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has one son. Recreation: Music. Con-
servative;- Anglican. Address: 207 Eigh-
teenth St., Prince Albert, Sask.

DOBIE, Bev. G-eorg-e Nelson, B. B. —

Archdeacon of Regina and Warden St.
Chad's Hostel. Born Canobie, Scot-
land, Aug. 19, 1863, son of James and
Jane Dobie. Educated Blennerhasset,
Came to Assiniboia, 1886. Address: St.
Chad's Hostel, Regina, Sask.

BOBSON, Georg-e Pring-le. — Of G. P.

Dobson & Co., Real Estate and Financial
Brokers, 119 Jasper Ave. W., Edmonton.
Born Southampton, Ont., March 30, 1878,
son of R. H. and Annie Dobson. Edu-
cated public and high schools and busi-
ness college, Chatham, Ont. Engaged in
boot and shoe business, Southampton.
1902-1907. Came to Alberta, 1908. Estab-
lished present business 1908. Married
Violet Alice Creighton, daughter of John
J. Creighton, 1904; has one son and one
daughter. Club: Granite Curling. So-
ciety: A. F. & A. M. Recreations: Hunt-
ing, shooting, curling. Liberal; Angli-
can. Address: 2245 McKenzie Ave., Ed-
monton, Alta. ^

BOCKEBIIii;, "VSTalter B. — General
Manager Empire Stevedore Co., 3 65 Wa-
ter SI., Vancouver; Secretary Wallace
Fisheries, Ltd. Born Florence, Ont., May
31, 1879, son of Joseph and Mary Cath-
erine O'Gorman Dockerill. Came to Brit-
ish Columbia, 1885. Educated public
school New Westminster. Apprentice,
Curtis & Co., druggists. New Westmin-
ster; then went to Yukon; appointed as-
sayer to North Western Smelting & Re-

fining Co., Crofton; established first drug
stores, Atlin, Dawson, Pine City and
Glenora; returned to Vancouver, 1910,
present business since. Served with 2nd
Brigade, Garrison Artillery, New West-
minster, four years. Married Mabel C.
Palmer, 1902; has three daughters. -Rec-
reations: Lacrosse, fishing, hunting. Con-
servative; Anglican. Address: Shaugh-
nessy Heights, Vancouver, B. C.


BOEBB, Jacob Emll, 1.1m. B. — Of Doerr

& Guggisberg, Barristers, Northern
Crown Bank Chambers, Regina. Born
Shakespeare, Ont., May IS, 1875, son of
John and Elizabeth Hill Doerr. Educated
Collegiate Institute, Stratford and Wood-
stock, Ont.; Manitoba University (med-
allist in law); taught school Gadshill,
Ont., 1892-1895; newspaper work, Strat-
ford Beacon, Stratford, Ont., 1897;
qualified for civil service, London, Ont.,
1897; came to Manitoba, 1898; taught
school near Morden, 1898-1900-1902-1903;
real estate business, under firm name Win-
kler, Coppinger & Doerr, Winkler, Man.,
1900-1902; Lemberg, Sask., 1903-1904; law
student with Munso^i, Allan, Laird &
I'avis, Winnipeg, 1904-1907; called to
Manitoba,. Saskatchewan and Alberta
bars, 1907; established present practice
1907; member Board of Governors, Re-
gina General Hospital, 1912; member of
Archaelogical Society of America. Di-
rector Children's Aid Society; secretary-
treasurer Regina Society for Advance-
ment of Art, Literature and Science;
member Regina Executive Committee,
Floyal Astronomical Society of Canada;
alderman, Regina, 1910-1911; unsuccess-
ful candidate for Mayor, 1911; police
commissioner, Regina, 1911. Married
Rachel Anice Locke, Heath Head, Ont.,
1907. Club: Canadian (secretary-treas-
urer). Society: Arts, Literature and
Science. Recreation: tennis. Liberal
Lutheran. Address: 3015 Victoria Ave.,
Regina, Sask.




M. D., C. M.

SOHEBTY, Charles Edward, M. D., C.

M. — Medical Superintendent Public Hos-
pital for Insane, New Westminster.
Born Toronto Township, Peel Countj-.
Ont., Nov. 29, 1873, son of William F.
and Mary Agatha Doherty. Educated
public schools and College Institute To-

ronto; Toronto University; Toronto Gen-
eral Hospital. Came to British Colum-
bia 1898; joined staff of Kootenay Lake
General Hospital, Nelson; appointed As-
.sistant Surgeon Crow's Nest Coal Co.,
1901; removed to New Westminster as
Assistant Medical Officer to Hospital for
Insane, 1902; present appointment, 1905.
Married Elvena Martin; has~ one son and
one daughter. Recreation: Baseball. Ad-
dress: Public Hospital for Insane, New
Westminster, B. C.


DOIDGE, ■William Mark— Of Doidge
& Bauslaugh, Ltd., Financial and Real
Estate Brokers, 911 1st Ave., W., Prince
Albert. Born Milton, Ont., May 28,
1879, son of William and Annie Eliza-
beth Doidge. Educated public schools,
Gait, Ont. Salesman, Lever Bros., Ltd.,
Toronto, 1901-1902; N. K. Fairbank Co.,
Montreal, 1903-1907; salesman, Codville
Co., Ltd., Winnipeg, 1907-1911; came to
Prince Albert and formed present part-
nership, 1911. Member Publicity Com-
mittee, Prince Albert Board of Trade.
Married Ida G. Hood, Gait, 1898; has
one son. Society: A. F. & A. M.
Recreations: hunting, trap
baseball, hockey. Liberal;
Address: Prince Albert,





DONAIiBSON, Samuel James, M.I^.A.

Born Appleton, Carleton County, Ont.,
March 12, 1856, son of Samuel and Jessie
Donaldson. Educated public scliools, Ap-
pleton. Clerk Furniture store, Ottawa,
1875; came to Saslcatchewan and joined
Nortliwest Mounted Police, Fort Pelly,
1876; also did police duty at Battle-
ford and Qu'Appelle; transferred to
Prince Albert 1879; acted as escort
to Marquis of Lorne from Prince Al-
bert to Fort Macleod, 1882; livery busi-
ness, 1882; formed partnership with
Arnold Shiell, 1907. Councillor Prince
Albert, 1889-1891; 1895-1903; Mayor,
1892-1893; Alderman 1904-1908; elected
to Saskatchewan Legislature for Prince
Albert County, general election, 1905; re-
elected, 1908; re-elected for Shellbrook
District, 1912. Served as captain, Prince
Albert Scouts, Northwest Rebellion, 1885.
Married Jessie Paterson, Prince Albert,
1882; has three sons and four daughters.
Societies: A.F. & A.M.; I.O.O.F.; St. An-
drew's. Recreations: Horse racing,
baseball, football, hockey. Conservative;
Presbyterian. Address: 138 Ninth St.
E., Prince Albert, Sask.

DONNEI.Ii-Z', Patrick — Real Estate
Agent and Financial Broker, General
Manager The Canadian Financiers, Ltd.,
632 Granville • St., Vancouver. Born
Sheenboro, Que., March 17, 1875, son of
John D. and Katherine Donnelly. Edu-
cated: public school, Sheenboro. Com-
menced career, Chapeau, Que., 1901, as
apprentice to carriage maker. Subse-
quently engaged in loan business, Pem-
broke, Ont.; Toronto; Hamilton, Ont.;
Winnipeg, Man. Came to British Co-
lumbia, as Manager Great West Per-
manent Loan Co., 1904. Chairman Van-
couver-Prince Rupert Trust Co., Ltd.
Original Director B. C. Anti-Tubercu-
losis Society. Married Jennie Bates,
1900; has two sons. Club: Terminal
City. Society: K. of C. Recreations:
riding, driving. Roman Catholic. Ad-
dress: 1760 Davie St., Vancouver, B. C.


DONOVAN, William James, B. A. —

Of Donovan & Doyle, Barristers and So-
licitors, Sterling- Bank Bldg., Winnipeg;
Director, Canadian Syndicates Invest-
ments, Ltd.; Director, Lewis Furniture
Co. Ltd., and a member of Realty Cor-
porations. Born Lansdowne, Ont., Oct.
30, 1875, son of Michael Donovan and
Alice MacDonald. Educated: Brock-
ville Collegiate: graduate in arts of
Toronto University. Came to Manitoba,
1900; taught school, Oakville, Man., 1900-
1901; law student with Campbell &
Crawford, Winnipeg, 1901-1904; called
to Manitoba bar, 1904; practised alone,
1904-1906; member of firm. Donovan &
Murray, Winnipeg, 1906-1907; practised
alone, 1907-1911; present partnership
formed, 1911. Secretary-Treasurer, Win-
nipeg Liberal Assn., 1903-1906, during
vears club building was being built.
Married Margaret M. Allman, Winni-
peg, 1907; has three daughters. Clubs:
Carleton; Liberal. Recreations: Rugby,
tennis, bowling. Liberal; Roman Catho-
lic. Address: 360 Florence Ave., Win-
nipeg, Man.

SORBEIiIi, Henry, J. P. — Agricultur-
alist;. Honorary Sacretary-Treasurer
Moose Jaw General Hospital. Born
Worcestershire, England, May 7, 1860,
son of Thomas and S. Smith Dorrell.
Educated Cheltenham College, England.
Came to London, Ont., 1881; Moose Jaw.
Sask., 1882. Unsuccessful candidate
Sa-skalchewan Legislature for Moose
Jew, 1908. Married Isabella W^ynn,
1891; has four daughters. Society:
A. F. & A. M. Provincial Rights; Pres-
byterian. Address: Moose Jaw, Sask.




DOTY, William H. — Real Estate, Med-
icine Hat. Elected to City Council for
1912 and 1913; Director Medicine Hat
General Hospital. Large liolder of Real
Estate. Born Port Maitland, N. S., July
Ifi. 1859. Son of William Redfield Doty,
descendant of Edward Doty, who came
over in the Mayflower, 1620. Educated:
Yarmouth Public Schools. Carriage
mal<er with his father, Hebron, 1879,
manufacturing confectioner for himself,
Hebron, N. S.. 1S80-1884. Same business,
Bo.ston, 1S84-1890; Real Estate. Boston,
1890-1893; manufacturing confectioner,
Hebron and Yarmouth, 1893-1906. Came
to Medicine Hat, May, 1906. Established
confectionery factory; sold out Nov. 1,
1912; now looking after liis own invest-
ments. Married Ada Raymond Doty
1881 (deceased 1888); has one son. Mar-
ried Jane S. Saund^s 1889, has one
daughter. Societies: A. F. & A. Mi;
Chanter Preceptorv, A. A. O. N. of the
M. Shrine; I. O. O. F.; Past Master of
the Blue Lodge; also Past Principal of
the Chapter. Recreations: shooting,
fishing. Conservative; Baptist. Address:
Medicine Hat, Alta.

DOUGHTY, Edward. — Real Estate
and Financial Broker, Crown Block,
Calgary; Secretary-Treasurer Canadian
Broselv Roofing, Tile & Sewer Pipe
Mfg. Co., Ltd. Born Shropshire, Eng-
land, Dec. 13, 1859, son of John and
Ann Elizabeth (Lewis) Doughty. Edu-
cated private schools, England. Came
to Alberta. 1887; traveled to Edmon-
ton, 200 miles north of Calgary, taking
family in prairie schooner in June,
and returned to Calgary in August of
same year. Accountant, Palace Meat
Market, Calgary, 1888; Manager of


same, 1902; Manager Victoria Grocery
Co., Ltd., 1902-1906; present business
established 1906; Secretary Conservative
Association during several campaigns.
Married Adelaide Harriet Hayward, Bir-
mingham, England, 1879; has two
daughters. Societies: A. F. & A. M.;
I. O. F. Recreation: Cricket. Con-
servative; Anglican. Address: 530 Ninth
Ave. E., Calgary, Alta.

DOUGI.AS, Alexander J., B. A., M. D.,

C. M. — Medical Health Officer City of
Winnipeg. Born Ontario, April 28, 1874,
son of W. D. a.nd Elizabeth Douglas. .
Came West, 1882. Educated Manitoba
University; professor of hygiene, Mani-
toba Medical College; on staff of Gen-
eral Physicians, Winnipeg General Hos-
pital; examiner Canadian Branch Royal
Sanitary Institute. Married Nettie
E., second daughter of the late E. A.
Fairchild, Winnipeg, 1902; has one
daughter. Clutt: Manitoba. Address: 86
Smith St., Winnipeg, Man.

DOTTGIiAS, C. S. — Of C. S. Douglas
& Co., Financial Brokers, Leigh Spencer
Bldg., Granville St., Vancouver. Born:
Madison. Wis.. Oct. 1, .1852. Educated
public schools; Wayland University.
Came to Canada 1877 and purchased the
Fort William "Day Book" newspaper;
removed to Emerson, Man., 1878 and es-
tablished the Emerson International,
which he edited and published, 1878-
1889; Member Manitoba Legislature for
Emerson, 1883-1889; came to Vancouver,
1889, and entered into the real estate
business; unsuccessful candidate to Brit-
ish Columbia Legislature for Richmond,
1894; Mayor of City of Vancouver, 1909.
Married Annie Marie, daughter of late
James E. Johnston, Toronto, 1881; (de-
ceased 1908). Married Elizabeth Manley,
widow of the late Major Fred Manley,
1909. Clubs: Vancouver and Terminal



City; Shaughnessy Heights Golf. So-
ciety: A. F. & A. M. Address: 2033
Comox St., Vancouver, B. C.

DOUGIiAS, Edward. — Of Kelly, Doug-
las & Co., Ltd., Wholesale Grocers, Van-
couver; President Canadian Cedar Lum-
ber Co., Ltd. Born Chatham Township,
Que., April 16, 1848, son of John and
Mary Anne Douglas. Educated public
school: Wanless Academy, Carillon
Junction, Que. Lumber business. Su-
perintendent Weyerhaeuser interests,
Mississippi River, Minnesota, in sum-
mer, and their logging camps, Wiscon-
sin pineries, winter, 1871-1904. Clubs:
Terminal City, Jericho Country. Ad-
dress: 1161 Broughton St., Vancouver,
B. C.

DOUGIiAS, Howard. — Commissioner of
Dominion Parks, Post Office Bldg., Ed-
monton. Born Halton County, Ont.,
May 8, 1852, son of Thomas and Char-
lotte Ross Douglas. Educated high
school, Waterdown. In wood and coal
business, Hamilton, 1876-1882. Came
to Alberta 1882; in charge of all sup-
plies, construction of C. P. R., Bran-
don, Man., to Revelstroke, B. C, 1882-.
1884; general cartage and coal busi-
ness, Calgary Cartage Co., 1884-1896;
built first dwelling house Calgary: Su-
perintendent Rocky Mountain Park,
Banff, 1896-1910; appointed . Commis-
sioner of all Dominion Parks with head-
quarters at Edmonton, 1910. Alder-
man Calgary, 1889-1891, during which
time was Chairman Public Works De-
partment. Married Alice Maude John-
ston, daughter of Captain William
.Tohnston, 1872; has three sons and one
daughter. Clubs: Edmonton, Ranch-
men's, Calgary. Societies: A. F. & A.


M.; I. O. O. F.; K. of P. Recrea-
tions: Hunting, fishing, riding. Liberal;
Methodist. Address: Edmonton, Alta.

DOUG-I^AS, Hon. Senator Rev. James
Moffat, D. D. — Born Linton, Bankhead,
Roxborough, Scotland, May 26, 1839. Ed-
ucated Toronto University; Knox Col-
lege; Princeton Seminary. Ordained to
ministry 1865. Pastor Presbyterian
Church, Uxbridge and Cobourg, Ont.;
Missionary to India and Chaplain to
British troops at Mhow, 1876-1882; sub-
sequently Minister, Brandon, Man.;
Moosomin, Sask. ; retired from Minis-
try, 1896, and engaged farming. Elect-
ed to House of Commons, 1896; re-elect-
ed 1900; summoned to Senate, 1906.
Married Jane Smith, Darlington, Ont.,
1861. Independent Liberal; Presbyter-
ian. Address: Tantallon, Sask.

BOUG-IiAS, Robert Blyth. — Of Doug-
las Bros., Ltd., Departmental Stores,
Whyte Ave., Strathcona. Born Lanark,
Ont., July 12, 1868, son of James and
Margaret Blyth Douglas. Educated pub-
lic schools Port Perry, Ont., and Win-
nipeg. Came to Manitoba 1878; dry
goods clerk, George Craig & Co., 1887;
came to Alberta and established pres-
ent business, 1899. President Strath-
cona Board of Trade, 1910-1911; mem-
ber Strathcona School Board, eight
years. Married Lillian Jackson, daugh-
ter of William Jackson of the Hud-
son's Bay Co., Winnipeg, 1893: has four
sons. Club: Strathcona. Society: I. O.
O. F. Recreation: Curling. Liberal;
Presbyterian. Address: 88 Main St.,
Strathcona, Alta.




BOUGI.AS, William Welsh.— Finan-
cial and Investment Broker. President
and manager Monarch Collieries Ltd
Taber. Born Uxbridge, Ont., Dec. 1?!
1873. son of Senator J. M. and Jane
Douglas. Educated public schools To-
ronto; Collegiate Institute. Brandon
Man. Farming, Saskatchewan, 1888-

1902; Dominion Government Lands Of-
fice, Lethbridge, Alta., 1902-1906. Mayor
Taber. 1908-1912. Married Laura J.
BIythe. 1894; has three sons and two
daughters. Societies: A. F. & A. M ■
I. O. O. F. Recreations: shooting cui-i-
ing. Liberal; Presbyterian. Address-
Taber, Alta.




DOVCfliAS, James McCrie, M. F. — Of

Douglas Bros., Ltd., Department Stores,
Whyte Ave., Strathcona. Born Mid-
dleville, Lanark County, Ont., Feb. 5,
1867, son of Rev. James and Margaret
Douglas. Educated Morris, Man. Came
to Edmonton, 1S94; established present
business, 1899. Elected to House of
Commons to fill vacancy caused by death
of Dr. Mclntyre, 1909; re-elected, 1911.
Member City Council, Strathcona, 1907-
1908; President Board of Trade, two
years. Married Mary Canieron Bicker-
ton, Glasgow, Scotland, 1904. Society:
A. F. & A. M. Liberal; Presbyterian.
Address: Strathcona, Alta.

DOTJOImAS, William Grrig-g-. — President
Carnefac Stock Food Co., Ltd., 188
Princess St., Winnipeg. Born Peter-
boro, Ont., Dec. 25, 1863, son of Thom-
as and Susan Douglas. Educated high
school, Newcastle. Came to Winnipeg
1882; grain business^ since 1888. Mem-
ber City Council 1907-1908-1909-1910;
Chairman Board of Health. Married
Katherine Isabella Stewart, "Winnipeg,
1890; has two sons and six daughters.
Clubs: Manitoba Hunt, Commercial
Travelers. Recreation: Horses. Liberal;
Presbyterian. Address: 449 William
Ave., Winnipeg, Man.

DOUGI^ASS, Marg-aret Ellen, M. B.,
C. M. — (Toronto, 1905.) Born Stanley,
N. B., daughter of Andrew and Martha
Best Douglass. Educated Edgehill,
Windsor, N. B. (medalist); Normal
School, Fredericton (First Class Cer-
tificate) ; University of New Brunswick;
Ontario Medical College for Women;
Toronto University; Trinity University.

House Physician New York Infirmary
for Women and Children and did spe-
cial post-graduate work other hospitals
Nwe York City, 1907-1908. Came to
Manitoba 1909. Medical Examiner for
Manitoba Government Telephone Co.;
Attending Physician to Children's Aid
Society; Clinician to Jewish Mission;
Treasurer and Charter member Wom-
en's University Club, Winnipeg; mem-
ber of Winnipeg Clinical and Medico-
Chirurgical Societies. Anglican. Ad-
dress: 136 Sherbrooke St., Winnipeg,

DOUIiIi, Very Rev. Alexander Jolin,
M. A. — Dean of Columbia, Rector of
Christ Church Cathedral, Victoria. Born
Halifax, Nov. 25, 1870, son of Alexander
Keith and Mary Doull. Educated Mer-
chiston, Edinburgh; Oxford University.
Ordained by Bishop of Ripon Deacon,
1896; Priest 1898; Curate Parish Church,
Leeds, England, 1896-1899. Curate

Church of the Advent, Montreal, 1899-
1901; Rector Church of the Advent,
Montreal, 1909-1910. Came to British
Columbia when appointed to present
oflices, 1910. Married Margaret (3-er-
trude Cundill, Montreal; has one son
and two daughters. Address: Victoria,
B. C.


DCWIiER, Prederick Albert. — Treas-
urer and Assistant General Manager
Alberta Pacific Elevator Co., Ltd., Grain
Exchange, Calgary. Born Huntingdon,
Que., Jan. 6, 1882, son of Joseph and
Alice Squire Dowler. Educated public
schools Ontario. Came to Alberta 1900.
Club: Alpine Club of Canada. Society:
I. O. O. F. Liberal; Congregational-
ist. Address: 1901 Seventh St. W., Cal-
gary, Alta.




DOWIiER, Iieo., B. A. A. — Architect,

Alexander Corner, Calgary. Born King-
ston, Ont., Sept. 13, 1876, son of Ricii-
ard and Henrietta Dowler. Educated
Kingston. Came to Alberta 1899; pres-
ent practice established 1904. Married
Mary Ann Livingston, Calgary, 1904;
has three sons and one daughter. Ad-
dress: 428 Boulevard N. W., Calgary,

I>OWI.i:b, William Arthur, B. A., K.

C. — Of Dowler & Dovv^ler, Barristers and
Solicitors, Ross Block, Fort William;
Director, Trusts and Guarantee Co., Ltd.;
Member Fort William Board of Trade;
Chairman, Parks Board. Born: Manotick,
Ont, April 26, 1862, son of Rev. John
A. and Mary Williams Dowler. Educated
Victoria University, (graduated, 1880).
Called to Ontario Bar, 1884; practised
alone, Tillsonburg, Ont., 1884-1895; mem-
ber of firm, Dowler & Sinclair, Tillson-
burg, 1895-1908; created K. C, 1895;
member of firm of Dowler & Dow-
ler, Fort William, 1908 to date. Served as
Warden, Oxford County, 1895; Reeve,
Tillsonburg, 1890-1895. Married Emily
Draper, 1887; has two sons. Club: Kam-
inistiquia. Societies: A. F. & A. M. ; I. O.
O. F. Recreations: Fisliing. camping.
Liberal; Methodist. Address: 211 North
Archibald St., Fort William, Ont.

DOWN, William Frazier— The Saska-
toon Co-Operative Realty Co., Financial
and Real Estate Brokers, Ferguson
Block, Saskatoon. Born Ashburton, Dev-
onshire, England, Jan. 13, 1865, son of
John and Mary Ann Down. Educated
grammar school, Ashburton. Retail gro-

cery and provision business, Ashburton,
1881-1885; with different grocery firms,
London, 1885-1897; manager, Elliotts,
I^imited, provisioners, Eastbourne, Sus-
s'x, 1897-1898; manager, Shapley &
Sons, Torquay, Devonshire, 1899-1902;
manager Ellerton & Son, Tiverton, 1902-
]!>06; in grocery and provision business
for himself, Sidmouth, 1906-1910; came
to Saskatoon and established present
business, 1911. Married Elizabeth Man-
tle Smith, London, 1888; has three sons
and two daughters. Recreations: swim-
ming, cycling. Baptist. Address: De-
vonia, Saskatchewan Ave., Saskatoon,

DOWNES, George Prancis, B, A. — Of

lownes & Marks, Barristers, Strath-
cona. Born Vienna, Ont., March 7,
1865, son of George Charles and Cecilia
Caroline Downes. Educated public and
ligh schools, Vienna; Toronto Univer-
sity, Osgoode Hall. Law student, Dela-
mere, Reesor, English & Ross, Toronto,
1S88; subsequently with A. G. F. Law-
re ice, Toronto. Called to Ontario Bar
1S91; came to Alberta 1903; practiced
pirtnership with N. D. Mills, Strath-
coTia, 1905-1906; formed present part-
r rship, 1910. Married Mary Alice Frost,
iroS; has one son. Clubs: Strathcona;
St-athcona Gun. Society: A. F. & A.
/ tldress: 49 Third Ave., E., Edmonton
Citation B), Alta.

DOWNEY, Harold Im. — Manager Cal-
ory Garage Co., 15th Ave and 1st St.
E.. Calgary. Born New York, May 18,
1884, son of John R. and Mary Louise
Downey. Educated New York. Yale
University. Real estate business. New
York, 1903. Came to Alberta 1904.
Clubs: Calgary, Ranchmen's. Recrea-
tions: Golf, motoring. Address: Elbow
P;irk, Calgary, Alta.

DOWSIiEY, Arthur M. — Of the Dows-
ley-Mulhern Land Co., Farm Lands, City
Real Estate and General Financial
Agents, Lethbridge. Born Owen Sound,
Ont., son of Thomas B. Dowsley, manu-
facturer. Undergraduate of Toronto
University; partner Dowsley & Hatton,
druggists, Owen Sound, 1897-1901; pro-
moted the Dowsley Spring Axle Com-
pany, Ltd., of Chatham, Ont., and was
a Director and Manager of same for two



years. Member of Lethbridge Board
of Trade. Anglican. Address: Leth-
bridge, Alta.


DRAYTON, Charles Robert. — Manager
Vancouver Financial Corporation, 210
Dominion Trust Bldg., Vancouver. Born
Barbadoes, West Indies, son of Philip
Henry and Margaret Drayton. Educat-
ed England and Toronto. Came to Van-
couver 1904. General Agent three In-
surance Companies; Inspector for twen-
ty years Canada Permanent Loan Co.;
organized Vancouver Financial Corpora-
tion, 1908. Married Lydia Howland.
Clubs: Vancouver, Western. Independ-
ent; Anglican. Address: 1620 Burnaby
St., Vancouver, B. C.

DREW, Georg-e Elkanah, M. D Phy-
sician and Surgeon, 56 Sixth St., Now
Westminster; Director Dominion Trust
Co., Ltd.; Director Columbia Securities
Co., Ltd. Born Petite Riviere, N. S.,
June 21, 1857, son of W. S. and Cas-
sandra Drew. Educated Mount Allison,
N. B. ; University of New York (Med-
ical Department). Practiced Petite Riv-
iere, 1881-1893; came to British Colum-
bia 1894; has practiced New Westmin-
ster since. Married Ada E. Drew, Petite
Riviere, N. S., 1S85; has two daugh-
ters. Societies: I. O. O. F.; R. T. of
T. Recreations: Billiards, chess. Lib-
eral; Methodist. Address: 56 Sixth St.,
New Westminster, B. C.


DREWRV, Edward Iiancaster. — Pro-
prietor Redwood Factories. Born Lon-
don, England, Feb. 6, 1851, son of Ed-
ward Drewry. Educated St. Paul, Minn.
Engaged brewing business St. Paul,
1870. Came to Winnipeg 1877. Presi-
dent Winnipeg General Hospital; Chair-
man Western Board, Union Bank of
Canada; President Garton Pedigree
Seed Co.; Chairman Winnipeg Parks
Board, 1893-1897; City Council, 1883-
1884; Member Manitoba Legislature,
1S86-1888; President Winnipeg Board of
Trade, 1899. Married Eliza Starkey,
St. Paul, 1874; has three sons and four
daughters. Clubs: Manitoba, St. Charles
Country, Adanac, Carleton. Recreations:
Motoring, golf, boating. Conservative;
Anglican. Address: Redwood, St. John's,
Winnipeg, Man.




I>Ri:WRY, Frederick William — Man-
ager Redwood Factories, Winnipeg;
Director Home Investment and Savings
Association; Director Manitoba Linseed
Oil Mills; Director Arctic Ice Co.: Di-
rector Nortliern Empire Fire Insurance
Co. Born Newport, England, Aug. C,

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