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bia, Board of Trade. Married Dora An-
derson, daughter of Edward Anderson,
K. C, Winnipeg, 1910. Clubs: Terminal
City (Vancouver); Nelson (Nelson).
Recreation: hunting, fishing. Conserva-
tive; Anglican. Address: Mount Royal.
Calgary, Alta. .


AFFI^ISTON, Arthur Harold — Of Sage
& Appleton, Real Estate and Insurance
Brokers, 108 Jasper Ave., W., Edmon-
ton. Born Bealton, Norfolk County,
Ont., Aug. 25, 1888, son of Harold and
Lettie Appleton. Educated high school,
Waterford, Ont. Came to Alberta, 1906.
Buyer, Douglas Bros., Strathcona, 1906-
1909; buyer, Hudson's Bay Co., Calgary,
1909-1911; present business since 1911.
Recreations: bowling, tennis. Conserva-
tive; Baptist. Address: 635 16th St., Ed-
monton, Alta.

APFILETOIT, jQliu. — Financial editor
Free Press, Winnipeg. Born Marton,
Yorkshire, England, August 30, 1867, son
of Richard and Ann Appleton. Edu-
cated West House School. Printer and
bookseller, Northallerton, England. Came
to Winnipeg 1890. Imperial Trade cor-
respondent (Imperial! Board of Trade);
ex-literary correspondent Canadian Club,
Winnipeg; member Royal Commission
Crows Nest Pass labor conditions; vice-
president Yorkshire Society; vice-presi-
dent Winnipeg Children's Aid Society.
Married Amy Coleman, Newnham, Sas-
katchewan, 1908; has two sons. Club:
Commercial Travelers. Recreations:
cricket, curling. Address: 110 Mortimer
Place, Winnipeg, Man.

ABBUCKLE, John ■William, M. D., C.

M. — ^Of Drs. Morris & Arbuckle, physi-
cians and surgeons, Vernon. Born
Prince Edward Island, January 30, 1880,
son of John and Clara Arbuckle. Edu-
cated Dalhousie University; McGill Uni-
versity. Came to British Columbia 1908.


House surgeon Vancouver General Hos-
pital, 190S-1909; present practice estab-
lished, 1909. Married Florence Sharp.
Prince Edward Island. 1910. Club:
Country. Society: I. O. O. F. Conserva-
tive; ^Anglican. Address Vernon, B. C.

lumbia and called to bar, 1909. Prac-
ticed, Vancouver, 1910; Kamloops since
1911. Secretary Kamloops Liberal Asso-
ciation. Presbyterian. Address: Kam-
loops, B. C.


ARCHISB, Pred E. — Of Archer & Rob-
ertson, Real Estate and Financial BroK-
ers, Dominion Bank Bldg., Calgary. Born
Campbellford, Ont-, September 7, 1872,
son of W. B. and Maria Archer. Edu-
cated public and high schools, Ontario.
Accountant W. R. Brock & Co., Mon-
treal. 1895-1906; office manager W. R.
Brock Co., Ltd., Calgary, 1906-1910. Es-
tablished present business, 1910. Mem-
ber Calgary Board of Trade. Married
Margaret Jackson, Johnville, Que.; has
two sons and one daughter. Club: Al-
berta. Liberal; Anglican. Address: Cal-
gary, Alta.

ARCSZBAIiI), George William, B. A. —

Barrister. Born New Glasgow, N. S.,
March 10, 1873, son of Hugh James and
Christina Bell Archibald. Came to Man-
itoba 1884. Educated Manitoba College.
Practiced Melita since 1905; president
Liberal-Conservative Association, -Ar-
thur, Man.; ex-president Melita Board of
Trade; served as lieutenant and acting
adjutant 20th Border Horse. Married
Constance Alison Sheldrake, Minneapolis,
Minn., 1908; has one daughter. Socie-
ties: I. O. O. F.; C. O. F.; S. O. S.; W. O.
W. Conservative; Presbyterian. Ad-
dress: Melita, Man.

ASCHIBA^I}, James Ross. — Barrister
and Solicitor. Born Musciuodoboit Har-
bor, N. S., October 4, 1882, son of Wil-
liam and Elizabeth Archibald. Educated
Dalhousie University. Called to Nova
Scotia bar, 1909. Came to British Co-


ARCHIBAIiB, Burton A Of Archi-

bald-Haining Co., Real Estate and Fin-
ancial Brokers, 2nd Ave. and 21st St.,
Saskatoon. Born Halifax, N. S., Oct. 31,
1876, son of Jacob L. and Annie M.
Archibald. Educated public and high
schools, Halifax. Retail grocery busi-
ness, Halifax, 1896-1906. Came to Sas-
katoon and established present business,
1906. Member, Saskatoon Board of
Trade. Married Bstella Bishop, Can-
ning, N. S., 1904; has two sons. Club:
Saskatoon. Recreation: hockey. Con-
servative; Methodist. Address: 435 11th
St., Saskatoon, Sask.

ARCKIBAIiB, IVKatthew Georgfe, 1/L. D.,
C. M. — Of Drs. Burris, Archibald & Bur-
ris. Physicians and Surgeons, Kamloops.
Member of advisory board Peoples Trust
Co., Ltd. Born Stewiacke, Colchester
County, N. S., April 17, 1873, son
of Edwin and Sarah Burris Archi-
bald. Educated Dalhousie University.
House surgeon Victoria General Hospi-
tal, Halifax, 1898-1899; practiced. Nova
Scotia, 1899-1905. Came to British Co-
lumbia and formed present partnership,
1905. Married Janie M. Mitchell, Hali-
fax County, 1902; has one son and two
daughters. Societies: A. F. & A. M.;
1. O. O. F.; S. O. E.; I. O. F.; A. O. F.;
British Medical Association; Provincial
Medical Association. Conservative; Pres-
byterian. Address: Kamloops, B. C.



ARCHXBAIiD, G-eorgfe Hugrhes — Presi-
dent Geo. H. Archibald & Co., Ltd.,
Engineers and Contractors, Union Bank
Bldg., Winnipeg; Construction offices in
Saskatoon, Edmonton, and Calgary. Born
Sydney Mines, C. B., July 22, 1877, son
of William Henry and Eleanor Georgina
Hughes Archibald. Educated Kings
College, Windsor, N. S. ; Massachusetts
Institute of Technology, Boston. Con-
struction Engineer, United Coke & Gas
Co., New York, 1898-1901; Construction
Engineer American Coke & Gas Construc-

tion Co., Philadelphia, 1901-1903; Assist-
ant Engineer Semet Solvay Co., Syracuse,
1902-1904; practised engineering Winni-
peg, 1904-1906; established present busi-
ness, 1906. Married Jane T. Kester,
daughter of Robert Livingstone Kester,
Pittsburg, 1907; has two sons. Clubs:
Manitoba; St. Charles Country. So-
iciety: A. F. & A. M. (Scottish Rite).
Recreations: Yachting, fishing. Conser-
vative; Presbyterian. Address: 217
Helen St., Winnipeg, Man.



ABGUE, Mural Willis. — Real Estate
and Financial Agent, 818 Main St., Win-
nipeg; Vice-President Woodland, Ltd.;
Secretary-Treasurer A. B. C. Invest-
ments, Ltd.; President United Western
Investment Co. Born Ottawa, Ont., Jan.
2, 1880, son of John Wilson Argue. Edu-
cated public schools and Business Col-
lege. With Dauphin Milling Co., Dau-
phin, 1898-1901. Sold interest and moved

to Minneapolis, Minn., 1901; wholesale
business with F. B. Scott & Co., 1901-
1904. Came to Winnipeg, 1905, and took
over real estate business at that time
conducted by A. H. Argue. Married Vira
May Anderson, Breckenridge, Minn.,
1907; has two sons. Recreations: Ashing,
boating, hunting. Address: 293 Poison
Ave., Winnipeg, Man.


ABG-UZ:, James, M. Xi. A. — ^Farmer.
Born Ireland, June 2, 1853, son of Robert
and Rebecca Argue. Educated Cavan
Graimmar School. Farmed, Ontario,
1875. Came to Manitoba, 1882. Member
Manitoba Legislature for Avondale since
1899. Reeve W.hitew^ater municipality
for some years. Married Emma L. Sho-
rey, Peterboro, Ont., 1885; has one son
and one daughter. Societies: A. F. & A.
M. ; L. O. L. Conservative; Anglican.
Address: Elgin, Man.

ARG-VE, "Williaiu Firritte, B. A. —

Born Newmarket, Ont, Aug. 1, 1867,
son of Rev. Thomas and Hannah Argue.
Educated Manitoba University. Taught
rural schools and then Neepawa, Bran-
don, Winnipeg and Portage la Prairie.
Chief clerk Department of Education,
Province of Manitoba, two years. Super-
intendent Vancouver City Schools, 1903-
1912. Secretary Western Teachers' As-
sociation, 1892. Secretary Royal - Insti-
tute for the Advancement of Learning,
British Columbia, 1906. Director Educa-
tional Association, 1907. Married May
Bell, 1898; has two sons. Address: 1250
Burnaby St., Vancouver, B'. C.

ASMITAOEv Joseph Samuel.— Post-
master Minnedosa. Born Newmarket,
Ont., January 1, 1849, son of Job and
Hannah Siddons Armitage. Educated
public schools Wellington County, Ont.
Served apprenticeship milling business,
Hollin, Ont.; followed trade California
and Barrie, Ont. Purchased mill Port
Colborne, Ont., 1875. Came to Manitoba,
1879, locating Tanner's Crossing, on Lit-
tle Saskatchewan River; homesteaded
320 acres of land; made the first survey
of Minnedosa and gave the townsite its
name. Built and operated saw and grist
mill, 1880. Member of the first court
house board of the Western Judicial
District; appointed postmaster 1883;
warden Minnedosa County 1883-1884.
Married Mary Minetta Boyd, Hanover,
Ont., 1876; has two sons and two daugh-
ters. Society: A. F. & A. M. Recrea-
tions: bowling on green, curling. Quaker.
Address: Minnedosa, Man.

ABMOXTR, Hug-h — President Hugh Ar-
mour & Co., Ltd., Wholesale and Retail
Butchers, 1809 South Railway St., Re-
gina; Director Leader Publishing Co.,
Ltd.; Director Saskatchewan Insurance
Co., Ltd.; President Capitol Laundry Co.,
Ltd. Born Johnston, Renfrewshire, Scot-
land, Jan. 6, 1860, son of Hugh and Mar-
tha Wallace Armour. Educated Johnston
public schools. Came to Canada, 1883;
homesteader, Regina District, 1883; with
Mowatt Bros., Regina, 1886-1887; with
Hull Bros. & Trounch, Banff, 1887-1889;
started present business, 1889. Member

Board of Provincial License Commission-
ers. Alderman, Regina. Married Lilly
Ada, daughter of George B. Moyer,
1889; has five sons and one daughter.
Societies: A. P. & A. M.; I. O. O. F.; A.
O. U. W. Recreation: Curling. Liberal;
Presbyterian. Address: 1867 Rose St.,
Regina, Sask.


ARMSTRiOCETG-, Burton HC. — Of B. H.

Armstrong & Co., Real Estate and Finan-
cial Brokers, 814 Second St., E., Cal-
gary. Born lowahill, Cal., June 17, 1872,
son of Isaiah and Martha L. Armstrong.
Came to Alberta 1902; ranching, 1902-
1905; established general store Cross-
field, 1905; established present business,
1910. Married Martha Outkes, Califor-
nia, 1894; has two sons. Societies: A.
F. & A. M.; I. O. O. F. Liberal; Meth-
odist. Address: 912 15th Ave., W., Cal-
gary, Alta.

AXUMSTBOITG-, Georgre W. — Editor and
publisher Salmon Arm Observer. Born
Mount Forest, Ont., March 10, 1879, son
John Wesley and Alice Armstrong. Edu-
cated public schools Lucknow, Ont.
Printer Lucknow- Sentinel, 1892. Came
to British Columbia, 1897. First secre-
tary Salmon Arm Board of Trade. Mar-
ried Jeanie Belle Johnston, Salmon Arm,
1902; has three sons and one daughter.
Societies: L. O. L; I. O. O. F. Address:
Salmon Arm, B. C.



ASMITAOi:, Frederick William —

Financial Broker, Empress Hotel Bldg.,
Prince Albert; President, Riverside Land
Co., Ltd.; President, Wakaw Land Co.,
Ltd. JBorn Seaforth, Ont., Jan. 14, 1867,
son of Alexander and Esther Armitage.
Educated public schools, Seaforth;
Guelph Academy, Guelph, Ont. Operated
flour mills and elevators, Ontario in
his own name; member Board of Trade,
Toronto, 1886-1888; member of Arm,
Roblin & Armitage, Winnipeg, members
Winnipeg Grain Exchange, 1888-1893;
general financial promoter of mines,
power plants, irrigation, etc., 1893-1906,
during which period was member of

firm, Feron, Armitage & Co., packers and
shippers of fresh and dried fruits, with
headquarters, Los Angeles, Cal., with
warehouses, Ontario, Cal., and Cuca-
monga, Cal., 1894-1899; also built and
operated largest solar salt plant, known
as San Pedro Salt Co., San Pedro, Cal.,
1900-1903; interested in coal lands and
real estate, Winnipeg and Western
points, 1906-1911; established present
business, 1911. Married Alice Maynard,
1895 (deceased); has two sons. Society:
A. F. & A. M. Recreations: shooting, mo-
toring, curling. Conservative; Anglican.
Address: Empress Hotel, Prince Albert,



ABMSTSOITG, George S. — Druggist.
Born Hopeville, Ont., May 16, 1867, son
of William and Sarah SeaTe Armstrong.
Educated high school, Mount Forest, Ont.
Taught school for two years; subse-
quently engaged drug business. Lion's
Head, Ont. Came to Alberta and estab-
lished present business 1906. Member
Edmonton Hospital Board since 1909;
Alderman, Edmonton, 1908-1910; elected
Mayor by acclamation, 1911. Served as
councillor and treasurer Township East-
nor. County Bruce, Ont., 1903-1905
Married Jessie Mathieson, Elora, Ont.,
1897; has one son and two daughters
Societies: A. F. & A. M.; I. O. P.; I. O. O.
F. ; L. O. L. Recreations: baseball, foot-
ball. Conservative; Presbyterian. Ad-
dress: 43'7 Namayo Ave., Edmonton,


AXblXSTBONG', Hon. Hugh. — Provin-
cial Treasurer for Manitoba; president

and general manager Armstrong Trad-
ing Co., Ltd., Portage la Prairie. Born
New York, August 5, 1858. Educated
Richmond, Ont. Came to Canada with
his parents, 1860. Mercantile business
County Carleton, Ont. Came to Portage
la Prairie and engaged fish export in-
dustry, 1886. Elected to Manitoba Legis-
lature for Woodlands, 1892; resigned
1896 to contest unsuccessfully Selkirk
for House of Commons. Elected to Man-
itoba Legislature for Portage la Prairie,
1902; re-elected" 1903, 1907 and 1910.
Appointed Provincial Treasurer, Nov. 19,
1908. Married Mary Younghusband,
County Carleton, Ont, 1885. Clubs:
Manitoba; Carleton; Adnac. Recreation:
travel. Conservative. Address: Portage
la Prairie, Man.

ABIMCSTBOITG, James. — ^Horse dealer,
8th Ave. and Athabasca St., Moose Jaw.
Born Listowel, Ont., Feb. 24, 1861, son
of William and Mary Armstrong. Ed-
ucated public schools County of Simcoe.
Carpenter Brussells. Ont., 1886; Toron-
to, 1887-1890; Moose Jaw, 1890-1893;
farmed Moose Jaw district, 1893-1906;
opened sale and feed stable, 1906. Mar-
ried Elizabeth Getty, Brussells, 1896;
has seven sons and two daughters. Con-
servative; Presbyterian. Address: 55
Hochelega St., Moose Jaw, Sask.

ABMSTBOITG, Thomas J. — Sheriff.
County of Westminster. Born New
Westminster, July 13, 1864, son of W.
J. and Honor Armstrong. Educated
public and high schools. New Westmin-
ster. Druggist, San Francisco, 1882.
Deputy sheriff. County of Westmin-
ster, 1886-1892; sheriff since 1892. Mar-
ried Annie Kerr, Ladner, has one
daughter. Club: Westminster; socie-
ties: K. T.; A. F. & A. M.; A. A. O. N.
M. S- Address: 89 Sixth St., New
Westminster, B. C.

AKMSTK.ONG, I.ieut.-Colouel William
Charles Gordon. — (Retired); Vice-Presi-
dent Calgary Building Co. Born Slea-
ford, England, Nov. 2, 1865, son of
George and Frances Houton Armstrong.
Educated grammar school, Sleaford.
Came to Alberta, 1894. Alderman, Cal-
gary, 1904-1905. Served as Quartermas-
ter, 15th Light Horse, Calgary, 1905; re-
tired, 1911; organized and commands
103rd Regiment, Calgary Rifles. Mar-
ried Evelyn Addy, 1887; has one son.
Clubs: Alberta; Calgary. Societies: A. F.
& A. M.; R. A. M.; K. T. A. A. S. Rite,
Mystic Shrine. Recreations: military,
rifle shooting. Liberal; Anglican. Ad-
dress: Lynhurst, 1919 Second St., B., Cal-
gary, Alta.




ASMST&OirO, John. — President Brit-
ish Canadian Home Builders, Financial
Brokers, 432 Pender St., W., Vancouver.
Born Sheffield, England, March 4,
1857, son of John and Martha Ann-
strong. Educated public schools. With
Ruston, Proctor & Co., engineers, Lin-
coln, England, 1876; Davy Bros., Shef-
field, 1881; Yorkshire Engine Works,
Sheffield. Came to British Columbia,
1887. Engineer British Yukon Naviga-

tion Co., 1899-1901; master mechanic
British Columbia Mills Timber & Trad-
ing Co., 1901-1906; began real estate
business, 1906; established present
business, 1911. Member South Van-
couver Council and Board of Trade.
Married Catherine Jane Brown, Lin-
coln, England, 1879; has one son and
four daughters. Club: Vancouver Auto.
Address: 626 Keefer St., Vancouver,
B. C.




ARMSTRONG-, WiUiam Henry. — Of

Armstrong, Morrison & Co., Ltd., Public
Works Contractors, Bower Bldg., Van-
couver; General Manager, Nicola Valley
Coal Co., Ltd.; President, Keremos Land
Co., Ltd.; President, Clayburn Co., Ltd.
Born Stratford, Ont., Sept. 18, 1857, son
of James and Martha Armstrong. With
bridge construction department, Ontario
Division, G. T. R., 1875-1877; construc-
tion work, C. P. R., east of Winnipeg,
1877-1883 mechanical superintendent
and master mechanic, construction of
Western Division until completion;

trainmaster and general roadmaster, C.
P. R., Vancouver, 1883'-1887; gener al con-
tracting alone and associated with late
Dan McGillivray, 1887-1897, since when
Alexander Morrison, W. C. Ditmars and
Robert Armstrong have been associated
with him. Married Ellen Mildred Ward,
Victoria, B. C, 1885. Club: Vancouver.
Societies: A. F. & A. M.; Ancient Land-
marks, (Winnipeg). Recreation: motor-
ing (brought first automobile to Van-
couver, 1899). Anglican. Address: 1288
Comox St., Vancouver, B. C.


ABiaSTBi(m:G-, Hon. William James. —

(Retired) Born Durham County, Ont.,
Oct. 31, 1826, son of Capt. William Arm-
strong, who emigrated from County Ca-
van, Ireland, at close of eighteenth cen-
tury, and settled on farm at Millbrook,
Ont. Assisted his father on the farm
till 1852; mining. Grass Valley, Cal.,
1852-1858. Came to Langley, B. C, 1858;
built house New Westminster, then
known as Queensborotigh. This was
the first house erected in the colony and
Mr. Armstrong was the first citizen.
Conducted a general store, 1858-1873.
Member the first municipal council and
served continuously, 1860-1873; Presi-
dent of the council, 1869-1870. Took an
active part in the bringing about of
Confederation and after the consumma-
tion of the union was elected to repre-
sent the District of Westminster, Prov-
incial Legislature. Minister of Finance
and Agriculture, 1873-1876; when his
party was defeated continued an active
worker on the opposition benches till
1879. During this session a deadlock
occurred and the government was about
to appeal to the country without having
passed the estimates. Mr. Armstrong,
seeing the effect this would have on
the provincial credit, arranged a meet-
ing of three representatives of each
party and brought about an understand-
ing whereby supplies were voted for the
conduct of public business. Defeated as
a candidate for New Westminster, 1879;
elected, 1881. A new ministry being
formed at the end of that year by Hon.
Robert Beaven, he became Provincial
Secretary. In 1882, he was again re-
turned but his party being in the min-
ority he took hia seat on the opposition
benches. In 1883 the shrievalty of
Westminster County fell vacant and he
was appointed to that position. Built
and owned flour mill, the first in the
Province, New Westminster, ran it 1867-
1871. Estabished and owned saw mill,
1876-1882. Connected with nearly all of
the enterprises since 1860 which have
tended to advance the Province, especi-
ally in the District of New Westminster.
A Justice of the Peace before Confeder-
ation. Married Miss Lander, Cornwall,
England, 1861. Society: I. O. O. F.
(first Noble Grand in New Westmin-
ster). Anglican. Address: New West-
minster, B. C.

ARMSTBONCr, William — President and
Managing Director, Dominion Gypsum
Co., Ltd., McArthur Bldg., Winnipeg.
Born Tilsonburg. Ont., Aug. 30, 1869, son
of W. S. and Eleanor Oliver Armstrong.
Educated: public schools, Gravenhurst.
Manager of lumber business for Peter
McArthur, 1890-1896; retail lumber busi-
ness, Portage la Prairie, 1896-1910; estab-
lished present business, 1910. Alderman,
Portage la Prairie, tliree years. Married

Isabella Jean Mcintosh, 1896; has two
sons and five daughters. Society: A. F.
& A. M. (Shriner). Recreation: motor-
ing. Liberal; Methodist. Address, 330
Kingsway, Winnipeg, Man.

AKXrOIiD, Charles Sydney. — Of

Schultz & Arnold, Barristers, 615 Pen-
der St., Vancouver. Director, Northern .
Coal Co., Ltd.; Director Standard Glass •
Co., Ltd.; Director British Columbia
Ornamental Iron & Fence Co., Ltd. Born
Moosomin, Sask., April 6, 1884, son of
Edward and Clara Arnold. Educated,
Moosomin. Came to British Columbia,
1899; studied law with Hon. W. J. Bow-
ser, K. C, 1900; called to British Colum-
bia Bar, 1908. Married Pearlie Jane
Squarebriggs, 1906; has one son and
one daughter. Recreation: shooting. Ad-
dress: Vancouver, B. C.

ABTHX7B, Edward C. — M. D., C. M.,

Physician and Surgeon, Baker St., Nel-
son; Director Imperial Development
Syndicate, Ltd. Born Prince Edward
County, Ont., Nov. 29, 1856, son of Mat-
thew and Margaret Dougherty Arthur.
Educated public schools, Halliwell Town-
ship; Victoria University; Trinity Uni-
versity. Practised Lloydtown, Ont.,
1889. Came to British Columbia, 1890;
C. P. R. Surgeon during construction,
1890-1891; practised Nelson since 1891.
Member and secretary. Nelson School
Board, twenty years. Coroner, Nelson
since 1892; Alderman, Nelson, 1900. Mar-
ried Isabel Delmage, 1889; has one
daughter. Societies: A. P. & A. M. ;
I. O. O. F. ; I. O. F. Liberal; Presbyter-
ian. Address: Nelson, B. C.

ASHCBOFT, Albert Edward, D. z;. S.,
B. C. Ii. S., C. E. — -Civil Engineer, Ver-
non; Director, White Valley Irrigation
Power Co., Ltd., Engineer in charge of lo-
cation, Okanagan branches C. P. R.; Con-
sulting Engineer, Coldstream Estate Co.;
Member Canadian Society Civil Engi-
neers. Born Aberdare, South Wales, July
31, 1862, son of George and Sophia Ash-
croft. Educated St. Stephen's College,
Walthamstow, Nelson College, New Zea-
land. Came to British Columbia, 1898.
Provincial and Dominion Land Surveyor,
Vancouver and Greenwood, 1898-1901;
Irrigation Engineer, W. V. I. & P. Co.,
Vernon, 1904-1911; Location Engineer,
Canadian Nor. Pacific Ry., 1912. Made
first reports on irrigation in Okanagan
Valley, which report is used in prefer-
ence to any other engineer's report.
Married Emmeline Lucy Carthew, daugh-
ter of Captain Carthew, New Plymouth,
N. Z., 1894: has three sons. Clubs:
Union, Victoria; Ranchmen's, Calgary,
Vernon. Conservative; Anglican. Ad-
dress: Coldstream, Vernon, B. C.




ARSEirAUI^T, ^quis. — Real Estate
and Financial Broker, 136 Jasper Ave.,
W., Edmonton; Director Water Tight
Dipper Dredge & Mining Co., Ltd.; one
of proprietors of Corona Hotel Co., Ltd.
Born Lewiston, Me., July 4, 1880, son
of Oliver and Rose Delina Arsenault.
Educated Nicolet Seminary, Quebec.
Came to Alberta, 1904. Bookkeeper,

Kenneth McKenzie & Co., Edmonton,
1904; manager, Richelieu Hotel, Edmon-
ton, 1905; clerk. Dominion Lands Of-
fice, 1906-1910; established present busi-
ness, 1910. Married Caroline Lamothe,
1908; has one son and one daughter.
Recreations: hunting, fishing. Liberal;
Roman Catholic. Address: 547 Fifth St.,
Edmonton, Alta.



ASHBOWir, James H. — President J.
H Ashdown Hardware Co., 155 Banna-
tyne Ave., Winnipeg; President Canadian
Fire Insurance Co.; Director Northern
Crown Bank; Director Northern Trusts
Co. Director Winnipeg Mining & De-
velopment Co. Born London, England,
March 31, 1844, son of William and Jane
Watling Ashdown. Came to Canada,
1852, and after living in Ontario, Chi-
cago and Kansas, came to Manitoba,
1868; established present business, 1869.
Served with Loyalists during first Riel
Rebellion, 1869-1870; suffered imprison-
ment Fort Garry with Schultz, Scott and
Mair; one of those chiefly instrumental
in securing incorporation for city of
Winnipeg, since when he has become a
prominent figure in the religious, polit-
ical and educational commercial and mu-
nicipal life of Winnipeg. Member of city
council in early days. Mayor Winnipeg,
1906-1907. Life Governor Winnipeg Gen-
eral Hospital; charter member and ex-
President Board of Trade. One of the
founders and governor of Wesley Col-
lege. Councillor Manitoba University.
Actively interested Y. M. C. A. Presi-
dent Children's Aid Society and other
philanthropic work. Lectured on "Our
Heritage in the West," 1906. Member
Royal Transportation Commission, 1906.
Married Susan Crowson, Winnipeg, 1876;
has one son and three daughters. Clubs:
Manitoba; Carlton. Liberal; Methodist.
Address: 337 Broadway, Winnipeg, Man.

ASHIiET, "Wyndham "Winkler — Finan-
cial and Insurance Broker, Bank of Nova
Scotia Bldg., Saskatoon; Agent, Canadian
Agency, Ltd., of London, Eng. ; Treas-
urer, Agricultural Society, Ltd. Born
Neustadt, Ont., Nov. 6, 1881, son of

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