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ber 13, 1875; son of Mathew Alexander.
Educated Albert College, Belleville.
With Loan Company, Hamilton, 1897.
Came to Winnipeg, 1897. Married Edith
Beamer, Hamilton, 1897; has one son
and one daughter. Clubs: Carleton, Ad-
anac. Society: A. F. & A. M. Recrea-
tion: horses. Conservative; Methodist.
Address: 342 Colony St., Winnipeg, Man.

AIiIiAN', George WJlliam, M. A. — Of

Munson, Allan, Laird & Davis and Mun-
son Allan, Haffner & Hobkirk, Barristers
and Solicitors, C. N. R. Block, Main and
Portage Ave., Winnipeg; Director, Great
West Life Assurance Co.; Northern
Trusts Co.; Manitoba Bridge & Iron
Works, Ltd.; Northern Land & Loan
Co., Ltd.; The Belgo-Canadian Real Es-
tate Co.; Western Land & Loan Co.;
Caledonian Investment Co.; National
Land & Loan Co.; Canada Land & Loan
Co.; Manitoba Land & Loan Co.; Mem-
ber of Advisory Board, General Financial
Corporation of Canada, etc. Born Moss
Park, Toronto, Aug. 13, 1860, son of Ade-
laide Harriet and Hon. George William
Allan, P. C. Educated: Upper Canada
College; Gait Collegiate Institute; Trin-
ity College School, Port Hope; Trinity
College University, Toronto, B. A. '80-
M. A. '96. Called to Manitoba Bar, 1882-
began practice under firm name, Munson
& Allan, 1882. Married Muriel Hester
Wragge, daughter of Edmund Wragge
C. E., Toronto, 1896; has two sons and
two daughters. Clubs: Manitoba; St
Charles Country; Winnipeg Hunt Con-
servative; Agliican. Address: Roslyn
Place, Winnipeg, Man.


AZ;iiAir, Harold IMcUartin, B. A. — Of

Martin, Allan & Graham, Barristers and
Solicitors, Weyburn. Born Perth, Ont.
Oct. 23, 1884, son of James A. and Mar-
garet McMartin Allan. Educated Perth
Collegiate Institute; Toronto University.
Called to Saskatchewan Bar, 1911; prac-
ticed Weyburn since. Married Clara I.
Spence, Winnipeg, 1912. Recreation, ten-
nis. Liberal; Presbyterian. Address:
Weyburn, Sask.

AiaiAlT, James Alexander. — Of Allan
Gordon, Bryant & Gordon, Barristers,
Regina. Born Perth, Ontario, September
13, 1859; son of James and Janet Allan.
Educated Perth High School, Toronto
University. Practiced Perth, 1881-1906.
Came to Regina, 1906; practiced with
Hon. J. H. Lamont, until latter was ap-
pointed Judge of Supreme Court of Sas-
katchewan. Present firm organized 1908.
Alderman Perth, 1894-1897; Mayor, 1897-
1899; president Canadian Club. Perth,
1901. Married Margaret McMartin, Mon-
treal, 1883; has two sons and two
daughters. Club: Canadian, Asslniboia.
Societies: I. O. O. F., A. O'. U. W., C. O.
F. Recreations: boating, cricket. Lib-
eral; Presbyterian. Address: Regina,

AX.ImAK, Jobn Georgre. — Of Allan Bros.,
Financial, Real Estate and Insurance
Brokers, 510 Pender St., W., Vancouver.
Director Empire Life Assurance Co.;
director Vancouver Wyoming Oil Co.;
director British Columbia Oil Refining
Co. Born Perth, Ontario, January 25,
1873; son of Thomas and Sarah Dodd
Allan. Educated public schools and
Collegiate Institute, Perth. Came to
British Columbia, 1889. Clerk, F. W.
Hart & Co., Vancouver, 1889; from clerk
to agent Dominion Express Co. in Brit-
ish Columbia, 1893-1900; Provincial



manag-er Equitable Life Insurance Co.,
Vancouver, 1900-1904; mining, Alaska,
1905; established present business, 1905.
Married Eva Maud Allen, Cornwall, On-
tario, 1907; has one daughter. Club:
Commercial. Societies: A. F. & A. M.,
K. of P. Recreations: hunting, athletic
sports. Conservative; Presbyterian. Ad-
dress: 1460 Bute St., Vancouver, B. C.

AUmAJS, WiUiam Bae. — ^Of Allan, Kil-
lam & McKay, Brokers and Insurance
Agents, 364 Main St., Winnipeg; Western
agent Allan Royal Mail S. S. Co.; Lloyds
agent; director Canadian Mortgage As-
sociation; director Union Bank of Can-
ada. Born Montreal, March 9, 1864; son
of Andrew Allan (founder Allan Line of
Steamships) and Isabella Allan. Edu-
cated Rugby, England. Entered service
of Allan Line S. S. Co., Boston, 1882.
Came to Winnipeg, 1883. President
Board of Fire Underwriters, 1902-1903.
Married Minnie Killam, widow Hon. A.
C. Killam, Winnipeg, 1909. Clubs: Man-
itoba, St. James (Montreal). Recrea-
tion: riding. Anglican. Address: 15
Roslyn Road, Winnipeg, Man.

JiUiiax, Cliaxles Herbert. — Capitalist
(retired). Born Cobourg, Ontario, Oc-
tober 1, 1857; son of J. T. and Caroline
L. Allen. Educated Cobourg- and To-
ronto. Called to Ontario bar, 1879;
practiced, Toronto, 1879-1908. Came to
British Columbia, 1908. Interested in
British Columbia collieries; British Co-
lumbia Lands Co. Served with Queen's
Own Rifles. Married Marion Brown
Lee, Winnipeg; has two sons and two
daughters. Society: A. F. & A. M. Rec-

reations: golf, fishing, cricket, bridge.
Address: 1280 Nicola St., Vancouver,
B. C.

AJmImUJH, Frank, M. A., Fb. H. — Pro-
fessor of Physics, Manitoba University,
Winnipeg. Born Canterbury, N. B., Feb-
ruary 6, 1874; son of Rev. John Salter
and Charlotte M. N. Allen. Educated
University of New Brunswick, B. A.
Alumni gold medal and Brydon-Jack
scholar, 1895 and 1897. Cornell Univer-
sity, Ph. D., 1901. Principal Westmore-
land County Grammar School, 1898-1901.
Instructor, physics, Cornell University,
1903-1905; appointed to present chair,
1905. Chairman of University Faculty;
member of Council of Manitoba Univer-
sity. Published many scientific investi-
gations. Married Sarah Estelle Harper,
Shediac, N. B., 1903; has one son and
one daughter. Societies: Fellow Royal
Society of Canada, American Physical
Society of New York, Fellow American
Association for Advancement of Science.
Methodist. Address: 117 Harvard Ave.,
Winnipeg, Man.

AIii:iZ:ir, Nabotli, M. D. — Physician.
Born Greenspond, Bonavista Bay, Nfld.,
December 14, 1871; son of George and
Elizabeth Allen. Educated Greenspond
and San Francisco. Came to British Co-
lumbia, 1891. Engaged salmon industry.
Eraser River, and fur sealing. North Pa-
cific, 1891-1900. Married Ethel May
Ashwell, Chilliwack; has one son and
one daughter. Club: Canadian. Recrea-
tion: baseball. Address: 1200 Tenth Ave.,
W., Vancouver, B. C.


AIiIiZSON', William James — Of Brook
& Allison, Real Estate and Financial
Agents, 1817 1^ Scarth St., Regina. Born
Huron County, Ont, June 9, 1877, son of
John and Jane Chalmers Allison. Edu-


caled public and high schools, Huron
County; commercial course Regina. En.
gaged farming and shorthorn breeding,
Ontario, prior to coming to Regina,
1906; member of firm, Hackney & Alli-
son, real estate brokers, 1907-1908; trav-
eler, Cockshutt Plow Co., 1906-1909; in-
spector. National Finance Co., 1909-
1911; established present business, 1911.
Married Jeanette Strang Gardiner, Re-
gina, 1910. Liberal; Presbyterian. Ad-
dress: 2065 Angus St., Regina, Sask.

AIiIiISON, Bev. William Talbot, M.
A., B. D., Ph. D. — Professor of English
Literature, Wesley College, Winnipeg.
Born Unionville, Ontario, December 20,
1874; son of Thomas R. and Mary Ann
Allison. Educated Victoria University,
Yale University. Journalist Toronto
Star, 1895. Declined editorship Dawson
Sun, 1902. Entered Presbyterian min-
istry, 1902. Pastor, Stayner, Ont., 1902-
1907. Lecturer, English, Toronto Uni-
versity, 1905-1906. Pastor Congrega-
tional Church, Middlefield, Conn., 1907;
present position since 1910. Came to
Winnipeg, 1910. Published "The Amber
Army and Other Poems," 1910; critical
edition of Milton's "Tenure of Kings
and Magistrates," with introduction and
notes; "Yale Studies in English," 1911.
Married Annie Josephine Dawson, Lon-
don, 1901; has two sons. Society: A.
F. & A. M. Presbyterian. Address:
Ashford Block, Winnipeg, Man.

AIiItOWAV, William Porbes. — Of Al-

loway & Champion, Bankers, 362 Main
St., Winnipeg. Born Queen's County,
Ireland, August 20, 1852; son of Capt.
Arthur William and Mary Alloway. Edu-
cated Montreal High School. Came to
Manitoba, 1870. Transportation business,
1872-1877. Served six years City Coun-
cil. Governor Winnipeg General Hos-
pital. Served Red River expedition. Mar-
ried Elizabeth Maclaren, Buckingham,
Que., 1879. Clubs: Manitoba, St. Charles
Country. Recreation: riding, driving.
Liberal. Address: 407 Assiniboine Ave.,
Winnipeg, Man.

AKDPItSON, George Allan, TIL H., C.

M. — Phyf^ician. Born Owen Sound, On-
tario, June 4, 1870; son of George An-
derson. Educated Collegiate Institute,
Owen Sound; Trinity College; Toronto
University. Came to Alberta, 1901. Di-
rector Calgary General Hospital; direc-
tor Calgary Y. M. C. A.; director West-
ern Canada College; member of Senate,
Calgary University. Served as private,
Queen's Own Rifles, 1892-1894. Mar-
ried Mary T. Millard, Newmarket, On-

C. M.

tario, 1904. Clubs: Canadian, Alpine
Club of Canada. Societies: I. O. O. P.;
medical societies; various philanthropic
organizations. Recreation: travel. In-
dependent Liberal; Methodist. Address:
126 Sixth Ave., W., Calgary, Alta.

ANDBBSOir, Harold, B. A., M. B. —

Physician and Surgeon; City Medical
Health Officer, Fernie, since 1908. Born
Montreal, January 29, 1873; son of W.
J. and Emily Boyle Anderson. Educated
Collegiate Institute, London; Toronto
University. House surgeon Toronto
General Hospital, 1898-1899; surgeon Al-
lan Line, 1899-1900; surgeon Quarantine
Station William Head, Victoria, 1900-
1907; private practice, Fernie, since
1908. Married Oneida McCosh, 1901.
Club: Fernie. Societies: A. F. & A. M.,
I. O. O. F., M. W. of A., Kappa Alpha.
Recreations: curling, shooting. Con-
servative; Anglican. Address: Fernie,
B. C.

ANDBBSON, Herbert E. — Secretary-
treasurer Anderson Investment Co.,
Ltd., Real Estate and Financial Brokers,
Grain Exchange, Calgary. Born Mower
County, Minn., February 26, 1872; son of
Victor A. and Mary Anderson. Edu-
cated public schools. South Dakota.
Clerk First National Bank, Clark, S. D.,
1889-1904; came to Calgary, 1905; sec-
retary-treasurer Calgary Colonization



Co., 1905-1909; founded present business,
1910. Married Ora Murray, Minneapolis,
Minn., 1904; has one son and one daugh-
ter. Clubs: Alberta, Calgary, Calgary
Golf and Country. Societies: A. F. & A.
M., K. of P. Recreation: motoring. In-
dependent; Congregationalist. Address:
Ninth St. and 19th Ave., W., Calgary,

ANDERSON, H. E. — Of Anderson &
Sheppard, Real Etetlate and Insurance
Brokers; Managing Director, Hudson
Bay Security & Investment Co., Ltd.;
Secretary, Anderson, Sheppard Co., Ltd.
Born Owattonna, Minn., Nov. 15, 1872,
son of John H. and Mary Anderson.
Educated: public schools, Owattonna and
Fargo. Traveller, Northwest Hide & Fur
Co., Minneapolis; subsequently farmed,
North Dakota; grain and machinery busi-
ness, Langenberg, Sask., 1904-1907; estab-
lished present business, 1907. Mayor,
Langenberg, 1905-1906. Married Eliza-
beth Murray, 1894; has four sons and
two daughters. Society: M. W. A. Lib-
eral. Address: 14 Hall St., E. Moose
.Taw, Sask.

ANSEBSON, Hug'Ii Campbell. — Man-
ager Traders Bank, Edmonton. Born
Guelph, Ontario, September 1, 1885; son
of Rev. William and Mary Elizabeth An-
derson. Educated public schools, Guelph
and Gait. Joined Bank Sturgeon Falls,
Ontario, 1899. Came to Alberta, 1908.
Club: Edmonton. Society: Institute of
Chartered Accountants. Address: Ed-
monton, Alta.

ANDERSON, Jesse G. — Of Barr & An-
derson, plumbing and heating engineers,
114 Hastings St., W-, Vancouver. Born
Gloucester, Mass., December 21, 1874,
son of James L. and Elizabeth Anderson.
Came to British Columbia, 1891; estab-
lished present business, 1897. Married
Mary Elizabeth Irving, Gloucester, 1906.
Address: 1019 Nelson St., Vancouver,
B. C.

ANDERSON, John Andrew, B. A. —

Auditor General for Province of British
Columbia, Victoria. Born Cowglen, near
Glasgow, Scotland, Nov. 15, 1842. Edu-
cated Burgh School, Andersonian Uni-
versity, University of Glasgow, where
distinguished himself in classics. Second
Master Church of England Grammar
School, Auckland, New Zealand; after-
wards Classical Master Auckland Col-
lege. Came to British Columbia, 1886;
entered Education Office; then Treas-
ury; later, Auditor's Office; appointed
Auditor General, 1901. Address: 545 Su-
perior St., Victoria, B. C.

ANDERSON, John Franklin — Of An-
derson, Lunney & Co., Real Estate, Finan-
cial and Insurance Brokers, 2007 South
Railway St., Regina; Director, Saskatch-
ewan Publishing Co., Ltd. Born Nor-
wood, Ont., Dec. 2, 1882, son of Archibald
Robertson and Mary A. Ackerman An-
derson. Educated high school, Norwood;
Commercial College, Peterboro. Real
estate business, Norwood, 1897-1904.
Came to Saskatchewan, 1904; real estate
business, Indian Head, one year; present
business, Regina, since 1904. Married
Pearl McCannell, 1910; has one son.
Club: Assiniboia. Societies: A. F. &
A. M.; K. of P.; I. O. O. F. Recrea-
tion: shooting. Conservative; Presby-
terian. Address: Smith and 15th St.,
Regina, Sask.

ANDERSON, John Jamieson. — Man-
ager Union Bank Edmonton. Born Que-
bec, September 10, 1870, son of John and
Clementina Anderson. Educated Quebec.
Joined Union Bank, Quebec, 1890. Came
to Alberta, 1898. Married Dora Oliver,
Ottawa. Club: Edmonton. Societies:
A. F. & A. M., I. O. O. F. Recreations:
golf, riding. Address: Edmonton, Alta.



Alvo.^ — Of Alvo V. Alvensleben, Ltd., Fi-
nancial Agents, Pacific Bldg., Vancou-
ver. President Standard Fish & Ferti-
lizer Co., Ltd.; president Vancouver Na-
naimo Coal Mining Co., Ltd.; president
Vancouver Timber & Trading Co., Ltd.;
president Piercite Powder Co., Ltd.;
president American Canadian Oil Co.,
Ltd,, etc. Born Neu Gattersleben, July

25, 1879; son of Count Werner Alvo von
Alvensleben and Anna, Baroness Velt-
heim. Educated Bernberg and Gross
Lichterfelde. Lieutenant Prussian army.
Came to British Columbia, 19T)4. Married
Edith Mary Westcott, Vancouver, 1908;
has one son and one daughter. Clubs:
Vancouver, Union (Victoria), Western.
Recreations: motoring, shooting. Ad-
dress: Kerrisdale, B. C.



ANSEBSOXr, Edward, K. C, 3^1^. B. —

Of Moran, Anderson & Guy, Barristers,
Merchants Bank Bldg-., Winnipeg. Born
Dorchester, Que., Sept. 13, 1867; son of
Archibald and Eliza Smythe Anderson.
Educated public schools, Manitoba Uni-
versity. Called to Manitoba Bar, 1889.
Practiced Portage la Prairie, Man., where
was Crown Prosecutor. Came to Win-
nipeg, i906, and joined present firm. Ap-
pointed K. C, 1909. Solicitors for Win-
nipeg Electric Street Railway Co.

Bencher Manitoba Law Society. Act-
ing as special counsel with Hon. T.
H. Phippen for C. N. R. on Western
freight rate investigation before Board
of Railway Commissioners of Canada.
Married Mary A. Ryan, daughter of
Judge Ryan, of Portage la Prairie, 1891;
has one son and two daughters. Club:
Manitoba. Recreations: shooting, golf.
Conservative; Anglican. Address: 3 60
Wellington Crescent, Winnipeg, Man.



ANDIlItSOnr, J. B. — Manager of F. C.
Lowes & Co., Real Estate and Financial
Brokers, Balmoral Block, Lethbridge;
director Brown Amusement Co., Ltd.
Born Winnipeg, June 29, 1880; son of
R. P. and Eleanor Teeple Anderson. Ed-
ucated public schools, Winnipeg. Joined
Union Bank, Winnipeg, 1899; manager
Union Bank, High River, Alta, 1903-
1907; Lethbridge, 1907-1910; present po-
sition since 1910; farms 640 acres. Wild-
side, Alta. Captain 15th Regiment Leth-
bridge, on reserve list. Married Lillia
Duncan, daughter of Charles Duncan.
Winnipeg, 1903; has one son and one
daughter. Club: Chinook, High River.
Society: A. F. & A. M. Recreation:
polo (Captain High River Polo team,
winner of Western Canada champion-
ship, Winnipeg, 1907). Conservative:
Presbyterian. Address: 605 Ashland St.,
Lethbridge, Alta.

Ain>i:RS01I', Percy MacCuaig", M. A. —

Of Fish & Anderson, Barristers, Regina.
Born Paisley, Ont., November 19, 1879,
son of James and Sarah Anderson. Edu-
cated Uxbridge; High School, Belleville;
Queen's University; honor course Politi-
cal Science and History. Came to Sas-
katchewan, 1909. Law student with
Aikins. Robson & Co., Winnipeg, mem-
ber of firm MacKenzie, Brown & Co.,
Regina, 1909-1911; present firm estab-
lished 1911. Club: Assiniboia. Liberal.
Address: Regina, Sask.

AUDEKSOIT, Robert Feuwick, J. F. —

Of Anderson & Warnock, Hardware Mer-
chants, Vancouver, and Anderson & Lus-
by. New Westminster. Born Ayr., Ont.,
March 11, 1856, son of Walter and Mary
Anderson. Telegraph service, 1873; Can-
adian Express Co., Montreal, 1875-1882;
C. P. R. construction, 1882-1886; C. P. R.
British Columbia traffic department.

1886-1890. New Westminster business
established 1890; Vancouver, 1906. Mar-
ried Bessie J. McEwan, 1886; has two
sons and one daughter. Liberal. Ad-
dress: Vancouver, B. C.

AXdHmSOTSr, Thomas Arnold, M. Xi. A.

—Farmer. Born Township Torbolton,
County Carleton, Ont., October 21, 1871,
son of John and Sarah Rebecca Ander-
son. Educated public schools. Married
Alice Gertrude Simpson, 1905; has one
son and five daughters. Presbyterian.
Provincial Rights. Address: Earl Grey,

ANDBEASEN, Otto Waldemar — But-
ter Manufacturer, Humboldt; President,
Central Creamery Co.., Ltd.; President,
Humboldt Realty Co.; Director, Hum-
boldt Board of Trade. Born Ulso, Den-
mark, Aug. 24, 1872, son of Christian
and Johan Andreasen. Educated Ros-
kilde College. Came to Canada, 1903.
Manager, National Creamery of Winni-
peg, Gladstone, Man., 1903-1905; man-
ager at Winnipeg, 1905-1906; began
present business, 1907; naturalized, 1907.
Mayor, Humboldt, since 1907. Married
Maja Moller, 1897; has one son and three
daughters. Societies: A. F. & A. M. ;
I. O. F. ; Eagles Recreation: shooting.
Liberal; Lutheran. Address: Cumming
St., Humboldt, Sask.

ANDREWS, Alfred Augfustus. — Vice-
president and General Manager Winni-
peg Rubber Co., Ltd., McDermot and
King St., Winnipeg; director Brydges &
Waugh, Ltd.; secretary-treasurer Winni-
peg Rubber and Apparatus Co.; presi-
dent Manitoba Cold Storage Co. Born
North Augusta, Ont., February 14, 1865,
son of Rev. William and Armanella An-
drews. Educated Ottawa. Bookkeeper,
Port Hope, Ont., 1880. Came to Winni-
peg 1881. President Winnipeg Indus-
trial Exhibition Association; chairman
Entertainment Committee Industrial
Bureau; secretary and vice-president
Winnipeg Rowing Cllub since 1905. Mar-
ried Frances Louise Murray, Montreal,
1895; has one daughter. Clubs: Mani-
toba. Commercial, Adanac, St. Charles
Country, Stonewall Country, Stonewall
Auto. Recreation: rowing. Conserva-
tive. Address: 292 Assiniboine Ave.,
Winnipeg, Man.

ANDREWS, Alfred J., K. C. — Of An-
drews, Andrews, Burbidge & Bastedo,
Barristers, Aikins Bldg., Winnipeg; di-
rector Dominion Life Assurance Co. Born
Franklin Centre, Que.. April 24, 1865,
son of Rev. Alfred and Mary Andrews.
Educated Gait College Institute. Came
to Winnipeg 1880; called to Manitoba
bar, 1886; served Northwest Rebellion,
1885. Ex-Mayor and ex-Alderman City


of Winnipeg. Bencher of Law Society of
Manitoba, 1908. Appointed K. C, 1909.
Married Maude Galbraith Watson, Win-
nipeg, 1889; has four daughters. Clubs:
Manitoba, Carleton, St. Charles Country.
Recreation: golf, riding. Conservative;
Methodist. Address: 749 Crescent Road,
Winnipeg, Man.

ANDREWS, Herbert B. — Winnipeg
manager Imperial Life Assurance Co.,
Union Bank Bldg., Winnipeg. Born Mor-
risburg, Ont., Feb. 2, 1863, son of Rev.
William and Armanella Andrews. Edu-
cated Ottawa. Came to Winnipeg, 1880;
entered Hudson's Bay Co., Calgary, 1885.
Returned to Winnipeg 1908. Won with
prize essays three silver cups donated by
H. C. Cox, Dominion Life Underwriters
Association convention, Toronto, 1909-
1910-1911. President Manitoba Life Un-
derwriters Association. Member Indus-
trial Bureau; Business Science Club.
Married Maggie G. Brown, CoUingwood,
Ont.; has four sons. Societies: A. F. &
A. M.; I. O. O. F. Independent; Metho-
dist. Address: 824 Broadway, Winnipeg,


AinrABI^i:, Georg-e Malcolm. — Of G.

M. Annable Co., Ltd., Brokers, Elk
Block, Moose Jaw. Born Winchester,
Ont., May 20, 1858, son of George and
Sarah Annable. Educated public schools
Winchester. Live stock business east-
ern Ontario, 1878; came to Moose Jaw
and engaged ranching, 1882; real estate,
live stock and grain business, 1900.
President Moose Jaw Land Co., 1902-
1904; president and manager Violin Lake
Lumber and Fruit Co., 1910; president

Moose Jaw Board of Trade, 1893. Has
served as school trustee and Alderman,
Moose Jaw; represented Moose Jaw
Northwe.st Territory Legislature, 1905-
1908; unsuccessful candidate for House
of Commons, for Assiniboia, 1904. Mar-
ried Bertie Davidson, Ingersoll, Ont,
1889; has one son and two daughters.
Club: Moose Jaw. Societies: A. F. &
A. M.; A. O. F.; A. O. U. W. Recrea-
tions: curling, baseball. Conservative;
Methodist. Address: 26 Ominica St.,
Moose Jaw, Sask.


ANITABIiE, John Bdward. — Real Es-
tate and Insurance -Broker; fruit rancher.
Ward St., Nelson. 'President Nelson
Opera House Co., Ltd.; president Koote-
nay Nursery Association; president Nel-
son Agricultural and Industries Associa-
tion, Ltd.; director Kootenay Fruit
Growers Union; president Nelson Im-
provement Association; member of
Council, Nelson Board of Trade. Born
Winchester, Dundas County, Ont., Feb-
ruary 14, 1860, son of George and Sarah
Hughes Annable. Educated public and
high schools, Winchester. Engaged
mercantile business, Winchester, 1885-
1887; city clerk Moose Jaw, 1891-1896;
came to British Columbia and estab-
lished present business, 1896. Alderman,
Nelson, 1905-1908. Unsuccessful candi-
date to Northwest Territory Assembly
for Moose Jaw, 1894. Married Mary E.
Christie, Kingston, Ont., 1885; has one
son and five daughters. Societies: I. O.
O. F. ; Maccabees; Eagles. Conservative;
Methodist. Address: 224 Hoover St.,
Nelson, B. C.



ATXauS, Alexander Forrest — Manager
Bank of Montreal, Regina. Born Bath-
gate, Scotland, July 18, 1857, son of
Alexander A. Bathgate. Educated
Bathgate Academy. Clerk Bank of Scot-
land, two years; came to Canada, 1877;
has been in service of Bank of Montreal
thirty years; with Bank of Montreal,
Brockville, Ont., 1879-1887; Montreal,
1887-1891; Winnipeg, 1891-1901; Regina,

since 1901. President Regina Golf Club,
Member of Board of Governor Saskatche-
wan University. Member Board of Gov-
ernors Regina General Hospital. Mar-
ried Mary Louisa Gilmour, daughter of
late William Gilmour, Brockville; has
two sons and one daughter. Clubs: As-
siniboia; Wascana Country. Recreation:
Golf. Address: Regina, Sask.


AXTTI^X:, Rev. John C. J. P. — Superin-
tendent Columbia Coast Mission (Angli-
can), operating three hospitals and hos-
pital ship, logging district, British Co-
lumbia coast, 429 Pender St., Vancouver.
Born Brigus, Newfoundland, October 25,
1865, son of Captain Stephen and Lydia
Antle. Educated Queen's College, St.
Johns, Newfoundland. Ordained deacon
1889, priest 1890. Rector St. Stephen's
Church, Greenspond, Newfoundland,
1890-1894; St. Peter's, Catalina, New-
foundland, 1894-1897; charge of parishes
dioceses of Olympia and Spokane, Wash.,
1897-1899; rector Holy Trinity, Vancou-
ver, 1899-1905. Married Prances Maud
Mutch, 1893; has two sons and one
daughter. Club: Royal Vancouver
Yacht. Recreation: yachting. Address:
1033 Cardero St., Vancouver, B. C.


ANSTIE, William Allbert. — Secretary-
treasurer Mountain Lumber Manufactur-
ers Association, Elma Block, Calgary;
secretary-treasurer British Columbia
Lumber and Logging and Forestry Asso-
ciation. Born Toronto, December 29, 1881,
son of H. J. and Kathleen Anstie. Edu-
cated public and high schools, Vancou-
ver. Accountant Thomson Stationery
Co., Ltd., Vancouver, 1898-1901; engaged
lumber business, British Columbia, 1901-
1905. Served with militia, Vancouver,
1898-1901. Member Calgary Board of
Trade; member Nelson, British Colum-

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