreations:
yachting, fencing. Conservative; An-
glican. Address: Saskatoon, Sask.



SABKE, Francis Nicholson — Financial
Agent, 301 Darlce Block, Regina; "Vice-
President, Saskatchewan Insurance Co.;
Director, Saskatchewan Mortgage Cor-
poration. Born Prince Edward Island,
Oct. 25, 1863, son of Thomas and Janet
Darke. Educated public schools, Green-
vale, P. E. I. Farmed, Hunter River, P.
E. I., 1884; came to Regina, 1892, whole-
sale and retail meat business, 1892-1906;
established present business, 1906. Vice-
president, Saskatchewan Methodist Col-
lege; Alderman, Regina, 1895; 1896-1897;
1902-1903: 1909-1910; Mayor, 1898; mem-
ber Regina General Hospital Board,
1894-1900; member Police Commission,
1909-1910. Served as Lieutenant, 82nd
Battalion, Charlottetown, P. E. I. Mar-
ried Elizabeth McKinnon, North Mil-
ton, P. E. I., 1892: has four sons. So-
cieties: I. O. O. F. ; C. O. F. Recreations:
hunting, shooting, curling, motoring.
Liberal- Methodist. Address: 2008 Scarth
St., Regina, Sask.

SABKEB, Ztobert Alexander. — Man-
ager Canada Life Assurance Co., 805 Cu-
tre St., Calgary. Born Dublin, Ireland,
May 21, 1861, son of Alfred and Arabel-
la Darker. Educated High School and
Dublin College. Came to Canada 1888;
with Cookshire Lumber Mills Co., Cook-
shire, Que., 1888-1890; Connecticut Riv-
er Lumber Co., Massachusetts, 1891-1893;
with Canada Life Assurance Co., Cook-
shire, 1893-1902; Manager Calgary
branch since 1902. Married Agnes M.
Wilfred, Cookshire, 1893; has one son.
Clubs: Ranchmen's, Alberta. Societies:
A. F. & A. M.; Mystic Shrine. Recrea-
tions: Fishing, shooting. Anglican. Ad-
dress: Findlay Apartments, Calgary,

DABIiIirCf, Henry. — Wholesale Paints,
Oils and Varnishes, 28 Powell St., Van-
couver; surveyor to British Corporation
Registry and Registro Nazionale Ital-
iano. Born Port Chalmers, New Zea-
land, Feb. 27, 1863, son of John and Mary
Jane Watson Darling. Educated London,
England. Apprentice to John Henry
Gwynnes, Ltd., Hammersmith, London,
five years; marine engineer British
Steam Navigation Co., and Burmese Co.,
British India. Came to British Colum-
bia 1891; Superintendent and Manager
Union S. S. Co.; General Manager Brit-
ish Yukon Navigation Co., previous to
founding present business, 1902. Built
three steel steamers, Comox, Capilano
and Coquitlam for Union S. S. Co. Mar-
ried Mary Boyle, Glasgow, Scotland,
1892; has four sons and two daughters.
Club: Terminal City. Independent; Pro-
testant. Address: 1072 Barclay St., Van-
couver, B. C.

BABI.ING, WilUam Lyell — Of Math-
erwell & Darling, Insurance and Real
Estate Brokers, Columbia St., New West-
minster; Chairman, Industrial Commit-
tee, New Westminster Board of Trade.
Born Montreal, July 6, 1880, son of
William and Eva Dudley Darling. Ed-
ucated: Montreal High School. Claims
Department, G. T. R., Montreal, 1894-
1899; General Superintendent's Office,
C. P. R., Winnipeg, Calgary, Cranbrook
and Vancouver, 1908-1911; superinten-
dent of construction, Ironside, Rannie
& Campbell, 1908-1911; formed present
partnership, 1911. Married Sara L.
Lund, daughter of Olaf Lund, Cran-
brook, 1903; has two daughters. Clubs:
Terminal City (Vancouver); Westmins-
ter. Recreations: boating, golf. Lib-
eral; Presbyterian. Address: 227 St.
Patrick St., New Westminster, B. C.

DABRACH, Robert. — Clerk of King's
Bench and Clerk of Surrogate Court,
Brandon. Born St. Thomas, Ont., Jan.
8, 1855, son of Neil and Mary Darrach.
Educated public schools. Contracting
business, 1881. Came to Brandon, 1883;
President Y. M. C. A.; President Hospital
Board; Director Brandon College. Mar-
ried Seressa Thompson, St. Thomas,
1879: has one son and two daughters.
Society: I. O. F. Baptist. Address: 134
Louisa Ave., Brandon, Man.

DASH, Frederick James. — Engineer,
Farmer and Breeder of Jersey Cattle.
Born Wiltshire, England, Dec. 11, 1862,
son of Charles and Ann Ealey Dash. Edu-
cated public schools England. Came to
Broadview, Northwest Territories, 1882,
and commenced farming, 1883. Council-
lor, 1910-1911-1912. Member of Ca-
nadian Seed Growers' Association
since its organization; Trustee and Sec-
retary-Treasurer Hillesden public school;
Director Broadview Agricultural Society;
Councillor, 1910. Has taken several
prizes Provincial fairs for registered red
fife wheat. Served with E Company 2nd
Wilts Rifle Volunteers, Queens Review,
Windsor Park, 1880. Married Mary Jane
McLean, Grenfell, Sask., 1889; has five
sons and three daughters. Independent;
Presbyterian. Address: Hillesden, Sask.

BAUFHINEi:, Thomas T. — Manag-
ing Director of Pretty's Timber Ex-
change, Ltd., Timber Specialists, 433
Richards St., Vancouver; Managing Di-
rector Pearson's, Ltd.; Secretary Van-
couver Dock and Harbor Extension Co.,
Ltd. ; Secretary-Treasurer Hardscrabble
Hydraulic Gold Mines, Ltd.; Director
Northwest Canada Trust Co., Ltd. Born
Petite Rivere, Lunenburg County, N. S.,
Sept. 14, 1879, son of Captain Thomas




and Alice A. Drew Dauphinee. Educated
high school, Liverpool, N. S. ; Dalhousie
University; Clerk Union Bank of Halifax,
Liverpool, 1896-1897; attended Dalhousie
University 1898-1899. Came to British
Columbia 1901. With John A. Lee Fur-
niture Co., 1901-1904; Dominion Trust
Co., New Westminster, 1904-1908; pres-
ent business since 1908. Recreations:
Horses, Tennis. Address: Cedar Cottage,
Gibson Road, Vancouver, B. C.

DAVEY, Frederick, M. L. A. — Born
Truro, Cornwall, England, Feb. 22, 1847.
Educated public schools. Came to Brit-
ish Columbia 1875. Clerk H. M. Naval
Yard, Esquimalt, 1878-1905. Elected to
British Columbia Legislature, represent-
ing Victoria, 1907; re-elected, 1909 and
1912; served as Alderman, Victoria, 1906.
Grand Secretary Grand Lodge of British
Columbia, I. O. O. F., 1884-1912. So-
cieties: A. F. & A. M.; I. O. O. F. ;

A. O. U. W. Conservative; Methodist.
Address: 2664 Blanchard St., Victoria,

B. C.

DAVIDSON, Alexander Rae. — Capital-
ist, Industrial Agent C. N. R., 392 Main
St., Winnipeg; Vice-President and Gen-
eral Manager Davidson & McRae; Vice-
President and Managing Director Can-
adian Loan and Securities Co.; Vice-
President and Treasurer, Saskatchewan
Valley and Manitoba Land Co.; Vice-
President and Director Portland Canal
Lumber Co.; Director Canadian Western
Lumber Co.; Director Columbia River
Lumber Co.; Director Anacortes Lumber
and Box Co.; Director Saskatchewan Ele-
vator Co.; Director Queen Charlotte
Whaling Co.; Director Dunsmuir- Collier-

ies, Ltd.; Director Great Lakes Dredg-
ing Co. ; Treasurer and Director Winni-
peg Insurance and Vessel Agency, Ltd.;
Director Toronto Insurance and Vessel
Agency of Toronto; Director Port Ar-
thur Insurance and Vessel Agency; Di-
rector Vancouver Insurance and Vessel
Agency; Secretary-Treasurer Carrot Riv-
er Valley Land Co.; President and Di-
rector six National and Ave State Banks
United States. Born Glencoe, Ont., July
10, 1855, of Scotch-Irish parents, son
of William and Christine Davidson. Edu-
cated Glencoe. First engaged railway
work, Wisconsin, 1874. Engaged bank-
ing 20 years. Came to Winnipeg 1906
Married Laura M. Tanner, Little Falls,
Minn., 1892; has one son. Clubs: Man-
itoba, St. Charles Country, Minneapolis
(Minnesota), Minnesota Club (St. Paul).
Recreation: Motoring. Address: 15()
Stradbrooke Place, Winnipeg, Man.


DAVIDSON, Col. Andrew Duncan. —

President Davidson & McRae, Winnipeg,
Toronto and Vancouver. Born Glencoe,
Ont., May 18, 1853, son of "William and
Christian Davidson. Educated Glencoe;
went to Wisconsin at age of 19; after
taking course in business college took
up railway work; later moved to Min-
nesota, where engaged in land business
and banking; returned to Canada, 1902;
inaugurated what is known as the Amer-
ican invasion, he and his associates hav-
ing purchased 1,250,000 acres of land;
also had colonization agreement with
Dominion Government by which he was
to settle large tract of country in Sas-
katchewan Valley; brought that year 350
bankers, grain buyers and newspaper
men from United States and showed
them country, reports being so favor-
able that 1,000,000 acres land sold ac-
tual settlers from United States in next
eight months: carried through the col-
onization agreement to successful com-
pletion; later took over land grant of
C. N. R. Has sold 12,000.000 acres land
during his career. Interested in lum-
bering business in British Columbia. Di-



rector of 44 companies. Vice-President
Columbia River Lumber Co.; President
Canadian Western Lumber Co., latter
having largest sawmill in British Em-
pire. Also Interested in coal, grain ele-
vator companies and Western Canada
Flour Mills; Land Commissioner C. N.
R., and closely identified and interested
with Mackenzie, Mann & Co., in many
of their enterprises. Appointed Colonel
by Government of Minnesota for services
rendered that State. Married Ella T.
McRae, Glencoe, Ont. ; has one daughter.
Clubs: National (Toronto), Rideau (Ot-
tawa), Manitoba (Winnipeg). Address:
Toronto, Ont.

DAVIDSON, Georg-e Senz — General
Merchant, Indian Head; member Indian
Head Hospital Board. Born Springfield,
O., Oct. 5, 1850, son of Samuel and
Sarah Davidson. Educated public and
higli schools, Listowell, Ont. Came to
Saskatchewan, 1883; implement mer-
chant, Qu'Appelle, 1883-1898; general
merchant, Balgonie, 1898-1903; estab-
lished present business, Indian Head,
1903. Elected to Saskatchewan Legis-
lature for Qu'Appelle, 1889-1893-1897.
Mayor, Indian Head, 1911-1912; Council-
man, 1909-1910. Married Isabella Wil-
son, Listowell, 1873; has one son and
two daughters. Society: A. O. U. W.
(Elected representatitve Grand Lodge,
A. O. U. W., Manitoba and Northwest
six consecutive years, to annual Supreme
Council.) Recreations: shooting, fishing.
Conservative; Presbyterian. Address:
Buckston St., Indian Head, Sask.

DAVIDSON, James Wheeler, P. B. Q-.

S. — President Crown Lumber Co., Grain
Exchange Bldg., Calgary; Vice-President
and Managing Director Western Agencies
& Development Co., Ltd. Born Austin,
Minn., June 14, 1872, son of Charles H.
and Mary Davidson. Educated North-
western Military Academy, Highland
Park, 111. Member of Peary Arctic Ex-
pedition to North Greenland, 1893-1894;
war correspondent with Chinese army,
1895; with Japanese army, 1895-1896;
Botel Tobago Exploring Party, 1896;
United States Counsel for For-
mosa and Loochoo Islands, 1898;
United States Consul, successively, at
Nanking and Antung, and acting-Con-
sul General Shanghai, 1904-1905. Vice-
President and Managing Director Stap-
les & Co., Ltd., 1905-1907; joined pres-
ent Company, 1908. Fellow of Royal
Geological Society; American Geological
Society; Japan Society, London; Asiatic
Society of Japan; Arctic Club, America;
decorated with order of Rising Sun
(Japanese). Author of "Formosa Cam-
phor and Its Future," 1895; "A Reveiw
of the History of Formosa," 1896; "For-
mosa under Japanese Rule," 1903; "The
Island of Formosa, Past and Present,"
1903; contributor to Scientific Societies
and magazines. Married Mabel Lillian
Dow, San Francisco, Cal., 1906. Club:
Ranchmen's. Address: Calgary, Alta.

DAVIDSON, John Balston, B. A., M.D.

— Physician, 255 Portage Ave. Winni-
peg. Born Province of Quebec, May 29,
1870, son of John and Cecilia Davidson.
Educated Manitoba University. Medical
Superintendent St. Boniface Hospital;
Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore, Md. ;
private practice, Winnipeg, since 1900.
Professor Anatomy; Lecturer Clinical
Medicine Manitoba Medical College. Mar-
ried Edith Helen Mitchell, Winnipeg,
1900; has one son and three daughters.
Society: C. O. O. F. Recreations: All
outdoor sports. Liberal; Anglican. Ad-
dress: 611 Broadway, Winnipeg, Man.

DAVIDSON, Bichard Boyd.- — ^Barrister
and Solicitor. Born Frontenac County,
Ont., Feb. 21, 1880, son of Bryce Turnbull
and Rachel Delmage Davidson. Educat-
ed public schools and Collegiate Insti-
tute, Kingston; Queen's University. Law
student with Smythe, King & Smythe,
Kingston, 1904; came to Saskatchewan
1905; law student with Balfour, Martin
& Casey, Regina, 1905; called to Sas-
katchewan Bar, 1908; present practice
since 1909. Solicitor for the Grand
Trunk Pacific Railway Co., the Canadian
Bank of Coinmerce, Union Bank of Can-
ada; Secretary Watrous Board of Trade,
Mayor of Watrous, 1911 and 1912;
served as sergeant 14th Regiment,
Kingston: captain 95th Regiment, Sas-
katchewan Rifles. Married Alberta
Evelyn Lucinda Boyce, Sydenliam, Ont.,
1910. Society: A. F. & A. M. Conserva-
tive; Presbyterian. Address: Watrous,

DAVIDSON, vrilliam John d'Allain. —

Insurance Agent, 316 Winch Bldg., Van-
couver; Director Anglo-American Lum-
ber Co., Ltd.; Director Vancouver Ice &
Cold Storage Co., Ltd.; Director Point
Grey Land & Investment Co., Ltd. Born
Glasgow, Scotland, July 1, 1865, son of
Thomas and Clara A. Davidson. Edu-
cated Hamilton and Glasgow. With Ru-
therford Bros., of Oregon; subsequently
rice trade Burma, India, with Bulloch
Bros. & Co., Ltd., for seventeen years,
of which first three spent London, Eng-
land; United States Consular Agent for
some years Burma. Served nineteen
years auxiliary forces Scotland and Bur-
ma. Came to Bri. M.); A. & A. S. R., 32d; R.
A. M. ; K. T.; A. A. O. of N. of the M. S.
Gizeh Temple. Recreations: Painting,
music. Address: 1871 Broadway W.,
Vancouver, B. C.

de FBOMXNT, Jehan, B. A., P. M. —

Inventor. Born Moulins, France, Feb. 27,
1866, son of Eugene and Pauline de Fro-
ment. Educated Moulins; University of
Paris. Came to Canada, 1893. Farmed
Notre Dame de Lourdes, Man., 1893-1895,
where held commission of Justice of the
Peace. Served French Cavalry with 12th
Cuirassiers Regiment, five years, sub-
Commissary Franch Navy. Inventor of
the "de Froment" pyroxilin automatic
fire alarm. Married Rosie Moreau, Notre
Dame de Lourdes, 1895; has two daugh-
ters. Society: C. M. B. A. Conservative;
Roman Catholic. Address: Somerset,

DE'HABT, Francis Bichard Edwin. —

Fruit Rancher. Born Whitby, Ont, Nov.
18, 1874, son of Edwin and Diana De-
Hart. Educated public school and On-
tario Agricultural College. Farmed In-
dian Head, Sask., 1897 to 1901; started
the Town of Grand Coulee, Sask., by
building first store, 1902; owned lumber
yard and coal business. Came to Brit-
ish Columbia 1903; farmed and man-
aged Okanagan Fruit & Land Co. until
1907. Mr. De Hart has done much for
the fruit industry of British Columbia
and is known throughout the Province
and Western States as one of the most
successful fruit exhibitors. Having won
at the first National Apple Show, Spo-
kane, $4,370 with 43 boxes of apples, and
at the First Canadian National Apple
Show, Vancouver, the gold medal, for
taking most first prizes. Past three years
has collected fruit for the Dorninlon
Government Exhibits at Belgium, Seattle
and Festival of Empire, London. Served
City of Kelowna as Aldreman and Mayor.
Opposed the Hon. Price Ellison for Prov-
incial House, 1909. Married Petrolna
Guy of Oshawa, Ont., 1898; has one son


and two daughters. Societies: A. F. &
A. M.; R. A. M. ; Knight Templars;
Shriner. Recreations: Shooting, curling,
boating. Liberal; Presbyterian. Address:
Kelowna, B. C.

DE I^A GICI^AXS, Marie Joseph Alain

Magron, B. A. — Stock Broker, 235 Main
St., Winnipeg; President Continental F'ire
Insurance Co.; President Cie Foncier de
Manitoba. Born Tilques, near Calais,
France, March 23. 1873, son of Arthur
Magon and Mathilde de la Giclais Edu-
cated Paris; farmed Manitoba, 1895:
came to Winnipeg 1901 and founded
present business; member Winnipeg
Stock Exchange; held Commission French
Army. Married Roberta Talbot, Worces-
ter, Mass., 1900; has two daughters. Lib-
eral; Roman Catholic. Address: Rose-
mount Block, River Ave., Winnipeg,

DBIiBBISCrB, Iiawrence Maitland —

President, Canadian Real Estatte Bond
Corporation, 1205 McArthur Bldg., Win-
nipeg. Born Montreal, April 16, 1882,
son of Charles and Margaret McAdam
Delbridge. Educated: high school, Mon-
treal. Clerk, Executive Agent's Ofllce,
C. N. R., 1902-1904; in real estate busi-
ness since 1904. Married Lottie M. Far-
gin, 1904; has one daughter. Society:
A. F. & A. M. Recreation: motoring.
Anglican. Address: 100 Maryland St.,
Winnipeg, Man.

BENHO^M, Constance Marg^aret. — ■

Born Winnipeg, daughter of Andrew Pat-
terson and Frances Mary Denholm. Ed-
ucated St. Mary's Academy, Winnipeg;
Lawrence University. On staff of Win-
nipeg Saturday Post since its organiza-
tion; on staff of Winnipeg Telegram
since 1904; regular contributor to Min-
neapolis Bellman. Active member Wom-



en's Musical Club; formerly Secretary
Girls' Auxiliary, W. H. A. S. Recrea-
tions: Riding, boating, fishing, motoring.
Presbyterian. Address: 61 Osborne St.,
Fort Rouge, Winnipeg, Man.


TXETSfNlS, Captain John Stougfliton, C.
£., D. Im. S. — Manager Land and Irriga-
tion Interests, Calgary. Born Toronto,
Oct. 22, 1856, son of John S. and Maria
Oliver Dennis. Educated Upper Canada
College; Royal Military College, King-
ston (First Class Military School Cer-
tificate). Engaged on Dominion Gov-
ernment Surveys, Western Canada, 1872-
1879; Surveyor to Hudson's Bay Co.'s
Land Department, 1879-1882; private
practice as Surveyor and Engineer, Win-
nipeg, 1882-1885; Chief Inspector of Sur-
veys for Dominion Government, 1885-
1896; Chief Engineer and Deputy Com-
missioner of Public Works. Northwest
Territories Government, 1896-1902; with
C. P. R. since 1902, first as Superintend-
ent of Irrigation and British Columbia
Land Commissioner, then Assistant to
the 2nd Vice-President; present office
since 1911, reporting subject to Presi-
dent. Past Vice-President American So-
ciety of Irrigation Engineers. Past
Vice-President Canadian Society Civil
Engineers; member Council, 1911; Cer-
tificate in Mechanical Engineering from
Locomotive Works at Mechanical Shops.
Holds commission as Dominion Land
Surveyor, Dominion Topographical Sur-
veys, First Class Military School Cer-
tificate; ranks in reserve as Captain.
Married Mary Conroy, Quebec, 1879; has
one daughter. Clubs: Ranclimen's, Cal-
gary, Manitoba (Winnipeg), Vancouver,
Union (Victoria). Conservative; Angli-
can. Address: 640 Twelfth Ave. W., Cal-
gary, Alta.

DENNISTOUN, Rolbert Maxwell, B. A',
K. C. — Of Mackay, Sharpe & Dennis-
toun, Barristers. Born Peterboro, Ont.,
Dec. 24, 1864, son of James F. Dennis-
toun, K. C, and Katherine A. Dennis-
toun. Educated Queen's University.
Called to Ontario bar and practiced
Peterboro, 1888. Bencher of Law So-
ciety of Upper Canada, 1906-1907. Gov-
ernor Trinity College School, Port Hope,
Ont. Came to Winnipeg, 1907; mem-
ber of Bars of Ontario, Manitoba and
Saskatchewan, with patents as K. C.
from Ontario and Manitoba, 1908; coun-
cillor Manitoba Bar Association; lecturer
Law Society of Manitoba; served as
Major, 57th Regiment, Peterboro Rang-
ers (long service medal). Married Mil-
dred Beck, daughter of Rev. Canon J.
W. R. Beck, M. A., Peterboro, 1892; has
three sons and two daughters. Clubs:
Manitoba; St. Charles Country. Society:
aT F. & A. M. Conservative; Anglican.
Address: 166 Roslyn Road, Winnipeg,


musnON, Francis Guy — Real Estate
and Financial Agent, Lougheed Bldg.,
Calgary; Managing Director Calgary and
Western Land Co., Ltd. Born Penarth,
Wales, July 18. 1882. son of William and
Agnes May Denton, of Newcastle on
Tyne. Educated Abbotsholme, Derby-
shire. Came to Alberta, 1903; ranching,
1903-1908; establislied present business,
1908. Clubs: Ranchmen's; Calgary Golf
and Country. Recreations: Sports of all
kinds. Address: Ranchmen's Club, Cal-
gary, Alta.



de PENCIER, Rigrht Kev. Adam Urias,
M. A., D. D. — Bishop of New Westmin-
ster. Born Burritt's Rapids, Ont., Feb.
9, 1886, son of P. Theodore and Sarah
de Pencier. Educated high school,
Kemptville; Normal School, Ottawa;
Trinity College, Toronto; ordined priest
and appointed incumbent, Navan, Ont.,
1890; later curate St. Alban's Cathedral,
Toronto; afterwards rector Uxbridge,

Ont.; curate to Canon Welsh, St. James
Cathedral, Toronto, 1895-1900; rector St.
Matthew's, Brandon, Man., 1900-1905;
rector St. Paul's, Vancouver, 1908-1910:
Bishop of New Westminster, 1910. Mar-
ried Nina Fredericka Wells, 1895; has
four sons and two daughters. Anglican.
Address: 1346 Pendrell St., Vancouver,
B. C.


de ROCHXj, Hammel HXadden File, B. A.

— Barrister. Born Napanee. Ont.. Oct. 11,
1878, son of Hammel Madden, K. C, and
Sarah Anne Christian Pile de Roche. Edr
ucated: Collegiate Institute, Napanee;
Toronto University; Osgoode Hall. Prac-
ticed Melville since 1908. Served as pri-
vate, Q. O. R., Toronto, 1900-1903; lieu-
tenant 5th Field Battery, 1904-1908. Mar-
ried Marion Selina Taylor, Toronto, 1905;
has one son and one daughter. Societies:
A. P. & A. M.; I. O. O. F.; C. O. F.
Liberal; Anglican. Address: Melville,

de SAi;iS, Charles F. de la F. — Presi-
dent C. F. de Salis, Roberts & Co., Ltd.,
Real Estate and Financial Agents, 731
Fort St., Victoria. Born Aldershot, Eng-
land, Oct. 30, 1875, son of Colonel Ed-
ward and Margaret de Salis. Educated
Portsmouth, England. Coffee planter.
South India, 1895-1901. Served as Lieu-
tenant, Essex Regiment, since 1902;
served South African War (Queen's
medal and clasps) ; now Captain SSth
Regiment, Victoria Fusiliers. Came to
British Columbia, 1910. On Council Vic-
toria Stock Exchange. Married Frances
Mildred Collins, 1910; has one son. Rec-
reations: Golf, cricket, tennis. Conserv-

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