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1855, son of Edward and Caroline
Drewry, Educated St. Paul, Minn. Malt-
ing and brewery business, St. Paul, 1875.
Came to Winnipeg, 1881. President Win-
nipeg Board of Trade; President Winni-
peg Parks Board, 1907. Married Au-
gusta E. Kiefer, daughter Col. A. R.
Kiefer, St. Paul, 1881. Clubs: Manitoba;
Carleton; St. Charles Country; Pine
Ridge Golf (Winnipeg); ex-President
Commercial Travelers. Societies: K. P.;
A. O. U. W. ; Royal Society of Arts (Lon-
don, England). Conservative; Anglican.
Address: Redwood, St. John's, Winnipeg,

SREWBY, William Stewart, C. £., D.
Ii. S., B. C. I.. S., O. Ii. S.^Chief Water
Commissioner for Province of British
Columbia, in charge of Irrigration and
Hydraulic Work. Born Belleville, Ont.,
Jan. 20, 1859, son of John B. and Glori-
anna Drewry. Educated Oswego, N. Y.
Surveyor and Civil Engineer Belleville,
1878. Came to British Columbia, 1893.
Had charge triangulation survey Rocky
Mountains; Engineer for various mining
companies Slocan District, B. C. ; Pres-
ident Corporation of British Columbia
Land Surveyors. Married Clare Lil-
lian Hazard, Belleville, Ont.; has one
son. Clubs: Union, Nelson. Societies:
Canadian Society C. E. ; Canadian Min-
ing Institute; National Geographical So-
ciety. Address: Victoria, B. C.


BBEWRY, George. — Wholesale Wine
and Liquor Merchant. Born St. Paul,
Minn., Oct. 12, 1861, son of Edward
and Eliza Drewry. Educated public
schools St. Paul, Minn. Came to On-
tario, 1883. Ex-President Kenora Row-
ing Club; President Kenora Board of
Trade, 1895. Recreation: Fishing, shoot-
ing. Anglican. Address: Kenora, Ont.

DBEYEB, BeV' Wilhelm Georg'e Oer-
liard. — General Financial Missionary for
the Diocese of Saskatchewan. Born
Orillia, Ont., Jan. 7, 1869, son of Ger-
hard Carl Christian and Eliza McNut-
ter Dreyer. Educated public and high
schools, Orillia; Toronto University;
Wycliffe Theological College, Toronto.
Ordained Deacon, 1894; Priest, 1895.
Incumbent, North Essa, Simcoe Coun-
ty, Ont., 1894-1902; Rural Dean of South
Simcoe, 1900-1910; Rector of Beeton and
Tottenham, Ont, 1902-1910; came to
Saskatchewan, 1910. Married Gertrude
Anna Louise Law, daughter of William
DeWitt Clinton Law, M. D., 1895; has
five daughters. Society: L. O. L. (Chap-
lain) ; A. F. & A. M. Conservative;
Anglican. Address: Prince Albert, Sask.




DRUMMON-D-HAY, Humphry Binffler

—Of Campbell, Pittalado & Co., Barris-
ters and Solicitors, Farmer Bldg , Win-
"iPeg- Born Belmont, Man., June 7,
1S86, son of Charles Drummond-Hay, of
an old Perthshire family. Educated:
luckwells school, Winnipeg-. Law stu-
dent with Ewart, Fisher & Wilson, Win-
nipeg, 1903-1905; student with Camp-

bell, Pitblado & Co., 1906-1911; called
to Manitoba bar, 1911; joined present
firm, 1912. Married Katherine May
Bury, daughter of George J. Bury, Vice-
President, C. P. R., 1912. Recreations:
football, rowing, riding, snow-shoeing.
Conservative; Anglican. Address Assi-
niboine Court, Winnipeg, Man.


DBURV, Richard !• — Manager Mu-
tual Life Assurance Co. of Canada, for
Vancouver Island, 918 Government St.,
Victoria; Director and Treasurer Ba-
keries, Ltd.; Member of Council Vic-
toria Board of Trade. Born Barrie,
Ont., May 3, 1863, son of Richard and
Catherine Low Drury. Educated Col-
legiate Institute, Barrie. Insurance,
Victoria, 1890; with present company
since 1896. Unsuccessful candidate to
House of Commons for Victoria, 1900;
elected to British Columbia Legislature
for Victoria, 1903; unsuccessful 1906;
Member of Victoria School Board, 1900-
1903; Chairman, 1903; Director Royal
Jubilee Hospital, Victoria, 1902-1906;
Dominion Government Commissioner at-
tached to British Embassy, Tokio, 1908.
Married Alice Cusack, St. Thomas, Ont..
1891; has three sons and one daughter.
Club: Pacific. Society: I. O. O. F. Rec-
reation: Motoring. Liberal; Methodist.
Address: Kenilworth, Foul Bay, Victoria,
B. C.

BSYSDAIii:, Gordon,— President Gor-
don Drysdale, Ltd., Dry Goods, 575
Granville St., Vancouver. Born Col-
chester, N. S., April 8, 1859, son of
George and Margaret Drysdale. Edu-
cated Colchester public schools. Came
to British Columbia and founded pres-
ent firm, 1892. Married Maria Mslc-
Gregor, 1887; has two sons and one
daughter. Address: 825 Broughton St.,
Vancouver, B. C.

DBYSDAIiE, William Frederick, BI. D.

— Physician. Born Pakenliam, Ont.,
Oct. 24, 1867, son of Alexander and
Martha Drysdale. Educated McGill
University. Medical Assistant Mont-
real General Hospital, 189 4. Came to
Nanaimo, 1895. City Medical Health
Officer, Nanaimo; Government Physician
to Indians. Married Catherine Cuba
Allan, Nanaimo, 1900; has one daugh-
ter. Club: Nanaimo. Societies: A. F.
& A. M. ; K. T. ; Eagles. Recreations:
Lacrosse, shooting. Address: Stewart
Ave., New castle Townsite, Nanaimo,
B. C.

DUBUC, Albert, B. A.^Of Dubuc,
Beaupre & Mondon, Barristers and Solic-
itors, Canada Life Bldg., Winnipeg. Born
St. Boniface, Man., March 26, 1882, son
of Anne Henault and Sir .Toseph Dubuc,
ex-Chief Justice of Manitoba and Vice-
Chancellor of Manitoba University. Edu-
cated St. Boniface College; Manitoba
University. Admitted to Manitoba Bar
1904 and has practiced Winnipeg since.
Unsuccessful candidate Manitoba Legis-
lature for St. Boniface, 1910. Married
1911, Marie Paule Brault, Northmount
Montreal. Clubs: Carleton, Catholic,
Laurier. Societies: K. of C. ; Alliance Na-
tionale; C. O. F. Liberal; Roman Cath-
olic. Address: 132 Eugenie St., Nor-
wood, Man.

DUBUC, Alexandre Joseph Henri, M.A.

— Of Dubuc & Towers, Barristers, 216
Portage Ave., Winnipeg. Born St. Bon-
iface, Man., July 31, 1873, son of Sir
Joseph and Marie Anne Dubuc. Edu-
cated St. Boniface College; Manitoba
University. Called to IManitoba Bar
1896 and practiced Winnipeg since. Con-
sul for Belgium. Married Alice Conil-
lard de 'Epinay, Montreal, 1903; has
two sons. Clubs: Manitoba; St. Charles
Country, Catholic. Conservative; Ro-
man Catholic. Address: 159 Hargrave
St., Winnipeg, Man.


DUBUC, Sir Joseph, B.C.I.. — (Retired.)
E.x-Chief Justice of Manitoba. Born St.
Martine, Que., Dec. 26, 1840, son of
Joseph and Marie Euphemie Dubuc.
Educated Montreal College; McGill Uni-
versity. Called to Quebec Bar 1869:
called to Manitoba Bar 1870; elected
Manitoba's first Legislature, 1870; re-
elected 1874; Attorney General 1874;
Speaker of House, second Legislature,
1875-1878; member of Council North-
tvest Territories, 1872; legal adviser of
same, 1872; elected to House of Com-
mons for Provencher, 1878; appointed
Judge of Court of King's Bench, 1879,
Chief Justice of same Court, as well
as Chief Justice of Manitoba, 1903;
three times appointed administrator of
Government during absence of Lieuten-
ant Governor, 1904-1909; retired on (jt-n-
sion after thirty years on Bench, 1909.
Vice-Chancellor Manitoba University.
Married Marie Anne Wenault, St. Cuth-
bert. Que., 1872; has five sons and
five daughters. Roman Catholic. Ad-
dress: Winnipeg, Man.



DUFBESNE, John Charles, C. E.

Civil and Irrigation Engineer, Sliatford
Block, Penticton. Born Dublin, Ireland,
June 30, 1S74, son of Charles A. and
Adelaide Dufresne. Educated: private
schools, England; Roval College of
Science, Dublin. Came to Canada, 1893;
Mechanical Department, G. T R Mon-
treal, 1893-1894; Metallyrgical office.
Hall Mines, Ltd., Nelson, B. C, 1896-
1898; associated with several mining
companies in British Columbia, 1S9S-
1902; Superintendent of Agencies, W. P.
Stephenson & Co., Manila, P. I., 1902-
1905; associated with Amalgamated Gold
Mines, Ltd., New York, installing 120
stamp mill netr Quartzsite, Arizona,
1905-1906; Superintendent, Canadian Met-
al Co. Ltd., Blue Bell Mine, Nelson, 1906-
1908; City Engineer, Nelson, 190S; in-
stalled cyanide plant, Marysville, Mon-
tana, 1909; Hydrographic Engineer, De-
partment of Lands, Victoria. 1910-1911;
practised, Penticton, since 1911; since
coming to Penti.cton has been consult-
ing engineer for Southern Okanagan
Lands Co. Married Eleanor Kate Her-
bert, 1906; has one daughter. Societies:
A. F. & A. M.; Canadian Society of Civil
Engineers; Canadian Mining Institute.
Recreations: boating, shooting. c5)on-
servative; Roman Catholic. Address:
Penticton, B. C.

DUG-AS, Hon Caliste Aime. — Senior
.Judge of the Territorial Court of Yu-
kon. Born St. Reini, Que., Feb. 11,
1845, son of Clotilde Oligny and Adolph
Dugas, M. D. Educated Montreal Col-
lege. Called to Quebec Bar 1868; mem-
ber of firm Girouard & Dugas, Mont-
real, 1869-1874: afterwards Longpre &
Dugas; appointed Presiding Judge of
Court of Sessions and Police Court
Magistrate 1878; appointed Senior Judge
of the Territorial Court of Yukon, 1898,
being the first Judge appointed in the
Territory. Unsuccessful candidate to
Quebec Legislature for Hochelaga Coun-
ty, 1878. Served as Major and after-
wards Lieutenant Colonel 65th Regi-
ment, 1878-1892, retaining rank .of Lieu-
tenant Colonel. Married Mary Susanne
Markin, Montreal, 1869 (deceased); mar-
ried Matilda Anna Graham, Goderich,
Ont., 1910; has one son. Roman Cath-
olic. Address: Dawson, Y. T.

DUCrAS. Very Rev. Msg-r. Francois
Azarie. — Vicar-General; Cure St. Boni-
face Cathedral. Born St. Jacques de
L'Achigan, Que., March 12, 1852, son of
Alexandre Dugas -and Eimilie Poirier.
Educated I'Assomption College, I'As-
somptlon, Que., joined its staff as Pro-
fessor of Literature, 1874; Chambley,
Que., 1878; St. Boniface, 1884; St. An-
drews, Que., 1SS9: St. Boniface, 1899.
Address: Archbishop's Palace, St. Bon-
iface, Man.


DUGGAN, David Milwyn. — Of Dug-
gan & Duggan, Real Estate and Finan-
cial Agents, Medicine Hat and Nanton;
President Duggan & Duggan, Ltd.; suc-
cessfully farms 1,500 acres in Southern
Alberta. Born Llandrindod Wells,
Wales, May 5, 1879, son of Thomas and
Frances Duggan. Educated public
schools. Merchant Llandrindod Wells.
1902-1905. Came to Alberta, 1905; pres-
ent partnership formed 1909. Council-
lor Nanton, 1910-1912. Married Marion
Price, Presteign, Wales, 1902; has two
sons and two daughters. Recreations:
Shooting. Conservative; Baptist. Ad-
dress: Nanton, Alta.

SUGRE, Adelard, S. J. — Professor of
Classics and French Literature, St. Bon-
iface College. Born Pointe-du-Lac, Que.,
June 15, 1881, son of Joseph Dougre.
Educated Thois-Rivieres, Que. Entered
Society of Jesus, 1899. Came to St.
Boniface 1906. Director of the Cercle
La Verandrye of the A. C. J. C. Ad-
dress: St. Boniface, Man.

DUliMAGE, Anson. — Druggist and
Stationer, 268 Second Ave.. Saskatoon.
Born Clifford, Ont., Sept. 11, 1881, son
of Robert Dwight and Mary Dulmage.
Came to Saskatoon with his parents.
1884. Educated public schools Saska-
toon and Brandon; Ontario College of
Pharmacy. Drug clerk with D. W. Mac-
donald, Edmonton, 1898; opened drug
store North Battleford, 1905; sold out
and opened store Saskatoon, 1906; pur-
chased Saskatoon Drug & Stationery



Co. from E. S. Blain, 1907, which he
now operates besides his other store.
Lieutenant 95th Saskatchewan Rifles.
Married Eva Gertrude Ostrander, Win-
nipeg, 1906; has two sons. Club: Sas-
katoon. Society: K. of P. Recrea-
tions: Curling, tennis, golf. Address:
922 Spadina Crescent, Saskatoon, Sask.

BUMBIiETON, Alan Southey.— -Barris-
ter, 531 Bastion St., Victoria. Born
Cape Town, South Africa, son of Henry
and Clara Marian Garcia Dumbleton.
Educated Marlborough College, Eng-
land. Came to British Columbia 1889.
Called to British Columbia Bar, 1890.
Has practiced Victoria since. Married
Mabel Constance Cookes, Cheltenham,
England; has three daughters. Recrea-
tions: Shooting, fishing. Address: 1038
McClure St., Victoria, B. C.

DuMOUIiIN, Philip. — Manager Bank
of Montreal, Kelowna. Born Montreal,
Oct. 31, 1868, son of Frances Mary and
late Very Rev. .John Philip Du-
Moulin, Bishop of Niagara. Edu-
cated public and normal schools,
Montreal; Trinity College school. Port
Hope; Trinity Medical College, To-
ronto. Clerk Bank of Montreal, Toronto,
1887-1893; Ottawa, 1893-1897: New
"V^^estminster, 1898-1898; Accountant,
New Denver, 1898-1899; Assistant Ac-
rountant, Victoria, 1899-1902; Account-
ant, Nelson, 1902-1905; Manager Kelow-
na branch since 1905, Married Amy
Louisa Theodora Martin, daughter of
late Edward Martin, K. C, D. C. L.,
Hamilton, 1899;- has three sons. Club:
Kelowna. Recreations: Outdoor sports.
Anglican. Address: Kelowna, B. C.


BUNBAR, Charles Trott. — Investor

Timber, INlines and Real Estate. Born

Newport, R. X., Dec. 22, 1861. Clerk
National German American Bank, St.
Paul, Minn. Engaged stock and real
estate business St. Paul 1885. Carfie to
British Columbia 1889. Clubs: Vancou-
ver, Jericho Country, Terminal City.
Address: 520 Winch Bldg., Vancouver,
B. C.

DUNCAN, Gaylen Rupert, B. Sc, M.

Sc. — Of G. R. Duncan & Co., Insurance
and Real Estate Brokers, 426 Victoria
Ave., Fort William. Born Ottawa, Ont.,
Feb. 7, 1878, son of Frederick Thomas
and Harriet Jane Hillman Duncan. Ed-
ucated: High Schools; McGill Univer-
sity. Electrical Engineer, Montreal Pipe
l^oundry. Three Rivers, Que., 1901; later
with Canada Iron Corporation; estab-
lished present business. 1909. Captain,
96th Regiment, Fort William. Married
Florence .Benedict Stewart, 1903; has
two daughters. Club: Kaministiquia.
Societies: A. F. & A. M. ; Shriner. Rec-
reations: farming, motoring, motor-
boating. Liberal; Presbyterian. Address:
318 South Archibald St., Fort William,

1>UNCAN, Georg-e. — Of Duncan &
Scrimgeour, . Barristers, 142 Hastings
St. W., Vancouver. Born Kirkcaldy,
Scotland, June 11, 1869, son of Robert
Robertson and Catherine Duncan. Edu-
cated high school Kirkcaldy; Edinburgh
University. Practiced Kirkcaldy until
1907; came to British Columbia and
commenced practice 1908. Solicitor to
St. Andrew's and Caledonian Society.
Address: Vancouver, B. C.

M. D., C. M.

SUNCA.N, Georg-e Edward, M. D., C.

M. — Physician and Surgeon, Barnard
Ave, Vernon; Member of Council Ver-
non Board of Trade; City Medical
Health Officer, Vernon. Born Ayrshire,
Scotland, March 27, 1867, son of Henry
and Elizabeth Atkinson Duncan. Came



to Manitoba, 1888. Educated: Manitoba
University, graduated 1893; post grad-
uate worls Chicago, 1894-1899. Came to
British Columbia, 1900 and lias prac-
ticed Kootenay and Vernon since. Mem-
ber of Executive Central Conservative
Association of British Columbia. Mar-
ried Jane C. Welch, 1894; has two
daughters. Society: A. F. & A. M. Con-
servative; Anglican. Address: Vernon,
B. C.

DUNCAN, Hugrh. — Druggist, Whyte
Ave. and Main St., Strathcona. Born
Almonte, Ont., June 30, 1866, son of
James and Elizabeth Lockhart Duncan.
Educated high school Almonte; Ontario
College of Pharmacy. Drug clerk with
M. Patterson, Almonte and Vankleek
Hill, 1892-1904; came to Alberta and
established present business 1904. Al-
derman, Vankleek Hill, 1900. Member
Strathcona Board of Trade. Married
Clara Louise Lendrum, Strathcona, 1896;
has two sons and one daughter. So-
cieties: A. P. & A. M.; I. O. O. F.;
I. O. F. ; K. of P. Recreations: Curl-
ing, baseball, tennis. Presbyterian. Ad-
dress: Main and Fourth Ave. N., Strath-
cona, Alta.


DUNCAN, Jolin Beid — Manager, Vul-
can Iron Works, Ltd., Front St., New
Westminster; Managing Director, North
American Theatre Co.; Director, People's
Trust Building, Ltd.: President, New
Westminster Board of Trade. Born Lar-
bert, Stirlingshire, Scotland, June 17,
1880, son of William and Janet Reid
Duncan. Educated: Larbert Schools;
Coltbridge School, Edinburgh. Oflfice
boy, Carron Iron Works, Larbert, 1894-
1896; shops, Dobbie, Forbes & Co., Lar-

bert, 1896-1901; works Clerk, Anderson
Bros., Glasgow, 1901-1902; assistant to
purchasing agent, Carron Works, Lar-
bert, 1902-1906; with J. McDougal Iron
Works, Ltd., Montreal, 1906; bookkeep-
er, Vulcan Iron Works, New Westmins-
ter, 1908; secretary and manager since
1909. Married Agnes Callan Lee Hun-
ter, Vancouver, 1907; has one daughter.
Club: Westminster. Society: Hoo Hoo.
Recreations: football, golf, amateur dra-
matics. Presbyterian, Address: .316
Third St., New Westminster, B. C.

DUNCAN, Kenneth Forrest — Of Mut-
ter & Duncan, Financial Agents, Duncan;
Managing Director, Cowichan Leader
Printing & Publishing Co. Ltd.; member
of Council, Duncan Board of Trade.
Born Dunoan, B. C, March 7, 1881, son
of W. C. and Sarah Duncan. Educated:
public schools and by private tuition.
Civil Service, Dominion Government,
Ottawa, 1901-1903; farming, Duncan,
1903-1907; established present business,
1907. Served as Mayor, Duncan, 1912.
Director Emergency Hospital. Married
Agnes Paterson, 1912. Club: Cowichan
County. Societies: A. F. & A. M. ; A.
O. F., and C. O. W. W. Recreatons
shooting, tennis, golf. Liberal; Anglican.
Address: Duncan, B. C.


DUNCAN, Peter Cuthtoert— President
of P. C. Duncan Co. Ltd., General Mer-
chants, Esteven. Born Perth County,
Ont., May 8, 1862, son
Joan Robinson Duncan,
lie schools. Perth County,
itoba, 1882; member of police force,
Brandon, 1883-1887; chief of police,
Brandon, 1887-1890; with construction
department, C. P. R.. 1890-1892; inter-
ested in coal mines, Estevan, 1892; liv-

of James and
Educated: pub-
Came to Man-



ery business, Estevan, 1892-1895; estab-
lished present business, 1895; elected
Mayor by acclamation, 1912. Served as
Alderman, Estevan, nine years; Police
Magistrate, since 1900; Coroner for dis-
trict; member Estevan High School and
Public Board. Married Jessie McNeil,
daughter of Laughlin McNeil, 1886; has
one son and two daughters. Societies:
A. F. & A. M.; I. O. O. F.; C. O. F.
Recreations: curling, rifle shooting. Lib-
eral; Presbyterian. Address: Estevan,


DUNCAN, •William Henry. — Of Wil-
loughby & Dyncan, Contractors, Regina;
Vice-President Beaver Lumber Co., one
of the largest lumber concerns in Can-
ada; Regina Lumber and Supply Co.;
Director Western Manufacturing Co.;
Secretary-Treasurer Construction Co. of
Regina; Director Capital Ice Co. Born
near Almonte, Ont., March 4, 1858, son
of James and Elizabeth Duncan. Edu-
cated high school, Almonte. Taught
school Manitoba 1879-1881; came to
Regina and engaged farming 1882; mer-
cantile business. Saskatoon, 1890; with
Charles Willoughby, contractor and lum-
ber dealer, Regina, 1891; partner 1898.
Member Victoria Hospital Board, 1905-
1907; Alderman Regina, 1891-1892; Mem-
ber of High School and College Insti-
tute Board since 1907. Married Mary
Grassick, Regina, 1890; has two daugli-
ters. Club: Canadian. Societies: A. V.
& A. M.; C. O. F. ; Regina Society of
Art, Literature and Science. Recre-
ations: Baseball, football, skating, curl-
ing. Liberal; Presbyterian. Address:
2074 Cornwall St., Regina, Sask.


DXTNBON, William P. — Barrister and
Solicitor, Medicine Hat. Born Limerick,
Ireland, Aug. 19, 1886, son of John and
Anne Dundon. Educated Clongowes
Wood College; Royal University of Ire-
land. Solicitor, High Court of Justice,
Ireland, 1907. Came to Alberta and
called to bar, 1910; solicitor for the
Town of Redcliff; the Redcliff Rolling
Mills & Bolt Co., Ltd.; the Quebec Bank.
Club: Cypress. Liberal; Roman Catho-
lic. Address: Medicine Hat, Alta.


DUNHAM, Guy Leon. — Real Estate,
Insurance and Financial Broker. Born
Moncton, N. B., April 4, 1884, son of
Gilford Oscar and Hannah Bell Wort-
man Dunham. Educated public schools,
Moncton. Bookkeeper for George Rob-
ertson, Moncton, 1902; Inspector Mac-
kenzie & Mann, Winnipeg, 1903-1905;
real estate agent, Winnipeg, 1905-1910.
Present business established 1910. Mar-
ried Florence McKenzie, Charlottetown,
P. B. I., 1909. Society: I. O. O. F.
Liberal; Baptist. Address: Medicine
Hat, Alta.



DUNK, Frederick Arthur. — Druggist.
Born Toronto, Dec. 20, 1879, son of
Samuel and Elizabeth Walton Dunk.
Educated public and high schools, To-
ronto. Apprentice with Carnahan Bros.,
1896. Came West as Staff Sergeant
Army Medical Corps, 1905, purchased
discharge and established present busi-
ness, 1906. Served as private 10th C. F.
H., South Africa, 1901-1902. Married
Flora Bison, La Broquerie, Man., 1906;
has two sons and two daughters. Club:
Crooked Lake Motor Boat. Societies: A.
F. & A. M. (Master Grayson Lodge); R.
A. M. ; K. T. Recreations: shooting-,
motoring, boating, Ashing. Liberal; An-
glican. Address: Grayson, Sask.


DUNI.EVY, Stanley Paul. — Timber
and Farm Lands, Dominion Trust Bldg.,
Vancouver. Born Victoria, B. C, Feb.
8, 1885, son of Peter Curran and Jane
Elizabeth Dunlevy. Educated public
schools Victoria; Gonzaga College, Spo-
kane. General merchant under firm
name Dunlevy Bros., Hazleton, 1905-
1908; mining. Cariboo district, 1908;
established present business 1909. Mar-
ried Bertha Elsie Joos, Kansas City,
Mo. Conservative; Roman Catholic. Ad-
dress: Stadacana Court, Vancouver, B.C.


DUNN, Frederic E. — Of Tomlinson &
Dunn, Real Estate and Financial Brok-
ers, 401 Drinkle Block, Saskatoon. Born
Boston, Mass., May 21, 1881, son of
David and Annie E. Dunn. Educated
high school and business college. Ac-
countant, Maritime Dairy Co., Sussex,
N. B. ; accountant, Parrish & Lindsay,
grain dealers, Winnipeg, 1906; present
partnership formed, 1911. Married Ada
P. Kilburn, Saskatoon, 1906; has one
son and two daughters. Conservative.
Address: 412 25th St., W., Saskatoon,

DUNSHEATH, John H. — President
Dunsheath-MacMillan Co., Ltd., 500
Grain Exchange, Winnipeg. Born Bow-
manville, Ont., May 31, 1873, son of
John and Fannie Dunsheath. Educated
high school Streetville. Clerk Lake of
the Woods Milling Co., Keewatin, 1891.
Came to Winnipeg, 1896. Married Ethel
Isabel Banning, Keewatin, 1906. Club:
Carleton. Liberal. Address: 139 Har-
vard Ave., Winnipeg, Man.

DUBHAM, Mahel T. — Journalist, Van-
couver Daily Province. Born Ontario.
Educated high school. Came to British
Columbia 1903. Clubs: Georgian, Can-
adian Women's Press, Alpine Club of
Canada. Address: 843 Cardero St., Van-
couver, B. C.




DUNNING, Charles A.— General Man-
as*''", Saskatchewan Co-Operative Eleva-
tor Co., Ltd., operating 140 elevators in
Saskatchewan, Leader Bldg., Regina;
Vice-President, Saskatchewan Grain
Growers' Assn.; Member of Executive
Board, Canadian Council of Agriculture.
Born Leicpstersliire, England, July 31,
1885, son of Samuel and Katherine Dunn-

ing. Educated: Public Schools. Came to
Saskatchewan, 1902; farmed Beaverdale,
Sask., since 1903. Organized Saskat-
'chewan Co-Operative Elevator Co. Ltd.,
1911; contributes to the press articles
on grain crop and liandling of same.
Clubs: Commercial (Regina) and Canad-
ian (Regina). Baptist. Address: Regina,




BUNSMUIB, Hon. James. — Born State
of Washington, United States, July 8,
1851, son of late Hon. Robert Dunsmuir.
Educated Nanaimo and Dundas, Ont.,
later took course military school Black-
burn, Va. Started work in the several
departments of the extensive mining
operations carried on by his father
1868. President and Chief Stockholder
of the Wellington Colliery Co., which
owned and operated coal mines at Wel-
lington, Comox, Alexandria, Vancouver
Island, and in which 3500 men are em-
ployed; sold to Mackenzie & Mann, 1910.

Owns 20,000 acres in British Columbia;
sold Esquimau and Nanaimo Ry. to C.
P. R. with a million and a half acres
of land. First elected to Legislature of
British Columbia 1898; called upon to
form an administration and was Pre-
mier and President of the Council from
1900 until his resignation, 1902. Ap-
pointed Lieutenant-Governor of British
Columbia 1906; resigned 1909. Married
Laura Miller Surles, North Carolina,
1876; has nine children. Club: Union.
Address: Victoria, B. C.



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