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BUTCHER, Howard K., B. Sc, M. Sc.

— Of Dutcher, Maxwell & Co., Engineers
and Surveyors, 319 Pender St., Vancou-
ver, and Calgary; President "Western
Engineering Co., Ltd.; Associate Mem-
ber and Secretary Vancouver branch
Canadian Society of Civil Engineers.
Born Milltovi^n, N. B., Oct. 5, 1878, son
of Rev. C. W. and Katherine E. Howatt
Dutcher. Educated Prince of Wales
College; McGill University. Construction
engineer Boston Elevated Ry., 1900-1902;
assistant manager Allis-Chalmers-Bul-
lock, Cincinnati, 1904-190.5; lecturer, hy-
(li-aulic engineering, McGill University,
1905-1906; came to Vancouver, 1906; pro-
fessor of civil engineering, McGill Uni-
versity College, 1906. Married Neoma
Tye lolanthe Snowdon, 1907; has one son
and one davigliter. Club: Western. So-
ciety: A. F. & A. M. Conservative;
Presbyterian. Address: Shaughnessy
Heights, Vancouver, B. C.

DVVAIm, Frederic Seal, B. A., M. A.,
D. D. — Pastor of Knox Church, Winni-
peg. Born Prince George, ,Md., May 31,
1847, son of Edward W. and Mary Du-
Val. Educated Highstown (N. J.) Class-
ical Institute; Princeton University;
Princeton Theological Seminary. Pas-
tor First Presbyterian Church, Wil-
mington, Del., 1875-1884; Presbyterian
Church, Toledo, Ohio, 1884; Winnipeg
since 1888. Elected Moderator, General
Assembly of Presbyterian Church of
Canada, 1908; represented Canada Pres-
byterian Church Tercentenary celebra-
tion, Quebec, 1908; commissioned to rep-
resent Canada Presbyterian Church,

World's Presbyterian Council New York,
1908; commissioned to represent Can-
ada Presbyterian Church, four hun-
dredth anniversary birth John Calvin,
Geneva, Switzerland. Honored with
second degree of D. D. by Knox Col-
legfe. Married Corinne Kearfott, Phil-
adelphia, 1875; has three sons and four
daughters. Non-partisan; Presbyterian.
Address: 59 Donald St., Winnipeg, Man.

A. B. (Harvard), LL. B.

DUTTON, William F., A. B. (Har-
vard), I.I.. B. — Of the Great West Lum-
ber Co. Born Sycamore, 111., April 25,
1872, son of Everell F. and Rosina A.
Dutton. Educated Harvard University;
Harvard Law School. Practiced law
Chicago, 1899. Came to Winnipeg, 1902.
Married Blanche W. Blue, Montpelier, O.,
1901 (deceased); has two sons. Clubs:
Manitoba; St. Charles Country; Harvard-
(Chicago). Recreation: Travel. Inde-
pendent. Address: 34 Edmonton, Win-
nipeg, Man.

DYKE, Frederick "William. — Capitalist.
Born St. Blazey, Cornwall, England,
March 15, 1865, son of Edwin George
Dyke, F. G. S., and Emma Dyke. Edu-
cated Weston House School, St. Austell,
England. Came to British Columbia,
1888; established and member of firm
Dyke & • Craus, 1888-1910. Conductor
Vancouver Choral and Orchestral So-
ciety. Club: Terminal City. Recrea-
tion: Music. Conservative. Address:
752 Granville St., Vancouver, B. C.




SuVEBNET* Bt. Bev. Fred. Herbert,
D. D. — Bishop of Caledonia. Born Heni-
mingford, Que., Jan. 20, 1860. son of
Rev. Edward DuVernet (Canon of
Christ's Church Cathedral, Montreal),
and Frances Ellegood. Educated King's
College, Windsor, N. S.; Toronto Uni-
versity; Wycliffe College and Trinity
College, Toronto; ordained Deacon, 1883;
Priest, 1884; elected Bishop of Caledonia,
Nov. 20, 1904, his diocese including
northern half of British Columbia. Pro-

fessor Wycliffe College, 1885-1895; edi-
tor Canadian Church Missionary Glean-
er, 1894-1901; associate editor New Era,
1901-1904; Rector St. John's Church, W.
Toronto, 1895-1904; elected president of
the Anglican Theological College of
British Columbia, 1912. Married Stella
Yates, Kingston, 1885; has one son
and one daughter. Recreation: Sailing.
Address: Fourth Ave., Prince Rupert,
B. C.



DYKE, Georg-e J.— Mercantile Trust
Co., Ltd., 103 Winch Bldg., Vancouver.
Born St. Blazey, Cornwall, England,
Aug. 31, 1865, son of Edwin George
Dyke, F. G. S., and Emma Ann (Ben-
nett) Dyke. Educated St. Austell gram-
mar school, England. Ranched South-
ern Assiniboia, Northwest Territory;
came to Vancouver and member of firm
of Dyke & Craus, 188S-1910; present
business since 1910. Member Vancouver
School Board; President Devon, Corn-
wall and Somerset Club, Vancouver; ex-
Secretary Vancouver Kennel Club; ex-
Secretary Trinity College of Music,
London, England. Married Gertrude
Cokayne McKenney, Victoria, 1906; has
one son and. one daughter. Clubs: Im-
perial, Terminal City. Societies: A. F.
& A. M. (Lodge Kilwinning); S. O.
E. ; A. O. F!. Recreations. Music, crick-
et. Address: Park Drive, Grandview,
Vancouver, B. C.


DYKE, Joshua, B. D.^Of J. Dvke &
Son, Insurance and Real Estate BroKers,
115 S. May St., Fort William. Born
Wednerfield, Wolverhampton, Stafford-
shire, England, Sept. 15, 1849, son of
John and Mary Dyke. Educated: Wol-
verhampton Schools; Methodist Uni-
versity. Entered Methodist ministry,
1870; came to Canada, 1872; ordained in
Toronto, 1874; pastor at London, Chat-
ham, Bowmanville, Ont., Calgary, Win-
nopeg. Fort William, Virden, Moosomin,
Edmonton and Birtle, Man., retiring
from ministry on account of throat af-
fection; settled in Fort William, 1900.

Served as Alderman and Chairman,
Board of Works, Fort William, 1901;
elected Mayor by acclamation, 1902 and
1903; member of Fort William Board
of Trade; delegate to Dominion Board
of Trade; President of the Public Li-
brary, three years; one of founders of
Union of Canada Municipalities, of whicli
has always been an office bearer. Mar-
ried Bella Park, London, Ont., (deceas-
ed); married Sophie Fox, Chatham, Ont.,
1883; has two sons and two daughters.
Societies: I. O. O. F.; A. F & A. M.
Conservative: Methodist. Address: 219
Ross St., Fort William, Ont.


EADIE, James. — Of James Eadie &
Son, Real Estate Brokers, 434 Richards
St., Vancouver. Born Brantford, Ont.,
April 15, 1863, son of William and Mary
Anne Westbrook Eadie. Educated high
school Brantford. Came to Manitoba
and engaged farming near Treherne,
1880; removed to Portage la Prairie and
contracting and building, until 1891;
agricultural implement business, 1891-
1905. License Commissioner District
No. 2, Manitoba, 1900; chairman of
board, 1902-1905. Came to British Co-
lumbia, 1905, and engaged present busi-
ness since. President, Ward 6 Conser-
vative Association, Vancouver. Married
Rachel G Little, Tilsonburg, Ont., 1884;
has three sons and three daughters.
Club: Conservative. Society: K. of P.
Methodist. Address: 2326 Second Ave.,
W., Vancouver, B. C.


EACrAR, Martin Wing-ate, Iilj. B. —

Barrister, Killen and Gilbert Block, Ed-
monton. Director Edmonton Heat &
Power Co., Ltd.; director Investors Guar-
antee Corporation of Canada. Born Hal-
ifax, Sept. 21, 1879, son of Martin Frank
and Mary Elizabeth Eagar. Educated
Collegiate School, Rothesay, N. B. ; Dal-
housie University. Practiced with Thom-
as Notting, Halifax, 1905; came to Al-
berta, 1907; practiced as Ewing & Eagar,
Edmonton, 1907; practicing alone since
1909. Married Laleah Almon Bliss, 1908;
has one daughter. Clubs: Edmonton;
Golf; CountrJ^ Anglican. Address: 1111
Victoria Ave., Edmonton, Alta.


EjAKIiI:, Rufus Redmona. Iilj. B. —

Of Earle & Sparling, Barristers. Born
Winchester Township, Ont., May 8,
1873, son of Rufus Earle and Cath-
arine Redmond. Educated in public
schools, Winchester Township; Mor-
risburg Collegiate Institute; Ottawa
Normal School; Ontario High School
Teachers' Training Institute; Man-
itoba University. Came to Manitoba,
1896; Saskatchewan, 1905. Taught
school, Cass Bridge, Ont, 1892-
1893; Morrisburg Model School, 1894-
1895; high school, Killarney, Man., 1898-
1901. Articled to present Judge Met-
calfe, of Court of King's Bench, Winni-
peg, and late Honourable J. H. Agnew,
Provincial Treasurer Manitoba, Virden.
Called to Saskatchewan Bar, 1905;
called to Manitoba bar, 1904; Alberta
bar, 1905; began practice, Battleford;
partnership with ex-Chief Justice Mc-
Guire, North West Territory Bench,
1905; director, Battleford General Hos-

pital; trustee, Protestant_ School Board;
mayor of Battleford, r9 12-19 I^.'^Marrited
Elizabeth Barry, Morrisburg, Ont, 1908;
has one daughter. Club: North Battle-
ford. Society: A. F. & A. M. ; Roj^al
Arch. Recreations: golf, tennis. Lib-
eral; Presbyterian. Address: Battje-
ford, Sask. i


BASnVCAir, Alfred Farrington. — Man-
ager, Marble Bay Mine, Van Anda Tex-
ada Island, B. C. ; secretary-treasurer
and managei-, Tacoma Steel Co., operat-
ing Marble Bay Mine. Boi'n Minneapo-
lis, Minn., March 9, 1867. son of John
W and Maria Eastman. Educated pub-
lic and high schools. Minneapolis, and
State University of Minnesota. Assist-
ant cashier. Security Bank, Tacoma,
1889-1892; interested timber lands, 1892;
manager Skagway Light & Water Co.,
1898-1902; present position since 1902.
Married Emma Hayward, daughter of
Anthony J. Hayward. Minneapolis. 1880;
has one son and one daughter. Club:
Commercial (Tacoma). Society: B. P.
O. E Recreation: fishing. Presbyterian.
Address: 1703 North Fife St., Tacjoma,

BASTMASr, Henry Alfred. — Director
of F. J. Hart & Co., Ltd.. Financial and
Real Estate Brokers, 703 Columbia St.,
New Westminster; director. Western
Home & Improvement Co.. Ltd., Born
Cornwall Township, Ont., Dec. 15. 185G,
son of Alva S. and Sarah Johnston Bast-
man, U. E. Loyalist descent. Educated
public schools and Belleville Commer-



cial College. Came to British Columbia,
1899. Married Fannie Russell, daughter
of Thomas Russell, Liverpool, England,
1880; has two sons and four daughters.
Club: Westminster. Society: A. F. &
A. M. Liberal; Anglican. Address: 411
Third Ave., New Westminster, B. C.

EATOir, prank Ernest. — Of Nolan &
Eaton, Barristers, Herald Block, Calgary.
Born England, Aug. 14, 1869. son of
John and Fanny Eaton. Educated Rep-
ton school, England. Practiced, London,
England, 1892; came to Alberta, 1909.
Married Mary Goodwin Norris, Notting-
ham, England; has two sons and one
daughter. Recreations: lawn tennis,
shooting, fishing. Address: Calgary,

EATON, Joseph Miirray, M. D., C. M.,
M. C. F. S. (Ontario), M. C. F. S. (Mani-
toba). — Physician. Eoin Carlisle, Went-
worth County, Ont., May 7, 18.57, son of
Wesley Ferguson and Margaret Ann
Eaton. Educated higli school, Vienna
Ont.; Trinity Medical College, Toronto.
Taught school, Elgin County, Ont, 1880.
Came to Manitoba, 1890; farming, 1898;

school trustee, Carberry, 1900-1904;
Mayor, 1905, 1906, 1907; member Mani-
toba Provincial Board of Health; trus-
tee Ninette Sanitarium. Married Emma
Louise Scott, 1884; has one son and two
daughters. Societies: I. O. O. F. ; A. F.
& A. M.; I. O. F.; L. O. L Recreations:
curling, football, baseball, tennis. Con-
servative. Address: Virden, Man.

K. C, M. L. A.

EBERTS, Hon. Savid MacEwen, K. C,
M. Ii. A. — Of Eberts & Taylor, Barris-
ters, Victoria. Born Chatham, Ont.,
April 22, 1850, son of William D. and
Mary B. Eberts. Educated Chatham
grammar scliool; Hellmuth College, Lon-
don, Ont.. Came to British Columbia,
1878, and commenced practicing law,
1880; created Q. C, 1892; represents Saa-
nich in the British Columbia Legislature,
being elected, 1890-1894-1898-1900-1906-
1909; defeated general election, 1903; at-
torney-general for British Columbia,
1895-1898; and 1900-1903. Speaker Legis-
lative Assembly since 1907; Bencher Law
Society; honorary corresponding secre-
tary Royal Colonial Institute, London,
England. Married Mabel Hope Charles,
1884; has one son and three daughters.
Clubs: Union (Victoria); Golf; Royal
Vicloria Yaclit; Pacific; Vancouver;
Cowichan County. Conservative. Ad-
dress: Hopedene, Victoria, B. C.




^CKSTEXN, I^ouis P. — Barrister and
Solicitor. Born Victoria, B. C, June 15,
1866, son of Leon and Mary Renew Eck-
stein. Educated New Westminster, B.
C. Studied law in office of Judge Bole,
New Westminster; called to British Co-
lumbia Bar, 1888; has practiced at New
Westminster, Grand Forks and Fernie.
Unsuccessful candidate for Mayor of
Fernie, 1908- Married Ada Cunningham,
1903; has one son. Club: Fernie. Liber-
al; Roman Catholic. Address: Fernie,
B. C.

ESGAB, James Gordon — Of Edgar,
Palmer & Stanley, Wholesale Stationery,
325 8th Ave., W., Calgary. Born Chat-
ham, N. B., Sept. 17, 1871, son of James
and Isabella Edgar. Educated public
schools, Chatham. Telegrapher, Inter-
colonial Ry., Chatham Junction, 1886-
1888; station agent, C. P. R., Westfleld,
1888-1891; student, St. John's Business
College, 1891; secretary, Hon. J. B. Snow-
ball, Chatham, 1891-1895; accountant,
Hudson's Bay Co., 1895-1899; manager,
Hudson's Bay Co., Calgary, 1899-1904;
President, Dominion Co., Calgary, 1904-
1907; established present business, 1908.
Clubs: Ranchmen's; Golf and Country.
Society: I. O. O. F. Recreations: fish-
ing, motoring, shooting, golf. Conserva-
tive; Presbyterian. Address: Braemer
Lodge, Calgary, Alta.

EDCrETT, Harry A. — Merchant, Cambie
and Pender Sts., Vancouver; director
Sterling Trust Co., Ltd. Born Albert. N.
B.. Dec. 12, 1871, son of Arthur and Ra-
chael Edgett. Came to British Columbia,

1890. Established present business,

1891. License Commissioner, 1907-1911.
Married Jessie May Dixon, 1898; has one
son. Address: Shaughnessy Heights,
Vancouver, B. C.


EDMONDS, Henry Lovekin. — Of

Whiteside & Edmonds, Barristers,
Westminster Trust Block, New West-
minster. President, Edmonton Log-
ging Co.; secretary Quesnelle Lake Tim-
ber Co.; director Eraser River Tannery
Co.; director Torpedo Freighting and
Tug Co., Ltd.; Police Magistrate
since 1910. Born New Westminster,
Nov. 2, 1870, son of Henry Valentine and
Jane F. Edmonds. Educated New West-
minster and Victoria. Police magistrate;
secretary New Westminster Bar Asso-
ciation. President New Westminster
Conservative Association; treasurer
British Columbia Conservative Associa-
tion. Married Ella K. Pringle, 1908.
Club: New Westminster. Societies: A.
F. & A. M.; Hoo Hoo. Canadian Elks;
Woodmen; Native Sons of New West-
minster. Anglican. Address: 443 Fifth
St., New Westminster, B. C.

EDWARDS, Arthur Harper, A. C. A. —

Of Edwards, Morgan & Co., Chartered Ac-
countants, Burns Block, Calgary. Born
Toronto, March 6, 1878 son of James
Pawson and Emily Elizabeth Edwards.
Educated public and Normal schools,
Harbord Collegiate Institute. Clerk,
Wyld, Darling Co., Toronto, 1894; ac-
countant with George Edwards, Toronto,
1896. Came to Alberta and established
present business, 1910. Recreations: ten-
nis, cricket, riding. Conservative; An-
glican. Address: 808 Fifteenth Ave., W.,
Calgary, Alta.




ISDWAKDS, Chandler S. — President
North Coast Land Co., Ltd., Metropoli-
tan Bldg., Vancouver. Born West Le-
banon, N. H., Nov. 13, 1863, son of
Rev. John H. Edwards, D. D., of Brook-
lyn, N. Y., and Caroline Starr Ed-
wards. Educated Pennsylvania. Banker,
Mayville N. D.. 1886, and still interested
in and president of several banks in
North Dakota; was member of firm of
Grandin & Edwards for several years,
who owned large tracts of land in the
Red River Valley. Was Mayor of May-
ville, N. D., and President of State Nor-
mal School Board for several years; or-
ganized and President North Dakota
Land Co., 1902-1912, during which time
did a large land business in Saskatche-
wan. Also interested in other land and
loan companies. Caine to British Co-
lumbia, 1909. Married Alice Crandall,
of New York, 1899; has two sons. Rec-
reations: tennis, billiards, literature.
Address: 1050 Chilco St., Vancouver,
B. C.

EDWARDS, I^leutenant Colonel E. B.,
M. A., LI.. B., K. C. — Barrister. 113 Jas-
per Ave. E., Edmonton. Born Peterboro.
Ont., Aug. 21 1850 son of James and
Euphemia Edwards. Educated public
schools and Collegiate Institute Peter-
boro; Toronto, University. Called to
Ontario Bar, 1874; practiced, Peterboro,
partnership with late Hon. W. H. Scott,
K. C. ; as Edwards & Murray; as E. B.
Edwards, 1874-1906; came to Edmonton
and called to Alberta Bar, 1906. Served
as private, corporal and sergeant. Uni-
versity Company, (Queen's Own Rifles),
1866-1870; captain, 57th Regiment. Peter-
boro. 1879-1889; major, 1889-1900: lieu-
tenant colonel and commanding officer,
1900-1902; brigadier major, 5th Tnfantrv,
1900-1901; D. A. A. G. 3rd Division Niag-
ara Camp, 1903; in command 7th Infan-
try, 1906-1908; organizer and command-

ing officer, 101st Regiment, Edmonton,
since 1908. Married Harriet Francis
Brown. 1895, grandaughter of Thomas
Alex. Stewart, who settled in Peterboro
in 1882, (her grandmother's letters to
friends in England preserved in book
form are from a literary and historic
point of view of great interest to stu-
dents of our early colonial days); has
tv/o sons and four daughters. Clubs:
Edmonton; Canadian (secretary, 1907-
1908; president, 1909-1910). Recreation:
curling, canoeing. President Ontario
Curlers Association, 1902, and chairman,
special committee, 1901-1902, that had
charge of the entertainment of Scottish
curlers, 1903. Commodore American
Canoe Association, 1S83; No. 5 in that
Association. Rowing captain, Peterboro
Boating Club, 1880. Liberal; Baptist.
Address: 1215 Mackay Ave., Edmonton,

W. EGBERT, M. B., M. D., C. M.

BGBBBT, William, M. B., M. D.,C. M. —

Physician and Surgeon. Born Welland
County, Ont., Feb. 25, 1863, son of Joseph
Morgan and Maria C. Egbert. Educated
high school, Dunnville; Toronto Univer-
sity; London Hospital, England. Principal
public schools, Dunnville, 1880-1886;
studied medicine Toronto Univ., 1886-
1890; practiced Milverton, Ont., 1890-1904;
came to Calgary, 1904. Member Car-
negie Library Board; Calgary Board of
Health; unsuccessful candidate to Alber-
ta Legislature, for^Calgary, 1910: pres-
ident Liberal Association of Calgary,
1909-1910. Paymaster of 103rd Rifles,
Calgary. Married Eva C. Miller, 1884;
has one son and one daughter. Club:
Alberta. Societies: A. F. & A. M. ; I. O.
O. F.; C. O. F. Liberal; Methodist. Ad-
dress: 521 Seventeenth Ave., W., Cal-
gary, Alta.



EiGCrEItSTOir, Ami. — Broker and
Builder, 204 Mclntyre Block, Winnipeg;
vice-president National Security Co.; di-
rector Winnipeg Fire Insurance Co.
Born Iceland, May 8, 1873, son of Eg-
gert Johnson and Sigridur. Came to
Winnipeg, 1887. Educated public schools
and business college, Winnipeg; estab-
lished present business, 1904; Alder-
man, 1907-1908; member parks board,
1908; exhibition board, 1908; Winnipeg
general hospital board, 1907; president
Icelandic Liberal Association; general
executive Liberal Association, 1910;
chairman city power committee, 1908;
and largely instrumental in forcing pres-
ent city power system to an issue. Mar-
ried Oddny J. Oddson, Winnipeg, 1895;
has four sons and two daughters. Club;
Canadian. Recreations: gymnastic sports.
Liberal; Lutheran. Address: 120 Emily
St., Winnipeg, Man.

EIIiBECK, Roliert James. — Sheriff,
Yukon Territory; Marshal Exchequer
Court, Yukon Admiralty District, Daw-
son. Born Newcastle, Ont., June 20,
1859 son of James and Christian Eilbeck.
Educated Newcastle. Newsboy, G. T. R.,
farmed, Zorra, Oxford County, 1867-1868;
telegraph operator and assistant post-
master Newcastle 1868; promoted to
manager of Dominion Telegraph Co. of-
fice, Belleville, and Kingston; grain ele-
vator business, Kingston, 1880-1886;
mining Arizona, 1886; prospecting Yel-
low Head Pass, Rocky Mountains, 1894;
appointed by Dominion Government, sec-
retary to Royal Commission to investi-
gate into Canadian Penitentiaries, 1896;
appointed to present position, 1899. Pub-
lications: "Government Ownership of
Public Utilities," "Action Organization
Remedy." Married Annie Vanderwater ;
has' one son and one daughter. Clubs:
Zero; Dawson Amateur Athletic Associa-
tion. Recreations: curling, baseball. Ad-
dress: Dawson, Y. T.

ELDBIDGE, C. C. — Appraiser of Cus-
toms, Vancouver. Born Brome County,
Que., May 7, 1846, son of Gardner S.
and Anna Eldridge. Came to British
Columbia, 1898. Served, Fenian Raid,
1866. Society: A. F. & A. M. Address:
946 Pacific Ave., Vancouver, B. C.

EI^FOBD, Jolui Pitcairns. — Manager
Victoria Brick Co., Ltd., Douglas and
Topaz Aves., Victoria. Born Adelaide,
Australia, March 10, 1851, son of Robert
and Hannah Taylor Elford. Educated
Victoria and San Francisco Cal. Engaged
carpentry and building trade, San Fran-
cisco, 1868-1872. Came to British Co-
lumbia and engaged same business, Vic-
toria, 1872-1875; contracting business,
1875-1886; partner. Queen City Brick Co.,
1886. Served as Alderman, Victoria.
Married Hettie Robertson, daughter of
Capt. John Robertson, Cleveland, O.,

1875, (deceased) ; married Agnes Francis
Secord, 1879; has one son and one daugh-
tei\ Societies: A. F. & A. M.; I. O. O.
F. Liberal; Methodist. Address: 1228
Fort St., Victoria, B. C.

EIVEOT, Victor Alexander Oeorg'e. —

Managing Director of Western Domin-
ion Land & Investment Co., Ltd., for-
merly Bevan, Gore & Eliot, Ltd.,
Stockbrokers, 122 Government St., Vic-
toria. Born London, England, June 2,
1884, son of Philip Eliot (Dean of Wind-
sor Castle; private chaplain to H. M. the
King) and Mary Pitt, daughter of Lord
Rivers. Educated Marlborough College
and Oxford University, England. Came
to British Columbia, as clerk. Bank of
Montreal, 1906; later joined present firm.
Married Grace Edith Langley, London,
England. Club: Union. Recreations:
golf, tennis. Conservative; Anglican.
Address: Oak Bay Ave., Victoria, B. C.

EIiKIK, Samuel Jam.es, M. S., C. M.,
L. R. C. P., M. B. C. S.— Surgeon, 222
Portage Ave. Winnipeg. Born Moville,
Ireland, Oct. 11, 1865, son of Isaac and
Elizabeth Elkin. Came to Winnipeg,
1889. Educated Manitoba Medical Col-
lege. Practiced Emerson, 1894; demon-
strator of Anatomy, Manitoba Medical
College; second vice-president Winnipeg
Medical and Surgical Society. Married
Eleanor T. Angus, Emerson, 1901 ;has one
son and one daughter. Club: Canadian.
Recreation: curling. Conservative; Angli-
can. Address: 74 Isabel St., Winnipeg,

EliIiIOTT, Dawson Kerr. — President
R. J. Whitla & Co., Ltd., 264 McDermot
Ave., Winnipeg. Born Pakenham, Ont.,
Ju'y 11, 1853 son of John and Margaret
Flliott. Educated high school, Paken-
ham. Commenced dry goods business,
Arnprior, 1871. Came to Winnipeg, 1879.
President Western King Garment Co.;
director Royal Bank of Canada; director
Northern Trusts Co. Ex-president Win-
nipeg Board of Trade. Married Mary
Alice McCreary, Arnprior, Ont., 1878;
has four sons and four daughters. Clubs:
Manitoba; St. Charles Country. Recrea-
tions: yachting, golf. Methodist. Ad-
dress: 35 Kennedy St., Winnipeg, Man.

EIiLIOTT, Georg-e Andrew, B. A. — Of

Elliott, MacNeil & Deacon, Barristers,
Mclntyre Block, Winnipeg. Born Paken-
ham, Ont., Sept. 6, 1860. Educated pub-
lic schools; Victoria University. Stud-
ied law with McKenzie. Rankin & Bro-
phv. 1883. Came to Winnipeg and called
to 'Manitoba Bar, 1SS6. Married M. A.
Metcalf. 1886 (deceased); married Agnes
Miller, Portsmouth, England. 1902; has
two sons and one daughter. Club: Carle-
ton. Societies: A. O. U. W.; L. O. L.
Conservative. Address: Armstrong's
Point, Winnipeg, Man.




HUJOTT, Thomas. — Immigration In-
spector. Born County Armagh, Ireland,
June 2S, 1859. son of Tliomas and Isabel
Elliott. Educated Armagh. Joined Roy-
al Irish Constabulary, 1877. Cainfc to
British Columbia, 1903; member Inland
Revenue staff prior to joining Immi-
gration Department. Married Sarah Jane
Mee, Ireland; has four sons and two
daughters. Recreations: shooting, fish-
ing. Address: 858 Hamilton St., Van-
couver, B. C.

i:i.I.IOTT, William, M. B.. M. D., M.

I.. A. — Physician. Born Mitchell, Ont.,
Aug. 29, 1863, son of James and Eleanor
Elliott. Educated high school, Mitchell;
Toronto Universitj' (medalist); Manito-
ba University. Established present prac-
tice, 1893; elected to North West Ter-
ritory Legislature for Wolseley, 1898;
re-elected, 1902 and 1903; elected to

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