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ative; Anglican. Address: 1785 Wood-
lawn Crescent, Oak Bay, Victoria, B. C.

BE SHEBBININ, Michael Andrew, B.
A-, B. Sc. — Licentiate of the Faculty of
Oriental Languages, St. Petersburg Uni-
versity; writer and linguist. Born Char-
kow, Russia, June 18, 1856, son of An-
drew M. and Barara N. Souschkow de
Sherbinin. Educated Imperial Alexander
Lyceum, St. Petersburg University. Sec-
retary Religious Tract Society, St. Pe-
tersburg, 1883; Pastor Russian Evangel-
ical Church, St. Petersburg, 1883. Made
several missionary tours through pris-
ons of European Russia with Dr. F. W.
Baedeker, of England; also distributed
the Scriptures and preached in prisons
of Western Siberia, the Ural and the
Caucasus, 1889; is conversant with a
dozen languages and has preached the
Gospel in six European tongues. He
and his late son Samuel were the first
English speaking teachers among the
Saskatoon Doukhobors, 1901-1904, which
work was begun under the auspices of
the Society of Friends in England and
continued for a time by the Presbyterian
Church of Canada. With his wife, has
done much for strangers and foreigners
in Winnipeg, having established a mis-
sion house known as "The Strangers'
Rest." His services as interpreter are
much in demand. Came to Canada 1901;
moved to Manitoba 1904; Ruthenian Pro-
fessor, Manitoba College, Winnipeg.
1904-1908; engaged in' present literary
work, 1904. Married Breeta Laggar,
daughter of .James Laggar. Wasa, Fin-
land, 1885; has five sons and one daugh-
ter. Societies: Ministerial Association;
R. T. of T. Recreations: Music, rowing.

Evangelical. Address: 199 Walnut St.,
Winnipeg, Man.


DETI^OB, William Sydney. — Manager
Royal Anexandra Hotel (C. P. R.), Win-
nipeg. Born Napanee, Ont., Oct. 14, 1873,
son of William Valentine Detlor. Edu-
cated College Institute, Napanee; Trin-
ity Universitv, Toronto. Clerk, Mer-
chants Bank, Belleville, Ont., 1889-1894;
entered employ of C. P. R., 1894; in office
of passenger receipts, Montreal, 1894-
1899; accountant, general purchasing de-
partment, Montreal, 1899-1901; chief clerk
Place Viger Hotel, Montreal; Chief Clerk
Chateau Frontenac, Quebec; Accountant,
Chateau Frontenac; Accountant. Royal
Alexandra, Winnipeg; Assistant Manager,
July, 1910; Manager since Sept. 1, 1910.
Married Edith Adelaide Haines, 1895;
has two sons and one daughter. Lib-
eral; Presbyetrian. Address: Royal Al-
exandra Hotel, Winnipeg, Man.

DB VBBBB, Hon. Senator I^everett

George, M. D Physician Medical Health

Officer. Born St. John, N. B., Feb. 10,
1849, son of Richard and Caroline De
Veber. Educated College School and
King's College, Windsor, N. S. ; Univer-
sity of Pennsylvania; Bartholomew's
Hospital, London, England, Was for
some years surgeon R. N. W. M. P. Elect-
ed to Northwest Legislative Assembly
1898; re-elected 1902; was Government
whip in Assembly. On establishment of
Province of Alberta entered cabinet of
Premier Rutherford as Minister without
portfolio; summoned to Senate of Can-
ada, March 8, 1906. Married Rachel
Frances Ryan, 1885; has one son. Lib-
eral; Anglican. Address: Lethbridge,



BEVENISH, Oscar Grant. — Of O. G.

Devenish & Co., Real Estate and Finan-
cial Brokers. 813a First St. E., Calgary.
Born Fredericksburg, Ind., Dec. 31, 1868,
son of Richard and Emily Devenish. Ed-
ucated public and high schools. Ranch-
ing and farming, Lincolrk County, Wash..
1890-1901; Sheriff, Lincoln County, 1897-
1899; hardware and implement business,
Pullman, Wash., 1901-1903; came to Cal-
gary 1903; formerly of Alberta Land Co.
Member Executive Council Calgary
Board of Trade, 1911. Married Helena
Minkel, Washington; has two daughters
Club: Alberta. Societies: A. F. & A. M.
P. of P. Liberal; Anglican. Address
1111 Third St. E., Calgary, Alta.


DE VERTEUIL, M. D. (Edinburgh),

M. R. C. S. (England), L. R. C. P.

( London).

de VERTEUIIi, remand Iiouis Joseph
Marie, M. D. (Edinburgh), M. R. C. S.
(Eng-land), 1. B. C. P. (Iiondon). —

Surgeon. R. N. (Act.) Physician. Born
St. Pierre, Martinique, Nov. 25, 1879,
son of Dr. F. A. de Verteuil of Trin-
idad, and Miss Aline Larbannet des

Isles. Descended from an old noble Bre-
ton family. Great Grandfather, Chev-
alier de Verteuil, had taken a prominent
part in the Vendean War in Brittany,
1793. On defeat of the Royalists, took
refuge in England, where he entered the
British Naval Service. The father of
this latter had served as an officer in
Montcalm's army at capitulation of Que-
bec. 1759. Educated St. Mary's College,
Trinidad, Edinburgh University; studied
medicine at Edinburgh, Dublin, London
and Paris. At latter place worked for
six months at Pasteur Institute. Ob-
tained diploma of M. R. C. S. (England);
L. R. C. P. (London), Oct., 1904, of M. B.
Ch. B. (Edinburgh), July, 1905; M. D.
(Edinburgh). 1908. Was commended for
thesis on "Specific Nature of Treponema
Pallidum." Joined Royal Navy as Sur-
geon, passing first in competitive exam-
ination held London, Nov., 1904. Served
in H. M. ship "Hogue" and "Endymion"
as well as at Royal Naval Hospitals at
Haslar and Plymouth. Retired from
naval service, Oct., 1909, retaining com-
mission as surgeon in Royal Naval ser-
vice; went to Trinidad, West Indies, Dec,
1909, where engaged for a short time
in private practice. While there took
prominent part in a Commission of En-
quiry into the administration of the
Medical Department (June - August,
1910). Came to Vancouver May, 1911.
Author of a translation from French
"Experimental Prophylaxis of Syphillis"
(pub. 1907); contributed various articles
to medical journals on leprosy, radium,
etc. Married Feb., 1911, Marie Francizka
Urich, daughter of Mr. J. Fritz Urich,
of Trinidad. Has one daughter. Rec-
reations: study of medicine, tennis,
bridge. Address: Rogers Bldg., Gran-
i ville St., Vancouver, B. C.

DEVINE, Major James Arthur, B. A.,
M. A., M. B., B. Ch., B. A. O., M. D.,

(Dublin), D. S. O. — Retired physician;
President and General Manager of the
Sidney Brick & Tile Co., Winnipeg.
Born Toronto, Nov. 9, 1869, son
of - Captain Thomas Devine. Surveyor
General for Ontario, and Jane Mol-
loy. Educated Cardinal Manning's
College, West Kensington, London, Eng-
land; Trinity College, Dublin. Came to
Winnipeg 1898. Late Major Permanent
Force Medical Staff (Canada). Late P.
M. O. Military Districts 10 and 11 (Man-
itoba, Northwest Territories, and Brit-
ish (T^olumbia) ; late professor therapeu-
tics and clinical medicine, Manitoba Med-
ical College; member of Council and
Examiner Materia Medica and Therapeu-
tics and Clinical Medicine, University of
Manitoba; late physician to Winnipeg
General Hospital; late senior physician
to isolated wards. St. Boniface Hospital.
Served South African War, 1899-1902,
with two Canadian Contingents, First
Canadian Mounted Rifles and Second
Canadian Mounted Rifles (despatches
twice, D. S. O., Queen's medal with six
clasps), 1899-1902. Author of "Allan


Danvers," which won the Earl Grey Dra-
matic trophy, 1907; "The Mills of the
Gods," 1911. Club: Manitoba. Roman
Catholic. Address: Fort Garry Court,
Winnipeg, Man.

DEWAR, Alex Ii. — • General Manager
Bank of "Vancouver. Born Glasgow,
Scotland, Aug. 6, 1852, son of Plummer
and Eliza Kemp Dewar. Educated Ham-
ilton. Clerk Bank of British North
America, Hamilton, 1S68; stationed Ham-
ilton, Montreal, Quebec and New York,
1868-1874; with Canadian Bank of Com-
merce, Montreal, Toronto, St. Cath-
arines, Woodstock and Chicago, 1874-
1894. Financed street railways, Chicago,
and promoted Central London Tube Ry.,
London, England, 1894-190S. Came to
British Columbia 1908; organized Bank
of Vancouver. Married Grace Macken-
zie, 1875; has four sons and three daugh-
ters. Clubs: Albany (Toronto), Chicago
Union League (Chicago), Strollers (New
York). Recreatipn: Reading. Address:
1280 Haro St., Vancouver, B. C.

DEWAR, Harold Mackenzie. — Manag-
ing Director British Columbia Leather
Co., Ltd., 169 Pender St. W., Vancouver.
Born Hamilton, Aug. 30, 1877, son of
Alexander Lawrie Dewar, General Man-
ager Bank of Vancouver, and Grace M.
Dewar. Educated Chicago. Banking and
brokerage business, Chicago, 1895-1910;
came to British Columbia 1910. Married
Daisy Francis. Chicago. Societies: A. F.
& A. M. ; M. W. of A. Recreation: Rid-
ing. Address: 1412 Burrard St., Van-
couver, B. C.

DEWAR, William Dick — Manager
Union Bank of Canada, Humboldt; Vice-
President, Humboldt Board of Trade.
Born Dundee, Scotland, June 14, 1876,
son of James and Elizabeth Dewar.
Educated high school, Dundee; St. An-
drew's College, Fifeshire. , Came to Can-
ada, 1903. Junior to accountant. Union
Bank, Moose Jaw, 1903-190S; manager,
Union Bank, Straasburg, 1908-1911; man-
ager at Humboldt, since 1911. Married


Eliza Main Duncan, Markdale, Ont.,
1907; has one son. Societies: I. O. F.
(Financial Secretary); Eagles. Recrea-
tions: shooting, cricket. Presbyterian.
Address: Main St., Humboldt, Sask.

DEWDNE-Sr, Hon. Edgar, P. C. — Vic-
toria. Identified with various mining
enterprises in Cariboo and elsewhere.
Born Devonshire, England, 183 5. Edu-
cated Devonshire. Came to British Col-
umbia, 185 9. Employed by Sir James
Douglas, then Governor of the Colony,
and Colonel Moody, R. E., to take charge
of survey narty selected to lay out Town
of New Westminster. For many years
subsequent to completion of this work
was employed in a professional capacity,
devoting much of his tiine to the ex-
ploration of those portions of the Prov-
ince which were then comparatively lit-
tle known. From time of his arrival
took an active interest in public affairs.
Elected to British Columbia Legislature
for Kootenay, 1868-1869; elected to House
of Commons, 1872-1879; Indian Commis-
sioner, 1879-1888; represented East As-
siniboia House of Commons, 1888-1892;
Lieutenant Governor of Northwest Ter-
ritories, 1881-1888; member of Privy
Council; Minister of Interior and ex-
OflScio Sunerintendent General of Indian
Affairs, 1888-1892; Lieutenant-Governor
of British Columbia, 1892-1897. Built
the Dewdney Trail, 1865, which pene-
trates the Province "of British Columbia
to its Eastern boundary. Married Jane
Shaw Moir, daughter of Stratton Moir,
tea planter, Colombo, Ceylon, 1864. She
died in 1906; married secondly in 1909,
Blanche, youngest daughter of the late
Colonel C. T. Viemeys-Tynto of Halswill
Brigenater, Somerset, England. Liberal
Conservative; Anglican. Address: Vic-
toria, B. C.




DICK, Albert A. — Of A. A. Dick Land
("o., 813 First St. B., Calgary. Born San-
dy Bar River, Man., July 29, 1880, son
of George and Agnes Dick. Educated
high school Calgary. Came to Alberta,
1888. Engaged running small portable
saw mill, 1899; then homestead twelve
miles from Calgary; established present

business 1904; started first sub-division
in Calgary, now known as Mount Pleas-
ant; building houses and blocks since
1908; interested timber, mines and fruit
lands; also revenue-producing blocks,
such as the Dick Block and Hotel Alex-
andra. Address: Calgary, Alta.



DIAMOND, John Herbert. . — Of Dia-
mond & Corbould, 513 Columbia St., New
Westminster; President Westminster-
Alasltan Oil Co., Inc. Born Belleville,
Ont., Oct. 5, 1872, son of Abram and
Louise Diamond. Educated Belleville.
Came to British Columbia, 1892; with
Union Steamship Co., Vancouver, 1892-
1899; subsequently in brokerage busi-
ness, Vancouver and Northwest Real Es-
tate. Married Erezena Leamy, 1900.
Clubs: Westminster; President Westmin-
ster Tennis Club. Society: A. F. & A. M.
Recreation: Outdoor sports. Address:
220 Queens Ave., New Westminster, B.C.

DICK, Harriet S. — Born Ontario,

daughter of Maria Leng and Matthias
Sintsinger. Educated high school. Col-
borne, and Cobourg. Came to Manitoba
1890; Second Vice-President Playgrounds
Association of Winnipeg; member of
Winnipeg Playgrounds Commission; pro-
moted first public playground Winnipeg,
by soliciting private funds, 1908; under-
efficient supervision the playgrounds
proved such a success that city appoint-
ed a commission to take charge and pro-
vided funds, last year granting $8,000
for that purpose; delegate to American
Playground Congress, Pittsburg, Pa.,
1909; appointed member of Council of
Playground Association of America at
Congress; promoted establishment of
first Day Nursery in Winnipeg, where
about forty-five children are cared for
while their mothers are working; Presi-
dent Mothers' Club of Winnipeg. Married
John Dick, lumber merchant, 1890; has
six sons. Baptist. Address: 384 Ken-
nedy St., Winnipeg, Man.


DICXESOIT, O. It. — President White
Pass and Yukon Route, 739 Hastings
St., Vancouver. Born Ottumwa, Iowa.
Stenographer C. B. & Q. Railway, Chi-

cago, 1899; assistant chief clerk Trans-
portation Department C. B. & Q., 1899;
chief clerk, 1901; superintendent
freight and passenger transportation,
Omaha, 1905. Acted as official spokes-
man for 57 railroads in labor strike,
1909, and was subsequently assigned to
special vice-presidents' and managers'
committee in dealing with labor organi-
zations; acted as official spokesman for
railway presidents of all trunk lines
during rate hearings before Interstate
Commerce Commission. Appointed vice-
president and general manager White
Pass & Yukon Route, May, 1911; upon
death of S. N. Graves, president of road,
appointed president, December, 1911.

DICKINS, A, H. — Manager Bank of Ot-
tawa, Edmonton. Born Cornhill, North-
umberland, England, May 9, 1859, son
of Major G. C. and Fanny Dickins. Edu-
cated Merchiston, Edinburgh. Clerk,
Federal Bank, Winnipeg, 1882. Came to
Alberta, 1909. Married Jessie E. Gouin,
Winnipeg, ISSV2; has two sons. Address:
Edmonton, Alta.

DICKSON, Alexander Dancan. — Bar-
rister. Born Goderich, Ont., Nov. 10,
1868, son of William Douglas and Mar-
garet Hill Dickson. Educated public
schools and College Institute, Goderich.
Called to the Ontario Bar, Osgoode Hall,
1890; came to Northwest Territories,
1890; entered into partnership with D. L.
Scott (now Judge Supreme Court, Alber-
ta) and W. Cayley Hamilton (deceased),
Regina, 1890. Married Edith Rachel Small-
wood, daughter of Rev. William John
Smallwood, London, England, 1901. <:;iub:
Assiniboia (Regina). Society: A. F. &
A. M. (Master Qu'Appelle Dodge). Con-
servative; Presbyterian. Address: Qu'
Appelle, Sask.

DICKSON, Andrew — Financial and
Real Estate Broker, Indian Head; Di-
rector, Indian Head Hospital Board;
Secretary-Treasurer, Agricultural So-
ciety; Chairman, School Board. Born
Pakenham, Ont., Sept. 26, 1873, son of
William and Eliza Drummond Dickson.
Educated public school; Pakenham;
Model School, Ottawa. Came to Saskat-
chewan, 1890. Farmed, Indian Head,
1890-1907; Implement business, Indian
Head, 1907-1912; began present business,
1912. Married Bessie Johnston, Indian
Head, 1899; has one son and one daugh-
ter. Club: Indian Head. Society: A.
F. & A. M. Recreation: shooting. Lib-
eral; Presbyterian. Address: Indian
Head, Sask.




DICKSON, Peter. — Of Dickson Land
Co., Heal Estate and Financial Brokers,
Vernon. Born Hamilton, Ont., Dec. 15,
1867, son of James and Isabella Dick-
son. Educated public and high schools,
Ontario. Real estate and insurance busi-
ness, Winnipeg, 1897. Came to British
Columbia and established present busi-
ness, 1904. President Y. M. C. A., Ver-
non, 1910-1911; Vice-President, Vernon
Hospital; Vice-President Vernon Board
of Trade. Married Dora Finn, Winnipeg,
1891 (deceased); has three sons and four
daughters; married Anna Lawson, 1907.
Clubs: Rancher.s, Country. Society: A.
F. and A. M. Recreations: Gardening,
outdoor sports. Conservative; Presby-
terian. Address: Vernon, B. C.

DICKSON, Samuel Arcliil)ald, B. A. —
Of Robertson, Dickson & Macdonald,
Barristers, 13.t Jasper Ave. E., Edmon-
ton. Born Seaforth, Ont., Feb. 19, 1876,
son of Samuel and Anna Dickson. Edu-
cated College Institute, Seaforth; To-
ronto University; Osgoode Hall. Called
to Ontario Bar, 1902; came to Alberta
and practiced Edmonton and Fort Sas-
katchewan, 1902; present partnership
formed 1909. Married Evelyn Hannah
Ward, Hamilton, 1907; has one son and
two daughters. Societies: A. F. & A. M.;
I. O. O. F. Recreations: Football, ten-
nis. Conservative. Presbyterian. Ad-
dress: 347 Seventh St., Edmonton, Alta.

DICKSON, Trenholme, B. A., B. C. I..

— Barrister. Born Trenholmeville, Que.,
son of James and Charlotte Trenholme
Dickson. Educated St. Francis College,
Richmond, Que.; McGill University.
Practiced with Greenshields & Green-
shields. Montreal, 1897-1899; afterwards
with Lieutenant-Colonel Hibbard, K. C,
until 1904, when came to Alberta. Mayor
Macleod, 1911. Clerk Supreme Court of
Alberta; member of Senate. University
of Alberta, since 1909. Married Letitia
Burgess. Clubs: Macleod; Southern Al-
berta. Liberal; Presbyterian. Address:
Macleod, Alta.

DICKSON, VTilliam Howard, M. D., C.

M. — Physician and Surgeon; Surgeon to
Granby Consolidated Mining, Smelting
& Power Co.; Surgeon British Columbia
Mining & Smelting Co. Born Pembroke,
Ont., April 26, 1878, son of Dr. W. W.
and Jessie Dickson. Educated public
and high schools, Pembroke; McGill Uni-
versity; House Surgen, General Hospital,
Lawrence, Mass.. 1903-1904. Came to
British Columbia 1904; practiced Grand
Forks. 1905-1906; Phoenix since 1906.
Married Clara I. Butler, Greenfield,
Mass., 1906; has one daughter. Club:
Greenwood. Societies: A. F. & A. M.,
Theta Delta Chi. Recreation: Motoring.
Conservative; Presbyterian. Address:
Phoenix, B. C.


DIEB, Boy Branwood, D. D. S. — Dent-
ist. Born St. Thomas, Ont., Feb. 18,
1881, son of William Alfred and Ellen
Dier. Came to British Columbia 1887.
Educated public school, Vancouver Busi-
ness College. Philadelphia Dental Col-
lege. Practiced Ladysmith, 1902. Alder-
man, 1909; Mayor, 1910. Married Gert-
rude C. Williams, Spokane, Wash.; has
two sons and one daughter. Society:
Eagles. Recreations: Motoring, hunting,
shooting. Address: Methune St., Lady-
smith, B. C.

DINGIiB, Georg-e S. — Vice-President
Tees & Persse, Ltd.. Winnipeg, and Tees
& Persse of Alberta, Ltd., 322-6 Ninth
Ave. W., Calgary. Born Oshawa. Out..
June 16, 1872, son of William T. and
Edna J. Dingle. Educated Oshawa. Gro-
cer's clerk, Oshawa, 1887. Came to Man-
itoba, 1890. Married Mabel Emmett Nel-
son, Winnipeg, 1905; has one son and
two daughters. Address 7th St. W. and
Durham Ave., Mount Royal, Calgary,




SINGWAIiI., D. R. — D. R. Dingwall,
Ltd., Jewelers, Main and Portage Ave.,
"Winnipeg-; Director Pacific Coast Fire
Insurance Co.; Director National Fi-
nance Co.; Director Capital Loan
Co.; Director Fidelity Trust Co.; Vice-
Co.; Director Canadian Finance Co. Born
North Scotland, Jan. 11, 1851. Educated
Scotland. Jewelry business. Port Hope,
Ont., 1877. Came to Winnipeg 1882. Mar-
ried Margaret Frazer, Montreal, 1876
(deceased). Married Ann Ross, Scot-
land. 1891; has two sons and three
daughters. Club: Carleton. Society: A.
F. & A. M. Recreations: Shooting, boat-
ing. Liberal; Presbyterian. Address:
52 Roslyn Road, Winnipeg, Man.

SIFIiOCK, Arthur Bramah, J. P. —

President Seymour Lumber Co., Ltd.
Born Fulham, London, England, June 2,
1862, son of Dr. Thomas Bramah Dip-
lock (Senior Coroner of London Eng-
land), and Eleanor Diplock. Educated
private school Harrow, England. Came
to Vancouver and engaged book and sta-
tionery business 1887; afterwards ac-
countant, and finally went into lumber
business. President Western Corpora-
tion. Coroner, License Commissioner,
private London Rifle Brigade, 1882-1887.
Married 1889; has four sons and one
daughter. Club: Terminal City. Rec-
reations: All amateur sports. Address:
St. George's Ave., North Vancouver,
B. C.

DISSETTE, John J. — Contractor and
Builder, 570 Granville St., Vancouver.
Born Simcoe County, Ont., May 18, 1864,
son of John and Mary Dissette. Educat-
ed Toronto. Builder, Minneapolis, Minn.,
1884. Came to British Columbia, 1901.
Director Sechelt Brick & Tile, Ltd.;
President Catholic Association, Ltd. Mar-

ried Mary L. Holtz, Minneapolis; has one
daughter. Clubs: Commercial, Can-
adian (B. C.) Society: Thoroughbred
Association. Recreations: Fishing, boat-
ing and horse racing. Address: Shaugh-
nessy Heights, Vancouver, B. C.

DITMABS, William Carey. — Manager
and member of firm of Armstrong, Mor-
ris & Co., Contractors, Bower Bldg., Van-
couver. Born St. Catharines, Ont., 1865.
Educated St. Catharines. Came to Brit-
ish Columbia and entered office of pres-
ent firm 1891. Club: Terminal City. So-
ciety: A. F. & A. M. Address: 1336 Pen-
drill St., Vancouver, B. C.


HOMEB-BIXOIT, Captain Thomas F'raser.

— Strathcona's Horse (Royal Canadians),
Fort Osborne Barracks, Winnipeg. Born
Toronto, Dec. 6, 1871, son of B. Homer
Dixon, K. N. L., late Consul-General of
the Netherlands in Canada, and Frances
Caroline, daughter of William B. Hew-
ard, Toronto. Educated Upper Canada
College, Toronto, Uppingham, Rutland,
England. Served with 10th Regiment,
Canadian Militia, 1889; enlisted 7th Lan-
cers, 1892; exchanged to 5th Dragoon
Guards, 1893, and with this Regiment
went to India, and saw active service
on Frontier (medal and two clasps);
went with Regiment to South Africa in
commencement of war, and was shut up
in Ladysmith; severely wounded Walk-
erstroom, Transvaal, invalided to Eng-
land and received discharge from Regi-
ment. On recovery again went out to
South Africa as Lieutenant with 2nd C.
M. R. and remained there till close of
war (Queen's and King's medals and
six clasps). Returned to Canada and
received apnointment under Colonial Of-
fice with West African Frontier Force,
Northern Ashanti, thirteen months. Re-
ceived commission, R. C. M. R., Winni-
peg, 1904. Married Evelyn Anne, daugh-
ter of D. C. Cameron, Winnipeg, 1909;
has one daughter. Club; Manitoba. Rec-
reations: Riding, shooting. Anglican.
Address: Wellington Crescent, Winni-
peg, Man.



DIXON, John — Notary Public; Presi-
dent Maple Creek Agricultural Society.
Of Dixon Brothers, General Merchants,
Maple Creek; Vice-President Alberta
Clay Products Co., Ltd., Medicine Hat;
Director Saskatchewan Loan & In-
vestment Co., Ltd.; Vice-President, Anti-
Tuberculosis League of Saskatchewan;
Member Board of Alberta College, Ed-
monton; Member Board of Regina Col-
lege; President Maple Creek Board of
Trade; Member of Board, Saskatchewan
University. Born Peterboro, Ont., May
4. 1850, son of Joseph and Margaret
Brown Dixon. Educated public and high
schools, Peterboro; graduate of Toronto

Military College. Member of Dixon
Bros., dry goods merchants, Oshawa,
Ont., 1878-1883; came to Saskatchewan
and established present business, 1883;
largely interested in ranching, horses,
cattle and sheep. Unsuccessful candi-
date for Maple Creek to Saskatchewan
Legislature, 1906; first mayor of Maple
Creek, 1904-190.^i. Served as Captain No.
1 Company, .57th Battalion, Peterboro,
1873-1878. Married Agnes C. Dawson,
daughter of Thomas Dawson, 1877; has
two sons and one daughter. Societies:
A. F. & A. M. (Shriner); A. O. U. W. ; I.
O. F. Recreation: curling. Liberal;
Methodist Address: Maple Creek, Sask.



BIXON, Evelyn Anne Homer. — - Wife
of Captain Fraser Honier-Dixon. Born
Kenora, Ont., daugliter of Margaret C.
and Douglas C. Cameron, Lieutenant-
Governor of Manitoba. Educated To-
ronto, Ont. Came to Manitoba 1903.
Club: St. Charles Country. Recreation:
Riding. Married Captain Fraser Homer-
Dixon, 1909; has one daughter. Angli-
can. Address: Wellington Crescent,
Winnipeg, Man.

DOAK, Algfernou Ernest, B. C. !■.,
(McG-ill). — Barrister and Solicitor. Born
Coaticook, Que., April 1, 1876, son of G.
O. and Catherine B. Doak. Educated
Grammar School, Coaticook; McGill Uni-
versity. Admitted to Quebec Bar, 1901.
Practiced Print^e Albert 1903. Appoint-
ed City Solicitor, 1907. Married Gwen-
dolyn Beatrice James, Montreal, 1906;

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