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St. Enoch's, Belfast. Came to Saskatch-
ewan, 1905; established present busi-
ness, 1907. Secretary-treasurer of Ala-
meda since its incorporation, 1907. Mar-
ried "Victoria Warren Graham, 1905; has
two sons. Societies: A. F. & A. M. ; C.
O. F. ; L. O. L. Presbyterian. Address:
Alameda, Sask.

GOBBON, Lillian. — (Wife of Rev. J.
L. Gordon, Pastor of Central Congrega-
tional Church. W^innipeg). Born Potts-
ville, Pa., daughter of David B. and
Mary Hoffman James. Educated Read-
ing, Pa. Came to Manitoba, 1905. Di-
rector Board of Management, Y. W. C.
A., Winnipeg. Societies: Mothers' Club;
church societies. Married Rev. James
L. Gordon, 1887. Congregationalist. Ad-
dress: 366 Hargrave St., Winnipeg,

GORDON, His Honour Thomas Cran-
ston. — Judge of the District Court,
Yorkton. Born Collingwood, Ont., July
14, 1867, son of Robert and Mary Liv-
ingston Gordon. Educated Collegiate
Institute, Collingwood; Osgoode Hall.
Came to Saskatchewan, 1893. Practiced
Carnduff, Sask., 1893-1907; appointed to
present position, November, 1907. Mar-
ried Phoebe Luella Connell, Seattle,
Wash., 1897. Societies: A. F. & A. M.;
I. O. O. F. Methodist. Address: York-
ton, Sask.

GORE, Charles H. — Managing Director
Western Dominion Land & Investment
Co., Ltd., Vancouver, Victoria and Lon-
don, England. Born London, England,
Nov. 28, 1881, son of Sir Francis Gore,
K. C. B. Educated Radley College and



Trinity College, Oxford. Winnipeg, 1901-
1907. Came to British Columbia and
established present business, 1907. Mar-
ried Margaret Langley, Victoria, 1911.
Clubs: Vancouver; Union of Canada;
Travelers' Club; Pall Mall (London).
Address: 1316 Harwood St., Vancouver,
B. C.


GOTCH, Laurence M., A. B. I. B. A. —

Of Holman & Gotch, Architects and Sur-
veyors, Dominion Bank Bldg., Calgary,
Alta. Born Kettering, Northampton,
England, July 4, 1882, son of Davis F.
and Maud Mursell Gotch. Educated Mill
Hill School; (awarded R. I. B. A. silver
medal, 1903, Architectural Association,
liOndon, England: Essay medal, 1908;
Architectural Union Co.'s prize, 1909).
Served apprenticeship under J. A. Gotch,
F. S. A., R. R. I. B. A.; Master Archi-
tectural Association College of Archi-
tecture, 1906, 1910. Came to Calgary
and formed present partnership, 1910.
Chairman Educational Committee of the
Municipal Town Planning Commission.
Honorary Secretary Alberta Association
of Architects. Clubs: Golf and Country;
Calgary Tennis; Badminton. Recreations:
Rugby football, tennis. Conservative;
Baptist. Address: Calgary, Alta.

OOUGH, Samuel. — Treasurer and City
Clerk of Nanaimo. Born Staffordshire,
England, Sept. 3, 1849, son of Edwin and
Elizabeth (jough. Educated Nanaimo.
Came to British Columbia, 1854. Mining
and mercantile business, 1865-1880; the
oldest Treasurer and City Clerk, Brit-
ish Columbia, having held these posi-
tions since 1880. Connected with
Methodist Sunday School for half a
century. Married Emily Elizabeth
Woodward, Nanaimo, 1877; has one son.
Society: R. T. of T. Address: Franklin
St., Nanaimo, B. C.

OOWAN, Qeoxge Hunter. — Provincial
manager (Ilredit Foncier, Franco Cana-
dien, Edmonton; manager La Societe
d'Administration Generale; manager
Gowan & Co., Ltd. Born Ottawa, June
8, 1872, son of Hunter and Nancy Smith
Gowan. Educated public schools, To-
ronto. Office assistant, Edgar & Ma-
lone, barristers, Toronto, 1888-1889; of-
fice assistant Credit Foncier, Toronto,
1890-1897; cashier Sun Life Assurance
Co., Toronto, 1897-1899; bookkeeper
Montreal office. 1899-1903; sent on spe-
cial inspection and auditing trip by Sun
Life Insurance Co. to Orient and estab-
lished branch office, Yokohama, Japan,
being identified with Ilbert & Co., resi-
dent secretaries of Sun Life at Shanghai,
China, for several months in 1904, hav-
ing charge of their fire, life, accident
insurance branch; returned to Canada,
1904; special agent Sun Life, Montreal;
visited Edmonton and West for Sun
Life, 1906; manager Credit Foncier
since 1907. Married Ethel M. Reid,
Belleville. Ont., 1899; has four sons.
Clubs: Edmonton; Edmonton Country;
Canadian. Society: A. F. & A. M. Rec-
reation: curling. Conservative; Angli-
can. Address: 437 Thirteenth St., Ed-
monton, Alta.

CrOWATSt, Harry Harper — Of Gowan
& Company, Ltd., Real Estate Brokers,
234 Jasper Ave., W., Edmonton; Secre-
tary, Mutual Realty Investment Co.,
Ltd.; Vice-President, Prudential Securi-
ties, Ltd.; Secretary, Hagmann Estate,
Ltd. Born Toronto, Ont., May 23, 1887,
son of Hunter and Nancy Gowan. Edu-
cated Collegiate Institute; business col-
lege. Engaged on Dominion Land Sur-
veys, Manitoba, 1906; teller, Banque de
Hochelaga, Edmonton, 1907-1909; estab-
lished present business, 1910. Married
Lillian Grindley, Edmonton, 1912. Club:
Edmonton. Recreations: hunting, tennis.
Conservative; Anglican. Address: 1045
Athabasca Ave., Edmonton, Alta.

aOWABD, Albert T. — Manager Brit-
ish Columbia Electric Ry. Co., Ltd., Vic-
toria; manager Victoria Gas Co., Ltd.
Born Tenby, South Wales, April 4, 1871,
son of Henry and Elizabeth Goward. Edu-
cated Tenby. Clerk Atlas Insurance of-
fice, Bristol. England. Came to British
Columbia, 1890. Married Frances Clailc-
son, Victoria. Club: Union. Recrea-
tions: golf, lawn tennis, fishing. Ad-
dress: Briarbrae, Oak Bay, Victoria, B.

OOWEN, Hammond. — Fruit Grower.
Born Quebec, Oct. 28, 1872, son of Ham-
mond and Emily Gowen. Educated Que-
bec high school and seminary. In busi-
ness, Montreal, 1888. Subsequently in
Toronto and Victoria. Came to British
Columbia, 1898; brokerage business,
since 1893; organizer British Columbia


Amateur Athletic Union; honorary secre-
etary British Columbia Society for the
Prevention of Cruelty to Animals; holds
seve^i^al Canadian snowshoe records. Mar-
ried Violette Williams, of Quebec, 1900.
Recreations: amateur athletics and field
sports, driving and farming. Liberal.
Address: Stadacona Farm, North Bend,
B. C.


OOWILES, James Bobert. — ^Merchant,
90 Disraeli St., Winnipeg. Born Head-
ingly, Man., June 19, 1858, son of Oliver
and Mary Gowler. Educated Headingly.
Came to Winnipeg, 1880; founded pres-
ent business, 1886. Alderman, City of
Winnipeg, since 1906. Married Margaret
McLennan, Headingly, 1879; has two
sons and four daughters. Society: C.
O. P. Liberal; Methodist. Address:
162 Gomez St., Winnipeg, Man.

GSACZ:, Andrew B. — Editor Cran-
brook Prospector. Born Boston, Mass.,
May 1, 1876, son of James and Rachel
E. Grace. Educated public schools,
Boston. Reporter and advertising agent,
Chicago. Came to British Columbia and
established present business, 1894; nat-
uralized, 1896. Married Lizzie Norman,
1890. Societies: A. F. & A. M.; K. T.
Conservative; Unitarian. Address: Cran-
brook, B. C.

GBACBV, Arthur H. — Mining Engi-
neer, K. W. C. Bldg., Nelson. Born Exe-
ter, Ont, Sept. 8, 1869, son of Rev. Henry
and Agnes McKay Gracey. Educated
public schools, Gananoque, Ont. ;
Queen's University. Mining, Arizona,
California and Nevada, 1888-1897; Brit-
ish Columbia since 1899. Married Blanche

Fitch, Portland, Ore., 1905; has one
daughter. Club: Nelson. Address: Nel-
son, B. C.

GBACBV, Jolm. — Manager Bank of
Toronto, New Westminster. Born
Thames Road, Ont., Feb. 14, 1876, son
of Henry and Agnes Gracey. Educated
high school, Gananoque. Clerk Bank of
Toronto, St. Catharines, 1895; moved to
various other branches; appointed to
present position, 1909. Married Nora
Hughes Charles; has one son and one
daughter. Club: New Westminster. So-
ciety: A. F. & A. M. Address: 325 Ag-
nes St., New Westminster, B. C.


GBAHAM, Prederick Montgomery. —

Sheriff the Judicial District of Calgary.
Born Cobourg, Ont., Aug. 24, 1872, son
of William and Martha M. Graham.
Educated Collegiate Institute, Cobourg.
Came to Alberta, 1886. Ranching, Mor-
ley, 1890-1904; assistant sheriff, Cal-
gary, 1904-1911; sheriff since Septem-
ber, 1911. Married Jean Eleanor McDou-
gall, daughter of David McDougall,
1902; has one daughter. Club: Canadian.
Recreations: hunting, driving. Method-
ist. Address: 603 Fourth Ave., W., Cal-
gary, Alta.




G-RAHAM, G-eorgre Alexander — Lum-
berman, Fort William. Born St. Cath-
arines, Ont, May, 1857, son of John C.
and Jane Campbell Graham. Educated:
public schools and Collegiate Institute,
St. Catharines. Came to Fort William,
1877; was first President, Fort William
Board of Trade; first Vice President,
Port Arthur Board of Trade; Director,
McKellar Hospital Board. Mayor, Fort
William, 1912; served as alderman;
chairman public school board. Married
Mary A. Ross, 1888. Clubs: Port Ar-
thur; Fort William. Society: A. F. &
A. M. Liberal; Presbyterian. President
Fort William and Rainy River Liberal
Association. Address: Fort William,

GRAHAIVE, Georg-e Edgfar. — Superin-
tendent C. P. R. Refrigerator Service,
Vancouver. Born Uxbridge, Ont., May
10, 1870, son of Thomas and Violet
Graham. Educated Uxbridge and Mark-
ham public schools; Toronto Collegiate
Institute. Operator railway service,
Ontario, 1888; secretary to general
freight agent, C. P. R., Toronto; secre-
tary to manager of construction, Crow's
Nest, branch C. P. R. ; superintendent
C. P. R. refrigerator service, Montreal,
Winnipeg, Fort William and finally at

Vancouver, 1910. Married Mary Beck-
ett, Toronto; has one daughter. Club:
Terminal City. Recreations: tennis,
swimming and lacrosse. Address: Lin-
coln Apartments, Vancouver, B. C.

GRAHAM, Herbert Clement — Inspec-
tor of Customs, Calgary. Born Oxford,
Ont., Feb. 27, 1856, son of Allan E. and
Sarah Caroline Graham. Educated: Pub-
lic schools, Ontario. Was a farmer in
Oxford County, Ont. Came to Winnipeg,
1877. Came to Brandon, 1882. Member
Manitoba Legislature for South Brandon,
1888-1897, resigned and appointed Col-
lector of Customs, Brandon; promoted
to position of Inspector of Customs for
Alberta and Southeast British Colum-
bia, 1911. Married Annie Cunningham of
Duart, Ont., 1S7S; has two sons and two
daughters. Liberal; Presbyterian. Resi-
dence and address; Calgary, Alta.

GRAHAM, Isabel Beaton. — Editor
Woman's Department Grain Growers'
Guide. Born near Rodney, Ont., daugh-
ter of John and Isabel Beaton Graham.
Educated Collegiate Institute and Alma
Ladies' College, St. Thomas. Came to
Manitoba, 1885. Married Francis Gra-
ham, nurseryman and stock raiser,
1SS2; has one son and four daughters.
Clubs: Women's Press; Winnipeg Wom-
en's Canadian Club (honorary secre-
tary). Recreations: skating, riding,
shooting. Presbyterian. Address: Win-
nipeg, Man.


GRAHAM, James — Of Martin, Allan &
Graham, Barristers and Solicitors, Wey-
burn. Born Lochmaben, Scotland, June
5, 1884, son of John and Mary White
Graham. Educated Drysdale Academy,
Lockerbie; Edinburgh University; en-
rolled Solicitor of Scotland. Called to
Saskatchewan Bar, 1912; practiced, Wey-
burn, since. Recreations: football, golf.
Presbyterian. Address: Weyburn, Sask.


GBAHAM, James Erskiue. — Farmer,
of Graham & Stoughan, Horse Dealers,
Vonda. Born Ormstown, Que., Dec. 12,
1859. son of William G. and Janet Pringle
Graham. Educated public schools.
Served as reeve and councillor, Dun-
wich, Ont., 1901-1905; came to Saskatche-
wan, 1906; Alderman, Vonda, 1906-1909;
Mayor, 1910. President Vonda Board
of Trade. Married Mary McWilliam,
1882; has three sons and four daugh-
ters. Liberal; Presbyterian. Address:
Vonda, Sask.

GRAHAM, James Boljinson, B. A.,

Xili, B. — Barr-ster, Real Estate, Financial
and Insurance Agent. Born Nobleton.
York County, Ont., Nov. 5, 1866, son of
Charles arid Harriet Graham. Educated
public schools, Nobleton; Collegiate In-
stitute, Collingwood; Model School,
Newmarket; Normal School; Toronto
University; Osgoode Hall. Taught
school, Vaughan and Crown Hill, 1884-
1890. Member of firm, Logan & Gra-
ham, barristers, Sarnia, 1898-1899; prac-
ticed law alone, Sarnia, 1899-1900; Daw-
son & Graham, Petrolia, 1900-1903; came
to Saskatchewan, 1903; taught school,
1903-1905; commenced present practice,
1905. Secretary-treasurer Village of
Kinistino; Kinistino School District;
Carrot River District Agricultural Soci-
ety; president Liberal Association,
Electoral District of Kinistino. Socie-
ties: I. O. F. ; S. O. S. Recreation: foot-
ball. Liberal; Presbyterian. Address:
Kinistino, Sask.

GBAHAIVI, Robert Blackwood Whid-

den, IiXi. B. — Deputy Attorney General
of Manitoba. Born Brookfleld, Colches-
ter County, N. S., Dec. 3, 1870, son of
James and Lois Graham. Educated pub-
lic schools, Brookfleld; Pictou Academy,
Dalhousie University. Called to Nova
Scotia bar, 18 93. Came to Manitoba,
1897; called to Manitoba bar, 1906; ap-
pointed Assistant Deputy Attorney Gen-
eral, 1908; Deputy Attorney General,
1911. Married Louisa Ramwell, Bolton,
Lancashire, England, 1910. Club: Ada-
nac. Conservative. Address: 282 Broad-
way Court, Winnipeg, Man.

GRAHAM, VTalter, M. B., Ch. B., M.

R. C. S., Ii. R. C. P. — Surgeon, 710 Davie
St., Vancouver. Born Glasgow, Scot-
land, Sept. 17, 1867, son of Rev. Thomas
Graham, M. A., and Catherine Graham.
Educated Crossley School, Halifax,
Yorkshire; University College, Liver-
pool; Victoria University, England.
Practiced, Liverpool, 1897. Came to
British Columbia, 1903; practiced,
Revelstoke, 1903-1907; Vancouver since
1907. Served South African War as
civil surgeon fifteen months (Queen's
medal, three clasps). Married Frances

Brookfleld, 1903; has two sons and
three daughters. Society: C. W. O. W.
Recreations: cricket, yachting. Con-
servative. Address: 2566 Fourth Ave.,
Vancouver, B. C.

M., M. R. C. S. (England), L. R. C. P.
(London), F. R. C. S. (Edinburgh).

GRAHAM, William Bzra, M. D., C. M.,
M. R. c. S. (Bugfland), 1^. R. C. F. (I^ou-
dou), P. R. C. S. (Bdinliurg^li). — Surgeon,
Maclean Block, Calgary. Born Smith's
Falls, Ont., Aug. 28, 1875, son of
Thomas and Elizabeth Graham. Edu-
cated Trinity Medical College; London,
England; Edinburgh. Practiced, Enis-
killen, Ont., 1899-1900; abroad, 1900-
1907; established present practice, 1907.
Married Mabel V. Thomson, daughter
of Walter Thomson, 1910; has one
daughter. Societies: A. F. & A. M. ; I.
O. O. F. Independent; Presbyterian.
Address: 210 Sixth Ave., E., Calgary,

GRAIN, Ortou Irwin, M. B., C. M.,

M. Im. a. — Physician and Surgeon. Born
Fergus, Ont., Aug. 9, 1863, son of Mary
and William Grain, C. E. Educated
high school, Fergus; Toronto School of
Medicine; Victoria University. Came to
Manitoba, 1881; established present
practice, 1886; one of charter holders of
Winnipeg and Northern Ry. ; elected to
Manitoba Legislature for Kildonan and
St. Andrew's, 1899; defeated, 1905; re-
elected, 1908 and 1910. Councillor, Sel-
kirk, 1892; Mayor, 1896. Served with
Q. O. R., Toronto, 1884; assistant sur-
geon, 91st Manitoba Regiment, 1888,


M. L. A.

until disbanded. Married Annie Cull,
1891; has two sons and five daughters.
Club: Adanac. Societies: A. F. & A. M.;
I. O. F. ; I. O. O. F. Recreations: curl-
ing, tennis, cricket. Conservative; An-
glican. Address: Selkirk, Man.


GBANT, His Honour David, LI. B. —

Judge of County Court, Vancouver. Born
New Brunswick, Oct. 12, 1853, son of
William and Agnes Grant. Educated

grammar and high schools. New Bruns-
wick; Boston University Law School.
Taught school, 1875-1878; practiced
Moncton, N. B., 1882. Chairman Moncton
school board, five years. Came to Brit-
ish Columbia and admitted to bar, 1900.
Appointed fusion judge county court
May 13, 1907. Married Jane Kinnear,
1SS3; has two sons and two daughters.
Presbyterian. Address: 1418 Thurlow
St., Vancouver, B. C.


GBANT, George William. — Of Grant
& Henderson, Architects, 413 Granville
St., Vancouver. Member of Architectural
Institute of Canada; member of board
Westminster Hall. Born Pictou, N. S.,
Dec. 14, 1852, son of Alpier and Eleanor
Braden Grant. Educated public schools,
Pictou, Pictou Academy. Came to Brit-
ish Columbia, 1885; practiced New
Westminster, 1887; came to Vancouver,
1887. Architect of many important
buildings, Vancouver, some of which
are Vancouver General Hospital, Car-
negie Public Library, Court House, etc.
License Commissioner, Vancouver, 1898-
1899. Married Olive Burris, Musqudo-
boit, N. S., 1876. Society: St. Andrew's.
Recreations: Lacrosse, football. Lib-
eral; Presbyterian. Address: 1435 Thur-
low St., Vancouver, B. C.




OSANT, William — President William
Grant Grain Co., Grain Merchants, Kerr
Block, Regina; President United Lumber
Co. Born Forres, Scotland, June 30,
1883, son of William and Margaret
Grant. Educated Forres public school;
Gorden's College, Aberdeen. Came to
Canada, 1900; grain buyer. Northern Ele-

vator Co., Winnipeg, 1903-1907; grain
merchant on own account, Condie, Sask.,
1907; established present business, 1908.
Married Marie Diebold, daughter of
Jacob Diebold, 1906; has one daughter.
Society: I. O. O. F. Recreations: Horses,
motoring. Conservative; Presbyterian.
Address: 2222 Osier St., Regina, Sask.



GBANT, Joseph Rowan.— Of Corbould
& Grant, Barristers and Solicitors, New
Westminster. Born Pembroke, Ont
May 22, 1872, son of Hugh and Jane
Grant. Educated high school, Pem-
broke; Osgoode Hall. Called to Ontario
bar, 1894. Came to British Columbia
and called to bar, 1896; practiced New
Westminster since. Served with D. C.
O. R., New Westminster, six years
Married Annie H. Turner, New West-
minster, 1902: -has one son and two
daughters. Club: New Westminstei-.
Recreations: outdoor sports. Conserva-
tive; Presbyterian. Address: 211 Royal
Ave., New Westminster, B. C.

6BANT, Bolbert.' — Of Grant &
Mounce, Union Saw Mill Co., Cumber-
land. Born Pictou, N. S., Aug. 22, 1855,
son of Hugh and Nancy Grant. Edu-
cated public schools, Pictou. Lumber
business, Nanaimo, Wellington and
Cumberland, 1877; built present mill,
1888. One of promoters of Cumberland
Waterworks Co. Alderman Cumberland,
1896; Mayor, 1902-1903. Member British
Columbia Legislature for Comox Dis-
trict, 1903; re-elected, 1907. Married
Barbara Jane McCutcheon, Victoria,
1883; has seven sons and three daugh-
ters. Society: A. P. & A. M.; Mystic
Shrine. Conservative; Presbyterian. Ad-
dress: Derwent Ave., Cumberland, B. C.

6BASSXE, Captain William. — Manag-
ing Director British American Invest-
ment Co., 221 McDermot Ave., Winni-
peg. Born Scotland, July 27, 1872, son
of William and Agnes Grassie. Edu-
cated Wallace Hall Academy, Scotland,


Farmed some years, Scotland. Came to
Canada, 1894; farmed Ontario, 1895;
ranched Western Canada, 1895-1900.
Came to Winnipeg and founded pres-
ent business, 1900; president Winnipeg
Real Estate Exchange, 1906. Captain
79th Cameron Highlanders of Canada.
Married Margaret Greig, Montreal. So-
ciety: Oi-der of Scottish Clans. Liberal;
Presbyterian. Address: 53 Harvard Ave.,
Winnipeg, Man.

GBATIAS, Albert William — Secretary-
Treasurer and General Manager of The
Gratias Land Company, Ltd., 130 2nd
Ave., Saskatoon; Vice-President, Saska-
toon Real Estate Exchange, Ltd. Born
Ellsworth, Iowa, Jan. 25, 1880, son of
Hugo B. and Amanda Gratias. Edu-
cated public schools, North Dakota.
Secret service, Pinkerton Agency and
Theil Detective Agency, Denver, Spo-
kane, Seattle, Kansas City, Chicago,
Toronto and Montreal 1901 to 1909.
Served as Corporal, 18th U. S. Infantry,
during the Spanish-American War and
Philippine Rebellion in the Philippine
Islands two years, 1898 to 1900. Came
to Saskatoon in February, 1910. Mar-
ried Mildred I. Mulholland, 1904; has
one son. Recreation: reading scientific
works and study of ancient history. In-
dependent Lutheran. Address: 545 5th
Ave., Saskatoon, Sask.

CfBAVSS, Arthur Gamot. — Mechan-
ical Engineer. Born South Reston, Lin-
colnshire, England, Sept. 21, 1877, son
of Thomas and Elizabeth Graves. Edu-
cated public schools. Came to Alberta,
1897. Alderman Calgary, 1905-1908;
chairman, municipal electric light
plant since its inception; Commissioner
Calgary since 1908. Married Harriet
Amanda Gilmore, Palmerston, Ont.,
1902; has three sons. Societv: I. O O.
F. Recreations: cricket, football. Inde-
pendent; Methodist. Address: 424 14th
Ave., E., Calgary, Alta.



GBA7, Arthur WeUesley. — Of Gray &

Gilchrist, Financial Brokers, 675 Colum-
bia St., New Westminster. Born New
Westminster, Oct. 6, 1876, son of
Thomas William and Hazel Baird Gray.
Educated public schools. L^-W clerk
Corbould & McColl, New Westminster,
1890; chief clerk Nelson Lumber Co., Nel-
son, B. C, 1893-1895; clerk Royal City
Planing Mills, New Westminster, 1897-
1911; established present business, 1911.
Alderman New Westminster, 1906-1912.
Married (died Jan. 14, 1912) Eleanor
Jones, daughter of H. A. Joiies, Vancou-
ver, 1899; has one son. Club: West-
minster. Societies: A. P. & A. M.; S. O.
E. ; S. O. S. Recreations: baseball, la-
crosse (President New Westminster La-
crosse Club). Presbyterian. Address: 226
Second St., New Westminster, B. C.


GBAY, Rev. Henry Allan, M. A. —

Archdeacon of Edmonton; Rector of All
Saints Parish, Edmonton. Commissioner
under Neglected and Dependent Chil-
drens Act, of Alberta. Born London,
England, July, 1863, son of Henry and
Fanny Gray. Educated Manitoba Uni-
versity. Came to Alberta, 1886. Chap-
lain to 19th Alberta Dragoons. Served
three terms as member of Edmonton
Public School Board. Address: 549
Third St., Edmonton, Alta.

CrRAY, John Sidney, M. D., C. M. —

Physician, 358 Hargrave St., Winnipeg.
Born Heckston, Ont., Jan. 26, 1850, son of
John and Nancy Gray. Educated Iroquois
high school; McGill University. Prac-
ticed North Williamsburg, Ont., 1876.
Came to Winnipeg, 1881. Registrar Col-

lege of Physicians and Surgeons of
Manitoba since 1886; Gynaecologist
Winnipeg General Hospital staff; Chair
of Gynaecology Manitoba Medical Col-
lege. Member of the Medical Council
of Canada. Married Adelaide Lane, Na-
panee, Ont., 1879; has one son and- two
daughters. Clubs: Carleton; Adanac.
Conservative; Presbyterian. Address: 67
Kingsway, Winnipeg, Man.


G-RAVSOIT, John Hawke. — Financial
Broker, Grayson Block, Moose Jaw; di-
rector Moose Jaw Machine Works; direc-
tor Gray Campbell Co., Ltd. Born Shef-
field, England, July 13, 1867, son of
Michael and Anne Grayson. Educated
public schools and Collegiate Institute,
London. Ont. Clerk drygoods store of
T. W. Robinson, Moose Jaw, 1885; stud-
ied law in brother's office, 1897-1901;
Postmaster Moose Jaw, 1901-1907; di-
rector Moose Jaw General Hospital; in-
terested extensively ranching and
farm and city property. Alderman
Moose Jaw, 1901-1904 and 1908. Married
Adela Babb, Sydney, Man., 1891; has
one son and one daughter. Recreations:
hunting, shooting, baseball, motoring.
Liberal; Methodist. Address: 90 Main
St., Moose Jaw, Sask.

GlbAVSOir, "William. — Of Grayson &
Armstrong, Barristers, 2 High St., W.,
Moose Jaw. Born Yorkshire, England,
March 6 1856, son of Michael and Anne
Grayson. Educated grammar school, Lon-
don, Ont.; Osgoode Hall. Law student
London, 1878. Practiced Winnipeg, 1882.
Came to Moose Jaw, 1883; formed part-
nership with Chas. E. Armstrong, 1906;
(3rown Prosecutor since 1904; Public
Administrator Moose Jaw Judicial Dis-
trict since 1890; member Moose Jaw
school board since 1890; chairman since


1902; Mayor, 1903. Married Ellen Babb,
Sydney, ■ Man., 1885; has four sons and
four daughters. Liberal; Methodist. Ad-
dress: 92 Main St., Moose Jaw, Saslt.

GBEEIiEV, Horace Albertie. — Farmer.
Born Hudson, N. H., Sept. 17, 1858, son
of James Munro and Nancy Whittier
Marsh Greeley. Educated public schools.
Came to Fort Walsh, North West Ter-
ritories, 1879. Clerk T. C. Power & Bro.,
Fort Walsh, 1880; manager for T. C.

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