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George and Eleanor Margaret Farquhar
Gurd. Came to Canada as a boy. Edu-
cated Trinity University; Osgoode Hall.
Called to Ontario bar, 1894; practiced
Toronto, 1894-1896. Solicitor for Crows
Nest Railway during construction pe-
riod, 1897-1898; private practice Cran-
brook, since 1899. Served with Queen's
Own Rifles, Toronto, 1890-1892. Married
Caroline Bertha Moss, 1904; has one son
and two daughters. Society: A. F. & A.
M. Liberal; Anglican. Address: Cran-
brook, B. C.



GW, Bev. William Alexander, B. A.,
B. D. — Pastor St. Andrew's Church, Re-
gina. Born Portage du Fort, Que., Oct.
27, 1878, son of Robert and Mary Cath-
erine Guy. Educated Model School, Que-
bec; public schools, Ontario; Newburgh
Academy; Queen's University. Student
missionary, 1897; ordained missionary,
1901-1903; pastor Presbyterian Church,
Dalhousie, 1903-1908. Came to Sas-
katchewan to take present charge, 1908.
Synodical Convener of Young People's
societies; secretary Saskatchewan Lord's
Day Alliance; Convener Home missions
and Augmentation, Presbytery, Regina.
Married Grace Tucker Rouse, 1903; has
one son and one daughter. Club: Cana-
dian. Societies: A. O. U. W.; A. P. & A.
M. (Chaplain Wascana Lodge). Recrea-
tions: curling:, iiockey, tennis, baseball,
football, travel. Independent-Liberal;
Presbyterian. Address: 2827 Dewdney
Ave., Regina, Sask.

GWIIiIiIM, Frank IileweUyn — Of

Gwillim, Crisp & Mackay, Barristers,
Pacific Bldg, Vancouver. Born Lower
Court, Clifford, Herefordshire, England,
July 6, 1870, son of James and Olivia
Maria Spencer Gwillim. Came to Mani-
toba, 1882. Educated public schools
England and Manitoba. Admitted to
North West Territories bar, 1893; prac-
ticed, Moosomin, 1893-1897; Manitoba
bar, 1897; Yukon bar, 1898; member of
firm of White & Gwillim, Dawson, 1898:
practiced alone, Dawson, 1899-1900;
Gwillim & Crisp, Dawson, 1900-1906;
Gwillim & Crisp, Vancouver, 1906-
1911. Came to British Columbia,
1898; called to bar, 1906. First
public administrator Yukon Territory,
1898-1899. Club: Vancouver. Recrea-
tions: motoring, boating. Conservative;
Anglican. Address, Vancouver, B. C.

GWYIT, William Trevor. — Manager
Dominion Bank of Canada, Dominion
Trust Bldg., Vancouver. Born Dundas,
Ont., Jan. 14, 1880, son of Herbert C.
and Charlotte Osier Gwyn. Educated
Trinity College School, Port Hope. Ju-
nior Dominion Bank, Oshawa, 1896; sub-
sequently stationed Guelph, Belleville,
Toronto and Winnipeg; for some time
assistant manager Montreal; manager
present branch since 1911. Married Em-
ily Harriet Spragge, 1906; has one son
and one daughter. Anglican. Address:
Vancouver, B. C.

GZOWSKI, Casimir Stanislaus, C. E.

— Of Macdonnell, Gzowski & Co., Civil
Engineers and Contractors. Bank of
British North America Bldg., Van-
couver. Born Toronto, May 1, 1876, son
of Casimir Stanislaus and Mary Gzow-
ski. Educated Bishop Ridley College,
St. Catharines; School of Practical Sci-

ence, Toronto. Railway survey work,
1896; construction C. P. R. and other
railways, 1896-1905. Came to British
Columbia, 1897. Joined firm of Loss,
Macdonnell & Co., building Nicola Ry.,
1905; formed present firm, 1906. Mar-
ried Mildred Gwendolyn Church, 1909;
has two daughters. Clubs: Toronto;
Vancouver; Vancouver Rowing; Jericho
Country; Royal Vancouver Yacht. Soci-
eties: Canadian Society of C. E. ; To-
ronto Engineers. Recreations: all outdoor
sports. Address: 1266 13th Ave. W., Van-
couver, B. C.


HAGBI^, Kathaniel Francis, K. C. —

Barrister, 26 Merchants Bank Bldg.,
Winnipeg. Born County of Oxford, Ont.,
Feb. 20, 1846, son of Samuel and Ann
Eliza Hagel. Educated grammar schools,
Ingersoll and Woodstock. Called to On-
tario bar, 1873; practiced Toronto, 1873-
1881; Winnipeg, 1881-1900; Yukon Ter-
ritory, 1900-1906, when returned to Win-
nipeg. President Conservative Associa-
tion of Yukon. For several years presi-
dent Horticultural Association of Yukon.
Served as volunteer Fenian Raid, 1866
(medal). Married Susan Adele Sum-
mers, London, Ont., 1870; has one son
and two daughters. Societies: A. P. &
A. M. ; L. O. L. Conservative; Anglican.
Address: 182 Donald St., Winnipeg,


HAGBI^, Percy Blden. — Barrister.
Born Toronto, April 22, 1881, son of
Nathaniel Francis and Susan Adele
Hagel. Came to Winnipeg, 1881. Edu-
cated public schools; St. John's College.
Student with N. F. Hagel, barrister, Yu-
kon. Called to Yukon bar, 1904; called
to Manitoba bar, 1906. Married Rachael
Amia Campbell, Teulon, Man., 1908; has
one son. Conservative; Anglican. Ad-
dress: 363 Maryland St., Winnipeg,



HAOEB, Alvah I^. — Managing Direc-
tor New England Fish Co., Foot Gore
Ave., Vancouver; secretary Doty Fish
Co.; manager Northwestern Fisheries
Co.; president and treasurer Canadian
Fishing Co., Ltd. Porn Iowa, Nov. 19,
1887, son of Alphonso William and
Mary Hager. Educated Northwestern
University. Engaged fish industry Bos-
ton, 1900. Came to British Columbia,
1908. Member Vancouver Board of
Trade. Married Hilda Synnestvedt, Phil-
adelphia, Pa., 1901; has one son and
three daughters. Clubs: Terminal City,
Vancouver; Arctic, Seattle. Societies:

A. F. & A. M. (M. S.); K. T. Recrea-
tions: baseball, bowling, motoring. Ad-
dress: 1744 Venables St., Vancouver,

B. C.

LL. B., K. C, EX. M. P.

HAGG-ABT, Hon. Alexander, B. A., Iii;.
B., K. C, Bz.'M. P. — -Pusine Judge of the
Court of Appeal for Manitoba since
April, 1911. Born Peterboro, Ont., Jan.
20, 1848, son of Archibald and Elizabeth
Haggart. Educated Peterboro High
School; Victoria University. Called to
Ontario Bar, 1876. Appointed K. C,
1893. Practiced Toronto, 1877. Came to
Winnipeg. 1880; president Law Society,
Manitoba; elected to House of Com-
mons, 1908-1911; resigned Oct. 1911; ex-
Alderman and school trustee. Married
Elizabeth Littlehales, Winnipeg, 1887.
Clubs: Manitoba, Carleton, Adanac. Con-
servative; Presbyterian. Address: 229
Kennedy St., Winnipeg, Man.

KAINBS, David Robert. — General
Manager Investors Guarantee Corpora-
tion of Canada, 609 First St., Edmonton.
Director Saturday News, Ltd.; part
owner St. Thomas Journal. Born St.
Mary's, Ont., Sept. 24, 1881, son of Whit-
ney W. and Martha Monteith Haines. Ed-
ucated public schools and Collegiate In-
stitute, Ontario. Business Mgr. Journal,
St. Thomas, 1906-1909; came to Edmon-
ton, 1909; manager Daily Capital, 1909.

Served as Lieutenant 25th Elgin In-
fantry, St. Thomas. Clubs: Edmonton;
Edmonton Country. Societies: A. F. &
A. M.; C. O. P.; C. O. O. F. Liberal;
Presbyterian. Address Windsor Hotel,
Edmonton, Alta.




^H|K. /


■ l



HAINING-, A. I^ Of Archibald, Hain-

ing Co., Real Estate Brokers, Saskatoon;
Director, Industrial League; Director,
Saskatoon Industrial Fair; Director,
Saskatoon Real Estate Board. Born
Fredericton, N. B., Jan. 6, 1865, son of
William and Mary Haining. Educated
high school, Fredericton. Credit man,
Emerson, Fisher & Co., wholesale hard-
ware, St. John, N. B., prior to coming
to Saskatoon, 1908; established present
business, 1908. Married Janet Mitchell,
York County, N. B., 1891; has one son
and two daughters. Clubs: Saskatoon;
Adanac. Society: A. F. & A. M. Con-
servative; Baptist. Address: Saskatoon,

HAI.ZBUBTOir, William Henry —

Vice-President, International Finance
Co., Ltd., 132 Jasper Ave., E., Edmon-
ton; Director, Natural Securities, Ltd.;
Director, Peace River Collieries, Ltd.;
President, Sawridge Townsite Co., Ltd.
Born Dundas, Ont, April 5, 1878, son
of David and Margaret Haliburton. Edu-
cated public schools, Woodstock; First
Baptist College, Woodstock. With Ma-
son & Risch Piano Co., Winnipeg, 1902;
Regina, 1903; Calgary, 1904; Edmonton,
1905-1907; Vancouver, 1908-1910. Es-
tablished present business, 1912. Mar-
ried Pearl Strong, Edmonton, 1908; has
one son. Societies: A. F. & A. M. ; W.
O. W. Recreations: athletics. Inde-
pendent; Baptist. Address: 658 Atha-
basca St., Edmonton, Alta.




HAIiIi, Grant — Assistant General Man-
ager Canadian Pacific Railway, western
lines, Winnipeg. Born Montreal, Nov.
27, 1863, son of John S. and Emma R.
Hall. Educated: Bisliops College, Len-
noxville. Started as machinist appren
tice, Grand Trunk Ry. ; locomotive fore
man, Windsor St., Montreal, 1890-189S
locomotive foreman, Montreal, 1898-1899
general foreman, McAdam, 1899-1901
general foreman, Winnipeg, 1901; Mas
ter Mechanic, Pacific Division, Revel

stoke, 1901; Assistant Superintendent
of Rolling Stock, Eastern lines, 1902;
Assistant Superintendent of Motive
Power, Western Lines, 1904; Superin-
tendent of Motive Power, 1908; present
position since 1911. Married Mary E.
Maley, daughter of George T. Maley,
Montreal, 1888; has one son and one
daughter. Society: A. F. & A. M. Con-
servative; Anglican. Address: Winnipeg,



BAI^I^, Ernest Amos, M. D. — Physi-
cian, 1301 Davie St., "Vancouver. Born
Ontario, March 9, 1861, son of Robert
Slterrow and Jane Hall. Educated Wood-
stock; Toronto; Edinburgh University;
Germany. Began practice Ontario. Came
to British Columbia, 1889. Member of
Victoria School Board, 1905. Gold med-
allist Trinity Alumni Association for
best medical article from results of
original investigation: "The Relation of
Pelvic Disease in Women to Mental Ab-
normality.'' Married Mary Louisa Fox,
1885; has two sons and one daughter.
Societies: A. P. & A. M.; I. O. O. P.;
Royal Society of Medicine, London,
England; Canadian Medical Society.
Recreations: sketching, painting. Ad-
dress: Victoria, B. C.

HAXiIi, George Arthur Benjamin, "M.

D. — Physician and Surgeon. City Health
Officer Victoria. Born Gloucester, Ont.,
Oct. 29, 1868, son of Elizabeth and
Lewis Hall. Educated Cooper Medical
College, San Prancisco; Johns Hopkins
University. Came to British Columbia,
1875. Practiced Nelson, 1896-1909. Rep-
resented Nelson, British Columbia Leg-
islature, 1906-1908. Provincial Health
Officer, Nelson, 1900. Alderman, 1900.
On school board. Nelson, 1901-1909.
Came to Victoria, 1909. Married C. B.
Pool, Nanaimo, 1893; has three sons.
Societies: A. P. & A. M.; I. O. O. P.;
K. of P.; James Bay Athletic Associa-
tion. Recreations: outdoor sports. Ad-
dress: 1305 Yates St., Victoria, B. C.

HAIi^, James Deakin. — Sheriff, Court
House, Vancouver. Born Londonderry,
Ireland, son of Thomas and Martha
Caroline Hall. Came to Canada as a
boy. Educated grammar schools,

Brampton, Ont. Commenced career To-
ronto; subsequently engaged in Winni-
peg and Victoria. Came to Vancouver,
1887. Societies: A. P. & A. M.; R. A.
M. Recreations: all athletic sports. Ad-
dress: Vancouver, B. C.

HATmJm, James Edward. — Managing Di-
rector Vancouver Milling & Grain Co.,
Ltd., 236 Smythe St., Vancouver. Born
Belleville, Ont., Dec. 2, 1879, son of
Charles Edward and Ida J. Hall. Edu-
cated Winnipeg. Milling and grain bus-
iness Saskatchewan, 1900-1905. Came to
British Columbia, 1905. Married Ethel-
wyn Ceperley, 1907; has one daughter.
Club: Terminal City. Recreation: hunt-
ing. Address: 755 Bute St., Vancouver,
B. C.

HAIiI^, John. — Inspector for Alberta
National Trust Co., Ltd., 25 Jasper
Ave., E., Edmonton. Born Uttoxeter,
Staffordshire, Bnyland, May 19, 1861,
son of William and Elizabeth Hall.
Educated public schools, Uttoxeter.
Came to Canada, 1880; farmed Mani-
toba, 1880-1901; horse exchange, Stone-
wall, Man., 1901-1907; inspector C. P.
R. lands. Alberta, 1907-1909; inspector
for National Trust Co., since 1909. Mar-
ried Laura May Lusted, Uxbridge, Ont.,
1904; has three sons and three daugh-
ters. Society: I. O. O. P. Recreations:
hunting curling. Liberal; Anglican. Ad-
dress: 733 14th St., Edmonton, Alta.

B.AImIm, John Albert, M. Sc. — Victoria
Chemical Co., Ltd., Victoria. Born Man-
chester, England, Sept. 1, 1868, son of
Robert Hall. Educated University of
Manchester. Chemist, Manchester, 1887.
Came to British Columbia, 1893. Late
lieutenant-Colonel commanding Pifth
Regiment, Canadian Artillery. Married
Annie Gatenby, Victoria. Club: Union.
Society: Chemical of London, England.
Recreation: motoring. Address: Vic-
toria, B. C.

SATmXm, I^eonard "Willmott. — Manager,
Fort George & Western Lands Co., 215
Jasper Ave., W., Edmonton. Born Lon-
don, England, Dec. 28, 1868, son of John
and Louisa Hall, Waterbeach, Cam-
bridge, England. Educated grammar
school, Stevenage, Herts, England.; Gros-
venor College, London, England. Came
to Canada, 1899; manager and fur buyer,
Hudson's Bay Co., Teslin Lake, B. C,
1898-1899; prospecting and trading, Yu-
kon, 1900-1902; travelling and lecturing,
England on Canadian subjects, 1903-1908;
came to Edmonton and established pres-
ent business, 1910. Served as Justice of
the Peace, Teslin Lake, 1898-1900. Mar-
ried Mary Anne Williams, daughter of
Major Solomon Williams, Fourth Royal
Irish Dragoons, Brighton, Sussex, Eng-
land, 1903; has two sons and one daugh-
ter. Society: St. George's. Recreations:
cricket, football. Liberal; Anglican. Ad-
dress: 775 Eighth St., Edmonton, Alta.




HAIiIi, Lewis, D. D. S. — Dentist, 655
Yates St., Victoria. Born Staffordsliire,
England, Marcli 11, I860, son of Lewis
and Elizabeth Hall. Came to British
Columbia, 1876. Educated public schools,
Philadelphia, Pa.; Dental School. Prac-
ticed Victoria, since 1888. Alderman,
Victoria, 1906-1907. Mayor, 1908-1909;
chairman school board, 1900-1908. Mar-
ried Sophie Cummings, Victoria, 1889.
Societies: A. F. & A. M.; L O. O. F.; L O.
F.; I. O. G. T. Address: 502 Catherine
St.', Victoria, B. C.

HALIi, Iiillian yictoria. — Wife of Rev.
R. Frances Hall, B. A. Born Ripley, Ont..
daughter of Thomas Fyfe and Jane
Welsh Yenien. Educated high school,
Kincardine, Ont.; Wheeler Hall; Queen's
University; Minnesota State Normal
school. Came to Manitoba, 1903; Sas-
katchewan, 1910. Mrs. Hall's life is note-
worthy because of the mental stimulus
and help she has given unstintedly to
many a baffled student in the country
districts of the west, preparing them for
matriculation entrance and certificates.
One of her pupils won the Greek Scholar-
ship offered by Manitoba College, 1907.
She has made life worth living for the
discouraged. She was first vice-presi-
dent of the Missionary Presbytery, Port-
age la Prairie district. Married Rev. R.
Frances Hall, B. A., 1903; has one daugh-
ter. Recreations: tennis, gardening.
Presbyterian. Address: Saskatoon, Sask.

HAIiI^, Robert Hanley — Fur Trade

Commissioner, Hudson's Bay Company,
Winnipeg. Born Londonderry, Ireland,
April 25, 1850, son of Rev. Thomas and
Martha Caroline Hall. Educated private
school. Mercantile business, Fenelon
Falls, Ont., 1868. Joined Hudson's Bay
Company, British Columbia, 1872. Rep-
resented Cassiar District, British Co-
lumbia Legislature, 1891-1894; presi-
dent, Board of Trade, Prince Albert, for
three years. Married Rachel Sarah Og-
den, Stuarts Lake, B. C, 1876; has five
sons and one daughter. Clubs: Union
(Victoria); Manitoba. Recreation: curl-
ing. Anglican. Address: Winnipeg,

HAIiIi, Thomas Proctor, M. A.. B. A.,
M. D., Ph. D. — Physician. Born Hornby,
Ont., Oct. 7, 1858, son of Robert Skirrow |
and Jane Greenwood Hall. Educated
Toronto University; Illinois Wesleyan
University: Clark University; National
Medical University: Fellow Toronto
University, 1883-1884; science master
Woodstock College, 1885-1890; Fellow
Clark University 1891-1893; examiner
Toronto University 1892; Professor Nat-
ural Science Tabor College, Iowa, 1893'
1896; president Iowa Academy Science,
1896; professor physics, Kansas City
University, 1897-1901; professor physics
and chemistry National Medical Univer-
sity, and professor electro physics
Chicago College of X-ray and Electro-
Therapeutic Science, 1901; editor Ameri-
can X-Ray Journal, Chicago; editor Chi-
cago Pan-Path; president Canadian Soci-
ety, Kansas City, 1901. Came to British
Columbia. 1905. Member and vice-presi-
dent British Columbia Academy of Sci-
ence; American Math Society; American
Roentgen Ray Society. Married Eliza-
beth Knight of Souris, P. E. I., 1885.
Married Ruth Maud McManus, M. D.,
Chicago, 1902; has one son and two
daughters. Society: A. F. & A. M. Rec-
reation: scientific investigation. Bap-
tist. Address: 1301 Davie St., Vancou-
ver, B. C.

HAIiIiET, Isaac Hoyt. — Barrister and
Solicitor. Solicitor for British Columbia
Copper Co.; New Dominion Copper Co.;
Bank of Montreal, Greenwood. Born
Norton, Kings County, N. B., May 13,
1856, son of James M. and Hannah E.
Hallet. Educated high school, Sussex,
N. B.; Harvard University Law School.
Called to New Brunswick bar, 1882.
Practiced Sussex, N. B., 1882-1889. Came
to British Columbia, 1889. Called to
British Columbia Bar, 1890; practiced
Vancouver, 1889-1896; Greenwood, since
1896; Police Magistrate Vancouver, 1890-
1892; Police Magistrate Greenwood since
1897. Married Ellen Hall, 1897; has two
sons. Club: Greenwood. Conservative;
Anglican. Address: Greenwood, B. C.



SAJiImU'WHImIm, John — - Architect and
Real Estate Broker, 1303 Broad St., Vic-
toria. Born Addingham, Yorkshire,
England, Nov. 8, 1876, son of James and
Jane Hallewell. Educated: private
school, Harrogate. Junior partner and
manager J. & J. Hallewell, Harrowgate,
1900-1905; builder and contractor, Har-
rowgate, 1905-1909; came to Alberta,
1909; manager for Charles May, Edmon-
ton, 1909-1912; established present busi-
ness, 1912. Married Mary Chapman,
Harrowgate, 1901; has one son and one
daughter. Recreation: lacrosse. Con-
servative; Anglican. Address: 1615 Fell
St., Victoria, B. C.


HAI^^S, Frank Ernest. — Of Carter,
Halls, Aldinger Co., Ltd., Union Bank
Bldg., Winnipeg. Director Western
Stone Co., Ltd., St. Boniface, Man. Born
Huron County, Ont., April 20, 1872, son
of James and Mary Halls. Educated
pubic schools and Illinois University.
Draughtsman with Luxfer Prism Co.,
Chicago, 111., 1895. Came to Winnipeg,
1907. Married Josephine Pierce,
Davenport, la., 1901; has two sons and
one daughter. Club: Commercial Trav-
ellers. Recreations: bowling, fishing.
Conservative; Presbyterian. Address:
248 Wellington Crescent, Winnipeg,

HAIiFENlTS', Jasper, IMC. A., M. D., C.

M. — Surgeon, 216 Mclntyre Block, Win-
nipeg. Born Listowel, Ont., Oct. 23, 1869,
son of Richard and, Elizabeth Halpenny.
Educated public and high schools, Nee-
pawa, Man.; Manitoba University; Johns
Hopkins Medical College, Baltimore.
Came to Manitoba, 1880. Taught school
Manitoba, 1888; principal Intermediate
School, McGregor, Man., 1889-1891. Prac-
ticed Winnipeg since 1891. Hon. secre-
tary for Manitoba Medical Association;
local secretary (for Manitoba) Canada
Medical Association; surgeon to Win-
nipeg General Hospital; lecturer clini-
cal surgery, Manitoba Medical College;
member Council University of Manitoba;
ex-president Alumni Association Wesley
College; member Winnipeg Scientific
Club; Manitoba Medical Association; Can-
ada Medical Association; Winnipeg Med-
ico-Chirurgical Association; Winnipeg
Clinical Society; medical superintendent
Winnipeg General Hospital, 1901-1905;
representative Province of Manitoba 16th
International Medical Congress, Buda-
pest, 1909. Author "How to Be
Healthy." Wrote iDiographies of promi-
nent men between Great Lakes and
Rocky mountains, for work published by
Dr. Howard A. Kelley, Baltimore, Md.
Clubs: Manitoba; Winnipeg Hunt. Soci-
ety: A. F. & A. M. Recreations: football,
tennis, rifle practice. Liberal; Meth-
odist. Address: 338 Broadway, Winni-
peg, Man.

HAIkSi:, Georg-e H. — Secretary-Treas-
urer British Columbia Telephone Co.,
Seymour St., Vancouver. Born To-
ronto, March 27, 1860, son of George
and Isabella Halse. Educated Upper
Canada College. Came to British Co-
lumbia, 1902. Telephone business since.
Married Ella Catto, June, 1903; has
two sons and one daughter. Clubs:
Vancouver; Jericho County; Union
(Victoria). Address: 1560 Burnaby St.,
Vancouver, B. C.




EAMII^TON, Frederick Charles — Real
Estate and Financial Asent, Bank of
Hamilton Bldg-., Winnipeg; Managing
Director Winnipeg Titles and Mortgage
Co., Ltd.; Director, Realty Bond Corpo-
ration. Ltd. Born Township of Bosan-
quet, Ont., June 2, 1871, son of David
and Elizabeth Hamilton. Educated:
public schools, Ravenswood; high school,
Forest; Business College, Stratford.

Banker, Forest, 1888; came to Winnipeg
1895. Director and Secretary-Treasurer,
I. O. O. F. Temple; member Winnipeg
Real Estate Exchange; Justice of the
Peace. Married Bessie L. Clements,
Winnipeg, 1910. Societies: A. F. & A.
M. ; I. O. O. F.: C. O. F. : R. T. of T.
Liberal; Congregationalist. Address: 47
Balmoral Place, Winnipeg, Man.




HAlMZiS, William Arthur Wesley. —

Of Murchison & Hames, Real Estate
and Insurance Brokers, Second Ave.,
Bassano; president Bassano Board of
Trade. Born Morris, Man., Nov. 6, 1879,
son of Rev. Arthur and Sarah Jane
Hames. Educated public schools, Mani-
toba. Clerk, C. J. Mickle, barrister, Birtle,
Man., 1899-1910; established present
business, 1910; Town Clerk, Bassano,
1911. Married Sylvia E. Markle, 1907;
has one son and one daughter. Society:
A. P. & A. M. Recreation: shooting.
Liberal; Methodist. Address: Bassano,

HAIMCIILTON, Charles Bohert, B. A.,

K. C. — Of Hamilton & Wragge, Bar-
risters, Canadian Bank of Commerce
Chambers, Nelson. Born Quebec Aug.
15, 1867, son of Rt. Rev. Charles Hamil-
ton, Archbishop of Ottawa, and Frances
Louisa Hume. Educated Bishops College
School, Lennoxville, Que.; Keble Col-
lege, Oxford, England. Came to Brit-
ish Columbia, 1891; called to British
Columbia bar, 1892; practiced, Van-
couver, 1893-1896; Rossland, 1896-1910;
Nelson, since 1910. Alderman, Ross-
land, 1900-1905; Mayor, 1905. Married
Edith Bell Wilson, Rossland, 1900; has
one son and three daughters. Conserv-
ative; Anglican. Address: Nelson, B. C.

HAMII.TON, Rev. Kug-h, B. A., B.
J>. — Presbyterian Clergyman. Born
Longridge, Linlithgowshire, Scotland.
Educated Manitoba College, Winnipeg.
As pioneer missioner built churches
Yorkton, 1893; Orkney, 1894; Wallace,
1894, organized the congregation of
Winnipegosis. Ministered Rathwell,
1901-1905; called to Kildonan, 1908.
Married daughter of Rev. Herbert
Jacobs, Weston, Winnipeg, 1905; has
one son and one daughter. Address:
Kildonan, Man.

HAMII^TON^, James Henry, M. D. — Of

Drs. Sutherland & Hamilton, Revelstoke.
Born Morriston, Ont., July 6, 1881, son
of John and Sarah Black Hamilton. Ed-
ucated St. Mary's Collegiate Institute;
Toronto University. :5Came to British
Columbia, 1903; President and Medical
Superintendent, Nelson Hospital, 1903-
1905; practiced Arrowhead, B. C, 1905-
1906; established present practice, 1906.
Mayor, Revelstoke, 1910-1911; Police
Magistrate, 1912. Married Mary S. Ed-
wards, Vancouver, 1910: has one son.
Club: Revelstoke. Societies: A. F. & A.
M.; I. O. O. F. Liberal: Presbyterian.
Address: Revelstoke, B. C.

HAlXUkTON', Pearl Bichmond. — (Wife
of Elmer William Hamilton, B. A.,
publisher.) Born Iowa, United States,
daughter of John Francis and Harriet
Munn Richmond. Educated Lansing-
bury Academy, Troy, N. Y.; University
of Wisconsin. Engaged as principal
high school, and on her marriage, 1905,
came to Winnipeg; has one daughter.
Editor of Women's and Boys and Girls'
Departments Canadian Thresherman
and Farmer. Leader Shakespeare Club
and of Young Women's Club of Con-
gregational church, Winnipeg, and later
taking special interest wage-earning
girls of the city; vice-president Winni-
peg branch Canadian Women's Press
Club, 1910. Contributes regularly to
Western Home Monthly. Congrega-
tionalist. Address: Avoca Block, Win-
nipeg, Man.




HANAFIN, Joseph Dudley — President
Hanafln Agencies, Real Estate and
Financial Agents, 133 River St., W.,
Prince Albert. Born Kent, England,
Dec. 25, 1858, son of Edward and Ellen
Hanafln. Educated private schools,

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